FarmVille Faces Issues With Growing Ducklings!

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FarmVille Faces Issues With Growing Ducklings!

Posted on January 27, 2011 11:17 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Freak EmilyVine's Duckling Glitch

Thank you to FarmVille Freaks EmilyVine, Ctrtle, Jewels9901 & JezebelM for helping with this post!

We have recently been receiving reports from FarmVille Freaks that they are having trouble raising their ducklings! Are you one of those farmers?

Some off the issues farmers are coming across are:

  • Not being able to choose which Duck to grow their Duckling into
  • Not being able to choose Duck even after 7 neighbors have helped
  • Not being able to see all the neighbors who helped raise Duckling
  • Not being able to exit the Raise Duckling Menu at all

Have you come encountered any of these issues yet? Be sure to participate in our poll below!

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128 Responses to “FarmVille Faces Issues With Growing Ducklings!” »

  1. Linda Says:

    I ask for help and the screen locks up, so I can’t ask for help. PLEASE HELP!!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    It only happened to me one time that I wasn’t able to choose the duck for the brown duckling to grow into. Its a brown duckling for life.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Happened to me too; sent a msg, they said they know, blah blah blah. We knew it wasn’t going to be a perfect roll out- they always have problems. Let em get it worked out.

  4. Riffy Rifat Says:

    I lost 2 ducks because of this problem,now they ended up staying as ducklings,which i didnt want that to be

  5. meles Says:

    A glitch in a new item. Now, who would have expected that from Zynga…?!

  6. JB Says:

    I get an error message when I try to help my friends. Grrr.

  7. Ille brebach Says:

    As I said before, I wish they would get their ducks in a row (so to speak) before we all get upset about this!

  8. KRISTY Says:

    I’m only having problems with BROWN ducklings…yellow work fine

  9. joanne shankland Says:

    you can put the duckling back in the pond and then bring him back out you can grow him then

  10. Peggy Says:

    “out of sync” when trying to move duck out of pond and not being able to choose or see which neighbors helped. I like the duck pond so I hope they work out the bugs.

  11. Kym Says:

    it didnt show me the neighbors i picked ,….do i pick the duck i want after the neighbors help? or when i choose them? it didnt let me do anything.

  12. Naomi Says:

    Yea, I raised a duckling and it disappeared after I chose which one I wanted.

  13. SeL Says:

    I cant thank people :( cant post a duckling on the helpers page and cant post a duckling to the feed to be collected. Its a shame after receiving help from all that people and not being able to post a duckling for them to grow up. They will think I am rudeee!!

  14. Shannon Says:

    Instead of clicking brown duckling for life, you should have hit cancel. Hopefully, they’ll fix it so we can have our black swans. If not, I’ll take some FV$ thrown my way for my inconvenience. *snicker*

  15. tanthom Says:

    I alomost had on duckling stay a duckling. Apparently when you access the duckling menu before ur farm fully loads and sometime after it loads you get a pop up saying that u haven’t choosen what ur duckling will grow up to be. and u have a choice you can either have the duckling stay a duckling or you can hit the x and choose. As for the other issues I haven’t experienced any of them. But as far as the ducklings not growing up its all about paying attention to the pop ups.

  16. Michelle Says:

    When asking friends for help, the send button doesn’t show up, Need to choose between friends again

  17. marie Says:

    i cant ask neighbours to help

  18. Linda Marks Rogers Says:

    My friends are saying they are not getting my requests after I send them. I don’t know if it matters that I am sending out requests for multiple ducklings or not? I am very frustrated helping everyone else and not getting my ducklings helped! This is not going well for me!

  19. Mary Pelton Says:

    After I helped my first neighor on duckling the farm has been really slow in loading Sometime as long as over 15 min

  20. SARAH Says:

    Mine won’t let me request friends to help just comes up with

    .toggle_tabs { border-bottom: 1px solid #898989; } .toggle_tabs li a { border-color: #898989; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px 1px 0 0; color:#333333; display:inline-block; font-weight:bold; padding:2px 8px 3px 9px; text-decoration: none; } .toggle_tabs li.first a { border-width: 1px 1px 0 1px; } .toggle_tabs li { display: inline; margin-left: -3px; padding:2px 0 3px; } .toggle_tabs li.selected a { background-color: #3B5998; color: #fff; } li.selected a { background-color: #3B5998; color: #fff; } .freeGiftBorder { border-top-width: 5px; border-right-width: 5px; border-bottom-width: 5px; border-left-width: 5px; border

    Only brown duckling i’ve had

  21. Ginny DeMeo Says:

    Everytime I try to send request for help to my neighbors it locks up and I have to do contl/alt/delete to bring up the menu. I have had 7 neighbors help and I cannot choose the duck I want or see them. I have sent request out and my neighbors have not received them.

