FarmVille Freak Sabrina’s Very Full Farm

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FarmVille Freak Sabrina’s Very Full Farm

Posted on April 2, 2010 9:43 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Thank you FarmVille Freak Sabrina for submitting her farm that is bursting decorations and animals. There is an estimated whopping 13 Pandas and 7 Male Ostriches. This farm features many limited edition items, past and present. We here at FarmVille Freak feel your pain and completely understand your need for expanded storage! Let’s all breath deeply, hopefully the Zynga gods will get to this soon!

Hi Farm Goddess!

I love your site (thanks for all the heads-up) and I adore Farmville… I have no problems spending real money for Farmville Cash to get all the really fun stuff and be fully entertained… but I’m running out of space! If you can hear me: Help me FV Gods and Goddesses! My storage is full of bitchin’ stuff I JUST HAVE to keep (mostly LE items), almost every inch of my land is used for some awesome thing or other… even 40 slots of my gift box are used for storage… LOL! Where am I supposed to put anything new??? I’ve already cut back on my crops soooooo much, it’s going to take a long time to earn my masteries. Farmville, you need to expand land and storage!!! Or I’m going to end up cropless!!! And then stuck! I’d like to maintain a balance between a a working and decorative farm…. Thanks!!!!

- FarmVille Freak Sabrina

FarmVille Freak Sabrina's Very Full Farm (Click to Enlarge)

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57 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Sabrina’s Very Full Farm” »

  1. Estebanfmh Says:


  2. Idk Says:

    wow, that must have cost like 5 million cash :O lol its awsome, im jealous :)

  3. busta Says:

    suks for u if u wanna join co op lol

  4. nickythemime Says:

    i suggest deleting a few things of which you have extra. for instance, all the hollywood “farmville” signs, you can do less.

  5. Muffy Says:

    So pretty!

    Love the FarmVille “fence”! :D

    You can make room, I see it…’d be so much work tho. Getting rid of duplicates like Nicky said. I hope you can find a way. You need to keep playing and buying!!! lol

    We DO need more storage and more land, agreed!

  6. FarmvilleXpert Says:

    Azum farm can u add me i wanna c ur farm properly!

  7. PumpkinLover Says:

    Very nice farm! I love it very much. Add me to be your neighbor so can see your farm everyday.

  8. DerekCorn Says:

    with all the new co op and mastery.. yes.. how can you really decorate when you need so much land to grow crops?

    All this work and tasks to be done.. you really just need a full farm of plots.. making hard to enjoy the game

  9. busta Says:

    hence FARMVILLE FARM!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Josh Says:

    i think nicky is right you need to delete all of the duplecates or by a bunch of barns (red barns so you dont spend any real money)

  11. Michael Says:

    Way to pack in the junk, should need to find room for some crop mastery signs by about 2163! It might be nice to acknowledge a few farmers that actually have working farms or just rename the website decoratorville Freak (I know the games name should have been changed a few months back)!

  12. MrFarm Says:

    Maybe Zynga instead of providing this person with more storage would be nice enough to provide them with a life instead.

  13. Kassy Says:

    nice! :D

  14. Emiboo Says:

    Wow! I love ‘stuff’ lol so this farm is very appealing to me. I like the Chinese themed area with the pandas. I hope Zynga come up with some expansion soon. Think we could all us it by now.

  15. sue Says:

    Love the panda play area!

  16. JO funny.onion Says:

    WOW! Love it or hate it, Sabrina has worked very hard to create such a large visual display.

    All it needs is a ‘Wally’ hidden somewhere in it and we can play ‘Where’s Wally?”.

    I love it, by the way.

  17. Susan Cowles Says:

    OMG and I thought my farm was full… not! i love love love your farm. Now I have to figure out how I can get the other castle I have in my gift box in and redeem the other ones I still haven’t cashed in. Gesh I haven’t even cashed in all my christmas ornaments yet! NO room! I need mmoreee space. I need to learn some better packratting skills like you. Please add me so I can study your farm better.


  18. Brenda Says:

    I feel your pain. My farm is full storage is full and i have like 65 crops. And yes I spend FC and so I am not parting with it they are limited and rare, I’d like a system sort of like YoVille, It would make my farm so easy to decorate and plus to have the storage being unlimited. I would spend and buy more FC items if I knew I had room.

  19. Nemanja Says:

    This is the BEST Farm!!!

  20. Lynn Says:

    This farmer would be removed from my neighbor list immediately after I saw their farm. Talk about a loading nightmare.

