FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points

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FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points

Posted on March 12, 2011 2:49 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille The English Countryside - Click to Enlarge (Source: IGN)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Zynga and was really impressed with the facilities but more importantly the people. Everyone I met with or was able to see hard at work were passionate about the game and what they do.

Working Hard on Two Farms:

Here is the very tricky thing about the upcoming second farm in the English Countryside, only one farm will be ‘active’ at a time.

For example: If you plant Strawberries on your original farm and head on to work on your second farm in the English Countryside for a few hours, when you return to your original farm your Strawberries will still be freshly planted and have experienced no growth. We can speculate that nothing will happen on your farm (animals will stop maturing, trees will stop growing etc) while you are working on another. This means that you cannot simultaneously work both of your farms.

Neighbor Visitation:

When you fly to FarmVille English Countryside with Duke you will activate your second farm in the English Countryside. Neighbors will be able to visit you on both of your farms. However, your neighbors will only be able to visit the farm that you are currently on, or last worked on. This will be represented on the neighbor bar. Underneath each neighbor will be either a home symbol (representing that their origonal farm is active and growing) or a British Flag symbol (representing that their FarmVille English Countryside farm is active and growing).

So one of your farms will essentially be on pause at all times.

This means that you will have to choose which farm you want to experience growth when you are not playing. The farm you work on last, or leave after working on will stay active (while the other is paused).

For example: If you are going to sleep for the night and would like to have your FarmVille English Countryside crops grow, you plant crops on your FarmVille English Countryside farm and not go back to your original farm. This would have your FarmVille English Countryside ’active’. Neighbors will see a British Flag symbol beneath your picture in the neighbor bar and will only be able to help you on that farm.

FarmVille The English Countryside Map (Source: IGN)

Here are the key points of FarmVille English Countryside:

  • FVEC will work as a second farm with a completely fresh start, so no you will not be able to access your current storage.
  • You will need a lot of building materials to get started in FVEC so start saving up those Special Delivery Boxes!
  • FVEC will have a story line of quests for you to complete, with some awesome rewards!
  • Your progress in the story line can be seen on an interactive map where you will be able to see/help neighbors in their quests as well.
  • FVEC will feature new Masterable Crops, Trees and Animals.
  • FVEC will feature Sheep breeding that is different from any breeding we have already experienced. You will be able to create your own genealogy and create literally tens of thousands or even millions of different kinds of sheep!

What do you think of this FarmVille Freaks? We really would like your feedback!

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510 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside: Working Hard on Two Farms, Neighbor Visitation & Other Key Points” »

  1. Sam Says:

    i dont know if i want to restart a new farm. i’ll definately have a go but we’ll see. im totally loosing my enthusiasm for all things FarmVille this week. Fingers crossed it will be good. Just done the 28 x 28 expansion and that wasn’t exciting for my as i had hoped.

  2. Michelle Forbes Says:

    Ok, so who will have room for literally millions of different sheep! I’m wondering how this will work and that there really will be no combination with Farmville other than initially. We will see what happens I suppose.

  3. Scott Says:

    if the two farms aren’t going at the same time what is the point then?

  4. sara Says:

    When will FVEC be open to the public?

  5. aud Says:

    i sure don’t like the thought of only one farm growing at a time and the other being on pause. don’t like that at all. might not go for the english farm after all

  6. Mercy Says:

    That’s kind of crappy. Your other farm will stop any kind of progress. What’s the point. And I refuse to spend any farmcash on this new farm. I’m almost at level 100 on my regular farm. I’ve put a lot of money and time into it. I’m not starting again.
    I think this whole idea of a whole other farm is stupid.
    Pointless, and a waste of time that I Don’t Have.

  7. Courtney Says:

    Hate it… I want crops and trees to grow on both farms… I don’t want to stop progress on the farm I have been working on for over a year to try out their new farm… not cool

  8. Ann Baron Says:

    If you can’t access your current storage, what good does it do to save up Special Delivery boxes. Am I missing something?

  9. Kyle Says:

    This sounds great! I need a fresh start. Just a bit bummed about my storage not being accessible. But oh well … I’ll have more space to buy new shiny English things :D

  10. Jenny Says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing English Farmville, till I read this. Why would you want to pause one of your farms, what is the use in working on one when the other will be sitting doing nothing. Will check it out to see what it is like but that sounds stupid.

  11. Tara Says:

    That SUCKS!

  12. Karen Says:

    I think I can understand why it will work this way, but I’m sure I’ll get confused and hose it up so things won’t be ready to harvest when I expect them to be, etc.

    I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, I guess. I’m really looking forward to starting a new farm, actually.

  13. Linda Says:

    I’m not to sure I am happy with 1 farm being halted while working on the other? why can not both be active at the same time? I have come a long way on my farm and hate to see it idle or halted while working on the other.

  14. Shaelene Says:

    So…if we plant on original farm then head off to the UK farm for 1 hour, our planting will be an hour behind?

  15. Sasha Says:

    This needs to hurry the hell up.

  16. cute Says:

    omg, look at that cash

  17. michelle Andrade Says:

    I was very excited to get to have a second farm, but now that I hear I will get NO progress as I work on the other farm…. Not too excited anymore…. I may just stick with my original farm…

  18. RR Says:

    The most important question for me is: The unwitter ring is ON for both farms?… I don’t wanna waste another 250 FV cash in the english countryside ¬¬

  19. lorna tisdall Says:

    I think not having one of the farms active while working on the other is incredibly lame a**. I am really disappointed with this news. I figured it would basically be 2 different games. I’m just speechless about this. It’s garbage

  20. Nicole Says:

    I agree with other’s if you cannot work both farms it is pointless. I think you should be able to work them both. I think that is what everyone was looking fwd too. Talk about shooting down our hopes. =(

  21. Gurk Says:

    weird concept… but since I never am in a hurry, I will have a look at it. I bet this concept was created by the designer that designs all those silly sheep (spaghetti, grape etc)

  22. Karen Says:

    @Mercy…then don’t do it. Duh.

  23. Brenda Wilkes Says:

    Do not like the idea of the pause feature. Why can’t they both work at the same time? Zynga always finds a way to limit our fun. BOOOO!!!!!!!

  24. NotNicky Says:

    If I have an unwither ring on one farm, will it work on both? If not, I’ll just save on the farm that has one all the time. :/ Not being able to access my storage is the key thing that disappoints me. I have 500 items, a couple themes, FarmCash items, etc. in storage but I can’t use them unless I redo my entire farm. This sucks.

  25. Donna Says:

    Im not so sure I will be starting the EC Farm. I think allowing an “ajoining” farm on regular Farmville, may have been a better option. 2 different farms? I dont really wanna start over again on another farm, and see all the regular farms get abandoned when this first starts out.

  26. jerusha Says:

    well that is just WRONG we can’t move the tons of stuff in our storage to our other farm :-( and i am going to resist spending any money in FVEC too! had we had more of a connectivity between the two farms to share items that would be different…

  27. timothy Says:

    nope not going to do it and also do those a bove, it doesnt cost fv$ they said the only requirement is lvl 20 and over, no add neighbours or anything

  28. Kathy Says:

    I don’t like the lack of progress on one while you work on the other. Not what I was expecting. Color me disappointed.

  29. Julia Says:

    Was so excited but now not so much… farm will be on pause at all times…downer.

  30. Zuzka Says:

    I look forward to new farm in English style, but these informations shocked me! They said that a second farm would help me plant my crops faster, so I don’t understand WHY only one farm could be active :( I hope it won’t be true!!!!!

  31. Loony Says:

    At least this will save me a lot of time, so i am not forced to spend the double time than i already spend on my actual Farm… ;)

  32. Texas Becky Says:

    I foresee a whole lot of unhappy farmers in FV future. Why have two farms if one is inactive while the other is not? Doesn’t make sense at all. Also, I see no technical need for it to be set up this way either. I can live with one being unavailable to visitors while you are actively working on it. But when you aren’t working on either one????? That’s just going to be a giant marketing disaster. Everyone will hate it.

  33. Kyle Says:

    @NotNicky … That’s a good point! I want my UnwitherRings to work on both farms… I never actually thought about that.

  34. June Says:

    It seems pointless to me too – how on earth will we keep track of when crops will be ready for harvest? Half the stuff won’t be typcially English anyway, but an Americanised view of England which is not the real thing.

  35. Lynn Says:

    Gotta agree with others now.

    If one of my farms is gonna be inactive at all times- I don’t see a point. I will just continue with my crop mastery on my original farm. If and when I ever get complete crop mastery, then I may go & start mastering crops on the countryside. That’ll be a while though.

  36. Tim Says:

    I get the feeling that the new farm would be what Zynga would change FarmVille to if the were to change it from ‘Beta’ status. They know they cant do that now as there would be a major uproar about it as people have invested so much time and money into their farms. Its giving people the option to start on the ‘new’ Farmville without loosing their old Beta farm….

  37. Julie Says:

    this seems like it will really make a mess of things, can u imagine joining a co op then forgetting to “acitve” the farm again, could turn into a disaster real quick! Big thumbs down!

  38. stacy Says:

    that sucks. whats the point of having 2 farms if only 1 is making progress. Im sure I’ll check out the new farm but I like to master everything and that will be too hard if 1 game is paused all the time… I think I’ll just stick with my old farm from growing purposes.

  39. Tabetha Says:

    I’m level 148, and am pretty curious about the new EC farm! I just do masteries for new crops and trees now, so the idea of starting over is kind of cool, especially with different crops and the possibility of sheep breeding. Hopefully, the “kinks” will be worked out before too long … it’s to be expected with Zynga that it takes some play time (and player responses) before they have everything working correctly, but I’m optimistic.

  40. susie Says:

    I was looking forward to this new farm, but not sure how i am gonna like the pause on one of the games at all times….I am going to have to think about how I want to work this out….I like the sheep breeding and some of the other things going on but don’t like the idea of one of my farms will pretty much be shut off while the other one is working. What is the purpose in this?

  41. Peter Says:

    you should be able to add the new farm as a neighbouring farm for the original, and it should be active at the same time, why pause one? thats pointless and very time consuming. Seems like more hassle then its worth

  42. Cindy Says:

    I was excited about this, now I am not so sure. If only one farm will be active what is the point?

  43. Strawberry Shortcake Says:

    This stinks. Why would I want to work on one farm at the expense of the other? It was bad enough that we can’t share storage but now only one farm is “active” at a time? Is Zynga trying to make us mad? They say they listened to our requests for more room but how is this helping if we can’t transfer anything?!! I can’t see myself wasting the time on this when I already have plenty to keep me busy on my original farm.

  44. jennifer m. Says:

    i think this is very cool and i can’t wait to see the countryside! fingers crossed that it will be really soon

  45. Nathan Says:

    That pretty much ruined it for me. I plant 1 day crops or 12 hour crops solely because I want to be able to harvest them when I get home when I have time to do it. Now if I even go over to the other farm for ten minutes I have to wait longer to harvest them when I may not have the time. They should deffinately rethink that idea. I doubt most people will go for that idea.

  46. Sc B. McKinney Says:

    I am getting rather bored on the old farm so seeing how one is on pause, I will make the English farm my new venture.

  47. Erica Says:

    What is the point of having 2 farms if you cannot work on them at the same time…you are supposed to have the needs of both farms either way. FV already have so many do’s and don’ts that a lot are already complaining about, and now you will separate one from the other. I don’t think I will be interested of getting the other one now that we are already having problems with FV alone. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HAVING THIS NEW FARM THEN.???

  48. jessica Says:

    Wow, thats a real disappointment.
    I would have rather taken a few more expansion options, and just put all the new features into the regular FV game – now THAT would have been a better idea.

  49. Farmer Kelly Says:

    I agree with the previous poster. Seems like a waste of time to only have one growing at a time, it takes long enough for some of these crops to grow. It would be nice to have 2 sets growing at a time – otherwise, what a drawn out process. Not fun at all. I mean the new one sounds fun, but it’s essentially a new game, like cityville but they’re making it accessible via the main game — but isn’t it actually worse that you have to pause your original farm to play the other one? So it would almost be better to play 2 separate games. Very bad choice with the “pause” feature. DISLIKE

  50. Karen Says:

    I thought about this some more, and it is pretty crappy. I mean, if I’m actually active on one farm, and the other is on pause, fine. But if I’m inactive on both farms, and away from both for several hours, I can’t have crops growing and animals getting ready to harvest on both of them?

    That’s pretty crappy.

  51. Nancy Says:

    I do not like that concept at all!!! Please change!!!

  52. Lizz Says:

    This is why I went back to playing Island Paradise again, and love what they’ve done. I can have several Islands, farm and decorate them all, and have everything growing etc no matter which one I’m on, and my neighbors and I can visit all of each others Islands.
    I think the second farm is going to reallllllly slow down FV alot…their servers are already overloaded. This is just going to make it worse I think. Obviously they can’t handle both farms going at once…would use server time. I’m heading back to my Islands! :D

  53. gail Says:

    I was excited about the English farm but now I’m not sure. I don’t think I like the idea of one farm being on pause, it’s kind of “what’s the point” imho. I’ll check it out, but I may end up sticking with my old farm. We’ll see…..thank you for the update though, much appreciated. :)

  54. Linda Says:

    Real Real bummer. Guess I will not particpate because I dont want to give up my horse breeding. Oh wll not excited anymore do not care when it comes out now.

  55. Jean Gehr Says:

    Was excited to have a second farm…till I found out I could not transfer items from my other farm…like ANIMALS. I have all these sheep to breed and can’t ship them to England.!? Guess I will sell and stop purchasing.?! I’ll C how it goes in England…if I don’t like it, I’ll just hand in my passport and B a Stay at home Farmer.

  56. Amy Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I was looking forward to it. I’m totally uninterested in English Countryside now. I wish Zynga would have a change of heart and let both farms be active at the same time. So disappointed :(

  57. Ruth Says:

    Why not just open a new farm under another email address? then they can both grow and you can switch back and forth as you like w/o affecting the other. The “new” stuff isn’t that enticing, given the drawbacks.

  58. theresa Says:

    After hearing this, I am not interested anymore. Probably not going to play the English Countryside at all. Sorry but I worked for so many years on my farm and but money into it, for me to drop it for another farm. It feel like cheating, lol.

  59. CNCFemale Says:

    i think working the second farm and putting the other on hold is a GREAT idea … this way i can plant a short term crop on my primary (just leveled up to like 119) go work the english one, go to bed, and it’ll all be ready to go.. all i have to do is log into the original farm and then time starts bammmoooo… i can go to school and my short term crops NOW work my schedule instead of trying to find time to harvest a long term crop, replant and still get to school on time.. all i’ll have to do is log in, and leave. WHOO HOOO and sheep breeding.. oh my gawd. i’m a sheeeeeep fan on the primary already.. cant imagine what i’ll come up with on my english farm. it’ll be covered in sheeeeeeep! LOL! cant wait.. HURRY UP ALREADY!

  60. Tabetha Says:

    PS: I DO agree that having only one farm at a time active is a waste. As OCD as I am, I can manage 2 farms and 2 sets of crops/trees/animals…… why can’t the folks at Zynga? I hope that will change in the near future.

  61. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    This seems complicated… but I’m excited. I look forward to seeing. – I was hoping to FV and EC were more the same game. This seems to be two separate game… in one game… lol… maybe I do not understand completely – Hopefully the game will be worth waiting for. Happy Happy Farming :)

  62. jac Says:

    Well, guess I won’t be bothering with the countryside…what’s the point if one farm is going to shut down. That’s NOT fun! And if the main farm is on pause, does that mean our stalls and cottages stop selling? Hate it!! And really, really disappointed.

  63. Mrssabes Says:

    Not looking forward to a pause between farms. Wish Zynga would take some of the nice features from FarmTown and apply them to FarmVille. I have many farms in FarmTown and there is not pause if I am working on any of them. Is this a feature? Seems to me like it’s just two separate games with a ‘pass-through’ to get back and forth. Not exciting.

  64. shannon Says:

    Not very enthusiastic anymore based on all the latest information. Too much time, money, and “heart” invested in FV to think much about a 2nd farm that appears to have very limited interaction with my current one. Starting over really doesn’t interest me. I’ll be opened minded and give it a try, but it will need to “knock my socks off” fantastic to get my $$. At level 140 with all crops but daikon mastered, only 8 trees left to master and a boatload of coins and FV$ I might be a bit jaded, but this new farm needs to be really great to get me.

  65. Kathy Says:

    Pause? We can’t work/grow both farms simultaneously? What the heck is the point of having and working 2 farms if you can’t work them both at the same time? That’s not what I would call a “feature” at all. It’s more like a roadblock. Seriously? I don’t complain much but this sounds ridiculous. Now I’ll re-consider using the English Countryside. If I plant 6 hour crops on my main farm, I want them done in 6 hours for a reason. Pausing will really mess it up for players who work 60 hours a week and have a limited amount of time to play once they’re home. There aren’t just stay-at-home Moms and retirees playing this game. There are people with full-time jobs and students with full class schedules too. Most people play on a schedule that revolves around work, home and school. I also think most players already devote a lot of time to FarmVille as it is, in order to grow their farm and advance through the game. Zynga needs to make this work without pausing one farm or the other.

  66. Tim Says:

    What’s the point of starting a new farm if we can’t have both active? After all the build up, this is how things are going to operate?? Very disappointed that this is the case. I hope they get flooded with negative feedback and find a way to make both farms active at all times. I want to start a fresh new farm but I have put in a lot of time and effort on my current farm and I want to keep going there too.

  67. Vicky Casanave Says:

    This is very disappointing. It does not give us what we need at all. I didn’t mind that it was separate and not an expansion until this news came out. Now I don’t think I will do it but I wish they had not locked the thread with the questions. If certain things could be transferred I might consider it. Like the orchards. I’d want to have all the growing things on one farm, or at least most of it. I really think Zynga needs to rethink this before they launch. Really it’s just like playing another game and I only want to play one. I don’t play any of the others.

  68. Tim Says:

    @Jen Gehr, Zynga did say we would eventually be able to have the sheep breeding building on our original farms….

  69. farmerjen Says:

    That kills it, I won’t be going to England.

  70. Debbie Says:

    Very disappointing. I was really looking forward to going to england vicariously, but this will make it so confusing I may just stay on the original farm. :(

  71. rustynic Says:

    Will you be able to use any items that are in your gift box to place on the new farm??? Does your coins, FV Cash & expierence continue onto the new farm???

    For me I have just completed all the crop masteries on my farm so I am looking forward to the second farm. Lets see what happens before we all officially judge it.

  72. Sharon Cottle Says:

    I agree not to impressed now I am level 100 and have worked hard on my original farm and have now mastered all seeds except the green house ones and was looking forward to working more on crafting but if I can’t do that and work on the english farm I don’t think it will be as exciting as I thought it was going to be :(

  73. Jennifer Gray Says:

    I love the idea of different country farms but am really disappointed that one will be on pause to work the other one. I didn’t work so hard on my one farm just to throw it to the side for a new one. If I wanted a new farm with no connectivity, I could start over with a new account. Also, if the gift box can work back and forth between the two farms, storage should be able to as well. Not sure if I’m going to give this a go or not.

  74. Angela Says:

    Anyone else notice the amount of farmcash on the english farm screenshot wtf 899,045 cash

  75. jessie Says:

    this is stupid. how come on Farmtown you can have 8 farms going at once but FV won’t allow it??? :P

  76. Mary Says:

    i think this stinks…what is point in having two farms? if only one is working at a time its like having one farm….no point and a big waste of time…im very disappointed in this and doubt i will do second farm

  77. Midge Marvel Says:

    No way is it going to work for me unless both farms are capable of growth at the same time. Like others ahead of me, I was looking forward to it. Now I probably won’t even go there.

  78. Vicky Casanave Says:

    Another thing that really bugs me is it seems like the original FV will be left behind. All the new stuff will go to the other farm. I put more than a year and much money into the farm I have. I want to do new things on this one. >:(

  79. Ben Says:

    I hate the idea of one farm having to be inactive! It just kind of makes me more frustrated with FV. Why do they constantly do things that take all of the fun out of farming?

  80. tracysc7 Says:

    If they go ahead with the pausing, I won’t be going to the new farm, I am so disappointed.

  81. John Says:

    OMG ….yet another EPIC FAIL brought to you by Zynga!

  82. Lindsay Says:

    Hmmmm, this is really silly, and i think it is really going to confuse alot of us. Why did zygna do this??? We should be able to work on both farms going back and forth between the two. This is actually a stupid idea by them and i am really disappointed. I am still looking forward to the new farm in the english country side… i am hoping that with enough complaints, they will change this feature.

  83. Fredrik Says:

    I’m getting the new farm so that Zynga can impose a few more clever scams on me as a former paying customer.

  84. Ebbie Daylin Says:

    This makes me mad and sad. I’m lvl 100 but I’m far from mastering all the crops. I guess I won’t be doing the 2nd farm if my 1st is going to be paused. This means no crop growth, no animal or tree harvesting, nada, on the paused farm. What a load of utter horse poop! And that’s putting it nicely.

  85. Dave Says:

    What a bummer, thats bad news. Why cant it be like espn college town where you get to have different districts. I like that where you can have different themes. One active and one paused stinks. Dont know that I will even bother.

