FarmVille Removes Beta Tag & Ends Feed Throttling!

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FarmVille Removes Beta Tag & Ends Feed Throttling!

Posted on April 11, 2011 9:36 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FaceBook Wall Post

FarmVille Wall Post

In addition to some other updates, Zynga released a producers letter today with some big news- they have removed the beta label from FarmVille and they’ve also ended FarmVille feed throttling!

Since its debut in the summer of 2009, FarmVille has always featured a “Beta” sign in its logo. Beta, meaning that the game was still in a testing phase. However, with the release of the English Countryside you no longer see the Beta sign in the FarmVille logo. This is a huge step for FarmVille, but Zynga reminds us that even though the beta is no longer present, issues and bugs are still possible. FarmVille updates several times a week and there are millions of active players, so there are bound to be some problematic issues that arise when there is such a huge platform.

FarmVille Loading Screen with No Beta

Farmers were outraged when Zynga implemented limits on the amount of bonuses and items you could collect from your Facebook News Feed. Initially, the idea was to help prevent players using snag devices and level the playing field for all players. However, after re-thinking the limitation and listening to all of your feedback, the big Z made the decision to end feed throttling all together. There is still an enforceable limit, but no more feed throttling. This is an improvement for those players who were experiencing feed throttling despite never reaching the collection limit.

FarmVille Throttling Removed

Some other highlights from the announcement include:

  • Removal of BETA tag from FarmVille
  • Ability to Play 2 Farms with Pause Optional
  • Bug Fixes & Improvement for heavily populated farms
  • Japan Relief

What do you think about FarmVille’s announcement?

The sun is back out (here in San Francisco, anyway) and the FarmVille Team is reinvigorated with the energy of the warmer weather, the English Countryside expansion and the fact that we have the best player base on the planet in all of you! Speaking of all of you, we have, as always, been listening to a great deal of your feedback and suggestions. We hope you’ll echo our sentiment when we say that the past three months or so have brought many improvements to FarmVille. Let’s take this moment to reflect on a few of the things we’ve accomplished together over the last quarter of a year…

English Countryside: FarmVille players everywhere are discovering an all-new land with new adventures and benefits in FarmVille English Countryside! This has certainly been our largest feature effort since FarmVille first launched and it wouldn’t have been possible without your ideas and imagination. We hope you’re all enjoying it and are looking forward to the possibilities it brings as much as we are!

Farm Switching and Pausing: We want to thank you all for expressing your opinions on this matter so articulately and persistently. As a result, we’re recently implemented the ability to choose whether or not you want the farm you are not active on to pause while you are away. You will be prompted with this option each time to switch from one farm to another. We think this is a great addition to FarmVille and we hope it leads to your further enjoyment of having multiple farms!

Bug Fix Output and Memory Issues: The development team has been extremely focused and dedicated to making FarmVille better. In addition to increasing our bug fix output significantly, we’ve also made a recent breakthrough on our memory usage and implemented changes that resulted in many players with heavily populated farms able to run FarmVille smoothly again. This isn’t perfect yet, we’re still diligently pursuing ways to keep up with your endlessly imaginative ways of beautifying and personalizing your farms, but we hope many of you are already seeing the benefits.

Feed Reward Throttling: After extensive research and experimentation, we have decided to repeal the throttling of rewards collected through feeds. We want to thank you all for being so vocal throughout the process as it really helped us to pinpoint problem areas and react accordingly. For now, the throttling has been removed and we are enforcing a cap on the amount of rewards each player can claim per day. We are continuing to explore alternative means of keeping the FarmVille playing field even for all.

Japan Relief: In yet another incredible example of humanitarianism and compassion, FarmVille players were one of the first groups worldwide to spring into action to help Japan in their hour of need. Words cannot express how fortunate the FarmVille Team feels to be involved with such a giving and helpful group of players. It adds an overwhelming sense of worth to the work we do here to know that the players who make our game great also strive at making the world a better place.

The Beta Tag: You may have noticed that we removed the “Beta” tag from our logo with the release of the English Countryside. We felt this was the right time to remove that tag but we also want to be sure that this is not taken as a claim to a “bug-free” game. The internet is alive with changes stemming from every direction and FarmVille introduces new content multiple times per week. No game can avoid all of the growing pains that are inevitable with new content – especially on such a large platform, with so many players interacting with each other, in so many different ways. Rest assured that we are dedicated, now more than ever, to continuing to create new ways to ensure your game experience is everything it can and should be.

We’re thankful for the strides you’ve helped us make this past quarter and are eager to share whatever the future brings with all of you. We have all sorts of surprises up our sleeves and the fact that we get to bring them to all of you drives us onward. Thank you for always being willing to share your ideas and opinions with us and for being the best player base in the world!

-The FarmVille Team

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122 Responses to “FarmVille Removes Beta Tag & Ends Feed Throttling!” »

  1. Pat Isringhausen Says:


  2. kevin Says:

    so we can exept as fast as we want but still stuck to the 200 a day

  3. Mon-chan Says:

    What’s the cap? Still 200?

    What does feed throttling mean? How many items we can claim per second?

  4. Amy Says:

    What is Feed Reward Throttling ?

  5. Mon-chan Says:

    So doesn’t that mean people can use snag bars again? Confusing!

  6. Jodie Says:

    Maybe it would help if they could “fix the bug” that takes my gifts every 2 days….

  7. Cheryl Says:

    good news

  8. Shelley Says:

    Any chance FV can help with the new FB update for iPad and I phone. I hate it and none of the game posts will show on it at all.

  9. Alice Says:

    How about fixing the Spring Squill bushel problem. Whenever I try to use the bushel before harvesting it comes up as the English Roses. I am losing all the extra mastery points because of this.

  10. CarrieBee Says:

    I don’t get it they eliminated the throttle but there is STILL a cap on the amount of rewards you can claim?

  11. sylviaholloway Says:

    I have never reached the limit, but I don’t think it was necessary to impose one, either.

  12. Linda Edwards Says:

    Thank you. Wish it had happened earlier because I lost 4 really great friends when you introduced the throttling. They left Zynga altogether.

  13. cw Says:

    the above statement and letter make no sense. in one sentence FVF claims that the cap is over yet in the letter it clearly states that “…Cap will be enforced…”

    what this mean is totally obtuse, the only assumption i can make, however, is that CAPS will be enforced and THAT SUCKS ASS.

    zynga sucks. farmville sucks. screw them.

  14. 5Celcious Says:

    i use snag bars, i still wouldnt reach the limit cuz i barely have any active fv-neighbours anymore. i get less than 5 items per day.

  15. Carole Says:

    “Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!
    You can claim up to 0 more rewards from your friends today.”

    If this isn’t throttling then what is??? I use the feed to play with my neighbors and to share. … not to get a message like above.