  21. cute Says:

    You really 100 % Farmville Freak ;)

  22. kelly Says:

    Your farm looks great baby……And for the comment This farmer needs to get a life….Please she does have a life and This is only part of what WE as husband and wife do to entertain ourselves…..It is a great way to spend a few hours enjoying the farms and each others company…. : )

  23. Paige Says:

    Mrfarm, you are reading farmville freak and you’ve taken the time to comment…. But you don’t need a life do you? Why aren’t you outside enjoying life? You are mean and nasty and I’m sure Sabrina has a much happier life than you. I love your farm Sabrina and I have just as much FV cash stuff. :) PS: I bet Mrfarm will be back to read the comments and probably will comment again!

  24. Renuka Says:

    Very nice farm! It’s good that some farmers put in so much effort – I am personnaly more interested in growing crops and am trying to earn all the masteries – but yes I could definatly do with some more storage and a land expansion – but once again Sabrina a real nice farm

  25. Khan Says:

    All i can say is a big “Wow”.
    Had there been any option of exchange items, i would have given her 2sqft of my farm.

  26. Sara Says:

    Why is everyone hating on it and giving ‘useful’ advice? Let her do what she wants and not plant so much if that’s her choice, dunno why it bothers so many. Sabrina, your farm is pretty

  27. Helen Says:

    Sabrina – you are worse than I am at not getting rid of stuff! I fear that when we are old ladies we will be found dead under a pile of (?virtual) crap…

  28. Jaana Says:

    I like some of the ideas. Perfect for a decorator, not practical for mastering or *playing* the game. Each have their own likes and that’s what makes this game so great.
    This farm is a great example of what me and my friends would call *new farmer going crazy on stuff*. You don’t see any of the older LE stuff that are truly hard to find, just the newer stuff from the last 2 months.

    Easy ways to make more room… delete 4 of the 5 castle parts. Majority of the FV signs etc.
    I’ve seen some really ingenious farms where less is more and you still have TONS to look at and it’s actually very attractive.

    In time she’ll start pruning and spending a lot of time doing mini theme’s :) Nice job!

  29. Larissa Says:

    Beautifful farm… I loved…

    I just ask myself how ppl spend so much real money on this game… I spend some too, but when I see so much panda’s in a same place I think if there is another way to catch these fv cash stuff without paying =/

  30. Sabrina Says:

    Thank you Sara and everyone who has said kind things here. I really enjoy my farm and I’m glad some of you guys like it too! Helen, LOL, I can totally see it….that’s the risk for us serious hoarders. And for those of you who just have to hate: Ryukin, I like to play the game and I know my money helps to keep the game going. Considering the hours and hours of entertainment, I think I’m getting a great deal for the money. And if you’re a player, you should be very happy there’s people like me supporting your game too. Doyle, I’ve only been playing for the past few months… or OMG I’d really be in trouble because you know I’d have all the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas “scat” to squeeze in too… this is why I’m worried!!! And Mr Farm, even though it wasn’t put nicely, I think you’ve got a very good point…(not that Zynga would want me to do anything different) Sometimes I have to tell myself “Step away from the Feed” LOL! Paige and Hubby, thanks for sticking up for me!!! Anyone who wants to be my neighbor in FV just send me a friend request… Sabrina Houle in Washington… especailly you Paige and Helen! I’d love to be friends with sister collectors. :)

  31. Cosmique Says:

    Holy smokes! That is seriously impressive. I like how you did the stack n pack. (and managed to still squeeze in a few crops!)

  32. Jaya Says:


  33. tina Says:

    Careful, the show hoarders might come after you and clean out your farm! To each his own! Great job!

  34. -FARMDUDE- Says:



  35. Noel Marie Says:

    As to the “waste of money” and “get a life” comments, it is up to Sabrina how she wishes to spend her money and her time. (I can think of worse places to spend both!)

    The issue here is: Zynga, you have a paying customer who would like to spend more money and more time in your FarmVille game. She cannot because you, Zynga, have set limits and she is maxed out! If you want to make money, Zynga, give her a way to store her PAID FOR items so she can buy more!

    Simple. We are not asking for the co-op feature, we are asking for more space to store and grow. Give the customer what they want, not what you think they should want and they will come back for more.

    Side note to Sabrina: I think you have a lovely farm. I am sure you enjoy your time there…I sure did!

  36. Sabrina Says:

    Noel Marie…. THANK YOU!!! Exactly…. I wish I could have put it as eloquently and succinctly as you did….You get it!!!

  37. kelly Says:

    Well said Noel…..I am in the same boat as my wife Sabrina……. We both love to play and spend our money on entertainment that WE enjoy…( as in Farm Ville by Zynga)
    And storage is a Huge issue for both of us as well as space to do both a cool designer farm…. AND still be able to grow some crops……….

