FarmVille Freak Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest Master Guide

Posted on October 17, 2011 10:05 pm by FarmVille Freak chorikawa321

FarmVille Ghost Quest I

FarmVille Ghost Quest II

FarmVille Ghost Quest III

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 1

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 2

FarmVille Lighthouse Bonus Challenge 3


More Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quests are upon us and FarmVille Freak has you covered! Read below for a quick re-cap on everything you need to know for a speedy finish to your Lighthouse Cove Ghost questing. Good luck!

We are posting these quests in advance to help you get started. Even though these quests aren’t live, there are a few things that you can do in advance such as Crafting Farmhouse Cheddar in your Lighthouse Cove Restaurant crafting building. Notice, that one of the bonus challenges requires that you reach Level 1 mastery on the Farmhouse Cheddar recipe.

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest I: A Spooky Season!
Requirements: Get 3 Halloween Masks, Harvest Lighthouse Cove, & Harvest 70 Hays
Rewards: 100 XP, Founder Sheep, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest II: Ghost of a Chance!
Requirements: Get 3 Lollipops, Harvest 70 Red Clovers, & Harvest 1 Orchard
Rewards: 200 XP, Innkeeper Gnome, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest III: Heritage Days
Requirements: Get 6 Flashlights, Make Farmhouse Cheddar Twice, & Harvest 70 Tarragons
Rewards: 300 XP, Shipwreck, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Bonus Challenge 1
Requirements: Mastery Cheddar Cheese 1-star, Harvest 110 Cove Cranberries, & Harvest Lighthouse Cove
Rewards: 500 XP, Trick or Treat Monkey, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Bonus Challenge 2
Requirements: Harvest 110 Daylillies, Improve the Cove to Level 6, & Make Cranberry-Pineapple Relish 3 Times
Rewards: 1,000 XP, Giant Conch, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quill Bonus Challenge 3
Requirements: Make 3 Johnnycakes 3 Times, Harvest 130 Butter & Sugar Corns, & Harvest 1 Orchard
Rewards: 500 XP, Gnarled Tree, & 2,500 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort? 

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191 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest Master Guide” »

  1. Susan McCann Says:

    I think it is a shame that zynga is forcing people to spend their money to buy fv cash, because unless you expand to one of the largest ones, you will not be able to finish this, you would be lucky to find the regular quests let alone the bonus ones. I spent the fv cash when they had the expansions on sale, but that sale wasn’t open to everyone, Zynga better watch out, because I know that at least 10 people that have left Zynga games because of all the quest things,not just farmville but all Zynga games, they are going to greed themselves out of facebook

  2. Stephanie Twine-Haig Says:

    They have been rather hard to complete and some I have not completed which after all the work and neglecting other things is frustrating. I am having trouble requesting assistance from Light house cove so I can’t get my friends to give me the items I need and can not grow or craft

  3. Ted Says:

    It looks like we will need = Divine Intervention or alot of Farm Cash to finish on time..

  4. Karen Flowers Says:

    Hope we can finish up the current ones first!

  5. Salsa Says:

    Just going to do the first three as I only want the shipwreck in this one.

  6. Linda Says:

    My posts and my friends posts don’t go through. They need to give everyone credit for these quests.

  7. Barb Says:

    How do you harvest so many with 35 plots?

  8. Sheila Says:

    TOO MANY QUESTS – NOT WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT OR THE FARM CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jake Williams Says:

    They really need to reduce harvest requirements and stop wanting us to put stuff like aviaries and such onto our Cove farms, we don’t have enough room as it is because a lot of us have it as our “pretty” farm. And no, I’m not paying cash for land, just sayin’ before anyone suggests it.

  10. Anthropolite Says:

    They just make them harder every time…
    It’ll take me 6 days (5 at best) to do the first two quests as I only have 45 plots at the moment.
    I’m just going to end up giving up until I win the lotto; this game is much easier if you have money.
    I’m second in my neighbours list only because my ‘best’ neighbour buys EVERYTHING! She pays to complete all quests, buys all the animals and buys all expansions as soon as they come out. I’m beginning to think she has a problem… lol
    I spend just time on this game – it’s not enough anymore and Zynga know it.
    It’s all about cash nowadays. In real life and game life. Bah!

  11. Carol Schmidt Says:

    These quests are worth the time, but I don’t think it’s fair that we have to plant a crop and harvest it twice or three times, just to get the number of crops that we need. You know that we only have so many plots and alot of us can’t pay farmville cash to expand. Shame on you.

  12. Courtney Says:

    @ Anthropolite If you can try and buy the land expansions for coin and then start early. I’m starting my Hays now for when it’s time to start the quests. I managed to complete all 6 of last weeks quests through careful planning on my part.

  13. Donna Rae Says:

    Does anyone know how many times it takes to level up the cheese (to 1 star and then 2 stars?) for a LEVEL 5 Restaurant?

    and once again, ZYNGA is in business to make money, not provide free games.

  14. Christine Says:

    Mastery Farmhouse Cheddar 1-star – How many times do you have to make the Farmhouse Cheddar to do this?

  15. Bette Says:

    I am a lower level player and am nowhere near the amount of coins to upgrade. The amount of crops needed for each quest is insane. Wish they had a different amount for low plottage players. Thanks,

  16. craftycross Says:

    Already have the hay planted & 4 cheddar started. Once I get to 1 star on that will plant cran/pineapple relish so it will be ready. Orchard & cover ready to harvest but won’t be touched. Will start collecting masks, etc as soon as they show on feed since other players will get quest before me.
    I always start these quest sometime the next morning & finish up Wed afternoon, Thurs morning at latest due to pre planting & planning
    Good luck to all.

  17. christy Says:

    These quests are ridiculous for someone who has not chosen to pay to upgrade the Cove. Zynga is putting obvious pressure on players to purchase coins/farm cash in order to be able to fully participate in the game. These tasks are impossible for me, my Cove has 35 plots unless I pay to upgrade OR pay to harvest multiple times so I don’t have to wait for the crops. Very disappointed.

  18. Lisa Says:

    What is ‘Farmhouse Cheddar’… I don’t see it in my restaurant :(

  19. Mike Says:

    Christine & Donna, you need to bring the cheese to level 20 to get the first star. Not sure of the next but is probably at least 20

  20. hmmmm Says:

    Months upon months Zynga left us alone without hardly any new material. Why are they dumping all of this on us? Did somebody get threatened and has to prove their worth? (Sarcasm)

    I think Zynga is trying to run off the nonpaying players. The problem is, from what I’ve read off here, their paying customers aren’t happy either.

    I’m working on last week’s quests, and most of my neighbors appear to be a step behind me based on what they are posting.

    This game is getting more demanding than my employer. Zynga, Farmville isn’t fun anymore, and you folks are going the wrong way.

    Take a deep breath and step back. Please.

  21. Dobby Says:

    Hello, can someone tell me if Farmhouse Cheddar is an avaliable recipe? I can’t see it in the Restaurant

  22. Debi CLark Says: suggests level 20

  23. Cantina Says:

    Awesome! Cannot wait for these quests! I love a challenge and wish Zynga would give more quests more offten.