    I will not buy another farmville dollar until this ends and if it keeps up too long, I will walk away with many new friends whom I will miss, but, this is ridicules!

    You must want to break up our neighborhoods…..oh well….

  16. J Says:

    Even though Zynga is a business and therefore has a primary motivation to make a profit from its players however it can.. not all companies of that size (and larger) make a conscious effort toward causes like international disaster relief efforts.

    So while we all have our gripes about the game(s) sometimes.. trust me, I do too.. I say kudos for making charitable efforts at all.

  17. Dale Says:

    what is throttling?

  18. A1quietmainer Says:

    Thank you for releasing the throttle. But would you please think of releasing limits.
    I really enjoy FV. Thank you for all the info.

  19. Johnny Glaze Says:

    I would like to bet, that the out of frame publish windows, are a big part of your problems…Also the dirt road on the Frito Lay farm wants to make it into the market for coins. All in all, keep the maintenance assured, Thxs

  20. kim chitty Says:

    i love farmville, love the ec farm and play for several hours a day. right now i’m into sheep breeding but wasnt into any of the horse hype. I hate the cap though. when managing two farms with the same needs, you dont get it all done. for example the sheep pen i’m building now on original farm needs a few more nails, only the flower garden needs them soo….what to do what to do. At least up the cap limit.

  21. Amber Says:

    This makes sense now to why I lost all my sd in my gift box today. After contacting support I was prompted if I got rid of all my unused flowers that I had collected from neighbors not from news feeds but from actually going to each neighbors farm I could then receive my sd back. If never ends does it.

  22. K Says:

    “For now, the throttling has been removed and we are enforcing a cap on the amount of rewards each player can claim per day.”

    Maybe I’m missing something, but to still enforce a CAP on the number of rewards claimed daily is STILL throttling. They need to remove the cap – some of us play fair yet are still stopped by those limits.

  23. Jane Says:

    I can’t help but laugh at the Beta tag removal statement. “We felt this was the right time to remove that tag …” rather than “We’ve illegally had that tag in place and were recently compelled by the courts to remove it.”

  24. Josh Says:

    200 clicks is MORE than enough per day. Nobody should be whining.

    Find a more reasonable hobby to go along with playing FarmVille.

  25. Dawn G Heath Says:

    I think you’all are trying very hard and succeeding in making FV and FVE more fun . I do think it is possible to do something about the snag bars. I hate having friends for months and then see that they are on G.U. and you don’t know whether they use the bar or not. I don’t want to play with people who use it. I know everyone has the right to play as they see fit and I have the option to delete them or hide my bonus’s from them, but that’s very time consuming. I’d like to have the option of keeping them from snagging from my farm. Then they can still be my neighbors if they choose, which they would if they”re not using the snag bar. Options are big thing. Like the option you gave us concerning the two farms. I SO look forward to something on that line and I know your developers and programmers are just that good that they can do this.
    thank you for the upgrades and listening to our suggestions and problems.

  26. Yorkiex3 Says:

    They made it really confusing on how they stated it. They linked the throttling with the cap limit together but they are two totally different things.

    The throttle is if you take things to fast off the feed. I got throttled collecting water cans all the time for seedlings. It says “woah there farmer you are going to fast. Please come back in such in such time”…or something to that affect.

    The limit of 200 is still being enforced. That is what you seen Carole. Once you have grabbed 175 items it will tell you when you have 25 items left to collect.

    They just made it more confusing and will cause more problems because apparently they do not know how to clarify things.

  27. Maria Says:

    If you really want to level the playing field and make it fair for all players, you need to find away to stop all of the cheaters who continue to use snag bars. That makes it very hard on those of us who do not use them.

    Another suggestion I and almost all my neighbors would like:

    1. Make the Love-Potion a craftable item so we can produce more lambs.

    2. Make bottles giftable, so again, we can feed those lambs.

    3. Allow us the option to buy items with coins as well as Farm cash. And maybe, make it a little more affordable to buy animals…


  28. `HILDA rEYNA bARRIOS Says:

    me gustan las dos fincas, y es muy entretenido jugarlas, lo unico es que a veces se tarda mucho en abr irse, no se que sera mejor si nos dan pausa para cada una de ellas o jugamos alternativamente las dos fincas, uds. con su experiencia seria mejor lo decidieran, es un juego muy agradab le y nos sentimos relajados con las fincas. gracias

  29. maria Says:

    @ J – I agree with the FVC going to charitable efforts – say when buying a crop or tree or whatever new thing they will come up with – however I still think it is unfair that the majority of the “nicer” things need to be bought with FVC instead of coin. Just last night my system froze when trying to move my sheep pen – I reclicked and it hit on my avatar opened up the stupid dressing thing and I ended up spending 10 FVC on a lousy dress. I was saving the last FVC I had for my original farm.

  30. Yorkiex3 Says:

    Bottles are giftable Maria. And you will soon find out there is a limit on the sheep breeding too. Many people are now encountering the message that they have reached their limit and are being forced to sell theirs to breed more.

    I spend real $$ on FV but I will not buy potions with them just to have to sell the animals I paid to breed.

  31. Terri Says:

    Anyone else loosing their gifts? Will receive notice that I have 28 and only get two of them!

  32. `HILDA rEYNA bARRIOS Says:

    mi comentario no esta como yo lo escribi, les ruego hacer las correciones correctas, pues no es mi español el que pusieron y parezco de otro pais, no latina que habla el español bien. gracias.

  33. K Says:

    Maria (#27) fyi Zynga has a Feedback/Suggestions area on THEIR website. This website is not Zynga’s.

  34. Pcris Says:

    Dear Zynga !

    You are not capping the news feed because you want to ” even” the field, people have the choice of getting a snag bar or whatever !!! is THEIR choice is like in life , It’s not what you know but who you know !!

    I have told my friends 1000 ways of helping themselves to ways of improving their farms and getting more gifts etc… but many of the CHOOSE not to do it…
    So get over yourselves and let people play the game stop with limitations or you people like myself will leave the game FOREVER


  35. Dawn G Heath Says:

    Well, DAMN ! I thought releasing the throttle WAS getting rid of the ‘limit’s. I must be really slipping. There doesn’t need to be a limit, or it should be way over 200 with 2 farms and the amount of bottles, building materials, watering cans. I can’t believe you had me thinking you made this wonderful decision and then making me feel like an idiot. I can talk to my real world family if I want to listen to manipulating, double talk bull crap.

  36. R Says:

    (“Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!
    You can claim up to 0 more rewards from your friends today.”)

    I get this notice every day 8(, trying to build up my E/C farm and keep the old farm running.

    Throttling, well must be missing the reason if you still cap our rewards.

    WHY limit our rewards, I work both farms daily and need more rewards to keep my farms running.

    Remove the cap, I do not use any cheat bars to play and even share extra items with neighbors when I get ones I do not need.

