FarmVille Freak Switch Gears for Summer Quests Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Switch Gears for Summer Quests Master Guide

Posted on May 9, 2012 11:11 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille released a new series of quests on Thursday, May 10th 2012. You can complete these series of quests on any of your FarmVille farms, provided that you can work on the requirements, as it is not exclusive to Hawaiian Paradise.

Use this FarmVille Freak Guide to speed through your questing by planning accordingly. Remember to be a good neighbor and share it with your farmin’ friends! If you need help completing other FarmVille quests, check out the “FVF Quests” tab located at the top menu on our home page.

Check out the quest rewards below and share this article with your farmin’ friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change (usually to our benefit by lowering requirements) without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 1: The Shammy Shimmy
Requirements: Get 4 Shammies, Harvest 25 Grapes & Harvest 25 Strawberries
Rewards: 125 XP, Salesman Mongoose, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 2: Skew and BBQ
Requirements: Get 6 Veggie Skewers, Harvest 75 Vegetable Crops & Harvest Salesman Mongoose Twice
Rewards: 150 XP, Munchin’ Marten, & 3,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 3: Lounge Act
Requirements: Get 8 Patio Furniture, Harvest 100 Soybeans & Harvest the Munchin’ Marten Twice
Rewards: 175 XP, 3x Unwither, & 3,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 4: Shorts Weather
Requirements: Get 9 Cargo Shorts, Harvest 75 Peanuts & Harvest 75 Fruit Crops
Rewards: 200 XP, Summer Alligator, & 4,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 5: Sun Blocker
Requirements: Get 9 Sun Hats, Harvest 150 Sunflowers & Master Salesman Mongoose 1-Star
Rewards: 225 XP, Slip and Slide, & 4,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 6: Hot Foot
Requirements: Get 9 All Terrain Shoes, Harvest 150 Wheat & Harvest the Pet Run Twice
Rewards: 250 XP, Book of XP, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 7: Rispoli’s Ride
Requirements: Get 10 Sponges, Harvest 150 Bell Peppers & Master Munchin’ Marten 1-Star
Rewards: 275 XP, Car Wash Otter, & 5,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 8: Shinny and New
Requirements: Get 11 Cans of Car Wax, Harvest 150 Grain Crops & Harvest the Livestock Pen Twice
Rewards: 300 XP, Turbo Charger, & 6,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quest 9: Fuzzy Dice!
Requirements: Get 12 Fuzzy Dice, Harvest 200 Cranberry & Master the Summer Alligator to 1-Star
Rewards: 325 XP, Rispoli’s Ride, & 6,500 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Switch Gears for Summer Quests?  Will you be skipping them or questing to their completion?

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43 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Switch Gears for Summer Quests Master Guide” »

  1. TJ Says:

    what, no mystery dart?

  2. Donna Says:

    STOP WITH THE QUEST ALREADY!!!!!! Losing neighbors every day that are just giving up….. Not enough time in the day to work all the farms and do Quests! I used to love them, but now it’s just gotten to be a pain!

  3. hamamoto nana Says:

    plz i hope anything comemimg all

  4. cheri bailey Says:

    not enoigh time to finish quests,i am about ready to quit farmville…my game requests dont come up no matter what i do..things are expiring,because game does not work right.stop with so mant quests,fix the game….neoghbors dont reads posts amyway…they are tooo busy with 5 farms and all the quests. Family Farm is much more fun.

  5. Carin Says:

    That was my thought, too – no mystery dart? Been looking forward to those in quests. Think this is one I’ll pass on – not impressed with the prizes.

  6. gareth Ireland Says:

    No Trees, pass

  7. Guy Hickle Says:

    Love the book of XP.s The people that complain about quest?? Just do not do them or select the ones you want to do.. using freaks guide to make the choice.

  8. robot Says:

    Pretty boring rewards. Nothing jumps out at me making these worth the effort.

  9. bridget Says:

    Think I will sit this quest out, they are getting to be to much, every week a new one.
    Wish Zynga would slow down on the questing. Some insta-grow instead of a unwither would be a good prize.

  10. Steve Says:

    I’ll have this completed in no time by using my farm cash :)

  11. Laura Says:

    Real easy quest series in my opinion. Only 1 crop thats a 2-day crop. If you plant the bell peppers now or tomorrow, it should be ready by the time you are that particular quest. Doing these quests just takes some planning/pre-palnting. I don’t understand why people complain that there is too many quests. Simply don’t do them; no need to get angry and “threaten” to quit.

  12. Tala Says:

    An odd thing has been happening on my farm: The end of section screen has not been coming up when I complete all three objectives in a single quest section.

    The screen usually tells you what you have received as a reward and allows you to share a goodie with your neighbor. If It weren’t for these guides, I wouldn’t know what it was I got! Any one else having this problem?

  13. Pooh Says:

    I am not happy that ‘mystery dart’ is not being given in the rewards. I love receiving them in the quests.
    Most of the prizes in these are decorations that I don’t think would be worth doing. As I always finish all the quests, I might just try to do this but I won’t rush to complete it.

  14. valerie Says:

    friggin boring , nuff said

  15. Ellen Hardin Says:

    i have only been doing the hi quests- too many quests!!! – but you can pick and choose-

  16. Mike Says:

    Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in! Arrrrgggghhh!

    I just got the May Fair quests and Hawaii Chapter 6 done and now there’s more?!?!?

  17. cinnarose Says:

    I will wait to see the pictures of the quest rewards before I decide if I want to do this one. The otter car wash sounds promising, but it could just be stupid or ugly.

    I never understood using FV cash for quests, unless you really, really want that particular quest item. It seems like a waste of money to me. I rather save it for trees, or the occasional animal.