    AND BTW people complainig about the quests in any fahsion, you would not surrive three seconds in an MMO. Your head would explode from all the stuff you would need to do.

  24. Jean Says:

    I see many people think you can only plant the needed crops on Lighthouse Cove. I have been planting on my English farm, when I need extra plots to plant– and they will count towards the number of plots/crops you need for the Lighthouse quests. I assume you can also plant the needed plots/crops on your Home farms too.

  25. shaggy Says:

    to level up on the first to levels u only have to make it twice

  26. erica Says:

    im assuming farmhouse cheddar is the cheddar cheese in the game? There is nothing called farmhouse cheddar.

  27. Julie P Says:

    I just started playing (after taking a couple months off) and I don’t even see the Farmhouse Cheddar in my list of recipes. I currently have a level 2 restaurant. What level is the Farmhouse Cheddar?

  28. cbs326 Says:

    What is Farmhouse Cheddar? It is not in my restaurant or seeds.

  29. Nancy Says:

    Seriously, I don’t think that they give enough time for these quest events to materialize in the time allotted. Many people only play for free and don’t have the option to buy FARM CASH to expand their farm or use the option to ‘grow your crops now ‘ for X amount of FARM CASH. I think that Farmville should re-consider their time allotment in these quests………………. seriously………some people are on 24/7 but other people really do have a real job and families to attend to and don’t have the time to do all these things in the allowable time to get the quests done. It’s supposed to be for fun………. and there’s no fun if you can’t even achieve a quest in the allowable time. What about all the ‘newbies’ that have just joined?????????? don’t they count either????? It should be FAIR FOR ALL.

    Give more time to your Quests please !!!!!!!!!! I am sure that many more people would agree with the more time allotment and also the consideration of all the new folks that join. You’ll definitely lose a lot of people who have just joined if they can’t even do any of these ‘projects’ (quests)

    thanks for listening.

  30. Julie M Says:

    I love the quests, and the harder the better…doesn’t anyone appreciate a challenge anymore. It’s a quest after all !

  31. chandra Says:

    i spent a few farm$ on the first couple of quests but no more…i’ll do what i can and that’s it. i rather use my farm$ on trees and decorations than quests. i would like to add that seeing the quests before hand has helped a great deal…i can plant & make recipes in advance. thank you! ^_^

    does anyone else think that the ‘founder sheep’ looks like a bear? lol XD

  32. A Says:

    The quests are definitely worth the time and effort. They aren’t, however, worth real money in my opinion. Some of the rewards are terrific and I usually get up to the bonus quiz 1 or 2. I’d love the Trick or Treat Monkey, the Shipwreck and the Trick or Treat Bear. I hope they give us enough time to complete these.

  33. linda Says:

    ughhhhhh what is with this 110 plot crap!!!!
    thats gonna take me like 3 days just to do the first part!!! ffs

  34. cindy long Says:

    We need more time. Crops can not be harvested with the amount of plots we have.Feel like we are being forced to pay for the game by upgrading with real money. I love the game but can’t afford to spend real money for it. Am getting real disgusted with it and want to give it up. Friends are all that is keeping me playing. I am not the only one that feels this way. I have already lost neighbors over this. Please help us out here.

  35. Andrea Says:

    Another of those almost impossible quests. The first three are probably possible but after that…no way. To get a cheddar cheese star you are likely to have it on level 20 (some suggested here). I have no idea if that is true, but in case it is…I am on level 5. You can do the math, it is impossible.
    It’s rather annoying and certainly a sad development on their part. There is just too much going on. Having a quest to upgrade your cove, asking for apples and then the Dracula castle…that is all done by asking your friends. I only have 10 or so that actively play and there is no way that it works out. Having only Farmville friends is nice but they only can send your mystery gifts. So no help there.

    I think I just go with the flow, do quest as possible but not sweat over them.

  36. Chris Says:

    Are these guys insane, master a craft item in under 7 days with no pre warning and limited crop space?

  37. Sunny Says:

    Dear Jean #23

    The crops only work ONE direction, you can plant the regulare anc EC crops anywhere, but the Lighthouse Cove crops are locked to the Lighthouse Cove farm, at least for me.

    Not too many people are complaining about the regular quests, just the Lighthouse Cove ones where you are limited to a measley 35 plots if you don’t pay to expand.

    Do you really think everyone would be complaining about the lack of space if we could plant the 110 hay or clover or any of the other Lighthouse Cove crops on our regular farms with 500 plots? I know I wouldn’t.

  38. musito Says:

    I am tired of all these quests. It isn’t a game anymore. I feel like a slave. I am out of this.

  39. Rebekka Says:

    the last 4 items (especially the gnarled tree) are looking awesome, but I don’t think that I will solve the bonus quest, because it’s too difficult without spending fv cash… :( :( :( :(

  40. Rebekka Says:

    jean said: I see many people think you can only plant the needed crops on Lighthouse Cove. I have been planting on my English farm, when I need extra plots to plant– and they will count towards the number of plots/crops you need for the Lighthouse quests. I assume you can also plant the needed plots/crops on your Home farms too.

    I tried that, but it didn’t work!!

  41. Erin Says:

    I really like quests, and they have made the game more fun for me, but the Lighthouse Cove quests are getting out of control. Considering I can’t get a single bushel despite the fact that when I “Ask” for them on my wall a bunch of people send them to me, I’m never going to be able to get Cheddar Cheese to level 20 while also accomplishing all of the other requirements. I have 60 plots right now and will upgrade for coins to 75 today, but I won’t even be able to finish the first bonus challenge this week. Last week was the first time I could finish all of the bonus challenges (well, it will be as soon as I harvest my potatoes in a few hours). If they could give us two weeks for each set, I’d be happier. It would still be a challenge for a lot of people, and it would be actually possible. Half of my posts requesting whatever item I need 6 or 8 or 10 of don’t even show up on my wall and then I have to wait 5 hours to try again, only to see the same thing happen again!

  42. Harmen Wiersma Says:

    I am sorry, Zynga, but I’ll never be able to complete the quests, for the Cheddar Cheese Recipe Mastery 1 Star is at level 20. I am at level 14 at the moment, and it will take me approx. 36 hours to get to level 20, if everyone provides me enough Red Clover Bushels. That will not be the case, we all have to wait 24 hours to ask for more bushels from the same person.

    So if all our neighbours are planting enough Red Clover Bushels and are willing to share them, then we might get all these quests done within 10 days, 3 days more than this Cove Quest will take.

    I feel sorry for those who aren’t even on level 10 with the Cheddar Cheese Recipe. They either pay 3FV$ for every recipe or will never finish…

  43. Sarah Says:

    @Jean: I don’t know how you are able to plant extra crops for these quests on your Egnlish farm, but if you truly can do it then bravo for you. However, I’m sure most farmers will agree with me when I say you cannot plant those crops on your english farm since when hovering over the seeds on either the english or home farm it clearly states that You must be in Lighthouse Cove to use this. Perhaps you have a very nice glitch allowing you to plant them elsewhere but I doubt this is the case for everyone else.