  37. Maria Says:

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I will post my comments/suggestions on Zynga’s page. And I appreciate the info on the bottle as well as the limit on breeding sheep!

    Thanks again!

  38. DarkCyd Says:

    The reason caps were introduced is because PEOPLE THAT USE SNAG BARS RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE. So…5Celious…..thanks a lot for being so lazy you decided to violate Zyngas TOS. It’s people like you that caused the outcry of not being able to get things from the feed and made Zynga impose a feed cap.

  39. Rosanah Says:

    I love u Zynga!

  40. Nathan Says:

    200 is more than enough for any farmville player at any level. stop being silly little spoiled brats!

  41. Carol Says:

    If you don’t like the game rules then don’t play.
    The reason there are caps because people have apps that will snag thousands of rewards every few seconds. I know of a player who does this. I think this IS wrong. I spend way to many hours on my farm and have leveled up by not using these apps. I have used a snag bar for parts but you still have to pick and choose what you get. The other ones take every post on the wall.. I think apps like freeder are fine especially with a cap because you only take what you need not every single thing..

  42. Moony Says:

    good that they removed the Throttling.

    Throttling is that when you click on many feeds and it says you cannot accept this gift, you click to quick. you cannot accept more than a gift per second. If you still go on clicking it will slow down your speed of accepting and may say you can accept gift again after 60 mins.

    For a short time player like me who has only max 30 mins to play the game, I hate the throttling.

    Same as some above mentions, I quite the game, too. I’m no longer buying FV Cash, slow down buying FVC items or don’t buy even my favourite the horses.

    When I have more time to play on weekends, I have no feeling for the game as before mainly because of the throttling. A social game has no fun when you can’t share anymore with your friends. Why you are sharing when you cannot get anything you need. LOL

    Yeah, and I hate the sheep bleeding. No baby lamb to share with friends like foal or calf.

  43. Nat Bosak Says:

    Since updating my iPhone – I no longer see fv feeds-plus, I only see 2 or 3 feeds on page and cannot see older posts…. how do I switch back to the 3.3 version?? Please fix this problem!!!

  44. KeyLime Says:

    I actually saw this long before Farmville Freak posted it! Yay for me!! :D (and in that time, I also told my friends..) I feel specialll :D

  45. jeff Says:

    I find it so funny that people whine this much about a game that you can play for free.

  46. Doris Says:

    The throttle just occurs when you are clicking alot in a certain amount of time – then you will get the message that you have to wait an hour before you can start collecting again.

    The limit is imposed on everyone – I think they raised it to 250 items per day a few weeks ago. If you reach that limit, then you can’t collect anymore till Zynga re-sets their clocks at midnight PDT. I don’t think the limits are fair, especially when we have to build things or are collecting things like the spring flowers. Really dumb!

    And, to the person that admitted using a snag bar, no wonder you don’t have any neighbors and can only collect 5 items a day. If you were my neighbor, I would un-friend you…snag bars are cheats and I don’t want cheaters as my neighbors!

  47. jusatplay Says:

    thank god for the throttle stop but please get rid of the cap on feed bonuses. i, like many others only play on my days off, zynga is seriously limiting game play here. and as many of us have international neighbours, all playing at different times of day, its making us miss out on some of their publishings. can zynga not find a way to limit the claims to your neighbours only, im sure we all have facebook friends who are not neighbours but are still claiming from our feeds. i use a bonus checker, but it does not snag the gifts as soon as they are published, it simply bunches them together on one page so i dont have to go back hours on the feed, if they’ve already been claimed, i don’t get them. come on zynga give us a break. i love the uk country farm but i would think there would have been bigger differences in the buildings, and maybe different animals in the feed store. having had my gripe for now i still love playing. thanks zynga.

  48. Cindy H Says:

    CW@13 – its two separate things. The cap is the total amount you can collect from the feed per day – excluding fuel – presumably that still stands at 200.
    The throttle was to slow down the collection of items, ie when someone posted 8 trees for instance and one person collected so fast that they got all of them, with the throttle you would only get two at the most – it limited to a click a second I think.
    I would add that I find it sad that you use the kind of language you do, it adds nothing to the discussion and is inappropriate. I wish the moderators paid more attention to the kind of language used on this site.

    As a matter of interest I don’t think the throttle would have affected snag bars at all. Certainly the most common one does not collect fast enough to be caught by it. What it would have affected was people who sit on the feed and refresh constantly.

    Kim@20 decide which you want most and finish that first. In same position and just finishing final upgrade to the Sheep pen, then will upgrade the Spring Garden I got for Home Farm. EC one done. All it means is that it takes a little longer to finish something, a day or two instead of an hour or two.

    Josh@24 – I totally agree – 200 is more than enough. I have built and expanded everything new, and all the buildings etc for EC and collected everything else I need and rarely even reach the limit.

    Maria@27 ‘ Allow us the option to buy items with coins as well as Farm cash. And maybe, make it a little more affordable to buy animals… – If they did that then they would make no money, and Zynga are a business it is their job to make money.

  49. Laura Says:

    I’m glad Farmville took the Beta tag off. I always annoyed me, because it felt like a cop-out. …like they were trying to excuse away the bugs. It never was a Beta game, just an un-tested end-user game. Beta games test on Beta players before releasing the game to the public.

  50. Norlle Donlon Says:

    I’m very upset that I updated my iPhone software and since then I don’t get FV newsfeed. I called iPhone and they said they don’t control that. I sent an email toFB and they said they don’t block game apps that I needed to contact u. I find this very frustrating that I can’t get the newsfeed posts.

  51. Susan Says:

    Once again the Ministry of Propaganda obfuscates the issue.

    Once again the ignorant masses blame unrelated problems on snag-bars.

    Once again the ignorant masses blame unrelated problems on “cheaters.”

    Zynga has lost millions of customers because their stupid decisions, limits and policies. Hardly a week goes by where I don’t see an 80 or 90 level neighbor just abandon Farmville, never to return.

    Does anyone believe that Zynga has made major improvements recently? Me, neither. My farm still loads slowly, or often not at all. When it does load, it is often only partially, and consists mainly of place holder circles, which never fully develop. Too many place holder circles means the gift box, market and market place refuse to open, and I can’t harvest orchards or animal buildings.

    Visiting other farms can be extremely frustrating, as a large number of them never load, either, making it impossible to fertilize these farms in order to complete quests. It is absurd to have to go through 25 or more neighbor farms in order to merely be able to fertilize 5 or 6.

    And the final proof consists of the dozens of still unresolved problems that have been “under investigation” for six months or more. Zynga refuses to fix all (or even any?) of the “under investigation” items (and that’s just the problems they admit to, and not the ones they continue to ignore), but the Ministry of Propaganda tries to convince us that everything is now under control.

