FarmVille Makes Farms Widescreen

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FarmVille Makes Farms Widescreen

Posted on February 7, 2012 12:37 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Widescreen Farm

FarmVille gets the widescreen treatment.

You’ll notice the new view starting today.

What do you think, FarmVille Freaks?

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47 Responses to “FarmVille Makes Farms Widescreen” »

  1. Rufino Says:

    One of the few good things Zynga has done, although I do not remember the others, but keep your fingers crossed the BUGS are still sleeping, they might start appearing pretty soon. LOL

  2. Krispris Says:

    Really? WHY? Because there aren’t already enough problems with the game platform? C’mon!!! All my “bits” keep getting lost and I’m going a little bit bonkers!

  3. Phil Says:

    This widescreen is kind of annoying,

  4. SandySquirrel Says:

    Way to be on top of things Dr. G!! I thought this was a problem with my lame computer in the breakroom at work!

  5. ewa Says:

    panoramic / super

  6. Thomas Nilsson Says:

    Really nice, love it

  7. Neil Says:


    Now if they will only make the farm work.
    Like fixing all the errors and bugs.


  8. lisa Says:

    About time fantasy kingdoms did that how long ago, come on farmville keep with the times!

  9. tisury Says:

    Okay, so it’s not just my screen. Would actually be nice, except I have lost the ability to post any posts. My posting pop ups are way off to the right and the posting button isn’t displayed. Box can’t be dragged to viewing area either., ?????

  10. powzie Says:

    But we already hav FULLscreen.

    Why didn’t they just fix it so we could send things to the feed without leaving fullscreen??

  11. Felix.3322 Says:

    …. I am not sure how I feel about this…..

  12. grouchybutt Says:

    FINALLY!!! I hated a small screen, and now that I have a new extra wide 23 inch monitor makes it even better!!!

    Thanks zynga!

  13. Teffi Says:

    LOve this feature and its about time they gave up widescreen!! Just be sure to look out for that cow!

  14. Deb Says:

    yeah…Zynga finally did something right! easier to see and i like when you travel to another farm it keeps the game in the background while the train is rolling and not having to wait for reload.

  15. Martha Nelson Says:

    Was just about to restore my computer to an earlier time. Thought it had a virus or something. Why do you want to to fix what’s not broken? At least the screen was working! Why not work on the out of sync issues, lost bits cow, long loading time, and all the other bugs? Why, why, why????

  16. kathy munoz Says:

    hate it,,,hate it,,,hate it,,,hate it,,,hate it,,,hate it,,, hate it,,,hate it,,,hate it,,, please, please, PLEASE, QUIT CHANGING THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jackie Says:

    If it wasn’t for FarmVille Freak posting this about the full screen I would still be trying to fix my screen size. No, I do not like the full screen, but I have no say in what they do. I am angry that Zynga keeps adding stuff without fixing the problems that already exist.
    I cannot finish any quests in FarmVille because it won’t let me ask for help from my neighbors. I contacted Zynga and they said they are working on it, but that doesn’t help me right now.

    Miss Freak I also can’t get help when I go to your webpage and go to the different quests and click on the highlighted items.
    Anyone have any helpfull hints?? TY

  18. kathy munoz Says:


  19. Rob G. Says:

    This is so STUPID!!!!
    My brother plays Frontierville and it’s like that.
    Go back to the old way!!!!

  20. Dagy Ponte Says:

    I don’t get the wide-screen version. Do I have to do something, like choose an option and if so where?

  21. SandySquirrel Says:

    Just loving the widescreen because you can’t publish your posts in fullscreen…it always pops out to non-fullscreen and that was very frustrating.

  22. Allen Wentland Says:

    Dislike! Ick. It’s horrible on a big widescreen monitor – more like a stripe than a widescreen presentation. Don’t they look at stuff on different monitors, browsers and resolutions before they publish? The first thing a good developer learns is that their monitor & settings aren’t the only one in the world! Thank goodness they haven’t done that on

  23. Steven Says:

    We have to collect 24 materials for the first stage just to get TWO storage space? C’MON ZYNGA it’s getting more absurd each day.

  24. Joann Delfin Says:

    I hate it..Making it widescreen is straining my eyes…Why can’t they just let it be…:(

  25. Linda Says:

    Big deal!! Fix the glitches and stop throwing all these quests at us. Fix what you have already and stop creating new problems!

