FarmVille Freak Gilda’s Crop Challenge Master Quest Guide

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FarmVille Freak Gilda’s Crop Challenge Master Quest Guide

Posted on February 27, 2013 9:00 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Gilda's Crop Challenge

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge

Hey there, Gilda! Where’ve you been? She’s back with a new FarmVille feature called Gilda’s Crop Challenge,  a new escapade/quest smash-up type challenge for us to complete in FarmVille! The not really a quest, not really an escapade feature is a new type of challenge that can be thought of as having quest-like requirements, but in segmented stages similar to FarmVille escapades.

To access Gilda’s Crop Challenge, look for it next to the current FarmVille Wedding Adventure’s escapade found on the outskirt of your FarmVille farm (as pictured above).

A few notes about Gilda’s Crop Challenges:

  • All of Gilda’s challenges consist of planting and harvesting CROPS.
  • Some requirements are for specific crops, and others are for types of crops. For example, any fruit or vegetable crop will count toward tasks that have “Fruit” or “Vegetable” crop requirements.
  • You can plant and harvest crops needed for these challenges across ALL FarmVille farms!
  • You have 12 days to complete all challenges.

FarmVille Gilda's Crop Challenge Inside

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Inside

(Note, the Gilda’s Crop Challenge, seems to be having some access issues that is preventing some FarmVille players from working on it. )

Here’s the rundown on all the Gilda’s Crop Challenge stages including their requirements and rewards! Please feel free to share this post with your farmin’ friends to spread the word.

FarmVille Gilda's Crop Challenge Information

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Information

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 1:
Requirements: Harvest any 50 Crops, harvest 100 Vegetable Crops & Harvest 100 Fruit Crops
Rewards: Unwither Spray

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 2:
Requirements: Harvest 150 Pink Toadstool Crops, Harvest 150 Grain Crops & Harvest 150 Flower Crops
Rewards: 8 Vehicle Parts

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 3:
Requirements: Harvest 200 Mesa Queen Flower, Harvest 200 Lilac & Harvest 200 Dandelion
Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 4:
Requirements: Harvest 250 Rose Hearts, Harvest 250 Fruit Crops & Harvest 250 Vegetable Crops
Rewards: Magic Tree

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 5:
Requirements: Harvest 250 Wheat, Harvest 250 Cotton & Harvest 250 Rice
Rewards: Kaleidoscope Tree

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 6:
Requirements: Harvest 300 Chamomile, Harvest 300 Rainbow Candy Floss & Harvest 300 Glass Butterfly
Rewards: Stained Glass Dragon

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 7:
Requirements: Harvest 300 Mushroom Fairy, Harvest 300 Golden Poppy & Harvest 300 Fruit Crops
Rewards: Dandelion Pegacorn

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 8:
Requirements: Harvest 350 Brooch, Harvest 350 Daffodil & Harvest 350 Vegetable Crops
Rewards: Book of XP

FarmVille Gilda’s Crop Challenge Stage 9:
Requirements: Harvest 350 Genie Lamp, Master Pink Toadstool to 1-Star & Master Mesa Flower to 1-Star
Rewards: Cuddly Bear Crop License

Will you be working on the Gilda’s Crop Challenges? 

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6 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Gilda’s Crop Challenge Master Quest Guide” »

  1. Jon Mundy Says:

    I checked to see the times of the crops and when I checked for Brooch…I was almost floored. According to my market, it takes 48 days to be ready. Sure hope that’s a typo or a mistake.

  2. Jacquie Ziegler Says:

    Regarding the ‘brooch’ crop for the sixth level of Gilda’s crop challenge – I found it in my marketplace, but it says it takes 48 DAYS before harvesting! Is this right or do I have a glitch?

  3. Kirt Says:

    All right, I’ll bite…even if there’s no Gnome. This looks do-able and within the time the Big Z has graciously allowed us. I also appreciate not having been restricted by crops I do not have access to this time around. Using off-beat crops but letting us use all our Farms is a step in the right direction, IMHO.

  4. roxane flegal Says:

    I don’t have Gilda’s Crop Challenge either. What gives? Are you trying to fix it or not?

  5. connie Says:

    Just harvested all my Aloe Vera’s and tomatoe’s and did not receive credit for any aloe vera, is this gonna be updated once it’s fixed??

  6. Lorelei Brickland Says:

    guide is wrong please update at stage 5 have to plant eggplant thats not on the list