  86. Dannylynn Says:

    Yep, huge let down. WIll NOT be playing the FVEC.


    What really sucks is I was going to start buying the 650 farmcash every month. Now, I won’t. Why waste REAL money on one farm just for everything crops,trees,horses ETC. To pause anytime we want to work on FVEC.

    So not worth all this hype, just to let us down.

    Major fail on Zynga part. Oh, well

    I’ll keep my $100 a month and buy something IRL..

  87. susan neal Says:


  88. Wendy Brown Says:

    Well, I will have to wait and see how this second farm works…Farmtown has the option to do several farms all at once…but it proved to be complicated too me. So I will reserve judgement until it’s here and I can work it :)) But, I do wonder about the building materials. They stated earlier to save up building materials…so I have been. Now they reference Special Deliveries…which is it???

  89. Christien Says:

    I am Seriously disappointed. I figured the same as another post on here, that it was just another game. Like Frontier or Cityville. But actually having to choose which farm you want to be making progress on, sucks. I would like to be able to access the English farm, and have crops, and trees growing on my regular farm. Very disappointing. Either you have to start all over on a new farm, or just leave the english country side alone, and continue the farm you have worked long and hard to get where you are. I mean, that’s a step back, even for Zynga!!!!

  90. martha Says:

    I´m looking fwd for this ECS farm to be launched but it kinda bums me that the other one will have to be on pause while you work on the other. We´ll see how it goes:)

  91. Laura Says:

    After playing FV for the last year and a half, I can honestly admit that I have spent countless hours and money on my farm. I for one am always excited when Z rolls out a new feature and have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new FVEC feature. After reading this news I am not so sure anymore. As enticing as a new shiny farm sounds, why are we being expected to put our “original” farms on hold to explore it? Isn’t Z grateful for those of us who have invested the time and effort (not to mention money) into these “original” farms? Why would they expect us to even be remotely interested in tossing the old out for the new? I know it’s our choice of whether or not we take part in the FVEC feature, but I just wish Z would appreciate what their players want and expect from something like this. Here’s to hoping they change their tune at some point in the near future, otherwise many players will most likely choose to forego the highly anticipated english countryside. ::sigh::

  92. CLR Says:

    I thought you were ment to have a second farm so u could master crops quick but 1 of the farms will be paused so its pointless

  93. John Grant Says:

    Typical Zynga bull….! In the last 4 months I see a steady decline in the new stuff that comes out. Most of prises awarded are either ugly or worthless. Tree’s now cost you farm dollars, 2 farms and only one is active? Zynga change it or Im done!

  94. c-dub Says:

    what a load of crap!!!! essentially its farmville II….this is no expansion….I have been a proponent of this to all the naysayers since the get go….what a let down!!!!

  95. Austin Williamson Says:

    I understand if I’m actually working on the FVEC that the other one would be paused, or vica verca, but when I close the game both should be progressing away, just like the regular fv does now

  96. summer Says:

    I dont think I will be getting the english farm. I agree with everyone else, if the farm is going to pause,whats the point. I had hoped I could get my home farm planted and ready and then go to english work, not a rational idea to pause 1 farm. I have been doing my home farm since farmville started, I have invested much time and money. I love my american farm, I made it just like home in the midwest where I came from. This was silly to work the new one where both can’t be active..I HATE IT. TS NOT FOR ME Thanks for Nothing Zynga.

  97. amy Says:

    I am not happy with the pause feature and I don’t like that the farms can’t share decorations and item. I also don’t like that the unwither ring does not work for both. I will stick with my farm and not bother with the other if they don’t make these changes.

  98. Leslie Hudson Says:

    I was really looking forward to the English FV but now not so much. I don’t understand why if you say it can’t cross over why should we start saving our building materials, what good will that do us? I am surprised no one else mentioned that weird statement.

  99. Gardengirl Says:

    I am VERY disappointed in this! I was saving trees and animals for my new farm and hoping to move over my Irish castle, etc. since Ireland is near England. Also wanted to move my Eiffel Tower. Well, gee, I don’t like this at all. On another farm game I play, I have SIX farms and they all work at the same time. Why would they even think working this like this would make us happy???????????????????????

    Oh well, I can hardly ever farm anyway on FV and no one seems interested in my problems, so maybe I won’t even get another farm, although I was looking forward to new buildings. Will we get a chance to build the new buildings on our original farm?

  100. Leslie Hudson Says:

    What is taking so long anyways?

  101. Echo Says:


    Talk about bursting the anticipation bubble!!!! Really rather “deflated” here.

    That totally sucks that it will only be the farm you are working on or leave open that will be active. So that in other words it might be a shorter time to grow, harvest and master on the Engish farm? Our original farm, crops and animals will be dead in the water, so to speak. Jeeze, plant Electric Lilies unless you leave that farm active they will take weeks to ripen for harvest.

    Might as well simply give up the idea of having 2 farms. I don’t know about anyone else but I simply don’t have and will NOT devote that much time to play a freaking game no matter how much i enjoy the game.

    GOOD GRIEF!!! I HAVE A LIFE!!!! And during the summer I have a full time job and lousy satellite internet connection. which can go out at the first blow of the wind or a good rain storm I can only play maybe a couple of hours a day during the summer.

    Gods!!! What were they thinking of to ? wire this little gem into the game?????

    BOOOOOOOO, zynga. Major fail, flop and screw up!!!!

  102. Kaylene Says:

    I don’t like the idea of pausing the games either! I want my crops and animals on both farms to continue growing regardless of which one I am working. I play Farm Town with multiple farms and they work simultaneously with each other. I know that Zynga can manage this, surely! I was very excited about the new English Countryside but I don’t know now….will have to wait and see I guess. :(

  103. GJ Says:

    Absolutely sucky!!! And it completely defeats the purpose of crops growing faster in FVEC, because if I have crops growing in regular FV, they won’t mature in FVEC, so “faster” becomes relative.

    I don’t mind starting over, but this is ridiculous!

  104. Toyoto Burk Says:

    I also play Restaurant City. I can have 4 restaurants going AT ONCE, have unlimited storage and can switch items from one to the other and gift anything I have. Not a Zynga game but Zynga could look at some of these joys. The access does not affect gameplay and it less frustrating.
    FVEC: too bad we can’t switch stuff from one farm to the other, but they are just too different. Too bad the farms can’t both be growing at the same time.
    I also play FVChinese and have carpal tunnel syndrome!

  105. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    I think I would be more happy with 30×30

  106. Pamela Says:

    How confusing will this be!!! One mistake and there goes your farming for the day. I never expected to access my original storage for my new farm. I thought it was just that a new farm..but to have it “shut down” if I go to my original farm is just ludacris!

  107. Leslie Hudson Says:

    When they tell us we can breed our sheep with Angus I keep asking what if my sheep don’t like Angus? My husband is from Wales and I have noticed in all the pop ups they have Scottish, Irish and English people represented, why do they ALWAYS ignore the Welsh – they are better known for their lamb than Scotland or England!! Even it’s a small world at Disney have only left out Wales from the UK section.

  108. Cyndi White Says:

    I barely have time to work the farm I have now. I’m not interested if both farms don’t work at the same time. I’m at Level 113 and I’m not going to just stop that farm from progressing. This is really disappointing on many levels. I would be happy if they would fix all the glitches on my farm before they give me another.

  109. JoMama Says:

    Why can’t they just start a brand new game and call it FVEC? Since you can’t share things between the farms, what’s the point? At least as two separate games they can be productive at the same time…

  110. Lynnzy Says:

    Hmmm if Farm Town can arrange the use of all the farms and growth on all farms..why can’t Farmville/Zynga? I have friends who have several farms in Farm Town and they are not placed on pause and the crops, trees, animals and facilities all work even though they may be on another farm working. Not sure I will be getting my English Farm!! Besides… i’m Irish!!! LOL

  111. Jaanika Says:

    NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, PPPPLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, DON’T DO THAT. Let be both of them active. We love our original farms, lots of people put a lot of FVC into came, not fear. Anyhow, if you keep both active, I (and some others) will get FVC to buy stuff for both farms, but if only one is active, i think it just SUCKS BIG TIME. I am close to level 100, hell no I want to start from 0, i put too much time and real money into game. IT IS NOT EASY TO REACH LEVEL 100 . It looks nice, I give you that. Story line, mmm interesting. Just keep both of them active. It is not extension, it is a new game, don’t you get it…

  112. marilyn Says:

    was interested , now not………

  113. Jennifer Says:

    I don’t like the idea of one farm being on pause either. I don’t see a point in having two then if you’re just going to have to go back to the other and wait.

  114. Willy Says:

    Very disappointed that we will not be able to use our items in storage on either farm. I have many things that would work well on either farm.
    I’m really disappointed with the concept of pausing one of the farms, whether working on the either one, or when not on at all. I plant according to my time availability, and now that planning is toast.
    Glitches I can live with, as it is a game and very enjoyable.
    Crushing dedicated fans and farmers after so much hype – shameful move.

  115. FarmFreak Says:

    Shuting down the original farm. Oh Zynga! What a mistake. English Countyside is going to fail… just like collecting truffles.

  116. Minna Says:

    Well that was a big letdown. I specially waited that I could work in two farms at the same time. When there is nothing to do on the farm number one I could go to farm number two and spend some time there while those farm number one’s seeds has grown.
    Let’s hope these news ain’t true :)

  117. Razor Says:

    Ok, I have just lost all interest in the “English Countryside”. It figures that they would come up with some retarded ideal that will make it much less fun than it could be.

    My present farm has to be on “pause” if I want to do anything on the English farm????? How retarded is that???? What is the point of having a second farm when you can only work one at a time????

    I’ve invested too much into my current farm to waste the time on another farm starting from scratch….

    If it is basically just a NEW game – it should act as such and NOT affect my present game….

    I am thinking that the “English Countryside” may not be as popular as Zynga hopes it will be….

  118. Nobody Says:

    That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid, If Only one farm is going to be activated I am playing the origanl. Let the both play, I started playing not that long ago and I am almost level 40, That means no crops will be harvested, not trees, animals, animal houses, on one I am not starting over!!! :(

  119. FloydieGirl Says:

    Well after reading the posts above, I agree, but will give a go, if I don’t like English farm (I live there!) will stick to original, already have enough to do at level 101.

    One thing no one seems to mention is how big the new English farm is going to be…..will it match your existing farm or start off weeny and have to add neighbours again to make it grow??? Just thought I’d throw a spanner into the works here :) XXXX

    Has anyone else thought of this???

  120. Nobody Says:

    PS, You are just wasting your time on this stupid thing it is going to fail HARD!!

  121. Samantha Says:

    I honestly just feel like giving up on this game now. The amount of time and effort i have wasted on this game for the past year and a half is unbelievable. This is meant to be a game, its meant to be fun and rewarding and this has turned out to be more like a chore. I’ve never known anyone like Zynga for not giving its customers what they repeatedly ask for. The past few months this game has become a joke. Everything that is for sale is lame, ugly laughable. Whats with all of the ridiculous trees, a mardi gras tree,a macaroni tree? I just saw a rainbow tree a few minutes ago!! pink animals with love hearts on them? This game seems to get further and further away from farming every week. Everything that is ok seems to be for farmcash.And most recently blocking out other countries except for America from promotions? I’ve just totally had it with this tbh….

  122. Brad Says:

    One word: POINTLESS…….

  123. Jaanika Says:

    Do we all gonna get THAT much starter cash, oky, then I might to go and peak that EC…

  124. Katy Says:

    I can’t wait for the English country side! I’m so excited about the sheep breeding! I can’t wait to see what types of sheep I can breed! I also can’t wait for the new crops and trees and animals!!! :DDD I just can’t wait all together!

  125. Tracy Says:

    I can live without being able to utilize the storage on my original farm but the whole pause thing is a deal breaker. I’ve invested far too much time, money, and effort into FV to just let it sit idle.

    And what happens if I’m growing crops on my regular farm and click on something in the facebook feed for the English farm? Is it going to automatically load the English farm and stall growing on my original farm? What a pain in the bum.

    Nope, not doing it. I’ve been looking forward to this feature for weeks but this pretty much killed it for me.

  126. joe Says:

    hate quests.. hate both farms not active at the same time…. hate that the focus is on the multi colored sheeps… maybe it will just be a decoration farm for me or just a ‘vacation’ farm, working on it occasionally. as it is, i lose heart with zynga. 200 limit get me no where. throttling….. oh…. whatever zynga….. from an enthusiast addicted player, now i only play because i have worked so much on my farm.. dont play as much though now… (level 108)… i just saw that u only have about 49M players monthly?? from 60+M down to 50+M and now 49M? good job!! NOT!!

  127. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    Zynga is making fun of us. This will definitely not be like this. lol … and we will be trilled happy with whatever…

  128. Nanci Says:

    Very disappointed that we won’t be able to work both farms at the same time. I don’t need more calculations in my game time – and having one side paused the entire time would make crop choices so complicated. I am only a level 41, but will probably just stick with the regular FV if the English version is going to be so limiting. Off to remove my ECV hat now…

  129. Ed Says:

    Not happy with this idea. Kind of pointless in many ways. So no point playing both farms, if one will be on pause, and no quicker way to have more crops working to make more money to buy the cool stuff and still no room for all my decorations. The other thing is, will the Sheep Pen be available for the original farm? Otherwise, if I can’t transfer, what do I do with all my existing sheep, that I clearly wasted time collecting. Was looking forward to the Expansion, but not so much now.

  130. Claire Says:

    I think this is Farmville telling us to stfu… We begged for more land, for a second farm, and they gave it to us…

    Be careful what you wish for, I guess. =/ It doesn’t come out as planned.

  131. satyam tiwari Says:

    its just a waste …i am not going to start same noob thing again…
    when any one seeds say strawberry for 4 hours in original farm then at instant he/ she work at FVEC for next 2 hours…then again come back to original farm….
    what we found is strawberry is now growing in total 6 hours…
    what a waste ….!!!

    Don’t bring this noob theme….just give expansions till 50 X 50….

  132. katy Says:

    FAIL. What is the point if only one farm grows at a time?? They should have made it an entirely separate game. I will NOT be playing.

  133. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    What is this stoppage of time insanity? Why not call the new version Time Lord (without Doctor Who).

    There is absolutely no point in having all growth activities suspended on whichever is deemed the “inactive” farm.

    Zynga, you have KILLED English Countryside for me.

  134. LadyLiz Says:

    If this is the way it’s going to be then I pass….if I can’t have two farms that work at once then I will stick with the original… disappointing….

  135. jay Says:

    Dose that mean the sheep on home farm cannot be moved to england? bin saving them might as well send them all to the slaughter house. zynga r proper crap

  136. Hannah Says:

    Now I’m really conflicted about this new farm. I can see an up-side – I have often wished for a pause button for my farm, so that after planting a crop & discovering that I won’t be home in time to harvest I wouldn’t lose everything. I have mastered all the long-term crops, & I feel it’s a waste of time to plant them if I know I’ll be away for 2 days. Now if I can’t get home I can ask someone to switch to the English farm & halt progress on my main farm until I have time to care for it. The down-side is what most comments already say – why bother with a new farm if it’s at the expense of the 1 we have invested so much time & money developing? I’m planning to start the English farm, but don’t know how much I will play on it. I like quests, so that may be a draw for me. Let’s wait & see.

  137. Tammy Says:

    I have to agree with many comments on the English Countryside. It can be so time consuming on one farm and to try to continue leveling up just to be put on a halt to spend as much time on a second farm in the FVEC just really seems to be a waste. Both farms should be live and working, your going to turn people away as many are getting to that point now. This should really be thought about before going live it’s just not as nice sounding with the “on pause” farm announcement. Why not just expand the regular farm and add the new items and animals. Your going to force people to choose one over another, maybe that’s the point but many are attached to the original farm as they have put so much time, effort, and money into it. Sorry just heard alot of negative comments just by my friends and have to say I totally agree.

  138. Rufino Says:

    I do not know why they hav these problems for just two farms, Farmtown have 8 farms and Fishville have 9 tanks. I do not think they have a problem like this. Zynga you are worth billions of dollars now, and you should be able to do a decent apps by now.

  139. Ivy Says:

    As much as the complaints farmville will receive from this, i wouldn’t worry too much about it. They will probably loose players over this and have no choice but to reconsider this.

  140. Raylene Says:


    I’ve always been a positive supporter of Zynga’s developers. I love my Farmville farm and have spent a lot of my own money on it. So not liking this current set up. Wish I had something positive to say about the new farm.

    Hangs head lowly and walks away. :(

  141. Christie Vaughn Says:

    I am so disappointed now, after reading how the new FV English Countryside will play out. Crops cannot grow on both farms at the same time….trees, animals and everything else will be in “suspended animation” when you are on your ‘other’ farm. You cannot use any items from your storage. or any items on your present farm, on the new farm.

    Zynga’s servers are already at full capacity; how many countless times have we been in the middle of something on our farm and suddenly, “Your game is out of sync with the server…..” and everything we were doing is UNdone. We are constantly having trouble with the farm we have now, freezing, delays, empty spaces where our items should be; how in the world are they going to have two farms going, and without constant incident.

    I’ve invested too much time and money on the farm I have now, I’m not getting involved in what is sure to be Zynga’s next Titanic.

  142. Marina Says:

    I am not too keen on the idea of having two farms to have problems with :(, It was more enthousiastic when we had zynga chat service, but since I have things disapearing on one farm, I don’t feel to happy about starting to spend on another farm and having same thing happen to me. As one said earlier they will probably just loose more players, since they don’t render service to us. Sorry but these are the facts right now. Good luck on the vanishing sheeps!!!

  143. Sarah Says:

    I for one am REALLY unhappy if we truly are unable to move items over from storage. I was already buying decorations in preparation for the new farm!!! Why can’t I move my fairytale stuff, Stonehenge, etc. to the English Countryside?!?!?! Would that be so wrong? If I wanted a fresh start I would have tried another app.

    But the “pause” thing is idiotic as well. I have a no wither ring on my main farm, so it really would not be that difficult to manage both at once.

    Also, I hope we can “skip” certain parts of the story line and move on. I don’t want to give it up if I don’t like one task.

  144. Laura Says:

    Yep….couldnt wait for FVEC now i dont care when it comes…why does one of my farms have to be on pause. what a stupid concept.

  145. Jane Says:

    Dont like this idea at all, what a waste of our time.
    I have 493 things in storage and no room to put them anywhere; have been hoping to place them on the English farm – Now I would much prefer an expansion of current farm – this sounds like a mess.

  146. ThunderWolf Says:

    I do not mind starting fresh (back to level 1) on FVEC. It’s a disappointing but, not being allowed to transfer my accumulated FV decor is not something that would have kept me away from trying FVEC. BUT I WILL NOT PLAY FVEC at the expense of putting my FV farm on absolute suspended animation.

    I hope Zynga changes their mind, regarding the “only one farm will be active at any given time” matter between now and whenever FVEC goes live. If they stick to this decision, they’ll have to rely heavily on attracting new players to play FVEC because I doubt a lot (if not most) long-time, active FV players would be willing to put advancement or progress on their 1st farm (on FV) on-hold each and every time the tend to their (2nd) farm (FVEC).

  147. Deborah Says:

    I think you all are missing the opportunity this brings to us FV Farmers. For obvious reasons, they can’t run both farms at once, and do you really want them to seeing all the glitches they have that aren’t fixed with just one farm running? As for one farm being paused and playing the other..Enjoy! That means you don’t have to worry about one crop withering away because you’ve gotten caught up on the other. And do you really want to spend the time you already do on your original farm, on a second farm while the first is going to pot? Not I. I have enough problems keeping my first farm in order, a nice ‘vacation’ to the English Countryside while my first farm rests sounds wonderful to me. And to all of you over level 100 with crops and trees mastered…what then? Now you will have new challenges opened in an English Countryside. If any complaint comes from me, it’s the time and teasing they’re doing in the release of it. Bring it already!

  148. FarmDiva79 Says:

    Does Zynga really think their customers are that stupid that they can’t manage 2 farms at the same time? Really? I was looking forward to a second farm. I haven’t finished mastering the first set of crops on the original farm, everything is 16 or more hours waiting time, so I thought this would be good, I could plant the long term crops on the original farm and play stuff for the English Farm. Now there’s no point. It’s really sad Zynga! Please change this before it’s released.

  149. ezekiel Says:

    Was excited. PLEASE if this is the way it’s gonna be,Don’t give me one. if i wanted to play a new game I would have started one already.

  150. gammymbw Says:

    Why I never suspected, knowing how Zynga is that there would be a catch somewhere is beyond me. But this has just ruined it for me. If they don’t change their minds, which knowing Zynga they will not, I don’t care when and if they ever bring it out. I don’t think I will be interested anymore with my Original farm being put on hold.


    I agree with most about the pausing of which ever farm your not working on. I DON’T LIKE IT ALREADY!!! If you can’t work both farms simultaneously then whats the sense? NONE


    Also the idea that you can’t use stuff in your storage stinks too. I have so many things that would be great to use there, but guess that’s not happening. : (

  153. Marguerite Says:

    I will probably get the English farm, just out of curiosity, but think it is a total fail that Zynga can’t figure out how to make two farms functional at the same time. If I do much with the English Farm, it will probably just be decorative.

