FarmVille Fixes One Click Sharing

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FarmVille Fixes One Click Sharing

Posted on July 5, 2011 10:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Gift Faster

When One Click Sharing was first introduced to FarmVille, it wasn’t long before the feature began having problems and was temporarily disabled.

Zynga spent a week working hard to fix this feature and today they announced via the official FarmVille Forum that it is back up and running.

“Howdy Farmers!

After a week of hard work, FarmVille fixed extended permissions, so players can now use the One Click Sharing feature AGAIN!!!

Now post your feeds quicker than ever with One Click Sharing without any wait.

Couple Notes:

  • If you already accepted the One Click Sharing option, you should automatically have it again.
  • There is a 25 quick post limit. After hitting the limit, posting will revert back to old fashioned way.
  • If a player has rejected the One Click Sharing option, you’ll get another chance to opt-in this feature within 2 weeks.

Please enjoy your smoother game play and let us know what you think. ” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Not a fan of One Click Sharing and want to learn how to disable it? Then you may want to read the article below on FarmVille Freak which is a step-by-step guide on how to disable One Click Sharing.

How to Disable One Click Sharing on FarmVille Freak

Do you use or like One Click Sharing?

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32 Responses to “FarmVille Fixes One Click Sharing” »

  1. Andy Says:

    How can I reject this option if I already have it???????? I don’t like it at all

  2. FarmGoddess Says:

    To disable One Click Sharing, read the guide on FarmVille Freak:

  3. Mysti Says:

    25 quickpost limit? What is that and how long till it resets.

  4. michelle Says:

    Yay… I love the feature

  5. Black Cat Says:

    Ha! another limit…..go figure!! lmao! anyway…im not using it

  6. Mysti Says:

    Ok the 25 quick post limit is officially dumb.

  7. Darlene Says:

    How do I get it back, I took it off not knowing it was being fixed???

  8. Gma Says:

    I love the concept, but I turned it off because I can not lock items to anyone when I’m using it. I don’t lock much, but I want to be able to if I choose.

  9. Me Says:

    it seems, Zynga won’t accept, we want to make visible fv-postings only for fv-players.

  10. Denise Says:

    Gma, i agree – occasionally i want to send something to someone specific and the one-click gifting takes that option away – once upon a time i really wanted this feature, but i imagined it working in a different way

  11. BenMKM Says:

    I love the concept of the One-Click Sharing; but the 25 Quick-Post limit totally defeats the purpose!

  12. Mouse Says:

    Mine worked for a minute and then went back to the post message.

  13. kcbelles Says:

    I was so thrilled to see it back and then it seemed, it wasn’t working again. Now I find out about the 25 click limit (thanks, FarmFreak). Why does there have to be a limit. That only goes through almost half of my orchards. Why can’t it work all the time? Why the limit? Such a bummer – very disappointed to hear that :(

  14. swicker Says:

    Just yesterday, I had to contact Zynga support about a game play issue, so I thought I’d let them know what I thought of the “one click sharing” too:
    “Also…I’d like to mention something about the one click sharing…I’m glad someone finally figured out that one of the clicking proceedures could be eliminated because it basically asked the same thing twice…however, I think you decided to keep the wrong pop up…i think the actual post pop up should be offered to us-1. It gives the player the option to publish or cancel/skip. 2.The player can add their comment on the “Post” popup but not the “share” popup. 3. The player no longer has the option of making/breeding a special tree,pig or lamb and gifting it to a “customized” receipient. All of these options are still available if the “Post” popup would be the “one” popup the player sees……nothing is lost/given up if the “share” popup was no longer seen. Hope you bring this to someone’s attention so they don’t give everyone the “wrong” popup and then have issues they’ll have to fix again because of the losses due to the “you taketh away” popup choice.”

