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FarmVille Freak Cow Pasture Guide

Posted on September 21, 2011 11:49 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille New Cow Breeding Notice

UPDATE: See updates below on the Dairy Farm changes and clarification.

The new Cow Pasture animal habitat is here! The Cow Pasture will provide you with a new home for your Cows, allow you to collect Farm Coins and Animal Mastery points when harvested and also give you the chance at finding a Calve. There’s more good news- Calf and Foal Mastery is finally coming soon! There’s also at least one more breeding pen still to come. For now get all the details on FarmVille’s latest animal habitat by reading our FarmVille Freak Cow Pasture Guide below.

Coinciding with the release of the Cow Pasture there also a brand new set of FarmVille Quests. You can visit FarmVille Freak’s Cow Pasture Quest Guide for info on all the quests’ requirements and rewards by clicking here.

Quick Cow Pasture Facts

  • Cow Pastures can house animals, harvest Farm Coins and Animal Mastery, and breed new Calves.
  • Each Cow Pasture houses 20 animals.
  • You can own more than one Cow Pasture.
  • Cow Pastures can be harvested once per day.
  • To qualify for breeding, an animal must be housed inside the Cow Pasture from before the 10% mark until the Cow Pasture is harvested.
  • The Cow Pasture does NOT replace Dairy Farms. (Well, sort of. Read below for more details on this subject).
A Note on Dairy Farms

FarmVille Old Dairy Farms Notice

With the release of Cow Pastures, we’ve seen a few changes made to Dairy Farms. First of all, you can keep existing Dairy Farms, but it will not produce any new Calves. Also, if you would like to keep them be sure to watch out for the pop-up that asks you to trade-in your Dairy Barns for some free Cows. Since the Cow Pastures release Dairy Farm buildings were also removed from the FarmVille Market.

From Zynga:

“Note: Now that the new Cow Pasture is here, the Dairy Farm will no longer be available in the Market. If you have an existing Dairy Farm, it will remain on your farm.

  • Players will be able to keep their existing Dairy Farms.
  • The old Dairy Farms won’t produce calves for any new cows (but current cows will still produce calves that you can share).
  • Once the Cow Pasture is released, the first time you click an old Dairy Farm, you’ll be presented with the option to trade-in all their old Dairy Farms for an exclusive cow and Animal Feed. If you decline, you’ll be presented with the offer again every once in a while.
  • To get calves that you can keep and share, place a new Cow Pasture! All cows can produce a calf in the new Cow Pasture!” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Constructing Your Cow Pasture

When the update is made available to you on your farm you will see a pop-up like the one above. You can immediately place your Cow Pasture on your farm or if you need to first clear some green space that’s fine too as it will go to your Gift Box for safekeeping.

The Cow Pasture is a constructible building that requires materials to complete. You start off with the frame and work your way to a completed and functional Cow Pasture by adding your collected building materials. You can also opt to purchase a completed ready-to-go Cow Pasture using Farm Cash.

Required Construction Materials for Cow Pasture

  • 10x Hay Bundle
  • 10x Stone
  • 10x Tin Sheet

FarmVille Cow Pasture Parts

Obtaining Your Building Materials

    • 1. Send and Receive as free gifts via the FarmVille Gifting Page.
    • 2. Use the “Ask for Part” button.
    • 3. Find (for free) from neighbors’ shares on your Facebook News Feed.
    • 4. Purchase directly with Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market.

Breeding with Cow Pasture

In your Cow Pasture you can breed a variety of calves when harvesting your Cow Pasture. Unlike Pig or Sheep breeding, there is no need to have a pair of animals to breed. Instead, breeding is simply done for you with the animals housed inside your Cow Pasture. Each time you harvest your Cow Pasture you have a chance at finding a Calve!

Harvesting Your Cow Pasture
Each time you harvest your Cow Pasture for Farm Coins and Animal Mastery Points, you also have a chance at finding a Calve. The more animals housed inside, the better your chances are at finding one. The only requirement is that an animal must be inside your Cow Pasture at the 10% “readiness” mark to qualify for a possible parent. Whenever you find a Calve you will be able to share one with your friends via the Facebook News Feed

Animals that can be housed or “go inside” your Cow Pasture will be highlighted in blue. There’s also the option to “Look Inside” your Cow Pasture which gives you a rundown on all the animal possibilities available. Animals that appear as translucent are animals that you do not own that may be housed inside.

FarmVille Inside My Cow Pasture

FarmVille Breeding Dairy Contruct

FarmVille Breeding Dairy Completed

FarmVille Cow Pasture Information

What do you think of the new Cow Pasture? How does it compare to your already existing Dairy Barns? 

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  1. Trish Says:

    ummm….isn’t this pretty much what the dairy barns were for? well…except for getting items other than calves. Can’t believe I’ve hung in this long. really can’t. Majority of friends are no longer playing. I’m no longer playing as much as I use to…and when I do “play” it’s more like work. NO Time to VISIT friends farms! That use to be sooo much fun! No Time to horse breed. Most of the time—can’t finish quests. Really hated quests when I tried their frontier game…. And now all these “Pens” for animals. Needs to change game from FarmVille to BreedVille. It’s become quite a chore and not fun. Will master last few crops—just because—-then, I’ll be closing the gate, too.

