FarmVille Freak Grove Guide: Everything you need to know about the FarmVille Grove!

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FarmVille Freak Grove Guide: Everything you need to know about the FarmVille Grove!

Posted on April 25, 2012 9:02 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Tree Groves Notice

The FarmVille Grove debuted on April 24th 2012 and is still rolling out to all farmers. The Grove is a special place to store your Trees and also works with your FarmVille Orchards giving you special rewards. You can still receive Mastery points, Farm Coins, and Mystery Seedlings as well as more Farm Coins/Farm Coconuts!

FarmVille Grove Quick Facts

  • Available to Level 5+ farmers.
  • Groves can store your FarmVille Orchards.
  • Groves can be constructed with neighbor help (free) or purchased completed for 30 FV$.
  • You may have as many Groves as you want on ALL farms.
  • Construct 1 Grove and FarmVille gifts you a completed Grove for free!
  • Groves will not work with Super Orchard and only give bonuses to regular Orchards.

Grove Placement 

Once the update is available on your farm, you can place the Grove frame when you’ve cleared enough green space. If you don’t place it immediately, you can find it in your FarmVille Gift Box. Still having a problem locating your Grove? You can purchase the Grove frame for 5 Farm Coins in the FarmVille Market. Groves that are already completed can be purchased directly for 30 Farm Cash and bypasses any construction process.

Groves can be placed on all your farms. You can have as many Groves as you want.

Constructing your Grove

The Grove can be constructed for free using neighbor help. You will need to collect three different supplies to finish your Grove.

(Please note, request links may or may not work due to changes made by Zynga.)

FarmVille Grove I Parts



There are several ways to obtain materials for your Grove which include the following:
  1. Send and receive Grove materials via the FarmVille Gifting page.
  2. Use the “Ask for More” button located when “Looking Inside” your Grove.
  3. Find free Grove materials via the Facebook News Feed from your neighbors’ shares.
  4. Purchase Grove materials directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market.
Groves can only be built one at a time. You cannot simultaneously work on the construction of a Grove I and Grove II.
FREE Grove!
Build and complete a Grove, and FarmVille will gift you second completed Grove for free! However, there is a limit of 1 free Grove.

FarmVille Grove Information



How Your Grove Works: What is it for anyways? 
What we all really want to know is what is the point of the Grove if we already have Orchard? Let’s break it down. The Grove acts the same as your regular FarmVille Orchards in that it can store up to 20 trees and takes 2 days until the trees are ready to harvest. You can also yield Mystery Seedlings and Water Cans after harvesting your Grove as well as the Farm Coins or Coconuts earned when your harvest its trees. So what else? Groves work with your FarmVille Orchards to give you special bonuses. You can place a regular Orchard on either side of your Grove to receive bonuses. What special bonuses? Continue reading below.
Groves & Orchids Working Together to Increase Your Profit
Every completed Grove has two special areas (one on either side) for you to place your FarmVille Orchards. You can see these special areas as highlighted blue prints that are shown next to completed Groves. Whenever you use the Grove and Orchards together you increase your Mastery Points and Farm Coins/Coconuts each time your harvest! These bonuses include increased Tree Mastery Points by 100% and increased Farm Coin and Coconut yields by 15% for trees housed in the Orchards.
Stacking multiple special areas for your Orchids will increase the percentage bonuses.
The special blue areas can only be applied to Orchards and not on Groves themselves.
Unfortunately, Groves will not give bonuses to Super Orchards. They only work with regular Orchards.
Activating Bonuses
To find out how much your profit will increase, simply hover over your Orchard placed in the Grove’s special  area. You will receive a pop-up displaying how many Farm Coins/Coconuts and Mastery points you will receive with your enhanced Orchard.
Bonuses are applied after moving an Orchard into the blue special areas of the Grove and after harvesting the Orchard. If your Orchard is ready-t0-harvest and you place it in the blue area, it will not receive a bonus. Bonuses are not activated until one harvest cycle passes in the Grove’s special area. Bonuses are then applied to the Orchard’s second harvest after placement in the Grove.
Rotating trees in your Orchards placed in Groves will not work because any new tree that you place inside will not receive bonuses until the next harvest time- regardless of the readiness percentage. For example, if you place an Apple Tree that is 20% ready or 99% ready it does not matter, the bonuses will not
be applied until the second harvest in the Orchard-Grove.
Grove I vs. Grove II
There are two types of Groves, but don’t let it confuse you. What is the difference between Grove I and Grove II? Basically the the Groves work exactly the same except for where the placement for the Orchard(s) is allowed. In other words, the special blue areas where you can place Orchards have a different locations for Grove I than Grove II.

