FarmVille Elephant Coming to Animal Feed Trough

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FarmVille Elephant Coming to Animal Feed Trough

Posted on February 9, 2011 12:12 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Elephant

FarmVille Elephant Mugshot

A new animal has recently been spotted in the Animal Feed Trough and it looks like the Elephant! Do you think its the Baby Elephant that was only available for a limited time?

Along with the Elephant, the other animals that can be seen are – Reindeer, White Turkey, Poncho Llama, Rhode Red Island Chicken and the Longhorn Cow. The animals available through the Animal Feed Trough keep changing every once in a while, making them available only for a limited time, so you may want to keep an eye out for this new Elephant!

If you have not built your Animal Feed Trough yet, or would like to know how this feature works, you can read a guide to Animal Feed Troughs here.

FarmVille Elephant New in the Animal Feed Trough (Source: FarmVille Post)

Would you like to see the Elephant come to the Animal Feed Trough? Have you spotted it on your farm yet?

Source: FarmVille Post

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46 Responses to “FarmVille Elephant Coming to Animal Feed Trough” »

  1. gogogoff Says:

    It better not be the Baby one, the LE for 2 million fans.

  2. Lynn Says:

    I haven’t used my trough in a long time… Not sure if I will be trying for an elephant either- they are MUCH too big.

  3. theresa Says:

    Not sure if I have room to add very many of these biggies.

  4. SimenAS Says:

    Thanks, farmville, for removing the respect you get from having rare animals. good job.

  5. ferryboat George Says:

    The elephants are really cute, and really huge. They take up way to much space.

  6. Danielle Says:

    Right when I get rid of my feed trough too, good thing I can get them off the newsfeed still.

  7. Marjut Says:

    I have sold that boring animal feed and I´m not jumping to have that boring elephant.

  8. Tenna Says:

    OMG, an Elephant on a farm? What could Zynga possibly be thinking.

  9. Farmer Katie Says:

    Elephant is all and good…have one but know alot of my friends have been jealous over him…but I wish they would restock the entire thing with all *NEW* animals.

  10. Rogue Robot Says:

    WOW!!!! The feed trough won’t be the most worthless thing on my farm for a day or two!

  11. meles Says:

    The elephant was withdrawn the day I stared on Farmville, and I always wanted one. So I am pleased.

  12. laura Says:

    yay!! im so excited, thats awesome!!!

  13. Felix3322 Says:

    I really hope I can get one. I did some digging and found out it left Farmville 8 days before I started playing!!

  14. Joe Shmoe Says:

    Yes I want the efalump!!!!!

  15. Martsie Says:

    I would rather have something practical!! Most farm don’t have elephants and other strange animals. I don’t think mine will either. We need a sheep pen or LARGER duck pond,

  16. bs Says:

    I am excited for this…never was able to get the original one in ’09, had started playing FV like a week after it went away.

  17. bs Says:

    PS Love the “mugshot”, you guys are silly~

  18. Sonia Says:

    Enfin,un peu de changement…yes!! Et à quand on pourra avoir le 28 par 28 ?? parce que plus on a d’animaux ,plus il nous faut de place. Logique ,non??

  19. Cynthia Says:

    I have one already. It will be interesting to see if its a new elephant or the supposedly ‘limited’ one. At least if they re-introduce the old elephant, it won’t be something that they charged farmcash for in the past. Nothing really wrong with giving away an old freebie.

  20. Erin Says:

    it’s about time there were new animals. Need more new ones, trough is very boring right now

  21. Mei Farmington Says:

    It’s not the animal I’d have picked, but it’s nice to see something new at the trough.

  22. Kirsten Says:

    I’m glad that there’s an new animal on the way, I just hate the stupid llama’s :P I think I’ll just try to get 1 or 2 elephants and then I quit because they take in way too much space and we still haven’t got the possibility to buy the 28×28 expansion for coins.

  23. dawn Says:

    Yawn, already have 8 and want to delete them. I was only keeping them because fv once said we would get to share/trade our items-like farmtown, but it never happened. Now my kids can get from the trough.

