FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock

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FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock

Posted on March 24, 2011 1:21 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Unwither Clock

A brand new Limited Edition English Countryside Unwither Clock with a striking resemblance to London’s Big Ben clock tower debuted in the FarmVille Market tonight!

The Unwither Clock works similar to the Unwither Rings except that well, it’s a clock! When placed on your English Countryside farms, the Unwither Clock will provide 30 days of wither-free crops, meaning that your crops will never wither in that time frame.

When compared to Unwither Rings the Unwither Crop is cheaper at just 55 Farm Cash (as opposed to over 250 Farm Cash for an Unwither Ring). However, an Unwither Clock is only good for 30 days of crop protection and Unwither Rings offer forever-unwither making sure your crops never turn that ugly brown dead color.

FarmVille Unwither Clock

Will you be buying an Unwither Clock for your English Countryside farm?

FarmVille Unwither Clock Preview

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79 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock” »

  1. Geo Says:

    WHAT THE…..

  2. mjhay Says:


  3. Julie S. Says:

    Clever design. I like it. However, I’m wondering if the folks who already bought an unwither ring can’t use it in EC and have to buy this if they want to unwither crops in EC. If so, I smell trouble. :-o

  4. days9 Says:

    Not Quite the same…only works for 30 days!!! RIP OFF

  5. F Says:

    how ridiculous. who in their right mind would think that’s a good idea? 55 farm cash for something that only works for 30 days? How stupid.

  6. Christie Says:

    I have an unwither ring for my main farm , i think we should be able to use it on the English farm too. This clock for 30 days, NO way ……

  7. DEE Says:

    I really mean OMG 30 days what a slap in the face along with a insult. Zynga is off the hook with insults. This is way crazy prices. Its like they wanna see how far they can go. So thats about $11 bucks a month for unwither. Stallion is about $8 bucks. Sheep are around $4. ITs just insulting.

  8. Chris Says:

    No my unwither ring DOES NOT work on the English Countryside farm. And no, i won’t be buying this, i’ll just put this farm on pause and travel back to my original farm where my crops never wither.

  9. Dawn DeStefano Harris Says:

    I love the English Countryside… BUT I feel it is going to be way too expensive to work.
    I have a ring and love it… BUT to spend $10 real dollars every month is total BULL.
    I cannot afford to be spending that on JUST protection… Then I couldn’t buy sheep, horses, cows and what ever else…. I am getting very disappointed in the GREED of this game.

  10. Shelly Says:

    some of you people need to start over. read it again. it doesn’t “only work for 30 days”. it’s not something you can “only use for 30 days”. seriously. reading comprehension. capacity of the mind to perceive and understand. try again.

  11. Leo Says:

    Shelly read it over again. The last line says it all.

    However an Unwither Clock is only good for 30 days of crop protection, while Unwither Rings offer forever unwither making sure your crops never turn that ugly brown and well, dead.

  12. Jedi Says:

    Seriously. Capitalization. Capacity of the mind to learn not to throw stones when living in a glass house. Troll again.

  13. Mary Bright Says:

    “However an Unwither Clock is only good for 30 days of crop protection, while Unwither Rings offer forever unwither” how does that *not* mean that you can only use the clock for 30 days? I think it’s pretty clear, myself!

    I have an unwither ring on my main farm. I would not pay 55 FC for a mere 30 days of wither protection. If they offered an unwither ring again, I *might* buy one for the EC farm, but I’m not even sure I’ll be sticking with FVEC yet (although the sheep breeding is kinda fun thus far). If they keep the pause “feature” I prolly will give up on it because it’ll be *way* too annoying to have one farm paused all the time.

  14. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Shelly@9 – I think you need to stop and think before posting – particularly before posting in that supercilious way. The information says quite clearly that the Unwither clock only lasts for 30 days.

  15. cindy Says:

    shelly i think you need to read it again…However an Unwither Clock is only good for 30 days of crop protection, while Unwither Rings offer forever unwither making sure your crops never turn that ugly brown and well, dead. 30 DAYS FOR $55 FARMCASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cindy Huxley Says:

    How are any crops going to wither anyway? The thing will be paused if you are on the Home Farm, and if actually playing EC then surely not a problem to make sure harvests happen in time.

