FarmVille Freak Cheryll’s “T’was the Night Before Christmas: In FarmVille” Poem

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FarmVille Freak Cheryll’s “T’was the Night Before Christmas: In FarmVille” Poem

Posted on November 29, 2011 9:05 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

It’s that time of year again! We love the holiday season and we especially love the Christmas-time holidays in FarmVille.

FarmVille Freak Cheryll sent us her version of T’was the Night Before Christmas- FarmVille style!  Thank you FarmVille Freak Cheryll! We love showcasing FarmVille Freaks’ farms, artwork, videos, poetry, and all the other fun stuff that you create. If you have something that you’d like to see on send an email to to be featured on our site.

While my hubby watched Star Wars for the 100th time!!!!! ;)….and my FarmVille would not post, I stopped and took out my frustration with a poem. My friends thought I should send it to Zynga, but, PFFTTT….I’d rather send it to you. So here is my version of T’was the Night Before Christmas. – FarmVille Freak Cheryll

FarmVille Freak Flying4life's Christmas 2011 Farm (Click to Enlarge)

T’was the Night Before Christmas: In FarmVille

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house
The only sound was the click of my ‘mouse’.
Hurry, finish the harvests, the breeding, the quests,
For tomorrow arrives a house full of guests.

The household was peaceful, all asleep in their beds
But the quest wants more planting to push me ahead.
The pop-ups keep coming, a new costume, a cap,
More lumber, more begging… I’m needing a nap!

When out of the speaker there came such a clatter
I asked friends on my wall if they knew what was the matter.
I was frantically typing, my fingers moved like a flash
They were all saying that FarmVille was ready to crash.

A fourth farm? Quests, and buildings, and changing to snow
Aviary‘s, zoos, orchards were making it slow.
Find room for a pen, a buildable, lost deer,
I finally make room …a new popup appears.

I upgraded Google, downloaded new Flash,
Oh look there’s new horses, I need FV Cash.
More rapid than eagles the requests from friends came,
I clicked, and I sent out to every friend name.

More feed, water, nails, more logs, stones, re quests in,
(One more ram dud, and I’ll use him for sheepskin).
To the last of the quests and the posts on the wall
Now click away, click away, click away all.

Expansions, sync errors, gnomes, grab a tree,
Please help me to reach Level 3 Mastery.
The time is soon passing, my fingers they flew,
With the clicking of gifts and requests back for you.

And then, in a twinkling, I clicked the last roof,
The stable was finished right to the last hoof!
I poured some more coffee and watched for the next round
But from my speakers there came not a sound.

A pop-up was showing a new Golden Elf,
I smiled when I saw it inspite of myself.
“Merry Christmas from FarmVille” was all that it said,
I found myself wondering what quest was ahead.

I spoke not a word, but went back to the work,
Of planting and gifting, and I gave a shirk.
I planted my trees in nice even rows,
That’s when it happened….FarmVille froze.

I sprang from my chair, clenched my fist, gave a whistle,
My ‘click’ finger hurt like it hit on a thistle.
I was heard to exclaim as I logged out for the night,
“For Christmas dear Zynga, I want it done right!”

What’s your favorite part about the holiday season in FarmVille? 

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32 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Cheryll’s “T’was the Night Before Christmas: In FarmVille” Poem” »

  1. Wytetig Says:

    Loved the poem and so very true!

  2. Donna Says:

    awesome awesome….good job girl :)

  3. momsfun7 Says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Luicee Says:

    Just awesome… every detail, i thought it was just me- nice to know im not the only crazy one :)

  5. Pat Says:

    People bitch and bitch, but do you know they have some of the best customer service around. The last week alone they completed two quest for me and refunded me fv cash because of issues. It was sweet. People should be happy with the game or just stop playing.

  6. Sam K Says:

    HAHA, oh my gosh, that is fantastic!

  7. Doreen Says:

    Loved the Poem! Well done!!! <3

  8. ROSANGELA Says:


  9. Shannon Averett Says:

    I love it, this is a master piece. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Sarah Says:

    Love it!!