  22. Linda Mantz Says:

    Mine is still not working and I paid 21 FV dollars. I want to choose or give me back my 21 FV dollars!!!

  23. Barbara Says:

    Trouble yesterday feeding neighbors ducklings. Working fine today!! And the valentines? when? Probably more glitches again!!! LOL Who would think That?? Just saying……

  24. Carol Says:

    I am having problems with sending requests for help with the duckling. I have over 20 ducklings and cannot ask for help because it tells me I have run out of requests.

  25. paul Says:

    i was able to get one duckling into a duck. i tried to get another one and failed to work. maybe no roast duck with msg today.

  26. Tosha Says:

    Nobody can post anything to my wall and they get an unknown error. Zynga has known about it for at least 6 months and doesn’t care so I stopped buying fv cash. It affects people buying from my crafting building, fertilizing my farm, the pigs, and the ducks. Zynga is zynga…they’ll care when it hits their pocketbook and so far their profits are going through the roof so I don’t see my farm getting dealt with anytime soon. It’s just form letter after form letter from them that have nothing to do with what I send them. Others helped and reported it….still no luck. Typical

  27. howdydodee Says:

    I also have a bronw duckling for life

  28. Scarlett Says:

    My guess is that we will have the valentines after the winter workshop ends after 2/3/11 but its only a guess. I have had a few problems with the ducks but the pond is pretty and I like the ducklings best except for maybe one duck and the swans. I already had the ugly duckling. Yes, there are glitches and no, I dont want to pay real money and yes, I NEED more room but it is a free game and fun so I play anyway. I have met some really nice people too.

  29. GreenWolf Says:

    it wont even let me send amy help request :(

  30. chantal Says:

    I can not choose what duck I want from my brown duckling.. but I can keep it a duckling when I close the window, a popup in that screen said what you want with your duckling, when you click the x in the upper right corner.. you keep the friends who helped and you don’t have to choose what duck you want.. I will wait till the problem is solved..

  31. upset_player Says:


  32. Eq4bits Says:

    Problem I’m having is with the duck pond itself. Can’t remove ducks to change them out. My Mandarine Male & Female aren’t showing on the rocks either.

  33. Angel Says:

    I forst got this error about 12 hours ago. I had a duckling who 7 friends had helped and I could see their pics but not any pics of the ducks to choose from at all. When I exited that window I got a message asking if I wanted to keep my duckling as a duckling forever. I clicked “cancel” since I want the grown ducks! That error is still with me and now it’s spread to another two ducklings.
    I have a total of two ducklings who have had enough help, and one duckling who needs a few more friends to help but I can’t get past that.

    Fix the bugs before releasing stuff… God damnit ZYNGA!!!!

  34. ROSe Says:

    no problem with the growing part ,, but seeing who help is a problem ,, i cant find out until after i send then their thank you duckling

  35. Buttons Says:

    The grown ducks are found in your gift box after they grow up.

  36. robin davis Says:

    i think is bullshit that everytime something new comes out we always have to wait for the glitches to be fixed, get it right before you introduce the new stuff. i lost 3 ducks yesterday evening cause of the mess up. if you cant get the glitches fixed quit putting stuff out every freakin day.

  37. Carla Fernandes Says:

    really, who cares anymore?

  38. farmvillegal Says:

    i havent even got a duckling and ive harvested my pond two times after the update :(

  39. Dawn Says:

    I cant help or be helped in raising my ducklings. Get the message that I or they haven’t requested my help yet, even though it’s on the feed and posted. I’ll just keep my duckling a baby for now. Try again in a few days. Hopefully they will have some of the bugs worked out.

    Also, my ugly duckling grew into a swan, but I can’t put it in the pond, goes OOS every time.

