FarmVille English Countryside Introduces Olivia

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FarmVille English Countryside Introduces Olivia

Posted on March 15, 2011 9:26 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Olivia English Countryside

The news of the FarmVille English countryside keeps getting more and more exciting as (hopefully) its launch draws nearer! In a little announcement from the FarmVille English Countryside Facebook page,  a new character named Olivia says to us:

I’m Olivia the Pub Keeper. I have all kinds of new recipes to craft, only avaialble in the English Countryside! Just need a smart farmer to help me make this pub into the hottest spot in England!

We know that we can expect new kinds of crafting in the FarmVille English Countryside – do you think your “pub” will be your new crafting building? We also got a glimpse of this feature in the newest video commercial that promoted FarmVille’s soon-to-come release of the English Countryside. If you haven’t seen that commercial yet, check out FarmVille Freak’s post here.

Have you started preparing to take off to the FarmVille English Countryside?

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60 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Introduces Olivia” »

  1. Anthony Alvarado Says:

    omg come out already lol fv <3

  2. Stephanie Chastain Says:

    Nice, but if they don’t forget about the pause feature, I don’t know a whole lot who will play for very long!!!!

  3. Nelson Says:

    That’s my grandma :(

  4. stephen Says:


  5. mike Says:

    nice now release the game allready before i get bored of it

  6. ismar Says:

    “hottest spot in England” does this mean female dancers ?? ;)

  7. Kelly Says:

    Still won’t play with the pause feater. Boycotting.

  8. Renee Watson Says:

    I’m very excited about playing this. I don’t care if it has a pause feature. :)

  9. Vanessa Says:

    They keep talking about all the cool stuff coming out in the English Countryside “second farm”, hoping that we’ll forget that they said the other day that one of the farms will always be on pause because they both can’t work at the same time. Let’s not forget about all the problems that’s going to cause with not being able to master things quickly enough or forgetting which farm you were on last and having your crops whither. I really like the idea of the English Countryside farm, but so not liking the pause issue.

  10. Rogue Robot Says:

    More over-hyped than the dogs and now a bigger let-down than the dogs.

  11. Garnet Says:

    If you are on your Farmville farm, your English farm will not mature, and if you are on your English farm, your Farmville farm will not mature.

    ONLY ONE FARM WORKS AT A TIME IN OTHER WORDS! How exactly you are suppose to get three day crops to mature, I have no idea.

    I think this new game is going to be a big bust. Too bad too, I was looking forward to it.

  12. Martha Poynor Says:

    Sorry it has NO appeal.

  13. Field Cockroach Says:

    won’t bother… the pause thingy is just too stupid

  14. Heyho Says:

    Will not play much if other farm has to be on hold, what would be the point???

  15. Carrie Says:

    No thanks.

    If you craft, it means you really can’t ever go back to your other far lest your goods won’t, well, craft.


  16. karl childers Says:

    olivia is a strumpet.

  17. Tab Says:

    Having to pause your farm to work the other made this lame! Instead they could of worked on adding new things to the farmville everyone works hard on, like sheep breeding or expanding horse stables, chicken coops!

  18. Echo Says:

    the pause feature is the loser for the game. i’ve put to much time, effort and money into my FV farm to just let it sit and gather dust while i ‘play’ in the english countryside….

    But i’ve a mind to go to england, set up the farm, plant a bunch of flowers, let them get to 99% then walk away and sign out.

    Leaving it held in a suspended time warp. Sitting there, looking all pretty. And taking up space, useless. Like so many FV farms have been left because people got fed up with Zynga’s crap and walked away……

  19. CORINNE Says:

    i love this game play about 10 hours a day,,but i don’t know many people and have only few neighbor,,so i cannot get ahead,,so i don’t know what to do,,but i love the game

  20. nikki Says:

    Won’t play with the pause feature. It is difficult enough with all of the specialty crops added. I can’t get the regular ones mastered.

  21. reincloud Says:

    yah, no matter how many other things you TRY to talk about, zynga, we will NOT forget about the “PAUSE” DEBACLE!!@)$&U)$(

    No one wants a second farm that DOESNT GROW while they’re playing their original farm. Like someone above said, I’ve spent WAAAAYY too much time and money (in the form of farmcash) on my existing farm to play any game that renders all of it useless for any amount of time.
    I STILL WOULD LIKE AN “OFFICIAL” ANSWER AS TO *WHY ZYNGA MADE IT THIS WAY*???? This site is “official” now, right? How about getting some official answers on this issue??

  22. Cindy Says:

    I won’t be playing if they keep the pause feature. There will be no point. Very disappointed this is a very big let down. Rumor has it that the servers are the reason. If this is the case then they should have spent the money to update/replace them instead of on advertising. Was so looking forward to this.