  26. Corkee Says:

    Why do they insist on giving us useless stuff, piling on Quests we don’t need (isn’t two at a time enough? Or gasp! one?) and just make the game work right. Bugs are reported constantly. The stupid crafting building is so slow I don’t craft much because I am not a young woman and fear my life is passing by while I wait for the danged thing to do it’s finishing, posting,’s all too slow. Just make the game work. We aren’t beta anymore Zynga. This is the real thing. No more messing with beta testers. Make the game work for your users or you will lose your users. You can lose them fast…just like you gained them.

    Oh, what do I think about the widescreen? actually I didn’t really notice because I harvest from my iphone. That usually doesn’t crash multiple times while I am trying to do so. I’m not thrilled, can you tell?

  27. Marlene Says:

    Oh my! I can’t wait to see it. Something we really needed. If it works .. then thank you zynga/ farmville.

  28. Mary Says:

    If they are going widescreen then why not just go all the way and go full screen like a couple of my other games do lol. I have a choice in Castleville and Hidden Chronicals if I want to go full screen or not.

  29. tisury Says:

    Isn’t anyone else having the problem with their posting pop up boxes being cut off ??? I can’t get to the button to post anything !!!! Anyone know how to fix this?

  30. Vivian Tekaia Says:

    It it not good -I cannot publish anything now, because the box with share is only half in the screen :-((((( Please fix it !

  31. Debby Schaefer Says:

    LOVE the new Look of the widescreen farm! AWESOME!!!!!! makes things a bit easier!!

  32. tisury Says:

    I was having a problem with the widescreen. My pop up boxes to post or share were way off to the right of my screen, and I was unable to post anything to the news feed. Not only that, but I had to refresh every time it came up.

    If you are having this problem, here is a FIX to try.
    Just kind of lucked out and stumbled on to it while looking around and IT WORKED !
    GO TO TOOLS- COMPATABILITY VIEW. If Farmville is in the box listed as “websites you have added to compatable view” …remove it. Problem fixed.

  33. Maureen Says:

    love it!

  34. Sherry Says:

    Hate it, hate it so much… If I wanted a wider screen, I would just go full screen.

  35. Pooh Says:

    I noticed this when logged onto my farm last night. This is actually good but I might need to get habituated to this new look. I was so used to the small screen and I rarely switched to the full screen as it immediately kicked me out to small screen mode if I posted any feed. As that fault hasn’t been fixed, I feel this widescreen option is way better than the full screen now.
    Zynga is making lot of improvements to the game these days which I really appreciate!

  36. Zwinkern Says:

    I don’t like, just more farm. They don’t use extra space for bottom menu line nor for extra feed space. Full screen was already available.

    I would prefer the ‘old’ look!

  37. leona loisellel Says:

    I don’t care for the new widescreen. I wish we could have the choice of accepting it only if we want it. We have more serious problems than altering the screen size that should be getting worked on.

  38. Lynne Burkhalter Says:

    Thank goodness, I thought it was my computer. I have a 23-inch monitor so it’s great.

  39. Christine Says:

    I LOVE this new widescreen. Making it full screen always came with issues and I think you hit on something Great!! Way to go Zynga…….Thank You.

  40. k Says:

    Yeaaaa, my menus are too big for the screen now, and I can not close out of them, click all of the buttons, etc. -___-

  41. Isabella Says:

    I love it – I wish they would have done it sooner.

  42. Angelique Says:

    This was a pleasant surprise. I only hope the screen won’t refresh every time I shar

  43. IDA SMITH Says:


  44. TigerCat Says:

    hate it, its making my computer run slower, i have dual core processor an 2gigs of ram, the farm is using most of the ram, I have 23inch monitor an i like the smaller screen farmville better., wish they would change it back or gave us an option to choose one or the other. I think they forget that Flash player takes lots of ram bigger the screen it uses.

  45. C. Says:

    We should get to choose

  46. cjgraton Says:

    Hate it!
    Having problems viewing my screen in Farmville. Keeps cutting off the top and bottom of screen, can anyone help??? Thanks!

  47. minda Says:

    my farmville become wide screen which i couldn’t be able to post my request coz only half of it showing …not the whole request……plsssssssssss!!!!!!what shall i do i couldn’t click the share coz only half is showing.