FarmVille Freak Inside Scoop: Farming in the English Countryside!

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FarmVille Freak Inside Scoop: Farming in the English Countryside!

Posted on March 11, 2011 9:51 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille English Countryside

If you are interested in learning more about how farmers will travel to FarmVille English Countryside, please click here!

Arriving in the FarmVille English Countryside

When you arrive on your second farm in the English Countryside there will be several characters to interact with: Duke, Olivia the barmaid, Lilly the dairymaid and Angus the farmer, and the Duke’s son Henry, just to name a few. These characters will guide you through several quests or missions to help you repair the run down farm in the English Countryside.

You will be able to check your progress through an interactive map. This map will show not only your progress, but your neighbors progress as well. You will be able to see neighbors that are ahead of you and behind you and help them in their quests.

Once again, you do not have to participate in the story line or quests to farm in the FVEC (FarmVille English Countryside). Nor will you need energy supplements to farm. The game play is true to your original farm and the farming cycle of plow, plant, harvest.

Making Repairs in the English Countryside

Since your farm in the English Countryside will be in a state of disrepair, you will need to mend items on your farm such as buildings with purpose before you can use them. For example, you will need to fix a run down Combine vehicle to farm with it, or mend your Chicken Coop or Horse Stable. All of these buildings will already be there, but you will need to repair them before you can use them versus building them starting with a framework as we do in our original FarmVille farms. Similar to other constructible buildings, we can utilize neighbor help to repair our buildings. This can be done by using items that neighbors send from the FarmVille Free Gifts Page. These building materials include: Boards, Bricks, Nails, etc. Most, if not all of these items can be found in the very useful Special Delivery Boxes sent by neighbors.

Remember how Zynga already told us to start stockpiling our buildings supplies? Well, this is why. Building materials will come in handy for making all the repairs on our English Countryside farms. This means that items such as Special Delivery Boxes or other building materials that we have stored in our FarmVille Gift Boxes will be usable in the FarmVille English Countryside. How many of these items will we need? Let’s just say that saving around 100 Special Delivery Boxes is a great starting point. Having 100 Special Delivery Boxes is a comfortable number that you should be able to complete what you need to repair. Of course if you stockpile more then I’m sure you will find a use for them.

FarmVille English Countryside Buildings

Taking Your Items to the English Countryside

Much like our original farms we will have a Dairy Barn, Horse Stable, Duck Pond, new decorations and crops (Yes, they are Masterable Crops). Unfortunately, you will not be able to transport animals or items such as buildings or decorations from your current farm to the English Countryside. The only items you can use on either farm are items from your Gift Box.

Two Examples:

1. If you collect a Golden Mystery Egg from a neighbor and the reward is a Golden Chicken, you will be able to place this chicken on either your original farm or FVEC (FarmVille English Countryside) farm.

2. If you master an exclusive FVEC crop, the mastery sign will be in your Gift Box, so you will be able to place it on only one of your two farms.

Farming in the English Countryside is a bit different from what we may have expected. We will not be able to access our current storage. But, have hope still farmers, after seeing English Countryside I think we shall all survive. This is a true clean slate! A chance to build up from nothing at all.

Crops & Trees of the English Countryside

There will be exclusive FarmVille English Countryside crops and trees. You will only be able to access these through your second farm.

The Good news: The soil is richer! When you harvest your crops in English Countryside you will get mastery bonuses! Much like bushels and perfect bunches pop up, players will receive notifications stating that they have received extra mastery points.

The Even Better News: Although certain trees will only be available in FVEC when you harvest your very attractive new orchard (Yes, these have an awesome new look and can be built in your second farm for boards, bricks and nails) you will have a chance to receive a seedling much like on your original farm. This seedling will be in your Gift Box, so you will have the choice to grow it on your original farm or your on your FVEC. This allows you to take at least Level 2 Trees to your original farm.

What are some of the new crops available in FarmVille English Countryside?

