FarmVille Dog: Coming Today?

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FarmVille Dog: Coming Today?

Posted on March 4, 2010 10:41 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

We know that the FarmVille Dog will be coming soon, but will it debut today?

Zynga has hinted via a FarmVille Podcast that the Dog will be an interactive pet and include customizable features such as the ability to name your dog. A lot of farmers are wondering exactly how much we can expect to pay for the Dog? Many people suspect the Dog will cost farm cash.

Even though there has been an overwhelming response by farmers requesting a dog, Zynga has held out releasing the FarmVille Dog. It has been the most anticipated item in FarmVille thus far, so it is not too surprising they have made us wait this long. With long waits and a build-up like this, we hope it will not disappoint! However, as FarmVille Freak Terrible Ted’s altered FarmVille teaser image below depicts,  with all FarmVille releases there are sure to be complaints.

FarmVille Freak Terrible Ted's Whineville About Dog

The teaser picture from the FarmVille loading screen shows the dog in the same colors as the Dog we’ve seen on the FarmVille Official Forum’s Banner and FarmVille Twitter page. Hopefully we will have customizable options to pick color choices and features as well.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Zynga gods considered making a range of Dog breeds available in FarmVille? Many dog lovers would love the option to choose their favorite breed of Dog!

What breed of Dog would you like to see in FarmVille?

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260 Responses to “FarmVille Dog: Coming Today?” »

  1. Satovo Says:

    I can’t stand for the dog!
    For me (in france) it will be tomorrow ;)

  2. Ashley Says:

    who cares what it looks like its a dog either way and a farm is not complete without one! [although im rooting for a husky looking dog]

  3. jyoti Says:

    wow welcome

  4. Claudine Says:

    i’m hoping for a german shepherd :-)
    and i gonna call him “rex” :-)
    can’t wait for tomorrow…

  5. Connor Says:

    black labrador to remind me of my dog that died he was my best friend :,(

  6. -gmr- Says:

    Dobermann : )

  7. Cyd Says:

    You really need to make the link your message board more prominent (I think one exists?) Anyway, since I can’t figure out any other way to share this story –

    “A spokeswoman is quoted saying that a campaign last year sent 50 percent of its proceeds to Haiti while a campaign this year sent 100 percent of proceeds to Haiti—if donors bought virtual “white corn” within Farmville as stipulated in the campaign. Folha’s point seems to be that Zynga didn’t make this requirement clear, and in fact misled people in some of its message dialogs (see below). Also, if you donated more than $10 it wasn’t possible to put it all toward Haiti, Folha wrote. Maybe Zynga should brace itself for another class-action suit.”

    Not cool.

    The article about the class-action suit links to a TechCrunch video that shows quite a lovely side of the CEO (fyi, it contains slightly inappropriate language for sensitive kids/anyone at work). What a sleazebag.

    Also, if you’re not familiar: Gawker is a reputable and extremely popular albeit sometimes controversial news source. They brought to light much of the controversy surrounding illegitimate actions in Wyclef Jean’s Yele foundation.

  8. Devos Says:

    Border Collie, called Uncle (mine is 13 years old)

  9. Ian Says:

    I’d like to see a Husky.

    But more importantly…why on earth would it be released today? The only -possible- reason for it would be the fact that the Yellowstone/West Coast things are disappearing. But there’s still the French theme (worst theme yet…) running, so there’s no specific reason to think that it would start today…

  10. jai Says:

    To be honest im not really bothered when the dog is out… im currently overun with kittehs.. more than 120 cats :-/

  11. Trina Says:

    Me I would love a hound, like a coon hound or blood hound, seeing that all the farmers I grew up knowing kept hounds. And I myself have a bluetick coon hound

  12. Nikki Says:

    I’m hoping for a Beagle or a Lab!! :)

  13. srikrishna Says:

    I need a pug and will name it dolittle

  14. Fabian Says:

    I think it is coming tomorrow. And it is not like an ordinary animal like a cat. Otherwise they would announce it is not so.

    LG FS

  15. FVfreak Says:

    25 threads complaining about the dogs..and maybe none of them is true,zynga will probably make a special way to get the dog ,some people think it can be bought by fv cash some think it’s adoptable, giftable ,by playing petville etc.etc…You see the dog is like a ”legendary animal” in farmville and we waited so long for it so zynga wouldn’t screw our happiness by making it a fv cash animal ,Im very curious about this dog…

  16. Fabian Says:

    Tomorrow for me (Austria) :)

  17. Erzen Says:

    I’m very curious about this dog and i hope we can choose the kind of dog and his colour and everything else and i really really really hope it is not with FV’s!

  18. Jim Says:

    I would love a Boston Terrior! I had my little Boston for 11 years. She was the best dog in the world!

  19. airs Says:

    i would like to see an austrailian shepherd or border collie.

