FarmVille Freak Exclusive Find: FarmVille Ice Cream at 7-Eleven Store

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive Find: FarmVille Ice Cream at 7-Eleven Store

Posted on May 12, 2010 5:01 pm by FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer

While on my daily errands, I stopped into a local 7-Eleven, and look what I found!

FarmVille ice cream retails at $2.29 and each package is printed with a one-time use code.

In the official rules on the package, it’s indicated that we will be able to redeem starting May 17th. Upon visiting the official site to redeem the code, June 1st is given as the date to start purchasing items. Hopefully, Zynga will realize the product is already showing up and allow us to redeem starting on the 17th as originally intended.

Are you excited for FarmVille branded products at 7-11? What will you do with all the ice cream?

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's 7-Eleven FarmVille Ice Cream in the Wild (Click to Enlarge)

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's 7-Eleven FarmVille Ice Cream (Click to Enlarge)

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's 7-Eleven FarmVille Ice Cream Back (Click to Enlarge)

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's 7-Eleven Many FarmVille Ice Cream (Click to Enlarge)

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146 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive Find: FarmVille Ice Cream at 7-Eleven Store” »

  1. Jade Says:

    YAY!!!!! Im gonna go to 7-eleven now to check it out how cool!!!!!!!!!!

  2. FarmerRCNS Says:

    Hey, I saw valid in Canada (except Quebec) in one of the photos! Looks like we Canucks are in on the promotion after all.

  3. Sheila Alvarado Says:

    Is it just 7-eleven because we don’t have any here :(

  4. 4uk4life Says:

    I have none near me :( I would be willing to trade a mystery box or something in the 16-20 fv$ range if anyone can hook me up ;)

  5. Jefferson Chaves Says:

    I want. lol

  6. FlaviusJulius Says:

    How about a closeup of the code?

  7. Victoria Says:

    4uk4life ~ How do I get a hold of you….. ; )

  8. LouAnne Says:

    Just not fair! Where I live there are no 7-11″s. Closest one 70 miles away!

  9. klemmklemm Says:

    Does this mean that piglets will be coming soon? everything else on the game already…

  10. naddel Says:

    Everytime just the US :( … We really have some disadvantages, cause we’re always the last in FV things… Hey, people from the US should create a code-exchange forum for this!

  11. redheaded1 Says:

    Is it a set amount of FV$ you get, or a random prize amount?

    Also, is the ice cream tasty?

  12. NotAmused Says:

    another way for ‘us’ to spend money on a ‘beta’… oh thanks but I’m not rushin’ to 7-11.

  13. Shahzade Says:

    i am Indira SHahzade Cilic and if someone is pls willing to give me a code for the new cow, plssss i would be very thankfull….find me at facebook pls:)

  14. LoneFarmer Says:

    It would be exciting to those who can get it, but many of us in the US dont have the store close by, and anyone overseas can’t get it,
    It’s not fair of Zynga to do something that everyone can’t have access to,
    Im not going to drive 6 hours for virtual cow

  15. busta Says:

    red headed where have u been the past 2 weeks there is no fv$$ you people amaze me

  16. fizzy292 Says:

    If you are interested in the cows, but don’t have a 7-Eleven near you, we will be trading for them in our group (click on name to get there). That way, there will be a place to trade for those of us that have no way of purchasing the ice cream directly.

  17. myname Says:

    Has anyone gotten a price list together – how much a Big Gulp is, and what you get for it, how much a sandwich is and what you get for it,how much a water is, etc.?

  18. redheaded1 Says:


    That wasn’t an answer to my question and your insult is unnecessary.

  19. marceedarcee Says:

    I just called the closest retailer to me and was told that this product will not be in the store for 20 more days. They just received the product info yesterday.

  20. larry Says:

    Would like to know how we can find out what locations are involved I’m in Md and called 7 stores and no one has a clue.

    Is there a way to find out??

  21. NotAmused Says:

    LOL… if you are so itchy to spend your money you can just post your credit card info here. And when the redemption code doesn’t function properly – well hey… Farmville is ‘beta’. Why anyone wants to spend money on this is so beyond me.

  22. Ash Says:

    To Redheaded:
    You get a specific decoration/item for each type of product. See this thread:

  23. ~shelley~ Says:

    What other items will be featured in the promotion?

  24. Terri Says:

    No 7-Eleven’s in our area anymore. Haven’t been any since the late 70′s. There should be an alternate way for us to get the code…. sort of not fair really.

