FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Father’s Day Weekend Boars & Rams 100% Pass Patterns to Babies!

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Father’s Day Weekend Boars & Rams 100% Pass Patterns to Babies!

Posted on June 16, 2011 6:34 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Tomorrows Father's Day Loading Screen

Note: This feature is not active until Father’s Day Weekend.

In honor of Father’s Day weekend, patterns on Rams and Boars will pass on to their offspring 100% of the time!

This means that whatever pattern your Boar or Ram is then it will automatically pass to its babies so they can be just like Daddy. What an adorable gift for Father’s Day!

Will you be breeding during this time to take advantage of full-proof patterns?

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49 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Father’s Day Weekend Boars & Rams 100% Pass Patterns to Babies!” »

  1. bev Says:

    FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! IT”S BEEN FIVE DAYS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Lets see how many glitches this will have.

  3. Roma Says:

    Can’t get any of the ones we’re suppose to have already let alone new ones… What a bunch of junk..

  4. elaine Says:

    glad to hear that cant wait will be breeding the pigs more havent had much luck with them yet

  5. DORIS Says:


  6. MrsFarmerM Says:

    Please….try like hardly ever! All day today I got plain sheep (and I have to sell one, just to make one)….unless they change something tomorrow…I am not holding my breath!!!

  7. glo Says:


  8. Grimwell Says:


    This event isn’t live yet. It won’t be until the weekend.

  9. Carin Says:

    WOW – fabulous! Tired of getting nothing from my new striped ram and candy cane boar! Way cool – gotta save up them bottles!

    Thanks, Zynga!

  10. Dogmom Cheryl Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it – I’ve been really frustrated with pig breeding, so I hope it works.

  11. Lizzie Says:

    Sweet, if it truly works! Is anyone else having problems planting? I can’t get the seed page to pop up so I can’t plant!

  12. whatever Says:

    hahahaha… nice marketing tactic for your new ram and boar. i predict a huge FAIL as always.

  13. Ross Says:

    even the tie?

  14. Nine Says:

    I’m skeptical. I’m gonna have to see it to believe it. Every time I breed a sheep it turns out white…even black x black = white. I’ve bred 19 sheep now and all white.

  15. Barbara Says:

    If Zynga can change this feature for this weekend, then they can change it to make the patterns pass on anytime. So, why haven’t they? I wish we could go back to when the ‘illegals’ were around. The patterns were much more reliable then. I am getting completely bored and frustrated with both sheep and pig breeding.

  16. Amber Says:

    why is it not like this ALL of the time? they keep saying they are working on a fix for breeding, if it can work right for fathers day it can work right anytime, WTF?!?!?!

  17. Nina Says:

    Just tried several times, and nope it doesn’t work!! But hey… im not surprised, would have been if it DID work!!

  18. Katy Says:

    Good News….hope it works…Thanks!

  19. Janie Says:

    That’s right give the Father’s an exclusive color filled weekend, as a mother I protest! I didn’t get a special color filled weekend. Anyway, all you decision makers over there at Farmville HQ, we are here for enjoyment not frustration…. We want to get special pigs and sheep all the time, how hard is that to figure out??? JUST FIX IT. NOW!

  20. Eilene Says:

    What time zone are they using so we can all synchronize our clocks to see if this is another fail or success?

  21. fa1l3d Says:

    janie u gettng it to stop whining lol

  22. Victor Says:

    @Eilene they use pacific standard time:) always at 9:00 PM i get a OOS and then the new stuff is in the market :D

  23. vicki Vanhorn Says:

    I dont see how that can be..I have bred both pig and sheep and I am getting the patterns the Boar and Ram are !!

  24. Teretta Says:

    THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ZYNGA!!! Don’t shoot the messenger. Any complaints take up with Zynga..

  25. Jaana Says:

    Everybody calm down. This event hasn’t started yet, so you’re all wasting your potions. Wait until you see that screen in game or get an a notice in your feed from FarmvilleFreak or Z.

    I’ve wasted enough potions, so I’m stockpiling them now. We’ll see how many glitches and OOS we’ll have this time.

  26. Dorothy Fletcher Bailey Says:

    Most of my pigs turn out pink! I get disappointed every time i bred so i got so i adopt them out.

  27. Kelly Says:

    This would be great, but I have tried to buy the Leopard ram three times and each time my game either goes out of sync and lose it or I buy it and refresh and its gone…at least they are giving my FV cash back, but come on already.

  28. Kyle Says:

    Yeah, breeding really sucks now I get crappy sheep and pigs the pattern never gets passed down, I love spending money on rams and boars that don’t work I’ve bred so many sheep and just get plain and white colored sheep same with the pigs. I hope this is LEGIT, not for just me but for everyone else having a crappy time breeding….. Breeding used to be fun not having to worry about wasting love potions wishing for a good sheep but then getting a plain white sheep… then wasting bottles on that baby sheep or pig just hoping that maybe it has the dads pattern….. in the end breeding just got LAME!!!

