FarmVille Freak Techie: Beware Co-Op Farmers of Deleting Crops

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FarmVille Freak Techie: Beware Co-Op Farmers of Deleting Crops

Posted on April 26, 2010 8:07 am by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

It may seem like common sense that if you plant  a crop and delete it, then the deleted crop will not count towards the Co-Op farming job requirements. For what ever reason you deleted the crop, know that even though your Crops “seeded”may read 100%, upon harvesting you will be short by how many crops you deleted.

FarmVille Freak Paul explains in further detail how deleting crops affects Co-Op farming.

“Hi Farmville Freak,

I have discovered a huge, horendous bug in Farmville’s co-operative farming. It will destroy days of effort and seriously piss off your friends. Here’s what happens.

Let’s say you and a friend take on a job to plant 1000 Whateverberries. You plant 500 and the meter shows “50% planted”, then your neighbour plants 500 and the meter shows “100% planted”.

Fine, but lets say you decide to replant some of the Whateverberries elsewhere. Here’s the flaw – when you delete crops you’ve planted for a job, the meter does not go down!!!

You delete 50 Whateverberries, the meter should say 95% planted, but it still says 100%. You don’t notice it and replant anyway and all seems fine.

Sadly the game hasn’t registered the re-plants and only notices the missing crops when it comes to harvesting.

When all the crops have been harvested, it says 100% planted, 95% harvested, but you can NEVER harvest the last 5% because you deleted them and the game doesn’t realise you replaced them.

You don’t know this and – because you’ve done all your harvesting, you think your friend or others involved haven’t quite finished their harvesting.

It stays on 95% and time ebbs away. You lose the gold award. You lose the silver. It stays on 95% right up to the last second of the bronze award while you frantically email your friend saying “for heavens sake do you bleeding harvesting!!”. But like you, they finished harvesting a long time ago and it’s Farmville who screwed up.

This has happened to me twice so far. Please let everyone else know NEVER DELETE CROPS – because it puts a strain on friendship and you pull your hair out.

FarmVille Freak Paul x”

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  1. Vanessa Says:

    And that’s the only bug you’ve found in the Co-Op Farming thing? How about the fact that you can’t join your friends Co-Op’s and your friends can’t join yours and you’re left joining a Co-Op you don’t really want to just to join one. Or you have to join one that’s almost done because the one’s you start no one can join and the ones they start you can’t join. I HATE THE CO-OP FARMING!!!!!!!!!!!! How are we supposed to work together to help our friends and neighbors when we can’t join their Co-Op?

  2. Yaz Says:

    why would you delete 50 crops :S

  3. Nathan Says:


  4. Rick Says:

    That’s would be my question as well Yaz.

  5. Nathan Says:

    whoops not first!!

  6. kitkat Says:

    I dont understand why you would delete the 50 crops either. Also my HUGE gripe about the co-ops is people who JOIN AFTER everthing is already seeded.. Why do they get to benefit from the prize without having to contribute A THING. Nothing makes me madder and I have been deleting neighbors who do this.

  7. oioi Says:

    this is not true in my experience

  8. Abhiram Says:

    I too noticed this bug some 2 weeks back too..luckily my frnd had xtra crops planted..wch saved the day. There is another..where if u join a job but find all the required crops planted but yet plant the same crop on ur farm..u can contribute 2 the harvest when u harvest ur crops..given harvests r pending in the co-op.

  9. Vampy Says:

    @ Nathan, that was a horrible attempt at first 11 minutes after? Grow up…

    @Kitkat, co-op farming is for you and your FRIENDS to gain benifits of the co-op job, even though everything on the job is already planted surely you dont mind people that are your friends getting a bonus too, with my friends i know they would contribute if they could but as they can’t i don’t mind people piggy backing or whatever its called, they are my mates lol thats the whole point.

  10. Katie Says:

    wow that article seemed so dramatic! lol
    I don’t understand why anyone would want to delete their crops anyway if theyre working on a job. if you want to do some arranging or something wait til the job is over.

  11. Vanessa Says:

    KitKat, did you ever try joining a friends Co-Op and not be able to? Or start one and your friends not be able to help? Coming from someone who has over 200 neighbors and a lot of the people who want to join my Co-Op’s can’t, it’s very frustrating. Did you ever think that it’s not that their joining just to get the benefits, but maybe your Co-Op was the only one of that kind they could join? I’ve actually done that, I hate doing that because to me it’s useless and I feel bad, but when I can’t get neighbors who are willing to join my Co-Op to join, because MY job is not on their list and when they click the link my job cannot be found, you join something just to join and try and help. I hate the Co-Op farming, we are not able to help our neighbors. We should be able to join any neighbors Co-Op we want. KitKat, don’t judge these people just because they can’t join the Co-Op they really want to join.

  12. Crys7y Says:

    +1111111111111111111111111 kitkat
    This is the biggest bug !

  13. CMK Says:

    This happened to me too. Here is another strange thing that happened. When co-op farming FIRST started, I already had a particular crop planted and almost ready to harvest so I joined the co-op for that crop, and it didn’t credit me for the plants when I tried to harvest. THEN, a few days ago, I already had some crops ready to harvest when I again joined a co-op for that type of plant. I wasn’t expecting credit for them, I just knew that I intended to plant them again (trying to get mastery) and figured why not join a co-op since there is one available. Guess what? I got credit for the ones that I planted before I joined the co-op. This thing is so screwed up. Sometimes rules apply and sometimes rules don’t apply. You just never know.

  14. Oliver Says:

    Why in the world do you want to delete and replant crops in the middel of Co-op? Farmville is not perfect… its beta anyway. I am interested in knowing how to make my crops count before I start the co-op

  15. Goldie Says:

    Kitkat.. it is really frustrating to not know how much has already been seeded until you join. I think both the completed and seeded meter needs to show up on the job lists.

    I don’t mind my friends piggybacking.. I have told them they are all welcome. We finished planting and there is still room for people to join whats the big deal? They get some great xp and a prize. I mind people joining the co-op and not harvesting in time for the gold.

    We did get close where the computer told us we were 100% , and then we harvested only to be 3 short. The only thing we could think is that some seeds got lost when the game got out of sync. It has only happened once, and now I always plant extra.

  16. Cyael Says:

    welp. its a good thing i plant things in the right place the first time. everytime.

  17. Cyael Says:

    I think the bug is relatively minor…nothing to get our knickers in a twist about…they seemed to have done a good job making sure we cant harvest crap we were already growing right before we started the job…which is trully gay ^_^

  18. Cyael Says:

    Way to be harsh on your neighbors kitkat…just because some have appeared to have joined after the fact doesnt mean taking a prize without effort was their intent…

    You should realize that even though we’re all freaks and take this game too seriously…it IS like life…and just because some people WILL do things with ill intent doesn’t mean EVERYONE will

  19. SuzieO Says:

    KitKat – when I start a co op I always want more people to join after it is seeded as a needed backup just in case someone is late to harvest. You actually have to go to their farm to see if they seeded or not to know if they are just being lazy and taking the prize. There have been numerous times when the person who joined after we were all seeded saved our butts to get the gold because someone forgot to harvest in time. I always try to get at least two extra people to join (and seed) just in case.

