FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Unreleased 7-Eleven’s Zynga Promotion Playbook

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Unreleased 7-Eleven’s Zynga Promotion Playbook

Posted on May 9, 2010 4:29 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

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If you have been reading FarmVille Freak, then you know that there will be an upcoming cross-promotion between Zynga and 7-Eleven happening this summer. We’ve gotten an exclusive sneak peek at some of the unreleased items that we can expect to see with this promotion such as The 7-Eleven Water Tower, Neapolitan Cow, Sandwich Cart, Fun Slide and Persimmon Tree. At the bottom of the post, see a very exclusive “leaked” Zynga/7-Eleven Playbook with details on this upcoming promotion!

According to the Playbook the 7-Eleven Promotion will start on June 1st through July 15th. These dates are subject to change without notice. Please note, that none of these items are currently available as they are still unreleased.

This will be the first official in-game sponsorship with a third party company and Zynga for FarmVille. This promotion allows you to purchase items such as snacks and beverages from 7-Eleven and also be rewarded with exclusive FarmVille items, virtual goods that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

This is definitely an exciting new step for Zynga, FarmVille and FarmVille Freaks that enjoy collecting exclusive FV items! However, one concern is that 7-Elevens are not found everywhere, even in the United States some major metropolitan cities no longer have 7-Elevens. For example, although 7-Elevens can be found throughout Texas, there are none in the city of Houston which is heavily dominated by Valero and Exon  gas stations. While this is a state specific problem, many FarmVille Freaks abroad will not be able to participate in this promotion either. Perhaps this will add to the exlusiveness of the 7-Eleven themed FarmVille goods?

You can find your nearest 7-Eleven location by clicking the link below:

7-Eleven Store Locator

Would you be willing to drive the distance for an exclusive item or have a friend who does have access to 7-Elevens purchase items for you? Let us know!

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Cover

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 1

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 2

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 3

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 4

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 5

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 6

FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 7

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 8

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 9

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 10

FarmVille 7-Eleven's Zynga Promotion Playbook Part 11

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106 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Unreleased 7-Eleven’s Zynga Promotion Playbook” »

  1. Zak Says:

    I live in England :(

  2. The Taminator Says:

    If I see a 7-11 I might stop, but I won’t go out of my way for it.

  3. kristy Says:

    none in my area.

  4. timg440 Says:

    you messed up with the pick with tree in it, i click the image and it takes you to a different pic. really want to see the tree

  5. timg440 Says:


  6. Spencerooni Says:

    Oh my gosh. I gotta get some pints of ice cream!!

  7. FarmGoddess Says:

    @Timg440: Thank you we have updated the post to include the correct link. :)

  8. Lee808 Says:

    I’m going to 7-Eleven!!! Good thing everything’s so close in Hawaii;)

  9. Jefferson Chaves Says:


    It’s life.

    But well.

    You are starting our “Neapolitan Mafia” lol.
    To try get these items with the help of some dear and nice USA People. ;D

    Thank you to these USA people who want help people from other places.:)

  10. Austin Says:

    yay there are tons of 7-11′s in Arkansas in fact i live right up the road from one and i go i go there all the time

  11. Władca Says:

    Jefferson Chaves agree with you: Thank you to these USA people who want help people from other places.:)

    For this moment I only wont 3 things: cow, tower and the tree :D

  12. Sam Says:

    Live in england :(
    if i lived near one, i would go out of my way get something though :D
    probably the swimming cow :’)

  13. J-dogfa Says:

    There is a 7-eleven about 4 miles away! I am going to get like 100 fruit cups and pints of icecream on my Food Stamps card!!!!!!

  14. Jefferson Says:

    Amazing. I want the pool.

  15. why? Says:

    Why isn’t Zynga officially announcing this is only available in the states. I live near three 7-11′s here in canada and would stop and buy these items if it was available here.

  16. farmergirl Says:

    i have eight 7-11′s in my city….and honestly, i think i’m gonna pass.

  17. bee Says:

    Cool stuff! I want the sandwich cart and water tower for sure. I heard about a coffee cart too. Good thing I like their sandwiches lol.

