FarmVille Feed Trough Now Live!

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FarmVille Feed Trough Now Live!

Posted on October 26, 2010 11:45 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Animal Feed Notice

The FarmVille Feed Trough, a new building with purpose that attracts wandering animals, is now live. We first heard about the FarmVille Feed Trough in a FarmVille podcast.

Upon entering FarmVille tonight you will receive one free Feed Trough.

1 . Place the Feed Trough on your farm and let the fun begin! If you do not have room to place the Feed Trough, it will automatically go to your FarmVille Gift Box.

FarmVille Feed Trough on Farm

2. Start collecting Animal Feed. You will need 20 bags of animal feed for a full Trough.

  • Find it on your friend’s farms by clicking on their Trough
  • Buy it directly (with farm cash) in the FarmVille Market. Cost is 1 FV$ per feed bag.
  • Post a Facebook newsfeed to let your friends know that you need animal feed.
  • Score your own animal feed from your friends’ facebook news feed shares.

TIP: Save extra bags of feed. Each time you attract a wandering animal, you will need to collect 20 additional feed bags. Feed bags are not permanent.

3.Attract a wandering animal with your full Trough! Once you have collected 20 bags of animal feed, your trough is full and a wandering animal should appear on your farm within 24 hours!

4. Adopt the wandering animal.

Wandering animals will rotate.

FarmVille Feed Trough Current Adoptable Wandering Animals (October 26 2010)

  • Pancho Llama (NEW)
  • Gray Horse
  • Black Sheep
  • Longhorn Cow (Previous Farm Cash item!) Seriously? Why is this here, couldn’t they just create a new                                                                                                 animal instead of re-releasing a farm cash item for free?
  • Pot Belly Pig
  • Rhode Island Red Chicken

FarmVille Animal Feed Trough

FarmVille Feed Trough

What do you think about this new feature? Is the Feed Trough worth the precious space on your farm?

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104 Responses to “FarmVille Feed Trough Now Live!” »

  1. Paisley Says:

    this seams fun and all I’ll give it a try, I dont get the FV cash part though

  2. SuzieO Says:

    I didn’t get a pop up and can’t find it in the gift box or the market..

  3. Tagranor Says:

    It seems I and some of my neighbours have been missed with the start of this one. Zynga is having problems again. I have feed and no trough

  4. Amanda Says:

    And of course, once again.. I don’t get crap.

  5. Aiman Says:

    I din gt dis thin hw do u get it?????

  6. Myrtle Says:

    I have trough and no feed except what I get in the FB feeds. It isn’t available on the gift page either.

  7. SuzieO Says:

    the building have to come out slowly so in the next few days we will have it, don’t worry.

  8. cheska Says:

    one of my neighbors has already a trough.. how come i don’t have one — yet?

  9. Wendy Says:

    don’t have mine yet, but at least one neighbor has their’s … not fair

  10. nathalie Says:

    I’ve got mine !!!!

  11. mabel arthur Says:

    i didnt get one either.and my red& white horse is missing,

  12. Suresh Says:

    wow! longhorn cow!!!

  13. Claire Says:

    So wait… The longhorn cow that we paid cash for is now up for adoption for free? =/
    I know the chicken was cash too, but you could already get them from eggs, and people knew that would happen going in…

  14. allonge Says:


  15. Patti s Says:

    Just like my friend just said to me… they get you ALL excited… ONLY .. to find out you can “get” the same Fn animals we ALREADY HAVE !!! or could have had.. NOT NEW ones.. OLD ones.. “brought back “.. yea right .. now they will say… WE ASKED for them back… black sheep.. gray horse , red chick???? I sell off them almost every day.. besides whats all on my farm… ZYNGA IS GETTING REALLY LAME>>>>

  16. anna Says:

    again i get nothing just like before and why is everything for farm cash that sux not everyone can afford real money on games

  17. CRW888 Says:

    Guys, it’s a rollout. They do this ALL the time. Imagine if they gave a new feature to every farmer at the same time. It would surely spell disaster for the servers. You’ll get it soon enough.