  20. Eric M Says:

    I do have a bad feeling that this will be fv$. Maybe I should have held off on spending the last of my cash on the mystery crate. It’s just hard for me to imagine them releasing an animal for coins. It just doesn’t seem like anything they are interested in. I’m not sure why it took so long for this to come out. If they had alot of work put into this animal, then I’d have to say for sure that they’ll charge for it. The way they can see it is that folks have wanted this for ages so they are more out to pay for it. You could also say that since we’ve waited on this for so long that they might just “give” it to us. I doubt it, it’s business and you don’t make money giving things that you worked hard on, for free. Let’s just wait and see. One thing I can say I’d think that it WILL be today. I was thinking that since Tuesday’s updates didn’t include it. Who knows though, we’ve been promised lots of things “coming soon”, then we never hear anything else about it for weeks…

  21. LinzV Says:

    I can not WAIT for the puppies!! I’m hoping they will be more of the “mutt” variety and I will be certainly be getting as many as I can! There are over 1000 dog breeds after all and if they release some breeds, people will complain that the breed they love hasn’t been released. The working/hound breeds do make sense though…

  22. Lucas Says:

    Bernese Mountain Dog, Labrador, Sheltie…

  23. Erzen Says:

    if it’s released today at me (in Macedonia) it will be tomorrow.:( I’can’t wait :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  24. jai Says:

    I live in the uk. so does that mean we will get it today?

  25. Adam Says:

    Ild like a Golden Retriever because i have one myself. But i hope it wont cost FV$ cause i find it very hard to get FV$ i dont buy them and im lvl 37 now already. Has anybody got tips how to get FV$ easy??

  26. Jefferson Chaves Says:

    To me in Brazil…
    It will be Tomorrow too.:(
    Anyway… The name of my dog will be “Speractopleud”. lol :D

  27. farmergirl Says:

    i don’t like dogs, so this is no big deal for me…i’m still waiting on my unicorn :P

  28. Misa21 Says:

    I would love to have a white terrier! So cute! :)
    It would be good if we could customize our own dogs, like our avatar(Character) for the game.

  29. jai Says:

    My dog will be called Takumi Fujiwara

  30. B Says:

    The dog is still exciting! And with all the requests of a dog getting onto our farms, FV probably wants it awesome for all of us (hence the time it has taking the dog to get here). Be cool if there were different breeds to choose from, but there are so many…it’d be understandable if we didn’t get a huge selection of breeds. I’m excited for the new addition, can’t wait!

  31. geo Says:

    an english bulldog will be perfect but i really dont mind it because its a dog guys!!!!!!!

  32. Kira Says:

    farmergirl…you should play Zoo instead…

  33. FVFreakCody Says:

    I’m not getting my hopes up for anything fantastic. It’s either going to be for FV Cash or adoptable, but I’m leaning more toward FV Cash. However, I bet it will be at a slightly reduced price as to be more readily available to the FarmVille masses. Just like Eric M said, “It’s just hard for me to imagine them releasing an animal for coins.” Considering they retired the most rudimentary farm animals (chicken and cow) from the market since the addition of the Dairy Farm and Chicken Coop, I couldn’t imagine them offering a dog, the most sought after and requested animal in FarmVille, for anything BUT FV Cash.

    But then again, I could be completely off base.

  34. Mindy Says:

    I hope it is a Labrador! Will it chase the cats around the farm? hee hee

  35. TNfarmaholic Says:

    I would like a bluetick hound and a dauchshund.

  36. Brian Says:

    I’m hoping they’ll have several breeds to choose from. I’d love to have a Boxer. My favorite dog.

  37. Flavio Duarte Says:

    I need a dog to make barbecue

  38. Dan Says:

    I betcha ask and you shall recieve I bed the dogs will be for a huge amount of FV cash.

  39. Monica W. Says:

    I am lukewarm about the dog situation, but I would bet that the dog itself will be a free item (either adoptable or just given away like the coop, flower shed, Valentine box, holiday tree, etc.) and that you can have only one. Then, folks will be able to customize their dog (breed, doghouse, waterdish, etc.) which will cost FV$. If the dog learns tricks, maybe they will be acquired with a task like the collectibles. The basic way the game is played will probably not change even when the pups are available.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    A dashund! I loveeee those dogs, i. love. them. :D

  41. Jill Says:


  42. Monty Says:

    Monica you said exactly what I was going to say, I bet everyone will get a dog easily like adoption or sign up for something and get a dog,but to customize the dog IE different breed,color,or accesories for the dog will be FV cash, and I agree the whole trick thing will probably be like some kinda consumable you have to attain like the collections

  43. Amber Says:

    I would rather have Farmville release normal animals, Its shame we have ref-cows, jackalopes and other crap. I fear the likes of Mickey mouse and Donald duck are not far away!!! I am not whinging! but it would be good for the health of this game if they release some new adoptables. I get pay items, mind you. Anyway, Unicorn and Jackalope might go well together, LOL.

  44. Jamey Says:

    I’d love an Akita. And while I’m wishing I might as well keep going with being able to buy it with coins too.

  45. Pedro Says:

    I want a Weimaraner!