  25. stephanie Says:

    I have a bunch of 7-11′s and am able to get some for people.
    Email me

  26. SuzieO Says:

    The code is on the bottom???? What’s to keep someone from writing down the code and not purchasing?? AND THEN, the person who does purchase it, the code won’t work because it is one time only code. Sure hope the code is not visible or I’ll be reaching WAY in the back for mine, lol

  27. Patricia Says:

    I don’t think you can really blame Zynga. (Before i get bashed I don’t have a 7-11 in my state at all!!) I’m sure 7-11 offered a very large sum of money to cross promote so that loyal and obsessed zynga game players would come to there place. Seeing how zynga games are free they found a way to get some money. Beware scams. I can already see people trying to exchange FV card codes for 711 codes and someone not giving.

  28. MagdalenaD Says:

    Is the code actually on the outside of the packaging? Cause that’s a recipe for disaster.

  29. Dina Says:

    I have alot of 7-11′s near me (over 20 in a 10 mile radius) and I would be willing to help others out who do not have them near where they live : )

  30. Jane Says:

    Not everyone is the US is lucky. There’s no 7-11 by me either. But it does sound dumb to put the code on the bottom of the container. Everyone will be writing the codes down and then the people that buy the ice cream will end up with a non-working code!

  31. farmvillediva Says:

    By”THE CODE IS ON THE BOTTOM” they probably mean at the bottom of the inside of the ccontainer so after you eat the icecream ya’ll see it….it wouldnt make any sense to have it visible… if thats the case people wouldnt need to buy it… people please stop complaining about not having a 7/11 near you…so annoying….for one its just a game…. so get over it…Well it really be the end of the world if you dont have a freakin virtual cow…

  32. fatherOfTWO Says:

    are people REALLY that obsessed with this ridiculous game? and being bummed that you dont have one of the scourges of the US on your door step? i live in small town america (a town of about 50-60k and we have no less than 10 7-11s ridiculous.

    i play the game with my kids and use it for learning…. like pineapples grow in what kind of zone? and would they ever grow next to roses? or potatoes?

    we need some reality in the game….

    and here is a suggestion for some reality:

    since CA and CO have legalized marijuana if one has a medical MJ card, i think that zynga should open farms to grow MMJ. first, to be able to grow it, you would need a special MMJ grow card that would cost $50 FV. once that is purchased, there would be varieties of MMJ to grow. all would be no less than 4 XP/plot 250-500/plot to buy, grow in 12-48 hours and harvest would be paid 1,000-2,000 coins.

    i am not a ‘user’ by any means, but, its life nowadays and the medicinal value of MMJ to cancer and aids victims (amongst others) is profound.

    PS: for those of you finding yourselves addicted to this game and really losing sight of real and important things, you can visit my website for contact info. i have real and reliable help.

  33. Rachey Says:

    You probably have to EAT the ice cream to get the code on the bottom of the cup. I highly doubt it’s outside and visible like on Slurpee cups. Or it’s inside the lid. Either way, you’re going to have to open it.

    Funny, I almost went to 7-11 to grab lunch. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow. My shop is at the end of the center and 7-11 is at the other. This could be trouble……..

  34. Matt Says:

    i hate zynga now y do they only release these to people in the US but even some people in the US

  35. Matt Says:

    cant get to a 7-eleven

  36. Ash Says:

    Here is the simple list of 7-11 products and the Farmville item for each (copied from another thread):

    Fresh Sandwich – Sandwich Cart
    Cut Fruit – Persimmon Tree
    32oz Slurpee – Fun Slide ( looks like a slide from a water park)
    32oz Big Gulp – Big Splash ( looks like a cow jumping from high dive into pool)
    Large Ice Coffee – Coffee Cart
    1 Liter of water – Water Tower
    Pint of Vanilla Ice Cream – Neapolitan Cow ( brown rear spot/front pink spot)

  37. Namson Says:


  38. Laura Says:

    Screw the Neopolitan cow, i want that piglet

  39. LauraS Says:

    Wooooo ive got like 20 7elevens by me!! ha ima buy em out!

  40. ibytes Says:

    I’m willing to help those who cannot get codes. ^_^

  41. wendie Says:

    I don’t by into any of it. Just like the rest of the stuff they offer, it is all a scam. I purchased the game card and tried to reedem and guess what SURPRISE no go. Really? What a shock!!!!!

  42. lynn Says:

    Sadly—- The nearest 7-11 is the next state over.

    Won’t be gettin any of these, thats for sure!!

  43. Tarrah Says:

    :( I only like chocolate ice cream…

  44. farmergirl Says:

    lol, the thing that amazes me is that people will rush out and spend money on ice cream, slurpees, etc (at a store they never go to)…..but not buy FV$. i understand you get a little something extra (as in FAT…lol) but still, at the end of the day, you’re still spending money on the game. let’s not gripe every week when most of the items are FV$. if this promotion turns out to be a success, zynga will just continue to ask for money from us, in one way or another ;)

  45. Spin the Cheetah Says:

    Is that a piglet on the cup?
    I want piglets!!

