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FarmVille Freak Pigpen Expansion Guide

Posted on January 4, 2011 12:48 am by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Pigpen

FarmVille Pigpen expansion is being slowly rolled out to players!

Soon, if not already, you will be able to expand your Pigpen to hold 40 Pigs. Until now farmers were only able to house 20 pigs in their pens, so the Pigpen actually took up more space than the pigs.

FarmVille Pigpen Expansion Notice

You will need the help of your neighbors to expand your Pigpen.

FarmVille Pigpen Expansion Request

To expand your Pigpen you will need the following Free Gifts, links provided below:

  • 12 Wooden Boards
  • 12 Bricks
  • 12 Nails

FarmVille Pigpen Expansion Materials

More Pigs in our pens means more chances to find truffles! You can find more information about Truffle hunting, here & here. Many players have been less than excited by the Truffle hunting process and what rewards it brings. Hopefully those prizes will be refreshed along with this expansion!

Thank you to FarmVille Freak DrGreenThumb for providing the gifting links to the Wooden Board, Nail and Brick, all the items we need for expansion! While players only have access to certain items each week due to rotation on the Free Gift page, you can click the images below and send any item you like.

FarmVille Pigpen Wooden Board Gifting Link

FarmVille Pigpen Brick Gifting Link

FarmVille Pigpen Nail Gifting Link

Will you expand your Pigpen?

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88 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Pigpen Expansion Guide” »

  1. SuzieO Says:

    I’m choosing not to expand my pigpen and probably will get rid of it soon.. it just doesn’t pay to do the truffle cha cha anymore.

  2. jason Says:

    i’ll expand it but only because i already have it and another 20+ pigs in storage waiting to fill ‘er up!

    i also may delete the pen one day if all it cranks out are other pigs and the super rare 10 refill surprise. i can make more fuel in one day than hoping to hit a 10 refill bonus.

  3. Wendy cundiff Says:

    Truffles, who in the hell ever sends the things back. i just use it as storage for the pigs and harvest for the coins. Its a waste of space and time really. A sheep and goat barn are needed more I think…and come on with the expansion. Put new things in the mystery eggs too. <3

  4. Bruno Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more useful to expand the Horse Stables?

  5. MegW Says:

    I agree with suzie… It just doesnt make any sense…

  6. Rogue Robot Says:

    Most.Worthless.Building.Ever. Deleted it weeks ago.

  7. Ben Says:

    Awesome! I have 20 of each building item because I had no clue what it was going to require. Now i can use them and get rid of them in my giftbox

  8. Rav Says:

    How boring. Of all the expansions we need they give us a pigpen expansion. How about a stable expansion?

  9. ruSh.Me Says:

    Oh, I have been deleting Strawberry pigs like anything!! :( Why Why so late?

  10. ruSh.Me Says:

    oh, “Selling” instead of “deleting”!

  11. stacy Says:

    sold that sucker weeks ago! wont bother buying it back.

  12. createdforkids Says:

    ummm yeah I vote with everyone else… I sold pigpen, turkey roost, and Animal feed…. I agree we need new things in eggs and more cow barns… and need a home for sheep… and foals that wont grow them up! Since it just turns them into a black horse or pony!

  13. JewelTones Says:

    They need stable expansions not pig. Geez.


  14. Sooz Says:

    Yeah, pig pens are a pain. At least they’re a fairly fast way to get rid of useless bushels (like clover and purple asparagus)
    I hate truffle hunting. If they could cut down on the footprint of the turkey roost and pig pens, and ditch the truffle hunting, that’d be great.

  15. JessiBessi93 Says:

    I hate that stupid PigPen, the truffles are stupid and useless..I am really tempted to just delete it, the pigs take up less room than the pigpen does. :/

  16. jezzy Says:

    My neighbors are (and always have been) really good at returning truffles — If your neighbors aren’t doing it you either need better neighbors, or you have posting on your wall disabled ;). I filled mine with strawberry pigs since they’re worth a crapton of coins to sell, so every time I get one back it pays for itself big time.