    Another important factor is: let’s say that everyone seeds at the same time and everyone harvests at the same time and you have one or two more people then you need. As soon as the gold is won it stops registering who harvested and so even if the two extra people joined and seeded exactly when you did and harvested in time… if the gold was won before they finished harvesting it will show their harvest contribution as 0. When you look at who did what and it shows some people as having done 0… this is not always accurate. It can just mean that the gold was won before they finished harvesting and they could have harvested almost all their crops and it will still show 0 next to their name.

    So be sure you go to their farm and look to see if they are working on the co op before you assume that they didn’t do anything.

    With that being said, I agree that as long as you have enough people to get the gold, what difference does it make if someone else gets the prize too? It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s so much better to be neighborly, which is what the co op is about then to be angry to the point where you delete friends.

    Vanessa – I understand your frustration and I guess I would feel the same too. I don’t think the problem you are experiencing is common because while I can’t join every friends co op, I usually have 5 or 6 to choose from. It is a glitch and I’m sorry about that. I have a glitch that nobody else seems to have too and I hate it. There are about 15 farms that I can never fertilize because while the plots get highlighted, the fertilizer cans don’t disappear and nothing happens so I can’t feed their chickens either. I’ve had this problem since I started and it is always these same 15 farms and some of these people are my favorites and they always fertilize for me. I still keep trying hoping it will have changed but it never does and I’m just glad they don’t get angry like you do and delete me.

  20. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Like others I can’t see why anyone would want to delete crops just planted and in the middle of a job.

    Agree the most frustrating thing is not being able to join friends/neighbours jobs, not being able to see theirs or they mine. When responding to a recruit request it should be possible to join the job even if not on the list of 10.

    KitKat – sometime people join when everything in but still sow the plants, I have done that when working on mastery of a crop. Its a good insurance if one of your co-op fail to harvest. Even if they join without sowing what’s the problem. Doesn’t affect your result.

    Using crops already in – if you have a crop ready and you start or join a job you can use that crop. First sow some of the appropriate seed, then harvest from your ready crop the amount sown. Sow again and again harvest amount sown. Do this for whole of your crop and it will show as harvested, while your seeds will show as seeded. It has worked for me,.

  21. SuzieO Says:

    Ooops! Sorry Vanessa, I’m not all the way awake yet and when I wrote that last sentence I thought I was still talking to Kitkat… sorry.

  22. kitkat Says:

    When the meter says 100% planted seeds and a neighbor joins and doesnt even bother to plant what the job required anyway, exactly WHAT is their intent?? Oh I see to gain free xp and coins and get a prize for nothing. If you all find nothing wrong with that, then thats fine. I myself would never join a co-op that is already fully seeded just because “thats what neighbors do”

  23. Joel Says:

    I tell my group of co-op friends to join even when the job is fully seeded…. but still plant back up seeds in the case that some one doesn’t harvest….. i hate when i check on the farms of the friends on the job and they have nothing planted for the job…..

    I got stuck planting 6 plots of grapes one day last week just to finish the job with a bronze medal….. think someone delted a few of their plots and there were no back up seeds…… errrrrrr

  24. SuzieO Says:

    Cindy, tell me if I understand this correctly. I have a crop of grapes and they are ready. I harvest some of them so I have some empty plots, then I join a co op that uses grapes and seed where I just harvested before joining. Then harvest the grapes that were ready before I join and it will register as harvested in the co op?

  25. Weezil Says:

    I think the best solution for co-oping is to add a Hire/Fire button for the person starting the job. That way they have some measure of control on those they don’t want to just take the prize without doing any of the work. I’ve also seen some people show up on my co-op jobs that I don’t even know, with no recourse.

  26. SuzieO Says:

    Kitkat – if they join and don’t bother to plant then that is a different story. I was saying that I feel it is important to have more people then needed as a back up. Just because you’re 100% seeded doesn’t mean that everyone will harvest in time. If you went to their farm and saw that they didn’t seed that’s one thing but just wanted to point out that if they join even when you are 100% they can still be useful if they seed in time and harvest in time. If you don’t go to their farm and just look at the progress at the end and it shows a 0 next to that persons name, that doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t seed. It will say 0 next to the name if the gold was gotten before they finished harvesting. You might already know that but just wanted to point out in case you didn’t.

  27. Jaana Says:

    We had a similar thing happen a while back, but nothing was deleted. We were missing 1 single plot. About 2 hours later the missing plot appeared and it sure didn’t come from any of our farms, I checked all our farms personally and the missing plot was nowhere to be found.

    We’ve also found a few other glitches, like if I plant say 500 soybeans, but don’t harvest them on time, but another person who planted AFTER me say the same amount 500 soybeans… this person harvests her crop and voila, the counter will count that towards the 500 soybeans that was required.

    This has taught us that we always plant backup crop because it does count towards the end result even if the original planters didn’t get to harvest on time. So far this has been verified on the last 8 co-op’s that resulted in gold.

    Another minor glitch… if you’ve planted say 400 grapes BEFORE you start or join a grape co-op, then you plant another 50 or so… the original 400 grapes don’t show up in the counter of course, but when you harvest them, part of them will count towards the end result. This we have verified in at least 4 different co-op’s.

    One thing FV should do is allow the co-op starter to DELETE participants who have NOT planted anything yet or have planted something that is NOT part of this co-op. This should cut down on FREELOADERS! I’ve had a few of them, but will not tolerate. They will be deleted from my friend list…

  28. Goldie Says:

    Vanessa, I find it frustrating that I can only join if the foreman is on my friends list. There have been a few jobs a friend of mind joined, and asked me to help out. Only I couldn’t because their foreman was not on my friends list.

    KitKat.. calm down, it is just a game. If you are already seeded, what else can they do? If i could hand all my neighbors out free prizes I would. It is one thing for a friend to cost the whole team the gold because they didn’t harvest on time, it is another to hop on at the end for a few coins..doesn’t hurt anyone.

  29. Thorsten Says:

    Why would i delete them when i depend on them?

  30. Shaelene Says:

    KitKat…I agree with you 100 % ! People can see if a job is all planted, I have deleted people like that too!

  31. Jaana Says:

    @Thorsten, a good friend will not freeload on you, they would help you instead.
    My point is that if you don’t plant ANYTHING or plant something ELSE, then that’s a clear sign that you are freeloading on my co-op. That’s plain and simple rude.

  32. Suzanne Says:

    There are a lot of glitches with the co-op farming, as we all know. However, I appreciate FVF Paul pointing out this one. I don’t understand why we’re all criticizing him. I can think of a few reasons why you would delete a crop — maybe you need to plant something else that takes longer. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Let’s just keep it in mind. I always do plant extra just in case, because I, too, have had neighbors join and then not harvest for hours and hours after their crop is ripe. It’s very annoying and I try really hard to work with people I know and trust. But one thing I like to do is plan ahead — find out who wants to join, what their schedules are, what they can plant, and how much crop space they can dedicate to my particular job. That way, we have no surprises and everything works out beautifully. Whenever I do that, it’s just as smooth as silk, and we get the gold without those panicked last minute rushes at the end.

  33. Lynn Says:


    We ended up being JUST TWO peppers short from getting gold.


    We all planted the same time & harvested about the same… everything was harvested except for 2 peppers, but it said everything was 100% planted.

    Solve it: Plant some more & harvest when ready. We still got gold because there was a total day left. You just have to get those last ones replanted and harvested. (or OVERPLANT like I do.