  46. LauraS Says:

    i agree with you farmergirl but its better to pay 2$ for a drink than 40$ for fv me anyway lol :)

  47. FlaviusJulius Says:

    The ice cream is 7-11 brand vanilla. Prize is the Neapolitan Cow.

  48. ERic Says:

    The only thing I would ever get from 7-11 is a slurpee I’m sorry no way I will touch any type of food and actually consume it. Gross!

  49. Debbie Says:

    I’m outta luck, I don’t have a 7-Eleven ANYWHERE near me!!! Figures!

  50. Drew Says:

    you can probably buy the ice cream on ebay by now for anyone who doesnt have one.. just an idea :P

  51. Melissa Says:

    I am 86 miles from the nearest 7-Eleven… however, I am totally making the trip! I called and they will be in next week. There are about 10 7-Elevens in a 10 mile radius and I’m making a little road trip out of it. I also have about 10 friends outside of the US that I’m going to hook up with that cute cow from the ice cream!! :)

    Go to the 7-Eleven home page and find one near you (if you’re in the US). If you are within an hour or 2 just make the trip! :)

  52. Melissa Says:

    Oh, also, I am hoping the codes are not on the bottom of the cartons in plain site… otherwise we may get home and find our codes already redeemed!!

  53. redheaded1 Says:

    I hadn’t thought about eBay as an alternative for those who do not have a 7-11 nearby.

    Hmmmm. Maybe I could…..

  54. SuzieO Says:

    I’m going to be interested to see how they work out where to put the code on different items. At my 7-11 the big gulps and slurpees are self-help. You get it yourself. As for ice-cream. Ice cream on top of an ink-stamped code? I don’t even think the FDA would allow that. But I especially can’t picture where the code will be on a slurpee.

  55. JJSERiTT Says:

    so its in canada too right?

  56. Faraj Says:

    I can also get to a 7-11, add me on facebook, Faraj Sabeiha. Willing to trade:)))

  57. Jennifer Says:


    add hershey’s chocolate syrup and mix!

    went to 7-11 and no luck on any new zynga items yet…will keep checking :)

  58. SuzieO Says:

    I’m willing to give them away at cost… no profit :)

  59. Franklin Says:

    Excellent! We can get fatter while playing Farmville all day and imagining that we are real farmers or that we have lives. That’s so cool. When the authorities find us we will have ice cream dripping out of the corners of our over sized jowls and there will be an unopened mystery box on the monitor!

  60. liblady76 Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about not living near a 7-11. The closest one to me is two states away. This promo is likely to last well into the summer when I will likely be traveling somewhere within range of a 7-11. I have relatives near 7-11′s who routinely drink coffee, water, etc… They would gladly give us the coupon codes since they don’t play Farmville. I wish they gave fuel for purchasing 7-11 fuel!!! Some of my farm neighbors live near 7-11′s. I’d trust these people first before making deals and trades and purchases through strangers. Be careful, and remember they are just pixels!

  61. Ezekiel Says:

    Dude, what’d be awesome is if they had Farmville chewing tobacco! You could grow the number one “killer” crop! They could have a Farmville spittoon! You could have the throat cancer gnome with the tracheotomy! WHen you buy Farmville tobacco, you’d get a special code for the Farmville cancer ward! Wouldn’t that look handsome?

    With the ice-cream and other fattening treats they are promoting, perhaps they should let you buy a weight loss clinic!!! Yeah! For only 200 Farm Cash You could pretend yu are actually losing the fat that you have accumulated playing this game! That’d be so cool.

  62. Karyn Says:

    there are many things to be said, but most of them contain four letter words, so I’ll restrain myself……

  63. Cougarah Says:

    SuzieO, Several years ago PepsiCo had a promotion on the sodapop cups….they put the codes on the inside lip of the cup…you had to uncurl the lip to reveal the code…But you bring up a good point hat the cups are self serve. Even with the McD’s promos the cups with the coupon on the side of the cup are not avaulable to the consumer until you’ve ordered the drink…I guess we’ll wait n see….Furthermore, it is silly for those of you other writers to moan and groan about who will buy and who wont…some people are willing to pay money to play and some won’t…Don’t presume to judge those who get enjoyment from paying to play the game….we all have different play values…Personally, I wish we had more items we could purchase with coins but that’s the way I play and I don’t take away from those who enjoy buying the special items with FVcash…Like the Dairy Farm, items should be available for coin or FVcash…

  64. Spyder Says:

    Ok this will clear everything up

    Lifes not fair get over it.

