FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Buildable River Mist Fortress

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FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Buildable River Mist Fortress

Posted on January 2, 2013 7:35 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 1

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 2

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 3

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 4

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 5

FarmVille Mist Fortress Stage 6


FarmVille River Mist Fortress Completed Sneak Peek: FarmVille River Mist Fortress!

The new FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm has it’s very own unique River Mist Fortress.

It has several different construction phases and will require three different parts which include the Myth Rilore, Star Rock, and Warp Stone.

As you fill your River Mist Fortress with parts, you will complete construction phases and be able to harvest it for gifts. This feature appears to work similar to the unique harvestable features from other FarmVille destination farms such as the Holiday Town Square in Mistletoe Lane.

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Buildable River Mist Fortress Parts:

What you will need to complete Rivermist Fortress:

  • Mithril Ore (Specific friend a requests)
  • Warpstone (Post a request to your Facebook News feed)
  • Star Rock (Specific friend a requests)

FarmVille Myth Rilore

FarmVille Star Rock

FarmVille Warp Stone

 Obtaining Parts for Mist Fortress

  • Ask for More button – Send requests for parts once every four hours
  • Ask friends – Post a feed to your Facebook News Feed and have your friends click
  • Send & Receive Gifts – via FarmVille Gifting Page
  • Purchase Parts using Farm Cash
  • Find extra parts on Facebook News Feed and when you click on friends’ shares

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Buildable River Mist Fortress Information:


FarmVille River Mist Fortress Information


FarmVille River Mist Fortress Preview

What do you think of FarmVille Enchanted Glen’s River Mist Fortress? 

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