  52. Mon-chan Says:

    Wow! No longer beta!? I’m shocked! XP

  53. Jenn Says:

    Well I can give a crap less about the throttling that never affected me however 2 farms and having to collect all this mess the cap is ridiculous Zynga needs to get their priorities straight seems like the throttling is what would affect the cheaters not the cap

  54. susie Says:

    o.k. i dont get it? if u send me a share notice i share like u i get anything? does everyone get them? i really would love to know. thank ya

  55. Kimberly Says:

    I despise the daily item limit. What makes NO sense to me is how Zynga can allow us another farm and not increase the limit. That makes two. Two farms to collect building supplies for, two farms to collect bushels for, two farms to collect watering cans for, vehicle parts, farmhands, arborists – two farms to maintain and NO LIMIT INCREASE?!

    And please, those of you who never hit the limit and want to complain about my complaining…goody for you. Must be nice. How do you do that? I can easily collect 200 cans for my many orchards before noon. Not trying to be rude, it’s just that apparently we all have different farms and different methods of farming. All should be allowed to farm at their own pace be it leisurely or hard and fast, like I do.

    Back to my original thought on the subject. If while we had one farm Zynga felt that 200 daily items were sufficient and fair, how can they not allow us a higher limit while trying to maintain two? Which, by the way, we all know that they strongly encourage.

    Just my humble opinion on the matter.

  56. buddy bear Says:

    i agree 200 gifts a day is very reasonable, quit being greedy pigs!!!
    but…i’ve also been losing my gifts in my que on a consistant basis and that pisses me off big time fix that damn glitch SOON please tyvm

  57. Beth Says:

    Throttling is a slow-down. EX: If you collected gifts too quickly, a slow-down penalty came up saying that you could collect more of that particular item in an hour.

    A Cap is a limit on the amount of gifts you can claim per day. Without the throttle you can claim your limit per day quicker, without penalty.

    Thank goodness they lifted the throttle. I have many times had the 25 or less counter come up and then gotten the throttle message and had to wait an hour and before that hour was up it would strike Midnight and the limit would be reset.

  58. jan Says:

    I don’t mind the limit….BUT…when we have something huge to build while still trying to build the new EC farm and there are tons of posts on the wall to build it, please up the limit then. I was told the other day I could take 12 more things that day. Come on, I never come close to 200 unless we’re building something massive!
    FV requires sooooo much to build a new farm then starts us on the Spring thing and then smacks us because we try to build it.
    I told my friends what was going on and sent out requests for sd boxes and oh boy did they come through. They were as angry as I was.
    There’s a time for a limit and a time to knock off the limit zynga.

  59. Ruth Hood Says:

    How about fixing it where iPhone players can play the whole game including the English Countryside. That would really be nice since I can’t play half the game.

  60. jan Says:

    And while I’m at it, I STILL can’t even look at Stouffers food much less eat it. Those mac and cheese trees we got look like worms on a stick. Every time I see Stouffers I think of worms. Who did that ad type for them? Did Stouffers decide on such a strange thing or did Zynga? If it’s Zynga, they sure don’t like Stouffers. If it’s Stouffers they really blew it

  61. jr Says:

    Think about it.Everyone of us loses gifts or rewards everyday and there are millions of paying players.We complain and get ridiculous computer generated responses with no resolve from Zynga. HOW MUCH MONEY ARE THEY SKIMMING EVERYDAY X MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!! They should be sued for answers like there are bound to be bugs! Someday it will be the biggest class action lawsuit ever.

  62. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    i have about 70+ orchards of about 20 trees a pop

    orchards can be collected once per 2 days

    now lets just assume that within a week i produced 75 sapplings

    that would mean id need aproximetly 600 watering cans just to break that even not even to mention all my freinds sapplings i collect as well, now your telling me that i can only grab 200 items and that i have to pick getting that one unique foal or buliding materials for more orchards over the watering cans and other things we despriately need or want.

    Goodbye Zynga – I’m going back to Runescape

  63. Jiggsaw Says:

    I have a solution

    make it so that there are 50 of each shared item so that

    1. many of your neighbours can grab one

    2. we could actaully get items before the snag bars

    3. who would care if people used snag bars if everyone got the items they needed?

    4. We could actually get one of those bloody foals

    5. Everyone wins-

  64. Pam Says:

    The Feed throttling was a real big hassel.

    However the quota limits need to be uped — 200 rewards, bonuses just isn’t cutting it for 2 Farms.

    Part time players should be limited on their amounts & limited to sizing of their farms.. These individuals for the most part do not play enough to warrent such rewards & most of the time I have found that they are “Band Wagon Jumpers”, when something is good they are there, but when times are lean they move on and are not willing to put the time into the game. Too spell it out they are “NOT LOYAL” players just opportunist.

    I find that with the Orchard process. These players pounch on the “Grown trees” they are too lazy to get the water & grown them. But oh boy do they fight over when they are the Special trees that have been grown.

  65. Susan Says:

    Here’s a special shout-out to the ignorant masses who actually believe that Zynga “listened to their customers” and that’s why they removed the FVEC pause.

    Making the pause optional was always Zynga’s intention, and they could not care less what their customers think or want.

    As soon as the pause was announced, other web sites found and published the two unreleased screen shots of the pause feature being optional — the exact same two screens we have today, when we want to switch between farms. They were always there. Zynga always intended the pause to be optional. As usual, the Ministry of Propaganda went into full spin doctor mode, trying to convince customers they were being “listened to.” And the ignorant masses fell for it, and many even “thanked” Zynga!

    If Zynga honestly and truly cared what their customers think and want, there would be no limits on the feed, number of sheep (or “sheeps,” in Zynga-speak), or anything else. Instead, they continue to find new ways to cripple the game, new things to limit, new ways to spoil the fun, new ways to annoy us (woof, woof), and then they simply lie about it, saying it was what the customers wanted. And never mind the thousands and thousands of complaints on the official Zynga forum, including the ones quickly deleted by moderators as being too truthful.