  65. Jade Says:

    Wow some of y’all are really upset about this. I wonder are y’all as opposed to cracker jacks? or how about sugary cereals? OOOHHHH or how about those codes on the top of soda bottles that you can redeem for merchandise? It’s really not that big of a deal, like someone already mentioned it’s just a game!! Totally agree with Cougarah “some people are willing to pay money to play and some won’t” It’s a free country and ppl can make their own choices, shame on them if they have no self control or discipline. Simply put Zynga is a profit-seeking business they have the right to profit where and how they see fit. If you dont like it dont buy it. =D Don’t gain too much weight gorging yourselves for fv stuff lmao

  66. DarkFarmer Says:

    On the items of choice subject. The only items I’ll likely partake in is the Iced Coffee, Cut Fruit, and Big Gulps (Diet Dr pepper! Nom!).

    For the other items, why not get the code and give the food to a homeless person? I bet they’d LOVE a fresh sandwich, slurpee, or even iced cream. As for the ice cream purchased here, I’ll either save it for a Bday party, or make root beer floats as treats for the family on the weekend :)

  67. Jade Says:

    OOOOOHHHHHH Root beer float!!! haven’t had on in about a year! Yup gonna kill two birds with one stone and get a big gulp with some ice cream =)

  68. Rogue Robot Says:

    ^^^^^^ Always said by the prick who’s not being left out!

  69. Rogue Robot Says:

    Sorry, that was meant for Spyder.

  70. Spyder Says:

    Why are you talking about your self flattery gets you no where

  71. busta Says:

    uiot code is on bottom outside of cart read before you post!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jay Says:

    I just checked my local store here in Florida. The guy pulled out the official Play Book as he was clueless about the promotion. Anyway, according to the book, the Slurpee cups will come out 1st and will be in stores on May 17th. Next comes the ice cream and the Big Gulps which will be available according to the play book on May 24th.

  73. jennshere7 Says:

    I just happened to drop in on 7-11 this evening and the cashier was all excited about the upcoming promotion because she loves Farmville. She showed me the ice cream already for sale and I purchased two. I am unable to redeem them util June 1st according to the website. Bummer!!!!

    I am sorry for all my lovely neighbors and friends who don’t live near a 7-11, I know that I am willing to help out my neighbors who ask and I am sure that your neighbors will help you all out too.

    The code is on the bottom of the carton not on the inside of the cartan. I am sure that they will be watching there merchandise in the store’s and I am also sure that people will find a way to get codes without paying for the items. Zinga and 7-11 I am sure know that will happen too. It is unfortuate that human nature leans toward disepectivness at times but everyone is aware that some people will cheat.

  74. SuzieO Says:

    Jeez Bust – you’ve been in such a bad mood lately and such a grouch, lol… I DID read! On the ice cream it said code is on the bottom but perhaps YOU need to have your eyes checked because I don’t see anywhere up in the picture that it says the code is on the outside. It only says bottom. Doesn’t it make you wonder, Busta, if it were on the outside bottom why would you have to BUY the ice cream and not just copy the code. And doesn’t that make you wonder what will happen to all the useless codes that people will buy? Either the whole thing is covered with celaphane and the code up upside down on the bottom or it is on the bottom on the inside.

  75. jerms Says:

    If the code is on the bottom on the outside, It probably will either be covered by a peeling label, or maybe not activated until purchased (like a gift card) I’m sure they thought about this issue before creating it.

  76. SuzieO Says:

    Maybe Darkfarmer can come here and tell us since he took this picture. What do you say, Darkfarmer?

  77. 206Tammy Says:

    The code is on the bottom of the pint. No cellophane around the pint, just the top lid. The code is clearly visible on the bottom. It says CODE:

    I bought 2 about 30 minutes. Glad I didn’t have to eat the whole pint to find the code though ;)

    FYI, cost here in Seattle area was $1.99 each

  78. SuzieO Says:

    Well at least if it were covered by a peeling label I would know which one not to buy. Doubt someone peeling the label off to copy the code would carefully put it back, lol

  79. SuzieO Says:

    206Tammy – I live in Seattle!! The one by my house doesn’t have them. Could u tell me where you got yours please?? Thanks!!

  80. 206Tammy Says:

    In Burien on 1st Ave and 134th. U near Burien?

  81. 206Tammy Says:

    @SuzieO-In Burien on 1st Ave and 134th. U near Burien?

  82. SuzieO Says:

    Yes!! I live in Skyway which is directly across from Burien, I know right where that is …. thank you so much. I have a lot of neighbors from the Seattle area. If you would like to be my neighbor look for Suzie Ofner and mention FVF.

    I’m guessing the way to keep people from just copying the code and not buying the ice cream is what was mentioned above? The actual purchase must activate the code, like buying a gift certificate. Was the ice cream the only thing you saw for the promotion? I really want the slurpee code for the water slide too. I already have a circus corner on my farm and it would be perfect there.

    Thanks for the info. Tammy :-) I will go there tomorrow!!