    While I usually enjoy doing quests these ones are getting a bit extreme. Each time a new quest chain starts you have to plant more and more of a certain crop and those who cant afford to expand with cash are getting shafted. Zynga needs to realize stuff like this can’t always be done in a week or less and needs to readjust their quests so that they don’t lose players due to frustration and make it more realistic for people who don’t devote their entire paycheck to this game and can’t play 24/7.

  44. karthimx Says:

    Great Quest, hope to complete bonus too.

  45. debbie Says:

    i think the cove quests (bonus) stink !!!! If you dont spend FV cash to upgrade you cant finish the quests in time. this is so unfair to all of us who have stuck w/u ZYNGA!!!!!

  46. ruth kearns Says:

    this is really getting to be the pits. there is no way i could get the above done. so i think i am done. come on 110 for every thing that most takes more then a day to do. this is no longer fun.

  47. cecelia Bloom Says:

    The Cove missions Are to hard to complete I’am not doin them any more !!!!!!!!! Zynga you are being very selfish and to greedy thanks alot I have already missed out on about half of them so fix it or you will lose more people !!!!! some of us can’t afford what your doin . This is why I have complained in the past about your stupid missions that only certain people can finish. How unfair can you be . I feel sorry for you Zynga…!!!!!

  48. fuckzynga Says:

    yea this is some bullshit most of these prizes most people have already
    from cheating anyways people who cant afford exspansions are the ones who get squat the dedicated players….this is utter and total bullshit

  49. Lo Says:

    you guys all know you can also level up on goods if your neighbors buy your goods? so everyday go to your market and buy cheddar cheese from all your neighbors.

  50. Desiree Says:

    i wish the quest would show up on my cove! thanks for this heads up but im losing time here!

  51. atomic Says:

    noticed an error on first quest. only 70 hays need to be harvested, not 110 hays.

  52. Sharon Says:

    The quests have been updated and you only need to grow 70 of each crop, not 110!

  53. Kristine Riccardi Says:

    the first part says we need 70 hay..and the prize says founder sheep but a bear is pictured..WTH?

  54. craftycross Says:

    There is already a correction. So far quest 1 & 2 only required 70 crops to harvest

  55. Salsa Says:

    The quest challengers must have changed as I’m getting “Harvest 70 hays” hope it’s like this for all and don’t have to do 110 of each crop as I may be able to complete this whole quest.

  56. Barbara P Says:

    Well if I could finish them it would be as I fail every last quest as you have to buy expansions with FV CASH which not everyone can afford and I feel as it shoud be like the other farms where you have the option to buy with coins or cash.
    Why are we harvesting and planting for coins if we cant never use them on NEW things or expansions??????????
    I loved this game in the begginging but now it seems to be all about MONEY with Zynga and with all the games they have going you think they be a lil more helpful to those of us who cant afford FV CASH. Times are hard for everyone now.

    Sincerely BABS

  57. Barbara P Says:

    Well if I could finish them it would be as I fail every last quest as you have to buy expansions with FV CASH which not everyone can afford and I feel as it shoud be like the other farms where you have the option to buy with coins or cash.
    Why are we harvesting and planting for coins if we cant never use them on NEW things or expansions??????????
    I loved this game in the begginging but now it seems to be all about MONEY with Zynga and with all the games they have going you think they be a lil more helpful to those of us who cant afford FV CASH. Times are hard for everyone now.

    Sincerely BABS

  58. Diane Says:

    I just received the quest for the cove and the requirements have changed a bit..only need 70 hay (not the 110 ) still need 3 masks and harvest the cove.

  59. Craig Lee Says:

    First quest is changed to harvest 70 hay instead of 110.

  60. Wil Says:

    Looks like they took what we had to say to heart. The gathering has been reduced to 70 (at least for Hay and Red Clover so far).

  61. Sheila Says:

    Don’t know about the rest of you… but I’m sick of the ‘quests’. Especially on the Cove. They are obviously trying to force everyone to spend FVs by either making you buy a larger Cove with FVs or push the crops so you can harvest in time. I’m getting sick & tired of all the greed. Thanks to the ‘quests’, I’ve lost 12 good neighbors. And we’re all getting burned out by 3 farms. It’s just not fun anymore. Sorry Zynga, but you’re really screwing the whole game up for most of us. (how sad)

  62. SherrieD. Says:

    Yeah, I don’t mind doing the missions, however, out of your last 3 I was only able to fully complete 1….I did not have enough time to plant another round in the cove. As so many other people have pointed out you only give us 35 plots, and I can not afford to spend money on this game…. I really hope you guys decide to give more time to complete these missions, and fix your game post feeds, only about 1/2 my post actually post to the wall for my neighbors to even click on. I can’t except gifts through fb as every time I try to collect it just shoots me to the game. How frustrating. Most of the time I have to delete the majority of my gifts to be able to collect a few. I think the game request should be fed directly to the game and you only send and receive gifts there….except when you post for help then you can click send item your neighbor needs. The worst part about my game performance now is the ability to actually accept the gifts that aren’t sent to me. Can you guys please come up with new way to work gifting….

    Please and thanks for listening to my thoughts on this. :-)

  63. karen Says:

    Is this guide correct, or is there a glitch with FV again? My quest says that I need to plant 70 hays.

  64. vexednow Says:

    requirements for # 1 70 hay for #2 70 Red Clover NOT 110 Just did them.

  65. Bonnie Says:

    I love these quests however this one has been faairly aggravating, Several times a day I can’t post from the farm to share or request items . This had made the quests mostly a chore.

  66. christine Says:

    Jean said =I see many people think you can only plant the needed crops on Lighthouse Cove. I have been planting on my English farm, when I need extra plots to plant– and they will count towards the number of plots/crops you need for the Lighthouse quests. I assume you can also plant the needed plots/crops on your Home farms too.

    Well you must be a lucky one…NONE of my cove crops show as available at all for either the English and home farm. I can plant home crops on English and English on Home but can only plant cove on cove…and have been trying for over 2 weeks to add more neighbors to expand for game coins so I have more than 35 plots…I don’t even bother with most quests at all anymore…quit Treasure Isle and Frontiereville now pioneerville cause there were way to may quest…4 pages? was ridiculous

  67. farming rom Says:

    The never ending quests and million dollar coin animals are just too much. :(

  68. vickie Says:

    just started my cove quest and it says we only need 70 hay. we can only hope that the rest are low as well.
    I like the time limits. if it is too easy i get bored. completing them without spending cash is possible, but it usually takes some planning. i only do the bonus ones if i like the prize. i will be skipping it this time.

  69. CS Thompson Says:

    The first two harvests have been shortened. You only need 70 hay on first quest, 70 red clover on the second. Don’t know about the rest.

  70. Harley Says:

    i think everything was put down to 70 crops tops because the hay says 70 now

  71. Kerrinda Says:

    Wow, this is a lot of work for some prizes that are repeats….thanks for the heads up! This will take planning.

  72. susan Says:

    will not be doing lol will not spend fv to expand !!!!!!