  18. busta Says:

    not everyone in the u.s. has a 7 – 11 people

  19. FlaviusJulius Says:

    I don’t see a coffee cart. Looks to me like the Big Gulp cow diving into the pool is the only one available tomorrow, and the rest will roll out on the 10th, 17th, and 24th. Easy for me. I have no less then 20 7-11s in a four mile radius. I wonder if the codes will be one shot deals? The sandwich cart looks suspiciously like the French bread cart. Big splash and big slide look cool. No Denali Chocolate Moose Tracks cow? Water tower looks good. I find the Neapolitan cow disturbing. The tree does nothing for me. I like the idea of buying stuff and getting a prize code. I can do that. Paying real money for a virtual cartoon item is beyond me though. You only get 55 Farm Cash for $10? That will not buy much. Buy an ice cream, get a code. Relatively painless.
    I hope they make another way for you guys who are without 7-11s. Locally they are losing market share to Wawa and Sheets. These two have good fresh fast food at reasonable prices and cheap gas.
    Great idea. Follow up with more chains.

  20. Jane Says:

    More pages I took pics of if you need it. Includes Mafia Wars and Yoville stuff, for those of us who do more than farm. (:

  21. Jane Says:

    Er, click my name.

  22. Pokii Says:

    I hope its a worldwide promotion cuz there are 7-11 chains in the Philippines but idk if they will be selling this anyway i might go and check :D

    i like the slide and swimming cow. the carts are cool too. and i jst love the neapolitan cow :) cool addition to my collection :D

  23. lynn Says:

    NO 7-11′s in Nebraska! Nearest one is in KS, and no way in hell I’m going to take a road trip JUST to go to a 7-11.

    The tree would be nice to have though.

  24. Heather Says:

    I am so sad. All I want is the cow, fun slide, big splash and the water tower and I can’t get any of that because I don’t have a 7-11 in my area :(

  25. mandicandy Says:

    Well we have zero in our state, but my sister has one very close to her home in Seattle :) So im blessed to have the hook up! And id totally drive a couple hours if I would have had too! Any excuse for a family road trip! lol
    I want a few of the cows, and a sandwhich cart <3

  26. Alice Says:

    I live in a small town in MO, we don’t have 7-11 here. Last time i’ve been to one was when I was in the Phillipines, 6 years ago… last time I saw one was last year, in California. Maybe if they’re are any around my town, I’ve never seen it…

  27. Skotsbox Says:

    I feel this is a bad move for Zynga and probably doesn’t help much in the discussions with Facebook
    but neither did the twitter promotion I’m thinking
    it seems that they’re just making waves
    either way I don’t want to see corporate America on my farm
    and would not dissipate in this or any other corporate sponsored promotions

  28. nunyabiz Says:

    well we have no 7-11′s around so hopefully there will be an alternate way of getting these items for those of us that cannot do it this way

  29. Rob Says:

    For the people who don’t live near a 7-11, the only other hope is that perhaps it will be like other past Zynga items and when you redeem one, there will be one to share (similar to the Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day Gold, Spring Eggs, fan cows, etc.). Don’t despair yet!! I’m going to be eating a lot of ice cream, I know that!!

  30. Nathan Says:

    My parents just told me that 7-11 used to be everywhere when they were kids, but they went bankrupt in many places. I think zynga should have used a more common used conveince store!

  31. CyndiC Says:

    Austin where are the stores in Arkansas? I do not recall any..

  32. lolita Says:

    7-11 is extremely common where i am located (california). But no matter what chain they went with some people would complain and be unhappy since there isn’t a chain that exists with a store in every single country in the world. It’s not a bad move. It’s just a little promotion that might boost sales a tiny bit and then on to the next thing.

  33. deb Says:

    anyone willing to be a friendly neighbor who coul dshare a code or two? i would lvoe a cow and sandwich card and coffee cart! I’m up for negotiations LOL! wish we had this promo here.

  34. Daniel Says:

    @ Nathan

    7-Eleven is actually the world’s largest convenience store chain with more than 38,000 stores in 16 countries.