  46. Monica W. Says:

    @Monty–Great minds think alike!
    @Amber–When the latest animal crate appeared (with all of the animals from the first crate) I got one because I really wanted a peac0ck. I thought, “I would be happy with anything other than a jackalope.” Wouldn’t you know that the jackalope is exactly what I got! I feel better about it now because I like to hide it in different places around my farm.

  47. Kate Says:

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait!
    As far as breeds, I think everybody would like to see whatever breed they currently own as THEIR Farmville dog, but I’ll take whatever they’re offering. What are the odds they’ll offer a Pomeranian? Crossed fingers!!

  48. Brenda Says:

    Yes…I think the pups will be given to us in the same sorta way we were given the holiday tree, valentine box etc. for those of you who have hundreds of kitties, don’t worry, your puppy will have fun chasing them off your farms. I had to call the humane society to come and rescue all of the kitties from my farm. I’m down to three of each colour and one orange tabby—his name is Axl. I’ve gotten rid of most of the common animals too as there were just way too many on my farm—I’ve got lots of limited and special animals on my farm including a brown barn owl.
    Come on over and have a look at my lovely farm.

    I can’t wait to get my very own little doggie.

  49. Andrea Says:

    Can’t wait for this! I’m hoping there will be some herding breeds as that would make the most sense. I’d also love to see some hounds and maybe a pitbull. :) Mutts are good too!

  50. angela Says:

    They aren’t going to make it farm cash people. They are going to make it like the horse stables. You will have to work for it in some way, collecting something giftable from friends, or doing something enough to earn one….which is why they keep saying “interactive” . And then they will charge Farm Cash for accesories…house, bowl, breed, etc. And why all the complaints about farm cash?? Do one of the surveys, sign up for netflix, its free!

  51. ShD Says:

    i would love to see boxer cuz i haved boxer hole my life and he dies :(

  52. EBC Says:

    Border Collie!!

  53. Matt Says:

    Right, I would imagine it will work like this -

    You will be given a ready made Dog house, but to obtain a dog, you will have to be gifted a number of treats for your dogs, eg – 5 bones, 5 frisbees, 5 balls etc

    Then it will pop up saying

    “Congratulations! Your Dog House is full of treats! Visit the market to select the dog you want!” The dogs could be Black, Golden, Brown, Ginger, Spotted, and Grey

  54. frank Says:

    Just a thought …would love feedback on when the puppy will be released–So they have a loading screen that says “Coming Soon” do you think they would create that for just 2 days—so I don’t think the puppy is today—-2. March 23rd is a Tuesday—-and it is National Puppy Day….so if it is then…”Coming Soon” makes sense…your thoughts

  55. Joanne Says:

    Dont get too excited farmers, zynga has screwed us over and over in the past and this Im sure will be no different. I would like to know why we work so hard earning coins since we can hardly use them! Anything that is halfway decent has cost fv dollars and I have bought alot and have been dissapointed alot. They did have 2 good mystery boxes in the past but I dont understand why its so difficult to put all good items in them (duh, you make more money) but why cant you give the players a chance to have nice things too that cant afford or dont choose to buy fv dollars, Zynga cant see any father than their wallet! too bad..because eventually they will have nothing if they dont please the people that put the food on THEIR table!

  56. Kay Says:

    Piss on a dog…. Zynga knows that people have been “dying” for a dog forever. We might get one as an adoptable, but thinking they will come out with multiple breeds even for farmcash is ridiculous. We’ll be lucky to get a halfway decent looking retriever the has some skill we will have to develp over the next few weeks. They are listeniing up there, but the only thing they here are the “chings” of the cash register. As usual, we will be stuck with what they think we need.

  57. Kay Says:

    can’t believe they didn’t edit the word “piss”.

  58. Kay Says:

    Excuse me… should have been “hear”, not “here”.

  59. fvfreak Says:

    what does 25 threads complaining about dog mean? how does that mean it will come soon? im confused :P

  60. farmer boy Says:

    german sheperd

  61. skysun Says:

    german sheperd wooohhooo

  62. Danielle Says:

    i want a pug!!! one that actually looks like a pug too =D

  63. Chris Says:

    Brittany Spaniel

  64. kimm Says:

    I would love it to be a Pit Bull… my real pit bulls name is Eenie Meenie, so my Farmville dog will be Minee Moe… :)

  65. VezokTheFarmer Says:

    I reckon these will be released on National Puppy Day. Can’t wait! :D

  66. oliver Says:

    tibetan terrier!:DD

  67. skysun Says:

    plz a german sheperd farmville if is that really good i would buy it to 20-40 fv cash

  68. Cameron LeSage Says:

    I know that a certain breed of dog would be something I would pay Farm Cash for. And if they were ever able to offer college specific items one day…WOW! How many people would love to put their favorite college team logo, mascot, etc. on their farm? It would likely pay for whatever rights Zynga had to pay the NCAA for…or NFL or Premier Soccer, NASCAR…..

  69. Wade0112 Says:


  70. Soveliss Says:

    Halaskan Malamute

  71. H Says:

    i think the dog will ruin the fun of farmville :(

  72. tim Says:

    PIT BULL!!!!!