  73. Werner Pucher Says:

    At Quest Nr. 1 there are only 70 Hays necessary

  74. TJ Says:

    Well the first two stages are 70 crops not 110 and I am just finishing the second level now.

  75. Jo Says:

    I only have to harvest 70 hay for quest one. Maybe it’s different for everyone?

  76. Miss Conservative Says:

    Just got my quest and it says harvest 70 hays not 110. So, maybe Zynga heard the outrcy and reduced the numbers? Also, I got some coin expansions on LC and now have 75 plots, so that makes it more reasonable.

  77. Kuchizuke Says:

    hu, my quest says I have to harvest 70 hays, what is not so bad for a 75plot coin farm

  78. Penny Says:

    Zynga downgraded the requirements tonight. Instead of 110 plots of Hay and Red Clover, they are only asking for 70. Thanks to Farmville Freak I had 75 Hay ready to harvest and tomorrow will be able to havest the Red Clover. I may not do the bonus quests since the prizes aren’t that interesting. The shipwreck is my goal.

  79. Diddy Says:

    Good news the requirements have been changed and you now only need to harvest 70 Hay for the first task, 70 Red Clover for the second and 70 Tarragon for the third. Seems Zynga are listening.

    Not sure about the higher levels though.

    If the Cheddar Cheese remains the same we can help each other by buying Cheese from the market I guess

  80. Betha Says:

    My son is up to the forth step and even though the quest says 1 star mastery, he has that ticked of and is only on level 8??? Not sure why but I am on level 16 so it will be interesting to see if my is ticked straight away. Also the actual quests were calling for 70 plots of hay not 110, and the others are less too (or so my son tells me)

  81. Birgit Says:

    They reduced the Red Clover in Part II from 110 to 70 !!!

  82. Bev Says:

    I am reading that some people can plant Lighthouse Cove crops in their English farm. Well, Farmville is not allowing me to do that. None of the Lighthouse Cove crops appear for planting on my English farm.

    With having knowledge of quests ahead of time (Thanks Farmvillefreak), I am able to plan and get the quests completed. It also helped that I was able to increase to 75 plots through coin purchase. I wish Farmville would allow me to increase my Lighthouse Cove plots some more through coin purchase.

  83. Hana Says:

    Looks like they changed the requirements a bit. :D It’s only telling me I need 70 hay for the first one.

  84. Theresa C. Says:

    It is only 70 of each crop not 110..just to clarify.

  85. Birgit Says:

    Oups…I’ve forgotten to tell that also the Hays in Part I are reduced from 110 to 70, but I think you’ve already seen this. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Zynga also reduce the following seeds.

  86. Asher Says:

    Seems like Zynga is making the goals easier now… Only had to harvest 70 hay instead of 110. Already working on goal 2. (Still need the 3 masks though) For once the number required was less than the number of plots I can plant.

  87. Frances Says:

    The harvesting of crops for the normal quests have been changed from 110 to 70, most probably the bonus quests crop harvesting maybe higher. Btw, they only want you to make Cheddar cheese twice (Make Farmhouse Cheddar Twice) not level – up to twenty. I enjoy the quest cos it’s challenging with a little pre planning its doable. Only quest I missed was the 1st one b’cos of the FV cash expansion.. the rest with the help of the Guide & my very helpful neighbours was able to complete the quests with a day to spare. Most of these are one day crops so you don’t have to be seated in front of your PC all day.. you have ample time to get-on with your daily lives..just saying. While I needed to add 6 neighbours for the 1st LC expansion thankfully I was able to buy the last 2 expansions without adding any more neighbours.. & yes I got 75 plots.

  88. Andy Says:

    The goals for this quest may be wrong. I know the goal for the first quest is definitely wrong. You only have to harvest 70 hay for the first level of the quest. Others may be wrong too.

    I agree with people who have said ‘it’s a game – take it or leave it’. Play if you want. don’t if you don’t. Pay if you want, don’t if you don’t. These quests are challenging and almost impossible without a bit of advance notice but that’s all part of the fun. Would you rather just wake up every morning and have Zynga give you something for free without any effort (like, to be honest, they do from time to time!)?

  89. Nadira Says:

    This guide is inaccurate – apparently they lowered the plot requirement, because it’s 70 Hays right now – at least for the first quest, which I am proudly doing now :)

  90. Pooh Says:

    These quests came up on my farm only this morning. I started the Quest-I and it asks to “Harvest 70 Hays” instead of 110 as its mentioned here. I’m not sure if this is reflecting on your farm quests too. I guess, they might have realized how impossible these higher limits were!!!
    Harvesting 70 crops is doable, though. We can still expand out farm to with coins to have 60-75 plots.

  91. Aye Myat Soe Says:

    What does mean Farmhouse cheddar??

  92. Anthropolite Says:

    They’ve changed the amount you need to harvest
    I only have to do 70 Hays
    Maybe they’ve changed the rest too. I don’t see many people managing to master the Cheese in time so hopefully they’ve scrapped that idea…

  93. Brian Says:

    I just checked, the first quest has only 70 hay needed. Holy crap I may actually be able to do this one. They really need to stop with these things already. Its just a chore at this point begging people for items. p.s. If some of you who still have the first cove farm. The fist 3 size upgrades are available for coins. I just got the one that lets you have 75 plots, it was at least 1,000,000 coins.

  94. Susan Morton Says:

    See the info is incorrect, only need to plant 70 hay instead of 110, hope the others are wrong.

  95. JS Says:

    Looks like the amount was lowered. I was asked to only harvest 70 Hay. I had a bunch of Hay ready to be harvested and moved quickly to the second step where I was asked to plant 70 red clover.

  96. Sarah Says:

    My first two quests are only asking for me to harvest 70 of each crop rather than the 110? (Bonus for me!)

  97. FarmerJenn Says:

    I will not expand the cove with FC , I wait until I can buy it like you do the other farms.. What’s with all the darm quest they 1 don’t last long enough & you know we do not have that big of cove so your making the quest bigger well if it keeps up there will be a lot of people who stop playing farmville .. Make the silo’s where we can upgrade & the harvest bins for I do not have enough time to craft and my bins & silo are always full
    come on already

  98. Sonja Says:

    I only need to collect 70 haystacks for the first part of my quest not 110. Hopefully that means the other crops have been reduced as well for people that don’t have large farms. I was able to buy 2 expansions when they were on sales for coins which helped but don’t think people should be forced to spend FV cash in order to complete the quests. The game is supposed to be fun not stressful!

  99. Tiffany Says:

    I just got the quest this morning and they have changed how much we need to plant to just 70 plots now. If u had enough coins to upgrade u should have enough plots to plant just once to get these done. Hope this helps some of u. Happy Farming to all. This is to farmville freak when they change what is needed could u please re-post an updated info page for us it would be very helpful to plan ahead to get these done in the week they give us thanks so much.

  100. Fay Says:

    pls update this article!

    zynga reduced the number of crops to harvest to make it possible to finish this without cash!

    pls update!

    first step is harvest 70 hays and not 110. Need this guide to get every single quest through in time :)

  101. Andosia Says:

    So far I only am at the first quest and it is the same as FV freak says except the amount of hay needed. Mine is requiring 70 not 110.

