FarmVille English Countryside Quest 9: Drinking In History

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FarmVille English Countryside Quest 9: Drinking In History

Posted on April 5, 2011 11:19 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Drinking In History

Following our story, we have now mastered Level 1 of Hops! The next quest is known as “Drinking In History”, and it asks us to plant the new Royal Hops crop, and make the Lionhead Ale recipe 3 times!

Please note that when a quest asks you to “make” any recipes, they are only counted once the recipe is completed and finished inside your Pub!

FarmVille Drinking In History Notice


  • Harvest 50 Royal Hops
  • Make the Lionhead Ale recipe 3 times

FarmVille Drinking In History Information

Once this quest is complete, you will receive an extraordinary prize!


  • 500 XP
  • 1 FarmVille Museum
  • Double Mastery Statue

This statue will grant you Double Mastery once it is placed on your farm! Judging from the picture below, it will apply to crops, trees as well as crafting!

FarmVille Drinking In History Completed

Are you excited to do all these new quests and get all these amazing prizes?

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44 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Quest 9: Drinking In History” »

  1. Esteban FMH Says:


  2. John Says:

    GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! u need 10bottles for your ewe to grow and when somebody sends u bottle it will just gone boooom game is broken again, requires a lot of work for this sheep breeding and gives u a broken gifting in return BIG LOL

  3. Kelly Says:

    So assuming that this double mastery statue is permanent, is this what Zynga was talking about when they said we would have faster mastery on FVEC?? I like that idea! That’s a really good reward for such a quest!

  4. patrick Says:

    is this permanent double mastery???
    and does it go across farms???

  5. patrick Says:

    across as in home and EC

  6. Stephanie Panagos-Shiraki Says:

    i think its only for 10 days, not permanent

  7. Karen Says:

    But they never give us ANYTHING! We loyal, dedicated farmers get NOTHING…EVER!!! /sarcasm

  8. Gardengirl Says:

    What is the museum?

  9. Diana Williford Says:

    ZYNGA has done the most retarded things lately…retarded in slowing the game down, making folks leave the feed and providing more busy work for few rewards. Folks on the fence about quitting are now being forced off for collecting too many things, giving them time to find their lives, family and outdoors again. The Sheeps are neat, but not enough to keep everyone playing, my friends are quitting in droves.

  10. Michelle JC Says:

    I have a huge problem with the English Countryside farm. There are those of us who feel very uncomfortable with the all the “virtual boozing.” With all due respect to English culture, couldn’t there be an alternative to the pub, say a tea shoppe? As it is, due to religious convictions, I’ll be opting out of any quests that require the use of the pub.

  11. shannon Says:

    Hmmm. New building as a reward? Must be the MUSEUM! Cool. Just waiting for the 3 Ale to be ready!

    Some of you need to remember this is a GAME!

  12. Rewanda Says:

    The double mastery statue expires in 7 it’s not a perm feature.
    So I’ve finished the quest…now waiting for the final quest…all I need to do is master the little green crops!!!! Probably will take a week.

  13. Leo Janowick Says:

    Double Mastery Statue only lasts for 7 days! Not too sure if it’s worth all the work!

  14. madeline Says:

    not worth the work? are you kidding? if this quest was repeatable i would do it once a week to keep double mastery going

  15. Ann Says:

    Are you kidding? worried about “virtual boozing” if you could actually make wine or beer out of the ingredients then sure I might agree.. IT IS GAME! totally FAKE!! You won’t even get the slightest bit tipsy or drunk! You guys totally crack me up with all the complaining you do.. and I agree not worth the work? AGAIN this is a GAME if its not fun and too much work for you then DON’T PLAY! very simple..

  16. zach Says:

    they give u an english musuem after ur done finishing the quest

  17. Barbara Kräuter Says:

    double mastery eor 7 days….. better as nothing and count when you finnished the ale, not when you make it :) 15cash information lol

  18. MAX Says:

    fine, been there, done that, no t-shirt…….means, I finished the tasks and the last reward never appeared……..thx zynga.

