FarmVille English Countryside Loading Screen

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FarmVille English Countryside Loading Screen

Posted on March 9, 2011 12:34 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille English Countryside Loading Screen

There’s a new FarmVille loading screen to further tease us about the FarmVille English Countryside.

As we already know, in the English Countryside in addition to getting a second farm, we can also look forward to sheep breeding, new items, new crops, and faster mastery!

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37 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Loading Screen” »

  1. Esteban FMH Says:


  2. Cheryl Says:

    YES, I saw this just after 9 pm (PST) here tonight & thought wonder if we are actually going to see this SOON~

  3. Katie Says:

    I am hanging out for this, wonder how it is going to be done. Hoping that it is not going to cost anything.

  4. Rick Shover Says:

    I predicted that possibly on Tues. March 9th would finally be the rollout of English Countryside. Let’s see how far I was off by checking how many days it finally takes for the debut rollout.

  5. juan jose Says:

    they really trying to get our attention
    and i0′m also excited ,

    would it be really possible that english farm would include a sea

  6. K-man Says:

    Haha is it actually possible that it will be released this year?

  7. Hussain Says:

    i hope there is water in english countryside so that we don’t have to collect watering cans…. :)

  8. pascalekoala Says:

    cool et on joue qd vite vite

  9. NotNicky Says:

    I’m intrigued though different colored sheep aren’t exactly amazing. At least I could have another farm to decorate so I wouldn’t have to keep changing my first one.

  10. Nuttery Says:

    Hopefully we can keep our current coins and farm cash for the second farm too! :D

  11. Kerri Says:

    OK know we’ll all have to start from scratch!!! Get real!!!! How can things transfer across the ocean! ? LOL

  12. Christine Says:

    I think they may release it on St Georges day Sat April 23rd….

  13. Nuttery Says:

    I don’t think they would make us all start from scratch; that would be like starting an all new’s supposed to be a second farm. No one knows…

  14. Rachel I M Says:

    I wonder if they will release it on the day of william and kates wedding??

  15. Minna Says:

    I am so excited. Those seeds in the corner look awesome. hopefully we will not be disappointed :)

  16. ruSh.Me Says:

    If it comes this weekend, I’ll kill Zynga; I’m having a busy weekend and it’s like the millionth time when a feature has been introduced when I have no internet! Why? Why? Why?

  17. emily Says:

    lol dont care realy wen it comes out just want it with no glitches

  18. Angela Says:

    The longer it takes the less exciting it becomes.

  19. ruSh.Me Says:

    Wow, can’t wait for this one, Please not THIS weekend! :(
    We have new crafting recipes, and more English Prizes in the Wishing Well; Start collecting those pennies!

  20. Nick Says:

    getting bored with the teasers. the enthusiasm is wearing off…. i’ll keep opening my sleepy eyes if anything comes up :P

  21. bonica Says:

    i didnt even get the england one as yet,so slowwwwww

  22. JDGann Says:

    @Kerri….by boat???LOL

  23. Linda Says:

    So cool!! I can’t wait. Come on!!

  24. Pieter Says:

    I hope there will be fungi ;) :D

  25. Steve Says:

    Hurry up and bring it on we are waiting.

  26. John Says:

    If we can’t interact at least somewhat between the English farm and our main farm, I won’t be interested. FV Chinese has different crops and items too but after a while there’s just no point to playing it when its completely separate.

  27. JenGi Says:

    Well with this whole breeding sheep thing… At least all of my sheep will have something to do, besides just stand there, unless its going to be a horse thing where you need a goat or something like that to be able to breed them.

  28. kortni Says:

    im gettin bored with FV in general…so i hope “soon” means within the month…cuz…i just wont care after awhile.

  29. kat Says:

    just freaking get on with it , soooo boring wiating for this crap toi roll out!

  30. Chris Says:

    Are we going to be able to keep our present neighbors or do we start from scratch?

  31. Patty Johnson Says:

    Hurry up already-I am also getting a little bored with Farmville.I hate that everything costs farm cash and I don’t like the greenhouse and crafting buildings.And why is it every time I turn around I have to build something????

  32. MikeyK Says:

    Oh Joy! Another Farm…So we can Have More OUT OF SYNC AND GLITCHES To deal with! Why O Why? Cant they Fix the OLD FV? =p

  33. gaylecassidy Says:

    I am not that interested right now, too many things they are trying to do at once, and too many items thrust at you at once. Can’t really enjoy decorating for all the orchards and themes. Zynga you need to come up with something NEW not the same way to do all of this. It is done in a day, then quickly bored with it. And yes you can use a boat or plane to get to England for real, Cityville has boats that transport goods.

  34. Lynn Says:

    Anyone know if were going to be able to transfer items from one farm to the other?

  35. Cindy Huxley Says:

    JenGi@27 – If they are to breed you will need a ram. Goats and sheep don’t interbreed.

    Rachel@14 – doubt it, but ti would be a good idea, anything is better than having that nonsense forced on you when you switch the TV on.

    Juan Jose – certainly an English Farm could have fields that come to the edge of cliffs above the sea, or down to the shore line in some cases. The farm wouldn’t include the sea as such – no one owns the sea.

    The teaser screen seems to be going in for cute cottages and stone walling, not in line with modern English farming. There are some places where this is still found, but they are isloated. Farming is modern now, in the main.

  36. Colleen Says:

    Yeah I’m with most people. How many “teasers” are they really gonna give us? Its’ losing it’s appeal quickly. If they weren’t close to ready to release it, they should have waited to tell us about it.

  37. natascha Says:

    I am somewhat looking forward to it, like some other responses the sheep doesn’t thrill me but I looked online today for further information and came across a games site with a little more info : it talks about how friend interaction will work, that english countryside will not be available on iphone, and that you won’t have to start from scratch on buildings (fixing them up rather than building from the ground up) plus we will have our own pub to take care of (similiar to the crafting idea).
    However, the biggest setback i fear is that they will have many frontierville missions, etc that I did not like one bit playing frontierville. As well, many crops won’t take as long to harvest, which means zynga wants you to stick around your computer more often to play. The last thing I will mention is that I will not be in a hurry to start the second farm as like all zynga games, will have glitches and long load up times at the beginning. I’ll check it out but wait to start the farm.