  34. Jane Says:

    Since I’m never worried about my co-ops getting done, I’m not bothered if people hop on for the prize, even if they don’t plant, and I’ve told several people “Hey, we’re all planted, if you want to join for a free prize, hop on!”

    You want to know why it doesn’t bother me? Because I actually *like* the people I’m neighbors with, and while they help me in some ways, I help them in others. I post a ton of collections, rare calfs, etc, and many times when I’ve joined a co-op I’ve been MVP because I have a lot of plots.

    I just joined a co-op where I’m not planting anything because it’s already been seeded, I’ve mastered the crop, but I’d like another point towards the ribbon.

    If I were on your list, KitKat, I’d gladly want to be taken off of it.

  35. Thorsten Says:

    “@Thorsten, a good friend will not freeload on you, they would help you instead.”

    You got me wrong, i was referring to “why would i delete (50) crops if i depend on them (for the co op job)”

    I’m all up for kicking leechers out, i do that left and right.

    But you should consider one thing:
    When you have already seeded 100 % , and when you harvest 100 % – and they have in fact seeded, but their crops are not ready yet, they will have 0 % on the job anyway, making it LOOK as if they were freeloading although they had intended to help.

  36. jodi Says:

    not sure why anyone would delete crops already planted n any case coop or not it is throwing coin away IMO.

  37. Marvin3O Says:

    @SuzieO I have a group of friends and we always try to coordinate so we join each other’s co-ops and finish on the first try, but it never hurts that if some other neighbors join our co-ops and help. even if you have seeded everything, just like you said, sometimes, for some reason not everybody can harvest on time, so it’s always great to have a back-up. Sometimes I keep seeding even after we completed our goal just to secure we have enough.

    And by the way… once I seed i don’t delete! if I want to move my crops I just wait until they are ready to harvest, and right after harvesting, but before plowing I delete the area and place it somewhere else… otherwise, it’s just a waste of money

  38. SuzieO Says:

    Jaana – the first glitch you mentioned is not a glitch because you do not have to harvest in the order that was seeded. The last person to join and seed can be the first person to harvest and it will count. This is why it is important to have a couple extra people seed in time even after you are all seeded. Just in case the first or second person doesn’t harvest in time.

    I have gotten the gold each time except the first. After the first time I figured out that all you have to do is to get the people lined up first… before you start the co op. For instance, the rice paper allows19 hours for the gold. Rice is a 12 hour crop so that leaves 7 hours to get seeded in order to make it BUT I like to get all seeded in the first hour because then you have more time at the end to harvest. Don’t like to cut it close. The closest one I participated in had to be a record. It was the rice paper I mention above … 19 hours to get the gold and when we finished, it showed we made it in 18 hours and 59 minutes. Whew!! that was close… one minute to spare!

    We are all different and that’s what makes the world go around… I don’t mean to critisize you KitKat for your outlook on piggybacking just because I feel different about it. I think the difference with me is that I am really picky who I’m friends with and not looking to have as many friends as possible… I like to keep it under 200 or even less because I like my feed to be full of people I really like and interact with. I have a friend who only has 75 plots because her farm is so full because that’s the way she likes it but she is very kind and gave me a pink pony so of course I always tell her when we are all seeded to go ahead and join and not have to seed. A couple of times I saw people join when there was not enough time to seed and we were going to win in a couple of hours but I figure that’s their karma, lol

    Cindy, after reading your post a couple of times I now understand how to make your existing crop that you have before you join a co op count towards the harvest… thank you so much for that tip and I can’t wait to use it!!! It makes total sense to me now… thanks again.. great tip!!

  39. Melania Covey Says:

    Let me see if I understand correctly.

    Let’s just say, the co-op I’m in is 100% seeded so the counter stops, but I finish all my available plots with the same crop anyway. When I harvest, ALL my crops count toward the co-op? Even though they exceeded the “seeded” counter?

    What about, if I joined a co-op after it was 100% seeded, but still planted the co-op crop? If I harvested before the “harvest” counter was filled, I would be contributing?

    If this is true, I will probably join more co-ops. I always feel bad joining one before I’m ready to plant (totally intending to do so) and then when I go to actually plant, the co-op is seeded. I usually drop out at this point so I don’t look like a free-loader. But if I still have the opportunity to help, I’ll stick with it.

    I’ve been on more than one co-op where someone has let their crops wither after it’s 100% seeded and I thought, “Well, that’s it. This co-op is dead because it can’t be completed without the original crops.”

  40. Vanessa Says:

    Goldie, I was starting a Tossin’ Tomatoes Co-Op and I had everyone all set up before starting it, everyone was on my Friends list, only 1 of the about 4 or 5 people who were so willing to help could. So, it’s not that they weren’t on my friends list because they were. And one of them was my cousin. So, if your own family can’t help you then what’s the point. If people are on your friends list and your neighbors then they should be able to help you, provided they are not already in a Co-Op. THAT’S my issue.

  41. maureen Says:

    One reason for deleting crops in a co-op- if you planted the wrong kind of rice. Can’t believe I did that. :-(

  42. Thorsten Says:

    Lol, Maureen :) That’s cute :) But if you had seeded the wrong rice, it would not have counted on the meter. This guy here complains the meter did not go down again after he deleted the crops that he needed for the co op job…!

  43. Paul Says:

    Jeez – some of you people are so judgemental!

    Okay, let me explain. I am not saying that you’d delete 50 crops, I just used that figure to illustrate the maths. The same glitch occurs if you delete one square of crops.

    Why would delete any crops at all? Maybe you change your mind and want to switch from rice to soy beans on a few squares. Maybe you want to make room for something. I dunno, but if you do delete a planted crop once a job gets underway, Farmville doesn’t realise – it thinks it’s still planted and you’ll never be able to complete the job.

    That’s all.

    Oh well you been warned.

    And Juan – is your surname “Kerr” by any chance?

  44. Helen Says:

    Farmville Freak Paul, this is not a Farmville screw up. The crop is 100% planted, just because someone stupidly deletes some of them doesn’t mean they were never planted.

  45. BB Says:

    WHAHAHAHAH O my god how stupid to get mad about FRIENDS joining complete co’ops, and even thinking there is an imaginary rule for this. What rule book did you poeple read??? I am level 51 and I dont mind helping people with their farms, I think that’s the hole idea of farmville. Else don’t get neighbours, so they won’t dissapoint you!!!
    About the glitch, I have experienced the problem, we missen 5 crops of 1500 which really was a waste of time.

  46. Teddybear Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Paul! Nevermind the haters, it can always happen, for hell’s sake, yesterday I plowed my whole land (the market wouldn’t load, so I left the seeding for today) and when I opened my farm today, it was fallow!

  47. Amit Says:

    Not agree with the post as i completed the tulip job in just 1 hr rather then 1 day 23 hrs the co-op job only counts the harvest not seed it count seed as complete but 1 can still seed and when going to harvest it will count in harvest and job will be complete. i am already done with my blue ribbon for co-op in 10-12 days for 1 day crop :)

  48. Goldie Says:

    Vanessa, i get that. I don’t like people to join up and lose the gold because some people refused to plant. But I also don’t mind people joining up after we have seeded just to get extra points. As long as they don’t cost the team the gold, anyone is welcome to join up. To be honest, I didn’t know it irritated people so much. From now on I will be sure to ask the foreman before I join a group that is already seeded.

    BTW, what is the limit of people allowed to join a co-op?

    I agree with Helen, it isn’t a glitch.. it would be far more irritating if only the original seeds counted were allowed to count toward the harvest.