  73. Ultimate Farmer Says:

    German Shepherd or Rottweiler and maybe a Bull Mastiff

  74. mstar Says:

    Has to be a Border Collie to round up all the sheep!

  75. Mitilda Says:

    Please DON’T make it FarmVille cash, its HARDER to get farm cash than coins for most people.. EVERYTHING is FarmVille cash this, FarmVille cash that.. its getting extremely ANNOYING.

    K? Thanks. :)

  76. mallory Says:

    wow brenda! great farm! where did u get all the cash?

  77. Minna Says:

    “i’m hoping for a german shepherd
    and i gonna call him “rex””

    Lol. Like in that German tv show? :DD

    I don’t care what it looks like as long as it is not only FV cash item.

  78. James Says:


  79. oggie Says:

    i want a finnish reindeer hound there lethal looking soo cute

  80. gelu Says:

    i want a German Shepherd Dog :D

  81. Stephenie Says:

    Basset Hound!!

  82. Sally Says:

    Pretty sure they won’t have breeds of dog, just the standard dog. It would be nice if they had them, but i think it will just be several colours / breeds of dog. And id like them to cost around 4FV, just so its a little bit exclusive ;)

  83. Claudine Says:

    @ minna:

    hahaha, no, not really :-)
    my grandparents had about 9 german shepherds (not at the same time, that would be veeery strange ;-)), and all of them were called “rex”… :-)
    maybe ’cause it was easier for grandma, she’s bad in remembering names… once she even called my brother “rex” :-D sorry, granny! ;-)

  84. Barbara Says:

    maine coon! but then again, that’s a cat :-D

  85. AJ Says:

    I think any type of collie would be a good idea. Something like a border collie since they actually are dogs commonly found on farms. &+ i have an amazing border collie of my own. :)

  86. Helen Says:

    Another vote for a husky… I have one, and would love to have one on my farm!

  87. TBF Says:

    i think that you will not have to pay FV cash but i do think there will be a certain way to get it. i dont think you will be able to get more than one dog

  88. Audrey Says:

    We are rooting for Chocolate Labs–and will have to have at least 2 of them! (Marly and Reesie)

  89. Scott Says:

    I would love a St. Bernard!!!

  90. M Says:

    What I’d like to know is how come we can have a pet dog, nameable and everything, but the cats are just generic animals. I’d MUCH rather have a pet cat than a stupid dog. If they’re gonna do a customizable dog, they should do cats, too, different cat breeds that you can adopt and name, etc. I’d totally shell out for a Ragdoll, or a Himalayan, or a Maine Coon.

  91. Mike Says:


  92. serplover Says:

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    hence commented.

  93. Jango Says:

    Gotta be today….can hardly wait for it !

  94. LinzV Says:

    @M it’s all in what the masses want not the individual. Dogs are the biggest percentage of pets in the US. I’m sure there are people who would want interactive gold fish but it ain’t gonna happen. Besides, Dogs rule and cats drool.

  95. Erica Says:

    Maybe the dog will be released right after the current limited edition items are finished (in 5 hours). YAY!!! I hope we get a few choices of the dogs, but I would love a corgi! I don’t like buying farmville cash, but I’ll probably make an exception for this!

  96. Leslie Bair Says:

    Pomeranian. Like me

  97. sk Says:

    I’m so excited!! I can’t wait!!! Hope it’s today!!!!!

  98. ICE Says:

    Alaskan Malamute, best dog ever, one of the oldest known breeds, iconic sled dog, far more powerful than the Siberian Husky and it is a gorgeous breed, it has to be in the available breed

  99. Me Says:


  100. FarmerBJ Says:

    Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. Why waste energy discussing what you can’t change? Just be patient!

  101. wolf Says:

    well its not a dog but my real name is Wolf so id like to see wolves…maybe a dog will lead to them…i hope:)

  102. JacksonJawbreaker Says:

    A chihuahua ^.^

    I hope that if the dog is customizable and goes well that they will release cats the same way. (not like the ones we already have)

  103. speedy Says:

    Yeah doberman!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

  104. PeterB Says:

    Man this is freakin awsome. i hope it is a pitbull. i have a pitbull she so cute! RUFF RUFF

  105. DRU Says:

    knowing zynga, it will be like 25 farmcash and a lvl 50 petville. haha im not buying unless its coins

  106. Grumpsterman Says:

    I HATE DOGS. Will not buy one and if they are free will get rid of it asap.

  107. Kevin Says:

    I want it to be a Rat terrier:)

  108. FlaBrisola Says:


  109. tp Says:

    476 cats. i could use a dog. :D

  110. Vitor Paiva Says:

    Indeed Lhasa-apso !!!!!!!!!!

