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FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Enchantment Shoppe

Posted on January 2, 2013 10:36 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


The FarmVille Enchantement Shoppe in FarmVille Enchanted Glen allows you to create your very own mystical beasts! This feature works similar to other animals type laboratories found on other FarmVille farms where you will “create” and unlock new animals.

When you arrive in Enchanted Glen you will find an incomplete Enchantment Shoppe waiting for you to finish construction.

There are 3 different types of parts that you will need to complete your Enchantement Shoppe.

  • Sunlight Rope x 10
  • Moon Gem x 10
  • Armillary Sphere x 10

FarmVille Enchanted Shopped Building Stages:


FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Stage 1

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Stage 2

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Stage 3


FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm Enchanted Shoppe Information

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Pixie Dust:

Once your Enchantment Shop is complete, then you can start making magical creatures! You will need to collect Pixie Dust to unlock the mystery creatures.

There are several ways to collect Pixie Dust which include the following:

  • Asking your friends for Pixie Dust
  • Purchasing Pixie Dust with Farm Cash
  • Clicking on your friends’ feeds (on Facebook News Feed) when they share Pixie Dust
  • Harvesting your Enchantment Shop for Pixie Dust

Remember, when you increase the variety of creatures in your Enchantment Shop, you increase the chances that you’ll harvest a rare type of Pixie Dust!

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Green Pixie Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Orange Pixie Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Blue Pixie Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Yellow Pixie Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe Purple Pixie Dust

FarmVille Enchanted Shoppe White Pixie Dust

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6 Responses to “FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Enchantment Shoppe” »

  1. PegaFreak Says:

    Can you provide us a complete guide for this one. What animals or things can we get from different pixie dusts. And what type of pixie dust that we can get on each animals when harvesting the enchantment shoppe? Hope Farmville Freak FarmGoddes can provide it, that would be helpful. Thanks ^_^

  2. charlotte Says:

    i was wonder how long can i get to play this game of enchanted glen because i saw other are playing it and please let me know k. thank you

  3. Margo Reppert Says:

    The DF blog has detailed information on all the workshops and which animals produce which material. Very useful.

  4. Leanne Says:

    i still have 2 more animals to make but here is what i’ve figured out so far as to what animals give you certain pixie dusts
    white – fay sheep, monach horse
    yellow – silver rhino, siamese sprite
    green – rainbow snail, firefly pegacorn
    blue – rainbow phoenix
    orange – lady ewe

  5. Danielle D Says:

    Is anyone else having issues with NOT getting the pixie dust from the shop?


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