  35. Farmer Chris Says:

    totally lame!! 711′s are extinct in Atlanta :’(

  36. thomas Says:

    Zynga-Farmville, you have F’D up once again!!! 7-11′s aren’t world-wide so this promo is definately limited. Total crock of $H!T

  37. thomas Says:

    @Daniel, that’s great and all, but, what about oh let’s say WALMART or Target or something?!?!? It’s easy for the people who have 7-11′s near them to talk about them. mark my words, if it’s remotely possible, people will be selling codes on ebay!!!

  38. Wendy Says:

    I like the items…not sure I would go to 7-11 and buy these items just for the FV items. Would rather have them in Mystery Boxes or to be able purchase with FV Coins. We have some 7-11 around here, but I rarely stop in one. Maybe when I am traveling to get fuel and something to drink but that is only 1 maybe 2 times a year. I am pretty sure 7-11 is not a store that is in every state, county or city. Let alone World wide. That leaves out a lot of players.

  39. Jay Says:

  40. Kelly Says:

    Luckily I have a ton where I live. Maybe they should so one with Dunkin Donuts next. I think that is another chain that is all over the place. At least where I live.

  41. farmer Says:

    omg can everyone without 7-11′s near them stfu? seriously! just stfu we get it! complain to zynga if your all going to repeat yourselves 20,000 times! the prizes are crappy anyways

  42. Yair Says:

    I bought my first code…but I can’t use it yet. The website said I had to wait till the 17th.

  43. mizz gina Says:

    when does this promo start?

  44. dorkbreath Says:

    how does it all work? you buy an item and what’s next..?? where is the code? etc…???? >>>>>?????

  45. Beth Says:

    I read a comment a couple days ago from someone that made a whole lot of sense….If people ALL over the world play this game and pay stupid prices for farmville cash, why not have Mc Donalds sponsor farmville??? I have 30+ of them in my city and on every single block, but the closest 7-11 is 4 hours away….No i will not be driving 4 hours to find a 7-11… I think the 7-11 idea was not a smart call…sure upsets a lot of fans that pay for farmville cash that do not have them in town =(

  46. Brenda Says:

    @Yair How does it work? Where’s the code?

  47. Jessica Says:

    There’s only 3 stores in Vermont and the closest one is an hour away :-(

  48. No_One Says:

    THIS S*** they tell they LOST 4mil farmers last month but they do promotion ONLY in USA PFF what they do for their millions users out of the usa ? … many of us would like to have those gift but because we dont have 7-11 in our area we can just past it … really bad idea by Zynga on this !

  49. tadsgirl Says:

    Maybe this is just the start of it. Perhaps they couldn’t get a promotion going with a worldwide company like Pepsi.

    Or maybe one will be able to go onto the 7 eleven website and buy a code.

    Anyway, if someone wants a code, I would be willing to send them one. These purchases are like a dollar and a half. I can do it, I’ll drink the coffee or eat the ice cream and donate the code.

    Instead of b!tching about Zynga, how about if someone get’s Farmville Freak to sponsor a donation page. Where we who have access can donate a code or two to a fellow farmer. I’ve given to Haiti enough. I’d rather drink a Slurpee and donate to another farmer.

  50. mschicklet Says:

    I’d love to see a bigger picture of the Big Splash :)

  51. MooMooMoo Says:

    Fine by me, there is a 7-11 two blocks from where I live and another one 5 blocks from that one. Neither sell gas (our city has been losing gas stations for decades).

    I guess some homeless drunk is going to get a sandwich on June 1.

    Never sampled 7-11 ice cream, will find out.

    Cut fruit for trees, ok I’m in.

    Water is good any time.

    Spouse will want the Mafia Wars swag.

  52. hcorea65 Says:

    ***FARMVILLE FRIENDS BEWARE!! Be careful to make sure you are clicking an authentic”collectable” reward link…there is one going around that drops a nasty virus on your computer. Make sure the link says “”"via Farmville”"”.DO NOT click the one that says “via Collectibles” Copy & repost please! IF you accidently have posted, please go to your profile and remove.♥ ♥ ♥(*O*)

  53. Rammy Farmer Says:

    A) Chill out Global Whiners !

