FarmVille Express on Mobile Devices

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FarmVille Express on Mobile Devices

Posted on October 4, 2011 8:43 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Express

Some FarmVille Freaks are reporting that they are receiving the following screen when trying to mobile farm via their FarmVille mobile app.

Below is a screenshot from iPhone’s FarmVille app. The new name is FarmVille Express and although there seems to be new changes in the works for FarmVille’s mobile app, it doesn’t seem to be fully functional just yet.

We will be sure to keep you informed as we learn more information.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Jennifer for sending this in!

FarmVille Freak Jennifer's iPhone FarmVille Express Screen

Are you excited about a FarmVille Express change to mobile farming? What improvements would you like to see? 

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59 Responses to “FarmVille Express on Mobile Devices” »

  1. JD Says:

    What is this supposed to be… an app? A web site?

    More info needed.

  2. Just another FV Player Says:

    I just logged in and I’m getting my regular FV mobile screen. There was a recent update that allows you to travel to all three farms, but it looks the same. Problem is though it’s no longer in sync with the online website. If I leave the mobile app on my home farm, then it’s still there when I reopen it. It no longer recognizes that I’ve moved to the EC after a web session. I also don’t like that market items like trees and animals cost more on the mobile app. Whats up with that?

  3. Barbara Says:

    I think that Zynga needs to create a mobile app for Droid.

  4. Deena Says:

    Where does one download this app? Is it only applicable for android? Or can you use smartphones as well? MORE INFO PLEASE! :D

  5. Harley Says:

    farmville should be on every phone not just exclusive to iphones. its totally unfair to others. we get false promises from droid and everything else yet nothing changes

  6. Krb Says:

    I have an lg revolution (droid) and I get that screen too. got my fuel bonus today (thru my phone email) and after I accepted it it took me to it!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Hi guys. I sent this in. I went to facebook in safari and randomly clicked on the FV app in FB. This is where it took me. Nothing would load, just this screen.

  8. krb Says:

    yup, i sent them a message about it, but its harder to get a screenshot on a droid. same with me, go to your facebook (not the app, on the browser) and click the farmville link, just like on your computer. that is where it takes you! could it be???? farmville on DROID?!?!?!!?!? yay!!!

  9. Tahiti Says:

    This is what mine does

  10. Tahiti Says:

    Thats what happens to mine when I go to play

  11. ToAsT Says:

    I’m on a droid, and for months have been able to get my farm to load on it but that’s it…. Can’t do anything else. It just goes into an error after it loads. Went and tried again tonight after seeing this post, and I saw it too, but nothing loaded beyond what you see above.

    So I know you’re all going to ask how to load it on a droid….so here it goes….dl and install adobe flash from the market if you don’t already have it.

    1. Go to facebook from the browser, not the fb app. If you get the mobile site scroll all the way down and make sure you load the desktop site.

    2. You’ll see farmville on the left like you would on your computer…click on it. You get taken to a page that says farmville isnt available for this device….cough bullshit cough….go to the address bar and type in about:debug and hit enter…page will reload…hit menu…go to more/settings….when that opens scroll down to the debug section. Find UAstring….click it….choose desktop and ok.

    3. Go back to facebook and then click farmville. Your farm will now load, and you’ll feel somewhat happy till you realize that you can’t farm but you can at least impress your farm friends who havent seen this post. :)


  12. Thomas Nilsson Says:

    I have HTC Desire. When does an app com for Android?

    For the moment I use Teamviewer to use Farmville on my phone.

  13. Murxman Says:

    I`d rather see Zynga to sort out the problems with their facebook flash crap. Farmville won`t post anything to the wall or send requests to neighbours, no part requests or quest item posts. And there were no rights withdrawn it`s a bug of Farmville!

  14. Gloria McCown Says:

    No i am not excited – it is because of things like this that everything has changed on the home page etc………………………………………..

  15. tammy Says:

    how do you get farmville on your android please can some one advise i would really appreciate

    thanks so much

  16. Julio Says:

    I got the same screen on my HTC evo running dolphin web browser with iPhone setting

  17. Nip Says:

    When will I be able to play Farmville on android I have a mototrola atrix?

  18. Anlu Says:

    Hello I’ m seeing that this application is only for iphone but I have a blackberry and now I can do nothing to tell me What is a page fault someone could help me that neither my neighbors publications which appear above me mind if I sprang up and the few that appear when I want me some help me out again that there is an error on the page or page is not valid please help because nothing else is as easy for the iPhone

  19. becky Says:

    So today as always I tried to play farmville in the hopes maybe it’ll work on my HTC android . And guess what a shock it was when it sent me to farmville express and it actually worked !!!! Yaaa its about time. It don’t do everything u can on pc but it still does somethings which is nice like pick crops and plant them . Also you can except gifts and send them .

  20. Lynn martin Says:

    I can not get past the farmville express screen, I cannot play, it’s been doing this for 2 days

  21. Frances Says:

    I am unhappy with not being able to get my gifts from my facebook page and get an error reading each time I try.

