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FarmVille Feedback Survey

Posted on March 30, 2011 9:50 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Feedback Survey Notice

Its time for a testimonial for FarmVille! Starting this evening, several FarmVille Freaks have noticed a new survey underneath their farms. It is a Feedback Survey for FarmVille and seems to be available to all players.

With all the new English Countryside releases, the FarmVille team wants to know where you stand with the game!

This survey asks you how you feel about FarmVille, whether you would recommend it to people, how it can be made better, and basically gives you with a chance to provide any suggestions you have about the game.

To take the survey, you can follow the link here:

FarmVille FarmVille Feedback Survey Page

Have you seen this survey underneath your farm? Have you provided Zynga with your feedback yet?

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42 Responses to “FarmVille Feedback Survey” »

  1. debbie Says:

    love the game except when i loose things because it is out of synce or other message. It is hard to get love potions and then i lost the baby. not fair it needs to be replaced

  2. Pat Says:

    Debbie, any issues just email them they will make sure you get the items especially if they feel you deserve them.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Took it.

  4. Empy Says:

    Fantastic. This is rather nice, especially since it asks about our preferences with two farms, what we would like best, etc. Really listening is the next step. :P

  5. Les doughty Says:

    i like new farm but why is it got to be so crazy like we can have a daily well where lonely bull at and tons of us like to have a red barn it say no in all the yrs i farm i not see a farm no red barn i can go on and on all day but i no fv is trying plz get lonly bull on and red barn it look good on farm and if you can look in to for me is my farm in f v is 28×28 why not new farm to like i say b4 it crazy so tc for now so long.

  6. niranjana ravindranath Says:

    I love FarmVille inspite of periodical glitches. I lost 15 FarmVille cash and it is yet to be given back to me. This is the worst that happened to me, otherwise it is awesome, especially, the ECFV!

  7. jo Says:

    farmville?????????????????my both farm always said SAVING YOUR FARM……since sunday…will u please fix it for me ZYNGA????

  8. Billy Says:

    Let’s hope the creators pay more attention to the results of this survey than they do to us when we try and contact customer service!

  9. Pat Says:

    I loved the survey.
    They should personally do one of these every new launch.

  10. Pat Says:

    Ive never had an issue with customer service via Zynga.
    They have always helped me when I needed it.

  11. Razor Says:

    Since the Zynga moderators have IGNORED more than 10,000 negative posts about the awful “Pause” feature I made sure to complain about it in every field of the form that would let me.

    I Loved Farmville until this ridiculous pause idea. Now I am more often frustrated than anything….

  12. Valerie Says:

    unable to finish the survey :-( it said that “The Owner of this survey has disabled users from taking the survey multiple times.Since we already have a response from you we cannot accept your response at this time.”

  13. Sharon Says:

    I took it but if was rather long.

  14. Rogue Robot Says:

    They should have started asking their players what they thought when there were 85 million of them. Waiting until they had lost nearly half of them seems almost incompetent. Almost as incompetent as implementing a pause feature which ruins what could have been a great new part of the game.

  15. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    The best choices in the survey are Other, then you can list several things in each section that are your issues.

  16. Dave Says:

    Hay i would take 5 mins and answer this. thay what feedback about FECC most of the Q was about that. So i hope everyone that seese this survay takes time and does it. And maybe the haters will get thare wish!

  17. juan Says:

    Anti pause!!!

  18. Jean Says:

    Great survey. I made sure I suggested they get rid of the throttle feature also. I chose the “other” button when I felt I needed to choose more than one answer (no all of the above option). I love the game but the pause and the throttle feature really suck.

  19. Jeff Says:

    I thought the idea of having the bushel competition was just plain stupid. Other than that great survey, I also suggested they make more items for coin and lowered the cash price for animals and allow us to earn cash after level 100

  20. srinidhi Says:

    this is a fail though its a gud quiz…i mean being an indian i cant get ANY cash that fellow americans get for surveys. So at least the official survey should have thrown in some paltry cash. Well I think i’m being greedy! no probably zynga IS!