  49. Amit Says:

    Upto 9 friends can join one co-op

  50. Dee Says:

    I agree KITKAT that just pisses me off when people join my co-op at the last minute for gold ALL they want is the gift . i deleted 3 this morning for it I really don’t care to hear thier excuse!!! I JUST WISH THEY WOULD FIX MY NEIGHBOR BAR!!!!! FUNNY I get no neighbor bar on my account but can log out and sign in using my sons’ account and he has his neighbor bar…… Same computer just don’t understand it or if I fertilize my neighbors by using thier extra bags then I get my just boggles my mind!!!!!! anyone know why please let me know!!!!!! thanks all & HAPPY FARMING!!!!!

  51. Leo Says:

    HI everyone,

    Regarding the pre-planting:

    i find it is the only way someone with a medium-sized farm (342 plots, in my case) can have a chance to win the MVP award; what i try to do is, for example, with a 12 hour crop, like rice, i seed it in the morning but don’t start the co-op then; instead, i’ll wait the 12 hours and then, right before harvesting, i’ll start the co-op, harvest around 50 crops, seed them again, then harvest 50, seed 50, etc that way you start a co-op with 300 harvested already and all seeded for the next day

    Then i try to get at least 3 or 4 people to join to help complete the job; 2 extras should be enough, but like several people mentioned before, i too have lost several gold medals because friends fall asleep, web is down, farmville doesn’t load, so it is absolutly necessary to have at least two back up farms that seed over the necessary amount to insure you get the gold

    the nest morning, when you harvest your rice (or whatever) again, you harvest 50 and plant 50 again and by then you get a total of 300 + 350 which insures that a) the job is already half done b) you guarentee the MVP award and c) the plots you have seeded can be used again in 12 hours time for another co-op you migtht want to start :)

    the only drawback of all this, besides having to change a lot of times to harvester, plower, seeder, is that if you want to continue doing this you are stuck with the same crop over and over again, when you want to change to another crop you have to wait another day to start a new one

    Regarding piggybacking:

    other than what has been said, there is something else that should be mentioned: if you start your jobs in the way i just described, you will have a 10 to 12 hour window between jobs; what i do then is join other co-ops in that interval, trying to choose ones that are almost near completion, and then send a message to however started it acknoledging the piggyback and inviting the person to feel free to piggyback on my own job later on;

    i don’t mind people joining if they also start their own jobs once in a while so i can join back; i also don’t mind people joining if the job is almost completed as their help was not needed; what i do hate is people that join right at the begining when we still need help and don’t seed anything

    Regarding the glitches:

    several times i have been unable to join other peoples jobs and vice-versa, that stupid “unable to join” message appears, even if you know for sure the job is still there and still has space for extra people;

    this happened to me just yesterday, and from now on, before planting/harvesting anything, i’m going to ask at least a couple of people to try and join imediatly after the co-op is created, just to be sure that i will have company; you will loose a couple of minutes with it but won’t be stuck, like i am right now, with an impossible to complete job and a lot of frustrated neighbors that can see your job but can’t join

    Sorry for the long post, hope someone finds it usefull, it’s my first time writing anything here; i’m always looking for new neighhbors that are active co-op starters or participants, so feel free to add me, nickname is “leopardo azul” (pic of a blue leopard on profile) please write farmville on the request

  52. Khan Says:

    @Nathan lol! You are not even the 2nd one to post.

    On a soft note, I don’t think so we should consider such ambiguities a “glitch”. It isn’t in the 1st place. What do expect zynga to fix? The meter, the co-op or the person who is deleting the corps after planting the needed seeds. What zynga should really focus on is the problem we can’t see most of the co-ops of our neighbor in the provided list.

  53. Thorsten Says:

    “What do expect zynga to fix? The meter, the co-op or the person who is deleting the corps after planting the needed seeds.”

    Lol ! The person :D !

  54. Paul Says:

    Helen it’s not “stupid” to delete a crop. As I said, you may change your mind about the crop you want to grow or the location of a square. In which case, it’s natural to delete the odd square and replant.

    If you do, it’s natural to assume that Framville understands that you’ve deleted and replanted. Shame it doesn’t.

    I just felt it was cool to warn people that this happens, just in case, but please feel free to keep insulting me if it makes you feel important.

  55. Paul Says:

    anyway, I’m out of here now

    this place is too snippy and I don’t need that right now

  56. Edvin Says:

    I noticed that the “join” bug only occurs when you post the job on your wall when you start one. If you cancel that wall posting and just let them join via the in game coop menu, then everything’s fine. Well it has been for me in the last 8 times with ALL my friends who tried this way.

  57. Chris Says:

    Absolutely disgusting!

    Something similar happnd 2 me:
    I started a Tomato Co op with my friends. When I harvested my ENTIRE field (Mighty Plantation), it still registered me for just FOUR tomatoes! What the hell!!! We lost!!

  58. Gwizz Says:

    Ty Paul :) x

  59. SuzieO Says:

    the most I’ve had in a co op is ten people.

  60. D Says:

    This was so frustrating! I had deleted ONE plot of grapes to move it to the side so I could fit an extra plot there. Instead of having one extra plot harvested at the end of the period I had 1274 out of 1275! Soooo frustrating

  61. Gery Says:

    That’s not the only time it happens, and yes it’s very aggravating… three friends in co-op, 100% planted, went to harvest to get the gold and we were short by 1! The glitch wasn’t because we deleted. It was because on my daughter’s farm she used the seeder which showed her whole farm to be planted. When she logged back in to check her farm, 3 plots were barren; the seeder, which originally showed them as having been seeded, didn’t actually “take” on those three plots. When she reseeded them by hand, she didn’t know if we needed cranberries or grapes because they both showed as 100% planted… evidently, she guessed incorrectly and we were literally 1 grape short of the gold award. ARRRRRGGGGH!!!!

  62. Vanilla Says:

    Something that has not been mentioned yet but that has happened to me, is that the timer was way off. When I joined and started planting for the co-op the timer showed 1 day 4 hours, plenty of time to seed and harvest for gold. As soon I was finished planting the timer was updated and instead it showed only 8 hours left for gold. Of course 8 hours were not enough to harvest in time. This has happened to me several times. Needless to say, I have abandoned co-ops since.

  63. Skotsbox Says:

    I have no idea why people wouldn’t understand right away that you couldn’t delete something that was already counted it has already been counted
    I also don’t mind if people join after everything is planted the more the merrier

  64. Ray Says:

    I once deleted one plot. the seeder meter still showed all seeded… but then again i seeded a few more still and harvested them in time. So the harvester desn’t count what u r harvestuing is same what u seeded.
    harvest just need to reach the count. I was able to finish my so op at gold.

  65. santhosh thomas Says:

    this is wrong info. if you replant again(same person) & you can harvest it

  66. Mm Says:

    Planting before you start a crop and being able to harvest and have it counting would be cheating? The point is to seed and harvest everything in the time span, so it’s not a glitch.

  67. Jason Says:

    Just thought I’d throw in my two cents. Couldn’t be bothered to read all of them but wanted to say two things:

    1. CINDY’s advice is correct. To reiterate, if you have crops that were seeded before you join a co-op, you can have them count, if you seed the same amount after you join, you can harvest the existing crops.

