FarmVille Freak Harvest Hoedown Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Harvest Hoedown Quest Master Guide

Posted on November 9, 2011 2:45 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb


FarmVille Banjo Quest 1

FarmVille Banjo Quest 2

FarmVille Banjo Quest 3

FarmVille Banjo Quest 4

FarmVille Banjo Quest 5

FarmVille Banjo Quest 6

The Harvest Hoedown Quests are upon us and FarmVille Freak has you covered! Read below for a quick re-cap on everything you need to know for a speedy finish to your Harvest Hoedown questing.

You’ll want to complete these quests if you are interested in scoring some freebies like the Speaker Tree that had us all wondering what in the world FarmVille was thinking- it kinda makes sense now doesn’t it? There’s also a slew of instrument-equipped animals and even a Scarecrow and a Gnome that are eager to provide the party beats for your farm’s Harvest Hoedown.

Need help collecting the required Task Items for these quests? Be sure to check out our FarmVille Freak Harvest Hoedown Quest Request Links post by clicking here.

Good luck questing, FarmVille Freaks and be sure to share this guide with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 1: Groovin’
Requirements: Get 6 Guitars, Harvest 200 Spinach, & Harvest 50 Flowers
Rewards: 150 XP, Bowl of Snacks, & Striped Possum, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 2: Prima Donnas
Requirements: Get 6 Fiddles, Harvest 200 Blueberries, & Harvest 1 Stripped Possum
Rewards: 200 XP, Bowl of Fruits, & Fiddler Scarecrow, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 3: Pickin’ It
Requirements: Get 6 Banjos, Harvest 225 Soybeans, & Harvest 50 Vegetables
Rewards: 200 XP, Bucket of Paint, & Speaker Tree, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 4: Keepin’ Time
Requirements: Get 6 Stand Up Basses, Harvest 250 Pumpkins, & Harvest the Speaker Tree
Rewards: 250 XP, Bowl of Snacks, Bass Bear, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 5: Toe Tappin’
Requirements: Get 6 Mandolins, Harvest 250 Peppermint, & Harvest the Stripped Possum
Rewards: 350 XP, Bowl of Fruit, Mandolin Gnome, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 6: Hoedown Time
Requirements: Get 6 Kick Drums, Harvest 300 Wheat, & Harvest the Stripped Possum Twice
Rewards: 500 XP, Bucket of Paint, Oneman Band Duck, & 5,000 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quests?  Will you be participating in the Harvest Hoedown Quests and do you think their rewards are worth your time and effort?

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87 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Harvest Hoedown Quest Master Guide” »

  1. Angel Says:

    You have got be f*****g kidding me!
    ANOTHER QUEST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Hilary Says:

    so is this possom going to give us the same issues as the zebra fairy? where do we harvest it, wildlife or zoo?

  3. Peter Says:

    Again…stupid rewards.

  4. gloria Says:

    In this IF the paint buckets let us repaint the barns that might be okay —but the good news is –NO ONE is twisting my arms to do these quests– so I don’t do them *shocker* lol

  5. Jin Says:

    don’t really see anything in the list worth doing the quests after completing the latest non-rotatable eyesore.

  6. Ron Says:

    enough already!

  7. Jackie Says:


  8. Corey Says:

    ROFL, When items cost farm cash, everyone complains about it. Now, when you can get all sorts of items for FREE in quests, they complain yet again. I pity the fool who is never happy.

    On a side note, the prizes are nice, but not really worth it.

  9. JS Says:

    Bleh. I can’t dredge up any interest to do this. Not even the Speaker Tree can get me to doing this quest line-up.

  10. Kerrinda Says:

    yea!!! details!!!

  11. Lynnette Says:

    Is it just me, or does Part III seem a tad redundant? Since soybeans ARE vegetables, why the different requirements of 225 of them & 50 vegetables. Is that perhaps a misprint and supposed to be 50 of something else?