  111. 2009ice Says:

    Alaskan Malamute, best breed in the world, iconic sled dog, far more powerful that the Husky, one of the oldest breeds known, this mighty dog with a very imposing presence must be added to the breed selection if there is one

  112. Connor Says:

    you should have a great dane and some dog that involes a farm
    have it be so we can use coins not farmville money

  113. Marika Says:

    The Bernese Mountain Dog ist just a typical farm dog and with such a great personality. But I think that a choice of different dogs would be awesome.. Labrador, golden retriever, Collie..etc.. I’m looking forward to this new dog.. A farm without a dog is not complete :-)

  114. Mr. 70 Says:


    Pretty similar to what the dog in the loading screen looks like, to me at least. I could see the dog going for about $40, or enough so that people will buy game cards or have to use their credit card to get it…

  115. Nico Says:

    I hope they have German Shepherds.

  116. Josée Says:

    Please, please, a chocolate lab! The craziest of all dogs but, like my Cooper, the most lovable one. :)))

  117. Victor1423 Says:

    BOXER :)

  118. haze Says:

    i will actually cry if i find out we need lvl ten petville for the dog :’( oh & i want a black&white springer spaniel <3 :)

  119. Person Says:

    This is so cool i can’t wait the dog should be a coon hound(and it would hunt for you) wonder what you harvset from it?????????????

  120. crystal Says:


  121. Julie Says:

    Does anyone think we are going to have to play PetVille to get the dog? :(

  122. WB Says:

    Colden Retriever :)

  123. Doug Says:

    Australian Shepherd.

  124. Sohel Says:


  125. SC Says:

    West Highland White Terrier !!!

  126. dorkbreath Says:

    you guys are ALL wrong ! ! ! i just founf out from a reliable source that it is gonna be a SNOOP DOG !

  127. Florence Says:


  128. farmlove14 Says:

    ok. i heard a rumor that the puppies are going to be released tonight. (US) i have no idea if this is true but i really hope so. i think that we have all waited long enough. oh and i dont believe they can charge us FV cash for something that we can train and raise. that would be a disadvantage to other players.

    so lets keep our fingers crossed that our puppies come tonight!!!! :)

  129. FarmerGrl Says:

    I want a rat terrier! :)

  130. maggiek Says:

    No doggie yet. Still waiting and waiting.

  131. David Z Says:

    I imagine that they will release multiple types of dogs in stages over a period of time. I’d like to collect many different kinds of dogs. I hope they don’t make it costly but I imagine they will.

  132. Angelique Says:

    The toes look a lot like a Golden Retriever…

  133. Kelly Says:

    I would love to see dachsunds!

  134. HIkari Says:

    A Bernese Mountain Dog or an Australian Shepherd
    Almost nobody knows of a Belgian Sheepdog – if so that would be amazing.

  135. Joyce Says:

    A pug!! Definitely a pug!!
    (Only cause I have one at home with me that is so adorable and cute!)

  136. nEHAL Says:


    Stop praising those dirty street dogs.. Lol, just kidding..

    I am pretty sure they wouldn’t make a “kutta”, well because they don’t know what it is or what language it’s in in the first place.. Hindi? Gujarati?

  137. Lynn Says:

    You know what I think?

    ALLLLLLL these people are getting SOOOOO excited about a dog coming to FV-

    I’m going to Laugh my rear off when it’s farmcash! Not only will we have 25 forums complaining about NOT having dogs yet, you guys will have 100 forums complaining that it’s farmcash!

  138. Silver Lime Says:

    I’m serious, guys. The dog is probably going to cost like 60 FV! I really don’t want to be negative, but I think we’re getting over excited.

  139. - FARMDUDE - Says:


    2 HOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for me)

  140. Boom Says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a Golden Retriever or a mutt. They’re the most common dogs, and the paws look like one of these. Oh and Zygna banner used to have a Golden Retriever-looking dog on it. =)

  141. tristan Says:

    i thought it was a monkey at first… lol

  142. Sol_sol Says:

    Hope it will be terrier. Airedale or fox terrier

  143. Mike_Ass Says:

    I want a Boxer ! So cute ;)

  144. aagney Says:

    rottweiler named virus!!

  145. Rogue Robot Says:

    I am totally expecting that you are going to have to be level 10 in PetVille to unlock the dogs. They have recently linked things in PetVille to Farmville and they did it with the hot rod tractors and Mafia. I want an English Bulldog of a Mastiff.

  146. Rogue Robot Says:

    OR a Mastiff

  147. Big Tom Says:

    Why does everyone want a dog so bad. I would like to have one of the raccoons that we scare off of friend’s farms. It would go great with my cabin int he woods.

  148. Julie Says:

    Don’t really care what the dog looks like as long as everyone can get one. If we could pick I would like a Collie. I had to put my AKC Collie to sleep a couple years ago, so if we can name the FV dog it will be after him.

  149. aagney Says:

    kutta is hindi.they surely dont know hindi!

  150. bombshellsva Says:


  151. aagney Says:

    i wish if we cud buy multiple dogs!:)

  152. Nobody Says:

    gusto ko askal :D

  153. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Yeay for another vote for a HUSKY!!! They are beautiful and so smart. Those blue eyes are so cool looking.

  154. Kyla Says:

    Huskey or Malimutes would be nice. Hopefully we can choose if it’s a boy/girl so I can name her after my dog that died a few years ago.