    On a heavier note: If that is indeed a Longhorn Cow and not some other variation that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Longhorn Cow, I suspect there are going to be a lot of angry farmers. If memory serves, those were pretty pricey as cows go; $16FV I believe.

  18. Pieter Says:

    I HAVE PAID CASH FOR THAT LONGHORN, and now it is free?!?!?! :@

  19. Roland Says:

    nope, i dont have it yet, and i wont be building it.
    waste of space and i already have the animals except the poncho llama which is HIDEOUS..

  20. linda Says:

    yep got feed no trough go figure. man this game is slow lame and frustrating. come on zynga get with the new age programs. so many glitches and misses and messes. it should of bee fore seen u would have problems. pretty to be safe than sorry and in other words you should of went out on a limb anyway and took this program to the fullest and stop adding new games. please get the ones most played straightened out dont go adding more stuff until u work the bugs out of what u already got. makes sense dont it

  21. mindy Says:

    farmville i suggest that u put some different animals in this…… please

  22. CRW888 Says:


    While there are a lot of bugs in this game, as farmers, we have to remember that the version of FarmVille we know (and sometimes love) is still a beta release.

  23. vickey Says:

    Did not get my trough yet, and whats up with i get an animal and when i go in my giftbox its not there

  24. Tala Says:

    This would soooo be worth it if it brought more stallions, or delivered adoptable stallions.

    The regular wandering animals that you post to the neighbor’s feed will still be there, I trust?

    And when your animal arrives, is there a pink pointer over it, and click on it, or is it a pop-up like the wandering animals now?

  25. Jackie Says:

    The llama is new, and its a free game! If you dont like it, dont play it. Dont whine about the prizes, its all virtual money whether its coins or cash. You are not forced to buy the cash! You can earn it for free

  26. amber Says:

    I don’t know if I’ve gotten mine yet. I don’t have a computer/laptop so yeaa. IT WOULD BE NICE IF ZYNGA/FARMVILLE WOULD MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR THE T-MOBILE MY TOUCH 3G.

  27. Roland Says:

    Jackie – the prizes are lame. that’s all. ;)

  28. Ragan Kim Says:

    Still haven’t seen it yet….. Looks cool though!

  29. Brittany Says:

    It’s a rolling thing like with the haunted house and basket. It causes more troubles to give it to everyone all at once.

  30. Johnnyafc Says:

    #16 anything they release causes problems no matter how many people they give it to lol

  31. Brittany Says:

    Also remember that it just came out today!!! They will be releasing newer animals I’m sure as time goes on with ones that are more common or rare like everything else. You don’t have to build it, its free and done.
    @ Tala- when you have an animal, the light above turns green and you have 24 hours max to catch it.

  32. Ed_PoTT Says:

    No trough here and everytime someone sends me feed im getting errors. =(

  33. Farmer Donna Says:

    There will be a harvest-type indicator above the building to let you know that it is ready (that there is an animal in there.) In the post that you post to your feed the wording indicates that there is only one extra animal for a lucky neighbor, I know at least three got the animal I posted from the trough, fv might change that tho since it was just rolled out to a few and well you know how the bugs go along with newer items. Stock up on the feed if you like the ability to get the animals because it takes all 20 scoops of feed when you get an animal from the trough. Hope this helps, and I only have this information because I have already gotten an animal from it! :)

  34. Jim Says:

    I agree the animals should have all been new items never found before (except the poncho llama). I havent gotten my trough either..soon I suppose.

  35. Heaven Says:

    I WANT MY TROUGH!!!!! : (

  36. Tala Says:

    Thank you Brittany!

    @ Farmer Donna – 20 Scoops of food! Whoa! Those animals must have been STARVING from wandering!