  66. Barbara Grieco Bosshard Says:

    I wish that Zynga would make a few changes and I know others feel the same way. First, we should be able to transfer any items we have on our home farm to our English Country and at the very least our storage units and what we have stored away should be interchangeable between both farms, many of us want to be able to use some of our stored items from our home farm on our English farm limiting this is unfair to all of us who use our money and coins to purchase these things. We are all dedicated farmers and are loyal to these Zynga games, come on ease up on these ridiculous limits, it is the only fair thing to do, and why don’t you think about letting us gift some of our sheep to our friends this way others get a chance to breed some of the most beautiful sheep that come up, I’ve gone poor trying to get a camo sheep or a star sheep or some of the other rare ones, this way a friend who has one can gift us one. Thank u for this forum where we can voice our concerns and requests. BGB

  67. Mary Says:

    Stop complaining and blaming third party apps for ur problems!! It was all ur complaining that caused the feed throttling and reward cap to begin with!! Zynga may have in their terms of use that u can’t use 3rd party apps but as long as they have and provide a snag bar type version of their own that they offer to their players they can’t do anything about the snag bars!! The law states that u cannot have a monopoly on any product. Remember the big court case over the windows monopoly? He fought the law and the law won!!! LMAO You whiners need to get a sense of humor!!! I can’t believe how misinformed people r about snag bars. THEY DON’T GRAB EVERYTHING OFF UR FARM IN SECONDS!! That’s just a ridiculous statement, it can take more than an hour to collect UNCLAIMED REWARDS off the feed. It takes me 2 seconds to grab a reward that just popped up on the feed and another 30 seconds to drop it on my farm and head back out to the feed for more!! Snag bars miss all the good stuff because they only refresh once every minute!! How do I know this? I know it because I did my research!! I first timed how long it took me to grab an item off the feed, and how long it took me to get back to my feed after dropping it on my farm. I then downloaded a snag bar and used it for 3 days and I was shocked at how much I missed getting off the feed!!! So all u whiners go do ur own research before u start complaining about an app u know nothing about. You can’t give constructive criticism about anything unless u check out the object for the criticism that u r throwing out to the masses, that’s just unacceptable irresponsible behavior on ur part!!!

  68. Ashley Says:

    This is off topic, but…

    It would be awesome if our rewards could be categorized like the Market is. So, when I am looking for a nail I don’t have to go through four pages or whatever each time to use a nail.

  69. Jane Says:

    I keep seeing people say that Zynga hasn’t done anything to improve game-play and saying this is all propaganda or that there should be a class action suit against Zynga for various problems with the game.

    The fact is, there have been many class action suits against Zynga. There was one that stemmed from the Cinnamon Heart trees issue, which was decided as theft by the US court. Other issues were involved in that case and the court luanched an independent review of how Zynga manages FarmVille. Based on the court’s findings, Zynga was required to make restitution to all parties signed onto the suit for conditions not disclosed to the public. They were also ordered to remove the “Beta” tag from Farmville because it was illegally applied. They were also fined for that. They were ordered to triple their server size by 30 April 2011 and quadruple it by 30 June (based on how many they had in mid-February).

    Zynga is being watched like never before. In the US, they are the largest grossing non-retail company three years in a row and the complaints and suits against them are mind boggling. Don’t take my word; Google it. The improvements ARE happening and they’re hitting each region at a different time based on percent of players in the population. If you live in the Northeastern US, you will see things before someone in Australia or New Zealand and people Australia and New Zealand will see things before people in the Northwestern US. It’s all about demographics, population density, and the most effective way to increase revenue to counter the costs of the mandated upgrades.

  70. Mimi Says:

    Great….if they now will take the limits off the lambs so we can adopt at least 1 every 4 hours…or at least 5 a day….and make the potions giftable :))))

  71. Matt Says:

    Mary # 66

    Finally someone else in the world has a brain unlike these mindless zombies who like to blame things on cheats when it themselves that are the main focus of the “Big picture” being the 200 limit cap.

    You people don’t realize this, guy above said he had like 200 orchards with 20 trees a pop. What happens when you produce mystery seedlings for other farmers like giant golden apple trees or Chinese lantern trees. Other farmers can claim them without paying a damn dime for it when the market sells trees for 5-10 FC a pop. Thats the reason why they put the 200 limit in the first place, and that is why it will continue to stay where its at.

    What needs to be done is lower the amount that the mystery seedlings need water for. 8 buckets for one seedling, i think if they lowered down even more we would see less complaints about the feed.

    in other words THINK FOR A SECOND!!!! WHAT IN DA **** ARE YOU ALL WHINING ABOUT!!! Its a damn game, no body actually wins in this game either. So what is the damn problem. Ohhh some guy snagged my foal…..wait the next day and produce another. You all act like they stole some valuable Diamond ring from your vault and left no clues whatsoever. Damn man, grow up and shut up already. Besides, its not seconds, its minutes. 60 seconds and it repeats. And besides the fact that items of rare value, preferring to trees, they are gone in less a than 1 second. Because of some very fast clickers who again earned it but then are greedy at the same time. More than half the time its because of a greedy farmer. Any other farmer just got very lucky.

  72. Matt Says:

    my bad, post #61 says he has over 70 orchards. Thats a lot and that is causing problems up the *** and everyone can see that, and if they can’t then they are just plain stupid.

  73. Matt Says:

    Aww man I get it now why your all blaming snag bar users. Because you think once they get rid of them then you’ll all have more opportunities to be greedy and click at all the rare values lurking on the news feed. Sure ok for you but hey people have jobs and people can’t be on the computer screen 24/7 burning their eyes out of their sockets so they use a handy tool to help themselves out while they actually live their lives….but that’s not ok with everyone. Y’all just want everything to be all normal with no cheats and no limits. Hell this isn’t the perfect world were living in and sorry but there is no such thing as a video game without a cheat. Name one. I’ll bet you all can’t.

  74. bint alshamsa Says:

    Susan, I agree completely. The snag bars keep some folks playing, because without it they would never have enough time to click on all of the items that they have to weed through their news feed in order to find.

  75. Lizzie Says:

    Where is everyone seeing the 200 item limit? I can only get 150.

  76. Cindy Says:

    What happened to FARMVILLE live feeds on FACEBOOK iPhone? The pull down options have changed and shrunk in number.
    No live feeds? Since 4/7/11! I can’t always play on my computer!
    To the powers that be: bring back our live feeds ….and other options on iPhones!

  77. jaime g Says:

    i use the snag bar and even with that i never really reach the 200 limit so stop bitch ing u greedy a ss es

  78. Cindy H Says:

    Mary@67/et al – So good to see a voice of reason here. You were generous in your research too – ‘ It takes me 2 seconds to grab a reward that just popped up on the feed and another 30 seconds to drop it on my farm and head back out to the feed for more!! – actually its possible to just collect every two seconds, opening a new tab and leaving it there until the tabs your browser uses if maximised. Then just close the tabs, the stuff will have gone to gift box.

    As you say the snag bars collect much more slowly than a person can and on a hit and miss basis. I personally do not think the snag bars had anything to do with the ‘problems’ people complained about.

    I don’t personally have a problem with a limit from the feed – it excludes fuel so doesn’t affect anything that might be seen as essential to play. When there are a lot of items to build it may require strategy and a little longer to complete, but I can’t see that as a problem.

    Jane@69 – You know I am so glad I don’t live in the USA. The idea that people will waste time and money on a court case for a free game that had some glitches. Ok so some people lost a few trees they had paid for – what in terms of money? £10 – £20? (If anyone spent more than that on graphics for trees then they really do have more money than sense). Law suits and courts should be for really important matters. I have often wondered why when reading about the US lawyers always seem to get so little respect and bad press. Now it becomes more understandable :)

    Lizzie@75 – its a 200 limit – if you get less each day contact Zynga

    Pam@64 – its a game Pam – people can play as much or as little as they like. They all have the same opportunities and chances to build their farms as they want and that’s how it should be.

