FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: Finishing Touches

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FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: Finishing Touches

Posted on May 11, 2011 12:45 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Finishing Touches

The third and final of the Craftshop Quest Trilogy called “Finishing Touches” requires you to finish building your new Craftshop, and prepare a little more for its use.


  • Complete 1 Craftshop
  • Harvest 100 Wheat

FarmVille Finishing Touches Information

Once you have finished all of these quests, which require you to put in a lot of work, you will be awarded handsomely for your efforts. Farmers will be happy to know that a Farm Cash prize is invovled!


  • 500 XP
  • 5 Farm Cash
  • 7,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Finishing Touches Completed

At this point, you will only have finished the construction of this new building. Its purpose however, is still unknown to players. When you click on “Look Inside” the new Craftshop, players are greeted with the following pop-up.

FarmVille Inside Craftshop

What did you think of these Craftshop Quests? Were they fairly easy for you?

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38 Responses to “FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: Finishing Touches” »

  1. JudyJudy Says:

    Great, morning glories and wheat… neither of which are on the English farm.. Will those crops transfer to England from the home farms? That’s where I put my stupid craft shop! Ugh!

  2. MJ Says:

    Madd except for the morning glory crap

  3. eggshells Says:

    another space waster

  4. Britney Says:

    Yes, if you harvest on your home farm it counts toward the quest!

  5. leviblues Says:

    ugh. I put mine on english farm too

  6. LoisLane Says:

    you can put a craft shop on both your home and english farm :)

  7. windi Says:

    i thought i was playing farmville not frontierville

  8. Leo Janowick Says:

    get a stupid wheelbarrell full of milk that is “locked” to home farm! What a waste!

  9. Frances Oliveira Says:

    You can plant the wheat and morning glories on your home farm. The quest sign is in the upper left corner of either farm. It will count since you can’t grow these on the English farm.

  10. Saddam Says:

    Yay free farmcash

  11. Ellie Scholten Says:

    Why are there stil coming nails, boards and bricks out of the Delivery Boxes if we do not need these??? I have hunderds of these boxes :(

  12. Nadine Says:

    Thanks :) Farmville is the best game forerver

  13. Cindy Says:

    I was hoping that all of my bricks, boards and nails from delivery boxes would be used for this.
    I can’t be on my computer as often as my iPhone!
    PLEASE fix iPhone FACEBOOK FARMVILLE gift news feeds!
    NONE since 4/7/11
    Going to be impossibly long for me to collect the “new” building materials,now!
    I had a stash of bricks, boards and nails hoping to use them for the upcoming craft building, they are useless to me now,huh?

  14. Cindy Says:

    wow! UPDATE: I can get gifts now… On desktop version of FACEBOOK on iPhone … Which was not usable since 5/3/11 which I was using since mobile version had no gift feeds since 4/7/11.
    Now …. Please fix the mobile version! That would be more awesome !

  15. joe Says:

    the game sucks now, there are never new crops to master, yeah england is a few from complete a few turnips , so if u want a mastery you’re stuck with bs trees! I already mastered morning glory and wheat who freaking needs it man?

  16. Sonya Says:

    Placed and completed my new Craft Shop on my home farm. Finished first 2 stages of the quest. Third stage says to complete shop and do wheat. I have already completed my shop but it is not showing as done in the quest box. Why?

  17. Helen Says:

    I am in the final phase of this Quest and having harvested the 100 Wheat, Zynga does not acknowledge that my completed Craftshop is complete !!! How annoying is that ?
    One solution is to cough up 29 Farmcash – that’s not happening and the other is to email and wait and wait for a reply.
    I do not get why they do not iron out the massive number of glitches they already have before getting into new territory and producing the same type of glitches in new tasks !! It happens every single time. It is almost a guarantee that the Quests will be glitch ridden.
    Between that and producing too many trees, Zynga have become greedy. I am getting tired of the game.

  18. Tbone0726 Says:

    Helen the same thing happened to me, I just left the game and went back in and it gave me credit for the completed workshop..

  19. JudyJudy Says:

    What’s up with all the thumbs down?? Most of these comments and questions are valid and don’t merit thumbs down?? Someone has way too much spare time to be so negative! Go ahead, do it to this post too…. Ugh! ~:O)

  20. rojas Says:

    need friend for farmville add me, cya.