    I expanded my LC by paying Coin, every time. Mind you I am not fully expanded but I can at least do 75 crops at once. Doesn’t everyone have that coin LC expansion option? If not that is completely unfair.

  102. Mary-Kay Says:

    In the quest guide it mentions that you need 110 hay bales. But the actual quest board calls for only 70. Thought you should know.

  103. Helen Strub Says:

    Hey, I just started the Lighthouse Cove quests for this week, and it looks like Zynga reduced the crop requirements from 110 each to 70. Still a tough one to manage with 35 plots, but at least possible now! If you did as I did and scrounged and scraped up enough coins to do the 18×18 upgrade, you’ll be hitting each harvesting goal with one planting!

  104. Mary Kay Duran Says:

    Just following your quest guide and noticed an error. In Quest 1 you mention it calls for 110 Hays but the actual quest board only calls for 70. Just thought you should know!

  105. Tala Says:


    You said you tried Jean’s idea, and it didn’t work. How did you mean?

    Did you mean you couldn’t plant the LC crops because they weren’t in your market on the other farms; you tried to plant on the other farms with your bot, but the farms wouldn’t accept the crop; or you did plant the LC crops, but they didn’t count? And if you were able to harvest LC crops from a different farm that didn’t count towards the quest, were you on your home farm, or the EC?

    I didn’t reckon it was worth trying for, since the quest icon disappears when you leave LC, and no activities on the other farms counted toward LC quests before. Harvest 3 pet run animals, 3 cows, 3 horses… the animals all had to be harvested in Lighthouse Cove to count. (Plus, it’s something you can only do with a bot. Big red flag! I just use my farmhelper to save a little fuel and give ultrasounds to mystery babies. =)

    This quest started today… and part one had 70 hays for me… was it different for anyone else?

  106. Former breeder Says:

    They have changed the requirements for at least the first two quests.

    Quest 1:
    70 hay instead of 110 (ie, you can manage this in one day with your coin bought plots)

    Quest 2:
    70 red clover instead of 110 (takes one day)

    The other requirements for these quests are the same as above.

    Is anyone knows the requirements for the following quests, please do share … It might be that mastering cheddar isn’t in there anymore.

    I buy everyone’s cheddar every day to help them level it up, just in case.

  107. Douglas Thompson Says:

    Problem is:- I can´t play Farmville on Facebook. Can´t get on!.. So, I play Farmville zynga via google chrom. Trouble is, I can´t reach Facebook from there. Ergo, I can´t ask my friends and neighbours for help. In this particular instance, for 12 Pumpkin spiders! O K, so I am snookered.. Why can´t F B & Zynga make a PAX??

  108. Lorraine Says:

    As a point of interest – I stated this quest this morning & it tells me that I only need to harvest 70 hay – not 110 as mentioned here. HTH.

  109. Jean Says:

    I think everyone will be happy to find that Zynga has lowered the amount of crops to be harvested to 70. Makes it a lot easier to finish these missions.

  110. Sheri Bethard Says:

    The quest says 7 days to complete. I only have a 35 plot farm and cannot expand since I do not have anymore neighbors to add to my list so I am stuck as it is. to complete this task if I stayed with it consistently harvesting the required crops, it would take me 16 days to complete so you can count me out. I will do what I can but I am not going to go overboard to try to complete it all. I will probably make it thru quest 2 and that is all. Zynga is asking to much of us to complete these tasks in less than half the time it takes normally. At least give us a chance to try to work at it…..

  111. Caroline Kelly Says:

    I don’t mind them. My problem is when I request items the request doesn’t post to my wall and therefore I miss out on finishing the quests!!! Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Debby Schaefer Says:

    I am tired of using FV$ to complete these quests, The limit on the number of crops is a BIG problem, I don’t think it is right to have to pay for more Land and limit the number of plots I can only plant 75 plots and your quests always ask for more than that, then the crops you ask us to plant takes a day so you have to plant twice. I really don’t think it is right. and the ending gifts are not that exclusive. I was so excited about getting the cove but now am so disappointed in a lot of parts of it. you cannot get storage items fromt he other farms there, which I don’t like, I have a beach’pool house in storage in another farm and cannot move it to the cove, I have several items that would go perfect there and cannot get them there. Not paying for Land expansive out of my pocket, so I now can care less about completing the Quests there, Lost the first one because my cove was not ready to harvest, AFTER spent several FV$ to get my crops done. I think some changes need to be made. You need to maybe even STOP the time limit on completing the quest, some people can only plant 45 plots you ask for 110- they have to plant 3 times thats 3 days unless you pay- NO WAY can you complete it. so it is a waste of time.

  113. Kara S Says:

    Well, the quest is now live and you need to plant 70 hays, not 110 to complete the first part of the quest. I’ve expanded my cove twice (with coins) so I have 75 plots to plant. No problem for me.

    Bringing cheddar cheese to level 20 is another matter. Im on level 11 with the cheese (I have a 4 star resturant) so I have some work to do.

    Here’s a tip for you. If somebody buys your craft item it helps toward raising your level just as much as if you made the item once. If everybody goes and buys everybody else’s cheddar cheese we will all have it raised to level 20 in no time. I have 38 cheddar cheeses in my inventory and am making 5 more right now so I have plenty for my neighbors to buy.

    So go buy your friends’ cheddar cheeses and ask them to buy yours.

  114. Julie Says:

    I’m still waiting for that quest to show up on my farm. It’s not fair.

    As far as expansions go, I’ve added all the FB friends I could to get the expansion for cash, so I have sent invites to total strangers who, not surprizing, have ignored me. So, I still need 4 friends, but there are no possibilities. I am not inviting friends who don’t have FV.

  115. Tabetha Says:

    Okay everyone, relax. Have people failed to remember that Quests are not a *requirement* to play Farmville? They are a *Bonus* feature to the game. No one says you *have* to do them. I’m reading some posts from people getting so worked up about spending all their time on their farm, spending all their money to expand their farm…no one told you to forgo cleaning your house to play a game, or spend your paycheck on a virtual farm. Spend the time if you have it, spend the extra money if you have it. But at the end of the day, it’s just a game. Zynga is going to go on whether you play or quit, so threats are idle. If the game stresses you out this much, maybe it really is time to move on.

  116. leo Says:

    Thank god they updated the crop requirements to a more reasonable number. Only need 70 hay and 70 red clover that’s all I know for now.

  117. Pdxbodyworks Says:

    It’s quest day!
    Months ago Zynga said there would be one every week until the end of the year, so get ready for next week :)
    I’m not going to get very far on this one…

    There’s four family farmer members in this house, so after ready FVFreak’s sneak preview, I wrote down the three quests and the bonus one, and went ahead and planted red clover in the cove for them all, to get one day ahead of the game, so to speak!
    I’m winning!
    Um…in my excitement though, realized later when I was stocking up on supplies for the cheddar thing realized the first day-long planting was for HAY.