  22. wendy Says:

    please fix on blackberry too, we are able to retrieve gifts, but are not able to send gifts via phone and go onto the farm to play

  23. Margo Reppert Says:

    I used to be able to claim fuel on my Blackberry. Now it just goes to that blank green screen with the brown strip on the top.

  24. patty Says:

    i have a droid 3 from verizon i CAN play farmville express with it you need to go through your browser to farmville that way you will get it NOT through the face book app

  25. Arjun v prakash Says:

    hey guys.. am using NOKIA 5800 and it too get this screen but the game won’t load in it.. i know it won’t load in symbian…. but guys im using bolt browser and through it am able to accept gift requests.. fuel… and sending gift…. jus like in pc.. but u can’t play.. but i think itz better.. than seeing a black fv page…!!!!!!!

  26. Isol Maria Celorio Pumar Says:


  27. Maja Says:

    what about mobiles with symbian?!

  28. Lynn martin Says:

    Make it work

  29. Lucy Says:

    I used to be able to play most of farmville on my iPad now I get express which I hate

  30. Bonnie Says:

    I have the new Droid Bionic and have no clue weather or not Farmville Express will work on it. I went to my browser and all that comes up are web pages that explain how it works and from what ppl are posting there are quite a few issues with the Express. And it says you cannot harvest and plant like on a computer you have to tap each plot seperately and if you have several hundred plots, that’s alot of time lol.

  31. Saskia Says:

    If you want to play Farmville (or other similar games) on any android device that has flash, do the following:
    1) Download Dolphin HD browser
    2) in the browser, go to more > settings > user agent
    3) set the user agent to “Desktop”
    4) browse to en start farmville from there as you would on a pc
    5) voila, you can play the full farmville game on your mobile/tablet.

  32. antonio ulloa Says:

    Tengo un BB y hace un mes que no puedo tomar ni enviar ninguin regalo o tomar los colectibles de las granjas de mis amigos. Por favor alguien me podria decir que puedo hacer o donde descargo alguna aplicacion para poder seguir viendo y usando farmville desde mi BB por favor y gracias.f

  33. gina Says:

    i loved it on the iphone app.. omg was a life safer.. now not working at all :(

  34. Jamie Dunaway Says:

    having the same problem everyone else is having just bought a tablet for my son and he likes to play

  35. cathy leclere Says:


  36. Catherine Says:

    I am still getting that green screen. I can no longer get gifts free fuel. Nothing???

  37. debra Says:

    Help howcan i link fv express.

  38. Maggie Collin Says:

    I have a blackberry and am looking for a way to play farmville. I was told there was an app for this but can’t find it. If there is one, is it free or is there a cost? Please help.



  40. anna jones Says:

    I would like to be able to do my crafting of items that I harvest. I have a wine factory and I would like to make items from my crops.

  41. Linda stout dillman Says:

    I had FarmVille express on my iPhone 3. But don’t
    Know how get it on my iPhone 4. Please help???

  42. Dana Fairchild Says:

    not get farmville express and for 3 days

  43. Pam Says:

    Can not switch screens on iPad or use FarmVille express

  44. hailee Says:

    I like. Pizza

  45. Teh Siew Hong Says:

    As usual i can play farmville on my samsung tab, today i try to open ,it appear farmville express is coming soon.I been playing for so long and suddenly i cannot play anymore.

  46. Jason Remigio III Says:

    What Zynga has told me this Farmville Express is no longer available on the Apple Store for your mobile phone, they had removed it but never told why they did and kept other Farmville apps available to download and install for your iPhone. When I told them of the problems with the gifts sent from your Facebook friends requests to help their farm some you can click on and some you can’t it shows 30 as number as there are more Gift Requests and the limit is 50. They said they are working on this issue and fill out a survey to explain the company rights between Apple and Zynga and Facebook.

  47. tiffany Says:

    I can’t get on farmville express on my HTC vivid

  48. Marian Smith Says:

    Farmville is one of my favorite games but, recently things have been moving too fast. Too many quests at the same time. I am finding it very frustrating. I have been pursuing different games.Thanks for the 2 1/2 years of great fun. I won’t stop playing but instead of everyday, I will try once a week.

  49. becky mayes-moore Says:

    I hate farmville express – I want my regular farmville for my Ipad back. Zynga said they would support until August… Well, I haven’t been able to get it to launch. I don’t like Express it sucks. I like being able to harvest my orchards without all the friggin pop-ups. I can feed my animals with out all the friggin pop ups. I am sick to death of pop-ups in the program on Facebook… I should know better than play Zynga games… I had my fill with Mafia Wars.

  50. julie Says:

    farmvile express stuck on loading

  51. myra williams Says:

    I can’t get this to load on my phone. PLEASE hurry

  52. Lynn Bolden Says:

    Why when I try to post from my news feed to assist my Farmville neighbors it goes to wanting me to play Farmville 2 Country Escape I tried this game, was not interested because it could on be played on my phone so I deleted it! How do I get this to go away and when I try to help a neighbor and click what they need it goes to Farmville Express not this new game?

  53. Lynn Bolden Says:

    Why when I click on something in my news feed to assist my Farmville Neighbors does it show a screen for Farmville 2 Country Escape and not take me to Farmville express? I am not interest in this game, tried it and did not like it.


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