    Trees – I am still left wondering why anyone needs so many orchards and trees and therefore watering cans. I get all the new trees – keep around 25 orchards going – once a tree is mastered I sell off all of that type except one specimen. I only collect seed from my own trees, and only grow those I know I have not yet mastered. Easy enough to do if you keep your trees in specific orchards. The ratio of seedlings to water cans is about 1/3 seedings 2/3 cans. I rarely have to collect any cans from the feed.

    I collect grown trees from the feed only if they are ones I have not mastered, and I post far more to the feed than I collect.

    If people really want enormous numbers of orchards and trees then I think they should accept that it will take them longer to grow all their seedlings.

  79. Hannah Says:

    Why do people think that selective snag bars are ok? They are the main reason that potions for sheep breeding are so hard to get for the players who don’t use them. I’m sure that Zynga can program a way to block the snag bars without penalizing the rest of us. I downloaded FV’s game bar or whatever they called it, & it never acted like a snag bar, just told me when my crops were ready. [It stopped even doing that so I deleted it.] I really like FV, play a couple of hrs a day, I have a life & I don’t like hacks & cheats. I also think the moderators here should erase posts calling other people idiots.

  80. Chris Clucas Says:

    great news on the removal of the feed, if people use snag bar well that is up to them, do you think they progress any quicker? I don’t use any cheat bars at all and have got to level 121 so don’t feel I need anything like that.
    For me FV and FVEC is great, yes there are hiccups, but usually resolved sooner or later. My next FV wish is a goat pen, and other animal pens we have, if we could increase the animal storage to 100 per pen.

  81. Nigel Says:

    they should also erase posts calling other people ‘cheats’…. such an offensive word…

    what is worse than a snag bar?

    Some ‘old maid’ who has never played a computer game in her life, sitting in front of the computer her son-in-law set up for her, clicking everything in sight…. posting “gone in 2 seconds” when she doesn’t get something!! (even if it was a one share only item), these are the real problem with farmville, stupid, greedy, uninformed, idiots…

    Do some research, snag bars do not take “thousands of items each second”, if they did, then the users would have a full time job emptying their giftboxes!!!

    Stop whinging and whining, this is a NON-COMPETATIVE pass-time…

    The same stupid people who blame everything on gamers unite, are the fools who click on all the scams, thus attempting to spread viruses to others computers….

    There should be a test you have to pass, and a licence you have to earn before some people should ever be let near computer…

    I don’t use a snag bar, I don’t have to, I have decent neighbours and we share stuff with each other, it’s called ‘Social Gaming’.

    So stop being grumpy old maids who can’t get everything they want, and start being appreciative that you are allowed to participate in a free experience…

    Thank you Zynga, for all your hard work :D

  82. Anon Says:

    Snag bar or not, I find it awfully curious when a neighbor has 20+ of each kind of rare foal. Of course one could argue they simply click exceedingly fast… but I usually drop these neighbors (especially if I never see them post feeds).
    For me, the point of playing a game like Farmville is in the PLAYING… In the giving and taking, in helping each other build interesting farms.

    Seems to me that snag bars are just meant to hoard as much stuff as possible. If that is why some people play, grabbing as much stuff as possible when they’re too busy to actually play, so be it. Everyone has a choice… drop the neighbors you think are hoarding things and never giving your other neighbors a chance if that’s important to you! We all have a choice in picking our neighbors!

  83. Montana Says:

    Does the throttle mean that you dont get stopped when you try to get more that one reward per second? That’d be cool!

  84. Joanne Says:

    Now we’ve got two farms each & everything needs building or expanding, the current cap of 200 items per day is insufficient & the limit on gift boxes is too low & needs raising. I never have & never will use a snag bar or any other collection method – I go through the feed & claim building materials & anything else I want or need through them. I’ve never had a “going to fast” – on the contrary it takes me forever because I ALWAYS go back & say thanks for whatever I have received from my neighbours – something sadly lacking in FV now. I appreciate my neighbours & they appreciate me – we help each other with barn raisings, quests etc & I post potion requests for others to be able to get them, not because I want them. Every day lately I have reached my feed limit because I have needed so many building parts. Why can’t Zynga ban people running snag bars & let “ordinary” players get on with things without daily limits. If somebody wants to sit at their pc all day & trawl feeds for gifts etc, so what? As long as they’re doing it without cheating, it’s fair play. Many of my neighbours & I regularly run the “cheaters” sites checks. I contact anybody I find listed to ensure that they know they’re on the list & give them the option to remove themselves. If they choose not to, I delete them because it’s not fair on my other neighbours that they don’t get a fair chance to get any of my gifts. Get to grips with the real problem of the cheaters sites & lets get back to fair play, helping each other out & actually having some manners & saying thanks – something I’m lucky to have with my neighbours.

  85. Pokerface Says:

    ‘Bug Fixes & Improvement for heavily populated farms’

    Sounds great!

  86. dawn Says:

    It is about time !!! I hit the 125 gift limit supposedly picking up flowers & building supplies to build the stupid garden. I dont think building supplies should count in the limit. I would rather be picking up trees & foals than stupid nails,boards, & bricks. ZYNGA needs to fix that problem !!! They also need to fix the bugs faster & fix more of them. The bugs number about 1,500 they are only fixing about 40. They need to fix 500 instead of going to other countries & trying to get advertisment & other garbage !!!

  87. salabibiah Says:

    will there still be an earthday event?!!!!!!!!!
    please… :(((((

  88. FarmerHunter52 Says:

    ditto to #84 (Dawn). The building upon two farms is ridiculous, added on to not being able to play everyday if traveling (for days at a time), trying to catch up, ridiculous cost of Spring Garden (I know i do not HAVE to have it-do not EVEN go THERE!), sudden disappearance by the 10′s-20′s of gifts (why work so hard to gift and have neighbors if only to lose all of the gifts we exchange w/o the feed?), suddenly losing the ability to claim items from the feeds w/o warning (*has happened to me at least 5 times), limits on how and when and what and to whom we can give what when and where (ie Sally needs bottles but Zynga will let you give bottles to all 100 of your neighbors except Sally+some random fb folks). Shall I continue. Nope. Just a few comments that make the game frustrating. I am hooked, I love it, it is breaking my pocketbook, I am an idiot,, etc, etc,etc. It’s give it up or be glad there are people like Freaks that are there trying to HELP!!!

  89. Bransilbas Says:

    This information is a lie! where is the source link to know that this is official?!!?! I keep getting the slow down message!

    Also I think the limits are ok, 200 is more than enough and if you are building a bunch of stuff just try the next day, go outside a little more!