  12. Kerrinda Says:

    wonder what the harvest time is for the possum? Hope it is only one day!

  13. Deb Says:

    Give it a rest already! This quest would be ok at best, but its coming too close to the Fall Fairy Quest. You could at least have let that finsh out before starting something new. Too much, too fast!!!!! From the polls going around FB you have lost about 1/3 of your players due to the quests. For those of us still going, the least you could do is to make it possible to get needed objects from the new Farmville friends you made the fiddles, drums, etc in this. As it is, I am still begging my only 2 FB Farm friends I have for those. The time limits it makes it almost impossible to get all the building parts we need for the cove, castle, etc. not to mention finalizing any of quest. I have to say thumbs down on this one! If anyone has figured out a trick to get around that, I would love to hear it!

  14. Judy Says:

    Where does the Speaker Tree come from??

  15. louise cruz Says:

    I like the quest I do them for the fun but also competitively

  16. Villemar Says:

    I’ll collect the possum and then bail. The rest of the items are silly.

    By the way, I wish they’d reprogram the red cat from a couple quests ago so that it can placed back into a Pet Run.

  17. cstewart Says:

    I hope this does not start tonight. At least let us finish the two we are working on!

  18. hmmmm Says:

    I’m beginning to think this is the new normal.

    I wish Zynga would go back to ignoring us for a while.

  19. FVluvr Says:

    i want the speaker tree & possum yaaa

  20. Mim Says:

    ENOUGH!ENOUGH! I’M TIRED OF THE QUEST….prizes aren’t worth it



  22. Kortni Says:

    not bothering with this one either. alas, this month marks my one year anniversary of playing FV. when i started last nov i thought wow, i finally found a game i could enjoy. i still remember snagging a skeleton scarecrow off the feed and how happy i was because i didnt play during halloween and it was just the neatest lil decoration. things were so much simpler then. you had your nails, boards, and bricks and you were so proud when you could snag a simple cream draft foal off the feed. its just not like that anymore. first with english farm, and now the coastal one and with those came…these dreaded quests. then came the breeding and all the million different building materials…oh yea, and more quests. and of course with all of those, new “rules” were put into place like how many sheep we could have. and we cant forget most items costing cash. it just became to much for me so i took a break for two months. came back for halloween…just cuz i remembered the skeleton scarecrow i loved so much last year. when i came back…half my friends had quit too. this year, i wasnt even able to finish building my duck castle HALFWAY due to the million things i had to beg for and the limited neighbors i had to ask. it was just a very sad FV halloween for me. not that i didnt get most of the prizes…it just wasnt fun anymore. i remember now i why i quit for two months. well, what im getting to is that i always said i would quit when i reach level 100. i always felt like i “won” the game if i got to that level. its not gonna happen now. im on level 93 and im giving myself to the end of the year before i say goodbye. i wont reach level 100 and i really dont care. zynga should listen to the people that fatten their wallets. theyre leaving a game that was once the BIGGEST online game ever played. im hoping for a happy FV winter holiday…but im not getting my hopes up too high. zynga just doesnt care anymore….and neither do i.

  23. Barb Johnson Says:

    I love doing the quests, however only the lighthouse cove quests have had some ok rewards, the rest of them have not.
    I am still thinking about doing this quest, most of the rewards are sooo bad it just doesn’t see worth while.

  24. melfy Says:

    these prizes are freakin’ stupid as crap

  25. Bonnie Roberson Says:

    I am really getting tired of all the quests and projects I have 3 different types of Quests in my Cove and a project with a hoedown building

    That Means I have to ask for many items from my freinds which limits me on how I can finish 4 things at one. TOO MUCH I am not going to PAY for skip when I only get 2 out of 5 items, etc etc How about letting us ask with a general request on the news list and more often…some times people are not playing and the single request id futile.