  29. sara Says:

    hello people it says Fathers Day weekend…. I see some posts on here from the 16th, where people are complaining about it not working. You have to go by the time zone zynga is using. Oh and also, I have had plenty of luck with all of the patterns passing except for the spotted one, and it’s all the time not just this weekend. The only colors/patterns that will not pass ever are the ones still “deemed” illegal.

  30. Amatpin Says:

    Have u guys been complaining to Zynga Chat Support? If u complain enough, they may fix the game, and in the meantime, they might replace some of ur bottles & potions….

  31. princess natti Says:

    well its now saturday! so where is it? its hasnt happened yet as I just tried.

  32. katy Says:

    i tried breeding pigs but stupid OOS messages everytime! but anyway this is a very cute pressie for fathers day!

  33. Kim Says:

    One word: FAIL!

    It’s Saturday the 18th now, and the event is supposed to be live. So how come the leopard boar I just bred gave me a plain blue pig? No pattern! Argh.

  34. Pam Says:


  35. Gabby Says:

    I’ve been breeding patterns all day long, not a single solid sheep or pig (used over 200 potions ) So glad I was able to hook up all my great neighbors with cool patterns =)
    What bothers me is the fact that they can fix it for this weekend only, wth?? Zybga has been screwing with us ever since the whole “illegal” sheep thing came out. -Lame

  36. Gabby Says:

    I’ve been breeding patterns all day long, not a single solid sheep or pig (used over 200 potions ) So glad I was able to hook up all my great neighbors with cool patterns =)
    What bothers me is the fact that they can fix it for this weekend only, wth?? Zynga has been screwing with us ever since the whole “illegal” sheep thing came out. -Lame

  37. Julia Phạm Says:

    I am successful in breeding sheep and pigs. They are very nice.^^

  38. Laura Says:

    It’s working 100% of the time for me!! I just can’t get enough potions and bottles now. :-(

  39. elaine Says:

    you people are crazy i have so many great sheep on my farm i guess you just dont know what you are doing and got alot of new colors this weekend with the pattaren of the dads love it its great thanks fv your the best happy fathers day to all the dads out there

  40. CaliforniaChar Says:

    I’m disappointed with this whole event. The leopard ram and boar have extremely dark base colors that are hard to over come. Love potions take to much time to craft and the number allowed is ridiculously low. The 10FC cost is high for the amount when purchased. Also, bottle availability isn’t at the right ratio either for this event and regular breeding. As a breeder, I must sell excess lambs or pigs. Most aren’t worth someone elses bottles or time when the white ones show up!

    AND on top of these comments, the glitches in your programming are atrocious. FIX THE GLITCHES! MAKE FARMING FUN AGAIN! Quests are OK sometimes but they are old already. I stopped playing Frontierville for this reason.

  41. Rhonda Says:

    how do I breed rams and pigs together I don’t understand!

  42. Kathy Says:

    It does work…only on 18 and 19 of June..sat and sunday…that is the weekend..and the sheep and pig follow the male pattern…
    Worked all day…

  43. jo Says:

    i am loving it wish they could leave it that way me and alot of my friends was losing so much interest in the game with so much not working and the whole breeding thing was out of control white sheep pink pigs thats pretty much it this weekend has been a joy to play again if they can do this for one weekend why dont they leave it alone and keep and renew everyones interest in it again its a game suppose to be fun so let it be

  44. Laura Says:

    I agree with JO 100%. Farming/breeding is FUN AGAIN, for now. If it goes back to breeding 1 pretty sheep/pig to every 10 ugly ones it’s going to get frustrating and boring again. :`(

  45. destiny Says:

    I just tried 2, and both failed. plain colors from checker, and tiger stripped

  46. JB Says:

    It was GREAT! What a fun weekend!
    Just wish I was able to do both the sheep and pigs, but was having too much fun doing the sheep again and ‘playing w/genetics’ that didn’t have enough potion for the pigs LOL.
    Good goning Zynga, hopefully you can do this again soon!


  47. Linda Says:

    what a fun weekend….now we are back to the dull, worthless breeding. watch the “conga line” above mated pair…..chances of getting a nice pattern are VERY low….why is the % so poor???? and it is very hard to get love potion…only to waste it on plain babies…not fair or fun. if breeding is kept this way, i will stop breeding as many of my friends have. please zynga…keep the breeding like the father’s day weekend….we at least get to experiment and make pretty animals!!!!!

  48. gae Says:

    A bit late, I know. I tried that weekend and did not get a single animal that looked like its father. More boring animals.


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