    My other farm game is so much better. Eight farms and they all work together. No gimmicks, just lots of fun. Maybe Zynga could send a couple of their programmers there to learn how to make multiple farms work.

  154. Linda Says:

    Zygna just give us more land and these new features on our existing farm. Why in heavens name do you programmed it for it to pause a farm. That makes no frigging sense.

  155. Christine Merten Says:












  156. Jonathan Says:

    As a consumer i hope that zynga also resolve the fuel crisis we have. I mean as a crafter farmer it´s a lot of work to maintain a 500+ soil farm.
    (i´m using 12 cans of fuel per field and harvesting twice a day)
    The daily fuel rate i have barely reach my expenses.

    The last thing i need is to have 2 pausing fuel devouring farms in exchange for a few colored animals.

  157. Mark Says:

    Zynga really does need to step up and deal with these issues that plague their games. The games are interesting but the computing power they’ve harnessed to run their games is woefully inadequate. I haven’t tried to find the Zynga financial statements, but I would be willing to bet that Zynga has not only the budgetary power but also the cash-on-hand to purchase some new servers to handle the load. This customer expects Zynga to step up and support their software. It’s ridiculous that you will be programming the clock to stop on approximately 1/2 of the software package at a time.

  158. 1hotroddie Says:

    THANK YOU for some concrete info on the new place.

  159. William Says:

    Wow. how disappointing. I liked the idea of a new farm and more land. but if i cannot use the new land to use my storage items, then what is the point..?? my current farm is freaking awesome. I have every horse in the game. My farm is a horse farm!!! and if i cannot move over horses or items then my new farm will be nothing but crops. and that is no fun.
    I am already maxed out on expansions and still have over 250 items in storage with no place to put them. and if i cannot use the new farm for it… then whats the point in having a second farm? lol

  160. Rose Says:

    Absolutely epic fail, Zynga, re the “pause” situation. Way to ruin a great idea! I’m level 106 and have mastered all the crops, so now I’m working on crafting masteries. Why would I even consider growing things in FVEC if all that is going to do is set me back on the crafting masteries??! I don’t much care about shared storage, but the “pause” thing is a dealbreaker for me. No FVEC for *this* farmer!

  161. MeganP Says:

    So the farm I spent timeless hours working, have many rare horses on, and many many trees in orchids on…will be useless if I go to the English Country Side? I won’t be able to breed my horses because they’ll be paused whenever I head over to england, and vice versa with the sheep. Way to kill the mood Zynga. All that excitement to learn you’ll basically be abandoning all your rare trees and animals (and probably my dogs too) for level 1? Thank you but no.

  162. Sandy Boward Says:

    I don’t like the fact that one farm will be “stagnant” when working on the other one.What’s so hard about tending 2 farms at one time !!

  163. Animallover Says:

    I hope this non avctivr farm doesn’t include the animal buildings and holiday buildings

  164. margo Says:

    This sucks zynga.

  165. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    Well if the majority do not like not get the 2nd farm. Im not..and will tell zynga why..It s stupid idea. I play Farmtown and have 8 farms I can work on at the same time..have no problems either. But dont be a whiner and then get the damn farm. Stand up and dont do it and Zynga will be forced to change it or no one will play.

  166. Janice Says:

    Not happy about the pause thing. I was so excited to think I could use some of the things I’ve collected on a new farm with more room. If I wanted another farm I would just get another email and start a second farm. And they’d both be active. Not very excited about this. May find a new game. Very disappointed.

  167. Mary Says:

    you know Farmtown has extra farms, zooville has extra land , why would you NOT make them both working farms–I really think this is lame.
    Think I will stay with the first farm and hope you add more levels..and maybe more land or go back to the town with more land..
    From looking at the posts looks like not very many happy farmers.

  168. Korina Says:

    Ditto Wendy. If more of us would take a stand then alot of stuff would not be happening. I’ve put too much time, money and effort into my old farm to “pause” it.
    Plan on telling them if this is true!!! Won’t do any good but maybe I’ll feel better lol

  169. craziemom Says:

    I will not be going to English Countryside if only 1 farm can be active.

  170. Tfoxy Says:

    Going to have to agree with the angry mob on this one….

  171. Beth Says:

    I was really excited until I read this…. I am always defending Zynga’s choices to my friends but not this time. What is the point in having a second farm if the other one is stalled out? The second farm was supposed to be what I am doing while the other one is maturing…. bummer…

  172. BS Says:

    Excited for the second farm….NOT EXCITED for the fact that only ONE ACTIVE FARM at a time.

  173. SteveJobs Says:

    Ok, everyone, clm down! I m sure tht Zyng will listen to us, nd mke the time go on both frms. The real question is:

    Steve Jobs
    Apple CEO

  174. LizzyJo Says:

    SO after all the “press” the English Farm is not going to help us at all? What good is it going to do to put our first farm on hold? What is the point of us having a second farm if only one will “grow” at a time? It’s looking like i will be sticking with just one farm at this point.

    If they wanted to play the game with one farm only pause and not let us share items between farms they should have released the English Countryside as a new game all together that way we could ignore it and go on with our happy little lives

  175. Lori Says:

    If they are going to pause one farm when you are on another. Why don’t they just make Farmville English Countryside a new game so you can go from one game to another without interuptions in game play.

  176. Dawn Martin Says:

    I hope that they work this out so that you can progress on both farms at the same time, also to be able to visit as well as help out our neighbors. I think that we should be able to use our stuff between both farms. It gets expensive trying to get another farm set up without being able to use some of the stuff you already have that your not using. I think that we should be able to go between both farms with being able to share between the two as well as not halting progress on one farm or the other. I think that they should get this worked out so that we will continue to play both farms

  177. Robbin Says:

    obviously the person that came up with this plan definitely is lacking brain cells….

  178. Tammy Says:

    I don’t like the idea one farm is always on pause, What is the use having an extra farm. We should be able to plant and go work on the other while one while waiting for crops,ect, to finish I am going to try the new farm but the more I hear how it is going to work not excited about it as i was,

  179. Jacky Says:

    Well, Congratulations Zynga, you take the fun out of stuff before its released. Must be a personal record.

    The storage that is not shared is no problem, I was just excited to get the sheep and a new farm… But now I’m very dissapointed.

    Is this a server problem? Are they afraid it will overload? Then don’t release a 2nd farm…

    Co-op will go wrong, my horses will not mature for breeding, blah… No thanks…

  180. Allen Says:

    Pause my farm, not a chance. Now that’s a total bummer. I don’t think I want a new farm now.

  181. LilCountryGirl Says:

    Personally, when it comes to extra farms FarmTown has it right. :) They let you have up to 8 farms at once. It apparently can’t be that tough to code, if they can do it.

    You wanted us to have two farms, but are only going to allow us to play one at a time. What kind of bologna are you trying to feed us??

  182. simone Says:

    You say to us all, to start collecting the special deliveries for the new farm… Why and whats the point if we cant transfer them to the England farm anyway… I dont think you have really thought this through Zinga……Why cant we use our Plane that we take to get to the new farm as a transport plane to get our things from one farm to the new one????
    If I haveto stuff up my first fams progress to Try and have a second inactive farm, Then Please explain Why are we doing this????

  183. Anne Says:

    It’s ridiculous to have two farms that cannot be worked simultaneously with no interchangeable items. Those of us who have played Farm Town for a year or more know it’s possible. I am no longer as interested in the English farm as I was when I first heard about it. And you say we have to start over and the English Farm will not be on the same level as the FarmVille farm? Unacceptable!

  184. Rob Says:

    That’s a bummer. The people who can’t even spell Zynga correctly in these posts crack me up.

  185. Joy Says:

    Ya know, I wa really excited about having a second farm to do to keep me busy. I was excited about all the new and masterable stuff to do in the FVEC.

    But if one gets put on hold / pause ~ I really don’t think I will even go to see now. Doesn’t sound much like fun at all. Talk about bursting some bubbles. There are a lot of people in real life that have more then one farm and work both of them with continued growth on both. If both don’t work at the same time, it is not much of a challenge, and I think that is what people of farmville was looking for.

    Hey Zynga / Farmville ~ I won’t be playing the new one unless both work at the same time.

  186. Echo Says:

    #170 @ “Steve Jobs”


  187. donna Says:

    This is ridiculous. If this is the way it is going to work it is NOT a second farm – it’s one farm or the other, you choose. Not gonna waste my time or money, I’ll stick to the first. Real let down Zynga, what the heck. Did you really think people were gonna like this idea? Even FarmTown can manage multiple farms. Lame all around.

  188. Bridgett Says:

    I can see why You can only visit one farm at a time .. Ok, But to only let our crop harvest on one farm that is SOooooOooooo NOT FAIR or CooL! Hello … while one is growing WHAT do you think we are doing .. WORKing on the other FARM!! Yes if we have both we will be WORKING both therefore both should be harvesting and growing simultaneously …. Neighbors visiting only one farm that we choose that is ok … I will go for that But puttin’ MY FIRST farm on hold that I HAVE WORKED SO HARD ON FOR A NEW ON THAT THEY WANT ME TO BREED SHEEP’S ON … UMMM I THINK NOT!!! We may need A new game plan here!

  189. Carrie Says:

    I’m with the others – I was torn on the concept of the second farm to begin with, but for it to ‘freeze’ your original farm? What’s the point? It kinda kills enthusiasm for the whole idea.

    Also – the sheep sound cool, but Zynga still hasn’t given us a sheep pen to put the ones we do have into an easy one-click harvest state yet.

  190. Marilyn Says:

    Well,with the collection limits because zygna thinks I’m a bot..I can’t really play on the farm I have…so ..No I won’t be adding another farm

  191. Ali Says:

    It’s been made very clear by many of us that we fail to see the point of having 2 farms if one of them is not going to progress while we play the other. I am still intrigued by FVEC, but I dare say that I will go back to my original farm as I have already put so much work into it. For those who have mastered everything on their original farms and technically have not much else to do, perhaps FVEC could be a good thing for them.

  192. Susan Jackson Says:

    The point of having two farms is so you can work on both not one at a time, so why give me a second farm and then tell me I can one have one active at a time I DO NOT LIKE THIS PART OF THIS AT ALL

  193. Patty Says:

    I’ve read most of the comments posted here. I agree with you all in one way or another. But, I am truly looking forward to second farm. At level 110, I’m finding my current farm a bit boring. Looking forward to change. I’m a horse harvester so I’m excited that I’ll be working with sheep now. Still don’t quite understand the “pause” in crops. Can I plant on my original farm and just do animals on my new farm? I think that this might fun if we have some options similar to that. I wish they would just release it already. The suspense is just killing me! lol

  194. Anonymous Says:


  195. Kim Says:

    I thought this was going to be so much fun. I too think the pause feature is dumb. I am mastering crops so if I go on the second farm one more “chore” i have to do is to go back to the first so the crops grow..I dont think so.

  196. Taline Says:

    I read all the 184 posts . and not one person is happy about the new rules……..
    it is already difficult to keep up with the timing of everything, I guess we need to hire a mathematician to do all the calculations………
    I think that the reason they are not able to start is the fact that they couldn’t figure out technically to make borh farms interconnected and working toghether, so they came out with this stupid freezing one farm while working on the other farm…..
    I will rather keep working on my farm and if I need something new I rather start acompletely different game…….

  197. Cindy Huxley Says:

    8-Ann – Yes the gift box is to be accessible to both farms and the Special Delivery Boxes are stored in the gift box. Its the storage that will not be available to both farms.

    Susan-87 – No one has said anything about losing storage. Storage on FV will stay as it is. You just will not be able to use the items in it in the English Farm.

    Leslie@98 – The building materials you will be able to use, and special delivery boxes which provide building materials – because these are kept in your GIFT BOX, It is items in STORAGE that you won’t be able to transfer. That has been made clear in the information given here and at the Zynga site.

    Jay – 135. It has been made clear that no animals can be transferred to FVEC. Not sure why you would now want to give up your sheep. There has never been anything to do with the silly animals in FV except collect them – so its no different now.

    Deborah – 147. says there are no ‘obvious reasons’ why both farms could not run simultaneously. I imagine their servers will be overstretched, and in that case they should resolve the problem by increasing servers before considering this new farm.

    I think Zynga is making a big mistake planning to release FVEC with this restriction. If they go ahead with it on this basis I think they will find the EC farm quickly falls by the wayside.

    Not being able to transfer items already owned to the new farm makes sense, and it was always pretty clear that would happen. After all they want us to buy new stuff for the new farm, not use the old. I don’t think that is a problem.

    But having only one farm active at a time is a big problem. There will be things growing and maturing on both farms – unless the crops on EC grow in less than an hour and the crafting pub produces beer in that time scale, then it will not work. Planting a crop and then having nothing happen because you want the crop on the other farm to grow- quite pointless.

    I will probably set the EC farm up – when it finally arrives – but if this restriction is in place I will do no more than set up the buildings. Only when I have finished mastering crops and all trees in FV would I be interested in growing things on the other one. And even then there is the Winery where I am working hard to get the mastery on all items.

    Hopefully Zynga will invest in some new servers (which is probably the issue) and have these farms running simultaneously.

    After all, as others have said, if Farm Town and Island Paradise can do it they should be able to manage it.

  198. TorontoFarmer Says:

    I bet if we spend farmcash they’ll let the other farm work. A-holes.

  199. J Says:

    I, too, agree with the masses. I was really excited about this, and now I’m just.. really disappointed. All that hype for FVEC and we only get to work one farm at a time? Big disappointment.

    What gives, Zynga? Don’t you want us to KEEP playing your games?

  200. Rufino Says:

    Just Like on my comment this morning and now it is gone. It goes close to this:

    It is unacceptable for Zynga , a billion dollar company, can not even write a decent game. Farmtown has 8 farms and Zynga’s Fishville have nine tanks with no problem. This feature that Farmville is trying to do is only 2 farms. Shame shame shame……

  201. Juliette Says:

    Are all the new English items just for the english farm? If I can’t use the cool and different sheep in my real farm-why???

  202. kortni Says:

    wow. i HATED the idea of not being able to transfer items…but to pretty much STOP/HAULT our original farm what we have worked so hard on, spent so much time and money on and a game that we have loved from the beginning…just to play EC…its the stupidest bullsh*t ever. if we cant share things…WHY DIDNT ZYNGA JUST MAKE A SECOND GAME????? wtf were they thinking…ive worked too hard on my awesome lil farm i have now to quit and leave it to breed some damn sheep. boo on you zynga and your EC…*angry face*

  203. Carol Says:

    After reading this I won’t be doing the English farm. I have spent a year and a half building my original farm and I won’t let it sit idle while I play what looks like a board game on the other one, very, very disappointed Zynga, you could do much better than this.

  204. Jennifer Says:

    I have officially lost all interest in the English Countryside…

  205. Nicole Says:

    That is AWFUL! After reading this I was extremely mad! Seriously to pause one farm and not let us make progress…what are the makers at FARMVILLE thinking? Did you know that I played Farm Town for a while and I had a second farm and it worked the same with a few minor detail changes and they both were ready to harvest, etc when at the same time. Why can’t FARMVILLE be capable of that??? If that’s the case when it actually comes out I WILL NOT BE PLAYING FARMVILLE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE and WILL BAN AGAINST IT. What a joke!

  206. reincloud Says:

    what a bunch of BULLS***!!!!
    I -knew- it was only a matter of time before zynga managed to f-up this too :( I was sssooooo excited for this new farm, but I don’t think I”ll even start one if they’re going to make it like that. THERE IS NO F’N POINT in having two farms if one is always “paused.” Zynga said they’re giving us another farm so we can master crops faster… but I SURE AS HELL wont be mastering anything quickly if only one farm runs at a time, how stupid. Seriously the WORST idea they could have come up with.. I see a lot of angry farmers in the future and I think it’d be pretty cool if we could somehow organize ourselves and boycott the english countryside when it comes out. Seriously, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE IT THAT WAY, ZYNGA????? Since this site is “official” now, I’d like to get some OFFICIAL word on why it’s being done like that. Whoever mods these threads should take this chance to use this site’s “official” status for good and get us an answer on why exactly they would piss off the majority of their customers and do this!! Is there even a reason at all? Or does it all just come down to greed… ?
    This has ruined the excitement for the english countryside for me. Thanks a lot, zynga :(

  207. Lindsay Says:

    Will hardly play the english country side if it is going to pause my normal farm. Stopping my crops are orchards from growing is a serious problem.

  208. Miss Tyger Says:

    What kind of crack were the developers smoking when they thought of this crap??!!

    What is the point of having 2 farms if one of them is always on pause?

    I wish Zynga would just make the additional farm like the additional ones you can buy in Farm Town. THAT would make more sense.


    Guess I’ll be sticking with my original farm … forget the English one.

    SMDH @ Zynga

  209. cchang Says:

    There is no point if we can not use the extra item we collected on the original farm on the farm of English country side…

    This will be like playing a new zynga game without much relevance to farmville anymore…I WOULD RATHER STAY PLAYING THE OLD FARM

  210. Sandy Says:

    Sounds ridiculously complicated. Doesn’t interest me if both farms can’t be growing crops at the same time. I don’t waste my time breeding because the foals don’t grow up into the adult horse of the same foal it came from anyway. Thanks, but no thanks, Zynga!

  211. amy Says:

    Doesn’t one of the promos say get mastery faster? How will we get mastery any faster when only one farm can grow at a time? If that’s how they keep it, i’m not even going to bother taking the first flight over.

  212. Brenda Says:

    YUP!!! To all of the above. Just yesterday I put a post on DEFENDING Zynga against the vast majority that were complaining about the storage items not being transferable and I was still incredibly excited to get started on the new farm. This new “pausable” feature is entirely “implausible”. Been playing just as long as everyone else on the original farm but summers are busy for me so I tended to plant the 3 and 4 day crops during that time so I could walk away from it for a few days so needless to say I am behind on masteries or even leveling up. I guess now I will be able to walk away from it for even a longer time or just stick with the original farm. DANG IT!!! I was looking forward to this. I feel like a little kid who just had his ice cream taken away.

  213. FarmerB81 Says:

    Screw you, Zynga. No one wanted this. Nobody wants a 2nd game. We just want another farm to put all our stuff on and to be able to transfer back and forth. This is crap. Shove it.

  214. Echo Says:

    Farmer Echo just crawled off her tractor after planting acres and acres of wheat, rice and corn to feed the hungry staving people of the world. She’s tired, dusty and dirty. She had already put a lot of time into her dairy barn milking cows, collecting eggs and her prize horses were dropping foals and she had to play midwife. She’s plumb tuckered out. But satisfied with the jobs well done. And feels really good that she has planted master crops to fight world hunger……. She’s truly a good woman with a big heart.

    But wait!!! Her work isn’t done yet. She has dairy cows, crops and lambing season to take care of on her English farm!!!!! Not to even mention all the repairs she has to make to the old dilapidated buildings she inherited.

    So before she can call it a day and get some rest she has to go to the other farm and do a lot of work.

    Whew!!! What a day she says! Milking is all done. Crops are planted and the lambs are all delivered safe and sound….. And she’s got huge weeping blisters from fixing up the old buildings. But she can go home to her beloved first farm and have a well deserved rest….

    Hmmmm? She thinks, “I guess I’ll just check and make sure everything is right and fine in my little world”……. Off she wanders to check her barn, buildings and take a peek at the crops she’s so proud of planting for the hungry. And also make good money for her little family, to buy the expansions, the seeds and everything else needed that will enable her to continue the farming that she loves.


    “NOTHING HAS HAPPENED HERE,” says a huge booming voice. Farmer Echo quakes in her old scuffed work boots, “Who’s that?” she says. “MY NAME IS ZYNGA” says the huge booming voice. “I CONTROL THE DESTINIES AND TIME AT BOTH YOUR FARMS.” Farmer Echo asks, “What happened then? Why hasn’t anything grown?” “There are no eggs for breakfast.” “Why?”


    Farmer Echo, very confused and with tears in her eyes, says “But Why?” “BECAUSE I CAN” replies ZYNGA. Again Farmer Echo asks, “But why?” “Both farms are equally important and provide a needed service.” “And both farms need to grow.”


    Farmer Echo falls to her knees, cries and admits defeat……….

  215. Kathy Says:

    How STUPID is that? What’s the point in having another farm? DUH. I’d rather start another farm with a different name…… This is just plain STUPID. Zynga is losing it. My suspicions of interns working on this is seeming more real…,.,,.
    If this is the case, I WON’T be getting the English Countryside Farm. They just blew it with this farmer…..

  216. Angela Says:


  217. james Says:

    dont u get it u bunch of muppets – by making us choose between farms i.e. one working / one idle, Zynga get to c which game is most popular. But in the words of Sgt. Gunny HIGHWAY “this is a clusterfuck”.BTW I have spent over 10,000 FV cash and never used C/C hahahahahahahaha and have by far the best looking working farm there is – so fook u all and fook u Zynga – RIDDLE ME THIS, RIDDLE ME THAT – WHOS AFRAID , OF THE BIG FAT CAT – THAT HAS BECOME ZYNGA.