    Was fun when it started and you did one at a time, but when you have 4 things to work on, it does not become FUN any more and really interferes with the original game of “farming” I have spent my whole life on a Texas Farm, and thier were no fairys, trick or treaters, no mermaids in our stocp ponds, or any other crazy thing you think up……….IF you are determined to make these silly games then MAKE IT EASIER to POST on the NEWS List for the items we have to ask for ot make the opt out cheaper.

  26. Jamie Says:

    The rewards are a joke,so doubt if i will do this one.

  27. Pdxbodyworks Says:

    Big thanks to the new FVtricks site for letting me know how to skip ahead in this quest!
    Can’t believe I just had to do Quest #1 and then request the Quest #6 Kick Drums from Farmville Freak, inst-grow the possum 2x, and all six items were in my gift box!
    Okay, sorry,I’m kidding, but wouldn’t that be groovy?
    I think you perked up a bit while reading this though :)
    Anywho, these prizes for me are too tiny to be noticed for the work; I’ll stick with the quests for cool buidings and decor in the Cove. (getting bigger every month!)
    I almost have enough coins for the 115 plot expansion.
    (Difficult for us newbies who don’t get access to the huge English Countryside)
    Baby steps!
    Oh, and Zynga customer support told me that there’s a whole new “land” being worked on for next year release!

    Good luck with whatever quest you guys decide to try…
    Happy Farming,

  28. Pooh Says:

    I don’t like the rewards much. But I would try too do these still as I also do the quests for the high XP rewards they offer. It might be worth but I will take it slow and not try to rush through these quests as I am more keen on the fairy quests.
    Also, I like the bass bear. He’s cute! :D

  29. Over it Says:

    I’m getting awfully tired of these quests when most of the prizes are not worth the effort and the time frames are such that one must either farm 24/7 or give up. I particularly despise the damnable Cove quests as I’ve yet to be able to complete even one in its entirety.

    I like the possum and the one man band duck, that’s it.

    I’d like some time just to farm regularly, thank you very frickin’ much.

    NO MORE for a while, Zynga!! And NOT two at a time that conflict with each other and planting. Sheesh.

  30. Erika Says:

    LOL again and again quests!@!
    Please STOP ur stupid Quests and not popular!!
    we need a rest and mastery all seed, animals, some jobs in bakery, winnery, spa.. and of course decorations our yard!!


  31. bonnie jean Says:

    Why can’t they hire someone with imagination? For us without credit cards it would be nice if we got fv cash instead of coins we can’t use.

  32. FVluvr Says:

    just to let you all know you don’t have to do the quests to get the speaker tree… i just got one in a mystery seedling :D

  33. Rohan Manerkar Says:

    I like to do the quests ,but the prizes are boring and not worth it………..i not do this quests ,,,,,,,,,,zynga try to give horses of different kind in the quests ,so tht people can enjoy doing the quests and also like the prizes……..

  34. ewa matusiak Says:


  35. Kirt Says:

    Nope. And I’m not building the stupid building, either.

  36. Christina Nelson Says:

    I’m so freaking sick of quests I could spit.

  37. Andosia Says:

    I like the Bass Bear it reminds me of Emmet Otter’s Christmas Special

    I’m on the last part of the Fairy Quests so I will do up to the bear prize but otherwise I am very uninterested. If it glitches and causes problems I’m not going to worry about it, I’ll just walk away. I already ignored the last two LC quests and it was very easy to do so.

    CS has been giving me generic replies for two months in reply to all kinds of game problems and no longer helping at all, which is making me spend less and less on Farmcash. Zynga in general is way over their head with FV game problems.

    I liked when the quests began but they really pushed players too hard and its getting very easy to return to regular play and ignore things. They should really give a break, even just a few days after one quest is truly finished before they throw us another.