    B) I am POSITIVE people will be selling codes on eBay

    C) I would guess it was 7-11 that asked zynga to do the promotion, so don’t be so quick to say “Zynga should have done it with …”
    It has to be a corporate decision for both companies to agree to do a deal. Not just “I want it to be Zynga plus (fill in the blank), BAM it’s done”

  54. Margo Says:

    This is so awesome. i cant wait we have 7-11 one mile down the street.i will br going monday.

  55. Jesseh Says:

    I have a couple 7-11′s nearby. I’d totally want to help anybody who doesn’t have one near and would like a code. I’d even ship you the cups if you really want. I hope they have farmville straws! I always buy the character straws!! =)

  56. Shahzade Says:

    HI jesseh, I am INDIRA SHAHZADE CILIC (u can find me on facebook) cause everytime i post link here, it take s10000 days they add my post…so i come from Europe and BOsnia and i dont have 7-11 in my country could u pls send me cow, or tree code or slide code, cow i prefer 1st…pls, contact me, and anyone else, pls contact me …Indira, all regards and namaste and enjoy the day

  57. chippza Says:

    is this going to be 7-11 america only or is it going to be 7-11 world wide because im in australia, there are heaps of 7-11s here but will it be released here. or am i going to have to get it from america or ebay

  58. NotNicky Says:

    Awesome. The boyfriend and I will be taking a special trip to 7-11 in June. =]

  59. Celine Says:

    As a lot of people mentioned before, I live in Europe where we don’t have 7-11. I’m hoping one of my American friends will be generous enough to offer me one of their codes, or that Zynga will realise there’s FV fans all over the world..

  60. ElCid Says:

    Hate this. Why do companies think gamers only live in the US?

  61. ElCid Says:

    Rammy Farmer on your posts, you are totally right but…

    A) Chill out Global Whiners !

    Why? We are the majority here. We should have a chance to play on a level field with everyone.

    B) I am POSITIVE people will be selling codes on eBay

    Yes and they will be for silly prices I am sure. Plus selling codes on eBay is actually against their rules!

    C) I would guess it was 7-11 that asked zynga to do the promotion, so don’t be so quick to say “Zynga should have done it with …”
    It has to be a corporate decision for both companies to agree to do a deal. Not just “I want it to be Zynga plus (fill in the blank), BAM it’s done”

    Totally right. But still very shortsighted on Zynga to get into bed with companies who are not able to provide worldwide. Short term exposure and profits vs annoying millions of no US players. Not good business sense – other games have tried this approach and lost massive amounts of players and long term profits compared to their short term gain.

  62. Farmaniac Says:

    They could have chosen Starbucks. There’s a Starbucks almost everywhere. I’m sure there’s even a Starbucks on the International Space Station. No 7-11s though here in Scotland. There are 7-11s in Denmark where I have some family but I’m expecting the campaign to be US only.

    If there are still players who have so far managed to collect one of everything, this will really put a squeeze on them. You may have the Lawn Jockey but have been scuppered by the lack of a stripey cow. For all those people who have the opportunity but complain about the cost, I’m sure that there will be enough discarded containers to get codes for free.

  63. ibytes Says:

    I’d go out of my way for the neapolitan cow, but luckily I don’t have to. I’d be more than willing to try and help those who don’t have access to a 7-11.


  64. Coco Blues Says:

    Agree with Farmaniac, Starbucks is worldwide, 7-11 isn’t. Not fair for us non-US players!

  65. Martina Says:

    I got over 1000 of 7-11 in my city………. but……………… it’s Hong Kong but not anywhere in the US……………………

  66. Marie-Josée Says:

    3,336.31 mi. away from the nearest store. Driving is no option, maybey fly or swim. I am a farmville freak, but this is very expensive for us in the Netherlands

  67. Amounixay Says:

    I have one around me that i pass.. the only one in my city. if someone wants help with codes.. i will exchange for mystery boxes or rare baby horses or other fv items.. im not accepting money of any sort though. my email is to look me up on facebook. :)

  68. busta Says:

    you r u foreigners complaining bout only in the us theres not a 7-11 in evry state geesh grow up it only makes the item more exclusive

  69. Margo Says:

    Get over crybabies. the reason 7-11 is the store because they sell the game cards and no other stores do. if you want codes i am willing to help people out but stop crying like kids. people who dont want them then stop posting and complaing.