  24. Jennifer Says:

    What we need is a zoo for all of the exotics. I have Lions, bears, Koalas, Kangaroo, Giraffe, elephants and they just need a spot of their own. I doubt I will try for an elephant…

  25. Jaymes Says:

    about time! but they need to introduce 5 or more new different animals! one new animal will get boring really fast.cheers! :-)

  26. Another Dawn Says:

    An ELEPHANT! really?? Personally, I’ll probably keep one “just to have” but I would have rather seen a complete overhaul with all new animals. And more farmlike animals not the goofy stuff. I HATE the poncho llama. I would have liked to see a new duck or harvestable bird, maybe a new free cow or even a turtle or deer, or maybe even a whole holiday theme with Easter coming up. Something like a fancy bunny, or special chicken. Something cute and NOT for FV$, just free for keeping the trough filled.

    Either that or designate it an Asian elephant and have it linked to the China stuff. (Yes, there are a few wild elephants in China still. I looked it up).

  27. Kelly Says:

    They already did an Asian elephant during the India theme.

  28. virgoboy Says:

    Oh MY!! How will he ever fit??!!?? :P

  29. Loony Says:

    Was about time for a new animal! Nice!

  30. Esteban FMH Says:


  31. ELEPHANTS Says:

    OMG IM SOOO HAPPY!!!! i have wanted the elephant for the longest time and could not get it, but now I can! I will visit all of my neighbors and hopefully find animal feed, cus i hav 11 right now!!!!

  32. Anonnagon Says:

    Oh my… And i thought the Baby Elephants were big…
    How much bigger could it be?

  33. Miranda Says:

    Elephant = Yay!

    Except I always end up with a stupid reindeer at my trough.

  34. Holly Says:

    I know this is off topic, but I just got the message in the market saying 28×28 expansion is available now, it costs 4 million coins and need 136 neighbors, just to let you guys know….

  35. Goni Says:

    Yes, the expansion (coin vers.) is in the market for 4M +10 new neighbors!

  36. Jody L. Jones Says:

    cool I already bought one elphant FV$ so now I guess she want be so lonely hu! she’ll have a baby or two or more to attend to thats cool! I have monkeys, kangroo, tigers,of sorts farmville animals love them all and enjoy all can’t wiat ti see whats next :)

  37. JB Says:

    I deleted my feed trough recently. At first it was a fun idea. You get free animals for next to no work. Then the animals kept coming, and coming and coming! I soon had too many animals and not enough space. Deleting the feed trough was the best choice for me. If I want any of the animals, I get them off of feeds. Like the elephant, but probably don’t need more than a couple.

  38. ashley Says:


  39. Karen Says:

    Who ever heard of an elephant on a farm. What we really need is a Rooster. I don’t care about getting an elephant and I’m thinking about getting rid of my animal trough

  40. Marie Says:

    I’d rather they get rid of the reindeer and the pancho llama. I agree, the rooster is missing in the game. Put that in there too.

  41. matt Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THE PONCHO LLAMA ! ….. Agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ???? how about some new animals and i don’t mean a standard horse wearing a @#*&ing PONCHO !!!!!!

  42. pankaj Says:

    farmville ratings will go more ahead if they will bring more interesting things in farm
    and i i reallly liked this one ””””

  43. Tala Says:

    The Circus Elephant has been available the whole time as a reward for the Tossing Tomatoes job.

    A naked elephant? No thanks… right now my whole herd is wearing matching (and stylish) red and gold Farmville outfits!

  44. Animallover Says:

    I love it even if I dont keep it I can sell any animals I get therough is a source of income from harvesting animals as well as selling them. I wish though that they had abrooster function that worked like the ducks or cow I mean a purr chick or candidacy chick would be cool so would a sheep pin

  45. Animallover Says:

    Found it this morning( not an elephant but it was added to my menu of possible ones) but got another reindeer so tired of them il probably keep one from through and 1 from returning via sidebar for looks but otherwise I’m done with reindeer

  46. Pam Pullen Says:

    I’d like to have more neighbors, but afraid of taking anyone on as they might say they won’t cheat but will just to get the goodies. How can you trust anyone? I only have one neighbor and it’s hard as her neighbors are vulture like and take everything before I get there?
    Any suggestions?
    Also I am kind of new to all of this, but I’m hooked.