    This is a game, right? Intended to be enjoyable? From what people have been saying on forums and websites for many weeks now, non-stop frustrations and problems, you have to wonder is Zynga really not aware of this or do they simply not care? :/

  38. Derrick Says:

    I am a regular player and buy lots of FV Cards so I can purchase items….mainly trees cause that is what I enjoy mastering. I after these quests are finished playing this JOB! That’s right it has become a job and not a fun game to relax like it was before. I am tired of wasting my ( real money) on this job. I thought if you have a job it paid you not the other way around. Thanks for ruining a perfectly fun game.

  39. Vikki Says:

    A speaker tree…. wow… um…
    farmville seems to be running out of ideas for new trees

  40. Stacy Says:


    I still havnt even finished the fairy line up because of the stupid zebra and you’re already shoving another one down our throats !! At least give us FV Cash to do em if you’re going to back to back with stupid requirements !

  41. Froggy Says:

    Not sure that it is worth the effort. Too many out of sync issues as well as freezing and harvesting what? Things we have already mastered. The quest items should to worth the effort and clearly these are not.

  42. Leo Janowick Says:

    The rewards for these quests just really arn’t worth the trouble, come on Zygna, give us some better rewards like from the last set of quests.

  43. NeMe Says:

    Great news – you can place the Striped Possum in Wildlife habitat. Bad news when you do it no longer passes time and freezes. Please Zynga sort this out

  44. Louis Says:

    Just read through all of the posts (40 right now) and many of you make some great comments .
    But lets keep things in perspective – Zynga is a business and as such they are going to want addicted players to spend real money – hence most of the good stuff is always going to always be for FV cash.
    Having said that Zynga do seem to have a lot to answer for – what happened to Lexi and the weekly podcast? On top of that many of you are saying that customer support is really poor and we are all seeing glitches in the game that frustrate the life out of us.
    There is a great point about the game becoming more like a “job” as Zynga try to tie us in even more to “playing” this “game”.
    I also agree with the point about this game supposed to loosely be about farming yet we are constantly seeing things that have no place on a farm – yes, some of the items are quite cute for a while until the novelty goes and they end up in our storage and some of them just look quite ghastly.
    I have enjoyed the trees but even there we have seen weird looking ones from the disco ball tree, rainbow tree to the more recent Ice Cream and Gem trees which all became a bit hideous so I ditched them after accomplishing the mastery.
    Wouldn’t it be great to see things that look a bit more realistic once again and do not involve time consuming quests or collecting hundreds of items. I would love this site to have a section where we could all air our views on this and be constructive in the process.
    Off of the top of my head I would like to see a pond or lake which we could fish out of and gain different fish masteries (I do not mean like harvesting the Lighthouse Cove). How about sheering sheep or actually getting our cows to produce milk.
    Apologies for going on and off track but if I am going to post I want to try and at least be constructive and not just moan about the quests, the glitches etc.
    If you are one of them the answer is simple – if you can stop you addiction because that is what it has become if you have taken the effort to come onto this forum and just make a grumpy statement like that and leave it at that.

  45. Desi Says:

    Last call for ZYNGA Gifts 310 free fv cash and 1 million coins Check This Site, Which is offering 310 FREE fv cash and 1 million coins for Limited Time Period

  46. JAD Says:


  47. Rose Says:

    I remember when the mystery boxes would from time to time give 1 or 2 farmcash, but now it is the same stuff all of the time.
    I have not seen much of anything available for coins with the fairy theme (excluding the lamps). 1 million coins for a goose?! No frikkin way!
    Tonight as I am trying to add bowls of snacks to my “Hoe down” (Does anyone really use those words? I live in the south and I haven’t heard it around here!) every time I add a snack the main hoe down barn pops up! Every time I add either a can of paint, bowl of snacks or bowl of punch. So far the main page has popped up 30 times for each of the items I put in it. AND it wmn’t let you fast click, no matter how many times you click the mouse, only one item goes in and the main page pops up.
    So infuriating.
    This is becoming more of a stress filled game than a stress reliever.