  155. Anna Says:


  156. Stray Says:


  157. sue Says:

    I love Australian Shepard and labs, but my lesson is, my thinking and wants do not count so what the hell

  158. lafko06 Says:

    I agree, who gives a chit what the dog looks like? As long as it’s not a poodle or one of those stupid little tiny dogs Paris Hilton carries. ANY farm dog would be cool. My gut is saying FV will make us pay for them. I just hope they don’t turn FV into dog breeding with all those stupid little types of dogs. AND pah leeze don’t tell me we can choose their dang colors either!!! BARF. I want a farm dog, not a pink poodle… I’ll be back later after I finish puking.

  159. Christ Denn Says:

    . . .let’s wait for 26 min…. =)

  160. Colsgirl Says:

    The orange poppies and grapes expire in 35 minutes. I wonder if the dog will become available when they update the software to remove the exiring items?

  161. mi6lethaltool Says:

    Dogo Argentino!!! I have one check!!

  162. mdccxxvii Says:

    I hope that each farmer gets a dog (max 1) so that they are all somewhat unique, they are customizable. Ideally each person has their one dog, and there’s no more than that….

  163. jojo Says:

    I was just thinking the same thing colsgirl 11 minutes!!

  164. Nobody Says:

    let the countdown begin!!!

  165. Nobody Says:

    10minutes :D

  166. Nobody Says:

    5 minutes :D

  167. quang Says:

    i cant wait!!! :D

  168. Nobody Says:

    Nothing yet :(

  169. Mando Says:

    Layout is different! but it kicked me out. Everything looked like it was at the bottom.

  170. Josh-e-mania Says:


  171. Christ Denn Says:

    . . .wow!!! the california set of items expired…
    let’s wait for the farmville to be enhanced…

    yeah, the dogs are here!!! =)


  172. michael Says:

    not here

  173. dee Says:

    i got nothing yet, and @ Josh-e-mania, print your screen or show me a pinto dog in real life. lol.

  174. THEBEST Says:

    the dogs just look like the one in FV official forums, got them

  175. Colsgirl Says:

    If the rumours are true I need to start playing Petville. I better get my kids to show me what to do!!!!

  176. juanchingon Says:

    :( :( the dogs look like the one in fv forums :( :(
    We have to play petville:(

  177. quang Says:

    nothing :(

  178. quang Says:


  179. Rogue Robot Says:

    Why is there always a set of morons who count down to midnight (Eastern Time) on Tuesday and Thursday nights?

  180. VeggieCookies Says:

    Husky!!!! That be so cute. :D :D

  181. chilitoconlimon Says:

    because they wnt

  182. Nobody Says:

    @ Rogue: you need to drink your stress pill :P

  183. ned Says:


  184. Christ Denn Says:

    . . .rouge robot… please watch you’re words…

  185. rawa Says:

    ok here in germany i already have tomorrow compared to the usa, we have 6:17 am and NO NEW THINGS HERE!!!! NO DOG EITHER!!!!! I am very diapointed that the old things are gone and NOTHING absolutly NOTHING new came :-(

  186. ned Says:


  187. Carter Says:

    oh come on there will be some updates, but it’s may not be a dog yet, anyway, you can’t expect to have updates at 00:00 The FV team always has some bugs to work out before and after updates so be patient

  188. heather Says:

    A dog will be a great addition to my farm!

    I must be the odd duck out as I am a little sick of the constant barage of new items in Farmville, mostly only available with FV cash. It seems I can never keep up with everything new as I won’t spend a small fortune on FV cash. I do buy it from time to time, don’t get me wrong but I would like to see more things available with coins or adoptable.

  189. Mando Says:


    Carrier Pigeons are in the market for 17 farmcash now?

    Who would buy that?

  190. josuex999 Says:

    what do u think about my farm???

  191. Colsgirl Says:

    I think the updates are on the way. I’m getting Out of Synch messages and they usually precede any changes.

  192. Jessi Says:

    @Christ Denn if dogs are here send a print screen for all to see.

  193. josuex999 Says:

    got a farmville is enchanced notify

  194. leiam Says:

    yeah Chris i dont have the dogs if u have em send a pic

  195. dogisntfv Says:

    i hope the farmville dog isnt FV or i wont bother playing or buying FV XD cya when ur on doggy

  196. KARINA Says:

    it is 6.45pm friday here in nz and nothing has changed yet? has anyone seen the DOG yet? if so what is the deal? how do you get them?

  197. Colsgirl Says:

    No dogs here but I hot a message asking me to update as there were enhancements – got a Pot of Gold in my giftbox.

  198. Eike Says:

    The update is online, here in germany!!
    New limited items and free fuel !

  199. Michilu Says:

    Hey guys I have bn trying to take a full screen photo of my farm and cant, print screen isn’t working for my, any suggestions? thanks<3

  200. Ixyl Says:

    Oh! I just got enhanced! Ugh! No puppy, they just re-vamped the stupid ‘valentine’ thing into a St. Patrick’s day theme. Irritating.