  83. SuzieO Says:

    I still don’t know what to think about the code being visible the more I think about it. Even if it took a purchase to activate, someone could copy it down and then wait for it to be bought and activated. All they would have to do is keep trying the codes they copied (why not copy all?) and as soon as someone bought one it would work. hmmmmm

  84. lillypilly Says:

    As per usual zynga has forgotten us, excluded all of us who love farmville and live in far away countries oh, for example, like Australia……but they are happy to take our $$$$

  85. Michelle Says:

    Ok, I read a lot of peoples comments and I understand some complaints but everybody enjoys the game in there own way… so please do not put people down for there likes, now for the codes I assume the codes will not be seen maybe on cups under silver scratch off and on food products maybe peel stickers something along those lines…

  86. 206Tammy Says:

    I didn’t remember to look around.. I went straight to the Ice Cream and left.. lol

    I do know that when they rang it up it wasn’t loaded into their cpu. They had to manually enter it. I figured they didn’t scan them in yet since they are so new.

    FYI, my niece is running to 7-11 and I told her to look around to see if they have the Slurpee and Water there too! I’ll let you know if they have anything else when she returns.

  87. Jason Says:

    They better have more flavors than fucking vanilla.

  88. nikic Says:

    I’d be willing to help those with no 7-11 access :)

  89. Margo Says:

    Fatherof two do us all a favor and dont tell us what we should or should not be feeling and here is a reality check THIS IS A GAME so teach your kids yourself and dont lecture us on it being a game. if you dont like it dont play or post your rude and insulting comments to people who like this game.

  90. Julie Smith Says:

    To bad that didn’t strike up a deal with Tom Thumb. No 7-Elevens anywhere near my neck of the woods :-(

  91. Lauryn Says:

    this is why i hate zynga. They don’t even consider that maybe there are farmville freaks outside of America who want some of those items. I would buy the cow, waterslide, and all that stuff for cash if they would let me. I love the idea of putting it on icecream…. but umm how does this benifit me and my friends….in New Zealand?… i’m sure we aren’t the only ones out of reach of a 711 who love ice cream and farmville and would love both being combined…. thanks zynga….

  92. Lauryn Says:

    omg i just thought of a great idea!!! why dont they put codes on mcdonalds products? i don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a mcdonalds near them!!! (i know its fattening and stuff but…. how many free cows do you need? could just get like 1 burger)

  93. r&kmommy Says:

    Would people actually stand in front of a 7-11 freezer with a notepad and pen and rifle through pints of ice cream writing down codes? That’s stupid. I for one can’t wait until tomorrow night when hubs gets home from work I am making a run up to our 7-11 (5 minutes away, tyvm!!) and see what they have. I spend money on FVC ($25 here and there) and LOVE slurpees (who doesn’t?) and ice cream and iced coffee!!

  94. strike Says:

    when will it be available in the Philippines, the card & ice cream? thanks & more power!

  95. conte Says:

    if anyone wants to get one i will trade for a mystery box my e mail is Blueyergrl

  96. Maria Says:

    For the ones who nag they don’t have 7-11 in their countries or states in the US, my husband works near 7-11 stores, went to all 5 yesterday and today and didn’t find FV ice cream nor any gift card (I wanted the bonus pond, found it cute). SO, not all 7-11 stores have the promo available….

  97. Ezekiel Says:

    I just finished eating 10 pints of Farmville icecream. Now my heart is beating so fast I am scared to move. And my fingers are too fat to enter the codes to get the rewards. Life is so unfair!

  98. jen Says:

    I got some FV ice cream, and the code is very legible at the bottom, and when I went to pay for the item, it didn’t even scan at the register, they had to sell it as chocolate or something else. Its’ not like a game card, no activation lol!

  99. jen Says:

    Tammy, Im from WA too, they said that the cups and other FV stuff would be in next weeks shipment, it was in the 5-10 order.

  100. SuzieO Says:

    Why wouldn’t they stand in front of the freezer and write down the codes? People are greedy!! And they are also competitive and want to have more than anybody else. Especially now that new information has come out that the supplies are limited. Maybe not the ice cream but the slurpee’s and bug gulps, each store is getting one case only. And many people think nothing of being dishonest so I can certainly picture someone buying one pint of ice cream and writing down the code to 10.