Grove I: Grove has a special area for Orchards in ascending order. (Upwards from the Grove.)

Grove II: Grove has special area for Orchards in descending order. (Downwards from the Grove.)

What are your thoughts about the new Grove feature in FarmVille? What questions do you have about the Grove? Ask us in the comments below and we will help answer them by updating this guide!

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36 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Grove Guide: Everything you need to know about the FarmVille Grove!” »

  1. Alan Says:

    Might want to also mention its for normal orchards only, super orchards get no bonus, I tried to place my super orchards with 40 peach palms and it said no bonus from super orchards.

  2. Luga Groff Says:

    I placed 2 orchards in 1 grove. I thought they’re supposed to hold 3 orchards? I can’t get the 3rd one in.

    It’s all still very confusing… I guess we’ll just have to wait & see. The only problem I have is that I have alot of empty orchard (except for a palm tree) that way I can master quicker… so w/that, I guess I won’t get any seedlngs right?

  3. Thomas Nilsson Says:

    I really see no point in doing this. Orchands seems much easier to transfer trees with.

  4. Danna Says:

    Grove I: Grove has a special area for Orchards in ascending order.

    Grove II: Grove has special area for Orchards in descending order.

    I am confused with this??? What does that mean?

  5. robin Says:

    So do they go alongside of the orchards? or do the orchards go inside of the grove.. I don’t get it.. Looks like to me that it is just taking up more space.. If the Grove “took” the orchards and combined the orchards that would be a little better for me.. But, what do I know..

    Thank you

  6. Steve Says:

    Love these. When I decided not to do the Hawaii farm I went back to the English one but I’ve had to rebuild two of each animal shelter and regrow all my trees. That meant a lot of orchards and special deliveries but the groves have easier to get parts and I’ll have everything done sooner than I expected. It isn’t often Zynga does something I like with no negative side but groves are it!

  7. Bev Says:

    I initially liked the groves. On my smaller Hawaiian farm I put the few orchids that I have in groves. I wanted to put my many orchids on my home farm into groves, but they take up more room than the orchid space and I cannot expand my farm until there is a coin option for the 36×36.

  8. David Says:

    I tried the Grove’s but I don’t think I’m gonna bother building anymore. The bonuses really aren’t worth the time.

  9. FarmGoddess Says:

    @Alan, good point! We have updated the guide to include that info.

    @Robin, Orchard can be placed alongside your Grove. They do not go “inside” persay.

    @Dana, Grove I and Grove II are the same except for where the placement for the Orchard is allowed.
    Grove I: Orchards can be placed in ascending order (Upwards from the Grove)
    Grove II: Orchards can be placed in descending order. (Downwards from the Grove)

    Any more questions, FarmVille Freaks?

  10. dd733 Says:

    I thought it was supposed to save room and it doesn’t. As we are being bombarded with trees I was very excited about that part.

  11. Judy Honeyman Says:

    I do not like the new Groves. They take up to much space. My farms are already filled with all the other pens, animals and buildings required to do the many Quests that are put out all to often. I will be sticking to the old way of just having orchards so I can move tree’s in and out at my will. I don’t have to worry about losing points because I have removed a tree and put another in.

  12. Michael Nishikawa Says:

    I put my super orchard with 40 plumeria trees and received 23,000 coconuts, 6,900 coins. (note: Plumeria is already mastered) Used grove II, guess I’m lucky to get a “bonus”!

  13. Louise Buck Says:

    I wanted my first grove on my main farm, but the program would not let me move over to it and i had to place where I don’t want one ! !

  14. shannon97405 Says:

    I think this is the most important part for farmers to note:

    ” Rotating trees in your Orchards placed in Groves will not work because any new tree that you place inside will not receive bonuses until the next harvest time- regardless of the readiness percentage. For example, if you place an Apple Tree that is 20% ready or 99% ready it does not matter, the bonuses will not be applied until the second harvest in the Orchard-Grove.”

    This seems to be the Zynga way of limiting rotation of trees. People are being fooled into thinking it is a good thing!! Zynga obviously is trying to avoid an uproar like the one with the cow rotation. They are just being a bit more subtle about it!!

    Beware of new and improved ideas from Zynga… no bonus is ever free. There is usually a reason for it.