  201. Michilu Says:

    U now get fuel when harvesting as well…………

  202. Jairo Says:

    I know this has nothing 2 do w/ the dog thingie, but have u noticed that when ur fertilizing ur neighbor’s crops u get fuel???

  203. stephanie Says:

    i would love to have a daschund/wiener dog on my farm :D

  204. stephanie Says:

    A brown daschund, a black and tan daschund and a dapple daschund

  205. skysun Says:

    german sheperds more better

  206. Jairo Says:

    I dont like waiting this long for updates… the first time was w/ the storage, everyone thought it was gonna b that, but it resulted being the chicken coop, I just hope this time its actually the dog, and not sum other stuff.

  207. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Maybe dog will be coins, but to customize will be farm cash. That’s what I’m pretty sure it might be like. And then they might release dog kennels etc. And I’m thinking dogs won’t be farm cash at first, because if it was, over half of farmville players would stop playing, but new players are more likely to purchase the dog because they haven’t been waiting for like forevah!

  208. skysun Says:

    german sheperd plz i would buy it for i know like 20-120 fv cash bcause i have 155fv cash

  209. Ursula Says:

    Border Collie should shepherd the sheep, and Kelpie should jump on them :D

  210. mentabolism Says:

    every farm should have a rooster. when do we get that?

  211. guillaume Says:

    German sheperd … The best dog on earth. I will name mine Voodoo . Gawd I hope there’s a Sheperd in there … Aieaieaie, I cant sleep lol. 2am still no dogs in the market BC Canada.

  212. Brooke Says:

    Okay it’s nice we get a dog and all and it’s only fair since they released cats, but I feel that cat lovers got ripped off. The dog is gonna be interactive and you can name it. Why didn’t they do the same for cats? I would rather of had an interactive cat b/c I am a cat lover. Don’t get me wrong I like dogs, but I LOVE cats…I feel like the dogs are getting special treatment. The cats were nice but I would rather they been more rare, I mean I have a zillion on my farm. I wanted 1-3 cats that could be named and taken care of. If they are gonna make an interactive dog why couldn’t they of done it with a cat too? It’s silly that the dog will have a name and the cat is just a cat. I’m sorry to rant, but how would all the dog lovers feel if you got a million dogs that were just like every other animal and then they released a special cat that could be named ect. You wouldn’t like it. I don’t even know if this interactive animal thing is that great of an idea, a lot of people say you can just go play petville if you want that but still, if they are gonna make a dog that you can name, let us at least be able to name our cats too.

  213. shosh Says:

    i think the dos will be available for redeeming 100 gold stuffs as now its posted as coming soonn… may be….

  214. shosh Says:

    i think the dog will be available for redeeming 100 gold stuffs as now its posted as coming soonn… may be….

  215. bryan Says:

    Im really hoping its a husky or a german shepard, my two favorite dogs. and if its not any of them i want a lab

  216. FarmvilleFan Says:

    Hoping for huskies!! :D

  217. TOMMY Says:

    i would love a rottweiller, english bull terrier or a bull mastiff….beautiful dogs

  218. MaBelle Says:

    If we can have toy poodle or tea cup poodle, the choice of color, the choice of size, that will be GREAT !

    More Wish : Instead of just putting good stuffs (I have 2 Heart Fountains, 8 Giant Bears, etc) in our Barn, can we also “send” our items from our Gifts Box and Barn to our friends, PLEASE !!!

  219. MaBelle Says:

    Wish List :
    1. Can we have Toy Poodle or Tea Cup Poodle with selection of size and color, etc.
    2. Can you allow us to send stuffs to our friends from our gift box and Barn, I’ve got so many duplicated good items which I want to send to my friends not just keep it in the barns, PLEASE !!!!

  220. crash Says:

    I’d like to see breeds not usually seen on farms, I have an american staffordshire terrier *pitbull* and a dachshund && an newfoundland so it’d be nice to have my animals be involved! :)

    customizing your own colors like really designing them!

    even a dalmation, boxer, bulldog, rotty, st bernard, mastiff (ok you get the point)

  221. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Brooke -

    Personally, I wouldn’t really care. It’s just a virtual game. After months and years of waiting for the dog, most people would just be GRATEFUL that it came. And who knows? Zynga’s probably gonna do that with cats etc. Oh and btw, dogs are more likely to do tricks. I know, cats can do tricks more. But dogs are more likely.

    Oh and to the rest of you –

    Sorry to blow you off, but seriously, you don’t think Zynga’s gonna be bothered reading HALF of the comments that we’ve posted! So, sorry to say, but I don’t think that its gonna have much influence to Zynga. Sorry, but its just my opinion.

  222. tracy Says:



  223. Redford Says:

    I’d love a dog, but I also think it might take away from the whole “farming” aspect… I mean, it’s a dog. We don’t want dog milk or something. I’d prefer more crops or more farm animals, and I am tired of hearing people talk about these dogs! We should keep in mind this is called FARMville and not another Zynga game called PETville… Am I right?

  224. katie Says:

    I would love a beagle and a jack Russel.