  40. ebbie daylin Says:

    my mom (echo) and i have had a lot of problems trying to help. we click on the help request and keep getting “error processing help”

  41. ERIKA Says:

    I too experienced the problem with the screen freezing when i tried to select friends to help my duckling grow up….but then I remembered, hey this happened before with something else, which I learned was simple to fix myslef….when the screen freezes press F11 and it will open the correct screen for you…however, you have to press it again when not on any webpage to access your browsing bar!! hope this helps!!

  42. Jonathan Says:

    I used to have that problem but if you click on the upper tab FREE GIFTS and click again into PLAY at the third attempt the problem magically get fixed.

  43. Lila Says:

    When I click on ASK FRIENDS FOR HELP the list of friends doesn’t open at all, I keep refreshing and asking again, but it doesn’t show….so I can’t ask my friends to help !

  44. Lori Says:

    I can’t even get passed the scrip to invite any friends seems like they would just let us posted it like most things we need our friends tend to take a second to click. I have a duckling but nothing more

  45. Johnnyaftc Says:

    Amazing they can fix the cheats to stop them losing ‘money’ – oh no someone might have a better game than them – quick try to sue them but when it comes to fixing game issues they cant do it , there aint been anything they have released without errors

  46. Shadoe Says:

    Yup same issue, can’t hardly ask for help, it’s a rarity if it actually lets me and even then it is only the “suggested” friend list I can’t pick all the ppl I want to send requests to, I have one duckling who is ready to grow up but can’t see any of the pics and can’t choose anything!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Noel Says:

    My duckling had 7 friends help raise it then the duck choices were blanked out. I put it in the pond and took it back out and it reset the duckling.

  48. Pattie Says:

    i have ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!

    Everytime a new feature comes out – PROBLEMS – my neighbors are able to raise their ducklings and I can’t see the rest of the screen or ask neighbors to help – it says i have run out of that.??

  49. thajo Says:

    i only have this problem with brown ducklings… yellow works…

  50. horrnett Says:

    mine shows the same as the picture above one….it simply wont display the proper picture. i thought it was slow net or web page issue. but i guess i am not the only one :) ….. no more ducklings for me. wasted some shovels n cans building the pond …

  51. Pam Says:

    Zynga has probably realized that most of us have a # of friends & the ducks are easily obtained. So now they will probably find a way to charge u FarmCash for them, since that seems to be their new thing now……………

  52. Jeri Says:

    I contacted Zynga to inform them of the problem I am expertiencing. People are gifting me with their ducklings, and I do not get any ducklings. I certainly wish Zynga would play these games many,many times before going public.

    I will say this, the majority of their employees whom I have contacted with various problems have been very accomodating.

  53. merc benz Says:

    If you are having problems with the publishing and posting of your ducks, try going to Going thru facebook wont let me do anything, the other site is better

  54. dawn Says:

    I can’t seem to get a duckling from my pond AND I have many fv cash ducks thanks to the stupid mystery game. Seriously sounds like another 20 fv cash compensation.

  55. Peggy B Says:

    I have (had) 3 ducklings with friends on each. When I went back in to check on them I had NO friends on any of them????? Whats going on. I’m about ready to give up.

  56. Salena Says:

    I have one brown duck that all required neighbors helped with but I dont have the option to choose a duck, it never loads. Will it be corrected and I should wait, or keep him a duckling option and not worry about it anymore?

  57. Angela Says:

    I think the glitch is intentional. That way people will spend FarmCash to grow their ducklings. Not me! I’m no fool!!

  58. Nathalie Says:

    Oh I have a different problem. I just ”lost” the help I’d gained!
    I only needed help from one more friend, next time I checked there was a yellow airow above the duckling and it said i needed help from 7 friends.

  59. georgiegirl Says:

    I haven’t even had a duckling yet! Where are you people getting your 20 ducklings from?! And if I do get one eventually I don’t have 7 FV friends so how do they ever grow into ducks??!

  60. Karen Says:

    What is Zynga doing to resolve this!

  61. Victoria Voinikova Says:

    I have grown 1 brown and 1 yellow ducklings already. But it doesn’t load the friend list when I choose a help from them. That were the only two times it loads….