  17. Shelly Says:

    i’m not a troll, i don’t throw stones at anything, and i am fully capable of using proper grammar and capitalization. perhaps you could try to insult me in a way that’s more relevant to the topic.
    i was referring to the people who are whining because they think that they will have to spend $55 farm cash every 30 days. that does not appear to be how this works.
    i hate how you people whine and complain about every little feature farmville throws at us. it’s like nothing pleases anyone. and i feel that i, too, am entitled to express my opinion. that opinion just happened to be about the level of stupidity expressed by SOME (not all) members on this particular topic.
    chillax. you’ve got your knickers in a bunch.

  18. Jackie Lundy Says:

    Why would we need to purchase an unwither clock if each farm is paused while we are on our other farm? If the farm is paused how would the crops wither in England? All you have to do is go to the other farm. All this pausing seems like nothing will get accomplished on either farm. I suppose I’ll just have to try it out and see how it all works. Also, this clock works for 30 days of unwither. Does this mean we need to buy a new one after 30 days of use?

  19. RC Says:

    Why is it for 30 days? They are going to release an antipause so you crops will grow/wither.

  20. BenteBaby Says:

    Aaarg, this is BS, I thought my unwither ring would work on both, I was planning on using english farm for mainly crops, and my regular farm for mostly animals. And since we can’t move stuff between the farms (unless it is already in giftbox) I am now screwed… No way am I buying this tower, although cute, it is not worth the money for only 30 days of unwither… Booo, zynga

  21. Darlene Says:

    Folks….look at it again….you’re getting all hot under the collar about the length of crop protection it mentions… does NOT say it is a “one time use only” item… would be totally ridiculous for Zynga to try to pass off something like that…even for $5 much less $55. Until Zynga clears this up, my interpretation is: plant a crop, go on a vacation for 29 days and your crops are fine…then you harvest and plant another crop..which will also be protected for 30 days, etc etc. Perhaps I am mistaken, but this makes sense whereas the $55 for a one time use item that, most of you seem to see it being, is totally ludicrous! Sorry, I have to agree with Shelly, and yes, I DO know how to spell and capitalize, etc…any beefs with MY post??? :>)

  22. Darlene Says:

    Oops, I DO see an extra comma! Well, I did NOT say I know how to type! LOL

  23. Shelly Says:

    thank you darlene, you said it much better than i ever could have.
    i guess i’ve become cynical and prone to bouts of sarcasm.

  24. Mon-chan Says:

    Just for 30 days!? What a rip off!

  25. Farmer Henry Says:

    I’m reading on some other fan sites that there are some images that show we may have the ability to either “Pause” one farm as we work on the other OR keep both farms “ACTIVE” – however, this has the potential of crops withering if you aren’t good with figuring out your planting schedules *haha*.

    Hence, perhaps the reason they have this unwither clock. Maybe a lot of our concerns about the “pause” feature really leaving us to pick and choose the farm to work on is going to eventually not be an issue. Sometimes, Zynga does listen to their player feedback and try to make the game more the way we’d like it envisioned.

    Anyway…either way…many are confused as to if the unwither clock is it a one time use of 30 days of protection for about 1/5th of the cost of an unwither ring – OR if it does give you use each time you plant your crops and boost up the harvest time to 30 days each planting.

    The jury is still out as Zynga has not made an official statement. I’m sure the forums are a buzz with this very topic just as the fan sites are. I hope we hear something sooner then later – as we are starting to claw at each other for the misunderstandings.

    Hope everyone can take a step back and just enjoy the game and be friendly and helpful farmers without throwing names and calling others stupid. What good does that do?

  26. Tawnya McCracken Says:

    Withering won’t be an issue in my opinion until there is an option to take the pause feature off. And I for one hope that is much sooner than later. Otherwise, it’s going to be come much more of a chore than fun.

  27. dandylion Says:

    take a look at the that’s way too small for a big ben tower! not even twice the size of the avatar LOL!