  37. Mizu Kagami Says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t buy that Lonhorn Cow for FV $ after all since I was hesitating :D

    The whole idea seems really cool.

  38. David Allen Threet Says:

    I hate to see the long horn cow on here… I paid FV Cash for one

  39. lia Says:

    Dont want it. Seem useless n only waste of space. Dont need another grey horse or black sheep or chicken. Sold lots of them. The longhorn cow n poncho llama r cool, hope I can get it from neighbor’s post

  40. chrissie Says:

    stupid question: how much those animal eat? don’t say, that they will eat up ALL feed… :D . btw, that building could be smaller [space problems, who doesn't have them?] or at leas … not soooo booorng looking. really. i thought, it will be smt like for wild animal, not all building. and – feed isn’t in gifts YET. like always, farm releases unfinished things… well, maybe whit time this will be fun :)
    p.s. i think, they are trying to get us to be more social, friendly, like… making us visit neighbours farms to get things… :D

  41. Barbara Says:

    Can’t believe Zygna is giving the same animals we already have and can get!!! Why not new ones??? Or give us a home for some of the old ones like the goats, sheep, etc. LAME LAME LAME!

  42. Lora Says:

    Another building? More animals? Waiting for another upgrade, need the space!!!

  43. Mark Says:

    I for one got the trough, but will not bother to use because the size it takes up is the same size as the garage; it’s not worth the headache for the bugs and not worth the space ! ! !

    Should we get more space to grow, I still would not use because I currently I have the capacity to harvest 650 in one seeding. Unlike most peoples kids I am not concerned with how sparse my farm looks, because its a functional farm and have all crops mastered; that and I’m about level up to 101 level.

    If there was a means to add buildings without taking away from space used for crops I might reconsider otherwise “Forget about it”.

    Now consider this, other than the garage, everything else; from the nursery, horse stable, chicken coop, pig pen, dairy, bee hive and the job buildings all generate money or fuel. So on the off chance to get something that already exists and you only get one, just doesn’t justify the loss of space.

  44. Mon-chan Says:

    Wow… people who paid for longhorns are gonna be pissed!!

  45. Mon-chan Says:

    Yeah… I’m a crop person… I have 6 masteries to gooo! 503 crops now thanks to the stupid halloween mansion and this thing. I wish we could store stuff… T_T

  46. sonali Says:

    will we have 2 refill after we get a wandering animal?

  47. Michelle Z Says:

    Where I come from, leaving out food to catch animals is called “POACHING”.


    I’ll give it a try. It’s free and I can always delete it later if it doesnt live up to my expectations.

  48. Bella21 Says:

    When I find and collect animal feed at my neighbours, when I go back to my farm, it’s not in my gift box!! not even one! I got nothing ! wth..
    hope they fix this.

  49. Martin Says:

    I love that they actually added some cool animals to be had. The potbelly pig will go nicely with the pig pens.

  50. Lacie Says:

    I like it, not sure if I have it yet but I know my neighbors do, I’ll definitely check it out. I don’t need another grey horse or black sheep, but the others definitely sound cool!

  51. anzal Says:

    when i will get an animal to adopt i have fill my tough

  52. Lacie Says:

    I had it, went to my neighbors farms, collected 6 new bags of feed, and when I came back, it was back in my gift box with only one bag of feed. wtf?!

  53. lisauntie Says:

    i’ve already got the Longhorn cow!
    is it true that is was avaible with FC?!
    i’m glad i never buy FC, i haven’t got the money for it but if it’s true you can get those animals from it i’m really happy!
    it only took half an hour to fill it and 4 and a half hour to get the cow!

  54. in.cog.nito Says:


  55. nm Says:

    I think it will be good for people just starting out but for old timers who have 50,000 things on their farm already it’s a waste of space even if it is really small. Cute building but the little space i have left is for a tree mastery building.

  56. Marianne Says:

    Really need to be able to expand to hold all the feed. Just holds 20. Gift box is full or arborists, farmhands, fertilize alls, slop and now feed.

