FarmVille Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars Crop Now Available to Plant!

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FarmVille Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars Crop Now Available to Plant!

Posted on June 12, 2011 11:33 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Fruit Bars

FarmVille’s and Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars cross-promotion continues with the release of a new Limited Edition Dreyer’s Fruit Bars crop.

You can purchase the branded crop in the FarmVille Market for a limited amount of time. It will be available until June 19th, 2011.

FarmVille Dreyer's Fruit Bars Information

First, you can plant some Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars on your FarmVille farm and afterwards help decide where the next real life fruit orchard should be planted by voting at Dreyer’s Communities Take Root website.

(Note: Depending on where you are located the brand may be marketed as Dreyere’s in the West and Texas, and Edy’s Fruit Bars on the East coast.)

DREYER’s Fruit Bars

  • Seeds Cost: 20 Farm Coins to plant
  • Sells For: 125 Farm Coins
  • Harvest Time: 12 Hours
  • XP: 2
  • Masterable

FarmVille Dreyer's Fruit Bars

FarmVille Edy's Fruit Bars

Dreyer’s Fruit Bars Mastery Requirements & Rewards

  • Mastery Level 1: 250 harvests/ Rewards: 25 XP and 500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 2: 250 harvests/ Rewards: 75 XP and 1,500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 3: 500 harvests/ Rewards: 250 XP and 5,000 Farm Coins, plus a Mastery Sign

FarmVille Dreyer's Fruit Bar Mastery Sign

FarmVille Edy's Fruit Bars Mastery Sign

Will you be planting Dreyer’s Fruit Bars on your farm?

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65 Responses to “FarmVille Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars Crop Now Available to Plant!” »

  1. Jan Says:

    WOOOO-HOOOOO ….. I welcome any new crop since all others have been mastered! :)

  2. Mitchie Says:

    Fun crop! Planted and loving the promo!! On another note, I do wish the other Birthday items were more geared towards us as players, celebrate “US” a little bit more; A bit MORE coin-age items, a little less cash items please Zynga, we love you, but, some of us are broke! <3 MUAH! Happy 2nd Birthday!!! xo ~

  3. Rosemary LaRocco Says:

    Look at the date this was posted 12/06/2011 about the fruit bar crops! I known it’s cold in Chicago, but I didn’t know the months flew bye that fast! LOL

  4. Ann Says:

    Now this is very wrong even though i already mastered the birthday cake I still just bought it yesterday for 10 fv cash, now they give me the dryers to master in six days, well what about the cake the license is only for 7 days thats sooo dang wrong zynga, I guess they love to hear complaints….

  5. Joe Says:

    Sabroso! :-P The prefect way to beat the Heat! (No pun intended…but yeay MAVS!)

  6. flyers8 Says:

    they always put the date first then month Rosemary, I can not believe they are only givng us 6 days to do them

  7. Pugland Says:

    Yay! another mastery sign! Thank you!!! :)

  8. dorkie Says:

    I guess you have to be American yet again :(
    I cant plant dreyers OR edys.
    What a cruddy crock of crap

  9. Mei Farmington Says:

    Working on enough limited crops at the moment already (NOT birthday cake), but it shouldn’t be too hard to fit these numbers in w/ 2 farms to do it on. Decent coin profit and a new mastery. Why not?

  10. meles Says:

    Rosemary – the US is one of the few countries to put the month first. Most have date/month/year.

  11. apps101 Says:

    lolzzzzz :D @rosemary :P dats d date first nd den d month……in america d month is written frst but in most of d oder countries d date comes frst… :P
    nd crops…m happy smthngs r for coins :D

  12. Claire Says:

    date then month is the UK way of writing a date :) Maybe the writer was on their english farm when they posted it :)

  13. Rebekka Says:

    i have enough room to master them within 12 hours *hehe

  14. buddy Says:

    done, next!

  15. Sadie Says:

    I don’t mind advertising for a company but we usually get something for doing it, what’s up with that? Coins mean nothing to us.