  2. na1 Says:

    “share the calves with freinds” isnt that we already do!?!
    OoOOh I thought we would be able to keep some on our farms. This better be different from the dairy barn or maybe its just another way to store them?

  3. caljoce Says:

    this is stupid, its like a cowshed, but you have to build it

  4. na1 Says:

    they bring out all these habitats and then the most importent ones such as horse habitats for breeding fouls and cow habitats for breeding calfs …you get to breed birds? who the hell cares about breeding birds when it comes to their cows…which farmville charges farm cash for . so daft

  5. Lukas Says:

    I have finally have gotten fed up with FarmVille and their greedy service. I sent them this message:

    “Hello Zynga, I am emailing you because I am finally starting to get impatient with the “very” poor customer service I am receiving. First, let me begin by telling you that I have emailed you about four times regarding a problem I am facing with storage. The first two times, I received a message telling me my problem was going to be fixed. However, after waiting about a month, no fix has been made, and I have not been updated on the progress. I recently emailed you twice, leaving about a four day gap between each message, the last message being sent five days ago. I have not received any reply from either message, and my patience is finally starting to wear thin. I have been nothing but patient, but being ignored is not the way I like to be treated. Here is a copy of the last email I sent, reporting my problem (Reference number: 110917-7614886):

    ‘Lukas 9/17/2011
    Hello. I have actually emailed about this problem three times before, the last not even getting a reply even after about a week. I am still waiting for it to be fix. I am very patient, so don’t worry, it is not really much of an issue. It more of an slight annoyance…
    In my storage, I cannot store to the maximum amount of items. If I try, the game gets out of sync. There is always two spaces empty, and if I try to fill them, the problem occurs. For example, I have 576 storage, but I can only fill up to 574.
    I don’t see how this can be such a big issue to fix. Please, take your time, I just want to know what’s going on.


    I have noticed your service deteriorate after you started releasing these disastrous, ugly, and impractical new animal storages. They are so space consuming and impractical, I have no idea what you guys are thinking… If you want to hear more about my problems with these pens, I am more than happy to tell you.
    Also, almost everything being released requires FarmCash, which I am getting just plain sick and tired to purchasing. Do you realize that you are losing so many loyal players who cannot afford FarmCash? I used to have about 50 neighbors, now I only have about 25. The amount of quests are getting ridiculous, and they are so time consuming.
    Personally, I actually the Lighthouse Cove, but the way it is being handled is horrible. Paying for an expansions!? Once again, what are you thinking? Do you even care about your fans? I’m beginning to think what everyone else is thinking, and the greediness is getting out of hand. I’m sure this message is going to be ignored like the other emails I sent and all the fan emails complaining about the poor job you are doing. If you really care about the players, then go to websites such as “” and read all the recent comments, which are all very negative.
    So, if you want players back, I suggest you start listing to them. Aren’t you supposed to follow the policy: “the customer is always right”, or have you guys really become so blind with greed? I am so sorry for this message, but I’m trying to make you aware of the reality as kindly as possible.

    Thank you, and have an incredible day.

    Your soon to be ex-farmville player,

  6. charles Says:

    FV has started to be more tedious. it has become a burden rather than fun. no wonder more and more people are leaving the game. if they continue doing this path, in 2 or 3 yrs time, zynga would shut down for financial loss. they’re shooing people away.

  7. Sherry Says:

    I don’t see any reason for it. It does the same thing that the Dairy Farm does….except….we can’t level up with the belted cows. I’m not interested in it.

  8. Shelly Says:

    It’s calf. Not calve. To calve is to birth a cow. The plural of of calf is calve. “Each time you harvest your Cow Pasture for Farm Coins and Animal Mastery Points, you also have a chance at finding a Calve.” is grammatically incorrect.
    Also, these cow pastures stink.
    That is all.

  9. Shelly Says:

    Apparently my typing skills also stink.
    The plural of of calf is calveS.

  10. Brian Says:

    It looks like my time with farmville will probably be coming to an end here soon. I took a month break, to come back to a lot of new building, which at first I was happy about, after placing 4 of them I finally finished one to figure out it held a short 20 animals. I did the zoo, and the only animals I had for it were elephants and penguins, which so far have produced 3 elephants. This really doesn’t help my already excessive number of elephants.

    We spend a lot of time collecting boards and other parts, and then they invent like 20 new items needed to produce these stupid buildings.

    They are changing the way the game works because they see how people love the master items. It is a concept that almost always sucks me in… but here its going a little overboard. they have already pushed all my friends away, so no one sends me anything anymore. On top of that EVERYTHING cost F$.

    When I used to play very very regularly I might make enough cash to buy a tree here and there, and it hasn’t gotten any easier.

    It is way too time consuming now. Something EPIC might make me consider staying… Maybe turning off wither, which is one of my biggest complaints with the game…

    Oh… and now the original reason I posted… Anyone trade in there old cow sheds? It wants to give me 4 cows and 20 feed to trade in all my Cow pens but I have like 4 of them storing 30 cows!

  11. m Says:

    I wrongly clicked on the last screen and it cancelled ALL my cow farms!!!!!!!!

    that is total shit!

    It takes even more space.

    After that I quit, thanks zinga!

