FarmVille Freak Andrea’s FarmVille Birthday Cake

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FarmVille Freak Andrea’s FarmVille Birthday Cake

Posted on May 22, 2010 7:10 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

A friend of mine just had her birthday this week and we have really bonded over FarmVille. When it came time for her birthday I just KNEW I had to decorate her a FarmVille cake. It was a huge hit with all the adults and kids, even those who are FarmVille resistant. Just wanted to pass it along.

The veggies for the crops were modeled out of fondand and I printed out a picture of my friend’s FarmVille avatar and she noticed that it was hers, making the cake that much more personal. She also has this ability to only get golden chickens out of the mystery eggs so I had to be sure to include those as well.

FarmVille Freak Andrea's FarmVille Birthday Cake (Click to Enlarge)

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38 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Andrea’s FarmVille Birthday Cake” »

  1. Rob Gould Says:

    That’s great

  2. LoneFarmer Says:

    Enough with the ugly cakes already

  3. haley Says:

    im so tired of seeing cakes

  4. Misty Says:

    Where can I buy the stuff for FV to decorate a cake I want to make for my mother in law for her birthday next month…I have been looking, but evidentally not in the right spots..I have seen many cakes with the decorations like the avitars and the chickens and cows and FV logo’s on them and I would like to make her one, just cant seem to find where to get the FV decorations at…If you could help I would greatly appreciate it…Thanks so much!

  5. Jaye Says:

    That is a wonderful cake, thanks yall for showing us the wonderful ideas folks use for their ideas and likes!

    As for Lonefarmer, you know, you can just always Not look, simple easy solution instead of insulting folks like an ass, but hey thats just me, but it seems to me, someone doesnt like something why take the time to look at it, much less take all that time to comment on it

    what an ass

  6. Helen Jones Says:

    @ Hayley and LoneFarmer, why bother looking, if all you are going to do is criticize. I love to look at all the cake ideas, and hope when my birthday comes up, someone spends the time and effort for me.

  7. Laurie Says:

    I agree Jaye! Some people just arent happy unless they are insulting others! I say live and love well!

  8. Beth Shirley -Wookil Says:

    That was one of the most thoughtful ideas I have ever seen. The time taken just to add the personal touches is heartfelt. Happy Birthday to the person for whom the cake was intended, and a pat on the back and hug for the person who took the time to do this for a friend. A pure example of what friends are for…and can be.

  9. Tarrah Says:

    Beautiful Cake! That was an awesome idea!

  10. Michael T. Gauvin Says:

    Save the red candles! LOL

  11. Bri Says:

    @Misty – You just print the images out on regular paper, or there’s edible paper. Everything else you can make from modeling chocolate or fondant.

  12. Juliette Says:

    What a lovely cake!

  13. Terri Says:

    That’s so thoughtful and fun! You have some great decorating skills, too!

  14. MooMooMoo Says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea.

    How nice to have a friend take the time to make you a FarmVille cake.

    @Misty, This cake has images printed from the celebrant’s farm. If you have a color printer, you can do it too. Many crafts stores have plastic animals and fruit. Fondant is the chef’s equivalent of Play Doh, it is usually found in specialty cooking and baking stores. Google is your friend.

  15. speedy Says:

    hahaha all these cakes fv freak should add a fv cake page lol

  16. haley Says:

    yep thats what i LIVE for…insulting people to find everlasting happiness…

  17. haley Says:

    if the cake posts are at the top of the page and i come on here to see what new items or updates are available for farmville, how am i not supposed to look at it? did i post it? do i know that its gonna be at the top of the page? no. lets not be naive.
    i post comments to give my feedback. my opinions. i have the right. maybe if more people gave their opinions maybe there wold be changes other than people bitching about items for farm cash thats never gonna be changed

  18. Cyanyde Says:

    Hahaha! That’s terrific!!!

  19. Clair Says:

    @ Haley – You sound just like the people you’re bitching about, good job. :) Change won’t happen just because a few apples turned sour, though. Constructive criticism brings change, whining and complaining does not. However, considering how this is a site about ‘freaks’ addicted to an online game, showing things people do with their love of the game in real life is a part of the meaning of the site, other wise it would be called “Just released on Farmville dot com!” or something lame like that. For not living to insult people, you sure spent enough time in this thread posting negative comments and coming back to see who responded to you.

    Back on topic, wonderful cake! It’s always nice to see people being creative and sweet with things like this! That’s cute, about the chickens, ha! I’d like someone to make me a FV cake…

  20. jose gomes gomes Says:

    ena pa esto e mesmo porreiro

  21. haley Says:

    touche clair, touche

  22. Jp Says:

    um WOW!!. That is almost as good as a pro. I had to look twice when I saw it to make sure. It was very well done. Happy Bday to ever the cake was for. I hope you stay 39 for ever :).

  23. AdamZ Says:

    I’m Addicted to Farmville but i would NOT have a FARMVILLE CAKE

  24. Stephanie Says:

    I heart these farmville cakes. I’d like one of my own this October!

  25. Faraj Says:

    Ugly. I hope you had a miserable birthday.

  26. Andrea H. Says:

    What a wonderful way to wake up this morning. Submitted the picture on the suggestion of my family and friends. Thanks for posting the cake I decorated. I appreciate the people commenting and sharing this with their own FB/FV friends.

  27. Jane Says:

    Is anyone else getting two mastery signs when they complete gojiberry?

  28. Click Here Says:

    I want one of them for my birthday. Except I don’t know if putting my age or level would look better! ^_^

  29. Caine Says:

    I loveeee this cake, I’m so jealous!! I hope someone will do the same for me when it’s my Birthday in October but people I know aren’t this creative. lol

  30. jeni hudson Says:

    Just wanted to thank you Andrea once again for such an amazing cake!!!!! you are such a GREAT friend!!!! that was the BEST cake that i have ever gotten from anyone…And thank you to everyone that has noticed how talented Andrea is. You are such an amazing artest and friend!!!!!

  31. Ken Says:

    Oh my God guys, seriously? Can we please stop with the cakes, or at least lump them all into one giant post every month? We get it. There are people really into farmville out there and they get farmville cakes. Why are you posting every single one of them?

  32. Susan Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cake…. and Happy Birthday to the honoree ! My sister in law thru me a whole FV themed b’day party in April for my 60th…. I for one love seeing the creativity that abounds and joy it brings to so many…. Great job on the cake ! Susan

  33. Robin Says:

    Today is my birthday and I would LOVE a cake like this, especially by a friend who went through all the thought and trouble! Bravo!!!!!!

  34. Joe Says:

    I agree that this is dumb.

    Every time my browser lets me know this site is updated, then its a cake, I get pissed a little.

  35. stephanie Says:

    I also agree. It’s not to say I hate the cakes, I just don’t care. They are irrelevant to the game. If I were a cake fanatic I’d go to a pastry blog, but as it is, I just waste a few minutes every day (or at least it seem like EVERY day) scrolling through cakes to find out if there were any REAL updates. They have their place (I guess) but it shouldn’t be on the front page regularly. Maybe like a special section for examples of devotion to the farmville way of life that you could click on if you were interested (I won’t.)

    Anyway, enough with everyone jumping down anyone’s throat that DARES to voice descent. If someone doesn’t appreciate the cakes why shouldn’t they try to make a site they love even better (in their opinion?)

  36. Robert Says:

    Please! No more cakes! I’m not trying to be negative or anything, but the truth is I don’t care about these cakes… Once you seen one, you’ve seen them all. (And with one posted almost everyday I think we have seen them all)

  37. jen Says:

    wow…so good,,and that’s great..happy birth-day..hahahahahaha :)


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