    Not only are WE a day behind now, but one of the kids didn’t have enough COINS yet for the 1st or 2nd expansion, so he’ll be lucky to get a gnome out of the week!
    I just want to see what the shipwreck is like, then I’m done with this one.
    I might have to spend the (gasp) 3 whole FV cash to insta-grow once, but with all the free FV cash floating around, it’s nothing.
    (go to the ‘buy farm cash’ page, scroll down, and there’s all kinds of freebies, even if the company isn’t in your area)
    I got 92 last night for just taking a survey, etc.

    Happy farming!

  118. Beth Says:

    The first quest is only asking for 70 hay from me. I wonder if it’s some kind of a bug but I hope not.

  119. Ron Says:

    goal 1 is different, only need 70 hays.

  120. Boo hoo for all you sad players Says:

    Spending so much time on how NOT FAIR!!!! Zynga is.

    “Zynga better watch out”…..seriously? Do you think Zynga cares a wit about people who complain on a third party website? Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the backside on your way out.

    Why even play the game? My theory is that you people aren’t happy unless you are complaining about everything in your life. It’s too hot in the summer, it’s too cold in the winter, my boss is a jerk, my mommy doesn’t understand me!!!!!

  121. Jean Says:

    Is anyone else having issues with items you harvested becoming “unharvested”? I harvested all three ravens in the Dracula Castle mission this morning. It showed up as all three harvested and that part of the mission done. I went back to my farm and now only 2 are showing up as harvested. The same thing happened with the red cat. Anyone else?

  122. Alona Says:

    The first level says harvest 110 hay, but I just saw that it says 70 hay, has this changed? If so, can we get updated quests from farmville freak? I’m just wondering if I should be prepared for 110 red clover or 70 for the 2nd level?

  123. Heidi Says:

    So far it is only 70 of each crop, not 110.

  124. MeMike Says:

    The numbers are wrong…. at least on the first 2 quests. I only have to plant 70 Hay’s and 70 Red Clovers.

  125. Cathi S. Says:

    The Ghost Quests I II & III were worth the effort. I am just at the point of deciding about the Bonus quests. I don’t like the Rewards at all, so I may not bother. I may just take the time to catch my breath. I try very hard to keep “some”semblance of believability to my farms…well, not that a strawberry covered sheep is, but I don’t want a jailhouse monkey, The conch is OK, and I have spooky trees galore.

  126. Jo Says:

    FarmVille Freak has at least the number on the first quest wrong. It is only 70 hay that you need. And you CAN expand to the 75 plots with coin if you have enough neighbors… that will give you all enough (granted JUST enough) space to do what is needed on time.

  127. Alex Says:

    just had to harvest 70 Hay for the first quest..? Anyone know something about that? Mayby the other Quest also require less that 110 harvests?
    Another question: Does anyone know how many times i have to make the Ceddar Cheese recipe bevor i get a 1-Star-Mastery?

  128. Dee Says:

    Hey guys, in case you didnt realize it, Lighthouse Cove is a “pay to play” part of the game now.

    The only way to (reasonably, without days of planning) complete these quests is to pay to upgrade your Cove so you can get enough plots going to finish in time.

    If you don’t want to pay, LC isnt for you and you need to stick to plain ol FV, or the English Countryside. (I’m not really playing much in LC myself…I’m not willing to pay. Some are though).

  129. Sara Says:

    I just started quest II and the requirements for the hay and red clover is only 70

  130. Alexis Says:

    my first quest says harvest only 70 hays. is anyone else experiencing this?

  131. Rick Shearman Says:

    I agree with most comments about the difficulty of the challenge quests…for one who cannot afford to pay real money it is terribly hard if now completely impossible to finishe the full six parts of the latest quests.

    It gets harder with each series of quests for two reasons…the number of items almost always exceeds the number of plots you can plant…and the crops are nearly all one day crops. Figure that out….if you could plant 24/7 you could just about get the crops done….maybe…LOL. Add to that the need to have some crops you just can’t get from the market stalls for the Restaurant and that just plain kills the quests.

    To make it even more difficult…I’ve notice my neighbors/friends list growing smaller and smaller because of those who have decided that FV just takes up too much of their time and they have decided to QUIT playing the game. I’ve lost 25-30 friends/neighbors in just the last 3 weeks.

    Nuff said…if these continue I might have to make that decision myself one of these days.

  132. Hannah Says:

    Tarragon is also down to 70 – please update.

  133. Kara S Says:

    Tala, how do you give ultrasounds to your mystery babies? It would be useful to know if the mystery babies were something we need or something we have a lot of before we devote animal feed to them.

  134. Dee Says:

    The requirements WERE 110. It said it on my farm last night which is why I thought “F these quests”.

    I too notice this morning its down to 70.

  135. Audrey Evans Says:

    I just started the bonus quest for the Lighthouse cove this week-Apparently there is a typo in the Cheddar/Farmhouse Cheese requirements. Mine was only at level 14-15 and it counted. Could it possibly mean they meant to get the cheese to level 1-not mastery star 1! Sure looks that way! Typing this with a sigh of relieve!

  136. Susan Says:

    all this to attempt to force people to upgrade their lighthouse farm because their are not enough plots to finish the quests unless a person buys more plots with fv. This is such a turn off, Really zynga does need to listen to their players, I have noticed several of my over 100 level neighbors have quit playing. The greed is turning people off. The quests in themselves would not be so bad IF they were not so often and complicated, it’s just too much stress, this is supposed to be an escape, not a full time job

  137. Sammie Says:

    You know that Halloween is my favorite time of year and I really think I’m going to be quitting this game. I just don’t have fun anymore. Its more of a ritual now.

  138. joyce ridgeway Says:

    i love the quests there so much fun thank you

  139. tattedstarz Says:

    aww i really want the Trick or Treat monkey, but i can’t expand my cove to plant more than 35 plots. I have the coins, but it telling me i need more neighbors. I already have the neighbors i need and everybody else doesnt play farmville. & i’m not going to just add random people i dont know. This sucks, i wish they would remove the limit on plowing

  140. shirley falcon Says:

    These tasks require a lot of plots so I am only going to start and finish the first one because I think it is worth it for the bear. I honestly do not care for the other rewards. If the innkeeper were the werewolf than I would try the second quest.

  141. Christy Says:

    Not even doing these stupid tasks intill the farm expanding price goes down. I am not and will not pay 750k to expand my farm to what get 10 extra farm plots which is bull not worth it at all.
    And another thing you dont give us enough time to complete it for those players like myself who cannot upgrade and play on it all day. Get a grip Zynga you are going to cut your own throats.

  142. Tala Says:

    Kara S.,

    When I first started playing the game, I didn’t have any neighbors or a way to get enough fuel to play the game. I would find myself falling asleep as I was clicking on the hundreds of plots three times to harvest, plow and plant by hand. It was either use a bot to help me, or quit.