  48. Catzilla Says:

    That bloody opposum tooks 2 days to get ready ?

  49. Linda Says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! Do the quest or don’t do the quest! If you’re NOT going to do the quest, and if you say to Zynga…I’m sick of doing these quests and I’m going to quit PLAYING, what you are actually doing is trying to threatening them with you leaving if they don’t do something YOUR WAY. So, tell me something, You leave and there are new people playing everyday, so what!

    Either do the quests or not, just stop whining about not wanting or liking to do one quest or the other! Pick one and do it, OR NOT do it!

    GEEZ, this is free, done on your “free time” supposedly and voluntary! NO ONE makes you do them! Does this whining accomplish something for you? Has it EVER? Bunch of 10 year olds….I have to go now and get some banjos, fiddles or something…

  50. Mike Walter Sr Says:

    And again….not enough time to complete without spending real money. Im really tired of it and getting tired of the game.

  51. Barbara Fessler Says:

    STUPID PRIZES!!!!!!!! Give it a rest. I’m much more interested in why I’m unable to share!

  52. Ellen Says:

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who is sick and tired of ALL these quests and missions!! Zynga is sucking the fun out of the game! I use to love this game, however with all the issues Im getting fed up!
    Right now I cant send out request for the things I need to complete missions and quests like the guitars, or twigs..and it is hard to keep going on neighbors/friends pages to look..I almost always get the message sorry you are too late…
    Farmville is going the way of frontierville…too many missions…I rarely if ever play frontierville..pretty much just go in and send gifts that my friends request..if Farmville continues with this route then I will stop playing this as well….
    I see the hoedown has 6 quests..that really sucks in my opinion!
    Ive already stopped doing the quests on the cove…takes up too much time..and i lose out ..oh well..

  53. Beth Says:

    They need to give better prizes for let us option out and not have that annoying thingy at the top of our page reminding us! Better prizes would be appreciated

  54. Jaime Says:

    Does anyone know if a Possum in the wildlife building counts as a harvest or do you have to leave it outside your building?

  55. maryann hasara Says:

    I haven’t been able to share my quests and ask for banjo etc only way if I click on them. I can’t share anything. so upset.

  56. maryann hasara Says:

    I can’t share anything and can’t get my guests done. just upset over this

  57. Amber Says:

    Heads up! Don’t put your speaker tree in the orchards. It is not counting this tree when you go to harvest your orchards. Leave the tree outside of your orchards!

  58. Natasha Says:

    People are still B*tching about Quests/tasks when you don’t even have to do the damn quests. I have let many quests go by. So stop bitching and just start ignoring them. Duh!

  59. Trina Says:

    no, these quests are not worthwhile, they are just annoying, we can’t do our regular farming which we have fun at, and most of us are having technical problems with posting, some just the quests, and others can’t post anything at all! If they were cut down to one a month, rather than 2 or 3 a week, it would be much better

  60. Eun Hae Says:

    Not yet done with the fairy quest..

  61. Chardona Says:

    My, my, my!! We have a bunch of whiners and complainers playing Farmville…lmbo. Where are all of the adults? LOL! I personally have just about completed every quest thrown at me. I recently completed the 12 phase Fairy Hollow Quest and I think it is a challenge to do 2 or 3 quests at once. I even enjoy the Lighthouse’s more difficult bonus quests. Previously completing quests has opened the opportunity which allows transfer of items from my home farm to my england farm and vice versa. I LOVE THAT! I am hoping that finishing the current quests will allow me to include the lighthouse farm in that equation. If you don’t want to complete the quest, then by all means…DON’T! Farmville is a free game. You don’t have to buy anything. I am not rich in regards to farm cash. I have earned over 600 myself in the last two years and I rarely spend it. I have earned nearly 100 million coins and that’s what I use to buy items such as expansions, decorations etc. If you don’t like what Zynga is doing with FV then leave. Just go away and take your tears, complaints and whining with you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with everything that Zynga is doing with my most favorite game in the whole wide world, but I suck it up and go on with my life. Because there are bigger problems in the world besides having “sucky rewards” for completing quests people. Nothing is perfect and neither is Zynga.