    The game only counts that you (jnot the group, just you) seeded x amount, allowing you to harvest x amount. By doing so, you can increase your yield for a co-op by, at the most, the amount half your plots can hold.

    2. Whoever wrote this post is LYING. As many people have already commented, if you delete existing seeds, yes, the seed counter will not reduce. But if you reseed them, then you can harvest them just as well.

    “When all the crops have been harvested, it says 100% planted, 95% harvested, but you can NEVER harvest the last 5% because you”deleted them and the game doesn’t realise you replaced them.”

    This is bull. Of course you can harvest the last five percent. What happened to the user is this.
    Suppose 100 is needed for Gold.
    a) seeded 50 [seed count 50]
    b) deleted 10 [seed count 50]
    c) seeded 10 (in replacement) [seed count 60]
    d) partner seeded 40 (seeing that 60 has been counted) [seed count 100]
    e)only 90 crops actually exist, so only 90 can be harvested. user goes on fvfreak and says OH NOES, GLITCH

    But actually, if he and his partner had actually collaborated and noted this discrepancy, either one of them could have seeded an additional 10 crops REGARDLESS of the seed count, and harvested for gold.

    My partner did this once recently, but realized her OWN error, and didn’t blame it on a fv glitch.

    Okay, it could be an unintentional glitch…but if the system was more sophisticated, we couldn’t utilize the trick the I described earlier ;)

  68. UncooKagoo Says:

    Sounds like when you deleted those crop squares, your computer most likely encountered an EBKAC error. It’s very common with Internet games and FarmVille in general.

    Good luck next time and thanks for the tip.

  69. Thorsten Says:

    Sorry but what tip ?

    “Please let everyone else know NEVER DELETE CROPS – ”

    Common sense, people.

  70. Rita Roslely Simanjuntak Says:

    We finish 2 tossin tomatoes job in 8 hours and 30 minutes ;) with the same coop member. Everyone need to seed and harvest half of their crops, You got ur 1st gold reward. Start again the job. Seed first tomatoes in ur empty plots. Harvest the other 50 percents that you did not harvest from previous job. there u are your second Gold reward. Happy Farming !!!

  71. pipwizard Says:

    goldie plzzz b my neighbour im emily atkins got a dog as a profile pic.
    And jeez i have had um 5 golds and eac ive had neighbours just join 4 the xp or coins. I DONT CARE it beats cheating as 4 me i have accidently done aboob and joined without looking but hey play nice farmers

  72. Marcelo Says:

    im able to replant and still win the gold medal …no problems here

  73. Anon Says:

    I have absolutely no problem with people joining my co-op job without planting anything. But I really hate it if someone forgets to harvest a couple of plots and screws the complete job.

    Besides, my neighbours share bonuses on their wall, so why would it be a problem if someone joins a job only to get a bonus from my job?

  74. Chris Says:

    sounds weird that you would delete your crops… why?

  75. Paul Says:

    Jeez Jason – “LYING”. Why would I lie? You think I’m a covert agent for Farmtown?

    I found that you can’t harvest what you replant. Other people posting here have had the same experience. Are they “LYING” too?

    Perhaps, dare I say it, you made a mistake – or most likely – the situation is a little erratic and unpredictable. We are talking about a glitch.

    Chris – the reasons why someone might delete a square or two are covered in the replies. I’m sure quite a few of us have deleted the odd square of crop for whatever reasons while playing the game. Do it during a co-op job, and you might find you can never harvest 100% even if you replant what you deleted.

    Thank to all those who don’t think I’m the spawn of Satan for talking about.

    To the emotional weirdos…get help, it’s not politics or war – it’s sodding farmville.

  76. Ixyl Says:

    Umm… duh? Did you REALLY expect it to go down?

  77. Ixyl Says:

    Okay, Paul… I’m guessing you ate a bowl of crazy flakes this morning. People can plant MORE crops and have them count for the number harvested. It’s almost like magic! Who could have possibly guessed that planting and harvesting more crops for a co-op would count? Just because the counter is at 100% doesn’t mean that more can’t be planted and harvested.

  78. darklord Says:


    yay…(not) :(

  79. Alicia Says:

    Kitkat, I’m with you somewhat. I don’t like piggy backers. But, on the same token, how do I know they didn’t contribute to anything? Maybe they did but it didn’t register or they did plant but the harvest was over before they got to harvest as gold was earned. I started a job once and didn’t even get to harvest because of the timing! go figure that one huh ;) To me, the gold is more important. But yes, people piggy backing for that gold without helping is also annoying. I haven’t done co ops too much yet but will see how this all pans out.

  80. Thorsten Says:


    Logical Thinking, Darklord ?

    “You think I’m a covert agent for Farmtown? ”

    LMAO !
    This posting gets better and better, i like it much more now, where is the popcorn

  81. DJ Says:

    I don’t get your point…. why would you delete your ‘whateverberries’?

  82. Ash Says:

    “Why would you delete planted crops?”

    Because you may be like me and have ALREADY MASTERED the crop(s) involved in the job so, on the assurance that another member will plant a certain crop, you delete planted crop A so that you can plant crop B that you are still trying to master.

    I discovered this “bug” last week in the scenerio described above. Of all the crops in all the jobs I’ve only NOT mastered cranberries, so I join CoOp jobs just for Gold prize rewards and to help friends out. I’m a Level-70 with millions of coins, so the coins/XP rewards aren’t really needed either.

    On the other hand, I hope they DON’T fix this bug because then the jump-start trick to plant crops before starting a job (and the clock) would probably stop working too :(

  83. Atochabsh Says:

    Our little group of friends has had a terrible time trying to join each other’s co ops. Just when we take turns being forman, and everyone goes to join the job, someone is bound to not be able to join that co op. No idea why. Then you have a whole field of crops but not enough for gold or maybe even silver. While you wait for people/neighbors to just happen by and join. Or you delete the whole job and start over. This has happened so many times I just can’t even tell you. So what we do is the forman starts the job and plants 1 plot. Then everyone joins and plants one plot. Until everyone you know was interested in joining did. Then you go back and plant the rest of the field. If you have people that cannot join (for whatever glitchy reason) then you only have one plot to delete. Then you can switch formans and try again, repeat the process until everyone in your little group can join the same job.

  84. Atochabsh Says:

    I still don’t understand why you would delete your crops. Unless of course you are trying to fool the system by running up crops to meet the quota but not harvesting the quota. If that’s it then that’s too bad for you. Look at it this way…its not how many crops you plant, but how many you harvest that gets the gold, silver, bronze.

  85. Thorsten Says:

    “on the assurance that another member will plant a certain crop,”

    Errrrr! Mistake 1.

  86. Sandra Says:

    Thanks FarmVille Freak Paul x for explaining why we didn’t get our tomatoes at gold last night. We were fully seeded. I deleted and moved a plot cause I wanted to move something. We missed gold by one plot! I realize now it was my fault but it’d been nice if FV had explained all these things. Thanks again! You answered our mystery.

  87. Thorsten Says:

    “I deleted and moved a plot cause I wanted to move something. ”

    I don’t get you people, why did you not just reseed it after you moved the plot? What did you think where the missing plot would come from again ? The important thing is how much you harvest.