  16. AK Says:

    Hey wts all the fuzz about its a gr8 crop and u can master it in 2 days if u have some 400 to 450 plots at home then some 300 to 350 at england farm thts all 2 times u plant and mastery is over….and u get bushels for the birthday crop so it takes only half the times to plant tht……u can easyly master both :) ANN @

  17. Chris Clucas Says:

    Great that we have a new crop to master, just need to finish my cupcakes, BUT,
    if only I could plant these or anything!!!, can’t get into the market to plant or buy anything today, I managed to harvest my overnight crop, but cannot use my combine or seeder to plant anything else on either farm, what’s up with it?

  18. Chris Clucas Says:

    Great that we have another crop to master, just got to finish my cupcakes first, but if only I could plant something today, I managed to harvest my overnight crop, but now I cannot plant anything, can’t get into the market to buy anything, can’t use my combine or my seeder, what’s up with FV today?

  19. Weed hopper Says:

    Yep. Already planted on both farms.

  20. Aeoen Says:

    Anyone else being given the “wrong” product to plant?

    I’m on the east coast and it’s offering me Dreyer’s bars and not Edy’s. I wonder if I can get signs for both!

  21. rachael Says:

    I can’t access the market and can’t get my combine or seeder to work so can’t plant any seeds! Is anyone else having this problem?

  22. TorontoFarmer Says:


  23. Heike Says:

    oh, another promo only for US users? I planted the seeds but the other promo is not for Europeans! :(

  24. Filipe Says:

    i only have the dreyer’s on my farm! i don’t have the edy’s!!! :/

  25. Rancher Chick Says:

    Is anyone else have trouble with this? I’m in Canada and since this launched I have not been able to plant any crops or open the market . . . ??? Just wondering . . . ???

  26. Farmer B Says:

    As long as there is a mastery sign, I will grow the crops.

  27. sarah Says:

    I would like to plant these soon since you only have a few days but my market won’t open so I can’t buy them…go figure.

  28. Joshua Says:

    I don’t understand…are there two crops? I only see the Edy’s one on my farm…they are the same looking…

  29. katy Says:

    are they giving bushels for this?

  30. Bex Says:

    These only seem to count on home farm, anyone else find this??

  31. Becky Handsaker Says:

    Excited somethng fun to plant. Thanks

  32. Pam Says:

    Can’t plant until I am able to open market.

  33. tay-tay Says:

    at Rosemary – remember they date by international code so 12/6/2011 IS actually 12th of June 2011 :)

  34. Brenda Says:

    I would really like to be able to plant these. But I can’t do anything on my farm, cant harvest animals, plow, seed or anything. cant get into my gift box, cant get into the market. I wish Zynga would fix this. UGH!!!!

  35. Shelley Zielinski Says:


  36. Shelley Zielinski Says:


  37. Bette Says:

    If they don’t let me get into my market, I wont’ be planting them. Wont’ be planting anything. IF they do not get this fixed within 6 days, will they give us more time? It isnt’ fair. Happy Birthday.

  38. Kat Says:

    Harvest Edy’s Fruit Bar and got level 2, and didn’t got credit for it, said I have 0 of them.

  39. Kat Says:

    Harvest Edy’s Fruit Bar and got level 2, and didn’t got credit for it, said I have 0 of them.

  40. Davidb18 Says:

    Is it possible to do both EDY and Dreyers to get both signs?

  41. Vivi Says:

    Is the market not opening up for anyone else? Only a few minutes left for the birthday items sale and my market won’t open no matter what I do. :(

  42. christine Says:

    I planted these on my English and Home farms and only the Home farm counted toward the mastery. WHY?????

  43. Karen Says:

    Did you see how many we have to harvest? 250 for level 1, 250 for level 2, 500 for level 3. 6 days should be plenty of time.

  44. toni Says:

    this is NUTS…i have not been able to access the market place so that i could plant this crop ….AND NOW IT EXPIRES ON 19 JUNE….not right.