  225. Jester Says:

    this game has only been out since September.. I don’t think people have been waiting for years to get a dog. Maybe a month or two tops

  226. Tara Says:

    A Greyhound:))

  227. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Jester – Farmville has been around for much more than since September. It’s been around since last July at least.

    And seriously, if I hear one more ‘I would want a beagle or poodle or dalmatian or sheltie or greyhound or wolfhound or….” okay, I’m gonna stop naming breeds here, but yea, if I hear one more of them, I swear I’m about to kill myself. I don’t think Zynga or anyone would actually be bothered to read 222 (now 223) comments about breeds of dogs.

  228. Brett Says:

    Yorkie or beagle

  229. tracy Says:

    Poor Mystery Person is dead! You killed ‘em, too, Brett!!!

  230. Greg Says:

    Brttany (orange & white) PLEASE!!!

  231. Greg Says:

    Brittany – orange & white – PLEASE!! :))

  232. Susanne Jung Says:

    A Bernese Mountain Dog of course…. a typical cattle dog in the Alps to watch the farm and the animals….

  233. Lizzie Says:

    I would love to have a Springer Spaniel! They would be the best on a farm because they are working dogs so they would normally work on farms :) xxx

  234. ollie Says:

    its been 2 days and still nothing, im getting annoyed, its got nothing to do with petville as i am level 52 and i havent got a dog. hurry it up zygna or atleast tell us theres going to be delays by email or on the forum

  235. princetonian Says:

    I bet the dog will cost Farmville CASH again! :(

  236. skysun Says:

    i get it now you know how u unlock maria tractors and more stuff i think you will have to unlock the dogs on petville

  237. yo momma Says:

    gonna be damn farmcash :(

  238. holl78 Says:

    god i hope not that would suck monkey balls :[ i want i dog grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  239. savanna Says:

    Does anyone know when it is coming to california. I hope it is a golden retriever i love goldens .can we pick the breed i think they should have acessories for the dog like toys food bed and more!

  240. anna Says:

    I love how people post on here that other people’s comments are pointless, boring, etc. Do you not realize that you just did the same thing. Telling us our comments are dumb is making a dumb comment(because that is only your opinion), pointless(especially because ours are already up) and just as annoying.

    BUT brooke, hahhahahah your post made me laugh so hard. it was so funny, you like flipped out with your ‘how would you feel’. Sorry hun, life is unfair.

  241. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    One, I”M STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
    Two, Anna, no offence but grow up yourself, as an adult you should know about human rights and opinions, so actually, think before you speak. And btw, I’m twelve.

  242. anna Says:

    dear mystery person,

    lol you’re comment makes absolutely no sense, but its okay since you are just twelve. I was making the point that people shouldn’t say other people’s comments are dumb because it is pointless and rude. SO…i have no idea what you are talking about.

  243. McMaster Says:

    i thought it was customizable they should be able to customize the breed

    and since its customizable can you gift it

  244. McMaster Says:

    but if you want to get a real farm dog get a coolie the dog that herds sheep

  245. william Says:

    i really hope they put a dog out soon .. it dont matter if they charge us coins or cash . if we all really want a dog we will buy it .. and whats it matter what kind .. ,make it a dog and give us a color chart to choose a color of the dog not the breed .. if some child wants a green dog or a pink one so be it they payed for it .. ITS A GAME .. farmville is not real life . .. JUST PUT THE DOG OUT .. we dont wanna wait no more ..

  246. Stray Says:

    Who could possibly have more fun running around a farm, dashing in and out of the ponds, fetching the ducks & rabbits than a big loveable, smart, Yellow Labrador? My very biased opinion.

    Could also do search and rescue for all my lost turtles! Their in there some where.

  247. Eryn Clerc Says:

    We want to see a Pit Bull!!!

  248. BENNETT Says:

    CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Judit Says:

    Hungarian Puli! :)

  250. realdogtrainer Says:

    Just so long as they don’t make them green or pink! My real life dogs would lift a leg and walk away if I asked them to herd a pink sheep with a deeliebopper on it’s head. FV tries to be too cute sometimes.

  251. Lily from Brazil Says:

    So I guess this week will see the puppies at last!
    I’m also a player of PETVILLE and today I got 3 clues about the FV pets!
    I wish I could send you guys the print screens…dont know how to do that though!
    In the clues we can learn about 3 different dogs breeds which are BORDER COLLIES, GOLDEN RETRIEVERS and ENGLISH SHEEPDOGS. Each pop up brings a description of the dogs for example the sheepdogs are great at herding sheeps!

  252. LAne Says:

    The dogs are: English SHeepdog, Golden REtriver/Lab and a Border Collie

  253. debbie Says:

    i think that we have all worked too hard on our farms to be paying farmville cash for a dog, we have all waited to long to get this, to me any type of dog will be acceptable for me, it would be great to either gift a different variety of dogs, or have the option to buy in coins a variety of different dogs.

  254. Montana Says:

    I heard that dogs are going to be from 20 to 60 farmville cash

  255. Genevieve Says:

    how can you change the name of the dog if you already bought it

  256. anna Says:

    I wish they had black labs I would sooo get one


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