FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Buildable Mushroom Home

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FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Buildable Mushroom Home

Posted on January 2, 2013 7:14 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 1

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 2

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 3

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 4

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 5

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 6

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 7

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 8

FarmVille Mushroom Home Stage 9

FarmVille Mushroom Home Completed

Besides the River Mist Fortress from FarmVille Enchanted Glen there is also yet another constructible called the Mushroom Home that will be exclusive to the FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm! What a perfect abode for FarmVille Enchanted Glen!

The Mushroom Home has at least 9 different construction phases and is harvestable for Gifts as well. You can get things such as Bushels and FP (Fairy Points) when you complete a level of construction.

So far, here’s the rundown on the parts that will be required to construct your Mushroom House.

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm Buildable Mushroom Home Parts Needed:

  • Magic Maple (send a request directly to your friends)
  • Fairy Dust (send a request directly to your friends)
  • Rain Drops (post a request to your feed)
Parts can be requested every 4 hours
Obtaining Mushroom Home Parts

  • Ask for More button – send requests to specific friends (Every 4 hours)
  • Ask Friends – posting a Facebook News Feed share and get clicks from friends
  • Send/Receive via the FarmVille Gifting Page
  • Purchase parts using Farm Cash
  • Find free parts on Facebook News Feed or from clicking on friends’ shares

FarmVille Rain Drops

FarmVille Magic Maple

FarmVille Fairy Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm  Mushroom Home Stages:

Stage 1: 3 Rain Drops, 3 Magic Maple, & 3 Fairy Dust
Stage 2: 6 Rain Drops, 4 Magic Maple, & 6 Fairy Dust
Stage 3: 8 Rain Drops, 12 Magic Maple, & 8 Fairy Dust
Stage 4: 16 Rain Drops, 10 Magic Maple, & 16 Fairy Dust
Stage 5: 20 Rain Drops, 12 Magic Maple, & 20 Fairy Dust
Stage 6: 25 Rain Drops, 14 Magic Maple, & 25 Fairy Dust
Stage 7: 30 Rain Drops, 18 Magic Maple, & 30 Fairy Dust
Stage 8: 40 Rain Drops, 20 Magic Maple, & 40 Fairy Dust
Stage 9: 50 Rain Drops, 22 Magic Maple, & 50 Fairy Dust



FarmVille Mushroom House Information

What do you think of the Mushroom House, FarmVille Freaks? 


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  1. Jeannie Rasmussen Says:

    Would be nice if I had a larger gift box like most people do. It makes things like this pretty difficult to get excited for cause I can’t save materials up for it.