    Most ppl do not seed anymore when they see that the needed seeds are seeded and why do you only seed exactly the amount that is needed so that one plot can throw you off? I always seed way more than is needed

  88. Dave Says:

    @#52 LEO- You’re right, I was about to write a similar thing, I did this the other day with tulips.I thought I figured out some great co op loophole, lol. The only thing I did differently was I planted and made someone else start the co-op and then joined theirs. It’s a great way to ensure you’ll get the gold, but all that switching between harvesting, plowing, and planting was annoying, and you’re right about being stuck with the same crop, unless of course you still need to master it, or you can join or create the same co op crop again.

    Wow, reading all these posts made me realize there’s lots of cut throats and un-neighborly neighbors out there! I devote the majority of space (540 spaces) on my farm to crops, I’ve mastered all the current co op crops already, so it’s annoying to waste a whole field on something you’ve already mastered. I am a great neighbor as far as gifting, helping with barn raisings, sending materials people need, etc., and when this co op thing started, I joined one and I had the fore(wo)man write to me that the 100 crops of grapes I planted wasn’t enough for them and that they were involved in a group of 3 “serious” players who wanted to devote all of their free space to the co op and if I didn’t do the same I couldn’t be on board with them and I was a “freeloader”. So I ignored the message, waited for the purple sheep and gold reward, and then I deleted them from my friends list… if “freeloading” was against the rules or frowned upon, Farmville would lock up the co op after the crop amount needed was seeded. But they don’t because this is a game in which you have to help others to help yourself. You never know what’s coming next, so you might need a “freeloader” to help you out someday…

    And as far as the original post, this is not a glitch, the meter measures how many crops are planted, and how many are harvested, if you delete crops, you screwed up the cycle, not Farmville.

  89. SuzieO Says:

    #40 Melania – you can be the last person to join and you can even join when it is all seeded and still be the first to harvest and YES it will count!! You have been dropping out unnecessarily.

    Thorsten – are you just trying to start trouble because you got your popcorn and you like the drama? You said why didn’t he just reseed after he moved the plot but he said he did reseed but it didn’t count and he didn’t know about it until the end… but I think you know that :-)

    #78 Ixyl – you didn’t understand Paul’s post and are so quick to be rude! He didn’t say that you can’t plant more crops and have them count. You sound like a young punk teenager or a jackass

    and to the person who called Paul a liar, I feel the same applies to you… either a young punk teenager or a jackass.

    To Paul… there seem to be many people on this site who are very young and just love to find the negative in everything that Zynga does and look for ways to jump all over someone even they are only trying to help by giving a tip. Please don’t take offense to the snippyness. These very people would not have the courage to submit an idea or a glitch because they would be afraid people would do to them what they are doing to you. I appreciate your warning and as you can see others do too.

  90. pizzaking Says:

    It’s NO glitch

    It doesn’t matter at all if you delete one or all plots. (if re-seeded)

    Paul is wrong with that

    Correct. Seeding meter does not recognize deleting crops. But I do not consider this a glitch, since those farmers should re-seed them anyway

  91. Tani Says:

    It happened to meee!!! =(

  92. Sunflower Says:

    Ofcause it happens…If not you would be able to plant delete plante delete and so on and ofcause you don’t have enough to harvest in the end…

  93. Jason Says:

    @Paul, perhaps lying was poor diction. Anyone who claimed the same problem as you and wrongfully claims that “you can’t harvest what you replant” is…well, wrong. Are you ignoring the people that are CLARIFYING for you what’s really happening? The reason for this apparent mystery is shown through my hypothetical scenario that you described. Furthermore, it’s not like I’m completely denying your situation. I already said it happened once to my friend…but then she planted 4 more grapes beyond what we were told we were needed. We got silver instead of gold, but we certainly didn’t fail.

    Maybe there IS some underlying glitch that doesn’t allow this for you, but I sincerely doubt it since your original scenario in your post just described you waiting, waiting, waiting for you friend to harvest as the gold, silver, and bronze slowly slipped by.

    @PAUL AND ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THAT DELETING A SEED WILL CAUSE YOUR CO-OP TO FAIL, The seed gauge DOES NOT DRAIN, but it DOES take into account seeds that are made after it fills, even if the gauge no longer pops up (and doesn’t change). This is why I can join my friend’s fully seeded co-op, seed some backup crops, and if one of her friends fail to harvest in time, I can harvest mine, and omg, it adds to the harvest gauge. This is also why when my friend deleted four grape crops, missed gold because we were four short of the threshold because everyone harvested all they had yet the seed count was full…but then she went and planted 4 more grapes, and in 23 hours, she harvested, and voila, we completed the co-op for silver. People are just looking at the seed gauge and not realizing that it’s just not compensating for the deletions. Yes this is poor design, but if you keep track, there’s nothing to it.

    @At anyone who thought Paul was absurd for moving crops.

    People change their mind. *shrugs* I’ve done that. My friend did that. Waste of money, but whatever.

    @At anyone who was confused why Paul didn’t replant.

    He DID replant. If you look at my original, really long post, he did replant, but he just didn’t account for the missing one.
    He seeded, deleted, then seeded until he filled the gauge without realizing that the gauge does not drain.

    You directed to Lxy, and sorta to me:
    “He didn’t say that you can’t plant more crops and have them count.”
    Um…yes he did. Paul’s initial post:
    “When all the crops have been harvested, it says 100% planted, 95% harvested, but you can NEVER harvest the last 5% because you deleted them and the game doesn’t realize you replaced them.”
    His story continues to describe how he sat back and watched his co-op fail completely, lol.

    And don’t you dare sympathize with him. Your latter comments doesn’t even make sense. HE is the one finding fault with zynga. Many of us who noticed what he observed, but actually realize that it’s our own personal fault and we fix it. Furthermore, he’s giving stupid advice that’s keeping people ignorant of what’s really going on. Perhaps I was harsh, but I’m not spouting falsehoods.

    And yes, it may be poor programming, but it’s not as though it’s not salvageable, and besides, as users such as myself and Ash have noted, it allows for the jumpstart trick.

    His advice is completely ignorant of what’s happening.
    Delete crops all you want, whatever.
    I’ll give you important advice:
    If you delete crops, make sure that same amount is seeded after the seed gauge is full.
    In fact, at best, always have an extra person in your co-op who seeds their own share even after the seed gauge is full. This way that person can be back up for, not only silly deletions problems like this, but if a person fails to harvest on time.

    Having fun? XD

  94. Phil Anderson Says:

    what do you expect!!!!! 100% – 5% is 95% in my book, whatever farmville says!!!

  95. FarmerBlobby Says:

    Wow…. I never knew people could get so aggressive over a game!!! Haha I also have trouble joining co- ops, for example I tried to join my sister’s and I got told that “The page cannot be found” so I couldn’t help her….. she has also had the same message appear when she has tried to join mine!

  96. FarmerBlobby Says:

    Add me on Facebook, my ID is “Farmer Blobby” and a Farmville photo.

    Make sure to write “Farmville” in the request!!

    I gift & fertilize every day!

  97. Lannes Says:

    Yes, if you reseed the new plots will count towards the gold no matter what the seed counter says. You can delete your entire field, but if you reseed, the harvest will count (will not display on the seed meter, but if you harvest as many as you reseeded, it will show on the harvest meter!)

  98. Nitro Says:

    i have a similar prob with a mastery for pattypan squash…
    when they changed the amount u need to harvest… i had already harvest 2873 for the 3rd star, needed about 400-600 more… but they changed it to 1050 from 3200+, but it didnt register as mastered!!!!
    what to do!?!?!?
    the bar is full, i haven’t tried planting a few to see what happens.
    anyone with a similar prob?