  28. Kyle Boardman Says:

    Has the stone wall vanished from anyone else’s market ? I expanded and wanted to decorate the border again with more stone walls but I can’t find them anywhere :(

  29. tammy Says:

    i think its all crazy..we shouldnt have to be spending real money to play these games..i refuse to go out and buy these cards just to get the good shit..we should be able to spend our coins not real money..greedy asses….imgetting pissed its the same bullshit over and over..half the time nothing works anyways..about ready to delete all this is nuts..wish they would get there shit together..

  30. Stephen Says:

    @Chris re the unwither ring not working.

    I planted the 4-hour crops on the EC farm at midnight, and harvested them at 10am. They had not withered. My unwither ring is on the original farm. Unless they have altered the rotting times, mine seems to work. I’ll retest with a longer period tonight.

  31. jo Says:

    it seems this english farm is buy buy buy im not even on it yet still planting crops but losing more interast by the day we just wantwant to play a game and have some fun and this thing reading the quest coming up and the things that are going be on it its just costing so much

  32. jacobk Says:

    Still not going to FVEC.

  33. Ivy Says:

    What happened to, “You will not have to use you up all your farm cash on English Country Side.”

  34. nm Says:

    I think I’ll buy “small” ben I think it looks adorable and the fact that it’s a 30 day unwither plus the fact that farm cash is like 40% off right now i can’t say no. I agree with Darlene and Shelly it says that you get 30 days per crop you plant not just 30 days and that’s it. I never bought and unwither ring cause i didn’t need to with one farm and the price but this i will buy cause it does double duty as a decoration and insurance for when i go back and fourth from my farms as my main one will still be my main focus.

  35. Samaya Says:

    I like the tower as a decoration but I will not be spending 55FC for only 30 days of unwither. But someone who posted earlier brought up an excellent point: Why do we need this if one of our farms is paused? Does this mean they’re getting rid of the pause feature? I sure hope so.

  36. Trix Says:

    We DON’T need an unwither clock because of the STUPID PAUSING of growth and maturity!!!

    The timing of BOTH my farms is off because Zynga doesn’t understand that we can manage TIME!

  37. Ute Hillenkoetter Says:

    to small :-(

  38. Marie Says:

    Why spend 55 farm cash for 30 days ??, so stupid. I have the unwither ring for my main farm, I love it!!. It’s not fair, we cannot use it on our English farm too!!.

  39. Joelle Says:

    Darlene, that does make sense, anyway to confirm that? That would make a lot of sense, though, with farms paused I don’t see crops whithering in the first place…. I guess we will wait and see

  40. Farmer Brownette Says:

    @ Shelly

    IF a farmer wants constant wither protection on the EC farm, they WILL have to spend 55 FC each month. You were insulting with your rude comment about people needing reading comprehension skills and the fact is YOU need reading comprehension skills! Your rudeness was thrown back in your face and you can’t take it. Admit you were wrong, apologize and move on. But don’t get offended when those you accused of needing reading comprehension skills throws it back at you. Talk about irony and karma!

  41. Tosha Heart Says:

    I’ve been watching the English farms and crops going to wither does seem to be a problem for some. They might enjoy a month of this while they get used to the farm. I frankly don’t like the new farm and I don’t like that it’s messed my farming up and made it slower ever since the release. I see the farm as a way for zynga to make more money…which is fine. If people are willing to spend it, then it works for both so I have no problem with that. I don’t plan to play the new farm after having a 6 hour crop on my main farm ready in 14 hours and the new farm partially grown and nowhere near ready to harvest. Take the pause off and I’ll play, but not until. I will dump the things from my giftbox on the new farm that I held for the new farm though just to get them out of there.

  42. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Shelly@17 I think your attitude to people is quite inappropriate Shelly. I don’t think anyone should ever be called stupid. I don’t know how old you are but you sound very young, hopefully you will become both kinder and wiser with age.

    I suggest you look at the entry in the Farmville market for this item, rather than argue about the placement of a comma by whoever typed the Freak entry. Always good to go back to the source. You will find it reads –

    ‘Get 30 days of wither protection when placed on English Farm’

    I think that is quite clear – ie for 30 days crops, any crop planted, will be protected, at the end of that time you will still have the clock, but it will no longer work as a wither protection.