  19. kortni Says:

    UMMM….I just started the EC since zynga lifted the pause feature—hallelujuuuur. I finished the Rodent Ruin quest where I needed to get 6 mouse traps and to harvest 75 barley and hops. Well, I completed that quest and nothing has come up—no icon or notice of what to do next. From looking on FVF I know that the next quest involves bluebells and pint glasses. So I clicked on a pint glass in my giftbox thinking maybe something will come up—my pint glass was used I guess or lost in the virtual world because its no longer in my giftbbox…I have no way of asking for pint glasses without the the screen coming up to help me do that. WTH am I supposed to do? Is this normal? I need someones help on this matter plz and ty.

  20. kortni Says:

    Or will I just need to contact Zynga’s customer support?

  21. Ann Says:

    yes just contact customer support.

  22. kortni Says:

    I contacted them. Hopefully the matter is fixed soon.

  23. Martha Poynor Says:

    I just want to know where are the coin trains???? Really Really Really want one in EC. The issue with the Pub is the drinking. The more you think about drinking the more tempted you are to do it. Of course that will also cost Zynga customers. Some very good paying FCash customers. They will be out boozeing and not playing. LOL

  24. Molly Says:

    For those concerned about leaving feed to deal with their farmvilles, ever think of right clicking and opening farmville in a new tab? That way yer still on Facebook AND Farmville at the same time….I do that all the time and it works, and keeps me busy :D

  25. Joyce Jacobson Says:

    Every time a read a post about how upset people are about the need to have a pub on this game, I shake my head in disbelief. It just amazes me that people cannot distinguish reality from a game, especially when they refer to how “making” booze might encourage those who are alcoholics to fall off the wagon. COME ON FOLKS!!! If I wake up tomorrow morning and find 3 Lionshead ales and a couple of Oliviaberry beers sitting on my keyboard and a message from the Duke saying “Enjoy or else” then and only then will I share your concerns. GET A GRIP!!

  26. Ann Says:

    Great Post Joyce!!

  27. Aninha Says:

    double mastery for 7 days, and a museum, very nice building!

  28. equinox Says:

    It looks like Zynga actually agrees with the virtual drinking objection as the Ale is now “Lionhead Energy Drink” – enjoy with no virtual hangover!

  29. Elise B Says:

    The “Energy Drink” thing comes up in the Brewery on the Home farm as well. I read somewhere (maybe here) that it is “censored” for all minors. For me (decidedly not a minor) it is sometimes fruit punch and energy drinks and sometimes wine and sake… I have no idea why it changes back and forth.

  30. Johnny Marvitz Says:

    All this blah blah blah about religion and drinking is making me ill. Has anyone ever seen a painting of The Last Supper? Jesus Christ was drinking wine!! Now get the hell over it and like everyone else said, it’s a game. No one is forcing you to play it! -.-

  31. Johnny Marvitz Says:

    If you truly cared about your so-called religion, you wouldn’t be on the internet.

  32. rox Says:


  33. Sara Says:

    My museum dissapear from my gift box!!!!!!!!! Why??????????!!!!!!!
    Place it as soon as you get it. because you may loose it:(… like me

  34. Sulbha Says:

    There are other other achivement pictures in the village map after Quest 9: Drinking In ? How to move further in the map?

  35. Sherry montgomery wade Says:

    I noticed yesterday that i have lost my orchard, its gone. all that work and putting in trees, it has totally disapeard.. Whats up with that?
    Can you please give me back my orchard and trees?

  36. Michael Says:

    Is it just me, or are the comments focusing on the evils of alcohol-themed quests completely overlooking the psychedlic sheep?? wtf!? :D

  37. THE_FV_FREAK Says:

    What is the next quest after the “Drinking in History” thing?
    There are lots more buildings on the VILLAGE map.. how to move further???

  38. ___private_;)____ Says:

    And now? i cant get to my “village” anymore D:

  39. Janet Says:

    Double mastery with the goat statue is only good for 7 days :( I knew I should have waited to place it!

  40. Sheik Says:

    I completed the job but i am not able to see the double mastery statue in my gift box – any ideas? or does it automatically give double matery just by completing the job


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