FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: “A Test of Wool”

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FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: “A Test of Wool”

Posted on June 1, 2011 5:12 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille A Test of Wool

The second quest in the English Countryside after you complete the “Blooming Great” quest is “A Test of Wool” where you will help Angus the Sheep Breeder perfect his sheep breeding skills.


  • 1. Make 3 Floral Scones in your Pub. (6 hours cook time)
  • 2. Harvest your Sheep Pen once.
  • 3. Place a Lamb on your farm.

FarmVille A Test of Wool Quest Information


  • 200 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • Wool Hat (for farmer avatar)

FarmVille A Test of Wool Quest Complete

On the reward page you will be given the option to share a free Love Potion with your friends by posting a Facebook News Feed share whenever you click the blue “Share Love Potion” button.

What do you think of this quest and its rewards?

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18 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: “A Test of Wool”” »

  1. Nicole Says:


  2. Starlie Says:

    a wool hat oh joy!!!

  3. Alisalin Says:


  4. Farmer Mikey Says:

    again, another stupid repetitive quest with nothing special for completing it….just LAME…..

  5. Lizz Says:

    Not ALLOWED to place another sheep on my farm. BRILLIANT Farmville!

  6. Mary Says:

    A HAT????? WHY??? Give us something cute, or at least useful such as potions or ….. something else!!! NOT a hat!!!

  7. kyle Says:

    A hat? Really? That’s the “prize”? Farmville has been really disappointing lately!

  8. Penny Bishop Says:

    Be careful when you play this quest. You have to click on “Craft Now” before you make your flower scones. Something new!

  9. Kari Says:

    Grr! It won’t give me credit of placing a lamb on my farm.. I have tried breeding twice… what the heck?

  10. JAE Says:

    @ Penny Bishop,
    Penny can you please tell me where is the “Craft Now”?!
    Thank you

  11. AlaskanPrincess Says:

    @Penny Bishop TY for the warning about using the craft now button. THAT explains why the 1 floral scone that I made didn’t ‘register.’ I don’t know about anyone else but I’m weary of completing quest requirements and not having them recognized. And…yep, a stupid hat?!?! WTH???
    @JAE If you look at (opened) quest – specifically at requirement to make 3 floral scones, you’ll see ‘craft now’ button in the quest itself.

  12. AlaskanPrincess Says:

    CORRECTION/Clarification: It is NOT necessary to use the ‘Craft Now’ button in the quest when making the Floral scones. In THIS instance, ‘make’ means COMPLETION. I made one Floral scone (without using Craft Now button) and it regsitered after it was made 6 hours later…and I went in and claimed all my completed goods.

  13. ktraif Says:

    i planted & harvested all my flowers but they didn’t all register in my inventory so i can’t make the scones until i harvest another batch of squill — pretty annoyed! here’s hoping that my next crop will show up!

  14. JAE Says:

    @Alaskan Princess
    Thank you for your anwser.
    I´m still in Quest one…..I´ll try not to mess it up on the second. :))

  15. Mandasmurf1989 Says:

    Can anyone tell me what comes after this test of wool? I am just waiting on my sheep to finish breeding so I can put a lamb on my farm, and IDK what to plant. What do I need for the next quest?

  16. vikasgotla Says:

    a wool hat?!

  17. Rebekka Says:

    YEs ha whool hat. Gorgeos :)


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