    Darlene@ No one is suggesting it is a one time use item – it is a 30 day use item. Doesn’t matter how many crops you plant in that time they will be protected after that its function ceases. As I have said above go to the source, the market entry and it is quite clear.

    As I remember the Unwither Ring that works for ever was 240 FC – so not surprising this is expensive.

    I think everyone needs to remember that Zynga are not greedy, they are a business, they do give a very good free game, and all main elements can be played without ever sending money – but for Zynga the object is to have people want to get the extra’s and to pay money for them. They are not philanthropists, they are in the business of profit. No one has to buy anything – any more than you have to buy anything when you walk into a Department Store. The choice is yours, so why attack Zynga for doing what it is their job to do, make money and keep their business profitable, and their employees in work.

  43. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Kyle@27 – Yes it was a limited Special Edition item, in fact they increased the time by a day – I just managed to get a storage cellar going and get 30 in their as well as what I’m using. Won’t be enough in the end, but they might bring it back. Or better still might give us some proper stone walls.

  44. lillibett Says:

    Oh dear me, everyone seems to be in a right tither over this clock! Lets work this out… as a cute decoration it is worth in FV over priced way about 30fc…. it looks good (though could be bigger) and can fit in well with the theme of many peoples farms. So this leaves a surplus of 25fc that they have knocked on the top of the price for unwither for 30 days…. not cheap I grant you, but to me and others worth it as not everyone can be a slave to their pc and crops. I will agree it is not for everyone with this price on it, but there is a need, specially while everyone is getting themselves settled on their new farm. It is certainly not worth having a coronary over it… just don’t buy it if you don’t want it :-)

    As for the complaints over the new stallion price, I am for once glad that you can just buy it for the equivalent price of 2 goes of the mystery game…. surely I am not the only one who has wasted so much cash trying to get the stallion and having so much bad luck and wanting to pull my hair out… the price is actually relevant and could be a lot worse!

    In an ideal world all these items would be a lot cheaper… or even better coins, but they are not. When it comes down to it, Zynga (however much I curse and scream at them when they make faults with my game again) provide a FREE game, it is our choice to buy the extra bits, they don’t force us, or stop us getting the full benefit of playing if we don’t buy fc. Just sit back for once and enjoy farming!

  45. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Nm@33 – If you want it for a decoration fine, but you do need to look at the original in the market – it says clearly it will give ’30 days of wither protection’. After that it will be just a decoration.

    Tosha@37 – I agree. I have got it set up now, and will move a few things around so I like it, then it sits there until I have either finished everything on Home Farm, or they remove the pause. I won’t be spending any money on it either during that time.

    If and when I can play both farms concurrently, then I will undoubtedly spend from time to time as I have done up to now.

    I hope they are seriously reconsidering the pause.

  46. Robin Says:

    I’m thinking it will cost the initial $55fv and that gets you 30 days protection. THEN, if you want further protection after the 30 days, you “top it up” for much less than $55fv. I’m going primarily by one of the items on Cafe World that I paid for with cafe dollars to begin with, and now have 3 top-up options whenever it runs out. Actually 4, if you count NOT topping it up at that time. The time frames available are 1 wk, 2 wks, and 4 wks, so I decide each time if I’m going to be needing that particular feature. If I don’t need it for a few weeks, the (in this case) statue is still there as an ornament, and I can top it up again any time I choose.

    I’m undecided about this clock, but 1 thing I do know is I DO NOT like the current pause feature!

  47. Dorothy Says:

    I have tried for several days now to send out gifts to my neighbors, but have not been able to. I click on the gifts and nothing happens, What happened? The same for my husbands farm.

  48. Joelle Says:

    I’m with you Robin :-) The Pause has to go! I now have one of my farms on the day shift and one on the night shift, but it is still too annoying :-)

  49. Karen Says:

    Well, golly, I think anyone who spends real dollars for “wither protection” of fake crops on a virtual farm is an idiot. But that’s just my opinion. :)

  50. Joelle Says:

    Karen, had you not used the word idiot some people may have agreed with you, the is absolutely no need to call people names!