  12. cbs326 Says:

    Please get your facts straight farmville freak, the new pasture does replace the dairy farm. You have message posted. This is one of Zynga worst ideas and how much do you want to bet horse breeding is next. We can kiss our foals goodbye.

  13. rachie Says:

    When I harvested my dairy I was offered to swap them all for new cows, 75 animal feed. I declined as have special cows in dairy and didn’t want to lose them. Anyone else got this?

  14. Dr. X Says:

    I placed it to my Lighthouse Cove farm (because I have to use 75% of my farm to NOT farming, so i have space for this sh*t), but not got the Quest. Quesets only starting on the two older farms? Or I have to finish later quests (I’m on level 5 vith Livestock and “bonus” level 1 with the Cove)?


  15. Jane Says:

    This DOES replace the dairy barn. And then every cow you have on your farms inside dairy barns (600 cows in my case) gets put into your gift box and anything else you have in there is deleted if you go over the 500 item limit.

  16. Jane Says:

    Wait, this thing can’t even be expanded? So it’s bigger than the dairy barns, holds half as many cows, requires 30 parts to build (which I can’t get because my gift box is full from FV taking away my dairy barns and the parts get deleted before I can use them), and it’s incredibly ugly. WTG, Zynga!

    I have no doubt that like all the other new buildings it will have major placement issues so we can’t click on anything anywhere near it and it will randomly display as a circle 50 plots away from its actual location.

  17. mary Says:

    why does it say here it does NOT replace dairy barns? It DOES!!! I just lost my dairy farm!!!!

  18. Aerogi Says:

    After more than two years, level 109, I have decided to stop. I havent’ played since august, except to go back and create a ‘goodbye’ message with haybales.

    It used to be a fun and simple game.

    Now there is just too much to breed, too much to built, too much you have to ask your friends, too much requests, too much quests, too much new things, there are even too much farms.

    It was great fun as long as it lasted, but last half year or so the fun was gone.

    I have a 9-5 job, two kids and many other hobbies and interests. And I can’t really afford spending 2 hours on this anymore.

  19. fran Says:

    arghhhhh, why did i say yes! they can just hold 20 animals and my sheds had over 30! should i sell my cows now? and i have to ask my friends again for materials, which will take amounts of time, because half of them arent playing anymore… i think i will also leave..

  20. Lizz Says:

    Now I’ve got 300 cows in my giftbox, where am I supposed to leave them? If I had looked better I would not have trade the dairyfarms ;(

  21. na1 Says:

    OK kinda got freaked out when i harvested my dairy barn tonight…
    got a message like this “dairy farms are going out of business but you can still breed cows in the cow pastor. Trade your dairy barn in for 2 cows and 10 animal feed?
    I cant remember what those cows where but they sounded alright …however I was anxious as to whether all my cows would get deleted, so I clicked no.

    Have any of you other farmers clicked yes to trade it in…and if so…did u get to keep all your cows inside? then i tediously removed all my cows from both of my barns and refreshed the page…nothing though. hmmmmm?

  22. na1 Says:

    LoL just scrolled back to the top of the page and seen that the cows actually get deposited into your gift box. ok then. fair enough

  23. stezton Says:

    I haven’t minded the other things we’ve been building up until now but this one kind of stinks. On my main farm I had 5 fully built dairies w/20 cows in each. They took all of them and now I have to start over building with the first one?? To me it seems like, if I had 5 dairies built, then they should give me 5 built cow pastures! Plus putting 100 cows in my giftbox kind of sucks.

  24. Vivian Miller Says:

    I got mine, but I put it in my gift box! I want to take my cos out of the dairy barns before I sell them or I may just keep them & build this thing & have both! But right now the way FB & FV is acting up & freezing my computer up every 2 seconds I may not build this & just quit playing all together! No sense fooling with it! I can’t get anything done for my computer freezing up & it’s ALL FB & FV faults! If they do not fix this crap soon I know I’ll quit playing & delete both FB & all of my games off of my computer! I’m sick & tired of the bull crap! GRRRRRRRR!

  25. JoBelle Says:

    I don’t see the point yet? I’m not gonna switch my dairy barns x2 therefore holding 80 cows to something i have to find countless numbers of materials to upgrade. I may put an additional one on my lighthouse cove farm which has tons of redundant space thanks to farmville’s crazy ideas.

  26. TEH farmR Says:

    GODDAMN FUCKING ZYNGA, I LOST HALF OF MY DAIRIES ! WTF I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW BEG FOR 2133523 BUILDING PARTS TO BUILD THESE STUPID COW PASTURES ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. nards Says:

    echoing what all the others are saying…
    one reason why farmville used to be fun was that you devise your own strategy and do your own thing to level up, at your own pace and time. but all these quests make me feel like i have to follow a set of predefined steps, like zynga is the master and im the slave lolz. but the though of not completing the quests is just bothersome, like you’re giving up. might as well give up the game entirely.

  28. joni Says:

    So many of my neighbors are leaving FV. The quests are too much. Too many at one time. And the building!! The lighthouse takes WAY too much building and now the added cow pasture takes the stones as well?? Also, with the facebook formatting, it’s almost impossible to find the game feeds.

    I’m about to quit farmville too. Maybe this is just what I needed.