  • FarmVille Red Currents
  • FarmVille Hops
  • FarmVille Foxglove
  • FarmVille Barley
  • FarmVille Turnips
  • FarmVille Radish
  • FarmVille Pink Asters

Yes! Farming in the English Countryside will be accompanied by all-new background music.

FarmVille English Countryside

Do you see a bit of a pattern in these crops? Yes! You will have a new Crafting Building, the FarmVille English Countryside Pub, where you will make yummy drinks for Olivia the barmaid. The Barley and Hops crop will surely help you with that.

The FarmVille Market as we know it stays the same. The Market is the same for both our original FarmVille farms and our farms in the English Countryside.

What do you think of all this new information on the English Countryside? Let’s hear your feedback FarmVille Freaks!

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78 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Inside Scoop: Farming in the English Countryside!” »

  1. FarmGoddess Says:

    I can’t wait to go to England and farm!

  2. Animallover Says:

    I have lost all enthuthiasm towards this. Now that I know ll my le sheep are not BREEDABLE. Thanks zynga for ruining what could have been an awesome feature. Oh well Ill probably stick on my farm with all the items i paid fc for seeing has they sent welcome on te new farm. Kinda takes away incentive to spend fc

  3. annimallover Says:

    so basically they created a new game with the same neihbors and coins. yep ive lost incentive to pay fc for sheep if the new farm wont take them. if the sheep pen can be taken back to my current farm zynga will have redeemed themselves in my opinion. oh well its zyngas game ill just stick along for the annoying ride.

  4. John Says:

    “You will not be able to transport animals or items such as buildings or decorations from your current farm to English Countryside.”

    Gee, thanks for taking all the fun out of it Zynga……just what I was expecting :-(

  5. Serene Says:

    “currants”. We will be planting CURRANTS. “Currents” are in water. “Currants” are berries.

  6. Joshua Tappe Says:

    “You will not be able to transport animals or items such as buildings or decorations from your current farm to English Countryside. The only items you can use on either farm are items from your Gift Box”

    MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR disappointment. This alone just killed every ounce of interest I had for the English Countryside. :-(

    I could give a care less about moving things in my GB only. I want FULL access. Not half-baked ideas. :-(

  7. jezzy Says:

    Not able to access storage = Not interested.

    They just need to give us more room on our initial farm. Or more storage. Ideally both.

  8. Gail Says:

    Are you saying that we will not be able to use the cellars with all of our saved items in it? That will really turn me off and several other people who have saved so many neat things to use on our farm in different seasons!

  9. LoneGemini Says:

    Sounds good! Can’t wait to get started! It will be nice to have something other than the old original, I’ve been playing for over a year now… change is good! :)

  10. Linda Says:

    Sad…very sad indeed!
    There is another farm game where you can have MULTIPLE farms….and go back and forth…move stuff back and forth…..
    I was hoping this was going to be like that……but noooooo ZYNGA has to ruin it all!!!
    was excited… I am not sure I will even mess with it………..
    kinda losing interest in the game anyway. Never works right….ZYNGA doesn’t answer you when you email them….goes out of sync all the time….limiting what we can collect from neighbors off the wall is JUST ABSURD!!!! They are taking all the fun and challenge out the game for sure!!!!! Been playing a long time, spending real cash and am a high level player. I do not like the way they keep changing the rules!!!!

  11. trish Says:

    I think a little let down. Would have much preferred glitches worked out, and some better refinement in our current game—that for the most part, we all so love, or we wouldn’t still be playing after all this time. I’m at Level 108, and, have finally decorated my farm at a point where I’m more than happy with it….but the glitches are overwhelmingly annoying, and, try my patience in so many different ways every day.

    Oh well….I won’t be traveling to the English Countryside any time soon…if at all. Just no desire to do so really. Can’t see any benefit to it at all. Just one more convulated feature.