  218. Kathy Says:

    @ Farmer 81 has it right….. “Screw you, Zynga. No one wanted this. Nobody wants a 2nd game. We just want another farm to put all our stuff on and to be able to transfer back and forth. This is crap. Shove it.”

    You have just made this way too complicated. It’s a freakin GAME you morons. Just give us the 2nd farm so we can use all the stuff we have in storage. We’ve paid you enough money thus far. Quit being greedy and stupid.

  219. Brittany Says:

    As one of the other commenters said before, i though the EC had said that we would be able to master crops faster? How will this happen with one farm inactive. Unless the FVEC crops are only going to take minutes than i really don’t see how this could work. i see alot of confusion and forgetting in my future lol. pretty disappointes now.

  220. Jane Says:

    I’d been ambivalent about the second farm since they announced, and last night I got pretty excited after reading everything here at FV Freak. But now, not so much.

    If I can’t work both farms at the same time, there is no point. If I plant a 4-day crop on my original farm, there’s not going to be much there for me to do while it grows, so it only makes sense to work the English Countryside farm. If that means the 4-day crop on the original farm isn’t going to grow once I start working the EC farm, then there’s no point going through all the quests and dealing with the click-limit to opt into a feature that is only going to hurt my efforts on my original farm.

    Also, will the daily limit increase to split between two farms? As it is, the daily limit is too limiting (maybe add in another 50?). I can understand having a daily limit, but if I only have 30 minutes to play one day, then I should be able to grab whatever I can up to the daily limit in that time. But in the last week or so, I’m told (like so many others) to “Slow down and try again in about an hour”. Well, I’ll be at work or picking the kids up from school or making dinner or listening to my husband telling me about his day. I’ve got kids who need help with their homework and require parents to raise them, not their video games. My time is too limited to get what I should be able to from the feed on my wall. Never mind the non-existent time it would take for a second farm. I might have that kind of time in 10 years when my youngest heads off to college, but somehow I doubt Farmville will be my drug of choice for “me time.” Zynga is doing all they can now to push me to find something else, and I’ve no doubt I’ll have found something by then!

  221. caoticTrance Says:

    Zynga, why are you not listening to your customer base? These people invest valuable time, energy and money into FV and here you go pissing all over their hopes and dreams of change. Actually listen for once and just maybe you will see a soaring increase in your profits.

    These people want:

    and I suggest, if you can’t make this work then just maybe you should back off from this second farm idea and focus on changes to the original game. There are plenty of bugs that need to be fixed.

    I can see ALOT of people walking away from their computers over this if it’s not up to their standards. They of course are the ones that play 24/7 and fill your banks accounts with their hard earned dollars.

  222. Naomi Says:

    I dont like this business with having only one farm in ACTIVE MODE. I dont like the GREEN HOUSE or this geneology of SHEEP, ethically FARMVILLE CLAIM to be ORGANIC. (yes I knnow this is just a game, but think about this)

    Is the purpose for the green house and sheep breeding to instill a subconscious acceptance of Genetically Modified CROPS and livestock?… IT IS against the REAL LIFE rules of ORGANIC certification to have any GM crops at all. So someone needs to tell farmville you CANNOT BE both. I made an ethical stand against the greenhouse and deleted it. I will not support Genetic Modification. NOT MANY people know or realise the danger of eating this crap… You know in some tests and trials with GMO canola that cows eat, The cows would not touch the GM crops. in other instances where cows were made to eat GMO food, THEY went sterile… now knowing this DO YOU WANT TO EAT GMO food. Well guess what they removed a law (in my country), where manufacturers had TO STATE they used GMO in product. Now they dont have to. so you no longer know when you are eating these crops. The ONLY way to protect yourself is to BUY certified ORGANIC.

    FARMVILLE you know we can be virtual growers and breeders without MUCKING with nature.

    I also know it is just a game and a bit of fun. But it still makes you wonder WHY they did it. Do some multi billion dollar corporations have a hand in the jar, to get people to SUBCONSCIOUSLY accept these things as GIVEN so we will start to buy the REAL products REALLY forsale for our consumption. COS at the moment TOO MANY people wont accept GMO.

  223. Billy Says:

    Not being able to work on both farms at the same time is totally ridiculous. This has just about killed all my enthusiasm for the EC farm. I have “unliked” the FarmVille English Countryside group on Facebook. No point in getting White Asters if they won’t be able to grow on schedule.

  224. steffy Says:

    Ok am I the only one that has thought we should all go on strike for a month. Let them loss fv money for a month and maybe they will listen. All anyone wanted was another farm to transfer stored items, new crops…… But no they refuse to listen!

  225. EnglishRose Says:

    Not being able to run the farm simultaneously doesn’t make sense.
    I’m going to wait for an explanation and until then I will “Unlike” the FVEC page.
    If all players who are disappointed “Unlike” the page lets see how long it will take for FVEC to reach the 2.5 mill goal.
    Might be interesting to see how much it drops, or?

  226. Susan Says:

    I have “unliked” the FarmVille English Countryside page on Facebook.

  227. Jena Crowley Says:

    BRAVO ZYNGA!! YOU SCREWED UP AGAIN!! I have 487 things in storage and over 100 items in my giftbox, someone else mentioned above about why save SD’s if our stuff isn’t accessible on the new farm…and WHAT IS THE POINT OF A NEW FARM??? I could go play Farmtown or some other farm game if all I wanted was a new farm to build from scratch. This is absurd. The whole point of Zynga creating a new game (second farm) was because players were complaining about not having enough space for the items they already had or the items that they wanted to get but didn’t have room for. This has me to the point that I don’t really want to do anything with Farmville period since they don’t seem to actually LISTEN to what their players really want/need.

  228. KATHY Says:

    This just totally blows my mind!

    I knew they weren’t the smartest cookies in the jar, but this idea has gotta be the stupidest one so far!
    If one farm pauses, there is no point in having 2 farms. Just start a new farm with a new email.

    I’m still just shaking my head, trying to figure out what they could possibly be thinking. Well, obviously there wasn’t too much thinking going on!

  229. VADIRAJ Says:

    Better give English crops, English animals as well as English buildings.. Don’t mess farmville by pausing the farms…!!

  230. Cameron Says:

    Well said Jena…. I dont want to play another game.. I just want to make the farm I have better.. I’m not going to waste time if I cant mix and match the 2 farms..

  231. kortni Says:

    im totally down to boycott FV for awhile!!!…til they realize how much they FUCT up with this BullSh*t EC idea of halting our original farm!! spring is coming, i need a tan, and i have a beautiful yard to plant real crops and flowers on…

  232. VADIRAJ Says:

    And even expand the farm upto 36×36 so that we can place English Items

  233. tweety Says:

    I love my farm on FV and like most people on here, I have put a lot of work into it. To start a second farm and not have progression on both, welp, I would have to stay with my regular farm. Just a thought for all to remember, nothing to get mad about, it is just a game. You do have the choice to do whatever you want. Have a good night and good luck to all you farmville freaks in deciding what farm to play. :)

  234. Rebekka Says:

    I was really excited about the new farm, and wanted to have one.

    But now that I’ve read that you can only work on one farm, while the other is paused, I DON’T WANT THAT CRAP SECOND FARM

  235. Bethany Says:

    I will also unlike the page FVEC. I really want to have a storage barn for animals. with no limits and not a storage barn that you can harvest. Just a place to put them for when you want to decorate to a particular theme etc.

    When you reach the end and don’t even have the space for a tree, It does not look very nice, Its cluttered and disorganised and will never win farm of the week. Then to top that off there is no room for actual crops to grow. So I have to then part with all my things that I painstakingly collected in the first place, or just forget about getting anything new. A storage facility that will hold it all is the way to go just like in FarmTown. If we had a place just to put it while we do something different for a change maybe we would enjoy the game a little more. buy a little more premium items, If I had somewhere to put it all, I might spend even more on premium things then I already do, I would have the freedom to keep decorating it to be fresh and new. My neighbours may love to come and see my changes etc. BUT I can’t do any of this. I too thought the second farm would be the answer to my prayers and a great place to dump all the excess.

    I think I will just quit it again and only came back to it about a month ago.

    message (222) about the greenhouse, the person that put a thumbs down rating, just shows how unintelligent you really are. LOL aren’t you glad that it is anonymous so you can hide behind your stupidity. I fully expect you to rate this post down too.

  236. farmvilleplayer Says:

    farmville english countryside = EPIC FAIL

    lol lol lol lol………

  237. Caryn Says:

    Maybe we should just all start spending our money on Farm Town instead , since we can have more than one active farm at the same time there.

  238. Gardengirl Says:

    Question then: If the original FV is being left behind, does that mean we won’t get new themes and buildings and such there???

    Also, will we be able to get the English buildings or build them on the original FV???? Someone?

  239. Nick Says:

    hahahaha i have never seen a more ridiculous idea. having two farms and not able to use both at the same time. maaaaaan zynga has lost it all. its proven. i’m not even bothering with the EC now. duhh

  240. Shaun Says:

    It’s not even out yet and the already f****d it up…..good job Zynga

  241. Gardengirl Says:

    And, after reading most of these posts it’s an aha moment! So, it’s the lack of servers that cause me such pain in having to harvest and plant 3 or 4 times each day over and over the same crop??????????????? This is why I get my farm down and then leave and come back to find all my work undone????????????????????? Gee, I wonder why I am even sticking with my first farm if you can’t have the consideration for your players to make sure their time spent on FV isn’t totally wasted!

  242. Loony Says:

    Epic fail! Thats all thats left to say about fvec. Zynga, you can play the english countryside by yourself. I won’t .

  243. c to Amanda Says:

    zynga is deaf to their customers. seriously, one active farm per time??? i will loose the track… or just not going to participate in this “english” stuff… all this started as a fabulous idea, but… thanks, zynga, you just screwed up. AGAIN.

    ps. to all, who would call me whiny b*** – well,, i don’t have money for psychotherapy, i need to whine somewhere :D soooo…. have a good day :)

  244. Bruno Says:

    While it is a bit disappointing that we won’t be able to work on both farms at the same time, I totally understand the underlying reason: SERVER SPACE.
    Having two farms active at the same time means double the space for each player who’s doing both games.
    Well, we’ll see. i’ll give it a go anyway.

  245. Charles Says:

    Excuse me, I font know how to contact anyone on here BUT I just grew one of my seedlings and it turned into something called a “Giant Rainbow Tree” However on my farm it only appears as a dark circle?
    Has Anyone else Had this?

  246. c to Bruno Says:

    zynga’s server space or lack of it is NOT MY PROBLEM. if they were not ready to load practically a new game, then why they are doing this?? to have more glitches, out off synchronize cows and annoyed players?.. oh, yes, MONEY…

    oh, now, when game will go out off synchronize [you can bet that will be more often...], we still wouldl see that cow or something more “english”? :D

  247. keiji Says:

    who’s winning?? I AM.
    i’ll get more time for other activities non-Zynga related.

  248. aville Says:

    not happy about only one farm working. still almost at level 100 will consider packing it in at that point because xp to level up after that is crap

  249. LadyLiz Says:

    If server space is going to be the issue then just give us the 30×30 farm and forget about the English Countryside….I worked to hard on my farm getting it up to level 105 to put it on hold to start a new one….sorry Zynga….not my cup of tea….

  250. Monte Says:

    You should ask the players whether or not they want 1 farm on pause….after all, no players, no game!!!!
    My vote goes for having both up at all times!!!

  251. AnnoyedUKPerson Says:

    Why is it called English countryside when clearly the focal point of all their advertising is the British flag, which includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and its quite frankly insulting to splash the UK flag everywhere and stick ‘English’ beside it as it negates centuries of history and ignores the other very important countries within the British union; there’s more to Britian than England.

  252. Isabeaux Says:

    I am tired of Zynga’s limitations. They are unreal, unfair, unethical. Now you want us to accept the idea that only 1 farm will work at a time. Nope, not going to do that. It is frustrating enough that you control us with that stupid Throttling, now you want us to be all chirpy chirpy about this English farm and only one farm being active. How about calling it a switch. Turn on FVEC and turn off FV. If you really intend on doing this, you can count me out of Zynga games. I’ve had it. I really hate control where it really is not necessary, and it is NOT necessary. FarmTown has 8 farms and we can move items from one farm to the next. If they can do it so can you. If you think I buy that server issue, you are wrong. The only server issue is you do not want to spend any of that billion dollars you have to upgrade and add new servers. So do not give me that line… I do not buy it. Get your act together. Stop controlling us and expecting us to like it.

  253. Jean Says:

    I was excited but after reading this I’ve lost all interest.

  254. Cher Says:

    i agree with the same as everyone else, so i won’t bother repeating it all over. What i do want to point out/ASK is since what we want is MORE farming space…..can’t we get rid of the many, many, barns and sheds and let us just have unlimited storage?? Oh what i could do with all that space..i have a total of 6 barns, 7 sheds and 5 dairy farms!!! New things to build comes out so often and not just for holidays….My 500 storage is filled up and my gift box is pretty much a storage as well. I hate deleting or selling things just to make room. Why can’t we regain all that space and be able to put our stuff into one or none if i had my wish…been a regular player for few years now and i do play other games that do offer these options. I know it can be done. We all know it can. Was really looking forward to the new farm…but dang…not a happy camper here…

  255. Cindy Love Says:

    Anybody that thinks that Cindy Huxley needs to get a real life, and attitude adjustment, and just needs to shut the he11 up, give this a thumbs up.

  256. satuka Says:

    What’s the point of starting up saving those SDB’s when you can’t move them to the other farm anyway?

    And what is the point of having a second farm if you can’t work on both of them at the same time?

  257. Lea Says:

    This is definitely a deal-breaker. I have mastered all crops but 2, but I still have many trees to master. If my farm is paused, my orchards won’t grow and I won’t be mastering any trees! That just sucks!!!!

    I was so exited for the new farm. but now- I know I’m not gonna abandon my old farm.

    So goodbye FVEC!

  258. Che7enne Says:

    lol surely there is a trick to play on both farms, and have both farms active…. but of course you could create two account and have them both at least on level 20 … you can work on those simultaneously with different two browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, and Firefox … so it may be possible to work on both farms on 1 account if one used 2 browsers….

    If I want to have my crops grown in the limited time what it supposed to be grown in, then I will have to keep that farm active in one browser all the time…

    I don’t know, but I surely would like to try it…

    so best start a new account, get a new farm, upgrade it till level 20, then get the english one, and keep that active 24/7 … and with your current account you are still able to play farmville the way you are used to…

    for now

  259. me Says:

    hmmmmmm not bothering now!
    shame could have been good fun.

  260. Steven Hoyle Says:

    Please express your opinions on the official zynga forum site.

    As i see many people do not like this idea one bit so we need to get
    zynga to listen to its players.

    Follow the link and express your opinions

  261. chrissro Says:

    Zynga don`t you realize that the players wanted a second farm because they are out of space ? Why are you ignoring the main problem – that our farm is full and our biggest desire is more storage for stuff and animals? If the 2 farms do not interact why don`t you make it a separate game ? What is the point of so called second farm? If we want a second farm from zero we will play farmville again on another account…Don`t you think so?
    All this teaser for so long – made us hope that the idea of second farm like a kind of expansion and then ruin all cause is basically like a totally separated game..

    I just think of the Zynga programmers how much did they work for that … but the idea of what is the meaning of a second farm was wrong. For me a second farm is a new farm connected in all ways with the first one. Just dreaming moving the horde of animals on the second for a better loading :(. We suggested general barn for animals … nobody listen.
    We suggested organized storage … who cares, cause Zynga will not earn money buy programing that, of course the market changed cause is important for spending fv. You have so many problems to fix … and you ignore them … but of course you had time for a second marked (so called model farm – which is pointless… and now a second farm for the players to buy the same things twice…

    You dream on Zynga , but you really just have a totally different feedback that you espect. You really succeed to angry all the players. There are all the EC forums complaining of the stupids ideas pausing farms and not be able to interact with each other by moving items.

    Don`t tell me that you cannot implement moving stuff from one farm to another … cause from what I heard the giftbox is common and you could easily make an option SEND TO GIFTBOX , near sell , store or move.

    But you Zynga don`t really care about that since you want us to buy the same stuff twice… But guess what players are not that stupid and will eventually don`t care about you…
    I personally was a big fan of farmville , but now I`m so mad that I almost lost interest for playing. Huge disappointment!
    I`m sure that you even will not bother to change EC the way we want it and in your future podcast you will not mention nothing about our wishes and your forum moderators will not write anything about that cause that you always do ignoring our problems or what we want. But you should not act like that if I was Zynga I would say sorry about that and promise to change things…but you are Zynga the company who made so much money and don`t care about what the players want. But this is the last drop , the cup is full…

  262. Leslie "O" Says:

    I think this is a programming issue, Zynga could not figure out how to get both farms to grow at same time.

    Items in current farm storage not being able to transfer to the new farm makes sense and its a great Idea goodies in my gift box can used on either farm. But choosing which farm to be active?

    That is like telling us while we are playing Cityville or Fronterville, our crops in Farmville wont grow.

    Please Zynga , take the time to figure out the programming glitch and don’t risk losing 100′s of players. Because we love the game we we are a forgiving bunch, but push the limits you will see a lot of game play drop off

    I am with the rest of the bunch a level 107, and yeah I probably should quit the game. Don’t punish us because you cannot figure this out. We don’t deserve to have our current farms idle while we bust out hours of work on the new farm .

    Take your time don’t rush it we will wait while you fix this glitch =)

    Leslie “O”

  263. Moonix Says:

    How utterly ridiculous of Zynga to think people will just abandon/pause their hard working farms to start up some new English farm from scratch. Yet another sly excuse to make people part with their FVs for new items, a sheep breeding pen is hardly worthy of the effort of those level 100+ farmers.

    Myself, I’ve been wanting to start my farm over for a while so I will be going over to the English countryside purely to start over. But then, I haven’t spent a tonne of FVs and my storage is quite empty so I’m not missing out on much if I do.

  264. FallenAngel Says:

    I for one wont be playing FVEC.Not only because I think the new rules are stupid,but because someone has to make a stand.Every time Zynga comes up with something we dont like,we complain(feed limits,high price of items in the market,the rising price of horses,horses in the mystery game as well as the rising cost to play that as well)
    Each time I come to FVfreak to see whats new,there are more and more negative comments and people that are unhappy with aspects of the game.
    Dont you realize that all the complaining in the world isnt going to change a thing?
    In the end,no matter how upset we may be,we give in and buy that horse,or throw that dart.
    We spend our hard earned money on a game(yes,it is our choice..we can always choose not to)only to become upset or frustrated with something that is supposed to be relaxing and fun.
    Remember the old Smokey the Bear ads?”Only YOU can prevent forest fires”
    Well,only YOU can make Zynga listen.
    How do you do that?
    By hitting them where it hurts..the wallet.
    Money is the bottom line,and since all of the players who purchase FV cash are the ones who are paying the bills at Zynga and putting money in their pockets,the players are the ones who hold the upper hand.
    If EVERYONE would stand together and stop playing for 2 or 3 days Zyngas loss in revenue would be in the hundreds of thousands,if not millions of dollars.(How many millions of players purchase new horses evey week?Or throw more than one dart at 20 FV cash a pop?)
    Once Zynga expierences a loss in revenue,how long do you think it will take before they listen?Not long is my guess.
    Its YOUR game.Its YOUR choice.

  265. Field Cockroach Says:

    I knew it was going to be a disappointment, didn’t know it was gonna be such a HUGE one. Why bother with the stupid english expansion now?

  266. Jody Says:

    This is clearly just zynga’s way of trying to phase users out of Farmville and into a new game. Frontierville did not work, Cityville did not work. Rewardwille is lame. Apparently they are not able to grow/maintain Farmville effectively anymore – I think most “dedicated farmers” have sensed this for some time now. I had a GREAT TIME playing Farmville over the last year, but it appears those days are over.

  267. TC Stub Says:

    No Need to save all the building materials. Won’t be going aboard now.

  268. Brenda Says:

    Due to lack of time, several months ago, I quit playing FarmTown basically because I liked the graphics in Farmville more. But after reading this latest FV catastrophy, I actually opened my FarmTown back up this morning. Haven’t looked at it in a very long time, but I am liking what I see THERE more and more. I have a long way to catch up in that game, but I could probably catch up faster in FarmTown then I can hope to in Farmville with this latest debacle. I WILL “UNLIKE” the English Country Side. Why can Farmtown have eight farms and in Farmville we have to fight for meager upgrades. I do spend FV Cash and I was damned if I was going to spend it on Expansions, so I waited PATIENTLY for the FV coin expansion to come out. I do I repeat PATIENTLY, what did it take, two months or better for the coin expansion and then you had to ADD more neighbors. I HATE that, I don’t have time to take care of the loyal ones I already have, not to mention the fact that you can’t send gifts to everyone. THAT bugs me to. I should be able to send gifts to everyone. Not to mention the fact that new gift return option in FV doesn’t work unless your only returning to one person, at least not on my farm. Oh I knew I shouldn’t have gotten started, because even though I have been a BIG supporter of Zynga throughout all the glitches, quirks, disappointments and frustrations, this one just sent me over the top!!! Zynga go take lessons from FarmTown and come back with a workable solution. Yes I realize if I like what is in Farmtown, I should just go play that game, but I have spent alot of time and MONEY in FV and would like to see a workable solution. Sorry for the ranting!!