    I’m definitely getting mine early and from the BACK, lol :)

  101. Jp Says:

    I like the one that say it was a game and she was using as a learning tool. (fatheroftwo # 32)That in my eyes is genius. But I live in the USA were there is no 7-11. The nearest one is about 2-3 hours away. I don’t have the money nor the gas to drive that far with gas being 3 dollars a gallon. For the ones that say it isn’t fair. I can’t understand were you are coming from. What I have to say to you is all come to those who wait. Maybe Zynga wanted to test out a small area of a promo like this before they hit the big time. I mean i seen it done with other things. I can’t thing of anything of the top of my head at the time but the thing is. If this goes well. Maybe they will to a little bigger and little bigger place. To were it is more world renound. Give Zynga some time I bet you over time they will be promo-ing at Wal – Mart, Mc Donalds or other places. They just wanted to test out the water first. To see how the first one goes over. It is just a game. Yes, just recently I was obsessed with buying farmville cash cards. I know i shouldn’t have I didnt have the money. So I know what it is like to be obsessed with a game as well. But maybe you need to do a reality check and take a breather for a few days or a month. See what the real world is like. It is like it isnt going to be there when you get back. You just may have to go to What about those that aren’t willing go to after the move and you spend all this money what are you going to do then. I just a game people if it was something in real life I could totally understand. I can relate to a lot of the players here. But take my advice take a breather and realize there are more important things in life. Just so you know I am not just some person that as 8-5 job sorta speak. I am disabled I am at home 24 hours of the day when is the second half of the month. I have no tv and only thing I have is the net. So Please try and get a reality check. Don’t make something that isnt real your life. Remember you have a life other then this. It called your family and your home. Try playing that for a few days. Huggles and Congrats on the ones that get a code the right way aka bought it.

  102. Rawutzel Says:

    Das ist ungerecht, ich liebe Eis und ich liebe FarmVille. Aber es gibt keinen 7-11 in Österreich oder Deutschland. :(

  103. Dabeasumin Says:

    @SuzieQ – the codes are on the back of a sticker, the sticker is stuck to the outside of the product. If you need pics, I can send pics to FVFreak so you Guys and Gals an see what to look for. BTW, don’t worry about people stealing the codes, lol, worry about the employee’s :P

  104. Andi Andraski Says:

    Really sucks for those of us who have no 7-11 stores. Thanks a lot Farmville for such discrimination!

  105. Crys7y Says:

    Whoa ! It’s awesome ! =P~
    I want some FV Ice-cream but I’m from Europe :( So sad.

  106. Franklin Says:

    Awww you took down my last post! I had nightmares about the real dog I ran over, but Farmy, my Famville terrier, has comforted me. My Farmvillelife is so much more real that “reality.” I think I am in central Kentucky. I am outside of a 7-Eleven. I certainly hope they have Farmville products here. I have traveled 1672 miles. I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t have those items with the codes. Really, life isn’t worth living if I don’t have new and exciting Farmville things. WEll here I go.

  107. Franklin Says:

    Again nothing! Well, I went to and prayed for guidance. I cried and prayed holding the virtual hand of the baby Jesus. And you know what? He helped me. He told me, “I help those who help themselves.” Well I asked why I need him if’n I was just gonna be helpin’ mahself and he was silent. Oh praise the cross hangin’ corpse! His silence speaks volumes! I know what I have to do.

  108. Franklin Says:

    Oh praise the Zombie Jesus! I stopped at a 7-Eleven for gas. I wasn’t looking for Farmville things but I saw the gift cards and the voice of the sainted infant spoke to me sayin’, “Your answer lies in the ice cream case.” I went there an lo and behold Farmville icecream in all it’s corn syruppy goodness! So I helped myself. I wrote down every code on the bottom of every pint. Thank Jesus the store was busy. He’s watchin’ out for me. Now I’ll get mah stuff!

  109. SuzieO Says:

    okey dokey………………. after reading Franklin…………. I’M OUTTA HERE…….!!!!!!!

    Dabeasumin – thanks :)

  110. Franklin Says:

    Too tired to go on… must rest soon. I haven’t done this much real work in ages. Usually you have to pry me away from my chair playing Farmville to even remind me that there is a sun. I’m at a rest area. Gotta sleep.

  111. myname Says:

    So, there’s just codes on the outside of the cartons? So I can go in, flip over ten cartons, and take a pic with my cell phone? Great thinking, Zynga!

  112. Cindy Says:

    A pint of Farmville Ice Cream is currently @ $10.00 on E-Bay. Who woulda thunk?

  113. Franklin Says:

    Kids called. They’re “hungry,” I can’t wait for there to be Farmville families. I am so tired of these “real” people. I guess the wife went to work. She keeps nagging me. “Stop playing Farmville. Get a life. Don’t you love your real life anymore!?” Can’t she see the Farmville world is so much more real, so much more colorful. I bet a Farmville wife would be cuter and not nag as much. Oh Farmville, please don’t fail me. I swear from this moment on, I’ll eat nothing but 7-Eleven Farmville products. Please Farmville, help me be a Farmville Franklin.

  114. SuzieO Says:

    @Dabeasumin – I am worried about buying ice cream and having the code be no good because it was already used or sold on Ebay. If there’s a way to scam, people will be on it and this is too easy. At least the sticker should be upside down so you have to take it off to see the code. I see problems in the near future. Mostly posts here saying “unfair, my code doesn’t work!! What should I do? What will Zynga do I wonder?