  51. Sander Greten Says:

    Indeed a Rip off!!! It’s a GAME!:-) And it’s part of THE GAME that your crops will witter, when your too late… so… a little mistake to publish this… stupid thing:)_

  52. Rob Says:

    I was being optomistic and hoped it meant that it would keep specific plots unwithered for 30 days and they would wither on the 31st day, but the clock itself was good into perpetuity. But I guess that isn’t what is actually happening here – it appears that after 30 days it becomes a decoration. Based on the prices historically of this sort of decoration, it doesn’t seem too out of line, even if it didn’t act as an unwither for a month. Regardless, I won’t be buying one – I’ll wait for the regular unwither ring to come out again and hopefully it will allow you to buy a second one for the FVEC.

  53. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Robin@41 – I like the idea, but wouldn’t rely on it – if only because there has not been anything like that in FV before.

    I completely agree that the pause is the killer here. I hate the quests but can cope with them or by pass them – its the pause that will keep me off FVEC – at least until I have nothing left to do on FV.

    Joelle@43 that is an interesting idea but what happens with 1 day crops – which is all I have left to finish, land the tree orchards, every 2 day harvest – does that then become 4 days? I can see it has possibilities but I just want to run Home Farm the way I always have, and have the other farm running concurrently.

    Farm Town do it – with up to 8 farms, Island Paradise does it with several main islands and extra additional islands, even Zynga does it with Fishville – we all need to keep telling them, on their forum not here, until they get some more servers and sort it.

    To be honest I have never understood why anyone wants the unwither thing anyway. I’ve been playing for over a year now and had two crops wither – both raspberries I forgot about :(. So what, just plough them up and put something else in – just part of the game.

  54. Mary Says:

    If u like the clock as a decoration then buy it for that reason. I have never wanted an unwither anything and will never pay FVCash for this feature cause it’s easier just to dump the crop and start over cause the farmville coins r much easier to get and I save my FVCash for special things I really want!!

    So many people complained about the pause feature that apparently they have reconsidered and r going to drop the feature but when is anyone’s guess!

  55. Sarah Says:

    I was under the impression that the clock would simply start another cycle of “unwither protection” once the 30 days ended on one specific crop, no? If not the case, it still looks pretty cool, however I do wish it was taller.

  56. nm Says:

    Reading it again it does look like it’s only 30 days my bad but i’m still going to get it with the help of the 40% off. If FC wasn’t 40% off I would say no way. I’m excited though as It will help me with my quest and I like the fact that it’s a limited decoration. I ‘ve been hoping for a big ben in the regular farmville like we had the leaning tower of piza but I’ll take this. Knowing zynga though it won’t be limited long and they’ll make a bigger one that you can get free if you collect something. but that’s ok I’ll get that one too :) Happy farming everyone where ever you choose to park your tractor ;)

  57. Shelly Says:

    yeah. you’re all right. i just can’t handle being wrong. ::sobs::
    because i’m right.
    and for the record, i didn’t call anyone stupid. i simply stated an opinion about the level of stupidity expressed by SOME people here. this is a great example of how reading comprehension can work for you.

    anyways. tell me this – if you have to buy this thing over and over again, every 30 days, why will it be leaving the market in 5 days?


    yes, i’m snarky, but i’m right. :-)

  58. Revenge Says:

    Shelly does have a good point. How can people re-buy if it’s gone in 5 days?

  59. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Shelly@57 – You are the one who keeps on about comprehension, so I am going to ask you – what don’t you comprehend about the simple statement -

    ‘Get 30 days of wither protection when placed on English Farm’.

    First there is no suggestion that it can be bought over and over again, that was, I think, something Rob suggested might be possible in the future.

    It is quite simple – The clock is in the market for a limited time as a ‘special’ – when bought it will protect your crops, any crop you plant, from withering. This protection of crops, all crops, will last for a period of 30 days.
    At the end of 30 days you have the clock as a decoration, it will no longer protect crops from withering.

    Don’t know what courses you are taking but a chat with your tutor about reading comprehension might be useful to you.

    When you make a statement like
    ‘i didn’t call anyone stupid. I simply stated an opinion about the level of stupidity expressed by SOME people here’
    you are contradicting yourself – you may not be naming an individual but you are claiming that some of the people participating in this forum are stupid.
    I repeat my previous statement – that is quite unacceptable.

    I hope your reading comprehension is up to that.