  11. kristine riccardi Says:


  12. Ben Says:

    Yay go Mom! Haha.

  13. Cheryll Says:

    ;) Thankyou all! And I may complain in this, but I agree, when you contact them, their customer service is fantastic! It’s just the glitches get really frustrating. Glad you all enjoyed my ‘rant’, Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Farming!

  14. Rosemary Says:

    Very Clever! Enjoyed it!

  15. KillerCaramel Says:

    That poem is worth farm cash,
    I think all would agree.
    But I have a hunch,
    No farm cash you’ll see.

    Unless by some chance,
    Zynga spies on farm freak.
    Then maybe you’ll get some,
    By the end of the week!

    Just know you made smiles,
    On many of faces.
    Farmers all over the world,
    In hundreds of places!

    And when the holiday comes,
    As we all know it will.
    May lots of gifts grace your inbox,
    And give you a thrill!

  16. Debbie Says:

    loved the poem, brought a smile to my face but alas it is back to farming for me Happy Holidays

  17. mindy Says:

    i like it.. but how do you get the customer service is great when i tried to contact them they charged my card twice and only got the cash one time … they wouldnt do nothing and never connected me back.. so how do i reach them

  18. KATIE Says:


  19. Michelle Says:

    Very cute poem! I must agree with others about the customer service being top notch! Somehow 15 of my farmcash went missing. I contacted them and was refunded double the amount, just for the trouble! How sweet! Try contacting Rogers, or Bell, or any other joke of a customer service idea out there and they wont do anything for you. Zynga is awesome, despite the few glitches they are working on improving for us! :)

  20. Regina Says:

    This is so cute!!!!You did an excellent job!!!Will pass this on to all my farmville friends!!

  21. Ricky Says:

    Your site is a Wikipedia in Farmville because everything is defined clearly with references. Farmville Freak has always been a source in every latest news and information about Farmville. It serve as my bread and butter everytime I used to scan what’s new in Farmville and it’s a one stop shop. Thanks for giving us an inspiration to create such website/blogs for one common purpose and that is to serve. Good luck guys!

  22. leeser Says:

    Hahahaha… this poem made me smile and laugh, smirk and chuckle, shake my head and triumphantly agree with your very last line!!

    Excellent job – love it!!

  23. Aimee Mouse Says:

    WOW, what a beautiful farm! And there’s even a sneaky UFO lurking about… ha ha, too cute! :) FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!

  24. Princess Amber Says:

    BRAVO~~~~ Well done!

  25. Deborah Yearick Says:

    Fantastic poem, you definitely should have submitted it to Zynga! They may have rewarded you with FV cash, or used it to launch a new game instead of the Farm of the Week photos. Kuddos! :)

  26. Belinda Says:

    All so true!!! Your poem is wonderful!

  27. Diane Jurgens Says:

    Nicely Done! Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  28. Sonya Says:

    Love the Poem…so true…but sometimes i hate all these quest they seem so out of reach at times and Geesh come one why does all the good stuff always ahave to bought with FV case???do they think we are all made of money? I love to play these games cause they are free and i can barely afford to pay for the internet so give me a break and let us use our coins to transfer into FV cash that would be great!!! It would also make it so much easier if ALL our gifts went to our out inbox on farmville would make it easier to except them quickly…I cant seem to keep up with the gifts and when i try they dont always ask if i have more YES or NO it just does its own thing and goes to the game…when i am ready to go to the game i would go there but not when i am trying to play catch up-lol…thanks all again LOVE THE POEM!!!

  29. Kristi Says:

    Ha! That is funny! You are very creative! :) Thanks for the laughs!

  30. Jaerove Says:

    I do like the poem!!!! and a Merry Christmas to all of you mates. =)

  31. Lisa Says:

    This poem is so cute! It made me smile, and I can definitely relate! It’s great. Thanks so much for sharing! You should definitely share it with FV!

  32. Tabetha Says:

    Ahhhh Cheryll, you are genius my dear. :)