  62. Cassie Says:

    I’ve had the problem too. Sent an email to Zynga and they said they knew, etc, and they gave me a regular duck as compensation :( I’ve done more ducklings and have found that I only have the problem if I’m doing two at the same time. If I just do one, then all seems ok. Not sure if that will help anyone, and it sure isn’t a “fix”, but I’m slowly able to grow ducklings to ducks, one at a time.

  63. Rose Says:

    I got help from my 7 neighbors and everything worked out fine until I went into my gift box to retrieve my beautiful black swan. There she was sitting so regal in my gift box (LOL) seriously though, I retrieved it and put it next to my farmer. I could see the little green square but no duck. I fig it was a glitch since this was a new activity so I placed it and it was gone that fast. It still hasnt shown up 6 days later. This kept happening to my spaghetti sheep some time ago but it would flicker in and out sometimes be gone for a day but then came back for good and never happened again. Hopefully they will return it to my farm. Also not a duck issue but I take pics of my friends when they are on my farm and coincidentally of my duck pond n for mos now my pics dont post, anywhere. I tried doing it thru and Facebook.

  64. buckeyemomma Says:

    Got the glitch now myself..I can see the ppl that helped and no ducks to choose from.. GRRRR AND I missed out on the last one that was available bc of it. I’ll gladly take some farmcash for my troubles though. LOL

  65. mandie Says:

    i had problems with it all day! i sent a complaint, got an email back that they will be working on it.
    my main problem was that after sending the request for help from my neighbors. i would see the neighbors who helped but the choice ducks were missing, even after i had 7 friends helping. this happened to me about 5 times with the same duck.
    i got the msg about leaving it a duckling forever, and i thought to just try it, since i would have kept at least 1 small at some point. so i put the “forever” small one into my pond.
    a couple hours later i tried to grow a new duckling again, and FINALLY it was working and i got my first duck out of it. :D
    but i also discovered that if you have a forever small one, and you place it into the pond and then take it out again, to put on your farm, it will grow into a full size duck.
    i dont know if thats only related to the glitch with the pond, but its possible for now.

  66. Jeff Cleer Says:

    I just had something weird happen….was visiting a neighbor’s farm and noticed their duckling with a huge yellow arrow over it. I though, what the heck, and clicked it. I was able to select what kind of duck I wanted it to grow into and thank all the friends who helped raise it. And I wasn’t even one of them. Did I mess up my neighbor’s chance to select what kind of duck she wanted? Huuuummm?

  67. heather Says:

    it doesnt let me ask at all it says ive ran out of request to use this application, so looks like im gonna have 100s of duckilings, just like the seedlings!

  68. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Mine was working just fine until about 2 hours ago. Now it will not let me request help. It loads another iteration of Farmville in a separate tab.

  69. stascia.honey Says:

    well, looks like we are all having problems with the ducklings…Mine was working fine yesterday, but today it won’t let me change the ducklings to adult ducklings…but it’s okay..I know that Zynga will eventually fix it and then i’ll have all the ducks i want!!!!
    Come on people, its just a game…there are going to be problems, and yes sometimes it gets frustrating but eventually it gets fixed. As for me, have spent some money of FV cash (more for horses than anything else) and i know that there have been some problems…but overall i am still happy with the game and will continue playing it!

  70. Damian Azrael Says:

    Finished my first brown duck just fine now all i have are yellow ducks and like everyone else i can’t choose a duck nor see my neighbors who helped despite the fact that 7 have helped me i hope farmville puts a freeze on the ducklings while they fix it otherwise the ducks i want won’t be available as i will have run out of time.

  71. stascia.honey Says:

    oppssss…i mean adult ducks!

  72. Joom Says:

    2 problems on duckling:

    - sometimes, after click “ask for help” it’s nothing, just a white screen

    - sometimes, I’ve got 7 friends help for grow duckling but cannot choose any type of adult duck. The screen shows 7 friends but not show the duck types.

  73. Caleb Says:

    I can send out requests, but when neigbors try to help it tells them you can not help, because he has not asked you for help??? I have only asked two neighbors about this both had the same thing happen. I send out as many requests it lets me, and it never shows that anyone has helped, so far 4 ducklings now and none of them have shown any help. I have the best neighbors, they help with everything, so I know if they get the requests they will try to help. Love the Ducks! Hope they are able to fix the glitches soon.