    This makes it even better now that I can store all the other pigs I have stuffed in gaps around it inside it.

    No complaints here. I’m a happy camper.

  17. Tony Says:

    Sold..Built it back.Why did i do this.Humm??? Stupid..Selling it again..people never return truffles anyway.I guess they think there there’s..They Would,nt have them if it was’nt for you..And this is Supposed to be a social game..Truffle thief’s..LOL

  18. Lynn Says:

    I stopped sending my pigs to hunt- nobody sends truffles back.

  19. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Great, now I can move my stash of strawberry pigs into the sty and move the reindeer under the citrus trees until next winter.

    Neighbors that do not return truffles are not my neighbors for much longer.

    I also keep track of who thanks me for trees and the best mystery eggs. No thanks, no regular interaction, not a neighbor. I’m not one that has 300 neighbors, I keep it at 120-130 max and I have a waitlist of potential new neighbors.

    FarmVille _is_ a social game.

  20. adrienne Says:

    I think an expansion of the market stall’s for crafting item’s is needed. Expansion’s have happened for most of everything else. Expand or lessen the bushels needed to craft items.

  21. Laurie Says:

    Really, Im ok with it.. Hope it is going up and not out. Smaller foot print would be nice. I hardly ever get any truffles back. I have never seen a Strawberry Pig. How do you get those? I did get a white pig the other day which was cool, would like more.

  22. ruSh.Me Says:

    #17 Moo Moo Moo: How do I add you? ;-)

  23. DeeDee Says:

    Har! Sold that piece of crap months ago.

  24. Eliane Says:

    Horse Stable expansion please!!! The horses occupy a lot of space!!!
    Truffle process does not interest indeed.
    And we want to put the SNOW STALION inside the Horse Stable!!!
    And the Animal Trough is boring too: please bring back the Black Sheep as reward!!!

  25. JenniS Says:

    I agree with SuzieO… the truffle hunting isn’t worth the effort and is just plain boring… the same as the Mystery animal at the Animal Trough.

  26. Matt Says:

    Why would anyone want to expand their Pig pen, just to go and do more Truffle hunting for other people. The only purpose of the pig pen is to get rid of bushels you don’t want and then i only pass truffles on to my best of friends. Now if i got a truffle for everyone i found then that would be different. I would rather use my bricks and things for additional Orchards.

  27. Rebekka Says:

    I’m glad for the expension, and I don’t need stable expansion, didn’t like horses when I was I child, and I’m not loving them now. horses are stupid.

  28. [kby] Says:

    You can also double the number of harvests of saddleback pigs.

  29. Fay Says:

    I like this! And i like the pigpen. I go hunting for truffels (only gold truffels) to get fuel!!!! I get 90% of my Truffels back. I don’t know why you are all so upset … Yes of course it takes much room, more than 20 piggies do, but not more than 40 piggies do!
    So now you get a reason to build a pigpen!
    You get 15000 coins, when you sell a strawberry pig. Do you know that? thats lots of money. So i like black truffels, too.

    Of course i want buildings for all my animals. For sheeps, goats and i love that new unreleased duck pond. I want expansions for all my buildings, of course. But i love evrything i get. every new building and every expansion.
    Some day we’ll have a building for all of our animals. You just have to wait and keep playing and most important: HAVE FUN! It’s a game!!!! HAVE FUN!!!

    Yeah i would like new animals available via pigpen, nursery, mystery eggs. How about some updates, Zynga???
    Who knows …

    (remember: HAVE FUN :P)

  30. Wasily Says:

    I don’t mind the pig pen, I don’t personally need an expansion, I just wish it wouldn’t open every time I harvest it.

  31. Loony Says:

    Great to earn more coins by putting more saddleback pigs inside… ;)
    I didn’t send the pigs to hunt for months. It’s just not worth the effort.