  269. Alex Says:

    Hello Farmer Echo,

    This is the second time I am attempting to post this, I really hope you see it.

    Well I found your post very entertaining, I think you have a great sense of humour and I hope that you will use the website link I added below my name to add me as a friend.

    LOL beware Imposters trying to impersonate Farmer Echo. I will be able to tell from the talking/writing style whether you are who you claim to be.

    So sad that I wont be able to put good items from one farm to another. or grow them at the same time. Everyone moves things around in real life, that is what delivery vans/trucks/ships/trains/planes are for. So instead of disabling the use of items how about, Make it take a couple of days to reach the other farm, as we all know that shipping takes time.

    Happy Farming everyone

  270. Cathy Says:

    Farmer Echo – you are a jewel!

  271. Farmer Paula Says:

    Won’t be doing the English Countryside then. Whats the point if one will be “off” if the other is “on”. Zynga you f’ed up!

  272. assds Says:


  273. chrissro Says:

    Dear friends let`s boycott Zynga by not buying any fv items on the second farm. And think honestly : Do you let away your main farm , full with beautiful buildings , animals and decoration for a new one? Do you like the idea of buying same stuff twice? Do you like the idea to not be able to decorate with your hard earned stuff on the English farm and start from zero? How about that ugly colorated sheep (just don`t get why they did not use the idea of horse breading)?

  274. Pop Eye Says:

    well i guess this is a fucking bad news.. damn, i just didn’t see it coming.. i’ve been waiting for so long to be screwed up..

  275. Captain Obvious Says:

    That’s stupid, stupid, stupid!

  276. Pepper Says:

    Prior to becoming an ‘official site’, I’m guessing FarmVille Freak would have given us this information the day they got back from their California vacation (if not sooner!). Not much doubt as to who pulls their strings now!

  277. Amy Says:

    This is retarded, what is the point in having a second farm if our original farm will be placed “on pause”. I wont be playing the new one, and won’t put anymore money into the game for now, see if anything happens! Zynga is pathetic! I wish I could burn down their office.

  278. Cher Says:

    why is my post # 246 posted at 6:42 am STILL waiting to be moderated when so many has gone on after mine??

  279. John Says:

    I dont care about the building materials Because I have more than 50 Special Delivery Boxes!

  280. Leslie "O" Says:

    Pepper be fair hon, don’t be hating and shoot the messenger of bad news.

    There is only so much that can be disclosed in advance and would it really have helped to hear about this a week sooner?.. the new farm is not up yet…

    Our freaks work very hard to keep this site updated ” to the minute” at no cost to us ..

    Our thanks to you Goddess and your team for looking out for your fellow freaks

  281. Linn Says:

    Don’t like pausing one of the farms. I like to harvest barn, stable and chicken coop every day when I get home from work.

  282. Mike Says:

    This is SO lame … I had hoped that we could transfer stuff between farms, or would at least be able to access our gift box and storage from either farm. My farm is bursting at the seams, and the ONLY reason for me to start another farm would be to get more space. But again, it turns out to be so TYPICAL. Zynga just doesn’t listen. The 28×28 expansion was a gas, after all, what do 2 rows of plots really help. I sure wouldn’t mind spending a pile of FV cash on an expansion that would REALLY improve things (like 60×60 or such), but I will surely not spend a singe $ on THIS.

  283. sarahsmommywest Says:

    I see no point in having two farms if they don’t grow concurrently… sounds like if I want an English farm I will have to use my husband’s email and open it from there…then I can have both growing at the same time… I think all this move is doing is forcing FarmVille players to create additional email accounts and friend themselves so they can grow both at the same time…

    BAD IDEA… do you care???

  284. Len Says:

    What fun is that? And how am I going to remember what progress I made on which farm? It honestly sounds too frustrating. Figure out how to make two farms grow at once, Zynga. It can’t be that complicated, can it?

  285. Rebecca ~T~ Says:

    I am SOOO disappointed I spend choke $$ for FV cash, to buy things I like, only to have to “STORE” them because of LACK of room, WHY oh WHY ZINGA is so STINGY about making our farms bigger is BEYOND me, I think a 2 level farm right where we are now would make me stay another year or more playing FV, a level for farming and a level for decorating, REALLY I spent that FV CASH for that last expansion, honestly i am getting tired of being out of sync, ducklings i cant ask friends to help grow, “FREE GIFTS” which i have no names to select to send too, and when there were names to send too i could only send a limited amount… UGGG like i feel like i am cheating out 3/4 of my neighbors let alone the rest of my FB friends that still play FV. i have had NO FV feed since last EASTER, Really ZYNGA piles on tasks like someone can actually keep up with them and get BORED, I HATE THE GREENHOUSE whats the use of it? there are NO USES for several CROPS we grow, who wants bushels if they do not have a use? other then the 1 we can use towards MASTER POINTS. HONESTLY what a RIP off we can not use our CURRENT STORAGE on the ENGLISH FARM I ALREADY bought ENGLISH ITEMS when it was the theme…, why not i mean WE PAID FOR THE STUFF, really seems to me that ZYNGA thought of a way to suck out more CASH from a hurting economy, No i not only will NOT GO ENGLISH, REALLY i play 4 zinga games but im really sick of
    the constant MUST DO RIGHT NOW tasks if i play all day every day i STILL CAN NOT KEEP UP, ZYNGA u STRESS ME OUT . I think I will take my 150$-300$ a month spent on ZYNGA game cards and buy NEXON Maple Story cards where i can chat in Real time with characters and hang out with my teenage daughter and her friends and actually BE COOL and accepted. i played MAPLE for 4 years before ZYNGA been here for a year and NO I AM NOT #$%^&*( starting OVER i am just a skip hop and a jump from 100 level. ARE YOU NUTS or what? and only 1 farm works at a time HOW STUPID IS THAT. i AM not spending another PENNY ON zynga CARDS I am totally SICK of lack of space, a storage that is IMPOSSIBLE to use, Buy a fence and you can lay it all out with 1 trip to the market, get it from storage and you have to keep going back into storage for each section and scroll till u find it there is NO organization in storage so it takes HOURS to get the stuff u like out, ZYNGA u sucked this FARMER DRY of patience, time and $$$. I LOVE my neighbors but HEY most feel the way I do, some already quit, MAKE IT farm-able with PLENTY OF ROOM or this farmer is hitting the NET for a less demanding , less BUGS, less disappointments , a better QUALITY way to spend my free time a place where I can feel HAPPY and not CRAMPED in a tiny space…My farm is like so disorganized and hectic I DON’T play GAMES to feel NEGATIVE about it whats the benefit of that? want me to start over … GIVE US A CREDIT of FV CASH to LIFT the deficit of all the CASH WE ALREADY SPENT off our shoulders, ITS YOUR TURN to GIVE quit TAKING… Zoo WORLD is good at letting u EARN zoo $ so even the very poor can get the “COOL THINGS” greed makes ME SICK. sorry friends with a different opinion, but if i wanted to START OVER id use another SN and do it or start a NEW GAME altogether… NOT A BAD IDEA…”NEW GAME”

  286. cute Says:

    well, lets see when they release i’m sure everybody will try to play .

  287. Jenn Says:

    Reading this news has just completely burst my happy bubble about FVEC. I certainly don’t want one farm to be on “pause” or “hold” when I am playing the other. I want my crops, trees and animals to mature even when I’m playing the other farm. That just really ruins it for me. I don’t understand why they would do it that way at all. I’d just not do another farm if that were the case. I guess I will see what happens when it’s released, but I just don’t know now if I will be playing FVEC much or not.

  288. Greg Says:

    So really what your saying is that its goin to be a completely different game and not a part of farmville, with one drawback, this new game will completely stop our farmville farm, as opposed to playing a different game, like say frontierville or cityville, which doesnt affect your farm. Zynga never ceases to amaze me. Very bad idea Zynga.

  289. Joe Says:

    I think Zynga should really rethink this whole process, there is so much more money to be made and not off of us. I think that we as players should be charged a “delivery” charge, we pay coins, and charge delivery companies $$$ to put their names on the “planes” that deliver our stuff to the new farm. They turn a profit off of the companies and we can bring some things from home to England with us. And no the whole one farm at a time thing dont work for me, If I fly to England to visit my home town don’t go on pause because I am not there.

  290. Katy Says:

    The whole “pause” thing means I will probably steer clear of the English farm. That concept is really lame. Does anyone know WHY they would make one farm be paused???

  291. Mary Says:

    That’s really stupid that one farm will have to be active and the other not. I thought the whole point of this was to give you more to do while your crops grow AND to give you more space. I’ve been saving a lot of things in my storage that I thought I’d be able to use on my English Farm (I don’t have room on my original farm) and now I won’t be able to do that. I’m definitely still going to see if I like it, but it sucks that if I’m working really hard on English Countryside quests that anything I’ve planted on my regular farm won’t grow. Things already take too long to grow! I was really hoping for some interaction between the two farms… I have so many different sheep on my farm already, I was looking forward to using them for breeding.

    I think if Zynga gets enough complaints about how they missed the point of giving us a second farm, they’ll change things around a bit. But, we’ll have to wait for the new farm to actually come out first.

  292. June Says:

    Pepper said something about how now that Farmville Freak has become an “official site” Zynga is pulling the strings on the information we get. I’d like to remind you that we STILL got all of this information well before the release date of FVEC and that if Zynga hadn’t let Farmville Freak visit, we wouldn’t have gotten some of this information at all. It’s obvious none of this info has been leaking out. Before the trip, Farmville Freak was only able to give us the same updates Zynga was giving us. It’s really stupid to be upset that this post came out only a few days after their visit to Zynga instead of the first day after. This is a huge website that makes money off of advertisements. They need to stager their posts to get more hits. Believe it or not, this website isn’t run entirely for YOUR benefit Pepper. Besides, it’s too hard to keep up when their are a lot of updates in one day. I appreciated the fact that they waited a little longer.

  293. Claire Says:

    Sorry Farmville, I’ll go have a look at your new farm but then I will just stick with my original.
    Everyone elses comments sum mny feelings up perfectly. NO POINT IN BOTH FARMS!!! If only one is active! Seriously???
    Unless Z gets this sorted fast I can see the EC farm failing…I’d rather wait a few more weeks for a second farm and be able to use both.
    Talk about the biggest disappointment in FV history….

  294. Farmer Paula Says:

    chrissro, Isabeaux. and Leslie “O, all of you said what I have been thinking. I am tired of Zynga’s limitations. unethical. The limit was bad enough with that damn throttling but now they start up with this BS! No FVEC for me. When that balloon lands on my farm, I’ll shoot the little bastard off there.

  295. upset_player Says:

    Like I told everyone before, ITS NOT A NEW FARM “ITS A NEW GAME” . Zynga must have hired a new marketing team cause they actually came up with a winner this time to get players, lmao!!!
    PS: A new farm would be accessible at any time, you would be able to grow crops on either and move all your stuff around.

  296. Gartenpalme Says:

    If I get to play only on one farm i’ll not even start the EC because I’am not really into stars and striped and spaghetti and grape and other nonsense sheep…really this is for 5 year olds. I’ll stay with the farm i waorked on for over one year….Thank you Zynga… but thanks

  297. janet hunt Says:

    well well well,another totally stupid idea by zynga,only one farm will work,dum,cross breeding sheep ,who gives a shit,now if you would let have more say in our horses on farmville,that would be need to start listening to the players if you want to be succesfull,and its obvious you are not.and you need to stop playing favourites,like americans only,and i phones only,you have really alienated this canadian,i was putting your pledge of alegience to the flag up on my wall for your troops,and ours.well no more,its time you americans learned you are not the only people that matter in this world.i am not sure if i ever want to play a zynga game again.just so you know i am not the only one who feels this way ,i`m just the only one that will put my neck out and say it,i have spent hours and money on farmville that i can never get back,don`t make it all a waste for me and others,because you are about to lose a lot of buisness……use your brains

  298. Nathan Says:

    @Upset Player

    That’s not our problem. The problem is that one farm is going to stop time when we go to the other, making us unable to harvest the crops at the time wanted if we go to the other.

  299. Amy Says:

    @Upset Player

    If its a “NEW GAME” it shouldn’t be affecting Farmville and our original farm at all…I can play Frontierville, Cityville and whatever other Zynga has and that doesnt pause my farmville account…its retarded.

  300. me Says:

    #261 pepper, i agree

    whilst most people appreciate what the farmville freak team do on here,
    i agree, there has been a definate change since freak teamed up with zynga!!!!
    sorry freak team. :(

  301. steve Says:

    Thanks Zynga for allowing Farmville Freaks to share this latest information with us you saved me from totally wasting my time when it is released there will be no English Countryside for me you guys have mastered screwing things up though!

  302. Fernando Rego Says:

    Won’t be doing the English Countryside then. Whats the point if one will be “off” if the other is “on”. Zynga that realy sucks,what a let down.

  303. chrissro Says:

    LET`S ALL UNLIKE ENGLISH COUNTRY and give Zynga a slap , like they hit us.

  304. Not Tellin U Says:

    I am gonna be really PSSST when I see that there are so many cool sheep and I can only have 20-40, like seriously Millions of sheep? I like the polka dot ones. I like the stripe ones too. What about the polka -dot and stipe sheep? THIS WILL BE VERY FRUSTERATING.

  305. Tammy Says:

    No way to the new farm, I did not work this hard, invest this much time and spend this much money on something just to leave it to start something new, they called this an exspansion, hows that, if you cant cross them over. this English country side doesnt exspand nothing, I wont be doing it, very disapointed, and I would rather keep buying and breeding my horses, on my original farm, than breed these sheep.

  306. chrissro Says:

    Look what a friendly Zynga site say:

    Moooving On Over
    Since the English Countryside is a second farm, players are also wondering if they will be able to decorate it any way they wish. Players WILL be able to use anything in their Gift Box on either farm (including seedlings, mastery signs and items you collect off the feed), Players will NOT be able to take items from their original farm’s storage to place in the English Countryside. Although this may seem disappointing to you at first, rest assured it is a good thing. No one wants to throw some decorations on a second farm and forget about it like grandma’s attic. You’ll want to use this new space to showcase some awesome new buildings, decorations and crops.

    Managing Two Farms
    You might be thinking it’s going to be a task managing the grow times on two farms. Zynga has created a perfect solution for this. Only one of your farms will be the “active” farm. For example, if you plant Raspberries on your first farm and Red Currants on your second farm, whichever farm you use last will become your active farm. The first farm you planted Raspberries on will freeze in virtual time, so your crops will not grow (or wither) while you’re away, while the second farm’s Red Currants will be growing per their normal harvest time. The last farm you’re on for the day will be the one that’s active, and will also be the one your neighbors will be visiting.

    Continue reading on FarmVille English Countryside preview: Getting to England – National FarmVille |…#ixzz1GVZgHaU4

    No one wants to throw some decorations on a second farm and forget about it like grandma’s attic.

    You might be thinking it’s going to be a task managing the grow times on two farms. Zynga has created a perfect solution for this. Only one of your farms will be the “active” farm.

    Isn`t that ironically?

  307. tracie Says:

    well i was excited about english countryside but i wont be bothering now after continually complaing about lost items and out of synch issues on the original farmville and not getting a reply. i thought wohooo a new farm to start then i read u can only work one at a time how stupid is that i think zynga need to rethink this as alot of my farming friends wont be getting second farm either ……………. really bad move on your part zynga its a dud before u even launch it

  308. Agnes Bokany Says:

    Once up on a time … still 08.31.2010: existed a great game named Farm 52!!!
    There were no problems with two farms – worked both in the same time!!!
    But it wasn’t Zynga – it was Big Sea (former Big Fish)!

  309. Su Says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. How on earth can Zynga think this pausing is a good thing? I’ve been saving SDB’s for weeks now because I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of FVEC, but now I just feel completely let down.

    If this, frankly mental, decision isn’t reversed by Zynga, then I won’t be going anywhere near FVEC.

  310. Karla B Smith Says:

    I am TOTALLY DISILLUSIONED with this new farm now that I find out that one will be on pause while the other is being worked on, seems to me that is just defeating any purpose. Also wonder how it is going to work with the limit on how many items you can claim from the feed I already max out the 200 allowed items every day and that is working with only one farm. Sad and disappointed :(

  311. Ivy Jakel Says:

    Zynga if your goal was to piss everyone off before you released this new load of crap. Congratulations you have succeeded, now have fun dealing with the angry mobs you might find surrounding your headquarters soon! > : P

  312. Ivy Jakel Says:

    P.s, everyone should unlike their fan page now and see if it sends a clear message to them!

  313. MrsFarmerM Says:

    So not only do crops not grow on one farm, animals will not become ready, orchards will stop growing…all the time we have spent creating one farm will go out the door when we are on our brand new farm…LAME…
    Oh and that must also mean that our seeds in the greenhouse will not grow either…people will not be able click on it and there for help the seeds be harvestable, no more seeds on the feed to pick up, etc. I have mastered all but 3 of these crops (I stopped worrying about them as much) and have plenty of each seed to finish them off, but I am still a little pissed about the idea of this one (among other issues)…
    I think you need to rethink this aspect of your new farm idea ZYNGA!!!!!!!!!!!

  314. Dodie Says:

    The ‘pause’ feature sounds great to me. That way I can work two farms without spending any more time on it!! Of course, I do have a life, so maybe that’s why it appeals to me….

  315. ronlon Says:

    Not my cup of tea ;o

  316. Lizzie Says:

    The thing that is the deal-breaker for me is the fuel. I have hundreds of tanks and I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to use them on the English farm. My farm is big on crops, and I am not going to do it all one click at a time on the other farm. And I’m not about to buy fuel. And I cringe at the thought of having to start over. I tried FV Chinese but soon stopped because I didn’t want to buy fuel. I don’t buy the idea that “their servers can’t handle it”. They can in Farm Town, with 8 (soon to be 9) farms. Zynga is counting on people to spend the money to start over on their English farms.

  317. No Way Says:

    No way will I put the time in a second farm when only the one that you are logged into will be growing. What a crock!

  318. FV freak ali Says:

    I just bought a 2nd chicken coop in farmville app for iPhone is this a glitch?? (P.S I know this isn’t related to the English country whatever but I just wanted to ask)

  319. Vicktoria Says:

    Pretty silly idea, pausing one farm to work on the other. It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of Zynga.

  320. Vanessa Says:

    The one thing I like about the whole one farm being on pause, is you can plant a 2 hour crop, go to the other farm and then go to bed and not have your crop whither. That’s the only plus I see to one farm being on pause at all times. Other than that, it’s incredibly stupid. What is the point in having two farms if one is going to be on pause? So, in other words what they’re saying is that it’s going to take a really long time to level up or get anything done on one of your farms. That doesn’t sound exciting at all. I do like the idea of breeding sheep. I wish we had some place to put our sheep on the farm I have.

  321. Ray Says:

    Zynga is pure evil.

  322. Patti Says:


  323. shelly Says:

    What is the point of the second farm if it make the first farm virtually stop? Clearly Zynga has lost touch with the player based beyond the feed limits & throttles. Think I’ll just stay on this side & not go to the English Countryside if it’s going to virtually stop the progress I have on the first farm.

  324. andrew Says:

    Does anyone else have another duck pond in their gift box

  325. Vanessa Says:

    For all of you who are upset that you can’t use the items in your storage on the new English Countryside, it makes perfect sense why Zynga did this. They want us to spend more money buying these items. We will most likely not be able to buy the items that are in the Market on our original farms for the English one and the items that are in the Market on the English one on our original farms for the same reason, they want us to spend twice as much money on these farms than we do now. I have no room in storage anymore. I’m at 500 and my gift box is over 600. It would be nice to be able to move our animals to england or one or all of the three Maisons I have in storage there. But again, Zynga wants our money.

  326. Cindy Huxley Says:

    You are overreacting here. The hybrid crops were just a bit of fun, and the multi coloured sheep will be too.

    I am quite sure there is no intent on Zynga’s part, subconscious or otherwise, to persuade us of the value of GM.

    Don’t let yourself get too paranoid on this subject.
    And keep in mind that most of the crops we eat, cereals, fruits, veg etc are in fact already genetically modified. They have been developed from wild stock by cross fertilisation in many cases to produce the crops we have today.

    As far as Farmville in concerned, just enjoy the game.

  327. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Jena-227 ‘someone else mentioned above about why save SD’s if our stuff isn’t accessible on the new farm’
    Because the GIFT BOX will be accessible – so SD boxes can be used in both places.

  328. Julie Fiebig Says:

    I have gone through and “liked” most of the posts that are as displeased with the fact that one of the farms will be “paused” while you are working on the other as I was. I am also posting in hopes zynga will listen to all of what their Fan Base is saying and find a way for both farms to be active at the same time.

  329. Devona White Says:

    not interested in this

    it depressed me if i cant bring my shee from farm A to farm B its a waste of time and a big mistake

    this is is going to be as much of a hit as coke 2

  330. heeler pack Says:

    ok now this is crap only one active farm at a time. i mean really all the work you have done for what we only have one active farm now. get rid of the stupid sheep pedigree which is gonna cause problems if you have to keep track of millions of peoples sheep breeding and use that space to let both farms be active at the same time.