  12. Jenn Says:

    I thought this would be cool until you said we can’t move any of our stuff from farm to farm. My storage is full and every time I switch themes I have to sell some of the stuff I paid for, usually farm cash items just to make things fit. I have so many animals, trees and orchards I’m running out of space for plots even with the measly 2 plot wide expansion they just offered us. Giving us new quests and such is nice and all but I don’t have much of an interest in this unless I can move my stuff back and forth between farms or earn more farm cash by doing this since now that I’m past lvl 100 FV doesn’t give me any for leveling up. You mentioned neither of these things so they can keep their English Country Side as far as I’m concerned. If I have to continue selling older stuff just to make the new stuff fit I think I’ll just stop buying stuff all together.

  13. Girlfarmer Says:

    Ugh! I was really looking forward to cleaning up all of my dang sheep & sticking them in a barn. I hope they will give us a sheep barn for our original farm. It figures there are more masterable crops there, as I’ve almost finished all of the crops on my original farm. I thought it was just going to be a way to speed up our crops.

  14. laura Says:

    I was excited about this, but it seems like the EC farm will be as much work as the normal farm, I play daily and find that farmville has become very tedious.

  15. Nevaeh M. Says:

    I am burnt out on the English farm just because it is taking so long for them to get it out. And even though this could have been a really GREAT idea Zynga has seemed to ruin it. Just more BS to keep up with. Not exactly as they made us to believe it was going to be….. *sigh*

  16. Heidy McCallum Says:

    OK, so basically all the FV Cash we have spent on items can only be used on our OLD farms and things such as the ANTI-wither rings will not be able to be used on this farm…My husband busted his butt to buy one so that I would not be MARRIED to this game anymore…Yet now if I do this part…Either we spend another close to $50 REAL cash or yet again I will be MARRIED to this other part of the game…How unfair …Let me guess this will be a NEW dawn of Zynga being able to charge MORE AND MORE in the future. This is wearing thin with me!

  17. shannon julius Says:


  18. Jamie Sue Frazier Says:

    I am ready to go! Now I can farm on on the new farm and decorate my old farm! Nice! Getting rid of all those plots will be great!! Also sell off a LOT of animals! I have spent enough FV cash and my own so, I’ll use what I have to decorate my old farm!! YAY!

  19. stacy Says:

    yeah told us to stock pile how the hell we suposed to do that when we cant even collect stuff we NEED now the limit was a HUGE mistake and im losing neighbors dailing because it no one wants to even play anymore cuz we have to wait a whole day to be able to collect again and i reach my limit within a couple hours o i jus go offline and find better things to do since i cant collect anything why play its BORING!!!!!!!! So Yeah Tell Me who can stock pile building materials while trying to get watering cans,building supplies for orchards,foals,calves xp’s seedlings trees and more????? i Think NOT VERY VERY VERY Disapointed In Zynga lately n i wont be spending anymore cash on their games tiil the limit is lifted and prolly wont be playing much longer either cuz its pointless

  20. Bwitchen Says:

    Well, I for one am totally disappointed that the storage will not be shared. I have been hoard freakin buildings for over a year in hopes of some where to put them… thanks farmville for nothing… except empty wallets, empty promises, and oh leaving a huge empty hole in my heart where my farm used to be =/

  21. John Says:

    OMG I think my head is going to explode. There is just too much to read for a game. And this small white font on dark background is bad on the eyes (wish you would change it). Is it really necessary to read all this to be able to play? Sheesh : (

  22. Jan Says:

    You keep saying your OG farm. What the heck does OG stand for?

  23. Lee-Ann Says:

    The only thing(s) I am disappointed in is that we will not be able to transfer anything from our storage to the new farm – and we will not be able to transfer items from our existing farm to the New Farm and vise versa – To me that is a MAJOR Disappointment – But on the other hand – I think it is soooooo neat that this farm will have sort of it’s own theme and somewhat of a very clean slate! Thank you Farmville Freak for you updates!