  15. Sandy Wolford Says:

    I think it’s a pain in the A… Just give more seedlings from the regular orchards.

  16. Darleene Says:

    I think what is being said about asending and decending order in the placement of orchards in relation to the two types of groves is like this…

    Grove I – the orchards go on the top and bottom (north and south) of the grove itself

    Grove II – the orchards go on the left or right side (east and west) of the grove itself

    I hope this helps….

  17. Rui Says:

    This has been one of Zynga´s best idea period. There are always loopwholes.

    So you cant rotate them. But we can still stuff them. Just use your heads.

  18. janene Says:

    I still can’t figure out the Grove 1 and Grove 2. That explanation was the most confusing thing yet.

  19. gerard de keizer Says:

    I have just read the information and it is still as clear as mud.
    When you place a grove2 on a grove1 the outside areas go from light blue to dark blue and the available credits increase .
    When 5 Groves are used in this way , you get to harvest 4 orchards for rewards with increased rewards and you have 5 groves to harvest for seedlings only .
    The exercise seems pointless as the ultimate rewards are the same as if you harvest 8 orchards .

  20. Cynthia DeMarcos Says:

    The nly possible point (or purpose) to the groves is defeated instantly y the fact that we cannot rotate trees into or out of the grove areas to master trees faster. I can achieve a far better result by using partially-filled orchards, and rotating threes through the ready orchards. Though time-consuming, this achieves the same effect as the grove, and without the wasted grove space!

    Give me a break, Zynga! This grove idea is WORTHLESS!

  21. Tala Says:

    X=Bonus areas for orchard boosts

    Grove 1: Bonus orchard areas laid out to line up with top Left side…

    Grove 2: Bonus orchard areas laid out to line up with top Right side…


    Seriously, why not just make ONE type that rotates???

  22. Tala Says:

    LOL it took away all my little spaces! Thanks AUTOFORMAT!

    Grove 1:

    Grove 2:


  23. Julia Says:

    Groves don’t waste space. You put one orchard on each side of the grove. Then you put twenty trees directly into the middle “grove” space.

  24. DelennDax7 Says:

    Okay, I don’t care at all about the Mastery aspect but I DO see the potential to get more coconuts this way. But, I don’t understand what are all the trees that give me coconuts. I “thought” the cherry trees, even the coin ones that are on other farms, gave me coconuts. But, when I put cherry tree orchards in my grove areas, it doesn’t say there’s a coconut bonus. I know that I somehow earn coconuts on the other farms cause my coconut count “mysteriously” increases after I harvest orchards on the other farms. Also, for the coconut bonus..WHERE do the qualifying trees the groves AND the orchard OR in BOTH? I have used cherry trees & Mayalam Coconut trees to test it out but when I mouse over the grove & orchards that are together, it says nothing about a coconut bonus.

    Any feedback on this?


  25. cheryl Says:

    Im not getting a second grove after the second time I built one. I think that was only a one time thing

  26. virgoboy Says:

    THANK YOU to everyone here, including the FarmGoddess, for your info. and feedback! i FINALLY understand these things. It was driving me NUTZ not really understanding what to do with them/what they are for. Now i love my Farm again :)

  27. Karen Says:

    Use the groves in conjunction with the orchards. The groves basically give extra mastery, coin &/or coconuts to the orchards that are attached to it. The grove itself acts just like a regular orchard.

    The percentage does not drop when new trees are added to an orchard attached to a grove (or the grove itself) but you will not get the bonus for those trees.

    It takes up the same amount of space as an orchard with a blue rectangular space to the left & right (for Grove I) or above & below (for Grove II). The orchards go in these spaces.
    If you plan it right you can make some of your orchards give out 5 times the mastery points & up to 60% more coins/coconuts.

    For each grove you have attached to an orchard you get an additional 15% coin &/or coconut bonus (depending on the trees in the orchard) & 100% mastery bonus. If you put a grove above, below, to the right & to the left of an orchard (so that one orchard is sitting on the blue rectangle of each grove) that orchard will get the max bonus. If you put an orchard in the other blue rectangle of each grove, those will get the minimun bonus because they only have one grove attached. you can then place more groves and orcahards for more bonuses.

    I hope this helps someone.

  28. Karen Says:


    Neither the cherry not the coconut trees give coconuts. Some of the three I know give out coconuts are Giant Monkey Pod, Giant Shamrock, Giant Clover, Giant, Celtic Knot. What I did was go to my Hawaiian farm, went in the market & made a list of the trees that show they give out cocnuts. Most (but not all) of the newer trees give out cocnuts, most (but not all) of the older trees do not. Oddly enough the coconut tree does not give out coconuts. Hope this helps.