  29. Rob G. Says:

    Let me see…I have 5 dairy farms that hold 40 cows each!!!
    Should I empty those and buy new cow pastures that only hold 20 each???
    Hmmmm tough call people!!!

  30. Kara S Says:

    OK, so this new cow pen doesn’t allow you to produce mystery cow babies? It just produces regular calves? I had hoped that you could adopt your neighbors’ mystery cow babies and get new varities of adult cows like the other habitats allow you to do.

    I don’t see much point in this new cow habitat if it just does what the cow barn already does but stores half the animals inside.

    Calf mastery will be nice I suppose but I would prefer mastery for the non bred adult sheep and pigs I have. It would be nice to master Strawberry Pigs or Clover Sheep.

  31. Jenna Says:

    I clicked cancel on teh offer to trade in my dairy farms because I wanted to make sure I had room in my gift box (I had three fully expanded) but now the option doesn’t appear. Was this a one time offer?

  32. Martha Says:

    Not only you have to BUILD these, they only store 20 animals. I have three regular barns with 40 cows each. That means I would need SIX, S.I.X. of these pens to store all my cows. With the limited space we have on our farms, this is RIDICULOUS. I’m getting so sick of Zynga’s stupidity…

    ZUCK YOU FYNGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. JooMama Says:

    Are you kidding me trade in your dairy farms. NO WAY!!!!

  34. The Ninja Says:

    If the pastures could be upgraded
    (probably in the future like the Orchards) without the use of Farmville Cash I would love to transfer them into them.

    I go from a 40 to a 20 storage, so I’ll be forced to make two for each of my Dairies. :::SIGH:::

  35. M Says:

    Oh crap… it gave me a prompt to trade in my dairy barns, but I canceled it ’cause I was worried they’d take my rare cows. Now that I’ve taken out the rare cows, the prompt is gone. How do I get it back? I want to trade my dairies in.

  36. Liz Says:

    Gah, i hate all these habitats. I stupidly traded in my 3 dairies for a cowpasture… forgetting that its going to take forever to actually build the damn thing. Now, i have 80+ cows sitting in my inventory, doing nothing, wasting space. Wonderful.

    i REFUSE to pay Farmcash for building materials. I dont understand why its so tedious to make materials in the crafting house (those that are there!), isnt that the point of a crafting house?? I have to resort to pestering friends to send me supplies.

    I agree with many who posted before; there isnt much keeping me playing anymore. Aside from a sence of disappointment at having wasted so much time in the past…

  37. Jojo Says:

    I have 10 barns filled with belted cows. I am not trading them in! I have used the cow glitch for over a year now to earn all my coins and level up to just over 300. I will build the dumb cow pastures but do I give a crap about having them? nope. It is just another waste of time. I can barely manage enough time to harvest and share rare pets etc etc with all my farm friends as it is now. Don’t even have time to breed ponies for my friends anymore. Yeah the fun of playing is coming to an end but I have spent 2 years at it and have had friends gift me cash for Farmbucks because I breed so many trees for them that 10 bucks is nothing to them. I do adore all my neighbors and don’t want to let them down by giving up on it.

  38. Jen Says:

    It actually DOES replace the dairy barn. When you go to click to look inside and transfer cows from barn to pasture it tells you that you no longer need the dairy barn…so why would we downgrade to a pasture that holds 20 cows that you can’t even expand….good job zynga, more work for us to do, THANKS!

  39. Annie Mallon Hilker Says:

    I just don’t get it! In one sentence, you’re saying that the new cow pastures do NOT replace the dairy barns. Then you show the message I got that confused the hell outta me! “Trade in all your dairy farms…” . Sure makes it sound like they’re getting rid of my dairy farms! I hit cancel because FV said nothing about the milk jugs that the farms produce which I need for crafting. Also, if I were to take them up on this offer, it also says that they will place my cows & feed will be placed in my giftbox. Since FV has turned me into a hoarder (because I know I’ll need those items I’ve collected at SOME point) I will then go over the 500 limit for the giftbox. Give it a rest for a little while, FV! Just let us FARM! Enough with the quests and BS!

  40. RQ007 Says:

    I went to harvest all my animals before and when I got up to cows, this box popped up:
    “The new cow breeding pen is now available! Old Dairy Cows wont produce calves for any new cows (but current cows will still produce calves)
    Trade in all of your Dairy Farms for: 5 exclusive Red Brown Cows and 25 animal feed? Your dairy farm cows will be placed in your gift box.”

    So for all the friggin barn raisings and begging that I did over time, the cost of the cows, etc are now worthless?

  41. CM Famer Says:

    this is such bs!! why only have this hold 20 cows?!! seriously fv, are you trying to piss me off and make me quit!?!?

  42. Stephen Says:

    We have to trade in ALL our dairy farms or none? Why not just one?

    If I trade in ALL my dairy farms, I will have 7*40=280 cows in my gift box waiting to be placed in a pen that holds 20. I will not be making 14 cow pastures.

    Easy way around it, of course – keep the dairy farms and just move 20 cows. But it remains absurd that we are given this option. Some players may only have one dairy farm, which is fine.

  43. Doug Says:

    I’m burnt out, too. I can’t believe we have to build another building that is a duplicate of the dairy farms. Are you kidding me?