    So ZYNGA…English Countryside Farm – where are you?????? WE ARE READY!

  24. Ivy Jakel Says:

    My will to use this new farm has been tossed into the garbage.
    Unless I can move my items theres really no point for me.
    Time for another game I think.

  25. Bwitchen Says:

    And let me add, no, i do not want to pay farm cash for buildings in the countryside, that I have already paid cash for on my regular farm (which now sit in storage waiting for some place to go), especially from what i can see, all that has been done to them is there has been some grass thrown on the roof, and a broken down paint job.

  26. Thomas Says:

    From the FV forum English Countryside Q&A
    “You won’t be able to take your current sheep to the English Countryside, but once you learn the ropes of breeding sheep on your new farm, you’ll have the chance to build a Sheep Pen at home. ”

    This means there will be a sheep pen available at some time back on our original farms.

  27. Jan Says:

    Jenn, that’s why fv put the new trees in the market. Those of us who have been around a while have full storage and themes and are sick of buying things that wind up in storage so to get money, new trees and horses come out.
    Then zynga puts you in a really great mood when you play the wall and tells you that you’re done getting anything for an hour and all you’ve done is spend a lousy half hour on the wall getting seeds and things. I’d rather be up on my farm messing around so don’t play the wall very often but man do I get ticked when they cut me off. I could understand it if I sat there all day grabbing things or if I got anywhere near their 200 or whatever count you can get for the day. Heck, I’m doing awesome if I get 20 things off of the wall in a day….I just don’t like sitting there waiting for things. I’d rather go get or make them myself

  28. patty thomson Says:

    i love my farmville farm and my beautyiful animals trees flowers and homes can we play both i wont give up my farmville farm for anyone

  29. Nick Says:

    I did have an idea that the storage won’t be shared. But the official announcement still disappoints me. I guess i won’t be excited about the english farm now as i was. BLAH… Typical Zynga.

  30. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Well can’t say I’m surprised by any of the negative postings here, and I am sure there will be more.

    On the other hand I am also sure that there will be many more people who will welcome the new Farm and really enjoy doing something new.

    I am personally glad that stuff cannot be shifted from FV to FVEC – because then the temptation would be to use old stuff, this way there is more option for being creative and enjoying the experience of starting something really new.

    The sheep that seem to bother Animallover – we know there will be a sheep pen and sheep breeding – with new, and from the pics rather silly sheep. Not that they could be sillier than the ones we have for FV. So there will be sheep breeding.

    A new crafting building will be fun.

    New crops great. And a new orchard.

    I am really looking forward to enjoying this game.

    From time to time people make reference to Farm Town – I have tried that game, started a farm there years ago – revisit from time to time, and each time am disappointed.
    The game doesn’t run smoothly, the graphics are poor, and it just doesn’t measure up to FV in any way. Which presumably why so many more people play FV.
    But if people prefer Farm Town and don’t like the new farm here, then they can stop FV and play Farm Town. No problem.

  31. Victor Campolattaro Says:

    Is there gonna be a certain amount of gifts we can have in the gift box? Will we be able to do coops, find collectibles, and also, will I be on the same level as I am on right now? The level is 101, I can’t get any Farm Cash after level 100, and it took a dollar away from me when I leveled up to LEVEL 101, Do you know whats up with that ?

  32. Jane Says:

    Again, thank you for all the information! I didn’t dream that within an hour or so of signing off, I’d come back to FV Freak and find an incredibly detailed guide on the new English Countryside!

