FarmVille Freak Hunter’s Farm of the Week #18

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FarmVille Freak Hunter’s Farm of the Week #18

Posted on February 21, 2010 8:41 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Welcome to Castle Todenangst

FarmVille Freak Hunter

FarmVille Freak Hunter's Farm of the Week (Click to Enlarge)

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18 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Hunter’s Farm of the Week #18” »

  1. Lil Wayne Says:


    great design


  2. Lil Wayne Says:

    what’s beside the barn?

  3. francis Says:

    nice =)

  4. Jackie Says:

    WOW! A farmville freakin’ prison! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ryan Says:

    you can paint the sheds green? hmmm i did not know that.

  6. X Says:

    @ Ryan # 2

    The green shed is from thepast mystery box

  7. Kenny Says:

    Awesome farm! I want mine to look like that someday.

  8. Barbara Says:

    this is a great artwork, but not actually a farm. I would call this farmart of the week.

  9. Boris Says:

    uhhhh it’s cool but it’s not a working farm

  10. Pam Says:

    i agree. this isn’t a working farm. it is really neat though.

  11. HunterFarmer Says:

    This is my farewell farm, it’s not meant to be working ’cause I haven’t got the time to play any more.

    To Lil Wayne: The thing beside the barn is a smoking chimney, it came in a mystery box.

    Thanks to everyone who liked it!

  12. Peter, the farmer Says:

    It´s cool but it isn´t a working farm, but good art design anyway.

  13. mariah Says:

    Nice design but its not a farm. I mean where are the crops?

  14. -FARMDUDE- Says:

    CROPS ???

  15. hanny Says:

    only color hay bales and fences??? where is the baby tiger, pea****, carnival editions?

  16. sean Says:

    hey a want to be your friend on farmville wats your name to add u
    pss osome farm

  17. sean Says:

    hey hunter y want to be tour friend on farmville to check out your farm add me my name is sean richard petrie marroquin add me please a nead more friends for the achivment thanks

  18. Cyndi Says:

    Like to know where I can get that cottage with the working chimney? Bought erath Day 22nd genration box today and got a brown cottage, now working chimney..suggestions?