    @Moo moo moo, Get a life! ;)

  32. Dogmom Cheryl Says:

    My pig pen was sold off about a month ago, though I still kept some of the pigs. I’m wishing for a sheep barn! I’d also like a “zoo” or “menagerie” that would hold all the wild animals (squirrels, bears, reindeer, tigers, etc.) and more room in the stable.

  33. Ally Says:

    I have the pigpen and I will definitely be participating in the expansion. I have lots of pigs outside of the pen and I’m very glad that I’ll finally be able to put them in too and get more space. One more thing why I like it is what I like about all buildings for animals and trees – harvesting with one click instead of 20 or 40 clicks.
    The only problem I have with the pigpen is what Wasily before me already said – it opens every time I harvest it. I haven’t been hunting for truffles for a very long time for several reasons – not interested in rewards anymore, spending too much time hunting to end up finding truffles on farms of people that don’t play anymore or posting on walls of people that don’t return them.

  34. Linda Says:

    Great!! Now I can build some more!! Whooo!!

  35. John Says:

    It takes forever to have the pigs hunt truffles. Now it will take even longer, if you have 40 pigs hunt truffles. For that reason I don’t have them all hunt. Zynga needs to speed it up and let ALL of them hunt at one time.

  36. Pokerface Says:

    I will expand, but I’ve stopped hunting for truffles. No one sends them back anyway…
    I’d rather seen:
    - Sheep stable
    - New pigs to get from truffles
    - New animals to grow up from the nursery
    - Different level 2 trees for every level 1 tree
    - Some nice animals/deco/trees for coins instead of FV$
    - Some new crops
    - And last but not least: 28×28 coin expansion! I’ve saved over 10 million coins…

  37. Lars Says:

    Yes i will expand my pig pen,the strawberry pig is a big help for me when i need some extra coins 15k for every strawberry pig is fair enough…the only problem is that some of the players are not returning the favor they do not share the truffles back.

  38. adrs Says:

    haven’t gotten my expanssion yet!!! “being rolling out….” LOL

  39. Richard Says:

    Yes, truffle hunting is a pain, but I like the way the pigpen looks. And I definitely need an expansion since I have hundreds of pink pot belly pigs littering my farm!

  40. Marie-Luise Says:

    i don’t need a pigpen expansion. the better way is

    - expansion the horsestable
    - one more nurserybarn or
    - expansion the nurserybarn
    - a stable for sheep or/and goats

    and at last very important… new animals from the nursery horses!!!!

  41. Bruna Pereira Says:

    I need neighbors, please!/profile.php?id=836055901

  42. Rusty Says:

    I don’t have enough pigs to bother with the expansion. Just use it for a few coins, and to use up the odd bushels. But I keep it because I like having a “home” for the animals.

    Now if we could get a generic storage barn for all the other misc. animals I don’t want wandering around, I will be happy.

  43. Fay Says:

    it’s not working at my farm, yet :(

  44. Trix Says:

    I’ll be expanding.

    Strawberry Pigs sell for 15K.

    Get 40 of them send them hunting and hope it goes to someone who will return the Strawberry Truffle back to you.

    Sell your Strawberry Pig overages to save up and buy “Belted Cows”

    Wish more players would understand the concept of “Leveling Up” their animals. It helps them (increased coin income) and their neighbors who can then claim and grow their stock and the circle goes on.

    It’s not the (quantity) of the animals you have but the (quality) just as in real farming, ranching. Thee better your stock the more money you make off of breeding your animals.

  45. Jewel Says:

    Pigpens (and any expansion thereof) STINK!!

  46. Kitty farmer Says:

    Is there anyone interested in the pigs and truffles anymore???? Except the strawberry pig that sells for 15 000 coins there is nothing worth my time. Plus I need the building parts for extra orchards. Zynga is getting extremely boring and will soon lose us completely. I am sorry. It was a really great game. Last year.

