FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quests Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quests Master Guide

Posted on April 29, 2012 11:52 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

This series of quests is Chapter 6 of Hawaiian Paradise and includes a total of 12 Quests.

Be sure to use our FarmVille Freak Guide to speed through your questing and share it with your farmin’ friends!

(Please note, quest requirements are accurate at time of publishing, but are subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. This is out of our control, but we will update this guide to reflect any changes. See an error? Kindly report any changes to or leave a comment on this post. )

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 1: Let Me Count The Ways
Requirements: Get 4 Love Sonnets, Harvest 55 Yellow Hibiscus & Harvest 20 Yellowfin Tuna
Rewards: 125 XP, Reading Chair & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 2: Set the Mood
Requirements: Get 6 Romantic Musics, Harvest Island Aviary Twice & Make Inamona 3 Times
Rewards: 150 XP, Piano Tent & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 3: Pop Goes the Question
Requirements: Get 8 Engagement Rings, Harvest 90 Double Pikake & Harvest 2 Island Horse Paddocks
Rewards: 175 XP, Diamond Ring Tree & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 4: A Wedding Planner
Requirements: Get 9 Wedding Invitations, Harvest 95 Hilo Pineapple & Harvest 1 Diamond Ring Tree
Rewards: 200 XP, Flower Sheep & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 5: Blossoming Romance
Requirements: Get 9 Bridal Bouquets, Harvest 100 Yellow Hibiscus & Make 3 Pineapple Sunrises
Rewards: 225 XP, Bridal Sheep & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 6: A Lovely Veil
Requirements: Get 9 Bridal Veils, Harvest 90 Oyster Beds & Make Inamona 3 Times
Rewards: 250 XP, Hawaiian Wedding & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 7: The Heat is On
Requirements: Get 9 Volcano Mitts, Harvest 145 Yellow Hibiscus & Complete 1 Islan Livestock Pen
Rewards: 275 XP, Dark Lava Pool, 10x Volcano Monitors & 1000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 8: A Hot Time Tonight
Requirements: Get 9 Safety Helmets, Harvest Island Aviary 2 Times & Make 4 Plantation Iced Teas
Rewards: 300 XP, Dark Lava Geyser, 10x Volcano Monitors & 1500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 9: A Lava-ly Day
Requirements: Get 9 Lava Blobs, Harvest 155 Hawaiian Orchids & Improve Volcano Reef to Level 7
Rewards: 325 XP, Volcano Ram, 10x Volcano Monitors & 2000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 10: Pearls Before Dive
Requirements: Get 10 Weight Belts, Harvest 125 Oyster Beds & Harvest 60 Kelp
Rewards: 350 XP, Rain Cloud & 2500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 11: Basket Case
Requirements: Get 11 Oyster Baskets, Harvest 260 Oyster Beds & Make Seaweed Soup 4 Times
Rewards: 375 XP, Sea Krait Snake & 5000 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quest 12: Shelling Out
Requirements: Get 12 Oyster Knives, Harvest 270 Oyster Beds & Harvest 2 Aquariums
Rewards: 500 XP, Moon Horse & 10,000 Farm Coconuts

What do you think about the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quests? Will you be skipping them or questing to their completion?

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28 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 6 Quests Master Guide” »

  1. Beaming Brightly Says:

    Can Chapter 6 really help FarmVille Hawaii Paradise farm enthusiasts integrate their play of the game with its four counterparts – indeed, the FarmVille heritage of the English Countryside, the Winter Wonderland, the Lighthouse Cove and the Home Farm?

    Perhaps, the answer is no different than one may experience if encountering an unfamiliar site such as a Sea Krait snake: Avoidance.


    Amazing Facts

    The venom of the sea krait affects both muscles and nerves. It is 10 times more toxic than that of a rattlesnake. Each snake can produce up to 10-15 mg (0.0004-0.0005 oz) of venom. Only a fraction of the amount produced is a lethal dose.