    I can understand people being upset about lack of features they wanted, like moving buildings and animals between farms, if only that had been promised. It was never a realistic expectation, and Zynga hinted more than once that that wouldn’t be the case. If people are buying buildings (especially FV Cash-only buildings) and then complaining that they’re wasting away in storage because of no place to put them, I can’t help but wonder why they bought them in the first place? I buy a lot of the LE buildings, too, and some do sit in storage more than they spend time on my farm, but I redecorate often and purchased seasonal buildings/decorations knowing they’d only get used a little bit of the time. How often I use them isn’t what incited me to buy them, but how I could use them in conjunction with each other. I have 5 distinct areas of my farm right now set up with theme-specific vignettes and still have plenty of room for 300+ plots, plus all my crafting and animal buildings. It isn’t that hard if you put a little effort into it. If you’re not willing to do that and want only to whine about it, then just stop buying every new shiny that makes its way into the market.

  33. K-man Says:

    VERY disappointed that we won’t be able to access our storage and move animals, tree, buildings, decorations, etc. to our new farm. I was looking forward to finally displaying all of the wonderful things that are rotting in my storage. Too bad.

    So it’s not that the English Countryside is a bad thing; I’m certainly going to try it out and most likely enjoy it. But there’s so much missed opportunity.

  34. Victor Campolattaro Says:

    I mastered all the crops, now I need 4 locked crops, and I can’t even fit my mastered crops in. This is terrible, I want my farm looking nice, not messy.

  35. M Says:

    It’d be nice if they’d allow us to pack for the trip — somehow grab, say, 5 things, or 10 things, from our first farm or our storage cellar and bring them to England with us. (I’d say the Stonehenge I have in storage really ought to go there, wouldn’t you think? :) ) But overall, this seems like it ought to be pretty cool.

  36. Claire Says:

    I was so looking forward to decorating my new farm with stuff from my old farm. ): I have a desert theme up right now that I really love, and my Enchanted Forest/FairyTale theme doesn’t go well with it. I was so hoping to have two themed farms… What a let down.

    I AM excited, however, for the sheep pen for the original farm, and breeding for new sheep on the new farm, I suppose. But that’s it.

  37. kortni Says:

    GRRR…i figured we would not be able to transfer things from the lack of acknowledgement of our most important question from the Q&As. But, knowing for a fact that everything we’ve spent money on and worked for and stored will just sit where it is now is angering…but…not surprising. EC might be cool to an extent…ill give it a go but really, knowing for sure that the money we’ve already spent is pretty much useless for this EC took all the fun away. i guess this is zynga’s newest attempt to give us an incentive to buy more things for this second farm to generate more money for them to add to the millions they make now. well, i can tell you—i wont be helping in that cause. oh, and btw…this is a FORUM where people who play farmville are able to voice their opinions whether someone likes it or not…and its very obnoxious for someone to constantly say—well, if you dont like it dont play or dont come here and gripe. yada yada yada. we can say what we want, voice our opinions…i thought that this is what this site is for. i like fv obviously…cuz im on fvfreak chatting about it but if there is something i do or dont agree with pertaining to a game i spend my time on, i feel like i have the right to voice them on a forum dedicated to the game.

  38. Brenda Says:

    Oh I am so incredibly excited. Just to have another addition to a game I am positively hooked on. Yes there are times I am disappointed, especially with purchasing options as I don’t have alot of real cash to spend but I do occassionally purchase real cash items. However….this game has been the best cheap entertainment I have every had the opportunity to participate in. I look forward to every new release and all the different options that Zynga has rolled out to make this game fun and exciting and it has yet to become stagnant. I have been playing almost from the very beginning and I will continue to play. It’s the first thing i do when I wake up in the morning and it’s the first thing I do when I get home from work. For a time I was playing several of the Zynga games and it just got to the point that the only one I REALLY liked playing was FV so an avid FV player I am and will hopefully remain for some time to come. Does it matter that we can’t transfer items. No I don’t think so. I really don’t want to. I look forward to starting a fresh new farm with a completely different theme. What I have on my current farm is more than substantial and my storage is close to overflowing also but it’s just time to clean house (or farm). Can’t wait for the release, although even an inkling as to an “expected” release date for those of us who are not very patient people would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and Thank you Zynga!!!