    I would think it would be fairly easy to increase storage for your customers……We are both nearly maxed out on both storage and plot size…..
    I hope the Zynga gods are reading and help out some farming addicts…..LOL

  38. Mae Says:

    Its nice but agreed with several others, there are LOTS of duplicates. I can see tons of room potential. That being said, yea we do need more storage or at least one more farm upgrade would be nice. My farm is not crowded but it is a “working” farm. Hence the name “Farm”ville! lol

  39. carolinemm Says:

    @ JO Funny: define “working REALLY HARD” :) Come on, I’m addicted to Farmville already to a pretty embarrassing stage, and Sabrina’s farm still makes me go WOW… clicking on the keyboard and spending thousands of dollars on a stupid little game is not “working hard”, it’s embarrassing… may I take a wild guess that Sabrina doesn’t have a full-time job? :)

  40. Mae Says:


  41. Trande Says:

    Great! Ilove FV too. Add me Sabrina Im level 69

  42. katie Says:

    Really interesting farm visually. Lots and lots of cool nooks and crannies to take in. :) WTG How long have you been playing?

    OH, and an aside question: how do you take a full screen photo of your farm? I’d love to be able to share mine with y’all but as far as I can manage, just but a sliver is photographed. Danke in advance.

  43. Nico Says:

    She must have spent around 1,000 on FC$

  44. Marilyn Says:

    There are some really clever ideas incorporated into this farm and I for one, enjoyed looking at it! I love decorating my farm and I have bought quite a few things, too. Having storage at 100 is ridiculous because every holiday there are numerous items that come out. I ended up saving a whole bunch of Halloween stuff that I have now deleted. I just figure there will be new things next year to replace it. It would have been nice to have it all! I also deleted a great deal of Christmas items. If we pay FC for items, we certainly should be able to keep them in separate storage! Nobody should make nasty remarks against what other people spend on their own farms, it is up to the individual if they can afford it, why not? Do some of you buy premium coffee, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc.? Time spent on the game is also their own decision. This farm really shows that Sabrina gets alot of pleasure from working it and making it different! I for one, applaud you, Sabrina! I have a small area for crops and now with the masteries being so important, there is just no way to accomplish what I need to do to play the game properly. Zynga please add more land or at least let us give our friends some items we would like to weed out without having to delete them!

  45. BMJ Says:

    Sabrina: I really like what you’ve done with your farm. I don’t plan on doing anything similar until I’ve done all my masteries and almost finished leveling up. I like competing with my extended family. Thank-you for the original concept. I always like to see players’ differences.

    Katie: If you have a PC, all you need to do is hit the print screen button (Prt Scr) and paste the picture it takes into MS Word or some other document program. You can edit your picture in Word. For a Mac, you need to hit the Apple key, as well as, Shift and 3 at the same time and click on your screen. Your Mac will save the picture on your desktop.

  46. ray Says:

    I see this farm and first thing that comes to my mind.. this belongs to a woman.. :D

  47. katie Says:

    laughing @ and w/ Ray :) cute

  48. Diana Says:

    Wow…and I’ve been accused of being a hoarder. I’m an amateur compared to this. I enjoy looking at farms like this..searching for all those ‘hidden’ tresures. Your farm is great!!!

  49. Jaana Says:

    Just a quick note to those who thinks this takes that much money… we are NOT talking about $1000 of real money (if we are then yes, she needs help hehehe), maybe 1000 FV$ which will only cost you $150. That’s not much at all. Not that I’m going to say how much I’ve spent in the past months hehehe, just saying that there are way worse ways of spending your money. I can only imagine how much money smokers spend on weekly basis or those who go and party couple of times of week, let alone drug users. This is a way less painful addiction when it comes to money.

  50. Susy Says:


  51. Trevor Says:

    Whats ironic about it is if you send the pic to zynga for the farm competition thing you will probably when and have even more farmcash and have nowhere to put the stuff you get with it

  52. Trevor Says:


  53. Trevor Says:

    wow again *win

  54. Chris Says:


    you mean this farm has less than 4,000 objects? It would break if you go over that amount.

  55. Jackie Says:

    Sabrina, I love your farm. I love this addiction and I think everyone should play. Don’t listen to the negative people. They seem sort of ridiculous to be on a website called “FARMVILLE FREAK” and talking negatively about a fellow farmer.

  56. Justin Says:

    kelly and sabrina? are u lesbos?

  57. Sabrina Says:

    lesbos… ha! Actually we’re 2/3 of Charlie’s Angels!!! LOL!!! And Jackie, GOOD POINT! :)