    ______________end excerpt.

    A cautious approach is my recommendation. One really should consider if fulfilling requirements of the Chapter 6 quests for receipt of 28,000 coconuts (and little else) is purposeful. If answering in the affirmative, one might also ask oneself if it is worthwhile even when considering that the effort is at a cost as relates to what might be attained if the same level of effort were applied to other pieces of the FarmVille puzzle.

    Chapter 6 does not invite my continuing interest as I have larger interests stemming from craftshops such as the Winery, Bakery and Spa of the Home Farm, the English Pub of the English Countryside Farm, the candy shop of the Winter Wonderland Farm, and the restuarant of the Lighthouse Cove Farm. Additionally, I still take interest in the Craftshop cottage production needs that entail crafting of items inviting teams of 4 Helpers to co-participate….

    –Beaming Brightly

  2. Angela Elvebak Says:

    The moon horse is so cool!

  3. Angela Fernandes Says:

    Has the above hawaillian quest been released because i did not get it

  4. debbie Says:

    how come we can’t ask for items on quest guide? We were able to click on a requirement and speed through quests. There is no link to click. This happened on last Hawaii quest too- any answers?????/

  5. Susan Says:

    Getting tired of having to harvest things twice to move forward. They are causing me to lose interest. I really didn’t think they could make quests more aggravating!

  6. Seeka Says:

    What gives with all the volcano monitors as rewards? A total of 30 is waaaaaaaaay too many! I’m only doing this one for the sea krait and the moon horse. Everything else is a huge ‘meh’.

  7. charlotte morrison jordan Says:

    I think I will skip this one. The Hawaiian farm has too much water and not enough land for all of these rewards.

  8. Brandon Says:

    I hate the quests that require you to build stuff. I actually wanted to do this quest because of the 3 sheep you can get as prizes, but I refuse to be forced into building things I don’t want. Even if I had one of each of these buildings, half the time will be wasted waiting to harvest them.

  9. judy Says:

    Only because I need coconuts! The lava sheep and the snake are rather cool, but if a better quest comes along, I will switch.

  10. faye Tyson Says:

    2 many quest.for people onset income we can’t buy F/V cash
    Why not let us use coins to buy with.

  11. SteveX Says:

    The rewards for these quests are lame. I’ll skip this round…

  12. cougarah Says:

    Harvest 155 Hawaiian Orchids – Really? Anybody know if they’re sticking to this story?

  13. Rob G. Says:

    No gnomes!!!
    Pass on this quest

  14. candace Says:

    Well as much as I would continue this quest to the very end it will be a wait and see. When one crop takes 3 days (which is fine) but because I only have 145 land plots and they want me to harvest 155 it would require a land expansion. While it is wonderful they offer the land expansion for coconuts or FV dollars the issue I have it is 750,000 coconuts. I have expanded as quest have gone on and harvested crops and animals (well mostly so not to leave me with a 0 percent building when I needed it for the quest and not that all those animals even produce coconut harvests) I still only have about 150,000 coconuts. CRY CRY…I am trying but I will not be able to expand…I just don’t have it. I don’t get how anyone got to that point….those who have BOW…BOW. Without the land expansion I have to allot 6 days so I can have those 10 extra plots and I just don’t know if that will time out with having to preplant 12 hours/more ahead the kelp and 4hr/more the rest in oysters in the next quest then apx 6 times a 4 hour crop (24 hrs plus with waiting on clicks for the in between double planting crops on different quest ) so that is assuming I can harvest all on time so to switch over….tick tick tick….Sigh I like questing but its creating sadness when it appears I just might not finish and that is not from lack of trying….Keep telling myself I don’t have to quest….not to stress over the game …. pout but I want the quest prizes and could never afford all the FV costs to buy….pout wish I could …. Love the game…who would have thought I would love a FARM game…hahaha (the saddest moment of this game was when I was on the last part of a quest and I got on to see it timed out from lack of clicks and I lost the reward CRY)

  15. Rose Says:

    What Candace said! However, I’ve been amassing Insta-Grows (or whatever they’re called) and will use one on the first 145 orchids. I’ll still have to wait three days for the remaining 10, but I’ll still be able to finish in time that way, without stressing.