  23. Nick Says:

    olivia can be jobless. she sure isn’t working for me if one of my farm doesn’t work when i’m working in england :P

  24. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Sorry Olivia. I can’t craft or breed or grow anything with the suspension of time. Your pub will have to remain in a suspended state of disrepair.

  25. Cumquats Says:

    haha… they spelled available wrong.

    ” I’m Olivia the Pub Keeper. I have all kinds of new recipes to craft, only avaialble in the English Countryside! Just need a smart farmer to help me make this pub into the hottest spot in England! “

  26. Duchess Says:

    I give up they are never going to release the darn thing!!! Just tease us forever, its getting old..Makes me not wnt to bother with the game.

  27. Jane Says:

    Pause bad
    Not being allowed to use things in storage from other farm -bad
    Will I bother – probably not
    Will others bother – probably not……
    Such a shame that a good idea has to go so bad……

  28. Amanda Says:

    I can deal with the storage issue. The pause issue. Absolutely no freakin way. I’m not spending any more money on Zynga if its going to stay that way. No thank you. I’ve worked too hard and spent WAY too much time on my farm for that.

  29. BS Says:


    Hey FVF thought you might be able to past the message that there’s another scam out.

  30. mdenbeste Says:

    More introduction hype…meantime my giftbox is being hogged by the recommended 100 special deliveries.

    How about a target date? How about a target month???

    I wish they would at least tell us “It will be out in March”… i don’t need a date, just a general hope would be good enough for me.

  31. Cindy Huxley Says:

    I think that if this launches with the pause effect referred to in an earlier thread here it will ultimately fail.

    Even if we are able to grow the current crops in the market in FVEC as well as the promised new ones, the suspension of the original farm would mean trees and crafting would not progress. As well as animals not being ready to harvest, ducks not growing, etc, etc.

    I would hope that they have looked at the responses they have had and are rethinking this.

    I am not sure what the designers think English people are like, but I would be very surprised if you saw a pub landlady anywhere who liked like ‘Olivia’. She is more an image of the stereotypical idea of a gypsy – no gypsies don’t actually look like this either. Or perhaps she is a hopeful auditioning for the local amateur dramatic’s Carmen.

    Oh well I guess the strange representation of the ‘English’ won’t be a problem since with the pause feature I, like Echo, willl simply set up the new farm, plant and mature a crop and then leave it. After all it won’t wither – on permanent pause.

    Without the proposed pause feature this has the potential to be a fun addition to the original game.

  32. bille Says:

    Olivia looks a bit as if she’s from the Bavaria in South Germany…

  33. Linda Says:


  34. Rose Says:

    No, I won’t be playing, because of the “pause” situation. But I do very much like Echo’s suggestion, and I think that’s what I’ll do — get FVEC all set up, plant a bunch of flowers or something else pretty, let them mature almost all the way, and then just leave it like that forever, taking up server space. I’d suggest that others plan to do the same.

  35. Weedhopper Says:

    Not going there because of the pause. Zynga is trying to slow us down with this because they can’t handle the activity and some people will probably fall for it.

  36. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Rose let them mature all the way – will look prettier :)

  37. Tennis Menace Says:

    Keep kissing their butt farmville freak. You used to be real bloggers.

  38. Tiago Says:

    FVEC is about to fail if they don’t do something about the pause feature, i’m gonna risk saying that zynga is already aware that people are VERY unhappy about this and they will probably do something about it but they already let me down in the past so i can only wait and see.

  39. Nick Says:

    HAS ZYNGA SAID YOU CAN NOT RUN BOTH FARMS AT THE SAME TIME. NO THIS POST CAME FROM the CabbagePatchKid. zynga cant realy be that stupid. CAN THEY!

  40. Renee Watson Says:

    Can’t wait to play this!

  41. Sven Says:

    to all who come here to rant and curse, why do it here and not on the farmville forum? after all its not Farmville freak who makes this stuff. give him a break.
    and as for FVEC , i think it will be fun to watch the first few hours when it comes on line, massive servers overload!

  42. Vanessa Says:

    @31 Nick, the pausing issue was addressed in another post from March 12th. It said (and this is directly from the post):

    Working Hard on Two Farms:

    Here is the very tricky thing about the upcoming second farm in the English Countryside, only one farm will be ‘active’ at a time.

    For example: If you plant Strawberries on your original farm and head on to work on your second farm in the English Countryside for a few hours, when you return to your original farm your Strawberries will still be freshly planted and have experienced no growth. We can speculate that nothing will happen on your farm (animals will stop maturing, trees will stop growing etc) while you are working on another. This means that you cannot simultaneously work both of your farms.

    So, as is says above, one farm will be paused. Check it out. It’s the only post that has over 460 comments. Enjoy the read, it may take you a while. :-)

  43. Vanessa Says:

    @31 Nick, it also says in the same posting (and again, taken directly from the post) under Neighbor Visitation:

    So one of your farms will essentially be on pause at all times.