  331. angela medina Says:

    I dont like the idea of one farm being halted while the other grows. I dont like the idea of not being able to access current storage for both farms…but at the same time be expected to use the current gifts for both farms. I was looking forward to this, but not so sure now…..and with all of the similar complaints, maybe zynga should rethink this part of the game please!

  332. Mon-chan Says:

    Wow… FAIL.

  333. Eluzabeth Akken Says:

    I was looking forward to English Countryside but no more. The pause feature really does not make sense to me. Really, really disappointed

  334. Ali Says:

    I WAS looking forward to the English Countryside , but if you can only work one farm at a time, that stinks!!!! I suppose for those who have all their crops and trees mastered it will be great, but I have spent a lot of time working on mastery for crops, crafting and trees and really don’t want to slow my progress until I have reached my goals. Glad Zynga is coming up with ideas for us to do fun new things but I don’t think we should have to sacrifice on beloved farm for another!! This needs to be re-programmed to allow us more options, otherwise I won’t be spending much time in the English Countryside :-(

  335. Southern Farmer Says:

    I will not be buying anything with Farm Cash … just a drop in the bucket to them but a lot of money for many of us …

    I will not be going to the new farm … each of our clicks brings money via advertisers to them

    I did *unlike* the Farmville Page ….

    I am protesting not being able to move my items to the new farm

    I am protesting the pause in the game.

    Unless things change I will not.

  336. Sandy Says:


  337. Amy Says:

    I agree with the others…very stupid idea to stop one farm. It will only annoy us & make things more difficult to keep track of. Also, opening gifts will be a challenge. If you want so many special deliveries to build something in FVEC, do you then have to switch to the old farm to open the rest? I can see a ton of ‘out of sync’ coming with this new release…ugh.

  338. SuperPa Says:

    Grow a spine, zynga and admit you want to put an end to the original game. That’s more dignified.

  339. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Bruna – 240 – yes that is probably the reason, but in that case they shouldn’t be releasing another ‘farm’ they should get more server spece and then design the game.

    242-Aville – why is the XP ‘crap’, its not that difficult to continue on up – I’m level 116

  340. Pat Phelps Says:

    I was so excited at the prospect of having an expansion of the England Farm until I read the post on here yesterday. If we go to our England farm then everything on our original farm stops growing eg. crops and trees. So, if i plant aloa vera which takes six hours and then go to the England farm for an hour, when I come back those aloa vera will be as I planted them, plus I not only have to wait seven hours now not six. I have put a lot of work into my farm and I grow to time to correspond with my tables in my spa so I dont think I will be bothering with the England farm. I am quite disappointed but I have enough to keep me going on the farm I have now. As we have a choice whether we do the England farm or not wouldnt it have been better if they had called the England farm something else and put it as another game?

  341. reincloud Says:

    400 pissed off posts. Ok, well maybe 398 – there were two posts about GMO seedlings (wtf??). I haven’t ever seen this many replies to ANY thread, on here or the official farmville forums. And ALL of them are totally angered at this new bit of information. That -should- say something, zynga. Seriously, there has never ever been an outcry like this. This is the time to listen up to your customers, zynga, or risk loosing a lot of us. Every single one of us should GO UNLIKE THE FVEC PAGE!! And what if none of us bought farmcash (except to donate – please keep doing that!) until this was resolved? I understand that would kind of suck (I actually do look forward to the new decorations coming out), but it would suck a lot more for zynga and coupled with the “unliking” of FVEC just might make them pull their ass out of their hat, at least on this issue ;)

    If they keep it this way I think it means the end of farmville all together for me. Ive been SSOO looking forward to the sheep breeding, it’s the one thing Ive wanted since I started playing a year ago, and it will break my heart if they finally make it happen, and then go and fluff it totally up in the same move :( Any time I’d be playing I’d just be thinking about how it didn’t work right…

  342. Elizabeth Says:

    Meh – I was excited until the stupid “one farm on pause” idea. Totally lame… I was really excited to be able to work on my EC farm while my reg farm was growing etc (only so much you can do when crops are growing). Apparently that is not to be… Rar.

    I guess I’ll just have to do everything I want on my old farm and then switch over to the new one. Or maybe forgo the new one altogether.

  343. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Cindy Love – 255. Sad you find a point of view that presumably doesn’t accord with yours so difficult to accommodate.

    Don’t worry though I am in no way offended. I am sure you feel you need to write the day you did. It’s fine.

    Perhaps in the future there may be more understanding between us, I wish you well.

  344. Jeffery Lawson Says:

    well well then I guess I won’t be getting the second farm then what is the purpose togo if both farms can’t keep growing and do other things and plus use your storage you already have so even though I have mastered out on all crops and working on the rest of my trees mastering I will just stick to my regular farm.

  345. SPIKE Says:


  346. EchoMike Says:

    what a stupid concept!…confusing and complicated.

  347. Taurigal Says:

    Wow, this sounds like a giant cluster in the works. I think things will now become more confusing for the masses, leading to more hurt and angry people. I also believe we were mislead just a tad… If we can’t work both farms at the same time or access items between them, what is the point? Sounds like just another Zynga new game that just happens to be a farm. Kind of like Farmville. Or Frontierville. Then there’s Farm Town, some Wild West thing, … Aren’t there enough farms around already? I was hoping that by having this English Countryside version, we would be able to spread out our current farm goods a little – maybe use one farm for decorating and one for actual farming, etc. Who wants to simply start a new one altogether? I already spend enough time tethered to my computer as it is.

  348. Pheobe Says:

    what we need is to be able to take JUST our sheep/rams/lambs over, i have a TON of oddball ones id like to see what theyd make. IE: the disco ball ones from new years? thatd be funny to see!!

    and we also need to be able to work both our farms, otherwise NOTHING will EVER get done. atleast let our crops and trees grow… animals, fine, but buildings, orchards, crops… weve spent enough coins and time getting em that way, id like to be able to harvest from both otherwise ima just stay on my main one and say screw the ecs.

  349. trish Says:

    Yep…sounds like it’s the end of FarmVille as we’ve known it. Too bad…they really had a good thing going here. I’ve been playing for too long now I suppose…close to a couple years. Level 108…have payed heavily in the past to enjoy a lot of the different aspects/features/decorations, etc. And…happily. Well…I didn’t spend “too” much…but always felt like I could justify the spending on farmcash as “paying their staff to continue developing an award winning game”. Now…their efforts seem concentrated on bringing another facet to the game that will make it beyond cumbersome. I can’t even begin to imagine the glitches. I’ve read where some are thinking maybe they want this to be the final straw so they can put FarmVille out to pasture? Hope not…but sure seems that way. Really..could go on and on…but suffice it to say that I will NOT be participating in the English Countryside aspect of the game. And seriously hope it isn’t the final straw that breaks my habit of playing every night….or maybe I should be glad…clean, easy break from the game. LOL

  350. Andosia Says:

    I’m with many others, not liking the sounds of this.

    So the hundreds of items in our storage can’t be used on this second farm. We cannot grow/tend both farms at once, so we have to rotate between the two. We will have to start from complete and total scratch on this “second” farm, that means earning coins, and buying farmcash.

    This second farm really is not a second farm at all, but a new farm game disguised as a second farm. I was, also, looking very forward to this and am now very disappointed. I know a lot of work went into this, more than I can really understand from where I am at, but this doesn’t seem very friendly to the owners of original farms.

    Based on this info I don’t think this would be very enjoyable, and I may just pass.

  351. SteveX Says:

    Here is one idea that might just save FVEC from being the epic FAIL we all know it is doomed to be –

    Have the occasional unexploded bomb from WWII get plowed to the surface! Sometimes your tractor might get blown to bits, or your avatar might get dismembered. It would make things more interesting, at any rate…

  352. Farmer Dan Says:

    Aside from the issue of all progress being halted on one farm when you’re at the other, for those of us that have accumulated a lot of sheep on our regular farms, they will be useless in terms of keeping and breeding on the English farm since we can’t transport them. I was also looking forward to having something to store all of them in. Unless we can have a sheep pen on the regular farm too, I probably won’t be participating in that.

  353. Larry Says:

    WOW!!! All this hype and now they have added this pause feature why is the major question??

    This sucks so if your on english farm you planted a 8 hr crop you visted all your neighbors and pretty much done doing stuff there I mean what more could you do on a farm thats jus starting for 8hrs or etc.. So now what to do to kill time you can’t go to main farm now because anytime you spend on 1st farm takes away from progress on the other farm.

    What a joke I thought this was gonna be another ajoining farm hoping we could use our existing items and animals to eliminate the wheres more storage and another expansion issue. But now it’s being regulated and going to force new users to put money into another zynga app.

    Not fair at all especially seeing how zynga has myspace apps that havent been updated for years due to loss of interest so they make another app to draw you in to spend money.

    Also how will that effect the gifting and accepting limit??
    Seeing how now zynga is saying it’s 2 farms but same app HHmmm!!

    Mike pincus is in forbes magazine for joining the billionaire club but still charges fvc for every new 6 items out 8 that come out. Again thinking of the pocket ,then the average daily user with no money but likes to play games. They make enough wheres the break for the every day joe.

    Sounds to me like they wanna fade away with farmville and move on now they have figured out how to patch things and managed to use the original farm as there tester.

    So now if you want to play both games you need to have multiple accts to play both at once. Won’t stop most I’m sure millions of people will still play so zynga won’t change unless everyone unites together and asks for changes. It’s easier to hear millions of voices then just 1..

  354. Ali Says:

    OMG how can anyone have that much FarmCash!!!!!!!!!

  355. Patricia Says:

    Ok this Pause thing is just STUPID.. co-op farming is gonna be a living nightmare.. if crops are paused on Farm 1 while in Farm 2 .. and we are IN a co op, that’s gonna screw with timing on the co op crops.. Yes I know I can simply avoid EC farm til co op is done BUT here’s the kicker.. you recall how hard it was when co op’s first came out people were having a hard time understanding them.. now people are gonna jump on Co op’s forgetting bout/or not understanding this Stupid Pause thing and go to EC.. I Can just so hear the complaints now on this. Unhappy Foreman, and co op partner’s.
    I stopped playing FT when I got hooked on FV the moving animals back then was wonderful(they’ve since disabled it) now after MONTHS of anticipation of EC coming out I just want em to shove it back into development I know I don’t want this thing if it’s gonna have that stupid Pause. and 90% of my neighbors don’t want it either.

  356. Susan Says:

    The FVEC is a dead issue. Time to stop even wasting forum messages about it.

    As Bones McCoy used to say, “It’s dead, Jim.”

    I actually look forward to when I stop playing FV entirely. There are just enough working parts left that keep me interested in some of the game, but it wouldn’t take much for Zynga to screw them up too.

    Worst of all is their Ministry of Propaganda that constantly lies and tries to make all these fails look like something the paying customers want and have been asking for. Since they spout their own lies so often, they even start believing it themselves.

  357. Lola Yvette Says:

    wow this is a dissapointment, But thanks Freak page for keeping us informed. I sooooo very much was looking forward to ne sheeps I collect them but not at the cost of my current farm. This whole pause thing makes not sence at all. If you play frontierville and leave it for farmville your frontier still growns and what not. Weird choice and very dissapointing chioce Zynga. But at least if you come to your sences Farmvilel Freaks will be here to keep us informed!

  358. Dee Says:

    Like many others here, I was pretty excited about the idea of FV English Countryside. However, I am not happy to hear that one farm will be on “pause” mode while you work on the other. Unfortunately, that means that I will never have both farms because that is ridiculous. I will keep my regular Farmville farm and forego the EC. Three friends and I were talking Saturday about how excited we all are about the upcoming rollout of the English Counryside. When I call them tonight to tell them this, they won’t be playing either. Oh well…

  359. Mara Says:

    This sucks!!!! I spend a lot of my spare time to work on my farm and I’m not willing to spend doubble to keep two farms alive. In my backyards, the flowers don’t refuse to grow only because I’m at work, so why should crops on one farm not grow, while I’m at another. And why cant I take stuff from here to there? If I wanted two separate farms I could get a second account or play a totally different game. What’s the whole point? Please, think it over and make us happy. Just give us a second piece of land to work on. Where crops grow, no matter where you are and give us a backpack or a truck or whatever to move our stuff from one place to the other.

  360. natascha Says:

    Well, over three hundred responses and most of which are not in the favor of FVEC, myself included at this point with the ridiculous idea to have one farm stop while tending to the other? I read one post here which I agree with, it’s just a sly way of zynga adding another farm to start all over, it’s not really a ‘second farm’. And there way to lure people is with sheep breeding? come on, i don’t care about the sheep i already have. they should have made english countryside a new theme rather than a new farm, maybe even a permanent theme that we could have chosen some new clothes, new crops, new trees and buildings. I was only looking forward to new crops and buildings but now i could care less. not going to even bother with the new farm. Plus making it similar to fronteirville in the idea of making missions, etc is not cool. I played fronteirville for a whole hour before i gave up because of the pop ups, missions, energy, etc, its all bogus. I also agree with another response here that this may be the way out for zynga to get rid of farmville. too bad, i really enjoyed my little farm.

  361. natascha Says:

    and yeah all in favor to go and unlike FVEC? I’m going to do that right now!

  362. Sheron Signals Says:

    I have’t heard or seen anything that makes English Countryside special. The pause feature is fatal imho, since I’d only go to another farm to do stuff while my first farm is growing or getting ready. Having it pause takes away any reason I’d start another farm using FVEC. If I want another farm, all i have to do is go to hotmail and start another email identity – and judging from the names and chat, many of us already have done that. So no, I won’t be starting this new farm. Just not enough fun..

  363. Mike H. Says:

    I do not like the “one will be paused” deal. If, in real life, I was running two farms, one wouldn’t stop just because I went to the other. And Zynga, if your reading this, you would get more out of us (the player and fans) by having both farms running at the same time. Granted that the last farm your on is the only one that your friends can visit, that’s understandable. But both farms…… crops, animals, and trees…. should still be growing. Now the “holiday” stuff could be paused, like the Lep. Tree in your home farm pauses while your in your UK farm.

    That brings me to another question, on the EC are we going to have UK/European hoilday themes?

  364. Madelon Says:

    If there is no shared storage from FV to EC, will there be no way to move anything from farm to farm? What about the sheep in FV… no use in EC?

  365. Madelon Says:

    Wasn’t there something in the news here a little while ago about stocking up on the hothouse hybrids to plant on EC? There has to be some relationship between the two.

    While we’re complaining… Zynga needs to fix the way vehicle parts work. I had so much stuff in my gift box, I bought one of the St Patty’s tractors just to upgrade it with the parts on hand. It took for freakin’ ever. Click on the gift box, click on the vehicle part, choose the vehicle… and the gift box doesn’t even pop up again. I had one vehicle to upgrade… the new one, so why all the click, click, click.

    Instead of a new game, why not make the one we’re all playing more usable? Make it easter to use construction items, vehicle parts and the like… They did it with the special delivery boxes… now do it with the rest of the consumables.

  366. chrissro Says:

    Yes , you may not use the sheeps from your farm to the EC

  367. Jen Says:

    Well, I was excited for this.. now I am not. I would be happier if they just gave us a sheep barn on our normal farm, since sheep have been around since before there was a “need” for a nursery barn, duck pond, pig pen, turkey roost, beehive.. oh well. Way to go on totally disappointing what seems like most of the player base with this silly idea. I guess I will go sell all my extra sheep once official word on this expansion comes out about whether or not we can even move our sheep which I am getting the impression we won’t be able to. Pausing one farm to start another farm is just a bad idea. Bleh.

  368. Empy Says:

    This is… ridiculous.

    They were so quick to tell us that FVEC wouldn’t be a totally new game, and we rejoiced. But now we find out that it is just -like- a new game but with actual detrimental effects to our existing farm? What kind of mindset is this?

    I’d rather have it as a separate game if this is the case. At least then my real farm (which I have so little time with as it is) won’t suffer.

  369. bogus Says:

    There is another (imo better) farm type sim game that is on FB. It gives you the option to get other farms, to also transfer items from place to place AND not “pause” one when you visit the other. It can be done, Zynga is just being stupid as per the usual.

  370. Texas Becky Says:

    Thanks Freaks for giving us the heads up about this. I went ahead and enlarged my farm to the max and used all the building materials I’ve been saving up on stuff to enhance the original farm. Sorry England. I won’t be seeing you soon. Too bad. It sounded like fun, but when the teasers just wouldn’t quit I started smelling that shoe that was about to drop!

  371. Farmer B Says:

    I time my harvests for my convenience or while I’m waiting for the greenhouse seeds. This will screw ALL that up.
    Probably won’t start one now.
    Unliking FVEC now.

  372. tatiana Says:

    so can we moves stuff like trees and animals from our first farm to this one?

  373. Farmer C Says:

    Dumbest idea yet. Why not just start another FB account and start another framer there, get to level 20 or whatever it is you need to get the english farm and move to that one.

    Better yet just stop playing altogether. Springtime is coming and I could use some fresh air.

  374. Disgruntaled Farmer Says:

    Spent 2 hours reading all these posts. I agree, I’m not playing. Going right now to “UNLIKE” the page. Zynga is a bunch of assholes!

  375. Carrie Says:

    While FVEC might create interest with those who have quit playing Farmville, it is causing your loyal players to lose interest and to lose it fast! Without the dedicated players, Farmville would tank. Which is more important? I guess I can already answer that question..

  376. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Madelon – No there will be no shared storage. No movement of animals.
    Mind in England you have to have permits to move animals anywhere, even to parts of your own farm that are a distance away !!

    There will be sharing of the gift box items so SD boxes can be used.

    I have read pretty well all the posts on the EC and have never seen any suggestion the greenhouse hybrids could be used.

    Surely everyone will have mastered all of those by the time it happens anyway.

  377. Nathan Says:

    Erm, why does this topic keep getting bumped up to the top like it was just posted after the others. I keep getting confused and not reading the other updates that actually came after the EC topic.

  378. Gardengirl Says:

    While Zynga is fiddling with this new game and doing it all wrong for players, my FV farm is a mess!!! I can’t harvest, plow, move things, redo the farm, etc. without everything going back to where it was the next time I go back in. I am about ready to shutter this game forever. I write them and all they say is we’re working on it. No they are not! They are working on this new game.

  379. Carol Noceyack Says:

    If they are going to make one inactive, then they need to open the storage to be used between the two. At least this way we can have one as a decoration and one as an ACTIVE working farm. They need to make them both working farms. How about suggesting to them to just expand again (which takes up a lot of memory) or make a farm down the street for crop growth only.

  380. denise Says:

    i love the idea of the second farm, but hate the idea that one will be ‘paused’ while i work on the other, or sleep, or work, or any of the other hundred things i do in the course of a day. that kinda blows it for me…

  381. reincloud Says:

    #365: me too! I would have MUCH preferred a sheep pen for my existing farm. The sheep are my absolutely favorite part of fv – Ive given them run of my amusement park that takes up about 1/6th of my farm since they didn’t have any other home ;) And when I heard we were gonna be able to go to England AND breed sheep, I almost cried. Then I DID cry when I read this foolishness about “pausing” one farm at a time :*( It’s the worst idea zynga’s ever had, that’s for sure.

    But lets say, for the sake of argument, that they did fix this SNAFU, and we got second farms – you would be able to take animals that are in your gift box, right? They said things in your gift box would be available (like the boards/nails, special deliveries), right? I still have a Luv Ewe and the polka dots one we just got from England still in my gift box, I think those should be useable in the English Countryside.. And if that’s true, that’s where animals go at first, right, to your gift box and then you “use” them from there and place them on your farm.. am I missing something here?

  382. J Says:

    Don’t like the fact that you can’t play at the same time. What’s the point of two then?

  383. Angel Says:

    I hate this. Come on Zynga: we have never had a single day without glitches with our current farms. How do you expect it to be with people having to farms?

    Btw, only one of the farms can be active at a time? What kind of stupied crap is that? I will not play. I just don’t see the fun in this. It’s just gonna get messy and glitchy.


  384. Terry Says:

    definitely a greater waste of time and resources. Some of the ideas are good – so long as they are doable by everyone and not dependent on neighbor count or fv available, but opening a second limping, half-broken farm, not having the same items available on both of them…and then making it impossible for you to work BOTH your farms at the same time..
    And whey can’t I, as a neighbor, help out at BOTH farms rather than either or?

    Would have made far more sense for them to put that time and effort into FIXING the game they currently have running than to open yet another when they can’t keep the glitches off the one they already have.

    From what I’m hearing, the other zynga games experience the exact same problem with their interfaces as well.

  385. Robin Says:

    I’m already not liking the idea of the English Countryside farm.

    I’ve spent a lot of time getting my current farm looking like it does and I’m happy with it.

    Being at Level 108 and climbing I don’t know if I want to even take the time to go fly over some map to the English side and raise colorful sheep.

    Love the landscaping of the new farm, the hills and the water in the background but I still love my farm.

    I’ll have to think on this one!