    So I use a free bot called Farmhelper. It’s made by independent programmers who enjoy the game themselves, and there are hiccups from time to time, but I have found it to be an invaluable asset to me. When you load it, it will look on your farms and report saplings and mystery babies are waiting to be grown. It can give you a heads up on those aviary eggs, too! It looks like this:

    Pumpkin Sheep @ 46, 107 is 0 feed(s) full.
    Brown Spot Rabbit @ 0, 0 is 0 feed(s) full.
    Pub Cat @ 2, 0 is 0 feed(s) full.
    Chinchilla @ 2, 3 is 0 feed(s) full.
    Ninja Robo Dino @ 9, 100 is 0 feed(s) full.
    Mountain Ebony Tree @ 77, 103 is 0 can(s) full.
    Rainbow Chicken Egg @ 23, 59 will hatch 21st Oct 2011 10:03:37 PM (22:03:37)
    Wizard Duck Egg @ 66, 23 will hatch 19th Oct 2011 11:35:51 PM (23:35:51)

    When I try to visit my neighbors by hand, the game either freezes or crashes. Farmhelper can visit my all neighbors for me quickly without having to fully load their farm. When I decided to “friend” people I didn’t know so I could play FarmVille with real people, I went though the Farmhelper website so I would have neighbors who were okay with my using a bot. And I know they are using it on me, because I am still getting hit with the occasional snowball! You can find it at

  143. barbara l s jones Says:

    where did my quest go you bring it back so i can finish and i get my gifts ty

    0n lighthouse cove i wanted to finsh so i could get my ship

  144. barbara l s jones Says:

    where did my quest go you bring it back so i can finish and i get my gifts ty

    lighthouse cove

  145. richard Says:

    this is a real farce as I will spend more FV$$$$ for these quest Repeat will not spend FV $$$ on expansion when i have 300 million in coins charge me a outragous amount of coins i don’t care but if you want people to keep playing and spending don’T MAKE US SPEND ON EXPANSION we will get trees animals and all sorts of other things but not expansions when we all know it will come out for coins one day

  146. kellyshu Says:

    Some of them are worth the effort, some not. Definitely not worth farm cash. The challenge is fun, but it’s almost overwhelming. It’s like FV has turned into QuestVille. There are so many quests that it seems like that’s all there is to do on FV that will get you something special. I agree with you all who feel they shouldn’t have such high crop requirements. Restrict our planting and then tell us we need to either have enough coins (millions upon millions, after draining our funds on the England farm) or pay our real money to play the game and take “advantage” of the “freebies” in the quest. I guess on the flip side of that, if they weren’t doing the quests they would just release the stuff for farm cash anyways.

  147. Julie Says:

    What’s the deal with the lollipops? An other bug?

  148. tony Says:

    How do someone get more time to get all the things i missed out?

  149. Tink Says:

    I enjoy the Cove quests, but have finished only a few of them because ot the limited number of plots. I completed the last one because if this website. It helped me get a jump on the quest and have the right crops and supplies ready to go -this isn’t happening on this quest though because I can’t get enough supplies for the cheese recipe. I won’t be staying up late every Monday night to get a head start either. I don’t like the need for FV cash for the expansions, like so many others have said, and won’t pay any more for any expansions unles they can be bought with coins. I really hated when we had to add a wilderness habitat or zoo. I don’t want those on this farm and even though they were built them, they were also deleted as soon as the quest was finished- that was an excercise in futility and the rewards are often not worth the effort. Wouldn’t it be nice if the finally reward for finishing all the quests and challenges was a coin expansion- I would recommend THAT zynga!! I also agree, too that the long growing crops make things difficult.

  150. tony Says:

    I happended to agree with alot pf people out there.One i love the quest that comes out there cool and fun,BUT ?the time you give us is way to short to finish them before a new one comes out. Two i understand to make a cool game you need money?and theres lots of things i wanted to get for my farms but when people have no money and no jobs they do what they can try to make this game more fun? give more time for quest and lower the cost on things too, thank you for taking the TIME and listening to all of us out there.

  151. Oscar Says:

    I got a Lighthouse Keeper Gnome instead of a Innkeeper Gnome from Quest II,… I didn’t have this one either.

  152. Sheryl Says:

    I feel that when we finish one quest, then the following one should have a new deadline date to finish not a continuing deadline from the previous quest, I barely get items fast enough or get my harvest done before its close to the ending timeline for the first one, then the next one up says I have 11 hrs to finish a 20hr crop ( for an example) I never get finished with all of the offered quest lines, having 3 farms now are a handful, when alot of times it doesn’t register that it was completed for harvesting at times, its a free game that’s fun to play but the quests makes them to be a job and nerve racking at times when we really want to finish things, I pay for another game to play, at least theirs don’t have deadlines, and its a monthly fee, nothing else needed to pay to play, I enjoy playing Zynga Games but wont pay for items on a free game to finish things that you cant guarantee I will be able to complete because of the ending timelines.

  153. Sheryl Says:

    I have neglected planting anything- other than the quest request plants on any given farm to lvl up because I am too busy concentrating on trying to get items from the news feed page that doesnt always refresh or goes back to items posted 4 hrs ago.

  154. Beth Peterson Says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You! for these guides. They make it a whole lot easier!!

  155. Paul VH Says:

    The quests are fun – but the time limit is too short – I just got one done and then I only had so much time to complete the next one! Zynga is getting too greedy and will lose people en mass – its already happening in Mafia Wars and Farmville will be next.

  156. Jamie Says:

    Freak why is it you keep changing the quests you post? I write them down and the next thing you know it it changes it.

  157. Julie P Says:

    Is the “Farmhouse Cheddar” listed in the quest, the same as “Cheddar Cheese”? I’ve got a level 3 building, and still don’t see “Farmhouse Cheddar” listed as a recipe. I’m trying to decide whether to use a few FC to speed up the current one (hay) to get to the next one.

  158. Elisa Says:

    What really gets me is that Zynga comes up w all these challenges & the glitches are still not fixed.. I can’t post to get the challenges & have to wait forever before I can ask for stuff… I only hope that these things are posted so I can stalk my neighbors for quests.. FIX THE POSTING PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  159. tony Says:

    Yes they are BUT NEED MORE TIME TO COMPLETE THEM ALL? love to get them all but time is short, thanks

  160. Paula Says:

    It is crazy to think anyone can complete these quests without using farm cash to expand the land !!!! Unless Zynga lets me buy expansions with Farm coins I will not attempt any futher quest or even continue to use the cove at all.

  161. Anne Says:

    On the second part of this quest, I have harvested an orchard 3 times now, but am not getting credit… is anyone else having issues?

  162. FarmGoddess Says:

    Hi Jamie, are you sure you are looking at the right quests? Right now there are 3 active quests. We also post some quests before they actually go “live” so that you can look at them in advance. Also, sometimes we have to change the quests’ requirements because Zynga changes them. -fg

  163. Oscar Duron Says:

    Is there a guide to recipes? In reference to number of recipes required per star?

  164. Outre Says:

    I was in LC ten hours ago. No new quests.

    Logged in the last ten minutes and yippee! I now have this quest with ONLY three days left and the first step is to harvest 70 hay. I’m so excited! /sarcasm

    As I said elsewhere, the greedy grabbing for money that’s going on is sickening. Bad enough that the quests are rigged at the time they are written, but to have such a slow roll-out, and NOT time the quest FROM THE TIME THE PLAYER GETS IT IN THEIR GAME is only one thing – rampant greed.