  47. brenda Says:

    OMGOSH!! YAY. This is a good thing!.
    BUT I would love to expand it, but I dont know how! I have no expand pig pen anywhere. =[ Inside my pigpen there is no option to expan. =[ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Aven Says:

    I thought the gold truffles were going to give us miniature pot-bellied pigs and Javawotsit pigs. NOoooooooooo. Just rubbish. Like everyone here, I never get the truffles back. Mark you I reckon, you’d get a fair old wack in revenue from 40 saddlebacks in an expanded pigpen. Hmm. Might try that and just give the truffle hunting a big miss.

  49. Richard Says:

    I’ve been concentrating on Saddleback pigs. Ya gotta love that 24,000 a day shot in the arm. I needed and welcome the expansion. Wish they would make it more. Lots of revenue from little space.

  50. Foo Says:

    I’ll expand. I get all my truffles back and there’s no easier way to get tons of fuel. I’m constantly sitting at 100+ fuel thanks to my piggies.

  51. Ania21 Says:

    Stupid special delivery boxes don’t even work!
    Clearly I need tools for my expansion and all I get is trees and shit from my special delivery box!
    Is anyone else getting crap?
    like wth.?

  52. Sharon Says:

    Farmville has gotten boring

  53. Doug Says:



    Or did I just miss the post?

    The santa workshop that I built stopped making gifts. I clicked on it and it asks if you want to store it. I click store and it says “buildings with snow cannot be stored. we’ll give you a free application of snow instead.”


    Ok, it wasn’t making gifts anymore, but it took forevr to get it to level three and there is no way I would want to just delete it.


  54. Ania21 Says:


    Yea I also noticed this today. That really sucks..
    I also didn’t want to just sell it since it took so much work to build the darn thing, so I just stored it..
    But that really sucks that we can’t harvest gift anymore..esp. when they’re still available in free gifts tab.

  55. nm Says:

    off topic but does anyone know what’s in the mystery box when you redeem a gift card from best buy?

  56. Tom Says:

    Haven’t seen this info so here it is: the 12 item list only gets you to 30, to get 40 pigs in your pigpen, you will need an additional 20 of each.

  57. k3m15a Says:

    So is this why i can’t get into my farm?
    it just does not load at all

  58. [kby] Says:

    @Doug: The workshop stopped giving gifts on 1/1/11

    @Ania21: My roommate very cleverly suggested starting an orchard. That works to force the special deliveries to give building materials (but you have to build the orchard in parallel to get the right mix of materials). Apparently they forgot to label the expansion as something for building materials, so if that is the only building “in progress” special deliveries don’t think they need to give materials.

  59. adrs Says:

    1st upgrade:
    - 12 nails, 12 woodenboards, 12 bricks.
    2nd upgrade:
    - 20 nails, 20 woodenboards, 20 bricks.

  60. Doug Says:

    So are others able to store their workshop? Mine disappeared. Gone. Kaput.

  61. JustJennifer Says:

    I hope they don’t correct the SDB issue. There are a lot of people who wont want to expand their pen or have a more pressing need for watering cans. If you want to expand, build an orchard and clue in your SDBs. If you do not want to expand right way you will still get your watering cans.
    I think this glitch worked out!
    Just my opinion

  62. Noel Says:

    How about a coin land expansion instead of a pig pen expansion :P

  63. jnogel Says:

    @ post 50, its in storage

  64. Marimea Says:

    I am not able to send gifts from the market. What’s going on?

  65. Sonia Says:

    hey!!!! the send option is gone!!!!!….. :@

  66. Ania21 Says:

    Ooh, I see..ok, I’ll start another orchard. Thanks for that info.
    Hope they fix this soon!