  60. Ellijo Says:

    This ruins the game. I want it as real as possible, with a bit of fun. But this is too far!

  61. Ellijo Says:

    And leaving the market in 5 days!!?? Ill not BE there in 5 days due to lack of active neighbors. (Or ignorant ones…)

  62. Linda Mantz Says:

    I have the Shire Horse and it has given me a Shire Foal already!!!! It’s just sad that I have to give it away, we should have the option to share or keep foals!!!

  63. Vicki Says:

    Ridiculous. Got some crops planted and as soon as i harvest will be returning to my regular farm. I’ve bred sheep til i’m blue in the face and just get same old same old. Not interested enough to spend FC for the nice Ram. Placed my Pub and now there are no more quests so I’m just stuck where I am. What’s the point? Maybe I would play it if my regular farm wasn’t put on hold or if I could make some progress.

  64. Anna Says:

    Makes me wonder if the rings have just been turned off when the change happened because my ring was set to off when I never turned it off!!

  65. KISH Says:


    NO SALE….


  66. Nigel Says:

    Anyone even think to ask support?

    I asked the following and I will update the answer when I hear back from them………….

    Hi, can you clarify for me which statement is true on the unwither clock for sale in EC?

    1. For the first 30 days of buying the unwither clock no crops will die, on day 31 the clock will never work again.


    2. The unwither clock will protect a crop when it becomes ready for harvest for the next 30 days no matter when you plant it, IE tomorrow or even 6 months from now the 30 days will always start on any and all crops that was planted for 30 days.

  67. joe c Says:

    Well enough of the clock problem, between the greenhouse crops and the countryside my bushel sources for my bakery have dried up. :( . The bakery really keeps me on Farmville as I gave up all other zynga games including cafe.
    If the bakery dies im done….goin back to addicting games !

  68. Fred Says:

    I am thinking that the unwither clock is reusable and that any crops planted after you place the clock will give you an extra 30 days before you have to harvest. example if today you planted Irish Roses, you’ll have 30 days protection for that crop. If tomorrow you plant something else, you’ll have 30 days from to tomorrow to harvest. If this is the case then I’m fine with it. Any one who plays this game with regularity will tell you that only under EXTREME circumstances will you NOT check your farm for 30 days.
    On the flip side if the clock stops working completely after 30 days Then that’s asinine. I bought the clock thinking it works continually as you plant crops. oh well… we will see :-)

  69. JJ Says:

    I bought the Clock on the interpretation that it will allow 30 extra days to harvest after anything you plant forever not that is will stop working after 30 days. However, I planted the Red Currants and then went to my home farm (left EC unpaused so things would grow). When I came back to my English farm today, the red currants I planted were all withered! I don’t understand. Shouldn’t my crops have been protected by the Unwither Clock? Does it only work when your EC farm is the “active” one? Because it hasn’t even been 30 days since it was released! :(

  70. JJ Says:

    Doh! Nevermind. When my farm reloaded the crops were unwithered! Yay!

  71. Sumita Says:

    Dear all,

    I need a clarification. I went through all the comments but couldn’t figure out the time period of Unwither Clock.

    Will that unwither clock work only for 30 days no matter what we plant?


    Is it that every time we plant a crop, that crop is guaranteed from NOT withering within 30 days? I mean, plant and rest for 30 days without tension in repeated manner?

    Please clarify.


  72. AngryOnion Says:

    Today i got a pop-up: Unwither Clock 3 days remaining and the offer to buy next 30days for 45 farm cash. So it REALLY LAST only for 30 days. After the 30 days it will no longer protect your crops. Great Bullshit

  73. AngryOnion Says:

    Next thing. Seems like the unwither protection is only active at the active Farm you play on. Everytime i go back to my home farm the unwither ring is switched off and i have to turn it on again. I also have withered pink roses on my english farm if i stop playing and rest on the home farm.

  74. AngryDave Says:

    Well, now this is crappy the unwither clock is only good for 30 Days! What a waste of Farm Cash!!!! It should give your crops 30 days of protection not just 30 days of unwither protection period. Just another way Zynga is screwing us into paying for the game!!!! I don’t mind the unwither ring at least it’s permanent!


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