FarmVille Experiencing Loading Issues

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FarmVille Experiencing Loading Issues

Posted on March 7, 2011 2:46 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Loading Issues March 7, 2011

Is your farm loading slower than usual? Seems like you are not the only one! Over the last few hours, several players have experienced longer loading time on their farms, and FarmVille has just addressed that they are undergoing a few issues during which time they have disabled withering and puppy hunger!

Also, many FarmVille Freaks have reported that items they are purchasing with Farm Cash are disappearing from their farms!

FarmVille Sad Cow

Have you come across either of these issues while playing FarmVille today?

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45 Responses to “FarmVille Experiencing Loading Issues” »

  1. Greg Says:

    We have a lot more issues that need to be addressed, cant wait till the new england thing is loaded up what a mess thats gonna be!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Deepika Says:

    Also the Watering cans got disappeared from the gift box :(

  3. Gail Says:

    Can we address the issue of not getting my model home yet, been waiting a long time here

  4. Nathalie Says:

    Great. Let me guess, by the time I’m able to play FarmVille again everything will be withered? Zynga never thinks of their overseas players!

  5. Ann Says:

    I have had a lot of problems with my farm taking a while to load. I also bought one of those enchanted trees and it disappeared.

  6. Jim Says:

    I lost my willow tree :-(

  7. brenda mcintosh Says:

    have had trouble for two weeks with sharing issues, screen is too big and the only thing i can do is close out. have sent 5 request to have this fixed. no one seems to even bother with fixing it or replying.

  8. PinkPanther Says:

    This probably means that they are uploading the English Countryside.

  9. kimberly Says:

    @ # 2 I don’t have my model farm yet either.
    @ # 3 They have turned off withering so your crops will not die while they are working on the problems.

  10. Pokerface Says:

    FarmVille is slow the last 2 or three days. Harvesting takes ages… Thought it was my Mac that caused the problems…

  11. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    The only consistent issues I have had recently are:

    Facebook’s failure to load my neighbors.

    Leprechaun cottage goes gigantic.

    Neighbors unable to return truffles, receive Facebook error message.

    Posts to feed (a Facebook window) often extend below the fold, easily resolved by using Tab.

    My gameplay issues are Facebook’s problems.

  12. Animallover Says:

    LOL wouldn’t it be awesome if turbofans some peoplebwere missing showed up on someonelsws farm. It’d be cool for the receiver not the Lise though

  13. Animallover Says:

    Oops I meant loser not lise

  14. Tiffany Jordan Says:

    My fairy collection SHOE HOUSE is Gone!! and i bought it again!!!!:( i was gonna email to zynga but i didnt know how!! i want that farm cash back i think 12 farm cashj………… somebody plz tell me what do i have to do to get my 12 farmcash back???????

  15. Pop Eye Says:

    ok cool.. this is really cool.. orchards are limited now and only shovels comes out of special deliveries.. zyngas done it again..

  16. Angela Says:

    They need to give FV players FREE FARMCASH as compensation for missing items etc.

  17. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Angela, I suggest that you carefully read Zynga’s Terms and Conditions which you must agree to before playing FarmVille. Compensation is clearly defined in this document.

  18. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Pop Eye – what are you talking about?
    How are orchards limited.

    Special Delivery boxes give what you need, and if you don’t need anything then you get shovels or whatever.

    For instance if you are short of watering cans and have SD boxes, plant some seedlings then open only a few SD boxes – the 8 for one tree, or at most 10. You will get watering cans,.

  19. Gayle Hubbard Says:

    My problems with farmville lately are as follow:

    1.) Pop ups for publication will sometime take up the whole page and I will not get to send it to post because I am unable to see the button, or they are annoyingly long where I may have to scroll down to post the prize. They used to be smaller publish boxes. And that happens about half the time.

    2.) Loading issues have been longer then usual for the past few days.

    3.) Neighbors will not always load in the bar for me to go visit.

    4.) Today I went to get my co-op prize and picked 2 things for reward and was not able to place my reward from the bushels I collected, so did not get to have my prize. Bummer.

    Question: How come I am unable to collect some items from the posts on my neighbor’s page even though I am well below the collection limit of 200 per day?

    These are some of the problems I have experience today and for the past few months. Thanks for listening. :)

  20. Angela Y Says:

    i have 2 ponds now this is crazy lol

  21. Phuongmy Says:

    I can’t load Farmville at all tonight (I have been waiting for 3 hours and it never loads.)

    I loose farmcash every day, but it seems that no fv cash items have disappeared yet on my farm.