  67. Mr. Eko Says:

    Ania21, I am getting the same worthless stuff from my secret boxes.. just trees and useless junk. Zynga must have changed the boxes so it won’t give us boards, bricks and nails anymore.. Stupid.

  68. dawn Says:

    You don’t have to build orchard in parallel, just use material on pig pen and then open more sd boxes. I expanded my pig pen and still have an orchard ready to start.

    So far people are getting yellow gum tree or blue tree houses. Those are the only 2 things I’ve heard of getting, people are still getting free dart.

    I like bad neighbors, sick of sending gifts and building stuff. Game is getting boring since there hasn’t been a good natural hack in the game for a long time.

  69. Sheri Says:

    I send my pigs out truffle hunting as soon as they’re ready. I get most back. I’m just glad they’re going to more active players than they did at first.
    Funny thing…. When I’ve gotten truffles, I don’t always have the option to return. I don’t know why it’s just not there sometimes. Anyway, I’ve expanded and am happy.

  70. vickie Says:

    i went ahead and expanded mine. i had to use the orchard trick to do it tho. that is what i came here to tell everyone about nut saw it was already explained.
    my neighbors were pretty good about returning truffles. but now, with notifications popping up every few seconds with gift announcements, i think alot of us aren’t paying attention to it, maybe too much like work? oh…and just for the record, i HATE the pink balloons on my trees. pleeeez zynga take em away

  71. Jamie Says:

    @nm: I got a Yellow Gum Tree, Blue Tree House & Peace Fountain

    I totally wish they would have released the land expansion for coins or a horse stable expansion. I have all released horses & can’t put some in my stable because of lack of room.

    Also they really should re-think the baby animals that grow up from the nursery. Some of the things that grow up into black cows or horses aren’t even in the market…. their free freaking items from the gift page or wandering/lost animals. They wouldn’t be losing out on any $$ to let them grow up into what they started out as!!!!!

  72. kettletop Says:

    I really count on the special deliveries to help with building. I started my pigpen expansion but the stupid special delivery boxes keep giving me tricycle planters, trees (which are fine) and owl statues. What the ….?

    I have several hundred saplings that i have to plant 1 at a time (I get 5 -10 more each day) and I used to be able to count on the special delivery for watering cans, but that doesn’t seem to work well either.

    I took everything I can think of out of my gift box so it should know what I need…but doesn’t.

  73. Mon-chan Says:

    @Doug (#53).

    Um, check your storage. I got that message too and it was because the snow came off the building and the building went into storage. Duh…

  74. sarah Says:

    since when did special deliveries stop giving you what you actually need I have 165 of the darn things and I save them just for such projects and I used 20 of them and got nothing but white lawn chairs and flower pots =(

  75. Regius Says:

    To those who have not tried truffle hunting in a long while, Zynga has increased the amount of time in which recipients can collect and return truffles. This is one reason a lot of people wouldn’t return truffles to you, because if they didn’t log in within a few hours of them being sent, the truffles would “expire”. Unfortunately though, Zynga hasn’t fixed the problem of truffles being predominantly sent to people who no longer or very rarely play (ie the same problem we all had with the snowman items recently). And yes, it would be good to see some new items exchanged for truffles.

    All I’m waiting for now is the damn land expansion. I think it was a pretty poor show for Zynga to “release” it at a ridiculous amount of FV cash before Christmas without offering it for coin. Why they’ve now released the pig pen expansion before fixing the land expansion, I’ve no idea!

  76. Jody Says:

    I’ve been saving Special Deliveries and pigs because I knew the Pig Pen expansion was coming, so now the SD’s not giving me anything useful and I have all these stupid pigs with no place to put them.

  77. Golden Gnome Says:

    I can’t recieve building materials from Special Delyvery boxes. I can get only Old Bike, Tricycle planter, owl statue and a number of pigs, sometimes Starfruit trees. Its a piece of shit. I expanded my stable months ago for 200 materials from 20 to 40 horses, then the machines came, then the special delivery boxes give me vehicle parts.

