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FarmVille Fan Cow Shareable

Posted on February 19, 2011 10:03 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Fan Cow

Recently, several players and FarmVille Freaks have reported being able to share the FarmVille Fan Cow!

It seems as though when you place a Fan Cow on your farm from your Gift box, or when you place a Fan Cow on your farm after taking it out of the Dairy Farm, you are able to share one with neighbors as well!

Have you experienced this on your farm yet?

Remember the Fan Cow produces Fan Calves. It can be harvested for 60 coins per day.

FarmVille Share Fan Cow Notice

Thank you to FarmVille Freaks Chris & DevinNL for sharing these pictures and the information with us!

Have you been able to share the FarmVille Fan Cow with your neighbors yet?

FarmVille Fan Cow FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Fan Cow in Giftbox

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45 Responses to “FarmVille Fan Cow Shareable” »

  1. deby Says:

    I got it! :)

  2. Krysia Says:

    This happened to me. Was able to share linkage, but don’t know if the reception was clear. :-) They’re also worth, what? 2,500 coins to sell. *G*

  3. Ryan Howell Says:


  4. cindy skrajnar Says:

    i want a fan cow

  5. bashir Says:

    i need those cows…

  6. John Says:

    I Have tried 5 times.
    My friends Have been sharing it many times.
    Every time I try to take It appears that it has expired Even If it was shared 12 seconds ago.

  7. bashir Says:

    what is that???

  8. Deb Mundro Says:

    It will actually share how many fan cows you have in your dairy. I had 2, removed one, put it back in and it shared a fan cow then a second share popped up for the second fan cow without me having to do anything

  9. Keemii Says:

    How do you get the Fan Cow? I dont see one to buy.

  10. JOhn Says:

    it works for now its a glitch i shared about 200 yesterday with my neighbors they go fast i have a full dairy of them and all i do is fill it and take 1 out at a time share then do it again then refill it and sdo it again might as well take advantage of the glitch and help your neighbors

  11. Mercedes Says:

    Yes is there something wrong with claiming stuff ever since the new wishing well. I locked some rewards for a specific neighbor and they got a “Sorry all of Mercedes’ rewards have been claimed”.

  12. adam Says:

    i am not able to share but i have got about 8 so far and i love it :) thanks to my neighbor just wish i could return the favor :(

  13. atropa Says:

    @ john: ‘expired’ only means somebody took it. there’s probably only one available per post.

  14. Mandy lana Says:

    plz tell farmville to repair everything asap..i am being bugged,,i cant collect anything from my neighbors’ posts…it always says “Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim too many {1} rewards from your friends at once! Try this reward again in an hour.
    .shit..or else i will stop on playing…
    ,fuck shit…i am a solid farmer but i am always a victim of glintches and errors…and it do sucks……fuck shit…..
    plzzzzzz move and be moved.

    shit fuck

  15. Mandy lana Says:


  16. Heather Says:

    Currently, you can share an unlimited number of fan cows with your friends by doing the following:
    1) Place the cow in your dairy barn.
    2) Remove the cow and place it on your farm.
    3) A pop-up will allow you to share a cow with your friends.
    4) Repeat.

  17. Melody Paul Says:

    the caws are working if you copy and paste the link directly to your friends they can get them I have gotten an entire dairy full of them now. They say it is a glitch in the Cow but this has been going on for 3 days now You know Zygna they would have fixed it by now but yes it does work

  18. Kelley Mills Says:

    I have a Farmville neighbor who received 2500 XP as a gift. We were wondering how it is possible to gift 2500 XP. Has anybody else had this happen to them?

  19. Sandy Says:

    This actually happened to me two days ago, but it was when I tried to expand my dairy farm.. Out of no where, 5 pop us showed to share a fan cow with my friends, and I posted them on my page.. I am pretty sure it is a glitch, since I didn’t have a fan cow myself and I only wanted to expand it.. Oh well, lucky whoever got them ^ ^..!

  20. Learaye Says:

    Has not happened to me. I am frustrated because I started a new dairy and there are no loney bulls to adopt.

  21. Kitty Says:

    i sent myself 5, 3 days ago.. sweet glitch!

  22. malecsia Says:

    yes… i reported this yesterday to you.. but i guess no one reads the comments

  23. MIzuchy Says:

    So how does one get a Fan Cow in the first place?