  90. Enchanted Says:

    I for one think that if they want to keep the cap, they should raise it to around 500 instead of 12!! Call me a GREEDY PIG or a SPOILED BRAT or whatever. Do you not have enough friends to be able to collect more than 200?? If you go around spouting off and calling people names all the time, I could see why you would not keep many neighbors!!!! 200 is NOT enough!!!! I spend hours upon hours on my farms and have sunk a lot of FVC in as well. The cap would be fine if it were higher. I started playing FV when you had to click each thing. There were no FARM HELPERS. Farming was one click at a time.
    I have gotten ticked off more than once with the game and walked away for a while. Zynga should listen to the majority of us and up the cap or remove it all together. And not try to please a bunch of whining crybabies!!!!!!!! People need to grow up and act their age and stop with the foolishness of them thinking the world should revolve around their wants!!!!! They probably think FV should give then FVC every week for free….. Sheesh people have to make a living!!!!!!! My Hubby does not mind me spending MY money any way I see fit!!

  91. Rob G. Says:

    I can’t sign onto FACEBOOK
    I get this message when I sign in

    “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    I hope to hell my british crops don’t die because of this!!!

  92. Janice Lech Says:

    I wish you would have left it. I cant sit at my desktop for long and I would collect eggs, wood, nails and such lying down so my spine didnt hurt. No thanks a million.

  93. Vickie B Says:

    I think it would also be fair to us to increase the limit to 400 since we are now actively working two farms…

  94. Carmen Says:

    sure it has been removed?

    because how to do explain this?

  95. Carmen Says:

    I got throtted today, twice. It sure hasn’t been removed.

  96. Matt Says:

    Joanne # 82

    Gamers like you don’t deserve to be playing farmville. Seriously, who cares if someone is using a snag bar. I’ll bet your a hoarder. Going around and checking to see if every single one of your neighbors is not on the snag bar user list and if they are you threaten to delete them unless they remove the snag bar itself.

    Who are you to decide how others shall play. A lot of neighbors would be better off not having you as a neighbor. Half of my neighbors use the snag bar. I care less because thats how they decide to play the game. I don’t go threatening my friends if they are using it and neither should you.

    I didn’t go threaten my friends when they went to buy a washer machine to wash their clothes more faster and efficient. I told um hey you wash your clothes your way and i’ll wash my clothes my way.

    Do you honestly think that people were doing that back when women themselves had to hand wash their clothes? Think about that one.

  97. TorontoFarmer Says:

    “FarmVille updates several times a week and there are millions of active players, so there are bound to be some problematic issues that arise when there is such a huge platform.”

    ooohh please making excuses for them now.

  98. trekmario Says:

    they need to fix the out of sync issues all the time i get the new slower loading screen then after to 10 minutes sorry out of sync.THIS IS SO WRONG.

  99. vanilla Says:

    FV has become a loading nightmare, and it is getting worse by the day. I have left my farms bare for over two weeks because I just will not wait over 20 minutes for my farm to load or to get a bushel. More I think of it, I will block Zynga altogether.

  100. Farmer Dan Says:

    Throttling vs Cap Limits.

    Throttling is the rate at which you can grab items. With over 300 friends playing the game, I occasionally had my ability to grab off the feed disabled, and this was from clicking manually. No use of the snag bar. I’ve never used it.

    Cap Limit is the total number of items you can grab within a specific period of time. Different from throttling, but the end goal is essentially the same, to limit the use of third party applications that auto grab off the feed.

    Neither is effective at stopping the Snag Bars. But for that matter, users should not be worried about the use of them. The Snag Bars do not really compete with live people scanning their feeds. I have several friends that use the snag bars, and I’ve actually watched it at work. Once every 45 to 60 seconds or so (your connection and processor speeds will affect this), the Snag Bar will scan the feed and pick up items. This means that the rarest of items that are gone in 2 seconds, are not getting grabbed by snag bars, they’re getting grabbed by live people. I would guess the snag bars are good at grabbing the watering cans, building materials, and those items that are the most common, but if its rare and gone in two seconds; a snag bar didn’t get it. A live person did.

  101. Jo Dostal Says:

    thought they got rid of the throttling…just throttled me until tomorrow…grrrr

  102. Jiggsaw Says:

    The greatest thign happened to me once, it was long long ago actualyl I pretty sure it was last march when they did the first pot of gold event.

    I hadn’t played much then and didnt fill my pot of gold much so as u can imagine i had maybe 10 gold peices. So as it would turn out it was midnight and i was just about to check my facebook messages or soemthing like that (dont recall exactly) but anyways at that moment a saw a feed of someone giving away the biggest prize, the castle witch was worth 200 gold peices. Soon to follow that same person spouted about 30 more posts of all the prizes from that event. To this day i have every item from that event and about 20+ of those st. patcricks day sheep!

    It’d be a shame if they made it so you can’t grab stuffs that fast.

  103. RC Says:

    When they say they are ending throttling they are going to let you collect as quick as you want, but they want to keep in mind that the cap still exists.

  104. Ellen Says:

    Love the basket but could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! let the colts grow up to what they are. I don’t put mine in the nursery at all because I lose them. I buy the horses and I share with my neighbors and I will probably buy more but I am running out of space for my colts. If you are looking into the profit and loss of it there is no loss to worry about people will be satisfied and still buy your product. Please consider this.

  105. Keith Says:

    Still so much anger over the snag bars!
    Those who don’t want to use them and prefer to play with others who don’t use them can choose that!
    It’s a free game.
    Those who enjoy snag bars and enjoy playing with neighbors who use snag bars can choose so too!

    But why is it wrong to know how your neighbors are playing? It’s a social game, nothing wrong with liking to play with people who play the same way. No need to attack each other, pick your neighbors.

    Also, why do people keep comparing a snag bar to washing clothes by hand? It’s is about limited items, not automation. Is that really so hard to understand?
    Would it be unfair to compete on a bicycle while people are running a marathon? Why don’t we compare that to using a washing machine and washing clothes by hand? For some people, getting the limited items is a competition. They prefer to compete with similar players.

    Why do snag bar users get so angry about others wanting to know if they use a snag bar? It’s how you play, why should it be hidden?

  106. DMS Says:

    a year ago I had a dozen active neighbors. Now one or two play once in a while.

    i guess there are people who know how to game the system and do schemes that “snag” gifts from the feed bar, whatever that is. But i just do my thing at whatever pace. I don’t need to build anything out in an hour. Or collect all the flowers for the basket in an afternoon. It’s not a race and there’s no bonus for being fast. in fact, it makes the game boring to get all the prizes fast; then you have nothing to look forward to.

    I am still mad that they yanked the japan crisis crop abruptly. That wasn’t fair. I was so busy planting green roses to get mastery and master good with green roses, I never got to do it–and I have every other crop mastery sign. (except now fvec which I refuse to play.)

    funny to see zynga toot their own horn and I’m sure they’ve been working hard to make all these changes, but i don’t believe for a second that they’re “listening to our complaints” and responding to make it more fun to play. they’re responding, i suspect, because people are dropping out.