  70. Dabeasumin Says:

    @ Margo – Bingo, you nailed it on the head !!! The reason Zynga went with 7-11 is because 7-11 was the first commercial outlet to sell the FarmCash cards. Just because you don’t have a 7-11 near you doesn’t mean you wont be entitled to the prizes.

    And to think I thought America was a bunch of crybabies, I see now it’s a worldwide epidemic. For god sakes, its only a game. I have never seen so many whiners in one place now I am appalled I ever released the info.

  71. Dina Says:

    I have 7-11′s all over where I live…..I would be willing to help out others that do not have them where they live…. : )

  72. Mark Says:

    Anybody know if the worldwide 7-11′s will be taking part??
    I’m in Hong Kong and live near dozens of 7-11′s
    Farmville would make a change from the normal Hello Kitty cr@p we normally get

  73. fitterX Says:

    and even if you live in the states, good luck finding a 7-11 that has a cashier that speaks English and/or knows what FarmVille is

  74. Lisa T Says:

    Please stop the whining people about not having a 7-11 near you,,Zynga will surely have one to share with a friend,In all reality,this will be a promotion to get more players after losing like 8 million players last month alone!!..I do have a 7-11 down the street,and will stop in for the occasional treat to get whatever..Starbucks doesnt sell gamecards,,but 7-11 does,so they are doing a trial run promo to see what happens,just give it some time for goodness sake and quit flippin out b4 its even available and you know how it’ll work,I cannot believe all the crybabies out there from ALL over the world,,holy crapola,,Zynga cant please everyone everyday,But they will make me happy so neener neener to you unlucky people that dont have 7-11,But for those of my nice neighbors and friends,,i will share if im able,,and i have alot of neighbors from all over the WORLD!!And they will have first dibs on any extras/shareables i get,,so quit whining !!!

  75. SuzieO Says:

    If you don’t have a 7-11 near you then just be patient. Zynga wants to make money so I am sure that when the promotion is over all will be available at the market.

  76. Kari Says:

    Went to 7-11 today during my lunch break….and nothing, still iron man promo only….I asked the clerk and he had no idea what i was talking about!! LOL

  77. dp_jst_me Says:

    Wow this sounds like real fun!!!! I can’t wait. LOL Tina T. Love it that I am close to alot of 7 11′s. have fun farmers. Don’t forget the 17th of May

  78. Trevor Says:

    Yay! I am so excited! Im confused on the dates tho. I heard it was going to start May 17th. But I have at least two 7-11s where I live.

  79. andrew Says:

    asked in michigan and clerk said what is farmville lol

  80. MK Says:

    I’m addicted to slurpees during the summer months. I’d be willing to share codes for the fun slide. :-)

  81. Margo Says:

    I went to 7-11 today and the owner says he thinks it starts on june 1st.

  82. FlaviusJulius Says:

    I checked 4 more 7-11s. The clerk said promotions tend to start at the first of the month. Nothing yet.

  83. Nocturna Says:

    I live in NC & the closest 7-11 store is 90 miles away. No way am I going to travel that far for a slurpee!

  84. Cindy Says:

    There are NONe in TN. or surrounding states that sucks…..

  85. Estevan-Corvínus Says:

    ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no where to find 7-11 in here :’( I’ll have to ask my sister in South Florida to buy me as many codes as possible :p

  86. Jodie Says:

    Ok i live in the middle of Queensland Australia and you won’t see a 7-11 around here for a good 700 km…. and i want to get some of the stuff!! Not fair :(

  87. Paul Says:

    Just for the record, there is 17,133 Starbucks worldwide, 31,000 McDonalds worldwide, and over 37,000 7-Elevens worldwide. 7-Elevenm is by far the largest chain worldwide. That is probably why they are doing the promotion with 7-Eleven. I also heard the promotions start at the beginning of the month but that the stores are already starting to get some of the merchandise in with codes and selling.

