FarmVille Freak Techie: Was FarmVille Hacked?! Beware of “Ekşın Man”

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FarmVille Freak Techie: Was FarmVille Hacked?! Beware of “Ekşın Man”

Posted on January 26, 2011 12:21 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

Tonight, FarmVille Freaks were reporting that they were getting images of an unknown name posting on their feed over and over. Are these posts from a hacker? Has FarmVille gotten hacked into?

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FarmVille Hacker from Turkey

Tonight I logged onto facebook to find tons of posts by a guy named Edwin who was posting under the Farmville posts. I have attached a screenshot to show you. The forums are going wild! Do you have any info on this?

- FarmVille Freak Talisha

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80 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Techie: Was FarmVille Hacked?! Beware of “Ekşın Man”” »

  1. h Says:

    lol dont really care as long as i get to farm still(:

  2. Debra Says:

    yes i got the messages and then blocked them cause i thought they were to weird seeing as how i know no one by that name and from that country

  3. Debbie Says:

    I had the 2 posts you showed & so did 1 of my daughters. What the heck, and do I need to worry???

  4. Tyler Says:

    Very weird, I hope this doesn’t effect the updates later!

  5. seven thunders Says:

    I was hacked. I blocked him and that took care of it. I hope.

  6. Trish Says:

    I, and, several of my friends had same messages. Very Very odd indeed. I reported to Facebook and Zynga. But, the odd thing really is…they are now gone from my wall. And, stranger still…I have a lot of privacy blocks on my wall, so, the fact that this got thru really tells that it had to be a Zynga or FarmVille hack. Very strange.

  7. HOLLY Says:

    yup he was on mine and several friends posts too, don’t notice anything done anywhere from him…. yet

  8. terri Says:

    I seen this too..should I worry???

  9. Tiffany Says:

    I did see this and tried 2 block him but it would not let me. Then A few minutes later it was gone???

  10. Debbie Says:

    It disappeared a little while ago. Very strange indeed.

  11. hailey Says:

    i want this off. its gone now and cant fibnd iyt but inwamt it gone

  12. Diane Vos Says:

    I do not know! Farmville was very very slow! And I could not send gift early! but it cleared up by mid morning!

  13. Rain Says:

    yep- i had it. But every time I tried to block him FB kept telling me the block feature was busy and to try again later =\

  14. Shelly Says:

    I had posts from him on my feed also. I changed my password right away, logged off and back on and all his posts were gone.

  15. Krystle Says:

    I was on today and then I started getting chat windows from people I know with a BLUE LINK to click on saying “ha ha ha photo” I asked friends they came from and they had no idea I have since then changed my password and email password!! My account was hacked the end of last year and was a major mess for family and friends so I don’t wait to change passwords anymore!! This thing today really upsets me that people have NOTHING better to do then hack websites and people’s accounts!!

  16. wendy cundiff Says:

    @ H you better worry when a hacker gets in, and your farm will be the last thing you think about I assure you when he gets your info and does something stupid with it. Its something we all should be aware of .this isnt the first one wont be the last one.

  17. Rhonda Says:

    Maybe you mean rogue instead of rouge (rouge means red, or blush)!

  18. linda Says:

    Yes i saw these – tried to block him and got a message that blocking was on overload and to try later so I sent a notice to Facebook. Hope they stopped this.

  19. Jane Says:

    The hacker made everthing very slow……..and then was gone…poof!

  20. gilian Says:


  21. Julie Says:

    It was also on mine also.. what do we do??? .. I reported it as spam

  22. Shirley Says:

    I actually saw this name through Zynga Texas Hold’em, so it’s not just FV. I blocked him immediately.

  23. Debbie Says:

    I have high security settings on mine too. Now I’m starting to really worry !!!

  24. Anggie Says:

    I got this too! I asked everyone and most saw the same thing. Please let us know what’s going on, I searched that name up and only one guy showed up with a FB account, I tried to block him and it would not let me do it. I says my block list is overloaded…? Help!