  115. Franklin Says:

    WWZD? Yes that is the question.

  116. Ezekiel Says:

    Contrive new ways to fleece the gullible?

  117. Ezekiel Says:

    If it’s anything like my disappearing items, Zynga will simply say, “too bad, you lose. We clearly have a disclaimer that our product is in no way reliable or functional. Play at your own risk. Buy our crappy products at your own risk.”

  118. Franklin Says:

    @Ezekiel. That’s not fair. It really isn’t. Zynga gives us goodness. look at the cute animals and gnomes. look at the silly ponds with ugly duckling that magically transform into beautiful swans. It’s like the joy that American Idol brings. And what do they ask in return? Not much if you ask me. Zynga is trying to show you a new way Ezekiel. Let go of the chains of reality binding you. Life is greener and happier in the virtual world my friend.

  119. Ezekiel Says:

    @Franklin. Franklin, think of the good things you could do for the real world if you put half as much effort into that as you do Farmville. You really could make a difference in your community. Your real community Franklin. And Franklin, I am sure your Family loves you. They are probably just worried about your unhealthy obsession with a game designed to take your money. It gets you hooked Franklin. Just look at the language on this site. See how many people describe themselves as addicts. There is a reason for that buddy. These people are marketing geniuses. they really are. They create in you an artificial “need” for something. They reward you enough to keep you hooked, but not enough to let you really achieve anything. They are doing a great job. After spending your money and all your valuable time with them what do you think you will get in the end? When they move into their new building do not be surprised that they start asking for a subscription fee. Franklin, you will be helping them in the real world through your addiction to their virtual heroine. They will be making the money and you will be pathetically sitting at home getting fatter and fatter. More distant from your family. Is that what you want Franklin?

  120. Franklin Says:

    Oh god! She turned off the credit card! How am I going to get home?! How am going to get Farmville product. Man I am steamed. I have to get to the bank before she shuts me out!

  121. Dabeasumin Says:

    It is upside down SuzieQ, you have to peel the sticker off the product to get it.

  122. Franklin Says:

    Yeah you flip them over. Then you use a glue stick to repair it.

  123. Lauryn Says:

    @franklin… i really don’t like people like you… they only have a limited amount of those and you just ruined it for everyone…. well not me (no 7-11s in New Zealand) but what happens when someone goes to buy 1 and sees that their code has been used… they will be like “aww i gained 3 kilos for nothing…i could’ve spent all that money on lipo-suction”……. and wtf is zombie jesus??? i’m not religous… haven’t found the right one yet…. maybe i should read the zible (zombie+bible=zible) and see if i believe it :)

  124. Lauryn Says:

    if a trade system comes out i will trade humming birds for the cow waterslide thing.

  125. Lauryn Says:

    i will also trade a hampshire lamb (12 cash) for a neopolitan cow

  126. Rob Says:

    Question to everyone complaining and saying “It’s not fair”. What is your solution proposal? What is your alternative? I woiuld love to hear it. If not 7-11, then what company should Zynga partner with to make these things available worldwide and to every last corner of the United States? I’ve yet to see a single person offer up a proposed solution.

  127. Ezekiel Says:

    @Lauryn- Zombie Jesus refers to the myth that Jesus rose from the dead. A human that dies and comes back is a zombie. Don’t bother with the Bible. It is a book filled with hate, murder, rape, infanticide, and prostitution all not only sanctioned by God, but commanded. There is an amusing story in the Bible where a group of kids call a monk “baldy”. God sends a bear to tear the 40 children to shreds. God times.

    I think that Franklin is just another victim of effective marketing. The idea for advertisers is to make the product so appealing and seemingly necessary, that they will do almost anything to get it. Franklin probably needs help with his addiction.

    @Rob- Oh it’s fair. This is capitalism at it’s best. If you can sucker people into handing over money for a product, great. The real triumph here is that Zynga and others have developed a way to sell you things that do not even exist! It’s brilliant. I may not like what they do. I may not think that it is a good thing for the planet, but is is pure unadulterated capitalism. Create the illusion of a need and exploit it. Rock on Zynga!

  128. Franklin Says:

    Oh I didn’t steal the codes really. I bought the ice cream. I payed Zynga. It’ why my soon to be ex cut off my credit card. Well I’ll be rid of her soon. Then I can spend my time on my farm. That’s the way things should be.

  129. Stephanie Says:

    :-/ So not fair, the closest 7-Eleven to me is 97 miles away :-P

  130. Noel Says:

    I just sauntered down to my local 7-11 today and looked in their ice cream freezer area, alas, no farmville ice cream…very disappointed. LOL It is kind of a bare bones 7-11 though, I might have to go hunt for the ice cream in other stores, fortunately I live in CA/USA and there are 12 of them in my local area.