  45. Becki Lynn Wheeler Says:

    I can’t access the store. My combine won’t function. I have no idea what the problem is yet. I guess, from the posts I see, my computer must be messed up. I applied for the Discover More card which was supposed to give me 500 farmcash, and I never got it. I figured Zynga was just having more technical issues as usual. My farm goes “out of sync” almost every 5 to 10 minutes or it says my session expired. I can’t re-gift anything either and it seemed sad to have to “sell” (throw away really) over 300 water cans and 100 bottles plus lots of building materials and vehicle parts. Does anyone have any suggestions of what could be causing these problems? I’m lost.

  46. Wesley Says:

    I’m still working on mastering the chrome daisies from GagaVille because I’m fairly new to FarmVille. I already master the crystals and the electric roses. But the point of this post is that I did the math. My English farm has a little more than 250 plots on it and it only takes 250 to master level one of the fruit bars. And my home farm has around 300 plots and they are 95% complete. So I will master level two before the night is over. And the master level three I just need to harvest them fromBoth my home and england farms tomorrow and then I will be done and I will get the sign.

    So that is about two days to master the fruit bars. Then I can finish mastering the chrome daisies which only take eight hours to mature (so it will be easy to finish them). Then I will use my 10 FarmCash to get the birthday cakes and master them in about three days (their stats are close the the fruit bars) and then all I have to master are the cupcakes (I haven’t even masters level one yet, but they are around for like 30 days so that won’t be a problem).

    Well thanks for reading my rant. :)

  47. Kevin Says:

    can you get bushels from these?

  48. Rancher Chick Says:

    It looks like I’m not the only one with the market and planting problem – are you guys in Canada? I thought maybe it might be a problem with the promotion and the fact that we don’t have those bars here . . .

  49. Isabelle Says:

    @Rancher Chick

    I live in Québec and I have the Dreyer in my market…

  50. maria Says:

    I cant open the market either, not yesterday and not today….. sucks

  51. Judy Says:

    Nope, not for the price. You are selling to much for farm cash now.

  52. DUL Says:

    In Indonesia,my country,name is Dreyer’s Fruit Bars,although not sold in Indonesia.

  53. DUL Says:

    In Indonesia,my country,name is Dreyer’s Fruit Bars,although not sold in Indonesia.But i can plant this.

  54. Jim Says:

    I live in Maine, USA. On the internet via PC I only have the Edy’s available. However, I have an iPhone and the FarmVille app and it shows both Dreyer’s and Edy’s as available to plant but will only let me plant the Dreyer’s. That being said I had planted both farms with the Dreyer’s on my phone and they grew and I harvested but it didn’t seem to give mastery credit until next day when it came all at once. (I believe that was 13-06-2011 to 14-06-2011). I am currently mastering the Edy’s on my farms on my PC. I do have a Dreyer’s mastery sign now and I believe I will be getting an Edy’s one also. So my answer is yes, it is possible to get both signs.

  55. Jim Says:

    Update: as of just now 6:45p UTC 15-06-2011 I no longer have access to either the Dreyer’s or Edy’s crops on my iPhone. Perhaps l was lucky?

  56. amanda Says:

    dear farmville, why r u not letting me in my market ?Once again, a good promotion like edy’s comes along and u won’t let me in the market so i can plant and enjoy the mastery sign .Like the Orgainc bluberries in which i did not get to enjoy. THIS IS WRONG!!PLEASE LET ME N THE MARKET

  57. em Says:

    Ive nearly mastered these in two days!:D but i think farmville should give us more items we can BUY with COINS instead of cash, not everyone can afford to spend REAL money on FAKE fv/cash :(

  58. HoneyNova Says:

    Ever since they released the Dreyer’s/Edy’s Fruit Bars, the market has gone wacky! I think it is terrible that it has been almost a week now and many of us are missing the great limited edition items! You know it’s not a big deal, it’s just a game, but when they’re charging FV cash for things, and you’ve spent enough to send the creator’s great great great great grand-kids to college, you better believe people are going to be P****** OFF!

    Instead of releasing these new games like Empires and Allies, they need to stop what they’re doing, back-track a little and take care of the issues they have with prior games like Farmville. I used to love to play this game, now it’s just a headache, seriously, every day, something wrong. I think I’m done. Zynga = Corporate Scumbags, and their only intention; to make money. Tis sad :(


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