  21. Bonnie Says:

    That Pause is Horrible…I have a crop that I planted 4 days ago and it’s not even half grown..I have seeds in my greenhouse for 3 days now and they aren’t done and I havent harvested a single orchard in about 5 days and it’s the same with my Barns and Nursery and Pig thingy..I lost several hundreds of thousands of coins in just 4 or 5 days.

  22. Susan Says:

    Once again we get a demonstration of how incredibly stupid Zynga “management” is.

    They pay money for a survey, yet they already have all the opinions they need, right on their own forum. Free. And they can visit the other associated and unofficial forums, too. There is an even consistency among all of them.

    But, Zynga’s favorite technique is to get thousands and thousands of complaints about something on their forum, then do the exact opposite of what people want, and then have the nerve to lie and say that the new feature is what users have been asking for.

    Fat chance this “survey” will end up being any different.

    The only reason that any management of any company conducts a survey is to confirm their preconceived notions. If the survey results do not match up with their preconceived notions, then they just ignore the survey.

  23. Chantelle Says:

    I took the survey and hope Zynga listens. I suggested that if they want to keep the Pause feature it should be up to each person IF they want to pause a farm and which farm they want to pause (either or both, say if going on vacation or just need a break).

    I thought the bushel competition might be fun.

    I noticed, too, that if I briefly visit my home farm (say to use my gold so it doesn’t expire – why does it expire?) and go back to England, the harvest times get all screwed up! A crop that was supposed to take 8 hours (and I only went home once and it was for all of 1 min 20 seconds) to harvest took almost 16 hours!!

    Also the “village” feature isn’t working right either! I mouse over my neighbor and their name is all garbly gooked and I click on their name and nothing happens. I also thought by the “villages” that each neighbor would end up with a different home/farm… the outlines all look like they would be different. UNLESS it depends on what level they are??? The friends I have that are level 50s and 80s haven’t made it to England yet, so I don’t know what their farms look like yet.

    I see they took away the XP score under our/neighbors names and it now shows a house (I noticed when I am in England under my name it’s the British flag); however, when I went to my neighbor’s farm (who, too, was in England) it showed the house under their name not the flag! It should show the flag so those who haven’t yet made it to England can get an idea of what they’ll get (I think the time wait was a little ludicrous, unless of course you wanted to PAY to get there early or have a ton of neighbors to help you).

    OK thanks for letting me put in my 2+ cents worth :)

  24. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Bonnie I agree the pause is what spoils the idea of the alternative English farm.

    I am continuing to work on my Home farm, and only going to the English farm to place some items I want, use bulding materials to expand buildings, and sheep breed. Not that I really am into sheep, but it is a new thing to experiment with.

    I spend about ten minutes a day on English farm, and don’t bother with crops there.

    When I have either finished everything on Home farm, crops, trees, etc, or they take off the pause, then I will really use the English one.

  25. DavidT Says:

    Zynga is really fracturing the community. Half the community works on the home farm and half on the English farm. Now you can’t get the bushels to make wine while still being able to master crops. Get both sides working together!

  26. mariska Says:

    the pause is not for ever, first they want to make sure everything is working normal (think of when something new is coming thinks alway’s mest up).
    later on you can choose to play one at the time ore both.
    so be patient

  27. Farmer Paula Says:

    I told them flat out to take farmville as shove it up their collective asses. I have had it with losing thousands of gifts out of the game folder and I can’t ever put a stallion in my horse stable because it tells me to build a stable, they take my pigs, then tell me to empty my cashe. My pub goes out of sync every 30 seconds. I told them to stick it. I’m going to Farm Town