  62. Christina Hofstadler Says:

    too many quests, i am a daily player but most of the time i can’t harvest the animals ’cause they take ages to grow, i am fed up really. either you stop the quests and make them on special occassions or i am going, ’cause those requests from friends are killing my last nerves!!!

  63. Zaseeya Says:

    Shew..itz only up to lvl6

  64. megan Says:

    I love doing the quests! I love getting the cool items without having to pay farmville cash to get them.

  65. tamra Says:

    the quest are getting harder and some things take to long to harvest

  66. cathy Says:

    OK, there seems to be two groups of people – one that complains about quests and the other that complains about the people complaining. To the second group I’d like to say that people don’t ignore the quests because they are part of the game. It’s annoying to only play half a game, especially when you have flashing banners all the time. Just be grateful that you’re enjoying them. To the first group I’d like to say calm down. It’s only a game and if you are getting that upset give it a rest for a while. It will still be there if you want to come back to it. If anyone has any complaints, contact Zynga and keep contacting them until you get an answer. It will have more effect than typing in capital letters on this website.

  67. Chardona Says:

    Each and every quest on each farm, whether released concurrently or not, can be completed. It takes skill, determination, patience, and strategy. The complaining and procrastinating is the ONLY thing that stands in the way of those claiming that it can’t be done. Seriously!! And about the worth of the rewards…dammit, free is free! You are only out the effort and time it takes to complete the quests. But if you too lazy to earn your free rewards, then just don’t participate. :-|

  68. Mary Says:

    I’m beginning to think all the quests are getting out of hand. The prizes for this quest aren’t worth the time and effort to try and finish them in the time frame given. Plus there were a few issues with not being able to ask for instruments needed. You asked and the tab went grey..and then had to wait another few hours to be able to ask again. If the quests aren’t working properly they shouldn’t offer them to us.
    The Grinch

  69. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll quest as far as the speaker tree and quit. The other items are SO not worth it. FV is getting as bad as Pioneer Trail with regards to the number of quests/missions and all the begging of neighbors for stuff. I quit PT last month and don’t miss it. FB is becoming more and more like a full-time job, with quests etc, and I already have a FT job thanks. No fun anymore. And having to pay cash for really cool items is just unfair. It’s obvious its a money grab, and that’s sad.

  70. Shelie Says:

    I, personally, enjoy the quests. The game was getting boring before the quests came about. As for those of you who don’t like them, not sure if you knew, but they AREN’T mandatory. You can play your Farmville YOUR way… with or without questing. I’ve been playing since the beginning and have only spent the FV CASH that I’ve earned by leveling. So, again, spending your REAL money is only another OPTION.
    Farmville is only ONE of the countless games you can choose from on FB… if you aren’t enjoying it, remove it and look for another. I used to play DoodleJump, they changed it, I didn’t enjoy it as much, I deleted it, problem solved.

  71. Carlos Grangrade III Says:

    i only have to say one thing how abt fixing the troubles we have already without adding to them .. hmmmmm also , how abt offering something better than to buy 1 stinking feed i mean really so many babies …. and my games requets of specail gifts icant get any i mean none i have deleted abt 3oo so far b cause i keep getting booted back to teh main page its getting very depressing i have lost so many gift boxes !! from so many friens ..also how many neighbors do i have to have to trade my stuff between farms and why cant i trade stuff from my cove famr back to my home or english farm ? hmmmm im a big time collecterof gnomes i love them little guys , i want to be able to buy allthe gnomes uhave to offer not have to spend allmy fv bucks to buy like 8 items to get that special gnome !!

  72. Lisa Says:

    OMG, I am getting so sick of these quests!!!