  39. Amanda Says:

    Seriously, the people that are disappointed about the storage need to stop and THINK. How would you be able to use a storage from your original farm on the EC farm when you have to FLY to get there? Common sense people. GET OVER IT!

    As for me. I’m pretty excited. I will at least give it a try :)

  40. Halldór Says:

    as a reply to amanda.

    if they cant implement a way to access the same storage on both farms, how the heck they managed to implement a way that the same giftbox could be used on both farms?

  41. Amanda Says:

    If you think about it, your giftbox would be similar to a ‘bag’ or luggage. Something of the sort. It is not placed on the farm but your person, figuratively speaking. As to how someone could hold so much stuff, don’t ask me :P I guess we are ‘super’ strong. ;) And can keep large items in small spaces O.o

  42. c to Amanda Says:

    it’s a GAME, so there should be no common sense rule. and there isn’t :D we are paying real money for pixels, how that goes whit you common sense? :) [pun intended]
    well, it’s a shame that we will not be able to transfer things from old farm, but this English farm is better than nothing…and, as i sow in picture, there was ruins [deco] from market, so that should mean we could buy new deco for this farm just from market?
    p.s. just give us sheep pen in old farm too. something beautiful :)

  43. salabibiah Says:

    oh crap…what a shame!!!! i need to care on 2 farms now!

  44. Jarramore Says:

    Everyone CALM DOWN! Maybe not yet will we be able to get our stuff to the English Countryside but maybe in the future they will bring out a feature – maybe a boat or something…we just need to WAIT AND SEE!

  45. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Stacy@19 says ‘So Yeah Tell Me who can stock pile building materials while trying to get watering cans,building supplies for orchards,foals,calves xp’s seedlings trees and more????? ‘

    Well I can. I have 250+ Special Delivery boxes in the gift box. I have mastered about 80% of the trees, and now have 20 orchards in which I only keep the trees that I still need to master, and only grow trees I need for mastery. No problem with the watering cans. Most come from orchards, and then opening SD boxes gives me the rest.

    I collect the foals and calves I want, and see no reason to have more than 2 of each, and am currently cutting down to 1 of each, to display with the parent animal.

    I don’t collect seedling trees from the feed – I did but it became pointless since I had mastered most of those that grew. Better to produce my own from my orchards.
    I do collect all I can of the mature trees that I need for mastery when they appear on the feed.

    XP is no problem – I get 200+ a day from my market stalls which I keep 5 open always. Not that I really need XP now I am level 116.

    I rarely hit the 200 limit. As to the throttle, well that has caught me a couple of times, as for instance when a friend posted 8 trees I wanted, and after I got two I got the ‘taking too many too quickly’ message. And you know that is kind of fair. Left to myself I’d have tried for all 8, my greed was limited by the system, and someone else got what they wanted.

    Play strategically and you will find the game much more fun.

  46. Gurk Says:

    if no transport is possible between the farms, it seems to me that the English farm will basically a strap-on… but let’s see how works,,, never tried that before…

  47. Bruno Says:

    I’m very happy to hear that the England farm will have its own separate world and game. i’m only a bit disappointed that we won’t have access to our storage, but to be honest, I’m pretty sure that will change a few months down the road, once the game is up and running.

    Having both farms run separately limits glitches and issues, mostly when everyone is going to go from one farm to another. That’s an ENORMOUS drain on the servers already.

    Looking forward to this more and more :)

  48. MyTwoBits Says:

    I can’t wait! I think the FVEC farm will be great, not to mention pretty with all the English countryside characteristics. Even though I have spent a lot of farmcash on my original farm, I don’t really want to place my “North American” decorations on the new farm.

  49. Stefano Says:

    It would have been nice to have the storage shared between the two farms as well as the gift box, but as Bruno says probably they will it in the future.

    The same thing for the sharing of animals and plants, probably it will be possible in future, but at the beginning is better that it is not possible, before losing thing in the tranfert.