  25. LUIS Says:


  26. Jan Vanderford Says:

    I don’t know what happened, but when I logged into my farm this morning, my Cupid’s Castle was morphed into a GIANT Cupid’s Castle. I just figured it was a FV glitch. Don’t know if it had anything to do with a hacker. I captured a picture of my farm with the huge castle on it.

  27. dlg Says:

    I got that, maybe 6 or 7 hours ago, I skimmed back through, but don’t see it anymore.

  28. Bobbi Smith Says:

    When he posted on my feed, I asked who he was, and why was he on my feed. Immediately I began warning my friends to change their password. I had trouble trying to access my “Account” but kept trying. I changed my password, logged out, and when I logged back in, his comments had disappeared. This was not only scary, it was very strange.

  29. JJ Burris Says:

    I kept reporting it as spam still showed up then blocked him as unknown and finally disappeared weird something needs to be done. Not just one time but several times this happened

  30. Marchelle Says:


  31. Ann Says:

    I had it also but thru zygna poker – i think zygna got hacked!!!!

  32. Sarah Says:

    Jan, it is a farmville glitch. a lot of people have reported this happening. it happened to me today, but when i got back on later, it was back to normal size. they just need to iron things out a bit :)

  33. krrishinmask Says:

    I think its possible with charles

  34. Judy Mouse Says:

    Jan Vanderford Says:
    Posted on January 25th, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    I don’t know what happened, but when I logged into my farm this morning, my Cupid’s Castle was morphed into a GIANT Cupid’s Castle. I just figured it was a FV glitch. Don’t know if it had anything to do with a hacker. I captured a picture of my farm with the huge castle on it.

    Mine has been doing the same thing since it came out. Some days it is huge, other days it is normal sized.

    Just a FV glitch not the hacker.

  35. farmer mym Says:

    saw it, ignored it, can’t find it now ; to hide it.

  36. Carol Says:

    I had the chats pop up with the ha ha foto link from a friend who didn’t appear to be on line at the time but I don’t click on any of those so I’m not too worried about it at this point. Collecting gifts was very slow this morning but cleared up by afternoon.

  37. Beverly Koop Says:

    The hacker or they thinks they are Zygna you must know about this creep dump him Please

  38. MK Says:

    Saw them. Reported as spam. They disappeared and then came back. Blocked them and I swear they came back once, but I could be wrong there. Now they are gone. My privacy is tight so I don’t see how they got on my wall without some sort of hack into FV or FB. No harm can come from seeing a wall post as far as I know so not worried.

  39. dlg Says:

    To Jan Vanderford…… castle has done the same thing a few times, and my snowman does the reverse…he gets super tiny….I take pics of them for fun. It’s just a glitch, I’m going to complain to Farmville if I don’t go into Valentine overload, “the bigger the castle the more the reward”!

  40. Brad Says:

    I got a gift request from unregistered user in the pop up for farm gift requesst I hit ignore strange

  41. marie Says:

    yes i got the messages and then blocked them cause i thought they were to weird seeing as how i know no one by that name and from that country

  42. Kim Says:

    Had it twice. Different messages…one telling me he was from Turkey, not a friend and not to worry. one saying to “be relax”. I clicked off the posts and went to block him. Found two ppl going by Eskin Man. Said the server was busy but checked back and at least one is now blocked. sheesh.

  43. Marica Says:

    i also got the posts and reported it as spam and it was gone then a couple hours later it was back so i reported it again but i had to remove the post but i am sure it will be back

  44. jeanette Says:

    He only showed up once on my page. Then disappearedI .Reported as spam since blocking was on overload it said.I also emailed Farmville. I clicked the via farvile and itr went to

  45. CINDY Says:

    I never saw it and veture to say neither did any of my friends. A good portion of them keep up with me and ask me about everything FV. LOL they know i dont have a life! I would have been asked about it if it had happened over here…was it a regional thing?
    **side note…we all KNOW what FVF meant by “rouge” sheesh!!! get over the typos people! Bekuz i see lots of them all over the postings here and on FB. Is it really that serious???
    anywho, it would be nice if Zynga or FB would address this and let us know what it really was. Was he just showing he could do it? Or did he do something while he was “in there”…? Im also thinking that the reason why some couldnt “block” him is because so many people were hit at the same time, EVERYONE was blocking at that exact moment.
    QUESTION…does anyone remember his profile pix??? i only found a guy with tht name with a pic of him drinkin a beer…wanna know if thats him. thanks! FARMVILLE FOR LIFE! bekuz i dont have one! hahahahhahaa