  16. Getter Done Says:

    @Candace There is something screwed up with the coconut crediting. I do the farms for two accounts–so I do the exact same activities and quests, expansions, etc for both Hawaii farms. One of my accounts has 479,000 coconuts and the other has only 124,000. I cannot get an answer from Zynga why there is such a SIGNIFICANT (350k) difference in the number of cocnuts I have available for each.

  17. chipmanii Says:

    Not happy with the 9th part of this quest. 155 Hawaiian Orchids? I only have 145 plots and I need 750,000 coconuts to expand? Really?! That’s just crap on Zynga’s part to get me to spend money to expand my farm. I am not spending money, I repeat I am not spending money to advance. Zynga needs to quit pulling this crap of making the amount of crops needed to advance larger than what we have available or give me a huge discount on the amount of coconuts needed to expand. They also don’t tell you which trees generate coconuts. Just some of my orchards generate coconuts. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS QUEST OR ZYNGA!

  18. Stacy Says:

    Just a heads up for anyone like me that only wants the horse. If you adopt a foal from one of your neighbors it only cost 15 FC to grow up. Much easier then the amount of time and effort that needs to go into this one.

  19. Kathy Farmer Says:

    I spent FV cash to shorten my Orchid requirement… replanted and I lost all the credit for the orchids WTF???? I love FV but so fed up with the glitches. In Explorer I have to reload every time I change farms and even then it is a hope that it will reload properly so I can play. I enjoyed the quests but not so much right now

  20. wanda Says:

    I can’t acheive all these, Can i buy a rain cloud?

  21. Elemjay Says:

    This 155 orchids-thing is really p*ssing me off! I actually built the animal pens already (learned from WW that it’s no use trying to avoid it) – and I even struggled to build TWO aquariums so I wouldn’t have to wait forever and ever…. AND I PROBABLY WON’T EVEN MAKE IT TO THAT STEP!!

    750 000 coconuts is A LOT – I haven’t really bought anything except crops and I have 260 000 now. I really don’t get how some people claim they have the 750 000 coconut-expansion and haven’t spent aaaany FC. I call BS – I don’t think that’s possible.
    I really wanted that horse, but I won’t manage. Five days to go, and I have three days for the first round of orchids and then I need to wait three more for TEN FRIGGIN FLOWERS! And now I’m sad.

  22. Farmer Julie Says:

    The only thing here really worthwhile is the Moon Horse, which of course is the last item. I’ve been working around the clock to finish all these, but alas, I don’t have enough coconuts to expand my farm, so unless I use farmcash, it will take six days to get enough orchids grown.

    Oh yeah, when I tried to insta-grow my orchids Zynga wanted 26 farmcash to do it. ASDFGHJKL:

  23. Elemjay Says:

    I’m considering insta-growing the last 10 orchids, does anyone now how much that would cost? I’m not rolling in farm cash, I currently have 3. Sucks if that wouldn’t be sufficient for ten puny flowers…

  24. Elemjay Says:

    Can now answer my own question in a previous post – to insta-grow 10 (12) orchids cost 1 FC. At least from my phone. So I actually managed to finish step 9! Whooo! :)
    Probably won’t be able to finish the rest, I have 20 hours to go and my friends are not that keen on sending the quest items… *sigh* But at least I got a sheep! :)

  25. Doris Moran Says:

    Not enough time given to finish some quests. It’s becoming very tiresome and a total waste of time.

  26. zuhayla Says:

    hello, everytime i played farmville and harvest i cant finish the quest speacially in hawaiian paradise quest.. i hope can extentend in 1 day the quest of hawaiian paradise chapter 6…pls extend the quest…

  27. sharon Says:

    to many quests!! i cant make it through most of them as i have a life to!! i dont like the mastering the animals to 1 star especially…that takes forever and i am losing my interest in all this garbage…slow down on the between the quests and the special building items we build for coconuts or ice cream or whatever it is getting difficult for us working people to do.

  28. ursel vecchiarelli Says:

    i think i will try doing it being i have lots of time some will be tougher to get but i will try i’m of to a good start i planted pineapple last night for a total different thing but it worked out