  50. Aven Says:

    Very excited by this – been playing every day for 18 months and I love the idea of a brand new farm. We can’t go on expanding the ones we’ve got. I like the idea of having to repair buildings too. I’m level 112 and I use less than half my storage. If I want space, I sell stuff. Seems easy enough. I’m also good with not sharing between the two farms – in fact I’d have been happy to start again from scratch when I reached level 100. I say BRING THE EC ON!

  51. Libby Says:

    I’m really upset that we cannot use items from storage; I was looking forward to using certain items on my second farm :-(

  52. Ticked off Says:

    We only want the second farms because there is no room left on the first one. Giving us a second farm and basically say “start over” is not going to fly. Zynga screwed the pooch again.

  53. Kitira Howard Says:

    I was really hoping that we could move everything from one farm to the next so I could make room on the first farm. Was hoping for it all to be interactive like farmtown is

  54. Brandy Says:

    From the FVEC Q&A:

    “If you have a sheep on your farm right now, then you’ll eventually be able to breed that sheep in the Sheep Pen. You won’t be able to take your current sheep to the English Countryside, but once you learn the ropes of breeding sheep on your new farm, you’ll have the chance to build a Sheep Pen at home.”

    So pretty much you start breeding in FVEC, then after some point you can build a Sheep Pen on your current farm and breed the sheep you have now.

    Woot. Woot.

  55. upset_player Says:

    Cindy Huxley…curious…did zynga buy you your wings and halo…

  56. Sharon Says:

    I’m really looking forward FVEC! So much new stuff and the missions are something I’m looking forward to. I like the idea the most of the stuff isn’t interchangable and each farm has its own theme. I was reading through your feeds and too many negative comments! We don’t want these folks at FVEC anyway.

  57. FFB Says:

    So what size will be our English farms?same as the original one??

  58. cjh Says:

    Apparently, only one farm can be active at a time, which means the other is paused – nothing is growing or maturing. Talk about a buzz kill! No. Thank. You.

  59. powzie Says:

    I am amused that we are going to be brewing beer for a pub, but meanwhile, on our original farms, ur Wineries keep getting changed to juice bars so that someone else’s children don’t get corrupted by seeing names like saki go by….

  60. powzie Says:

    Hmmm, the more I think about how this is worded — it seems like only one farm will be accessible at a time.

    Does that mean if we are crafting, and we need bushels from our neighbors, we won’t be able to get them from anyone who left the FVEC farm running?

  61. erica Says:

    I link OG stands for original game. I could be wrong

    Secondly, why do you want to move all your stuff over to 2nd farm? Why not decorate the first farm up and plant on the second. Supposed to be faster to master there anyhow! I have completely finished all crops so i can use this farm to be my decoration fun and the 2nd to continue on with the other new features. Yeah it does suck to not be able to switch, since i would love to have the purple items on my first farm for my soon to be all purple decorations (been trying to stock up on those items) :)

    to Powzie: I’m thinking the bushels are not going to matter. Just that the farm will be paused, as in not growing. So assuming the crafts will not complete either. But that shouldn’t mean that we cant collect bushels. We will find out i guess!

  62. erica Says:

    oh and about the special deliveries. I have over 400 and several times used them for watering cans or building parts for orchards. I still manage to get 30+ daily from people just gifting them to me. It shouldn’t be difficult to manage getting 100 – since they told us weeks ago to start collecting AND people can gift you every like 4-5 hours. I have been gifting special deliveries here and there because i need my gb have some space to manage other things i want/need lol.

    Oh, and if we can transfer from farm to farm from giftbox… hope you all kept your 2nd duck pond in your gb! I have mine in there still! Keep in there to place on the 2nd farm!

  63. Code Woman Says:

    Here are the results of my experiment to level up quickly in Farmville.

    I leveled up from 59 to 76 in one month using a few different strategies. I documented them for one month using Excel and also created an Access Database (for a class) to give me various parameters (e.g. Rank Crops with the Most Experience). Here is where you can read what I did:

    I also found a way to get Gold quickly by exploiting a glitch in the game. Its on the most recent entry in my blog.