    On the subject of slop, it should hold 20 – same as the amount of of pigs. Otherwise you’re sitting there sending 10 pigs out to hunt and having to go back into gift box or making more.

  57. Cody Says:

    I got it then again im level 84 anyone interested in adding my email is

  58. crys Says:

    do we need to save the extra feed that we have? will the 20 that we already put into the trough go away?

  59. Bethhhanyyy Says:

    I got the Poncho Llama, :)

  60. megaboo Says:

    i love this feature, have mine all filled up just waiting for the animal to come along :D
    hoping for the longhorn, but i got a poncho llama from my wall and it’s too cute!!

  61. 5Celcious Says:

    FV$ spending ppll
    sucks to be you xD
    but then again, this building is pretty stupid D<
    wish they will let you store you haunted house, cuz that thing is freaking HUGE D<

  62. Heather Says:

    I agree with NM, I would have loved this when I first started out but I am maxxed on animals and on space. Coop is already full of Rhode Island Reds, stable is full, I delete black sheep every time a new specialty sheep is out, already have a longhorn and they only get 12 coins per day… not much use for these animals. Grabbed a llama from the feed already and only need another 5 pot bellies to have 20 total.

    So I will just grab what I can from others, help out neighbs by posting and sending some animal feed every so often, and wait patiently for orchards.

  63. patrick Says:

    their just in beta so no one can sue them

  64. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Being a long-time player, I have no need for a black sheep, Rhode Island Red, or a gray horse. I have enough turtles, swans, tabby and Himalayan cats, bucks, and steer too.

    I got my first Poncho llama and was disappointed to see that it consumed all 20 units of feed. Unless Zynga intends to regularly change the line-up of lost animals, this will not stay on my farm for long.

  65. Jamie Says:

    Those aren’t very exciting animals. I was hoping for new ones. I do like the llama though, he’s new and cute.

  66. stacy Says:

    whats the point?? seems like a space sucker and time waster to me!! id rather it be a place to store goats and/or sheep. maybe then we could get lambs and kids… just sayin…

  67. T Kohlman Says:

    I am just not impressed; with the same regular animals that were available, this seems not worth the trouble of gathering 20 bags of feed per animal. Plus, if the Longhorn Cow IS a prize, I will be angry because I wasted my FV cash on one a while back. :-(

  68. John Says:

    Come on people….STOP crying!!! Do you not read before posting a million of same questions??? THIS AS ALL NEW BUILDINGS / FEATURES IS A ROLL OUT PHASE TESTING…..MEANING NOT EVERYONE GETS IT AT SAME TIME!!!!! YES, This is the same FV$ Longhorn cow. SO WHAT!!!! I paid for the ones I have and I am NOT crying !!!!! I am so sick of the same people everytime crying about this and other Zynga games. Number 1…. You have the choice to play or not play (you don’t like something DON”T play) You can play and have a nice farm for free. Zynga has to make money to keep up even a free game. NUMBER 2: FarmVille Freak is NOT Zynga, STOP complaining to them about your issues…. They play this game too and it pisses them off too, but they ain’t crying!!!!

  69. reincloud Says:

    this would be way waaaayyy cooler if there were better, and hopefully previously unseen, animals. Pretty much everyone agrees on that, are you listing, developers? Actually, if we ALL went and posted that suggestion in the “suggestion” forum, they’d probably listen..

    I’ll give it a try for now, but for sure it isn’t worth the space if better animals don’t show up quickly.

  70. Lynn Says:

    Got mine all filled up with 20 feeds- it found a pot belly pig (which aren’t so rare anymore, really- they are kind of getting dumb), and noticed that it took all 20 feed from me.

    IMHO- They are not worth it.