  386. Pam Says:

    And I am sure, even though I have not seen it posted here, that the english coutryside will follow the other newer Zynga games in doling out a certain ( no doubt small ) amount of “energy” that goes so fast in the beginning of the game that it takes a millennium to get anything within the game accomplished, crops will wither unless you use your almighty farmdollars to purchase MORE energy. And you will have to continuously beg your neighbors for the precious energy. NO THANKS

  387. Charlotte Says:

    THAT TOTALLY BITES,,,one farm works at a time? ok so what happens when you are off over night,,only the last farm worked moves? thats no good,,they need to fix that!!!,,,anyway,,,with so much crap on my farmville i dont have room for any more without making it look stupid,,but still,,if everything is going to be different why isnt it like having a new game? like cafe world and farmville are two different games,,anyway,,im about done with these games anyway,,its all getting rather redundant

  388. Brad Beaird Says:

    “So one of your farms will essentially be on pause at all times.”

    stupidest idea you’ve had yet. Are all your developers mindless. THIS SUCKS TOTALLY. Why in the H+++ would I want a 2nd farm and always pause it. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    Count me OUT!!!! not interested AT ALL. Stupid, crazy, insain,retarded, and brain dead. ZYNGA, do better, this SUCKS!!!

  389. Lucy Says:

    So are we going to start with that amount of fv cash? :D

  390. Carol Says:

    I was excited about this but to hear you can only work 1 farm is a big disappointment and I’ve lost all interest in the new one. The worst thing is that the only one that will grow is the last one worked so they aren’t giving us a 2nd farm we now have to choose one. I’ve expressed my displeasure through the suggestions on the support page and would urge others to do the same. I haven’t spent a year and a half not to mention the money spent to give it up for something new, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass on the English farm.

  391. Tyler Says:

    Stop bitchin!!!!!!! If you don’t like this new farm don’t do it.

  392. Mango Creek Says:

    soo basically it will do nothing to help our current farm which is i think what everyone cares about….. growing crops in the english countryside will either do the same if we have as much space as we did on the other farm (which i’m sure we won’t) or it will do worse using the english countryside because there is less room. the only possible reason i could think of this being helpful for someone is if someone is at some ridiculous level where they don’t care about making progress on their original farm and want to start a new one over again.

  393. Myssie Whitman Says:

    I am not starting a new farm and pause the one I have worked so hard to build…its a stupid concept. You have built this farm up for months now, and then come off with this crap…You can stick this where the sun don’t shine!

  394. Lacey Says:

    so, why cant we have a choice if we want our “other” farm paused?? why not have both farms available to see when i visit my neighbors?? thats probly my fave thing to do is check out the new stuff my neighbors have.
    i like that our farm would be paused to be able to master short growth crops but we need settings that we can change so that say we are going on vaca and want to “pause” growth while we are gone, pause both farms. or say like im trying to master all my crops in the market. i dont want my growth to stop just because im on the other farm. just like us needing to harvest before withering or its just too bad, having the other farm paused takes away from the excitment of making sure i get to it quick enough.

  395. Lynn Says:

    what’s for if only 1 farm can be activated???? damnnnnn don’t like it at all!!!!

  396. Jin Says:

    Let’s see..
    we will continue to have non-stop glitches on our original farm
    We will continue to be blocked from having sufficient animal storage
    The craft stalls STILL do not stack their items, making it impossible to craft unless you can buy your way to mastery.
    With the new saplings, we are always running out of storage space anyways
    and now

    we will have a new farm that only works half the time (the half it works the other will be down)
    we will not be able to transfer items between the farms
    we will not be able to grow additional crops to improve our crafting
    got lots of new stuff and ides for EC, but you still can’t purchase anything in FV without fc – why do we thing it’s going to be any different in EC?

    We have been given this long-standing song-and-dance that we cannot increase the size of our farms because Zynga does not have enough server power to support it (this is also the excuse for the roll-out of items rather than letting everyone have them)
    but we DO have enough server space for everybody to have a second farm and take it up to the size of the original.
    I smell rotten fish somewhere.

    We can start the new farm at level 20 without any other requirements…but how long will it be before we have to start inviting total strangers to come play with us and plunking down real cash in order to get anywhere in EC??

    Nope, will probably check it out to be certain, but it does not sound worth the effort. Just put it in the pile of other zynga games that are not played – even when they are trying to force you to in order to achieve special items on your farm. I don’t have all day and night to -play, so I must be selective about what I do

  397. Mar Says:

    Boy, this is crap. Have no interest in it now.!!

  398. Char Says:

    I’m not enthused at all about the restrictions on both farms. I’ll stay with my original farm. It’s not worth the bother of loosing progress on my original farm. Zyngas servers need serious updating. They’re being cheapskates with this type of solution to that problem.

  399. Beeducky Says:

    My active neighbors are dropping like flies! They best do something because if all my neighbors keep dropping before long I won’t have anyone to play the game with :(

  400. Cynthia Spurling Says:

    i am sure the people at zynga were very nice to you, but why are they destroying fv? frankly a lot of people are making plans for the summer that does not include fv or any zynga game. a lot of them are like me, over level 100. we spent a lot of time posting to others and helping those just starting out. we added neighbors and now can not even get one post per neighbor. so we can no longer afford to be generous. i use to tell people to send me what they needed so i would return these items to them, after all i could get items from the posts. now i am not so generous. i have a stable that i am not harvesting, why should i? i have orchards to harvest, again why should i? i will not be able to get enough water to grow the seedling, which would have been posted to neighbors. i tell zynga this daily but to no avail. they would rather placate a bunch of players that obviously picked the wrong friends or think they should be at level 100 by playing two-three hours per week. so zynga ignores the rest of us and wants us to play additional games and spend our money on a game that discriminates against anyone that has worked hard, collected good friends, and have purchased a number of item by buying fv cash. i know i speak for many in saying, good luck zynga’ i will still be on occasionally but as far as investing too much time helping others, that has ended. it is really sad as some of us became friends over those posts and now must move on. oh, no caps, i have a broken wrist and typing is difficult but i thought it was important that this be said. if you are on zynga’s good side, deliver this message to them. also tell them that support is now nonexistent, many of my friends get only the, i will get back to you in 24-48 hours but never do.

  401. Aamir Says:

    this idea sucks….i was really xcited for the new farm but….i hate the idea of only one farm will br active….i think from now the xcitement level would b down for fvec/…

  402. Alefiya Says:

    I as a player i’m definitely disappointed with the “PAUSE FEATURE”.
    I have worked very hard on my original farm. I have put in alot of my time and money to work on it. With the pause feature that is going to hamper my progress on the original farm, i don’t see a point in working on or even venturing towards the new farm FVEC, which is a total waste of time and resources.
    We expect to see a rectification into this because as a player i have always enjoyed Farmville and i’m looking forward to the same, without any further glitches.

  403. cailyn Says:

    The storage and gift box are two different things people, you will still be able to use your special deliveries…. you however can’t use what is in your storage. Sometimes I wonder when people will take the time to absorb what they read before they start complaining

  404. Sarah Says:


  405. Mary Says:

    This is just like adding a second game to an existing one!! They might as well just add Fishville cause the only good thing about it is you won’t have to get new neighbors!! I hate the whole concept so I will not be going to the English Countryside!!

    Pro’s Cons
    No neighbors to add To many to list!!

  406. steveO Says:

    it should be like the chineses farmville where we can do both at the same time

  407. kathy Says:

    So much for being excited about the 2nd farm. I hate the thought of one growing and one not. not being able to use items in inventory from one farm to the other sucks also. I will not do much on the other farm at all. I was hoping to have two growing farms. Thanks for nothing Zynga…..

  408. MAtthew Says:

    I agree with most of you! I do not like the idea of my farm being paused, I also am pissed about how long this is taking, the english sign was first on our farms on feb 4th so its been more then a month for the thing to come out!! I will probably start the english farm and never play my other one again or vise versa, I do not plan on having two farms if one is going to be paused. Hopefully zynga will see how mad everyone is about this and make a last min change on the pausing subject :)

  409. Nex Says:

    So basically this is another way for Zynga to get its players to spend real money on the game. As already mentioned, there is no point in having a second farm if both cannot be worked on jointly. Why not make FVEC it own game, instead of a secondary farm? Oh wait, I know why, because then people wouldn’t be suckered into spending money on it.

    I also want to know why you are even releasing another version of FV when the original is still in “beta”, still lags horribly, still has numerous glitches? It makes no sense other than Zynga trying to get people to spend more real life money. Fix what’s broken first, and release FVEC either as a completely separate game, or make it so both farms grow and produce equally and simultaneously. None of this pausing crap.

  410. Josh Says:

    To be honest, I never saw what was so great about the FVEC. The only thing that got me interested was the sheep breeding, because I love FV sheep. Like most people, I think the pause thing is a dumb idea. I’ll just stick to my regular farm. I probably don’t have time to do the other one anyway.

    Also, I hope all the people that have complained so far stick to their guns. Wouldn’t that be something if hundreds of people didn’t play FVEC? Would Zynga take away the pause feature? I will always love FV, but I’ve deleted a lot of Zynga’s games. They are just to repetitive and pointless.

  411. Rose Says:

    Why would my 1st Farmville stop producing if I go to the English countryside SAD
    just SAD

  412. RJ Says:

    I left farmville quite a while ago and was tempted to come back when I heard about this second farm. After hearing that one of the farms is constantly paused that’s not going to happen. I’m just going to wait for Angry Birds Facebook. That game’s going to be a farm smasher!

  413. Bran Leo Says:

    I think this may lead to me quitting Farmville for good.. We’ll see when this junk gets released.

  414. Martha Poynor Says:

    The whole enjoyable thing of Farmville for me is the freedom to be creative and use the supplied objects the way I want to use them.
    The FVCS has no appeal to me for any reason.
    It would have been great just to get a plot of land to work with and not be this controlled.
    What a waste of a great idea the second farm.

  415. Elee Says:

    My crops will not wither this way. I’ll be able to put my farm on pause when I’ll have to go somewhere at the time of harvest.
    I hope we’ll be able to use the same gift box if not the storage. Zynga should tell us the date of release.

  416. Lesterchicken Says:

    WoW………. When I read this I could not believe my eyes.

    I had the opportunity to visit Zynga last year and had a chance to participate in brain storming ideas for upcoming releases and Yes knew they were coming out with FVEC, by the way there not going to stop with EC, other countries are slated to be used as well. When I visited Zynga I exchanged emails with Grimlord who basically runs there office and sent him a email to verify these rumors, and also express mine and all of your frustrations with the upcoming release. I also added that I will not be abandoning my OG farm if that was the case as in I have spent way to much RL money and time to watch it gather dust. It will be interesting to see if he writes back and what he says. I will keep you posted…….

    PS I also made a recommendation that we be able to regift any item in out gift box like all the extra crap we get from feeds and bad throws from the dart game.

  417. Steve Says:

    Starting a new farm should be fun – and I enjoyed the CityVille-style quests – so if the new farm quests are similar – they should be fun.

    Plus pausing my main farm will allow me to grow more quick harvest crops (Raspberries) that would usually wither before I get a chance to harvest them!


  418. Steve Says:

    Crops being paused is one thing – but I am concerned that orchards may also be paused – and that will cause problems for tree production – as they currently take 2 days to complete without pausing!

  419. Steve Says:

    @Cynthia Spurling – I’ve recently contacted Zynga support and I got a reply (maybe just outsaide of the 48 hour limit – but I got a reply!) and they were very understanding. Maybe if you stop sending them the same message everyday, they might actually get back to you!

  420. Cathy Says:

    @ Steve:

    EVERYTHING will be paused. The trees won’t mature, the crops won’t grow, the animals won’t mature.

    What will happen with ducks you’re trying to grow up?

  421. Blayzn Says:

    The orchards will be paused too. As will your animals, buildings, and crafts. EVERYTHING will be paused.

    Boycott Farmville English Countryside!

  422. Steve Says:

    One big problem could be if Zynga release limited edition crops on both farms at the same time – how would you beable to master ‘both’ of them! The main problem of the main farm being paused would be missing out on the limited trees and crops available in the main farm – as I assume the market would be different in the FVEC farm.

    And if we can’t see the original market from the FVEC farm – how will we know what is available?


  423. Angela Says:

    So, everyone pretty much hates Zynga now.

  424. Xeyedlyza Says:

    @Texas Betty….I think your neighbors can visit the farm that is ACTIVE, even if you’re working on it, so there will always be something for your neighbors to visit, but which farm they visit is determined by your play…at least, that’s how I interpreted it. :)

    Yeah, this is a major bummer, having to pause one of the farms at all times…I had been really excited until this point! :( The beauty of Farmville is that you can play for a while and then walk away from it, without being tied to the computer the entire time. Maybe once I master all the crops and trees and recipes on my original farm, I’ll hop on over to EC…

  425. Alice Lewis Says:

    I think that one farm being paused is by far the most STUPID thing ever. Not being able to go to a neighbors “unactive” farm is going to cause problems also.

    Let’s see, we have a real life farm, plant it, feed the animals, and then drive away to another farm… farm one goes into hibernation…. “yea that’s realistic”

    I can see this new english country farm causing the problems that will make me quit and walk away from ALL my zynga games. Thank you zynga…. spring is arriving soon and you will be helping me to GET OUTSIDE in the REAL world.

    Zynga: another bunch bad programming choices from you. But honestly…. NOT SURPRISED>

  426. Tracy Says:

    Well, am pissed! I was hoping to put my castle collection on the ECFV, but I guess not, huh?

    Pausing has its good and bad points, tho my main fury about this new farm is not being able to share stored up items between farms. I too spend real money for items and am really stewing over this. I can’t believe they did that!

    I dunno if I will bother playing ECFV, seems a lot of time for nothing. :/

  427. Joan Says:

    Can’t believe Zynga is about to spoil Farmville now. Farmtown allows you to have more then one farm and all are active. Why should Farmville make you choose. I probably will not bother with the New Farm. Farmtown was my first game and may go back to play there instead of Farmville if they ruin the game.

  428. Weedhopper Says:

    I am slack-jawed at the amazing stupidity of this. Zynga you need to get some people who “get it”. Of all the amazingly FAIL things I’ve ever seen here (and there have been many), this one is so ridiculous it would make me laugh if it weren’t so sad.
    No FVEC for me. Why don’t you just say you are so bad at this you can’t handle two farms running at once, and if you’ll admit that, then give us bigger farms where we are instead, and release the sheep idea on our regular farms.
    So much hype for such a major fail.

  429. jacobk Says:

    I never new that animals, crops or trees could be paused. I know this is a virtual game but they are really pushing the limits. Mac&Cheese tree, rainbow trees now pausing one farm, seriously…..
    On my real farm when I go to the other farm the crops still grow and the cows still get hungry….weird isn’t it.

  430. jeffery Says:

    At first I was excited to have a second farm, but after reading about the “pause ” feature, not so much… this is just another zynga disaster waiting to happen… epic fail

  431. Jill Mc Says:

    Been waiting and waiting with all kinds of antisipation…somewhat of a let down…going to be totally confusing with one always on pause..duh? where did I leave off?..have to take notes?….what to do with so many things in storage?…how do we know where to put our gifts?…. are they seperate also? so many questions..too few answers! Biggest question of all with no answer…when is SOON??? All we ever hear is SOON

  432. Farmer Paula Says:

    I went and “unliked” FVEC. I’m holding true to my word. As soon as I hit level 100 I’m done with farmville no matter what. Thanks for nothing Zynga.

  433. ricky Says:

    oh for heaven sake…they cant fix the problems with my first farm….now they want a second farm…cmon, i have not been able to publish photos for 8 months. i have sent hundreds of requests. they send the same response “we are working on it”. well evidently not cause your busy building second farms NO ONE will play because it stops the first one. FIX MY CAMERA PUBLISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. Miken WV Says:

    I have read the same complaint as mine. Why have one farm ALWAYS paused? OK you cant use your storage from one farm to the other but you are telling us to save up special deliveries?? Makes no sense if u cant use them on the EC FARM.

  435. Naddel Says:

    Doesnt make any sense at all, except for Zynga, cause they will make more money for the ppl who purchase. I dont need a farm in a pause mode, thats the most stupid thing that Zynga came up with… After I read this, I guess I will not have a second farm. I rather want to work on my old that i dont need to pause.

  436. Patti S Says:

    I’m not excited at all… but. someone above has asked a VERY important question… they say we are to save ALOT of Spec del.. etc.,.. ok .. so… if we can only have ONE active farm ata time…. what happens to our gifts…. gift box ? Is there going to be ONE GIFT BOX for BOTH farms to SHARE among both farms then ??? THIS NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED ZYNGA…. we can only ASSume the answer…. but as things are never explained outright to us… explain THIS please ? IF we are to SHARE our gifts,… then….. 500 max capacity IS NOT ENUF !! NO WAY ….. hope ZYNGA addressed this BEFORE its opened up …. ty for keeping us informed to date

  437. Patricia Says:

    Storage: Your SD boxes and building materials should be in your GIFT BOX, not in your Storage. So we should be able to access our Gift Box on both farms.
    I can see one advantage to the pause growth feature: I won’t need an unwither ring on the FVEC because nothing will be growing — I’ll go back to my main farm to get masteries and keep the crops going.
    Disadvantage: my neighbors will only be able to visit my EC if I’m working on it.
    Oh, well! Zynga had better be right when they say we don’t have to spend farm cash on the new one.

  438. mjluvah Says:

    i have a question….. does this mean we can’t even use our machines to harvest, plow and plant? r we gonna have to reupgrade the machines? its so stupid all this. after paying real money, and voting for their crap they the audacity to limit our farming? they’re like communists!!!!! boycott farmville!!!!

  439. Very Dissapointed Says:

    Just couldn’t wait to have a second farm where I could use all the fantasy animals, trees, buildings etc. I have been saving and keep the original farm real. Was so excited and going to be so much fun. Hours and days and weeks and months of enjoyment…..finding just the right tree, building or animal.


  440. Girlgoyle Says:

    seems like zynga just wants to make more since you cant use both farms at the same time…and u cant use items from ur old farm…= more money for zynga.. im not really as excited about the english countryside now that i know this new info… you probubly will have to buy the sheep with FV cash too… im seeing nothing free there in our future lol yay :| nice job zynga.. instead of fixing their currently messed up games like for example YOVILLE wich i havent been able to use for months.. chances r zynga wont be getting anymore of my money

  441. Michelle Says:

    I am looking forward to the new farm. I wish it was already done. I think with the new quest it is going to be more fun then the original. Hope I don’t have to wait much longer for it.

  442. LaurieK Says:

    These details make it a no-go for me. Especially the bit about neighbors only being able to visit the farm you last worked on. Working on one pauses the other? Makes things more confusing and makes no real sense. No thanks. I’ll don’t think I’ll be playing the new game.

  443. mary Says:

    think i’ll stay where i’m at have enought issues with this farm, and i don’t like the idea both want work at the same time. plus what went with my fv cash anyway.

  444. KimA Says:

    Well, its all been said but I just wanted to add my whine to the rest. I was so looking forward to moving castles, sheep etc. over and using what I had in storage. Since that is not happening, I’d rather have it as a new game, not affecting my current Farmville farm. Don’t make us choose between them, I’ve worked for years on my farm! Start EC as a new game and I’ll play it. I’ve always been a Zynga supporter but I must say, you dropped the ball on this one.

  445. Sherry Says:

    Ya this is really dumb..Zynga is going to fail miserably with the second farm if they only let you progress 1 at a time. People will try it and then just say screw it and not continue it! Maybe after enough complaining they will make both work at the same time!!??

  446. Toody Says:

    I think this is a ploy. By pausing one farm I think they are trying to get you to use the Crop Duster to grow your crops since you will constantly be losing time on one of your farms. How many people even use the grow your crops feature anyway?? I did when I bought the plane and got a free one, but other then that..?? I fail to see how Zynga thought this was a good idea. Not ONE single comment on this page is positive. That NEVER happens, someone always likes it. OUCH ZYNGA!

  447. Nicolette Says:

    These are just some of my humble opinion… So, finally some solid behind the scenes information on what the new farm will be like, and frankly, I’m very disappointed. I was pretty stoked about EC and looking forwards to EC release but after reading this, I really am not excited about this new feature anymore. The “pausing one farm if working on the other” disadvantage is enormous, so is the fact that we won’t be able to access our items in our storage on the new farm.
    What’s the point? We have to buy things in the new farm all over again, all the things we saved up in our storage won’t work there. AND both your farms can’t grow at the same time?! Absurd. Even in Farm Town you can have 8 farms growing at the same time & move items. Cityville don’t stop when you’re working on Farmville, so why should EC too? This just killed it for me. I don’t think I’ll give up my old farm for a new one that starts, I simply put too much time into my current farm.
    If you’re like me, boycott/unlike the new EC farm until Zynga realise how ridiculous these restrictions are and listen to their players about what’s really needed. Like fixing the existing glitches and out of sync issues! No doubt we will get more glitches from now on. I hope they make changes to these things because I certainly am not going to EC until they do.
    P.S. Union Jack flag = Britain. If they are going to use that flag all the time, might as well just change the name to British Countryside.
    Thanks Farmville Freak for finally providing us with some much needed information on how this was really going to be run. Really appreciate it.