  24. Chris Says:

    Yeah! Nice to see my news being posed on the page. Cool.
    I’ve got myself four cows already. Planning to get a whole dairy full of fan cows. ;)

  25. Carol Says:

    You guys are always a day late and a dollar short. This has bee going on for 4 days now. Ive provided fan cows for all my 400 plus friends/neighbors

  26. Roe Says:

    It’s been happening for 4 days now….when a fan cow is removed from the dairy farm and placed on your farm u get the option to share one :)

  27. Raluca Says:

    This is a great help with raising the money for the bigger farm!!!! It gives you a cow when you take one out the dairy and when you put it back in! Great!

  28. DevinNL Says:

    Nice to see my news being post :D
    Got some 80 fan cows till now :D

    Best glitch ever.

  29. flyers8 Says:

    This old news, I have given out 30-40 of them. You share it when you remove it from you dairy barn.

  30. cheryl Says:

    you get the opportunity to share once the cow is placed on the farm and again when you put it in and out of the dairy barn (neither has to be ready to harvest)

  31. Gurk Says:

    Nice posting. Now let’s count how long it will last after publication:)

  32. RedSox Ashley Says:

    It’s great how you post this about 3 days late, when you would have posted it 20 minutes after it happened, BEFORE you became “official.” I also notice how the unreleased content seems to have vanished from your posts. How… convenient. Congratulations on becoming “official.” And by official.. I mean that you officially suck, as a fan site.

  33. Akil Says:

    FarmvilleFreak=SELLOUTS …….

  34. Jason (Spinny) Says:

    Totally off topic, but has anyone tried to use the biplane lately? If so, have you noticed it is now DOUBLE the $FV it used to be? Anytime I e-mail this web site, I don’t get a response, so thought I would warn everyone.

    Raspberries used to be $2FV and now it is $4FV.

    The Fire & Ice Roses take 8 hrs, but it is $14FV.

    (Le Sigh)

  35. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I picked up a few off the feed two days ago and was able to post more to the feed as I placed each on my farm from my gift box.

    Yesterday I rearranged my cow mix in my dairies. When fan cows were placed onto the farm from a dairy I was able to post then as well.

    @Mandy Lana. This is not Zynga’s website. Nobody posting here, nor the owners of this site can fix your problem. Go to, pick farmville and post there.

  36. reincloud Says:

    how did one get a fan cow to begin with? and does anyone know if there’s any hope of getting a fan -sheep- still?

    @Akil – I *totally* agree. The coolest thing about this site was the “unreleased” items.. now I pretty much only come here to see about glitches/scams/f-ups and that’s really not much fun at all… lame. Thanks for ruining an awesome site, guys :(

    @Mandy Lana – 1. learn to type. A significant amount of your post doesn’t make much sense, if any.
    2. figure out the appropriate venue to post your complaints, please.

  37. Mark Says:

    nope, deleted all my colorful animals. Just interested in costumes for Halloween & of course the Belted Cow for coinage.

  38. Nelson Says:

    @ Learaye – I need bulls too! Where are they? I’ve told all my neighbors to keep their farmville open, but not a single bull has appeared in weeks!

  39. Molly Says:

    haven’t seen on on my feed… yet!

  40. Chrissie Says:

    imma bit slow, but HOW DO YOU GET FAN COW IN FIRST PLACE? yes, i sow them on the feed, but how you get them to share?

  41. Surfer_Dude Says:

    FOr all those asking about how to get a Fan cow in the 1st place: You probably cant. It was a limited edition available a year ago.

  42. Nelson Says:

    @ Molly – Same here, Molly be my neighbor? Would be nice to have a good nice neighbor, i’m on level 120:ish something, i share and i am a honest farmville-freak! And i try to be generous always. I love horses and trying to find baby calfs, but my family neighbors are somewhat limited.

    Still looking for bulls! My dad is on the lookout! hih.. . hoping to find one… He so happy that i could provide some Fan Cows for him! :)

    Have a good one all you awesome FVF’s !!! <3

  43. jackie Says:

    I’ve been doing this over and over for about an hour now and it keeps letting me do it!!! yay!!

  44. Chirag Says:

    not able to get farmville fan cow ! not in market not even from farm friends …… every time it says ” the event has expired ‘

  45. Thomas Says:

    Love sharing and getting the cows!!