  21. Ashley Says:

    I’m confused… If you don’t like farmville then DO NOT PLAY! And DO NOT come on this website.. Wtf? I just don’t get some people.. Once person left a comment saying Farmville is the best game ever & got 10 dislikes, makes no sense! Why are their so many haters? Your on a Farmville FREAK website. Come on..

  22. NAtasha Says:

    I concur with Ashley:)

  23. NAtasha Says:

    Why complain on a fan site? Bitch to Zynga!

  24. thgh Says:

    Free FARM CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lila Says:

    I finished my craftshop instantly BEFORE getting to Quest 3…. Now it doesn’t count?
    It still says I have to finish the craftshop 0/1 even though I’m through…. Does anyone else have this problem?

  26. Susan Says:

    I put the craftshop on my English farm, completed it and then harvested the morning glories. The completed craftshop did not show up as done until I came back about an hour later. In the meantime, I thought it was because I had it done BEFORE I harvested my morning glories, and I checked this out on another farm, if you harvest the morning glories first, get the craftshop completion accomplished immediately after that, it shows instantly as progress on the Quest 3 portion. So it works both ways, but the sequence makes it instant, if you are out of sequence, it takes a little while to appear as done. As well, I tested if it was because it was on my English farm and promptly built one on my USA farm, it made no difference except that I now have craftshops on both farms. If you are like me that is a tedious task of rearranging and complimenting the shop with trees, etc. And also means expansion of you have any room to expand in a lot of cases. A lot of work for a game. However, the challenge to get it done is always a lot of fun.

  27. Susan Says:

    One more thing, I am not happy at all that we are urged to send special delivery boxes to all our friends and that is usually twice each time you log in and several times a day. They were extremely useful to completing ongoing expansions and new buildings. But if you are completed on expansions, it is a very major waste of time and effort to collect them and then have to re-gift or sell them thereafter. It is something that should be changed fast before we waste more precious hours on this item.

  28. SOOZ Says:

    Farmville is a game and I enjoy it. Sometimes, there are glitches. I started when the game was brand new, had no equipment and all the farming was done one click at a time. Major glitches were doing all the plowing, planting, harvesting and finding it was NOT done at all. Sometimes, I did it three times to get er done! The way it is now, in my opinion, is an exemplary strive from the olden days. lol

  29. MK Says:

    Special delivery boxes can be turned into watering cans if you have a seedling planted. I always need water. I’m getting a TON of special delivery boxes and while they are not my favorite gift, if you do orchards the water is useful.

    SOOZ, I still have times I do things and they don’t stick but it is much better.

    As far as fixing all the glitches and testing things first FV continues to keep the game BETA, which means all the people that play are the guinea pigs and they expect us to find all the glitches.

    This game has never cost me a cent and can be played very nicely for free. I don’t feel the need to pay real money to have things, I can almost always get them for free eventually.

    I have over 66 million coins so I’d like to see more stuff for coins and more room to put it. We need another expansion.

  30. Ana di Lupis Says:

    all is good except for the wheelbarrow stuck at home…I have one there already, baught earlier, and was happy to get one for EC…
    ‘STUCK AT HOME’ is my MOST HATED PHRASE these days…^^

  31. Rusty Says:

    I love Farmville, and play every day. I don’t have but a few friends, so sometimes the quests take a while to complete, but guess what.. this isn’t a game of win or lose, you aren’t competeing against anyone. Slow down enjoy it. I do and when it gets boring or tedious, I go to my real life and remind myself why I enjoy the quiet pace of the virtual farm. IT’S A GAME!!!!! meant to be enjoyed, and if you don’t enjoy it. STOP PLAYING!!!.

    I am happy to know this quest gives cash, I very seldom have any. I only get a few here and there from the surveys and so this is a pleasant surprise.

  32. Kirsten Says:

    @ #25, I have the same problem. And I already completed quest 2, but since this evening I have to do it again.. So I planted and harvested my wheat for nothing :( I sometimes hate this game really bad.

  33. Julie Says:

    I am just wondering when the craft shop will start to function. I Love farmville and really spend too much time playing it. But I enjoy the challenge.

  34. Lenny Says:

    It was nice to get the 5 fv cash, but I put mine in English countryside too. Now I’m building one on my home farm (let’s face it the style fits in better there) but they forgot to give it a ‘sell it’ or ‘store item’ button so now there’s no way to get rid of the one I don’t want.

  35. Chris Says:

    Can’t Wait For The Farmville Craftshop To Start :( Its Taken Forever

  36. Maria Says:

    What do you do with the stuff you collect for the quests after the quest is finished? Do you sell them?


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