    And yes, nearly everybody has either quit playing or have been talking about quitting. I think I am almost over this game after nearly 2 years of playing.

  44. jish john v Says:

    Here is my problem the new breeding pens farmville introduced are good because
    1) more pens mean we can get cool animals like camels,robot ninja dino
    and more for not spending fv cash
    2)but the cow passure was a little bit problematic because farmville asked me to trade 40 diffrent cows for 10 red brown cows and 40 feed
    3)indroducing new materials was at the start cool but it became you know the rest
    4)upto 40% of my friends have stoped playing farmville
    5)the whole idea of quest every week is a problem and most of the rewards r animal feed
    6)i was an every day player of farmville like everyone who reads this comment but i know forget to play

    Those who want to leave farmville rate me up cause i wanted to see the majority

    thanks for wasteing ur time to read this comment

    heres some gifts

    1]big coco tree

    2]raffle ticket

    3] material




  45. Brymz Says:

    I did not accept the offer of three new exclusive red brown cows and 15 animal feed for trading in all of my old dairy barns and I’ll tell you why:
    1. the cow pasture which holds 20 cows is an inefficient use of space compared to the dairy barn which holds forty.
    2. Too much money and effort was put out into expanding the old dairy barns as trying to get neighbors to “help out” is often like pulling teeth. Most of my expansions had to be finished with farm cash.
    3. A combination of 120 cows and bulls would have been added to my gift box which already has over 500 items in it. These are mostly mastery signs that I have no room for in my storage boxes or on my farms. Dozens of items surely would have been lost for good.
    4. It would take lots of time to remove all of those cows out of the gift box and place them. The farm would have had to remain cluttered until a sufficient number of pastures had been built.

    But, since I have already placed a cow pasture on my farm and had begun building it before I learned about it being a replacement for the dairy barn, I will consider finishing it with the idea in mind that I may wish to attempt to reproduce a few of my previously obtained exclusive cows to share with a couple special neighbors in the near future while leaving the dairy barns where they are, full of belted cows, producing coin.

  46. MeMike Says:

    Ok, so I’m probably going to write the same thing that everyone else is writing, but I really need to get this off my chest.

    The new Cow Pasture building is “IDIOTIC”.

    Does the exact same thing that the Dairy Farm does but houses half the cows and takes up double the amount of space. But the most disappointing part… unlike the previous 5 habitat buildings, we still can’t grow the calves into their parent cows. So knowing this, I had planned on getting rid of the 2 Cow Pastures I had built already and not even bother with them, but I just found out from the article above that any and all of the new cows being released from now on will not produce calves in the Dairy Farm… GREAT. Thanks Zynga for making my farm even more cluttered with garbage. But more importantly, I want to thank you for getting all of our hopes up super high with the possibility of finally being able to grow our calves and fouls into their own adults, but then BAMMM!!!.. crushing those hopes like a fly on the end of a fly swatter.

    This game is no longer fun or enjoyable and I am giving my notice that my time here and on any other Zynga game is numbered. Enjoy the slow and painful death that’s coming Zynga, because pretty soon you wont have any players anymore to buy anything even with your useless coins.

    a VERY DISHEARTENED and let down fan.

  47. Natalie Says:

    so i have to collect more animal feed for calves. and calves don’t grow up to be adults just black horses.

  48. Bernadett Says:

    i’ve lost all my diary barns by clicking that stupid message!!!! i will leave fv after 2 and a hald yeears!!!!

  49. Gary Says:

    This is pants! I clicked on the “claim your free cow” above my dairy barn and the next thing I know it’s gone!

    This cost me FV coins originally and now I can’t buy a dairy barn in the market anymore.

    So the choices are I store them in the open which takes a lot of spaces or I spend weeks trying to get the items to finalise a cow pasture or buy it complete for FV $5!

    Am I being cynical here or are Zygna doing this to dupe us out of more money?

    I’m really getting to the stage where this isn’t enjoyable anymore!

  50. PT Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that at the exact same time the Dairy Barn Exchange Offer came out, the Dairy Barn itself was completely removed from the markets? So, if you traded them, with the expectation of buying them back, you were out of luck.

    Something about that message this morning screamed TRAP. I’m so glad I declined it. That combined with the fact that it took me hundreds of barn raisings to upgrade 5 Barns because of the glitch where they kept getting reset, I said no.

    This has to be the sneakiest, most underhanded move I have seen Zynga make.

  51. Jim Baron Says:

    The cow pasture did replace the dairy farm.

  52. ZyngaSupporter Says:

    Zyngasupporter: hello, how can i help you today?

    Farmville player: i have some troubles with my farm, i actualy can’t finish al my buildings and quests because there are to much of them! and would like to ask you if you can tell to your zynga Supervisor if they can fix all the problems going on in the game?! and stop being greedy with evrything! it cost to much for me and there is to much to do! it became a very greedy Zynga game and im quit this game because of that! it has been enough for me! u have lost a farmville fan/player and will lose more!

    Zyngasupporter: i understand your problem, i will send your comment to the Creators of the game. is there any other problem?

    Farmville player: ( have quit the chat and not responding ).

    1 year later …… nothing happend to the game and its still the same, greedy, to much to build, to much FV cash! to much quests.