  64. tselmen Says:

    the only thing that I’m worried about is the fact that we have to gather neighbors like we had to in the new year party barn to travel to EC… since I never managed to do so cuz I have very few active neighbors… I just want to enjoy the game, don’t wanna nag my friends desperately for clicking links…
    about not being able to take all the stored stuff I think it’s quite reasonable. why wd someone like to put all the old stuff on the new farm?

  65. Susan Says:

    It is good to hear that it will be different from the first Farmville farm and that we can’t transfer from one to another, for that reason. I am hoping it will have hills and ocean like the pictures look… will be nice to have a fresh start and a different looking farm!!!

  66. abdullahsaurus Says:

    it wont really matter for me cause now you should just save all the trees and rare animals in your gift box got to English country side and place every thing

  67. JIMBOO Says:


  68. Jenny Thompson Says:

    I hear that the English farm is going to freeze the classic farm and visa versa so which ever farm you don’t log off of is not going to progress. Crops and trees will freeze and not progress until you go there and log off of that farm. Meaning you can’t grow crops on both farms at the same time and your neighbors will only be able to visit your active farm (the one you logged off of last). They are talking about this in the forum.

  69. KATHY Says:


  70. sm Says:

    Oh, that figures, Zynga. So we can’t move the castle, fences, other things that would be better on the other Farm. That sucks! What is so hard about setting up the storage the same as the gift box! So you can move them in and out. You just want people to BUY MORE ITEMS! Seriously, WHY didn’t you just create another game if there’s no interaction! This will be just like playing a different game and that’s stupid and disappointing!!.

  71. sm Says:

    There’s always a few who take less than the best something could be and say it’s a good thing. Being able to move items from one farm to another DOES NOT mean you wouldn’t have new things and change as well, right? Maybe some people LIKE the old stuff, and would like to mix the old and the new.

    P.S. Complaining about people’s spelling but then typing a whole post in all caps is just rude, and harder to read than any misspelled word. Oh Well, Weeeeee

  72. Farmer Brownette Says:

    If you do not have the English farm yet…fill your entire gift box (and have a list waiting to accept) full of special delivery boxes (bricks, boards, nails, harness) shovels, & baby bottles. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have hundreds upon hundreds of these items. To build and expand everything (and I’m only on the “stock the bar” quest…I have used 600+ of the mentioned items and I still need a few hundred more, just to finish what I have so far and there is even more things to build and expand!!!! It’s absurd! Especially with that STUPID feed limit of 200 items. ZYNGA REMOVE THE LIMIT!!! I detest the farm pausing when you are on the other farm. DUMB! In my opinion, the EC farm is nothing more than a total money maker for Zynga. Every new animal costs farm cash!

  73. Brent Says:

    We cant grow both farms at the same time??? Why bother then?

  74. Rita Kamp Says:

    I am not thrilled with the new English Farm at all. I think when Zynga starts a new game. There should be a page to read before you even start the dang thing. You go into everything BLIND….

    No one told me about not being able to plant both farms. What a farce. This is no fun at all and too much work. Which makes it not FUN. So I won’t be playing.

    I also agree You can’t call Zynga for help. So I e-mail and only get nice responses but nothing ever gets fixed. You have to keep e-mailing like 10 times to get someone to finally get moving.

    There are othere games that offer so much more. Why are you lagging behind.?

  75. Denise Cardoso Says:

    Realmente, não estou entendendo nada! Como faço para transportar as caixas de cha no dirigiel? Como faço para liberar as culturas inglesas? Nada esta claro..Não sei se fico na minha fazenda atual, onde ja gastei um monte FV, ou se mudo.

  76. Becca Coggins Says:

    There is no point to the sheep pen if you can’t move all your sheep from your original farm into it!!!!!!!!!!!


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