  74. Willem Says:

    I grew one duck and for the next one 7 friends helped me out but I can’t choose a duck. Those fields stay blank. Also the play is much slower now the valentine stuff is also on

  75. Mark Says:

    WARNING: Putting the ducklings back into the pond does not solve the problem. It will delete all your neighbors help and bring you back to needing 7 neighbors to help again.

  76. Brian Says:

    its not showing the duck selection, even after i paid 3 FC to grow the duckling : /

    hope this is resolved soon.

  77. himawan Says:

    darn zynga!…they steal my fv bucks!!!…no showing ducks after paid 3 FV cash to grow the duckling…grrrr!!!!

  78. wendy Says:

    I have two main problems that is really making me mad so to speak. (ya…i know its just a game…but I buy TONS of farmcash on a regular basis…and I get messed over by farmville all the time. jeesh.)

    1) I help everyone raise their ducks…then when they go to thank me, they get an “error” message in pink and it wont post a duck to my profile page. I have gotten this a ton of times when I thanked others also. Thats messed…cause we are all the ones spending money on farmville…get excited…do the work….and get messed over.

    2) It says I have run out of requests…Pardon? What does that mean?

    3) I go to ask for help…and the pics of the people wont show up that I asked already…so I waste requests asking the same over by accident. …and the ducks dont grow…

    Getting frustrated. Its a shame that a game can get a grown adult excited and elated like they were a child again…only to be “taken advantage ” of. My choice I guess.

  79. LennyMIII Says:

    I’m having a problem thanking my friends who helped my duck grow. I click “thank”, then I get an out of sync error, and can’t go back and share a duckling with them.

  80. Bob Says:

    all my brown ducklings are doing this now I get the friends but they wont grow up..before that happened I wasnt given the option to thanks the people who helped on the far yellow seems fine

  81. tamara Says:

    I have the 7 friends but I can’t choose the ducks. Ducks doesn’t show up.
    And have problem with fv too. Steal 15.

  82. Donns Says:

    It has been how many day now and still cant’t select a grown duck, or screen freezes, and the time has expired for some of the selections and never able to select

  83. Brian Says:

    it worked for the yellow ducklings, just not the brown one.

  84. michelle Says:

    ive got 3 ducks ready i went 2 change them up but there is no ducks 4 me 2 keeps saying do i want 2 keep the duckling.. no i dont i want 2 change my ducks..plz sort this out or give us farm cash 4 r troubles

  85. Mar Says:

    My ducklings are growing just fine. I place one at a time, ask for help, and wait. 3 ‘chosen’ adults (and one black swan) later, no issues. The only problem I’m having is with ‘helping’ my friends grow theirs. When I click on the ‘help friend’ button, I’m getting ‘an error occurred while processing this request’. I feel bad.. people are helping me out. I want to reciprocate. Does it have to do with people having multiple ducklings? Should I let the requests ‘hang’ for a while till the bugs are fixed? Oh.. beta versions. SO FUN. :D

  86. Sabine Says:

    I have problems with sending requests for help with the duckling.

  87. Marilyn Brecka Says:

    I am unable to choose a duck after getting 7 friends to help with my duckling! Disappointed! And so little time!!!!!

  88. Brian Says:

    i contacted Zynga (im sure i wasn’t the only one) and got a response back right away. they are working on the fix for the feature. hopefully it wont take too long, but atleast know they’re working on it.

  89. Buli Says:

    in my farm not work
    Get 5 Friends to help lamb, i can not send because Send button its not for click.
    In Grow Ducking i can not ask for help

  90. Candi Says:

    Will not show me what to choose after 7 have helped. ANNOYING. Waste of time.

  91. Emmanuel Says:

    Well i Have the same problem
    i recived the help from 7 friends in the 20 hours limit but when i try to grow my dickling it only shows the name of my friends but it doesnt give any options of ducks to choose

  92. Rach Says:

    Grew my duckling (had to use 6 farm cash to finish coz ive less than 7 active neighbours) and BAM! duckling disappeared :(

  93. Angela Says:

    Still doesn’t work! Do they plan to fix it?!

  94. JB Says:

    This worked only 4 times for me. Then each and every time I get 7 people to help with it, it doesn’t let me choose anything! So frustrating! It seems like a waste of time to play if its not going to work.