    I quit playing farmville because the game S°°° B°LLS Goodbye F°°°°°° ZYNGA!


  53. Chris Says:

    You’d think Zynga would look at this and take note, as this site is now just an extention of Zynga, for all of it’s fluffiness and ‘unofficial’ in it’s title. Zynga controls it hook, line and sinker.

    But Zynga don’t care about the players. All it cares about is money. Full stop. It’s the be-all and end-all of it’s existence. And probably rightly so, as it’s a business and not a charity.

    Even so… it’s continued disrespect for it’s customers is sickening.

    So… the ONLY way to make them listen… and it is the ONLY way, as here and the forums have been overwhelmingly negative about stuff in the past and they’ve NEVER listened…. the ONLY way to make them listen is to STOP spending money with them. Refuse to buy stuff and THEN they will listen. Not out of any fluffy-wuffy goodness, or because they care. They don’t…. but they DO care about their own profits and continued existence.


  54. Joseph Says:

    After reading the other comments, I see that many are on the same train of thought as I am. Though the guide does state that these “cow pastures” are not a replacement for the dairy barn, I did have one question. If they aren’t a replacement then:

    1. Why does FV ask you to sale your dairy barns when you first loaded the “new” cow pastures in exchange for “x” amount of feed and “x” amount of the limited red & brown cow?

    2. Why do these cow pastures do practically the same thing as the dairy barn?


    3. Why is the dairy barn removed from and no longer available for purchase in the market?

    Sounds and looks a lot like a “replacement” to me.

  55. Michael Townshend Says:

    You are are, as usual, a joke. I just read most of the comments and while there is all of the expected complaining, there is a ton of misinformation, exagerations and flat out lies. All this BS is contributing to the negativity and it is just out of hand here.

    I have some reservations regarding the increased demand for FC, but the majority of the complaints here have no foundation at all.

    Why would you want to exchange your dairy for the pasture? Clearly the majority of the posts are from users who are trying to make others think that they have something in their dairy’s that they paid fc for, but it is clear that most of you have nothing but belted cows and the few single cows that were given in the past. How can I say that? Cause if you actually spent FC for your cows you would want to make calves and you would have noted the BIGGEST issue with animal breeding in FV to date. Which is that you can only make one calf per farm every 24 hours (regardless of number of dairies or cows). Not one person has mentioned this, which makes it clear to me that ALL of the complaints are rife with prejudice as is usual here.

    Zynga has finally addressed this issue and I am very happy about it. I am VERY happy that I finally have a chance to make a ton of calves. I for one, have spent a ton of fc collecting these cows and have been annoyed at the dichotomy between horse and cow breeding with cost being somewhat equal over the past 2 years.

    I think that you all should take a break and stop spending all your time here trying to boost your ego which is anonymous. Nobody knows who you are and nobody cares what you have. People just want to get genuine advice and opinion and none of that is available here. Although there are a few who have made some solid arguments and clearly have a clue, the majority of these posts are bunk.

    The reason that they are trying to move our cows to these pens instead of changing the breeding of the dairies is because the dairy is used as a cheat to generate coins by a lot of people. By removing the dairy, they are affecting those that are using dummy accounts to level up quick. While the stable is not something that is typically used for this, it will surely be the next best thing for that cheat, so Zynga is going to most likely have a new pen for horses and over time, phase out the stable.

    I have no clue why I even bothered to comment here as it will surely go over most of the readers heads if the stupid complaints, lies, exaggerations and misleading comments are any indication of their actual knowledge of the game. All of you who have eluded to the fact that you have been playing FV for over a year are lairs (ALL of you who are boasting 2 years are stupid liars based on your comments here). I think that the rest of you are just children and don’t realize that if you are going to lie that you better be able to stick to that lie, even if it contradicts your initial complaints cause most adults will read into that pretty quick.

    For the rest of the readers who are actually veteran players with complicated farms and set-ups, I am sure that what I had to say was nothing new, but this place is NOT the place to learn anything. We all know that FVfreak is one of the best NEW info sites out there with up to date and mostly accurate info and that’s it.\

    The few people who posted questions have been totally ignored by everyone posting, that’s ridiculous considering all the knowledge that is eluded to in the other comments. These questions were all the same;
    Can we revert back to dairies once we have opted to take the gifts? NO, you are stuck with that decision, however, an email or chat with Zynga might work and is always the route in these situations. I think that they want to really get rid of all the dairies and most likely will not reverse that, but it’s worth a try if you really want to stay with those pieces of junk that we have been using. The only reason we are reluctant to get rid of them are because;
    1. You are still trying to cheat your way to level 250 where the FC dries out.
    2. We are used to them and it’s hard to accept change.

    All of those complaints about the number of quests are a joke. You are not required to complete them, you never have. Your not going to get Zynga to stop creating quests for those players who actually have a grip on their farm and appreciate the rewards that are given out.

    All of those who are complaining about the number of items in your gift box from the cows causing Zynga to delete your building parts are full of it. They only take certain items and that has not changed (SD’s, Collection items and eggs (I may be missing one or two things, but NO building parts are taken, you can have 2000 items). Anyone that says different is lying.