  29. Judy Says:

    My orchard will not move into the grove. Newbie.

  30. Sara Knight Says:

    I’m extremely disappointed that the groves don’t work with super orchards. As soon as I could I updated all 9 of my orchards on my home farm to super orchards, so I could harvest them every day. How is the grove an improvement? I really don’t understand that part.

    And referencing someone else’s comment, I too would like a complete list of all the trees that give coconuts, and how many. Since many of the trees are no longer available, it makes it nearly impossible to figure out which trees give how many coconuts.

    Can you help me with these questions, Farmville Freak? I sure hope so! And by the way, I really do appreciate all you to to make Farmville more fun, by helping us understand and make quest requests, and many other reasons. THANKS!

  31. DelennDax7 Says:

    Thank you, Karen!

    I’ve also discovered that the OLD White Plumeria trees give out a whoppin’ 5,000 coconuts EACH!! So, 1 orchard filled with 20 of those trees gives out 100,000 coconuts!

    Judy, from post 29..the orchards do not go IN the groves, just next to them.

  32. Margaret Woods Says:

    when the grove and both orchards are ready…what do we click on first? the grove or the orchard

    or if neither orchard is ready but the grove is…do we click on the grove or wait till the two orchards are ready… confusing to me :)

  33. Steven Says:

    I built several Groves 1 and 2, overlapped the corners and the bonuses did apply to the corners on 2nd harvest. My problem is that every other orchard I owned, full or not, newly added to or not, now gives 15% less coin and coconuts. None of the other orchards are anyways connected to the groves. What a rip off. Wish I never built a single grove. Scammed again.

  34. flmdrpeena Says:

    Trees that give coconuts that I started to list but haven’t followed up on:
    Candle Tree 42 coco.
    Candy Bouquet 42
    Paper Flower Tree 42
    Asteroxylon 170
    Bay Bundle 170
    Bamboo Orchid 170
    Birthstone 170
    Conch Shell 170
    Crystal Cave Tree 170
    *Dawn 170
    Giant Baby Bundle 170
    Giant Coconut Tree 170
    Hawaiian Cherry 8
    Incense Cedar 170
    Jaca 212
    Kermes Oak 170
    Lavender 170
    Moth Orchid 170
    Pink Hibiscus ”
    Pink Diamond 42
    Puka Shell 170
    Rose Tree 170
    Teddy Bear Palm 170
    White Gum 170

  35. Bill Glover Says:

    After knowing I had 125 harvests of a certain type of tree of which I had 19 of them total, the usual way after harvesting would have gave me 144 harvests. 125 + 14 = 144.

    By being in a grove all harvests are supposed to be doubled meaning I’d have 163 harvests. 125 + (14 X 2) = 163. When I was done I only had 156.

    Then finding out that 12 of the 19 trees were in orchards attached that were attached to groves it hit me.

    The seven missing harvests were trees in the actual groves, not an orchard.

    So basically all harvests are doubled that are IN ORCHARDS that are attached to groves.

    The trees in the actual grove itself are not doubled.

    The math

    12 trees in orchards attached to groves X’s 2 equal 24 mastery
    7 trees in groves equal 7 mastery

    125 + 24 + 7 = 156

  36. Bill Glover Says:

    From a level 480 Farmville player.

    How to fully master your trees to level 3 the fastest way. At least that I know of. Keep in mind this is ONLY for mastery and NOT for other things like coins, coconuts or picking up a date at the morgue.

    Start a grove and collect all the needed items for it.

    Once you’re done put trees with 0 mastery in the GROVE ONLY!

    You do that because you only need to master them 75 times to get them to a 1 mastery level. If you don’t have many trees this doesn’t matter and you should come back when you have more trees.

    Keep in mind ANY tree put in the GROVE will NOT give you double mastery.

    Now put orchards in the blue areas by the grove.

    Fill those orchards first with trees you have mastered to level 2 and then fill the rest with ones you have mastered to level 1.

    The reason is ORCHARDS ATTACHED to a grove WILL give you double mastery when you harvest them.

    The reason you put your 1 and 2 mastery trees in them is because they need 150 harvests after becoming a 1 mastery or 225 harvests after becoming a 2 mastery tree.

    Since they need so many more harvests you should be getting your double mastery credits on the ones that need more harvests.