  73. Chardona Says:

    Now I am bored! I have finished my last quest this morning. Can’t wait for the next quest to be released!! =)

  74. Lorri Says:

    When will the bonfire baskets be arriving??? I am at capacity in my gift box and hate to delete the lumber I have already harvested.

  75. Chardona Says:

    I am kinda bored since I finished my last quest this morning. Now I have to wait until a new quest (or two) is released. I hope that it is soon!!!!

  76. Chardona Says:

    Sorry about the redundant posts above. I thought the first one did not post :-}

  77. Carolyn Says:

    What the heck is all the lumber for after you finish the hoedown?????? taking up room in my giftbox.

  78. Sammy Says:

    I haven’t spent a dime and I’m on the last stage of this quest with about a day left (to harvest the possum) and I still have 9 days left to complete it. I am a college student who refuses to spend farm cash and does not play all the time. Yea, these prizes may be crap, but it isn’t impossible to finish. This is actually one of the 1st ones I have done.

    no one on here or at Zynga cares if you hate the quests or stop playing. so suck it up and play or stop complaining and give’s your choice.

    this is supposed to be informative to help you finish these “impossible” quests on time…not a “lets all complain about a free game” session.

  79. mary Says:

    The Speaker tree did work in the orchard for me. I had the orchard ready for when the got rewarded the speaker tree , put it in, clicked harvest , But I had to refresh it before it worked cause it never showed up right away. So make sure you have the orchard ready (with less then 20 trees in it) so you can try it as soon as you receive the tree JUST in case for some reason it never worked for you. You never wasted time so then just place it on the farm and wait for it to harvest its self :-) Enjoy the quest. I have been able to complete all the quest with days left with out spending money. Just keep an eye on the List that be here and have crops planted in advance so its ready for when you complete the current one. Just remember the harvest time and make sure you have enough time so they don’t wither. I even have completed the light house quest plus the bonus ones but you will need to be upgraded to the 115plots (bought with coins with enough neighbors) in order to finish. Also a secret to that is when you have 160 crops to plant . plant the 115 then plant 45 to finish the 160 and the other remaining 70 plant the next crop and so on. This don’t have to be a job like some people say. Its for Fun you chose to spend the fv cash instead of waiting. Be patient and have fun.

  80. Susan Says:

    “Pay to Play” has become the Zynga Farmville motto.

    Two members of my family already quit Farmville. I’m thinking about it myself. I have stopped purchasing things now that Zynga is trying to force us to purchase them to move up.

    Too complex, almost impossible to complete unless you are online the minutes something is ready to harvest, waiting two days for a possum to be ready is nuts, and it’s stopped being fun.

    So, it helps me save money for other things because I’m not throwing more away until I decided if Zynga is going to listen to their fans or keep trying to force us to pay to play.

  81. Maria C. Avila Says:

    I think yhey need to coordinate their demands better. It takes two days to harvest the stripped possumm. yet they want it two days in a row and the other crops only take a day and a half. Just wondering who times these things?

  82. Varga Says:

    Enjoyed!…Pop up windows for instruments dropped and didn’t post on FB page…That was frustrating.
    Is there a fix. Otherwise, had fun with the quests.

  83. melody Says:

    All these Quest need to stop so we have a chance to complete the things already given to us build, gather or whatever. ENOUGH!!!!!

  84. Karen Says:

    Can not complete quest when the harvest time of animal exceeds the time limit.

  85. Theresa Says:

    I planted corn for one of the goals, but already had the multi-corn planted. When I harvested the multi-corn it counted towards the corn goal. I have now planted Cara potatoes for the potatoes, since my home farm still has corn growing on it. Will this work towards the #3 Bonfire task?

  86. anne Says:

    I like the quest. I do the ones I can. I have gotten some really cool things that I would not usually be able to get as I don’t by Farmville Cash. I think its great when it’s working!


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