  448. Margaret Pym Says:

    NO THANK YOU . . I have enough issues with my first Farm, and I am losing interest in FV because of them . . The Farm is not as FUN as it used to be . . No point having a second farm if they do not interact with each other . It would be like playing Any Other Farm Game on FB. . I would prefer a Shearing Shed to store my Sheep on the Farm I already have please . . Than would be nice . . ;-)
    I cannot see this New farm working . . . listen to the Players and be guided by them . . Fix the issues you have and bring the FUN back into FV . . ;-).

  449. Penelope Says:

    I am losing my patience with Zynga. My postings don’t post, I can’t seem to open the postings on my wall nor some posts on the feed. My farm has constant errors and now this with the English farm not truly a second farm? (My mother can play on this same computer with much less problems so it is not a computer issue.) When I write customer service the only thing I get back are automated answers that do not address my concerns in any way. I get answers to questions I never asked so it is obviously automated and not automated well in the least. Sad to say but I guess I will reopen my Farm Town farm and leave sadly : (

  450. FBnote Says:

    Zynga always has a way of throwing curve balls…

    Pausing one farm to play the other is absurd! Not being able to move items back and forth is a huge disappointment!

    However you cut it, FVEC is a new and separate game designed to maximize real world profits for the company.

    Won’t be going to FVEC any time soon!!

  451. Braizyn Says:

    What’s the point of only being able to work one farm at a time? That’s absurd.

    That alone will keep me from getting a second farm.

    If you had two plots of land, and you planted one, and then went to plant another, the first plot wouldn’t stop grown?

    C’mon Zynga, that’s excessive and ridiculous.

  452. kauer426 Says:

    They can keep english countryside i want my like back.this is going to a joke,just another way for them to suck money out of people.have had the 28×28 forever.have 500 things in storage,330 in gift box and no where to put them.level 100 i nedd 100×100 to make a good farm display.after the 1000 bucks i have spent on fv i wish i had never started now.they keep saying o we’ll keep expanding yea right what a joke.

  453. Rhi Says:

    I don’t like the idea of only one farm growing at a given time; what’s the point in even having a “second” farm, if its only going to be one or the other? I was rather excited about the idea of a second farm, but if its going to be like that, I highly doubt I’ll jump on it. :|

  454. Grimp Says:

    Funny to see a lot of employees commenting and trying to cheer up ppl to make them see the ¨good side¨ of a paused farm… the pause has NO good sides for the players, sorry to inform you Z ppl!!!

  455. mdenbeste Says:


    Lot of complainers you all are.

    Do you all seriously think this was a senseless act on Zynga’s part? That no thought went into WHY one farm pauses while you’re on the other?

    All i see is a bunch of people doing what it seems people online do best… complain complain complain.

    And as a side note… why here? If you have an issue, why don’t you all go to the Zynga forums and stop trolling farmvillefreak with your lack of knowledge? There is plenty of info online about this.

    For the record. Zynga has stated quite clearly that your special deliveries will be useful on your new FVEC. If you think ANY other option is available, including any other item (even in your gift box) is going to be of use on FVEC, then you are only speculating. Speculate all you want, but don’t pretend to know the inside scoop. We all know Zynga doesn’t release a lot of info prior to a release. Any info they HAVE released is only to hype the release. If you’re not excited about it… then perhaps you really won’t benefit from FVEC. Personally i’m willing to give Zynga the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Chill out

  456. Marla Sather Says:

    I won’t be farming in the English countryside. I appreciate the explanation of how it will work, but that only galvanized my decision to stick with the one farm. I’ve been with FarmVille for 1 1/2 years and the game used to be fun, but now it’s another stress in my life. I am at level 95 and when I hit Level 100, I may just walk away. I know Zynga wants to make money, but not enough “good” items can be bought for coins; having a limit on what you can collect from neighbors is damn frustrating; the constant enhancing and freezing is annoying. Nope, I’m not going to England.
    And while I’m at it: Zynga needs to find a way to bar players who use “cheat” apps to grab items that honest players want and need. Instead of limiting us, find a way to enforce your Terms of Service and bounce players who are ruining it for the rest of us.

  457. judy Says:

    The people working on FVEC should go to the farm town game site and see how they can give me 8 farms and they all work independent of each other. I was so looking forward to this new farm until I read the information about it. I will not be playing this farm game–thanks for the heads up about this new farmville farm.

  458. Michelle Says:

    @ Post 8:

    If items are in your gift box you can open then at any farm. Storage is not where your special deleivers are located. So if you have placed a ton in your storage cellar or barn – no access to it on the farm. But if you play the mystery game and the prize is still in your gift box (unplaced) you can either leave it on farm 1 or take it to farm 2.

  459. Michelle Says:

    As a Farmer with all my crops mastered and just about 15 trees left to master I don’t mind the pause feature. I have a farm that is so over crowded and storage is full that I either need to stop buying things or delete some of those older items. A second farm is a great fresh slate for me.

    My only dislike is that the animals stop. I breed horses so this will be a bit trickier. I guess I will have to do less at a time to ensure some are always ready.

    I know that most of us comment on these just based on our own game play situation. For the new farmer it might seem a bit overwelming. For those who have been playing for a while and have not mastered all the crops it might seem like that will be much harder.

    But there are a lot of players out there that have reached the masteries of all items and even bought the other crafing buidlings to master those. Who are getting tired of not having anything new to add to the game. I am not nearly there yet (with trees and crafting left); but I could see myself quiting the game. This new farm will get some more players to remain active and maybe get some of the fan base from other games they have due to the quest features.

    If you don’t like the idea of the FVEC then don’t play it. You might be surprised and ejoy it much more than you thought. But all the complaining above about something that has not been released is horrible. It is a game and is meant to be fun. If you can’t play the game without ranting on a message board maybe you need to stop playing the game. It appears you aren’t enjoying it as much as you thought you were.

    I am looking forward to trying out the new farm – and if I like it I might stay awhile. If I don’t. I will somehow try to figure out how to make room on my farm for all the items and it not be a junk yard.

    Also Zynga did a Q&A on the game features so read that for answers. If you have an item you would love to take to the EC and it’s in your gift box – leave it there. They have already said that any gift box item can be placed on either farm – but if you don’t think you will continue to play EC you might not want to place something there until you are sure. You won’t be able to move it back.

    Happy Farming and Remember it is a game that is suppose to be enjoyable!

  460. gotfarm Says:

    ummm…. enough farm cash on the demo photo?? Seriously – who has almost 900 000 farm cash and barely 70,000 coins? lol :) Cheers to the English Countryside – I’m looking forward to it! People, it’s a free game (if you so choose) – why complain??

  461. Laura Johnson Says:

    I don’t like the fact that only one of my farms’ crops will grow at a time. I don’t even know if I’ll be that into the new farm if my old farm’s crops aren’t going to grow. It will take twice as long to master crops and get things done if I can only have one farm active at a time. I’d rather have all the new things available on one farm and give me more land to expand.

  462. gardengirl Says:

    I have so many things that would look good on FVEC and I can’t use them now. I am not sure I will play this game. And also, does it mean we won’t be expanding anymore on FV?

  463. Lynnette Says:

    No thanks, they can keep English country side. I’m not interested after learning what i have here. Play to many other games to remember which farm i was on last and so on.

  464. Hope Says:

    I have been playing FV for over 1yr now and have spent ALOT! of money! FV cash to be exact! and time on my regular farm…I have been so excited about the country side farm…until now…I think I agree with the 100′s of people that are not happy and feel sort of a let down about this whole thing…It is stupid and a huge waste of time for dedicated FV player,the new players and the future player’s,…I dont like the fact that one farm has to stay on pause,I was thinking this will be great we can walk back and forth between farms and as players we are gonna rock FV…but again have to agree it’s a huge let down…maybe Zynga need’s to quit putting sooooo many stipuations on the game and actually let their players enjoy plaing the game..seeing that it is because of us player’s that FV even exist’s

  465. MMH Says:

    Pausing one farm to work the other is just the most LAME and STUPID idea ever!! The whole point of having another farm is so we can master crops faster and that won’t happen if the farm we are not on stops growing/maturing!

    Zynga has ruined all desire I had for FVEC and I will NOT be going there! I have worked way too hard on my farm to abandon it for a new one!

    Way to go Zynga~~You really know how to mess things up before they are even released. Hope you end up with egg on your face when this idea flops!

    And as for the whole sheep breeding thing…I believe sheep whould be brown, black or white. Blue and orange sheep are just not natural and they look ridiculous!

  466. Laura Says:

    I’m thinking the only reason zynga would want only one active farm at a time is to force you to choose which you like better. Maybe, they are hoping people will choose FVEC over original and gradually transition to it. Otherwise, I see no reason they would pause one of them. …or, processing capacity to their servers? Any thoughts on this, anyone?

  467. Jake WIlliams Says:

    Sheep breeding killed it for me, honestly. Don’t like sheep except for wool and even then, it has to be off the sheep. I prefer to breed horses but with the penchant Zynga shows for not letting them stay true to breed… Gah. I understand that folks want to protect their investments into the special horses, I honestly do, but what about those of us that WANT to let our foals grow up and keep their parentage? Why not let us, or others, buy a special yearly license that allows that?

    I won’t be doing the second farm for another reason: I have time for ONE farm and like the planting as I have it. Not going to pause and take time out just to have things stagnate and keep me hopping from one to the other, don’t have the time or patience, and honestly, with all of the issues I’ve hit with trees, watering cans, foals, cows, calves, etc getting eaten when I post them, who is to say that the other side of the game will work any better when it comes to sharing the things I produce?

    There are many other idea they could have introduced for our original farms, such as letting us use the produce from our orchards to make wines, baked goods, spa materials, you get the idea. They also could have let us produce things like beef for sale, pork and chicken products, you name it. A cannery featuring preserves and such would have been nice, as well. Zynga blew it with that one, there is so much more that can be done with what we already have with the original, it’s not played out by a long shot. Too bad they won’t see that and try to entice us with something many of us feel is silly and a waste.

    Please, Zynga, get your stuff straight with the existing game before starting an ill-conceived and more than likely to tank venture. Give us another land expansion and kindly don’t demand the mad scramble people are going through now in order to get it, such as more farm coin and adding untold amounts of new neighbors. Yes, I pay for certain items that I want when I can afford the cash, but some folks aren’t able to do that, so let them pay for stuff with a reasonable amount of coin that they earn IN GAME, because in these times, folks don’t always have the money for a hobby that they dearly enjoy. They sell us farm coin for real cash when we can earn that in game, so why can’t coin be used like FarmVille cash? Something to think about.

    Final sentence? FarmVille English Countryside is something I DO NOT WANT and will not be playing because I find the implementation of it silly and awkward.

  468. thierry Says:

    Having two farms with only one active at a time is much worse than having two different games. If the expansion is implemented with that rule, I’m going to stop playing completely.

  469. Brandy Says:

    I’m ready for FVEC. Lately, I’ve gotten quite bored with FV and have been wanting something new. I think it will be a nice alternative for people who don’t play FV anymore and maybe this will get them back into the game. However, I don’t like the fact that one farm will always be on pause, but I do understand the concept of it. On down the road I know things will change with the game. All in all…I wish they’d hurry up and launch the game already!

  470. Cindy Says:

    I like everyone have been awaiting the release of the English Countryside. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. One farm works, one on hold. Get real, We can’t transfer our storage items to the new farm. I stopped using Farmtown because I liked the graphic is Farmville better. I am now rethinking. I have spent a lot of money building up my farm. I would have numerous farms if I had stayed with Farmtown. I will wait and see (if it is ever released) what the English Countryside has to offer, if I’m not happy with it.. Farmtown here I come. Such a shame Zynga can’t listen to it’s users. They keep stringing us along. Come on Zynga, I play a lot of your games with my friends from all around the world, it would be a shame to loose so many of your players to other games. (Not to mention the money they spend) You set up Cityville to allow us to expand our City as we built up permits and coins… How come we can’t do that in Farmville???? We have to wait forever for more room. You’ve added some of the mission stuff to Farmville, but not expansion capabilities. You have the technology.. how about letting us use it. If we had been able to expand our farms along time ago, we wouldn’t have needed you to develop the English Countryside.

    Just my frustrated two cents..

  471. debra poole Says:

    I am excited about the new english countryside coming,b ut I don’t understand why, 1 farm has to be on hold while the other is working, why can’t it be like frontierville, and farmville, both are working at the same time, that’s really going to be awful, because if u r playing several different farms u really don’t have time to sit and just watch the grass grow so u can harvest it. Don’t make sense to me. I’ll probably just play farmville.

  472. Echo Says:

    i am patting my self on the back right now!!! :D i am a brand new farmer in Farm Town. Yep!!! have plowed, planted and i am waiting on the crops to grow. and BEST of all???? NOTHING is paused!!!

    had never even checked into farm town before this. i had it blocked. well i went and started it. then had as to ask my “daughter” to help me unblock it so that it would show up on my fb pg!! LOLOL i am not the smartest ‘chip’ when it comes to computer stuff! LOL

    we will see how it goes. if nothing else? it will give me “another” farm to play on and pass the time when there’s nothing else to do on my FV farm.

    who knows?? they got some really neat stuff to buy, use and decorate farms with. even rivers with fish that you can harvest! LOL

  473. Linckia2000 Says:

    If that’s how it’s going to be I don’t want it. If I plant on my current farm and go to the other I don’t want my stuff frozen. That’s stupid I thought the whole point was to have TWO farms? How do you have two farms if only one can work at a time? It’s pointless and if that’s how it works then I don’t want it.

  474. Kaitlin McKnight Says:

    @Echo #214 – ILY! lol

  475. Sharon Says:

    I guess I will have a look at it but seriously do not like my original farm on hold while I play the English farm. It might not be too bad if it were just crops since I have enough trees and animals to keep my #1 farm going but if those are halted too then the whole thing seems pointless to me. I don’t get that at all.

  476. Laura Says:

    If we can’t work both farms at the same time, what is the point of doing an English farm? Don’t like that we can’t move stuff from one to the other. Will see how it works, have mastered all crops and most trees on FV now, but if we can’t keep both going, I might just have to go back to Farmtown, at least there you can do all farms at once, and move your stuff to different farms. Just have to wait and see. But, Don’t like it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  477. Lori Says:

    Don’t like that you can only have 1 farm maturing at a time, stupid idea!! Way to ruin the game for me already. :/

  478. Debbie Says:

    I am not happy at all with the PAUSE feature, i also play another farm game on FB and i currently have 3 farms on there that i can alternate and grow crops on as if it were one farm, to pause is an absolutely RIDICULOUS idea and zynga really need to abolish this. I really want to be able to play both my farms and honestly do Zynga think we are not capable of looking after two farms at a time? I think that says it all!!!!

  479. Yvonne Says:

    Looks like they just didn’t think about this one, I don’t understand why they CAN NOT get their heads out of their rears on this, what is the point to this?? Why can’t they allow BOTH farms grow, sounds like a loss in Money going to FV on this. I am torn now on if I want to go to the English Country Side or not. So not cool! Would it really kill them to allow both farms to flourish?? Makes me not even want to play FV at all now! Really disappointed with Zynga now completely!

  480. Lisa Says:

    Zynga you need to start listening to the people who play this great game. Does Zynga think that people cannot play 2 games at once. Why introduce something new if your servers cannot deal with it. Very disappointing when so many people were excited about it. Your advertising is so misleading and false. Shame Shame Shame.

  481. mary merkle Says:

    What is the point ? give us a bigger Farm, Spent so much fv dollars on my farm I will not on this one, Who are they kidding?

  482. Emily Says:

    This whole idea is completely annoying. Basically we have to be on a high level and save up all our special delieveries for our english farm, when they could go to our normal farm. We have to complete tasks and send game requests to our friends who have probably never played fv in their life, just to get sent to the FVEC and start on level 1, with hardly any coins, have our original farms paused, build all the buildings from scratch, and not being able to transfer items from farm to farm? ZYNGA YOU SUCK!

  483. Vernon Says:

    So we can only have one farm growing at the same time?

    If this is true I wont even bother opening up my English farm (and I’m from England!!!)

    Are Zynga trying for the all time stupid asshole award?

    I can see them revising this feature just like they had to make a U turn on farm cash for fuel.

  484. GeorgeJr Says:

    I was excited but no more. The farms need to work together, not one paused while the other is worked. Because as it is now if I plant a 6 hr crop on one and a 4 hr crop other on the other unless I schedule my farm time very carefully between the 2 it could actually take more time then the 2 of them added together(10hrs) to harvest either one. Can you imagine what would happen if you wanted to plant a 3 day crop on both. Unless they fix this so that the farms can be played without pausing progress on either one I intend to stick to my U.S farm and bag the across the pond side. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  485. Elle Says:

    Hello. I have been working on my English Countryside Farm , and have completed several tasks, but I do not know what my current task is. Does anybody know how you can view what your current task is? Thanks.

  486. Jodie Says:

    I think i will say goodbye to the English farm then… not interested in it if i can’t play both at the same time…. What a waste of time!

  487. Alanna Says:

    Had been sooooo looking forward to the EC and am enjoying it, like the newness and style they have created very much. Struggling to understanding the point of pausing my existing farm. Assumed they would both be active and really hope zynga changes this…

  488. Shilpa Says:

    I was v much excited by seeing the promotion of new farm. But when it came live, I had to literally beg friends to add me and accept my invitation to go the English Farm. After getting there, now am v much disappointed. I feel i have to start everything from scratch. Many tasks need help of other friends. No one is interested in helping out with this English Farm. I feel i will never visit this stupid English Farm again. Am happy with my current farm itself.

  489. sandy517 Says:

    no to the pause

  490. pamela Says:


  491. Sheila Says:

    I set up my FVEC farm but because of the pause I am going to expand it and put building on it but then I am going back to my original farm. I have put too much work into it to just have it pause. I am going to continue mastering crops and trees and finishing all my ribbons before I go back to the EC farm. That will be a long time. Too bad about the pause feature. Leave it to them to throw an monkey wrench into the fun. We should have known they would figure out how to screw the game up…AGAIN!

  492. Dennis Says:

    I don’t mind starting and working on an additional farm, but when leaving one for the other, the progress of the farm left behind stops is unacceptable. What is the game goal for this asinine attempt to create a new and pleasurable experience for the player? I really can’t see many farmers accepting this farce. Just speaking for myself, the new English farm can take care of itself or disappear for all I care. Zynga, get your act together and make both farms productive simultaneously!

  493. jonathon Says:

    I don’t mind starting all over and working on an additional farm, but when leaving one farm for the other, the progress of the farm left behind stops is unacceptable to many who have put time and money in on their original farms. I would like to see both farms crops grow at the same time and be able to use stuff from my storage on my farm over in the EC.

  494. Raymond Rohm Says:

    Totally pointless add-on!….It’s a logical waste of time and resources! *
    Very very very bad idea FarmVille!

  495. suraksha Says:

    after working hard for year in fv and collecting 1000s of rare animals we are starting a new farm leaving old one behind?sick,totally crappy..i dnt know why i wasted my time on collecting bonuses if it has no use at later..

  496. Mac Says:

    there is no point in intorducing fvec if both can’t be worked on simultaneously…
    it is just dousing the much hip hop and excitement created by zynga…
    flopshow :(

  497. Andrea Says:

    I was very excited about this new farm till it actually happened. Im a level 50–been playing since January 2011 (3 months) and I was def a daily player. Since the English country side rolled out I completely stopped playing. Not sure why. The fact that one farm is paused took ALL the fun out of it for me. Ive put at least $300 maybe even more like $400 into my farm in 3 months and now not only do I get to start over totally but only one farm is active at a time. Totally ruined it all for me. At this point I don’t have any interest in either farm. Makes me sad….

  498. Yvie Says:

    I have all my nice sheep on the first one, is there a way to bring them to the second one ??? even my english flag :(

  499. Kathy Says:

    I’ve already been spending too much of my free time in FarmVille. I have no interest in working on a second farm. The only thing that’s been keeping me on the farm has been my competitive nature. Since I can’t view my neighbors XP scores any more, it might be a good time for me to quit.

  500. Troy Says:

    THIS SUCKS!!!! We should just be able to pay the farmville cash and money to just upgrade the existing farm into an English Farm.

  501. FB-fun Says:

    last point THE Village but it somehow does not meet the new Aufagben do? I am the furthest from my neighbors also need to ask any of the.

    contact a tip

  502. Jacky333 Says:

    I have two farm’s :- one is Home and other one is England farm. Now i am facing difficulty to maintain both.
    Can some one help me :- whether can i merge these farms together or if not possible can i sell one farm.
    Waiting for your kind help

  503. claudine Says:

    You can grow crop on multiple farms at once when you are going to your other farm. it will say moving to your —– farm at the bottom right hand corner it will ask you to pause your farm just uncheck it

  504. Richard Leroy Amerson Says:

    Did not answer my question. I had English Countryside game under one account. Had regular farm under different account. Combined friends etc, under one account. Wishe to keep working English farm since it was already started. Is it possible to switch to english farm from different account

  505. Lori Says:

    I can’t visit any neighbors to work their farms, what is wrong? It just freezes when I try to go


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