    Fix it, Zynga or forget it and delete the whole thing!

  95. john Says:

    I have add all of these problems too. i sure hope they fix it soon and extend the time we have for getting these ducks..
    •Not being able to choose which Duck to grow their Duckling into
    •Not being able to choose Duck even after 7 neighbors have helped
    •Not being able to see all the neighbors who helped raise Duckling

  96. Prinzzess Says:

    having issues with both colors, not just brown as someone else said. glad I’m not the onlly one with the issue, Ive lost 4 ducklings to either being baby for life or I deleted them trying to figure out what was wrong. they need to give us farm cash for this like the snowman issue got!

  97. Bruce Says:

    Can not ask for neighbors and when it finaly goes through and I can ask for 7 neighbors they can’t see the post when I post it.Very frustrating.I see other neighbors getting beautiful wood ducks and such and I can’t get any.

  98. judy livingston davis Says:

    have had issues with people have all helped but could not complete screen would be blank could not complete so lost duckling and everythin pond has not given me the 1st as of yet getting very frustrated withit

  99. Amanda Says:

    Okay, I discovered this remedy by accident. If it will not show you anything, pick the duckly up and move it somewhere else. Then click on grow your duckling. Give it a few seconds and it should pop up. If only part of it pops up, then pick it up and move it again, and then it should show everything from who helped to which duck you can click on. Hope that helps everyone else too!

  100. Mercedes Says:

    If you get the above problem this is what I do:

    1- Wait a minute or two.
    Now you can see them if not go to 2.
    2- Clcik on one of the buttom white boxes which would be one of the ducks.
    Now you can see them if not go to 3.
    3- Close the ducking window. If you get a window saying you didn’t pick a duck and you don’t want a duckling forever hit CANCEL. And click on the duckling again.
    Now you can see them if not go to 4.
    4- Refresh farmville and wait til everything is loaded then clcik on your duckling.
    Now you can see them if not go to 5.
    5- If this doesn’t work reset your duckling by moving it into your pound and then removing it. This will reset your friends help and you will have to ask again.

    Tips: Try not to have more than 2 of the same color out. If you do put the rest in your pound. Sometimes you can see the names but not the pictures so I would write down the ones you still need.

    Hope this helps.

  101. priscilla Says:

    I have 3 chicks that i used fv cash for and they wont work I either want my ducks or my money back!

  102. Jessica Says:

    I have a duckling on my farmville, I have seven friends helping and I can’t choose the ducks won’t show up on my screen. 2 days now, will you fix it please.

  103. Pityu Says:

    I HATE: “FarmVille has been enhanced! Please refresh the page to continue.” :( :( :(
    Mielőtt megköszönhetném barátaimnak a segítséget, lerobban a játék! :(

  104. Monica Says:

    I did have trouble getting to the screen to ask for help but when it would make my Farmville Ap freeze I would tap the ESC button and most of the time it would bring me to the place to ask for help from your friends..
    BUT it always freezes when you click on your duckling to raise it..
    Hope this helps someone.

  105. playgirl34 Says:

    Ive 3 ducklings ready n cant grow um,lost out on black swans.
    Tryed going other farms to find ready 1s on them but no luck.


  106. heather Says:

    I got help from 7 friends, but it doesn’t give me the option to choose a duck! Is this gonna be fixed soon?

  107. svirginiak Says:

    same problem here, it worked for me for two ducklings, but i can’t access the duck selection for my other ducklings…grrr

  108. Ada Says:

    i moved a duckling, for which i got help from 7 friends and couldn’t choose a duck into the pond and out again, and it now it shows no friends at all (it’s back to 0%). annoying really.

  109. sheri Says:

    are you ever going to fix the duckling problem i keep getting 7 friends and can not choose duck it has been like this for days

  110. wendy Says:

    I got help from 7 friends for 2 different ducklings and i’m not ale to choose a duck and then the 7 friends left and you have to start over.Frustrating!

  111. michelle Says:

    and yet i still keep getting helpbut no ducks 2 pick.. this aint rite anymore sort it out

  112. Aggeliki Says:

    Besides the issues on the article (which i am having too), most of the times you cannot ask help from friends at all. When i click ask for help, the page does not load.

