FarmVille Freak of the Week: FarmVille Home Garden

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FarmVille Freak of the Week: FarmVille Home Garden

Posted on August 21, 2010 4:59 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

A while back we asked you to show us why you are a FarmVille Freak. We got some amazing entries and would like to share with you what makes FarmVille Freak J.S.’ s a true FarmVille Freak!

FarmVille Freak J.S.’s real life FarmVille home garden.

FarmVille Freak JS' FarmVille Garden I

FarmVille Freak JS' FarmVille Garden II

So what makes you a FarmVille Freak? Send your proof to and we may feature you on FarmVille Freak!

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21 Responses to “FarmVille Freak of the Week: FarmVille Home Garden” »

  1. angelfarmer Says:

    wow 1rst! does anybody knows how to play mystery game 1 time for free?

  2. tugrul Says:

    first !!!

  3. tugrul Says:

    people, being first is really fun, i never understood people who tried to be first up until now :))

  4. dark5 Says:

    does he need his neighbor to fertilize his crops? lol

  5. KC Says:

    I too have a vegetables growing in my garden….and I actually do get fertilizer from my neighbours. They have rabbits and there is nothing quite as good a pre-pelleted bunny fertilizer.

  6. Jacob Farmer Says:

    @KC Gross!

  7. Faraj Says:

    Not note-worthy. My small garden in the backyard is way better.

  8. indian girl Says:

    what’s so great?

  9. Monika Says:

    @2 and 3: HAHAHAHAHA! FAIL!!!!!!!

  10. Jaymes Says:

    i see alot of things wrong with this farm, no beehive, no cellar storage,no chicken coop,no stable,no barn,no dairy farm,no nursery barn,not even a farmers market stall which means i cant collect bushels! smh!

  11. Buster1722 Says:

    anyone know why the brown lop eared rabbit is still white?

  12. tugrul Says:

    hey i was first last night, there were only 3 entries and the first two were mine…. you can ask entry 4 owner…this is not fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ali Says:

    I bet yr crying as well Tuqrul…geeze man grow up!!!!

  14. pio Says:

    @tugrul FAILLLL!!!! Lol, idiot

  15. Roland Says:


  16. chris Says:

    why is my farm unregistered to my friend ???
    people will delete me if its this way how do i fix it

  17. JNB Says:

    J.S. plow, plant and harvest for real, put a “FarmVille” banner and you say that’s amazing? That looks horrible.

  18. kh25728 Says:

    farmville gifts go straight to gift box!?!?! yay!

  19. someone Says:

    tuqrul your such a sad freak, i hate people who put “first” especially when theyre not even first

  20. tugrul Says:

    @19, i am just a regular guy who enjoys farmville, but you should have some serious issues if you call someone you don´t know a freak( i am sure you wouldn´t even dare to say a single word if were face to face)… is obvious that i am teasing here and having some fun but you need to have a brain to realize that….
    however, i still don´t hate you because i am here to enjoy myself , can´t waste any bit of emotion on people who are the real freaks…..

  21. SuzieO Says:

    I just hope this will discourage you from playing that ridiculous 1st game in the future.. can’t you see the people who are first and don’t do that are the ones to be admired and emulated.