  99. spelcy226 Says:

    Guys just do what I did, make another account and add yourself as a friend, then you can rely on yourself to pick up crops.
    And about so called glitch, if you plant a number of crops its only logical that even after you delete them it will say you planted them, because you did (why delete them at all I dont really know), you do have 2 tabs, one for seeding and one for harvesting … so if you delete them and cant harvest them its not really a glitch, you are just stupid (and I mean no disrespect). :)

  100. Thorsten Says:

    “You said why didn’t he just reseed after he moved the plot but he said he did reseed but it didn’t count”

    If he had, it would have counted when he harvested it

    What i meant with the popcorn was that some comments here, like the “What is Zynga supposed to fix ? the co op , the farm or the player ?” are extremely funny to me. Because in my opinion, all problems that sre discussed here, can be easily solved with “common sense” and “logical thinking”, two attributes i think or hope everyone of you here posesses.

  101. Thorsten Says:

    “but they changed it to 1050 from 3200+, but it didnt register as mastered!!!!
    what to do!?!?!?
    the bar is full, i haven’t tried planting a few to see what happens.”

    Do exactly that, seed and harvest one more of them and you will get the mastery on it

  102. moi Says:

    The reason it is in fact a glitch is because you can not only screw yourself up, which wold be ok, but you can screw up other people. I saw a job that was at 99% for 3 days. Was wondering what was going on there, now I know.

  103. Meenakshi Says:

    A few days back i joined a co-op started by Sangeeta Gupta with other 4 members and completed a Gold winning Rice For Paper JOB. The job accomplished, neither me, nor other members of the Co-Op received the reward or xp. To add to the woes of Co-op farming, none of us is being able to join or start any new job since then. The interest in Co-op farming is fading away.

  104. Willemijn Says:

    idiot, this is not a glitch! Youve planted them, so the meter is correct. Planting is not the same as harvesting,. Im sorry to say you are a morron

  105. Jen Says:

    I have found that if I have crops growing that can contribute to a co-op, I will join even if they are all seeded. You can have your crop harvest count toward the co-op if you are willing to harvest, then seed, then harvest, then seed one-by-one. Essentially, it just brings part of the crop in earlier in case someone can’t get to harvest on time.

    The whole thing is common sense, really. I’m not sure why everyone gets so uptight about this.

  106. sweetpea Says:

    Hi Paul. This just happened to me on my last co-op. I posted a co-op and started planting peppers. Just about the same time, a friend of mine joined the co-op and SHE planted peppers. So now we have two farms with almost 900 plots of peppers and only 500? needed. So, I went back and deleted most of my peppers and changed to soybeans. We thought we were fine but as you have stated the game never subtracted the deleted plots. By this time, 2 others joined and it showed everything was seeded. It wasn’t until harvesting time that we realized the difference in the amount of crops was, of course, the amount I deleted. Lucky for us, a fifth person joined and by coincidence planted peppers and helped us win the gold. I had asked her to join AFTER everything was seeded because she was originally supposed to help with the co-op but it was already seeded 100% and she didn’t have the pagoda. So, thank goodness she joined and thank goodness she planted peppers and thank goodness she is such a good friend. This is an example that it is NOT STUPID to delete crops, it was done to fix the fact that TWO people were seeding the same thing at almost exactly the same time.

  107. SuzieO Says:

    Ok, #103 is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. There are ways to discuss and give advice. One is an adult, respectful way to discuss and even disagree and the other is like #103. I think this site needs more moderation or people will quit contributing. Even if someone wants to show their farm just for the heck of it there are at least a few rude comments. There is no excuse to use words like idiot and moron unless you’re talking about yourself!

  108. SuzieO Says:

    I also want to point out that there are comments here where the people did the same thing and didn’t know why they came up short in the end and were appreciative for the advice. I had a friend who came up 5 plots short even though everyone had harvested and this is probably what happened to them. As long as there are people who benefit from knowing about what Paul had to share it has been helpful. Look at comment #79 and there are others too. So, if you knew better then to do this… good for you. If you feel the need to comment then you can just say I already knew this would happen or whatever. This has helped some people and that’s the bottom line.

  109. Jason Says:

    I want to point again for newcomers to this thread who don’t have the endurance (or lack of sanity that I and some others seem to have lol) to read through all the posts.

    Paul is not giving good advice in the initial post.

    He is suggesting to “never delete crops”. True, this is most efficient, but if you’d like to delete, it will not kill your co-op.

    “When all the crops have been harvested, it says 100% planted, 95% harvested, but you can NEVER harvest the last 5% because you deleted them and the game doesn’t realise you replaced them.”

    This is blatantly false.
    I have been in co-ops in which crops had been deleted and the co-op is still successfully finished.

    The seed gauge does not decrease. But one can seed beyond what the seed gauge. (Many posts can attend to this. Note in Paul’s example, he just waited for the co-op to fail completely instead of aiming for silver.) In fact, for greatest efficiency, don’t stop seeding when the gauge is complete. Keep on seeding; hell, have an extra person seed as well. This way, you can resolve minor issues like this AS WELL AS when someone fails to harvest for whatever reason.

    Sure the programming is bad. But users such as Jen (#106) have shown how you can use the poor programming to the advantage. (Well, she’s doing it totally hardcore; that’s too frustrating to me. I’d rather just seed half, then harvest half, lol).

  110. SuzieO Says:

    I would like to apologize to #103 I meant to say #105, calling Paul an idiot and moron.

  111. SuzieO Says:

    I did Jen’s (#106) trick this morning when I had a full crop of grapes ready. I havested 50 plots and then started a co op that required grapes. Seeded 50 and then harvested 50, seeded 50 and harvested 50. It’s a great trick that I read here yesterday and planted the grapes to try it out today. While I was seeding and harvesting 3 other people joined and within the hour we were all seeded and it showed 32% harvested!! IT’S A GREAT TRICK!! I love it!

  112. SuzieO Says:

    hmmm, posts are being deleted so when we mention a post # it has now changed. Now I have to apologize to #105.. sorry. Won’t use post #’s anymore.

  113. Jason Says:

    I thought SuzioO had said #103 correctly at first, and I was right after all.

    Here’s a suggestion to FVFreak, perhaps if posts are being deleted, have them listed as deleted instead of just renumbering? Frankly referring to post numbers is more useful than names if someone posts multiple times.

  114. Marian Says:

    I’ve not seen the problem with the deletion of crops, but I have seen where someone joined a coop, then planted, then decided not to participate. This leaves those plants also from being harvested. Unless someone else who already joined the coop, or someone who joins after (if coop still needs planting to be done) to have to make up for that loss. Since we have no way to know if someone actually quit the coop, the time also will run out. I’ve not had this happen to me, nor have I quit any, but I had this happen to me on my 2nd farm. I was not pleased when I wrote the person and she said, oh, I quit the job, decided I didn’t want the prize. :/ So because she quit, we all who participated lost out. The least she could have done was write the leader of the coop and let them know. If she isn’t a facebook friend of leader, she only saw the job because a neighbor in her list showed up, so she should have written her, so that person could write coop leader.