  28. kortni Says:

    i agree with cindy huxley and david. i loved the idea of an EC…not really into quests but i always have my home farm if i get tired of em…anywho the pause and un-transferable storage ruined the EC for me tho and i havent traveled to it yet…shame too, would be cool to have two farms that work together but since they do not–i dont have the bushels to make wine anymore. and as to the survey. let get real here…zynga does what they want to do…always have and always will…they really dont care about their players and for a billion dollar company you would think they would have the server space to make both farms work together or not release it until they do–if that is the problem. why do they make a survey and pretend to care? they could have come here…this is an “official” forum now. we speak our mind here and tell them how we feel about things related to the game. making a bs survey doesnt make me feel loved or cared for by zynga. quite the opposite actually. its annoying and obnoxious of them to think we dont see through their bs. but really…as much as im sick of their crap..we have no one to blame but ourselves…we were the ones hooked, started spending real money on a game that was once free. we have made them into the greedy corporation they have become…its just a hot mess all around.

  29. sakhib Says:

    i have lost so many trees and 2 baby lambs cz of this sync issue.. i feel they shud be replaced.. else its a complete waste of love potions n time..

  30. Laurie Finch Says:

    I think if we’re suppose 2 want 2 play EC they need 2 make baby bottles & love potions easier 2 come by. Needing 5 love potions 2 know you’re going 2 get 1 & 10 bottles per lamb is rediculous. More than half my neighbors aren’t even playing Ec & I sent gift requests 2 people 4 bottles & don’t get any. I’m not exactly about 2 pay $20.00 2 breed 1 lamb!!!!

  31. TorontoFarmer Says:

    You want my opinions zynga??? Pay me for my time. That’ll be $50 real cash.

  32. Carmen Says:

    they won’t listen. after 10000 + replies of negetive feedback, they ignored it and continue to tout that pause is good, why would this be any different? Just so you know zynga isn’t the only game out there, there’s others, I joined because farmville seemed interesting. I’m going back to my games. much better than getting screwed over by zynga’s greedy paws

  33. Oscar Says:

    I took the survey when it was first released and when I was just about to finish it, it gave me a “connection error”, tried to re-load and it said that I couldn’t sent the data, … that was big waste of my time… I’m having two big issues with the EC, and two with the Home farm, but after this failed survey attemp,t I don’t think I would even bother to contact Zynga Customer support.

  34. Reven Hernandez Says:

    I spent to dollars to get love potions then another ten dollars to get bottles and then right before my baby lamb grew up after i feed it all ten bottles the game froze and my sheep is gone and hasnt come back.

  35. Sherry L Says:

    Everytime I breed a ram it disappears. I have lost 3 of them now. How do I get them back and is anyone else having this problem. The sheep work fine but the rams are just gone.

  36. Arshad Says:

    well FV is outstanding application and i love to play it but now there is nothing new in it…
    all new themes are going to suck really
    i personally suggest u guys to create something new…

    and i have an idea to share with u guys that make theme for 3d look buildings such as stairs or beside adding farm, add floors such as 20*2 or 22*4

    it will looks new and attractive too…!

    i hope u guys understand my idea !

    i also make some pictures in adobe photoshope but there is not any good source of feedback or guide u guys !



  37. Johnny Says:

    I need to expand my farm 34X34 by using coins. Please offer me. Thanks!

  38. Gwen Thomas Says:

    I designed a Deam Horse in Hawiia, But never got my dream horse!! Eirher give me the horse or credit ny account with FC. Also where do the Apple Mystery eggs go .not in my gift box. I don;t get those or ANY Hawiian Mystery eggs, or ” bunny eggs”. I think you have so many new things goin on the computer is in a daze!! lol

  39. DONNA Says:


  40. ali maher Says:

    took the survey when it was first released and when I was just about to finish it, it gave me a “connection error”, tried to re-load and it said that I couldn’t sent the data, … that was big waste of my time… I’m having two big issues with the EC, and two with the Home farm, but after this failed survey attemp,t I don’t think I would even bother to contact farmville Customer support.

  41. ali maher Says:

    what the problum my game way not open my farmville my time… I’m having two big issues with the EC, I don’t think I would even bother to contact Zynga Customer support.


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