  107. Susan Says:

    The “end of throttling” announcement is a typical Zynga lie. You will still get the “lightning fast clicking” penalty.

    Zynga could not possibly tell the truth about anything under any circumstances. The company’s official policy is to lie at each and every opportunity possible. Their contempt for their paying customers is apparent each and every time they say or do anything.

  108. Gentle Spirit Says:

    Yes, I have and use the GU snag bar. It’s on most of the time. I have one item checked all the time. It’s barn raisings. Today I might need two nails to finish one building or tomorrow I might need three more watering cans for my last seedling. I can reset my snag bar to collect, say 10 items. I figure that that will cover any barn raisings from all my neighbors and get my nails or watering cans too. Once I set my limit and the snag bar gets to that limit, then it stops. I can get up from my computer, cook dinner for my husband, give attention to one of my cats, do the dishes, take a shower, watch tv, or whatever. The snag bar has done it’s job while I was away for a while. It has continued to help my neighbors and has saved me the hassle of going through my feed every minute to get those couple of items and you know what else? It has auto-liked every item that it has snagged. If this is cheating and one of my neighbors wants to get pissy about it and remove me, then so be it. Who needs neighbors like that anyway? That neighbor is now missing out on what a Level 90+ player is providing. They don’t get my love potions, my good trees, my foals or help when they have a question. They can’t send me a message and say, “I’m having trouble finding a starred sheep that flashes. Can you give me one?” I have 200 other neighbors that don’t give a darn that I have a snag bar, so why would it make any difference to me if 5 or 6 of them drop me? There’s lots more when she/he came from.

    Acknowledging that I collected something? You bet I do. Do all my neighbors do the same? No, they don’t. Is that aggravating? Yes, it is. What do I do about it? I don’t post that brand new tree/foal/lamb or love potion on my wall. I copy the link or lock it to certain neighbors. My thoughtless neighbors can have my mission olive tree or that gray foal. I have 20 to 25 neighbors that I talk to daily or a few times a week. I get all the love potions, lambs, foals and good trees that I need from them – I don’t need to stay on my feed for hours at a time unless I need little things like building supplies or watering cans – and now flowers.

    I never had a problem with the throttle. I think I had to slow down like four or five times. I’ve had far more trouble with the 200 item limit. When you have 25 neighbors that send three or four items to you nearly every day – that’s almost half of what you’re allowed to collect. With two separate farms, without a doubt, the limit needs to be raised – especially during building frenzies and collection events – which, have you noticed? Has become a consistent, although changing, event. Will be interesting to see what we’re forced to collect next.

  109. Gentle Spirit Says:

    #25 @Dawn – you can keep certain people from seeing your posts and you can make it a default setting – it’s called locking
    #38@DarkCyd – Caps were introduced because of the whiners, not because of the snag bar users. The snag bar users did not go whining and crying to Zynga.
    #’s 50, 63, 66, and 79 Hear! Hear! Excellent posts Pam and Nigel!
    #76 @Jaime – If that’s the case you need more neighbors!
    #77 @Hannah – and then the people that program the snag bars would fix Zynga’s “fix”
    #82 @Joanne – Who do you think you are? The ZYNGA POLICE??? Please don’t ever send me a friend request – you are too much like “Big Brother”!
    #88 @Enchanted – I concur!
    and finally….
    #98 @ Farmer Dan – Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it true, on a multiple item link, if a single one has been collected, doesn’t the snag bar “think” that the item has already been claimed?

    TONS of misinformed, naive Farmville players out there in my humble opinion. It is a game. It’s a SOCIAL game. There are no right or wrong ways to play. That is something that is up to each individual player’s discretion. I don’t tell YOU how to play, neither should you be telling anyone else how to play either.

  110. Gentle Spirit Says:

    I want to say just one more thing. Some people keep mentioning that snag bars and other game aides are against Zynga’s TOS. This may be true. However, they are NOT against Fackbook’s TOS and officially, the feed (aka your wall) belong to Facebook. The snag bars use your wall just like Zynga does. Now ain’t that a conundrum!?

  111. TheVole Says:

    This news just gave me a boner (8====D)

  112. Nikki Morrison Says:

    Here is the problem. Taking out the feed throttling doesn’t do much if they cap the limit of stuff we can bring in. That just gets us to the limit faster. So why waste time. Are they wanting us to hit the limit sooner?

  113. diledwa Says:

    The Feed throttling was a real big mistake. Thank you for correcting it.

    However the quota limits need to be increased— 200 rewards, bonuses just isn’t reasonable for 2 Farms. 500 would give everyone a chance to get building materials, collectibles, and calves and foals. I used to play 3 – 4 times a day. I could interact with my neighbors that way. Now by the time I get home from work I am at my “quota” and end up not playing at all. I used to collect from my work PC and from my phone. Now I don’t play all day if I want to play at night. I enjoyed playing FV and EC. Now I find it depressing to see all the added animals and decorations that I never get. Perhaps I need a snag bar.

  114. Julie Says:


  115. Sasha Says:

    If you think about, it’s even worse with the 200 limit still going on.

    Some people I know have not 2 but 3 farms because they also play Farmville Chinese… 200 items for 3 farms? Definately not right, they certainly need to up the quota on that.

  116. Darrid Says:

    Bottom Line…

    The cap is stupid.

    Farm still loads as slow as molasses.

    Farm still goes out of sync.

    Players who play often are punished.

    Farms are still jam packed full of crap as we could not move items to the English farm.

    No ground expansions.

    No expansions for barns.

    Stupid quests.

  117. Michele Says:

    I am still being throttled too! and to top all that off, i don’t receive half of my gift requests. I get a url that says gifterror=notfound. Original farm had limit of 125, now we 200. That means 75 per farm. Not nearly enough to run the farm.I have contacted Zynga numerous times and the support agents’ give me a different reason or excuse every time.
    Go figure.

  118. Daniel France Says:

    OK…what’s “Feed Throttling” again?

  119. kathy jolliffe Says:

    When you took our feed troughs away you made us beggers like poor people back in the old days. We are fighting over grabbing feed only to get there and someone else has already grabbed the feed. You have people who are on fixed incomes who can’t afford to go buy feed so we set back and watch as everyone’s farm grow but ours. Please put our troughs back to get feed. Everything but sheep have to have feed to grow. That’s a lot of feed to have and get out there and brable for. Even if we had to grow crops everyday for the feed that is great too. I know of over fifty people that are getting fed up with fighting for water and feed they are talking about just getting out of farm ville and seven of them are my neighbors. When I start loosing neighbors that is when I drop out to. Give us some way to either earn it or grow it or give us back the troughs please!!!!!


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