  115. Marian Says:

    I’ve also tried the trick Jason mentions in his post where someone joined after all the planting was done. She planted the crop, and while she didn’t see the bar, because she harvested earlier than one of the other coop members, her crops counted towards the harvesting, so it is good if you get someone in there who has planted extra crops to your coops. :)

  116. PernRider Says:

    Wow on the hating! Personally, I’m one of the “freeloaders,” quite frequently! I make jokes about it to my family, who I do it to all the time … in fact, I just got a grape sheep off of my mother because of it!

    One of the reasons that I do it is because I may have been in the middle of either a crop or another co-op when someone asks me to join their’s (usually someone I know personally, IRL, not just a Facebook friend), and I tell them that I will as soon as a) I harvest, b) I log on again, or c) I finish whatever co-op I’m on. But when I get there, it’s already been seeded and is in the process of being harvested. So there’s no need for me to help anymore. But I told them I’d join up with them, and so I do, whether they’re guaranteed a gold, or they’re already onto silver. So that they can see that I carried through, even if it’s a bit late.

    And then there’s the issue of the ribbons for it; I’d really like to be able to get that blue ribbon! I don’t care so much for the rewards, for the most part: I’ve got one of everything at this point, just about, and most of them I won’t use (like that pagoda, stashed away in my barn). I don’t care about the coins … I’m at over 5 mil coins right now, and I average about 20k earned in a day, with not much left to spend them on (I bought a villa just for the XP, and sold it immediately, because it didn’t matter anymore). But that ribbon … that’s a different story. And starting my own co-ops isn’t an option, because I keep getting slammed by that same glitch, where no one can find my co-op, even when I send them the link! The last one I started, we didn’t even get it done, because of that … so I can’t get the ribbon that way.

    Now, in all fairness, does “piggy-backing” or “freeloading” make me a bad neighbor? No. I don’t hurt my neighbors by doing it. I’m a pretty good neighbor: I always gift back, I fertilize, I send gifts when requested, etc. But if freeloading here and there on a co-op is gonna get me booted from your friends list … well, trust me, I’d rather not be there, because I can spend my time fertilizing someone else’s farm, and save that gift request for someone who means a lot more to me!!!

  117. lexibrendon Says:

    what about not being able to start a co op? all of a sudden.because i had been doing them,both my farms wont let me join a job—says its full or done.and if i start one,as soon as i start seeding my game goes out of sync. tried 4 different browsers…different co ops…everything i can think of, i dont understand.anyone else have this problem?

  118. angelique Says:

    Hi, I have read a lot of your posts but don’t quite understand. We had like seven people and were all planted and going gold then one member bought the biplane and harvested and replanted and basically got 69% of the harvest, while most of us are still waiting to harvest. (the other 31% were already harvested-it was the grapes and cranberries, so the cranberries were ready and we were waiting on the grapes)

    so for the majority of us that got 0% does that mean we got not xp or points?

  119. Miss Conservative Says:

    I find it funny how upset people get about freeloader/piggybackers/whatevers joining co-ops after everything is already seeded just to get the gift.
    Everything in America is headed this way anyway, so we might as well all get used to it.
    Just think of it as “change you can believe in” and a little “spreading the wealth around”.
    Actually at least in Farmville the gift isn’t taken away from you it is just also given to someone else.
    In “real” life money actually get taken away from you (taxes etc) and given to freeloaders.
    So in the big picture philosophy, this is so minor, we should all just chilll about it.
    Or, do what I just did, start a job, don’t post it to your feed, use your biplane, get the whole thing done in minutes using the 7-11 ubergift money, and then you get the MVP, starter and seeding XP – tons and tons of XP for about $7FC.
    There is no place left to put anything I buy on my farm anyhow ,so I am just “ploughing” through my masteries and using my ubercash for that.
    If only we were as impassioned about “unfairness” at the voting booth……

  120. Doctoree Says:

    I use my dumb neighbors as slaves essentially in combination with my bot to make about 1.4 levels a day. Muauhahhaahah. Never contribute ANYTHING.

  121. Mikhai Says:

    @ Doctoree: If you treat your neighbours like that, and you use a bot to play the game for you, you’re the slave of your own sickening sense of righteousness. I’d say your neighbours are way smarter than you are for knowing how to play and how not to play. Selfishness and arrogance has never made anyone happy.

  122. PurrplePaws Says:

    On topic of deleting plots… I was once doing this Co-ops started by one of my regular Co-op partners… The Co-opers were my friend, me, my daughter, and two friends of my friend, one of whom was widely known as malignant freeloader (she would join at the end (while clearly knowing it’s been all seeded and almost done harvesting), plant but not harvest and so on). Everything seemed to be going fine, I checked everyones farms and counted the crops and we actually had some extra plots this time but when we harvested (I was last) we were two plots short from gold with not enough time to plant and harvest what we need in time. I figured someone still needs to harvest but then I went to check everyones farms again just in case and the malignant freeloader girl’s farm had another crop growing where Co-op crop was supposed to be. There’s no way she could harvest before me as she planted at least an hour later and her new crop was at about 30% already. I quit that Co-op as I just couldn’t be bothered to wait half a day for 2 missing plots to grow up and I woved to never participate in that certain friends Co-ops again until Zynga will provide us with ability to remove this person from helpers list. So yeah, however silly it sounds to you there are people who delete plots in the middle of Co-op mission…

  123. Thorsten Says:

    “So yeah, however silly it sounds to you there are people who delete plots in the middle of Co-op mission…”

    and that was your own fault and not the fault of a person who never planted the stuff in the first place.

  124. Jun Says:

    Does anyone have a problem with a tea party coop?

    I joined my neighbors coop and seeded 250 sugar cane and some tea but none of sugar cane was counted even though all tea are counted. Why does this happen??? What should I do to solve this problem? I have done lots of coop but never had same kind of problem before….. So annoying!

  125. jodi Says:

    I did the tea party coop iover the weekend 7 5 of us got rooked nothing at a;; now blinking arrow no coin , xp or gift . We emailed FV but of course nothing :( . Rip off ! Yes the co=op counter bar came up on all of ours & yes throughout the coop as neighbors harvested the count showed & their name. Now that it has neded there is not even any trace that the coop even existed on your history. Huge glitch watch out for that coop!

  126. alex Says:

    kitkat, just wait for that exact same person to be about to get gold and join them hahaha If they thought you shouldn’t mind, neither should they. Usually, I invite people when I think they are working hard, like I have seen one or two trying to earn the gold prize over and over but failing so when I have a gold prize for sure, I let them know. I like co ops but it does bother me if the person just piggybacks but never tries hard next time. I know this one neighbor did it and was so mad but then he joined me in another co op and he helped a lot. So yeah. I think you just gotta give them a chance. If they are constantly doing this, never giving you a heads up or joining your co op to help, then delete them. But I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, for sure.

    ALSO plant your crops BEFORE starting co op Wait for harvest, harvest a few, plough and start co op. Start seeding and harvesting, ploughing seeding etc. You will have harvested and seeded and you’ll make gold most likely. Use bi plane at the very end cause the bigger crops, the less money you pay. I like co ops haha makes me so addicted! :)

  127. Trish Says:

    To All You Guys who are talking about deleting crops to move them somewhere else. You do know you can pick up a crop, a plot, whatever, and MOVE it intact to a new location and drop it there. Right? Why, in Zynga’s name, would you ever have to delete a crop to “fit more in”? Just slide it over a bit, til you have space for another plot, and voila! No loss.

  128. JWilson Says:

    I hope they read this and change it ! I cant even delete my fields and I dont want to do co-op farming !