    Now from these boxes i can only recieve a number of foolis things, and decorations. No vehicle parts, no building materials. But is have a number of vehicles, and buildings to expand, but if if have 40 special delivery boxes, i get 34-36 unuseful things from them. F*ck that shit.

    The horse expansion is very expensive (four times than the building), the orchard and the pigpen is an areal disaster. 20 bocks vs. 20. block (orchard) 28 vs 20 (pigpen). But they need new collectibles, and buildings, snowman, animal seeder, etc. (N)

  78. Neumi Says:

    @Golden Gnome: I had the same problem.
    But when you first place an orchard (the one that needs buildung materials) on your farm you get the materials you need.

    Hope that’ll help

  79. Lola Yvette Says:

    okay it’s not just me I had been saving delivery boxes for bldg suopplies and out of 80 got none

  80. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Elaine the Snow Stallion does go in stable and produces snow foals

    Moo Moo glad we are not neighbours :). If people don’t thank me I don’t care – I post stuff because the pop up is there. I play this game for me, because I enjoy it, any other interaction is an extra

  81. geo Says:

    I came to complain about special deliveries but I see its common problem.

    Is the upgrade one phase or two?

  82. Chris Clucas Says:

    Expansion, well it’s okay, but all expansions should be 100, otherwise you may as well just keep 100 of the animals and not have the building, If I put another 20 pigs in the pens, that doesn’t give me that much extra room. I’m not interested in the truffle hunting, people don’t return, and if they do, well the strawberry pig I sell immediately that’c a nice earner, but a black or white pig doesn’t give any extra coins when you harvest. Nope I don’t want a stable expansion, my horses live out, as I like to breed them, Turkey pen is a waste of time, unless they bring back the black sheep, the food store is also a waste of time. They are always giving us cute sheep for whatever is the current theme, so give us a sheep pen, but please don’t make it 20 or even 40, make it 100 to make it worth while. We are allowed 5 Dairy sheds and they can each hold 40 cows, and we can have 200 cows if we want in so small space, lets make the other animal storage the same.
    Lets have our land expansion please, soon, and no I don’t want more market stalls either, I stopped crafting a long time ago, too long winded, Orchards are good though.
    Oh a by the way the pig expansion is not just 12 bricks boards and nails, that is just the first expansion, for the second stage you need another 20 of each, and I thought I may have got those materials from all the Special Delivery boxes I collected, no wrong again, open them up and all I get is some trash I don’t want, which I just sell off, but more tedium.

  83. geo Says:

    After being halfway done with the first phase SD’s started giving me building materials, so it works now. And yeah there is a second phase with 20 materials.

  84. Casey Says:

    I expanded – I only send out GOLD truffles and now have 38 PPBP and 2 special pigs inside my PP. I still like receiving and returning truffles!

    As for a building having no use – I vote for the Turkey Roost. Why r we still getting FRUIT CAKES!!!!!!!!?????? The animal troff is a close second. As to why I still have them on my farm? I don’t really need the room. I actually have extra space so there is no real reason to delete them at this time.

  85. flungcow Says:

    Was looking forward to this but the special deliveries will for some reason not work to give you building items. What gives Zynga? It was so nice to be able to use special deliveries to complete expansions. I ended up getting all the materials to upgrade and SURPRISE!… It was only enough to expand it 10 pigs. Now you need 20 of each material to expand for the last 10 pigs. Zynga, you suck. You always find a way to poop on every rainbow.

  86. flungcow Says:

    Well I didn’t see the above posts before I commented. The special deliveries do work on the second tier. Still, why not on the first as well.

  87. Susan Says:

    I got rid of it too. Too much work and no real gain. I’m fed up with the turkeys too although they get some reward.

  88. millie Says:

    ive already expanded my pig pen to hold 40 pigs but cant seem to get another pen.. i got too many pigs.. what can i do?