  15. Pru Layton Says:

    I love the one click sharing concept, but:

    1 I think the 25 quick post limit is crazy – there shouldn’t be a limit! What about when you’re harvesting orchards – I have about 80 – 100 orchards and each orchard gives you a post when you harvest it – and when you plant seedlings, there are 3 posts per seedling, one asking for watering cans, one after 4 cans have been applied, and the final one for the free tree to be posted!

    2 for the one click posting feature, I think you need to give the player 2 options at the point of “share”. One option to share directly to the wall – which then uses the existing one click feature, and a second option next to the share button, an additional button to click allowing you to use the old method, where you can choose whose wall you want to post to.

    Come on guys, this is such an awesome game, make it as smooth and sleek to play as possible!

  16. Neil Says:

    Hey, Zynga;

    Spend a week and fix ‘Publish’.

    I am still getting a lock-up of the blue screen with the duck on it after clicking the publish button on some items.

    This bug has been on your system for over a month now.

    Publish still has both the short (correct) and long (bad) dialog boxes.

    Maybe you could clean up this glitch also.


  17. Kent Says:

    So excited to have this feature back. But I’m worried about this 25 post limit.

  18. a Says:

    I love the concept , ok I am like other the 25 limits isn’t nice, and for the other who doesn’t like you can disable the one click sharing, even on this post they explain you how..stop moaning!

  19. Lynn Says:

    no, not really interested. I lock all my posts to only FV players…that way my non-FV friends don’t know and can’t razz me about how much time I am spending playing FV, hehe! I tried making FV players my default setting but then my non-FV friends can’t see or write on my wall….

  20. Hannah Says:

    When this first came out I opted in, & wasn’t happy with the block on sharing sheep with specific friends. I was going to block it & then it vanished by itself, & I realized that it made the game run at least twice as fast! Now that it’s back I think that I’ll keep it. I share lots more when I don’t have to wait for that slow 2nd pop-up.

  21. Brenda Says:

    I still don’t have the One-Click Sharing on my end. Is it taking some time to get to all of us.

  22. charlotte Says:

    Either turn it on or turn it off. The 25 post limit is more of a problem than anything else. I have no idea I’m getting close to it and next thing I know I have a pile of windows stacked up on the screen. Only the first will work, the rest error out, and I lose a bunch of stuff to share. Happened last night when I was sharing lambs, so not only do my neighbors not get the chance to adopt them, I lose the points if they did.

  23. BenMKM Says:

    @Lynn, Zynga has changed how posting affects people who don’t play FarmVille (supposedly) — People who don’t play FarmVille can not see posts from FarmVille.

  24. Darrid Says:

    It’s broken again :(

  25. Pauline Loe Says:

    Broke again!

  26. Rob G. Says:

    It’s not working when I get extra water or baby trees!!!!

  27. Angel Says:

    I disabled it coz I wanted to lock a rare tree to a friend and after that I have not gotten it back, which blows. I would like to be able to turn off and on the one click sharing option as I please, but I guess Zynga never thinks outside the box.

  28. Lucien Says:

    Am i the only one still having issues with the one click sharing? every 2 days it will start working right then after a few shares, it stops working without having changed any settings… am i doing something wrong or are all of you experiencing the same issue?

  29. Raquel Says:

    I appreciate the change they made, but it is very foolish to just 25 opportunities.
    Should put an option, as they did with the travel to the English farm – to freeze the farm home – to determine to what extent a share with a single click or wait for the popup.
    These days I have avoided harvesting orchads, it is very delayed.
    I share more when I don´t have to wait for that slow the popup.

    Thanks for attention.

  30. tazzymaz Says:

    yo FV seriously bring it back on I LOVE the one click it’s soooooooooo easy !!! I HATE the fact that when i want to share now i have to leave the full screen it sucks PLS give the one click feat back and give the option to enable or disable it thanks :)
    i share a LOT less now :(

  31. lauri burchett Says:

    i was never given the option for the one click sharing.. is there some way i can GET it?


  1. FarmVille Fixes One Click Sharing