  88. Sue Says:

    7-Eleven’s are SUPER – LOVE FARMVILLE – so excited that I can get codes on stuff from my favorite 7-Eleven stores! I want my own SLURPEE machine!

  89. M Says:

    Not-so-fun fact: The vast majority of New York has no 7-11s — they’re only in Rochester, Buffalo and NYC. The closest one from here is Massachusetts. Boo.

  90. Diane Says:

    Well first starbucks would have to want to do the promo. And Starbucks doesn’t need to do promos. I don’t think i have ever seen them do one with outside company. It wouldn’t matter were they did one. People would still be upset. I did see some were that they are doing the promo in Canada.

  91. Diane Says:

    Just found this.

    Fans of “FarmVille” should know that a promotion between Zynga and 7-Eleven will be taking part in the game across the summer. Details are slim, but new items are likely to make their way into the title in the form of a 7-Eleven Water Tower, Neapolitan Cow, Sandwich Cart, and Persimmon Tree, amongst others.

    This will be the first third-party sponsorship to appear in Zynga’s popular title. Players will be able to buy snacks and beverages whilst being rewarded with exclusive “FarmVille” items that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

    As Zynga continues to put in place their battle plan for expanding into an international market, the 7-Eleven sponsorship is as exciting as it is bizarre. Although it allows players to gain new items, the 7-Eleven brand isn’t a major force across the United States, and will definitely be recognized more fondly by those who live in certain states. More to the point, international players won’t be able to participate in the promotion. It’s unlikely many international gamers will recognize the brand anyway, this kind of American-exclusivity will ensure many players take part if they live in the states.

  92. FlaviusJulius Says:

    I got the 22 oz slurpee and super big gulp today. SBG is a prize. Medium slurpee has a calf with thought balloon thinking about other FarmVille animals. Slurpee is only good for rewards.

  93. Brooke Says:

    anyone that has a NEO cow code they want to trade contact me or if you can get the code contact me please…

  94. Ellen Says:

    I live in Hong Kong, where there’s a 7-11 on every corner, but apparently this promotion is only for U.S. players. I’m surprised Zynga would shut out their international players like this, especially because they’ve been so inclusive in other ways (e.g. flags of various countries available as decoration, fruit trees for fruits that aren’t consumed widely in the U.S.). What a bummer.

  95. hanna Says:

    Is Hong Kong covered in the campaign? There are so many 7-Eleven kiosks here…

  96. Dawn Says:

    I can’t get this book and trying to find code from some help. We don’t have 7 Eleven in our area and can’t travel to another states that have 7 eleven. I would like to get this book and code online than at 7 Eleven that would be fair for everybody who don’t have 7 Eleven stores in the area. This would be fun.

  97. Randall Says:

    Just called four different 7-11s on Hawaii. Looks like none of the Hawaii 7-11s have the cups/icecream/fruitcups/etc. All they have are the game cards.

  98. Brian Says:

    jumping cow is awesome

  99. Aurora Says:

    Really where in Arkansas, we used to have some but they went out of business years ago!

  100. luke valentini Says:

    yo people can you please add me i need firends on farmville name is luke valentini the pic is my and football team in kit AND dose any 1 no when the coconut tree gets relested

  101. .Tevin Sani Says:

    Why can’t all the building ,like the stall, chicken coop ,pigpen,stable, barn and so on, ROTATE?

  102. Kelsey Says:

    I’ve been searching a way how to receive a farmville cash for free. I was lucky. But if you don’t spend tons of time researching you would always be left empty handed. Here is how I solved that problem and even got some alternatives too.
    Be persistent, cause that’s the only way to earn free farmville game card.

  103. Angie Says:

    I have several of the promotional items that went along with the Zynga Farmville promotion at 7-11. For the right price I will sale these items. I have the following items:
    -The Signage for the Slurpee machine
    -The Table Top signage from the Iced Coffee machine
    -The Sandwich Display signage
    -The Front Window Signage posters
    -The Bakery case signage

    These are one of kind items,that could only be seen at 7-11 at the time that the promotion took place.


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