  44. Cathy Says:

    Also @Nick, Stumpgrinder, or Grimwald, over on the FarmVille Forum, also confirmed that this is true. One one farm will be operating at a time: the one you are working on, or the one you were working on when you closed the game. The other farm will be paused; nothing will be happening there, neighbours can’t visit there.

  45. Gloria McCown Says:

    I will not play because of the pause thing – what good will it do you to play when one or the other farm will be put on pause – that is the most stupid thing i have heard of – i was looking forward to the English Countryside till i read about that – now i will not play because of that :(

  46. FarmBoy Says:

    i wanna fuckin play it!!!!!!!!!

  47. JeannieVee Says:

    Well..if all of you who say you are not playing actually don’t play.. I’m guessing my farm will load quicker… soooo thank you :)

  48. Trouty Says:

    English? Looks more French or Italian than English. :(

  49. trish Says:

    Totally concur with many of the above sentiments. However, I will NOT be playing/visiting/setting up a Farm at the English Countryside. I will NOT give Zynga the additional number to add to their boasting number that “nnnn” players play the English Countryside. Idle or not. To quote from above: “I’ve spent WAAAAYY too much time and money (in the form of farmcash) on my existing farm to play any game that renders all of it useless for any amount of time.”

    I still totally enjoy FarmVille…even with all it’s glitches, etc. Would have been far happier if they had continued along a path of Improving their Current bread-winner. Not even a little bit tempted to check out this new convulated element of the game. Pause one game while you “play” another. Hah….who are they kidding. Seems to me like they are h-bent on bringing FarmVille to it’s knees. And that just makes no sense to me at all. No sense at all. They could have rotated the themes again this year for both old and new players to enjoy. And there are just soooo many potential crops they could have added instead of fanciful non-existent cartoon crops. They could have increased lag times. They could have improved gifting. Increased storage for decorations and animals. Added some better barns than the Pig Sty and Animal Trough….oooooh…and land…. well…enough said…guess we won’t ever see any of these things (or the many ideas I didn’t list) so I’ll just enjoy playing out the game, and, probably won’t need to play as often to keep up. LOL

  50. osHeA Says:

    Not goIng to eveN bothEr wiTh pause feAtuRe

  51. Very Dissapointed Says:

    An answer to your question about preparing for the English Countryside…….I had been saving items in gift box until I found out about the PAUSE, then I sold off or used most of them. No way will I play the English farm when original is paused.

  52. Krista Says:

    I’d just like to see them release the freakin thing already… I’m getting sick of it and it hasn’t even started yet. I will probably go there for a look once it comes out, but I highly doubt I’ll do much with it. I’ve invested too much time and energy into my farm, and can’t see just letting it sit idle while I go and start all over in England. Baaaad idea Zynga. Hope they drop the pause feature before they lose a lot of farmers.

  53. Yarox Says:

    The pause thing is stupid.
    will still give the EC-farm a go.
    After that I’ll decide what I want to keep playing and how.

  54. steve Says:

    Sorry Olivia , I wont be playing unless the pause feature is removed!

  55. me Says:

    WOW deleted my post…. getiing more like your bosses at farmville everyday… :)

  56. phil anderson Says:

    Olivia the pub landlady???? She looks Spanish and has a Spanish name. I am English, if you Americans need any help, try reading a book or something. I will not be playing farmville for any longer than necessary, esp on a Spanish-English farm. What an insult.

  57. Gardengirl Says:

    No, I think Olivia immigrated from the Middle East.

  58. jason Says:

    “Olivia the pub landlady???? She looks Spanish and has a Spanish name. I am English, if you Americans need any help, try reading a book or something. I will not be playing farmville for any longer than necessary, esp on a Spanish-English farm. What an insult.”

    I was wondering if any English players or any players from the UK would get offended by this. I certainly was, and I’m not even from there (ancestrally maybe). Why not an English face with an English name? Not PC enough??? Or maybe you have to have an immigrant worker in a ‘pub worker’ position? I think it’s you that isn’t being PC Zynga.

  59. Ashley Says:

    I agree with everyone, that the Pause button comletely screws up the game! What’s the point if you’re losing out on your other farm… Remove the Pause button, and this could really turn out to be an awesome idea and addition to Farmville…If they’re not going to remove the Pause button, then they should just get rid of the whole English Countryside Farm and just add all the additional things (like sheep breeding) to the original version…

  60. Jessica Says:

    Everyone just needs to relax. This is just the first stages, We all know there will be changes in the future, There always is. Zynga knows EXACTLY what they’re doing. Just think how exciting it will be when the “Pause” goes away. You can’t have everything at once. Nothing to look forward to? That’s no fun. Just stop whining, and enjoy! Geez!