  131. LaurieBgood Says:

    Just checked at my 7-11 here in Ontario Canada……we have two 7-11 in my city…and yessssss!!!!! they will be having the farmville promotion within the next 2 weeks…..and gift cards for 25 dollars….I cannot wait.

  132. SuzieO Says:

    I live in a ghetto-ish part of town so didn’t think it would even come to the one down the street but I was amazed when I looked at the ice-cream and there it was!! They saId it only came in that day and there was only 6 which is exactly what I planned to buy. I paid $2.29 ea. he said the price just went up from $1.99.
    @Dabeasumin – these did not have a sticker to peel on the bottom but the code is just printed and is looong so not easy to copy. It is 13/14 letters and numbers and not exactly clear. My friend and I disagree on the first one. It is either an M or N. We even used a magnifying glass and couldn’t tell for sure. All the numbers and letters were the same except the last four.

    @Laurin & Ezekiel – Franklin is a jokster, he is pulling your leg, he has to be. Don’t encourage him.

  133. L.A. Woman Says:

    I stopped at two 7-Eleven stores yesterday. The employee at the first store had no idea what I was talking about. He waived vaguely towards the back of the store in regards to my questions regarding FV and walked away. I struck gold at the second 7-Eleven. (I live in the San Fernando Valley, CA. and both 7-Eleven’s were within a mile of my home) There were at least 20 pints of vanilla ice cream that had the FV logo. It’s true that the code is on the bottom of the carton. The first 9-10 numbers/letters are identical but the last 4-5 are different. The employee at this particular 7-11 was very helpful and was more than happy to show me the promo info and let me know when that particular store would be getting additional FV stuff. It was especially interesting when he mentioned that he had a FB account and was familiar with FV but he had never ventured on the site. He said quite a few friends of his were “addicted” to FV so he was afraid to venture on to the website since he felt he would get hopelessly hooked also :)

  134. John Says:

    April Fools!… oh wait…

  135. John Says:

    I just went to my local 7-11 and they have TONS of ice cream.

    Luckily, I have a camera on my cell phone and was able to snap pictures of the redeem codes off the bottom of these cartons. I got about 10 codes :)

  136. deb Says:

    I am hoping htey have this at the 7-11′s around here, but i am also hoping that they haven’t been tained by a bunch of a—-les like those above who have stolen codes. why ruin the fun for everyone else? it’s bad enough that not everyone gets to participate, but to make it worse some of the people who can and want to participate the proper way won’t be able to because they get scammed by scum like you.

  137. jessy Says:

    well looks like i will not be able to grow the goji not a 7-11 any where near me man this sucks :(……….

  138. Brooke Says:

    If anyone finds any codes for the Neo Cows or any of the codes contact me on FB

    My facebook ID is

    I will pay you via paypal

  139. c Says:

    so what would this icecream taste like? spam, scams, and despair?

  140. kittypoo Says:

    I got he big gulp and the ice cream./ I entered the big gulp code at buyearn pay and got the pool. I entered the ice cream and tried many times and it will not accept the code. The tutoriasl at says something about you have to master acai berries. The acai berries are now in my market and I can plant them. I have a neighbor with the cow, so I know some people can redeem them. I think this is what is going on – you are allowed to redeem one item. Then you are unable to get any more itmes until you master acai berries. I have many neighbors in the UK and elsewhere and so I will be buying lots of icecream and gifting to them.

  141. SAM Says:


  142. wittleyoya14 Says:

    you can redeem up to ten codes a day 3 per item..and it unlocks the goji dont have to master it to be able to redeem any of the others…btw anyone know how to send in a picture to the site?!!

  143. Cheryl Says:


  144. Billie Says:

    I have been to 5 different 7-Eleven Stores in my area and did NOT find the Ice Cream at any of them. I did however purchase the required amount of items…Accomplished the In Game Task for FV (Mastering Level 3 of Goji Berries) and Unlocked the Uber Gifts for FV, Yoville and Mafia Wars.(3 for 1) I’ve never played the later ones…because FV became so time consuming. THE BIGGIE FOR ME IS THAT I REC’D 200 FV Cash!! not coins…The most I’ve ever had…YAY!

  145. Bobbi Says:

    I just found Farmville ice cream!!! I have looked everywhere and no one has had it. Every 7-Eleven I was in said they ran out and no one could get any more. I stopped in the 7-Eleven in San Mateo on 3rd and Deleware and they have it!!!! I asked a lady that was there (she said she worked for the corporate office) if the codes were still good. She said the codes were good until Dec 31st and yes they could still be used. I was sooo excited I bought 12! They have a bunch more!


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