  71. jason Says:

    I know it’s kind of BS that they released a former fv cash item as an adoptable, but I really hope they don’t pull it. Honestly they could’ve re-colored it and labeled it as a ‘Texas Longhorn’ or ‘Western Longhorn’, a paler version, maybe with splotches or some crap… but I digress. I initially wanted to collect a full ranch of longhorns for a western theme, but that died out… maybe I’ll get another chance!

  72. Alex Says:

    @ #59 (5Celcious) You can now store your Haunted House. I think they made that change today.

    Is anyone having trouble posting feeds from this building? Every time I have extra stuff to share I get some stupid message from Facebook bitching about URL issues!

  73. Cynthia Says:

    I am getting the message….The Post’s links must direct to the application’s connect or canvas URL……….what? I am lost, I found a lama and tried to post it and was unable to.

  74. Kim Says:

    I wish we can gift each othere feed.

  75. Jenny Says:

    Please send me feed. I’ll return the favor if you post your link.$$cdH3TVPZ44bNY5*UuWO0PWNzcVTMBcNWQ5Eym1ggtqhE3dNuKa0iETdp7C&next=prompt_reward.php%3FfrHost%3D1127611776%26frId%3D98d8c4f3061a3a6b31154dfcc5ef212e%26frType%3DanimalFeedTroughAsk

  76. Stephen Says:

    “The post’s links must direct to the application’s connect or canvas URL.”

    I can’t share feed or animals I find, since the canvas is not connected to the application by a URL, so I butcher them for meat instead.

  77. Craig Says:

    Funny… when Longhorns were available for CASH, I bought enough to fill an entire Dairy Barn, and recently I started selling and replacing them with the Belted Cows because the Longhorns only make a measely 12 coin profit per day per cow.

  78. Tara Says:

    I don’t have a trough either … but it doesn’t surprise me. Nothing ever works properly with Zynga’s games. As usual my neighbours will have the item for weeks or months before I even get a chance to see what it’s about. I’m used to being left behind by this game though.

  79. Kim Says:

    Jenny, I tried it did not work, would send if I could! sorry

  80. Sam Says:

    I personally think that having the long horn is a good idea as it gives those who didn’t buy it first time round another go on the other hand black sheep and gray horse seem pointless…

  81. Moebed Says:

    I also bought the longhorn cow, but so what? That was my option, and I had it first. It’s only a game! They are giving us something new, and if you don’t like the animal that comes to your trough, then sell the animal and get some coins. Or don’t even have a trough if you don’t want one or don’t have room. It’s great how people complain that FV is so boring, nothing new is happening (over the summer) and then now that they keep releasing new stuff, you hear complaints about that. Some people just aren’t happy no matter what. Yes, there are problems; yes there are glitches; yes, you just bought a cow and now it’s free. So what? That’s life, who said it was fair. It’s not the end of the world. It’s free and it’s fun. Enjoy.

  82. Vezok Says:

    I just got the Poncho Llama. Put it on my farm, and found that it was TINY next to the other Llamas! Why is my Poncho Llama so small?
    Although he is pretty awesome ;)

  83. jesus Says:

    I got the longhorn cow! i never spend my farmcash on animals. im very pleased

  84. chrissie Says:

    so far, so …. LAME. i’ve got poncho llama [really bad painting, btw] and grey horse [???!!! the hell? i've been getting these and selling, 'cause i don't have anymore space in stable]. i’ll be waiting for someting more interesting to wander, not black sheeps and some pigs …

  85. Erica Says:

    If an animal wanders in, can you hit the “No Thanks” button and wait for a different animal (and still keep the feed you have in the trough)? Has anyone tried this?

  86. Phoebe O. Says:

    If you have missed the wandering animal, will they rotate back again?

    By the way, how long will they be there for each rotation?

  87. Jessthelamb Says:

    I did not get the halloween basket.. nor did i get the feed trough. zynga please buck up!

  88. scooter Says:

    I havent had an animal show up at my feeding trough for over about a week. any suggestions?