    I think that it would be nice to have all of you who are threatening to stop playing FV, follow through with it. Who needs players like you who are only thinking of yourself and mostly just cheaters and takers. If you actually were a quality player you would never, seriously, quit over this (There is not even a FC component to this). This is nothing and all the exaggerations above are just that and nothing more.

  56. Jen Says:

    I didn’t accept the “trade” of giving up my dairy barns in exchange for cows and feed because I like the looks of my barns much better and they hold way more cows. Very tired of building all these pens that take up a bunch of space. I do look forward to getting special calves from my dairy pen though instead of having to chance getting one from a neighbor.

  57. Bernadett Says:

    I want my diaries back!!!!!

  58. Erika Says:

    RE: Michael Townshend -

    Although I agree with some of your points, you really shouldn’t act like your point of view is the only correct one. I have bought ALL of the special farm cash cows (other than from mystery games & boxes), and have all of 1 belted cow, yet there was no way I was turning in my dairy farms! I’m level 115 and have 17M coins without using the belted cow cheat. I have more coins than I can use, especially with less and less stuff even being available for coins and no farm space or storage room to put the items I might want to buy. And I couldn’t give a rat’s a** about leveling up anymore, not for 1 farm cash which is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the amount I buy. Yet I still want to keep my dairies!

    As many people have pointed out, it is a simple matter of SPACE & EFFORT. The cow pastures are already twice as big as the dairy farm yet only hold half the amount of cows, in addition to the enormous amount of parts it would require to build 20 of these (equivalent storage of 5 fully expanded dairies on each farm). Other than possibly having more than one calf per day as you mentioned, the only real upside I see to these new pastures is if you get to keep your own special calves instead of having to rely on neighbors to also buy the special cows and share their calves with you….

    Additionally, gift box space to hold all the cows IS an issue, definitely for me. Most items WILL get deleted from your gift box if you cross the threshold of 500 “counting” items. I know that farmhands, arborists, fertilize all, and love potions DO NOT count toward this limit and you can have infinite numbers of them, but most other items do count (decorations, animals, and trees). I am not totally convinced about whether or not building materials count, as most chat agents refuse to even acknowledge the fact that some items don’t count. I have gotten confirmation from 2 or 3, and one of them who confirmed the above items not counting told me that bricks, boards, and nails DO count. Bottles and water COUNT for sure.

    The strategy for which items get lost is still not totally clear to me since the time when it changed from strictly first-in-first-out (at which point I was losing my oldest items which were flower bouquets). Now they seem to take special deliveries, mystery eggs, and free gift items first, but the order after that is still a mystery to me, and not even always the same (I have lost some items, complained and gotten them back, and then lost totally different items the next time it happened). But specifically I have lost irreplaceable items such as those from the x-mas & valentines 12 day collections, items redeemed from the xmas holiday gifts and st. patricks day gold, as well as animals such as the brown lamb. I even lost gnomes which I got from a quest reward and a collections reward. I have lost rainbow and white apple trees, different types of pigs (regular, black, ossabaw, party), calves, and foals.

    And no, I am NOT lying, perhaps I just keep my gift box fuller than you do and detailed inventory records, and have therefore had more experience with losing items and knowing exactly what has been lost (and usually not even to my own fault, it’s from dumb chat agents stuffing bottles in there after I specifically told them that I can’t hold them, and them assuring me that nothing will be lost yet it always is)….

    And finally, what makes you so sure that people are lying when they claim to have been playing for over a year or even 2 years? I have been playing for 1 1/2 years now and I challenge you to prove otherwise if you are so convinced. What point would there even be for someone to lie about something like that on a site like this? Just because they don’t play as often as you do and aren’t as knowledgeable as to how certain things work, doesn’t make them liars. It just means they play the game differently, and that’s their right.

  59. Michael Townshend Says:

    Erika, It’s clear that you have been playing a while, everything that you have said is clearly from experience, not from what others are telling you. Yours has legitimate concerns. That is what I mean by being able to see very easily where others are being completely dishonest making claims that they experienced first hand that are wrong.

    Want a good example? Look at the post from Jen above yours. She makes a comment that she will be getting calves from the Dairies, not the pastures. That is the kind of stuff that others read and re-post as though it was from their experience. I am sure that that post has hunreds of noobs thinking that that is true and making plans based on that…Just one and it happened to be between yours and my post, clearly a common thing to read here.

    I do see that you have not been able to pin down the items that are taken from your gift box when it hits 600 items (Yea, 600). I have a real problem with hoarding and I usually have well over 600 items, while I do try to clean it out when I get to 1,000.

    You indicated that there were some items that are taken from your box, like animals. I have yet to have any animals stolen by Zynga to date. That’s why they are moving all the cows to your gift box, they know that they are not part of the list that is taken. Zynga will NOT steal anything that you paid FC for from your gift box, that would really bog down the customer support, for sure. They will not steal ANY animals either, or mystery boxes (they didn’t even take the capital one boxes this time around). The animal mystery boxes cost FC and will never be stolen, that’s a fact and I would be happy to wager my next paycheck on it.