    Lighthouse Cove – Biggest – expansion – failure – ever.

  165. zack Says:

    no the prizes suck not worth all the hassle

  166. Georgann Says:

    I am a Farmville addict, now that I admitted it…I need some help or advice please! In the last couple weeks, my request do not post on my wall or anywhere. Does anyone know who I can get my feeds back on my wall-news feeds? This is issue, is making it so I can’t finish the request and I’m so not a happy camper about it!!! I have sent email to, Farmville and to Zynga and haven’t heard anything back. I don’t want to quick the game, but if I can’t post request information there’s no reason to play :,( ….what’s a girl to do? Any suggestions are welcomed…please.

  167. sean Says:

    for those of you who think you can’t harvest enough of these, if you expanded to the 75 plot farm for coin you can do it. Just plat 75 of the say cove berries one day, then only plant 35 cove berries the next day, use the remaining plots for the next crop on the list. the daylillies are only a 16 hour crop, once they are ready it takes another 16 hours to rot so leave them unhavested till you have the last of the Cove berries.then plant another field of daylilies to finish that up.The B & S corn get bumped out in one day. the second 3 parts take maybe 3 days. 6 days with and extra day worth of free time.

  168. Paulette Says:

    I would like to say that the Lighthouse Cove Quests are just wrong. You require too many things to harvest when the majority of people that I know only have 35 plots. I was lucky enough to have enough neighbors and coins to upgrade to the 75 plots, however, there is not enough time to complete the quests even with the 75 plots. Shame on Zynga for getting everyone excited to play and then not allow them the time to complete the quests. Not everyone has the money to buy fv cash to be able to expand their farms. I live on a fixed income and have always enjoyed playing farmville, however, I am truly disappointed in these quests. Once again, SHAME ON ZYNGA…..

  169. Lisa Says:

    3 Johnnycakes THREE TIMES? So I have to make 9 batches? Or three (since there are 3 cakes in the picture)?

  170. JS Says:

    I reached the last step and it only requested 110 Butter and Sugar Corns.

  171. Vera Jackson Says:

    Yes it is worth it I love nd am addicted to all the FV applications. Been playin for years I just can’t get enough. LOL
    However I don’t buy FV cash to get new things nor to make things. I just play the hard way I guess. I think all things should be able to be purchased with the coins you aquire as you play. Maybe make it easier to earn FV dollars.

  172. glo Says:

    We need more time to complete the quests. It takes time to grow the crops and collect everything. This is the 3rd quest I will not be able to finish. And it’s also the last quest I plan to even attempt. It’s just not worth the work if we can’t finish it.

  173. Mike Walter Sr Says:

    FV is trying to force us into spending Farm Cash to grow these crops on time to complete the quests. Or spend Farm Cash to buy more plots to grow. I dont like it one bit.

  174. Krystal Says:

    Yes, it is so darn wrong of Zynga to force people to spend money on this game. Most people like myself can barely pay the bills. Also, Zynga needs to help America with all the droughts(replanting of trees) once the affected states start receiving rain again, the flood areas(resources needed to rebuild), and unemployed/underemployed AMERICANS with work from home with Zynga. Why Not???

  175. Tammy Says:

    No it isn’t worth it.

  176. DanaRose Crystal Says:

    I love the cute little characters they have for the quests. I love the little Harry Potter-like Professor for the other quest–Halloween Jack O Lantern ( “Oh My! A vampire! Stay calm–we’ll try to discover….” cute. )

  177. Paula Says:

    First of all, after emailing Zynga several times and my issues are still not corrected.

    This is certainly not a great marketing strategy. You stand to loose many loyal, dedicated players. I am at level 283 and am considering not playing anymore.

    Its one thing for the player to chose to spend real money on a game, but to have the audacity to force one to purchase farm cash in order to complete all quests is ridicious !!!!!

    If this continues, I for one, will no longer play. This quest was not fun at all !!!

    It was more like a job to complete than fun or relaxing

    Just my thoughts on all this ……….

  178. Bugsley Says:

    Were they worth your time and effort? No
    Did I have enough time? No
    Did I have enough plots? No
    Did I have enough FV Cash? No
    Did I have enough effort? Yes
    Did I feel like I wasted a lot of effort for nothing? YES
    Am I fed up with the Lighthouse Cove Quests that, continue to increase the harvest size to require farm expansion just to complete the quests on time? HELL YES!
    Will I actively participate in these extortion quests anymore? NO!
    Thank you for asking.

  179. Gemstone Says:

    I have almost completed the last “bonus” Quest in the “Ghost” series…the one giving the “gnarled tree” reward. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE to complete, and I am on the last day to complete,
    without use of FV cash.

    I had expanded my LC farm to 75 plots(18×18) with FV cash, and was only able to complete the needed crops (110 cove cranberries, 110 daylilies, 110 butter&sugar corn) in the series by either skipping or buying “Instant Grow” harvests. I know I am on more frequently than many of my neighbors since I am retired, but family’s currently having medical issues so it’s sort of analogous to having a job, .i.e driving to med apps, hospital etc. A week to complete the basic Quests in series then the “bonus” Quests is very difficult. And, yes, I payed to get early access to LC.

    I enjoy FV, in fact I left “farming” last Nov2010 and returned just before EC was completed. But, Zynga, please it is becoming a full-time job here. I cannot play any other ‘games” and am locked into FV. I feel there are too many Quests, all at once. Duckula, LC etc. plus then the “Jack o’lantern and the Octoberfest apple thing.
    PLus all the new buildings and the need to expand those building because of all the “babies” we get comstantly who also must be fed. ARRRRUGH…please a little slack here!!!

  180. rick Says:

    how do u make farmhouse cheddar

  181. raven zombie Says:

    did anyone actually get the Innkeeper gnome for finishing quest 2?
    i got a Lighthouse keeper gnome…

  182. Samantha Says:

    I am JUST NOW seeing this quest available. This is bull, Zynga. This is the second time that the quests have been rolled out to me with ONE DAY available to finish the quests. I am sick and tired of this.

  183. Oscar Says:

    Almost done!,… but I won’t be able to finish because I forgot to NOT harvest an orchard yesterday and now it’s 48% and just 1 day left to complete this quest (or less than tha?),… Even if I harvest orchards from my other two farms it doesn’t give me credit for them,… The only way to complete Bonus Challenge 3 is to spend the only hard earned FV cash that I was saving to buy a Level 1 tree… Oh well!…

  184. Misty Says:

    I did not get to finish my Quest for this one ,I was on a 3 day Quest finished it and then Poof the next Quest ended in 13 hours!The problem was I Had a 1 day crop to do and it takes me 2 time’s do to my small Cove!!!! So I didn’t get the Trick Or Treat Monkey,The Giant Couch or the Gnarled Tree!!What a bummer!! Seem’s I can’t ever finish these quests anymore!! Maybe if everyone stopped cheating with Gamers Unite and Bonus Collectors I would have a better chance!!! “Truly Sick Of This Game”

  185. huda najmi Says:

    the light house quest #2 of the fariys where you need 3 life preservers is not work for me, Will not let me ask for the life preserver please help.


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