  22. Sarah Says:

    I actually benefited from this loading issue! I had many many withered plots (of greenhouse crops) that I refused to replow, hoping that neighbors would slowly help me unwither them. When they turned wither off all of my crops came back to life! awesome

  23. pjcorn Says:

    I finally gave up playing yesterday evening because it was so frustratingly slow, and since whither was shut off I didn’t worry about my crops when I went to bed. However, when I got back to my farm at 4:30 a.m. this morning, my ghost chili and morning glories were all whithered! Also, they haven’t fixed the “share” button disappearance problem on their HD page and I lost some bushels a friend needed for her winery. Bad morning on the farm :-(

  24. lisa Says:

    My FV cash has been disappearing one FV every so often and any FV I gain on levelling up instantly disappears the next time I reload my farm. I lost 4FV yesterday after receiving 1 free FV in a mystery box? I have since written to Support and as of yet no response as per usual. I am sick and tired of out of sync issue’s when I am trying to re arrange my farm, not lost anything from my farm as of yet but having said that I can no longer use the photo application as it never posts to wall. So in other words, they want proof you have a certain amount of FV cash in a screen shot prior to you losing it yet we are unable to use the photo function. Another cop out from FV

  25. nwilson Says:

    I am at level 102…once you hit 100, you no longer receive fv cash…wow…wouldn’t you think the higher you go…the more you’d get? a result farmville is getting rather boring…I find myself on it less and less!

  26. Bertha Says:

    I buy watering cans and I am not available to claim all :/

  27. pradnya Says:

    unable to visit my farm
    can only access the face book home page
    left hand side the farmville icon i can see
    if i click on that the page which is blank apears
    if i scoll down and click on th information/help then that gets pop up blocks
    pl do something

  28. Elmarie Says:

    My game is not loading for a week now!!! I have send a email to Zynga to report it but nothing happend. Please, what’s going on?????

  29. ann Says:

    why add another farm ?? fix our problems on this one 1st…

  30. Jbeezz Says:

    If Zynga can’t handle the Farmville that they run now how in the HELL can they do an English one????

    My farm continues NOT to load, my crops are withering and they have NOT turned off WITHERING.

    I can’t use my gifts unless i want to spend the entire day doing it.

    I sold 70% of my horses, sold 80% of my chickens hid my windmill and lighthouse thinking that it would help. It did NOTHING to help.

    GET A GRIP ZYNGA. WE ARE FED UP, If you want us to keep playing then you NEED to fix these issues. NOT KIDDING… I am at my wits END.

  31. Anne Says:

    I can’t load the farm at all. I’ve been trying for a couple of hours on both Zynga and on Facebook. I have crops rottingl.

    Secondly, I’ve had trouble with crafting on the original farm. I keep harvesting stuff, but it doesn’t show up in the available bushel list. At the same time, an item has been stuck in the bushel list for a couple of weeks. I want to use it to craft, but it doesn’t respond. I have 40 bushels of the stuff, and really want to use it.

    Any sugggestions, anyone?

  32. Bob Says:

    All my family has been playin it all day but mine wont come up


  33. Bob Says:

    also it keeps leveling me up randomly cool but its weird like i was level 3 yesterday and now im level 5 and i havent even played yet

  34. anne Says:

    I can’t loas my gift that people give me, when I chick on them they go away and there is nothing there for me to get.

  35. Suzan Says:

    I can’t send any gifts to anybody and can’t invite anyone to the wedding…just freezes and stays white. I don’t think it’ fair to recieve gifts and not return them!

  36. robin heath Says:

    i can’t retrieve my gifts from gift box on my home farm. this started last does seem to work on my english farm. can you help me? thanks and i don’t blame zynga for the problems. things happen.

  37. sarah Says:

    I cannot get in my GiftBox!!!! Started last night…I’ve tried everything…someone PLEASE help!!!!!

  38. sue zaple Says:

    i always have trouble loading my farm on Farmville, and most my buildings are just showing up as black spots, so do my orchards, Just feel like giving up farmville all together , not worth argravasion

  39. Lauren Says:

    Dear farmvillefreac ,
    i was on the apple quest 2 and on accident i clicked the mouse button and and it was for the harvest 50 strawberries i had 90 farm cash now i only have 60 please help me because im not happy and i dont know what todo

  40. l Says:

    wont load famville

  41. Paige Says:

    I have been try to load my farm for 4 days. Tried everything on my end so WHATZ up! Fix it I bought 300 farm cash items, r they there?

  42. Alyssia Says:

    My farmer in farmville is smaller than it normally is. I was wondering what is wrong with it- It never did that before…

  43. Alyssia Meredith Says:

    Wondering why my farmer on farmville so smaller than it normally is.

  44. my farm wont finish loading trouble with it for days now Says:

    farmville isa real disappointment always having to meny problems

  45. shirleycarver Says:

    farmville will not finish loadinding problem for 2 months