    As I have already said, the only things that I HAVE HAD taken are SD’s, lucky pennies (that’s because of a cheat that allowed people to generate them in the 10′s of thousands, hundreds of thousands in fact. Actually, the whole reason for Zynga’s decision to steal items from players was due to this cheat and as a way to effectively patch it. Basically ALL items to the left of SD’s are what are taken, that’s it. That’s the rule of thumb. The first items (collection items, gold (if you have neighbors still showing those craftshop items, beach items, etc…) in your gift box are stolen.

    Contrary to what you have said:
    Building materials ARE NOT taken, I can say that after having kept 20 of each part for at least 6 month (adding 20 of any new ones to the list as they are released), I have NEVER had one stolen. I refuse to keep records of what is in my gift box, if they steal from your box, they take all of each item, not one or two, simple.

    Bricks, boards and nails ARE NOT taken. Bottles and potions are NOT taken.

    So, you only need to consume the few items above BEFORE the cows are added to your gift box to save anything. OR just let them go. I can bet that eventually you will see that the pastures are better than the dairy barns and will opt to do that (if it is even an option then, I would have to say that most likely, that option is expiring now and any chances to move them to your cove is expiring).

    Your comments regarding the dairy’s are not quite right, the pasture is the same size, for the most part and hold 20. So, you get to make 2 pastures and have 2x the chance to make 2 different calves with this new pasture. I do not see where it’s an issue, especially since you will have the ability to move them to the cove and build all the pastures there, where even if you have no expansions, there is plenty of room.

    Gift box space is not an issue with this, you get all the cows so that you can move as many as you want to the cove (A 5 minute ordeal, the ones NOT kept on the cove can be mover between the other farms, I do not see what is the big deal. Currently we do not have the ability to move items to and from the cove and this offer is something that I think would be foolish NOT to take advantage of. You issues with space are resolved when you have all your pastures on the cove. I have 900 some items in the EC and Main farm storage right now. I have purchased EVERY item (usually multiple of many) from the market in the past year+ and just don’t understand how people have such issues with space. I do have all the expansions, but if you are going to complain about the price, you should first stop complaining about no room.

  60. charl8sweb Says:

    I don’t need another way of producing more young’uns. I want to be able to grow them into the adult version of the baby. Now THAT would be an enhancement! I have plenty of black horses, cream minis and chocolate cows!

  61. Pooh Says:

    Michael: I liked your post and agree with what you have said!
    People who are quitting FV – its nothing bad. You had to quit it someday. There isn’t a single game we would be playing all our lives, right? I am playing now, but I know I would quit one day – maybe after a year or two for other responsibilities, other game or any other reason. So, what?
    When the game becomes a task rather than enjoyment, we all quit at some point of time.
    charl8sweb: I guess, we can still grow the calves and foals in our nursery barns. It is a built-able building and has been there in Farmville for a while now. I have stored all the calves and foals in my Nursery barn. I harvest it daily and randomly, one of them grows up any day.
    Though, I am not sure if the calves produced from the ‘Cow Pasture’ can be put in the Nursery barn or if it needs to be fed ‘Animal feed’ like the other ‘Mystery babies’. Could anyone who has got a calf from ‘Cow Pasture’ let me know? Thanks.

  62. Paula Says:

    I enjoy playing farmville, but since they have added all these new breeding pens it is constant work!!! I thought FV was for farming and harvesting, not for breeding all kinds of animals and even birds. I think what they should have worked on was a way to grow the foals and calves into the horse and cow it is suppose to be. I also think that in these many quest that we have to constantly do should be some FV Cash as a reward!!! I know Zyna wants us to spend our hard earned money on special animals, trees and now with the Lighthouse Cove they want us to pay to expand our farm. They need to work out all the bugs with the game before they move on to adding more work for us to do. I still play and don’t really have any plans on quitting, but it would be nice to be able to relax while playing the game.

  63. KIM Says:

    Well, I will no longer buy any animals or items from Zynga. This game is nothing more than a money hole. It use to be fun but now requires money to play. So Zynga do what you wish with the new barns. Works pretty much like the old ones but this one requires that you buy. Over half my friends have stopped playing and I had over 800. There is nothing to collect anymore because people have stopped buying items and I have vowed along with them.

    Sorry to say so long to a game that use to be fun and cool. But now is work.

  64. vibeke Johansen Says:

    I am a dedicated lvl 173 player.
    have played for over 2 years.
    I dont like the patronising comments by mr. Michael Townsend.
    I can relate to the majority of comments from other players here.
    Zynga has made themselves a big moneyfactory taking advantage of the addicted
    players like myself.
    shortening the time to do the quests.
    forcing us to use fv cash if we want to finish these quests.
    they will get our money any which way they can.
    I have asked Zynga to fix the “not found” gifts for over a year now.
    They really dont care, just answer your heartfelt shout for help with a standard fraze:
    You are a dedicated farmer and zynga appreciates your hard work.
    yeah right.
    pardon for any wrong spelling or badly put sentences.
    English is not my first language.
    Happy farming !!!!

  65. jamal Says:

    please tell me how to come back my huge dairy farm because i don’t like cow pasture.

  66. Amber Says:

    My animals that are bred in my cow pasture, or horse paddock cannot go into the nursery barn to grow up, wonder why? is it only me or does it happen to everyone?

  67. WiMo Says:

    I sure would like to be able to transfer my COW PASTURE from one farm to another. Anyone hear if this will ever be an option?