  18. Sarah Says:

    I too am tired of the unwithers, give me an instant grow instead! Most of the prizes look like junk that will just clutter up my gift box, not sure this round is worth the hassle this time, with no trees and no horse.

  19. Mark Says:

    VDUBB!!! I want that VW Bus! I gotta have it. :)

  20. JS Says:

    Eurgh. Nothing interesting here to work for.

  21. Melvina Montalvo Says:

    I like this quest and The rewards you get I will do this one twice

  22. Melvina Montalvo Says:

    Even though I like most of the rewards in this one I would like to see some Instant Grow sometime . How about it ?

  23. Kels Says:

    Thank You for sharing this info. I have everything planted and almost all are ready to harvest!!

    Just waiting for it to start!

  24. Steve Vegas Says:

    It started… just got this new quest, same old story. Plant stuff with no purpose. Car Wash Otter??? WTF.

  25. Linda Says:

    I’ll do it, but I can think of better items to work for :)

  26. reading lady Says:

    any hints on where to place the marten, mongoose and gater to get them to the star level?

    also, I used to love the darts, but my mystery game doesn’t work anymore. It just loops and won’t give me the prize! Support offered no explanation or help!

    I agree that these prizes are pretty lame! I have so many unwithers that I will never use, and once I got past level 100, going up and up isn’t as meaningful to me. I love horse rewards the most.

    I hear lots of discontent, too. Too many farms to harvest w/o doing the quests–even if they are optional. We are all a little bit task driven, or we wouldn’t play this game, so if the quest is there, lots feel “obligated” to finish it!

  27. ursel vecchiarelli Says:

    it look easy only one two day the gifts are not that great but it be fun to do any ways i’m good at planning my stuff head so i can just fly thru because if you have enough pen it only takes an hour for one levels should be easy

  28. Mary Bilz Says:

    There are just TOO MANY QUESTS which are overlapping. If you don’t use FV Cash or the instant grow, you don’t get them finished on time even though you play every day. Those 12 item quests with 2 day crops just get too long and then get impossible to get done in time! Just about make it but lose the big prize at the end. What a bummer!!! I’m skipping this one with it’s stupid prizes. Also I’m not going to finish the last one either. All we do is beg for things from our friends. Please let’s get to planting and visiting again!

  29. Stacy Says:

    Lucky for me this one isn’t to interesting. Fishing opener is this weekend in MN and now I don’t have to worry about not having the time to do this one cause I will be gone fishin’ :)

  30. Shan Says:

    NOT PLAYING!! Lame lame LAME prizes and I cant even finish the quests that I already have and Im an everyday player!!!

  31. Salsa Ruby Says:

    I’m chasing the Rispoli’s Ride.

  32. Ankush.Av Says:

    Very boring rewards ….no (1)Mystery dart (2)Horse (3)At Least Some Rare Animal (4)Instead of Unwither Its Better to give Instant Grow…

  33. Shannon Says:

    Can you please go back to including pictures of the items we are supposed to be requesting for the quests? That would make it a lot easier to actually “see” what we need to collect. That was the primary reason I started using your site as opposed to the many other farmville related sites.

    Side note: If they are going to make drug references (Rispoli’s ride? FROM Fast times at Ridgemont High) then they can’t complain when we ask why we can’t plant a hemp crop!

  34. Lee Says:

    The quests are too much I think too. But some of the prizes are really cute. I really wanted to do this one for the bus. Too bad it is the very last prize. I will never make it. Thanks to FarmvilleFreak for posting these. Bittersweet to know what is coming, and that I probably won’t get = ) Thanks though, really for the info.

  35. belfastjuls Says:

    I agree….WAAAAY too many quests….spend my life begging and scrounging for items. Not enough time to just farm/rearrange/visit….feel like i owe it to my neighbours tho to help them out on their quests too so get sucked in.

    As Reading Lady on comment 26 asked….any hints on where to place the mongoose and marten when we get them to speed things up?

  36. flmdrpeena Says:

    Don’t know rewards barely worth it either in gift, coin, or XP. Will see how it fits in with other farming. Tiring again & much more of this stuff & growing same old stuff.

  37. Margo Says:

    I’m tired of quests that require one star mastery. It wouldn’t be so bad if the enclosures didn’t revert to 96% when you put an animal in them. I have a life and a job. And moving animals from home to england to the cove and back again is getting old really fast. Didn’t like the tons of oysters needed to complete the hawaiian quest either. Good thing I had lots of unwithers!! Think I’ll go back to mastering crops, since it’s a triple weekend!! :-)

  38. rollande duchesneau Says:

    finish a quest started another one says master the summer alligator to 1 star didn;t get it. now can;t finish that quest.

  39. Tala Says:

    Rispoli’s Ride is just a decoration. =(

  40. Misty Says:

    Why didn’t I get my summer alligator

  41. Tina Says:

    Fed up, completed the quest for the 2nd time hoping to get another XP prize and guess what it never gave it…….so won’t be doing that again :(

  42. jamie Says:

    I had a problem without getting my xp bonus. i sent them an email complaint and received the xp box and 10 farmville cash for the hassel. the email to complain is –

    everytime i have an issue i email them and they do something to resolve the issue. they have very quite and nice customer service i think.

    did anyones summer quest start yet … the new tasks are listed on this page .. but i havent seen anything poppin up to start yet. the post was dated one day ago. let me know if you know when it starts.

    thanks so much


  43. Mike Says:

    Enough of the quests please, OR give just a few hours more to complete. I’m about to fail yet again because my neighbours are either busy or just plain fed up with the time-sensitive fail-more-likely quests!!

    If this doesn’t stop, I’ll quit the game because it just isn’t fun any more.


    Quests with tight time limits=torture

    and THAT just isn’t right !!