  89. lamboman123 Says:

    I have a full trough and I found a wandering animal

    but the game wont let me get the animal

    and I’ve tried it like 10 times and I still have to refresh it over and over again

    its so frustrating

  90. Merik42 Says:


    Same issues here. If I click on the Feeding Trough, which is ready, the game locks at “Looking inside” and then eventually says I’m out of sync. Tried multiple browsers, multiple computers… Very frustrating. I hope one of the developers is on that. Honestly, its’ probably just a temporary glitch if its’ happening the same day to multiple people, out of the blue. I hadn’t heard of this issue before.

  91. Jack Says:

    same issue as above # 90

  92. DAH Says:

    I had the same problem with not getting an animal for over a week, I sold the original trough, purchased a new one and refilled it. Now I have an animal, but can’t get it out due to the Out of Sync issues. LOL. good thing I don’t take this too seriously. Helps to know that other people are having the same problem. I’m sure they will straighten it out eventually.

  93. Audra Says:

    Same problems. Have had the problem since the 9th tho. The 9th it had been full for over 24 hours and never got the “ready” light. On the 10th I finally got the “ready” light but kept getting the out of sync when i tried to get the animal. Now on the 11th, not “ready” anymore, but still has 20/20 in the trough…

  94. Myron Falwell Says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem as #89, #90, #91, and #92. It went out of sync several times, and now I have an otherwise useless feed trough.

    The animal in question was a White Turkey, which wound up in my gift box anyway. It should also be noted that I never had an e-mail prompt this time, as opposed to the two times it DID work.

    Meanwhile, should I just sell off the feed trough and build anew?

  95. Tom Says:

    I have the Feed Trough which by the way is full. In the beginning it was working fine . I collected 4 of the 6 animals offered. When I deleted one of the animals, the feed trough now does not attract any animals. The feed trough has been full for over a week and I also have 48 extra bags of feed in my gift box. My question is: How do I reset the Feed Trough so that it will work like it did in the beginning?

  96. Simona Says:

    Hi there, I have the same problem @ #95 :( I don’t know how to fix it.. Anyone??

  97. unclebobee Says:

    Been looking at all posts….CANNOT FIND A FIX FOR FEED TROUGH NOT WORKING !!! Anyone know of a fix, or is ZYNGA just going to ignore us, as usual ????

  98. Farmer V Says:

    Mine stopped working after I rearranged my farm. I read somewhere that you have to have space for the wandering animal to get into your trough to eat the food (I didn’t have this problem before and is pretty much in the same layout as I had it)… so I moved my trough a little. Now feed bags keep disappearing from my trough. You ARE supposed to lose two feed bags from the trough each time you miss an animal, but I don’t even get alerted that an animal has even wandered by. I’m thinking of selling my trough and starting over with a new one to see if that does the trick. Zynga has address the out-of-sync issue that many people as well as myself has had, but nothing on the broken trough. Another Zynga FAIL!

  99. Jadey Says:

    My feed trough has 7/20, atm, but I have 28 feeds in my gift box but it says that it’s locked because I need a “Home License.” I even did a search in the Market but there’s no home license. What do I do? lol I even Googled the problem, which is how I found this site. THIS IS KILLING MY FV OCD!!!

  100. leanne Says:

    I have recently been experiencing problems with the Feeding trough… It tells me that I need a license to place my feed?????
    does anyone have any suggestions????

  101. Harrison Says:

    All I need is one more feed and i can use it but i have 3 in my gift box and it says needs home license! did i have to do a quest or something? farmville needs to fix this!

  102. Sam Says:

    So I got on FV today and that annoying little arrow that says I still need more feed was hovering over my trough. Except when I moused over it today it said something about getting a free reindeer. I clicked it thinking it was going to bring up a separate insert (like it does when you click “look inside” on something). Instead, my trough disappeared, all the feed I had is now in my Gift Box, and it gave me a reindeer. What the h? I’m a tad irritated.

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