  113. Andres Says:

    can`t ask for help…:(

  114. Kalinna Says:

    I get a page congratulating me for getting help from seven friends and asks me to choose a duck. The images of the ducks are missing from the boxes as are the “choose” button below the boxes. Therefore, I can’t see or select the duck I want. When I close the page another opens telling me I didn’t select a duck & gives me the option to keep it as a duckling or cancel. After several attempts, I opted not to bug my friends anymore and sold the ducklings :(

    Does anyone have any idea as to what if anything is being done to correct the issue?

  115. Brenda Says:

    When I try to help a friend’s ducklings, I often get a message that says,”there was an error in processing this request.” I know people who have gotten the same message when trying to help my ducklings. This is causing me to not be able to get black swans.

  116. Tamara Says:

    I cant get people to help me grow my duckling,
    I mean it lets me click ask for help etc, but once it come to the page where you have to select friends to help, you can click them but there is no button to send the requests out, and then my time runs out and i just get left with the duckling or is grows to an ugly duckling, so what do i do?

  117. Schremmy Says:

    I get help requests but ALWAYS encounter an error. I am unable to request help with my ducklings and have never gotten to the above shown example. What (if anything) am I doing wrong?

  118. Shaynah Armugam Says:

    I have so many ducklings and unable to change them. Each time I ask for help it takes me to an empty screen and I sit and wait but nothing happens. Basically I’m unable to ask friends for help. It’s happened now with two of my ducklings and I’m scared of putting anymore on my farm.
    What am I doing wrong?????

  119. farmvillesucks Says:

    Breed only ONE duckling at a time. Put the rest on the pond or leave it in your giftbox!

    Put that one chosen duckling and ask for 7 helps.

    NEVER start breeding other ducklings until the chosen duckling is already risen up to a chosen duck.
    If you put the other duckling on your farm to breed, the time counter and the helps for that very other duckling will RESET! immediately when a duckling is chosen to grow to a duck/swan. SO IS YOUR CASH if you use cash.

    After the duckling is fully grown, then put the new duckling and ask for another 7 helps. Repeat.

    I’ve learnt this at the cost of my time and others’ futile attempts to help breed ungrowupable ducklings!

  120. (IT'S A SECRET) Says:

    If I click “grow duckling,” the types of ducks and the seven friends who helped do not show up. It says at the top, “you can now choose an award!” If I exit, it will say, “would you like to keep this little one as a duckling forever?” and I often click cancel…PLEASE HELP!!

  121. joey Says:

    how do you pull up the menu i dont know how to grow them can anyone help me!?

  122. amy Says:

    When i click on “Ask For Help” it doesn’t load at all, it goes to select friends but all it shows is the tabs e.g. “Add Neighbors, Free Gifts, Buy Cash” or whatever. Ive tried this on Firefox (default), Internet Explorer and Google Chrome with no Add-ons enabled. I’m about to download Opera and see if that works, but i have a feeling it wont. Am i able to do it through the iPhone App?
    This is very frustrating, i don’t seem to be able to get help for anything like this. I help every one of my friends with their little things but i get NOTHING >:(

  123. trip Says:

    Glad I’m not going mental, and that its Farmville playing up!

    I now seem to be having the same issue with England,
    I go to invite friends and the screen comes up blank, just like when I try and grow the ducklings!!!

    Please Zynga fix this glitch so I can get to England and get one of each of the different ducks!

    : )

  124. Migs Fiel Says:

    After 7 neighbors helped me, it again went back to 0.

  125. Ampady Says:

    I cant see my duckling which i put in my home farm. But i request for help to neighbours and it get received the help but the ducklings are not visible only an arrow mark is there.. Somebody please help

  126. FeliX Says:

    My ducklings will not show up on my farm at all. The arrows are there, but they are invisible and I cannot select them when I want to. Anyone else having this issue? I use firefox browser.

  127. Ammar Says:

    Had 2 different problems. If i have 2 ducklings with help from 7 friends, when i choose a duck. the other one’s help disappears :(
    2nd bug is a nice one :P
    Im getting extra ducklings out of no where and extra ducks when i grow a duckling. compensates alot for the first bug :D

  128. sandy worley Says:

    why don’t all of my neighbors show up when i try to grow my ducklings