  46. JESSICA Says:

    This is starting to bug me im worried about my personal things on my computer farmville isnt that important to me right now what about identity theft. I sure hope they can track this guy and find out who he is. now i have to keep a eye on all my stuff and goint to contact my bank tomorrow and other places i use to keep a eye out for strange activity

  47. David Says:

    changed my password

  48. ROSe Says:

    wow,, glad i missed it,,lol,, or should i say ,, it missed me

  49. Marlene Says:

    I think we should each be compensated with 100,000,000,000,000 FV$ for the hassle ;)

  50. yvonne Says:

    yep- i had it. But every time I tried to block him FB kept telling me the block feature was busy and to try again later. i also have strong privacy in place and a strong password, what gives, this eskin said he wasn’t here to hack anyone’s account buy just wanted to say hi and happy gaming,

  51. yvonne Says:

    also for the last few hours i couldn’t leave comments or block this person, fb was acting weird

  52. Elliot Says:

    ok, did any of you check out his account while it was visible? he’s a beta tester for facebook, and he may be testing some features linked to farmville, like the ‘post to active players’ thing, that’s why his post showed in almost every FV player news feed, because the posts were made via the FV account, you don’t need to worry about changing your password or your account being hacked

  53. Melissa Says:

    I had both of those posts on my feed also. I reported them and blocked them. If the CEO of Facebook can get hacked, which he did today so can we!

  54. Michelle Says:

    I sent and my girls set White Apple a conf. and everything..none..well one went through !! Been happening !!!

  55. whhhhhat Says:

    Eskin is translated to mean sour in English…. so I’m wondering

  56. Brenda Says:

    I too got those messages and tried to block him but was unable too…l went and changed my password…again…and when I went back…the posts were gone…scary

  57. Diane Says:

    This is no suprise as it has been happening to a few of my friends and I for about 1 month now. Messages are being sent to peoples accounts from their friends but the problem is non of these people are responsible. An ad for diet pills was sent out to a lot of my facebook friends but I never sent it. I reported it but never heard anything back. Should we worry? Why not, if they can hack into banks and big businesses then why not Facebook? Just becareful of what you open and allow access to your information, NO system is fullproof.

  58. jessica Says:

    its a Farmville Evil Spirit!!! because zynga is too evil right now, infested by bad spirits because of greed of FV cash on their items and fooling a lot of people about the expansion that should be release by new year!! :) :)

  59. moebed Says:

    Does anyone think this could be what the podcast was referring to??

    “Now for the coming soon segment this week, we have a very special guest named Charlie. He is here to share some news with everyone about our latest upcoming feature.

    [“Good Afternoon, Farmers! Soon you will experience a new and exciting way to play your favorite game. We’re sure it’s going to be a jolly good adventure so make sure to keep an eye on your farm this week for some very exciting foreign news!”]

  60. Tyler Says:

    #40 Good point I never thought of that!

  61. Nelson Says:

    Everyone, no worries, his account on Facebook has been removed!!

  62. Majik Says:

    Should we worry over this or is it a scam? I do not know what it actually is. I too have all kinds of blockers and virus protection on my computer so it worries me some!
    Thanks peeps!

    Keep on Farming :)

  63. kelawar Says:

    - that not effect any problem
    - friend still can visit friend farm that not a nabour (but tht visited farm must be facebook friend)
    - i know 3 way to get in facebook friend that not my nebour.

  64. rose Says:

    my fb was hacked…cannot access it for over a week… i have lost my farm too since this was the only way to access it….

  65. Farmer Joe Bob Says:

    Hahaha! He must have not gotten the unicorn in mystery game!!!

  66. Mum Says:

    At my farm in my giftbox in a mysterious way 24 of my MysterieGifts disappeared an d for a while I did not wear anything else then UNDERWEAR ???!?!?!

    A white set ? Never seen that before ?! Check website link ;) !

  67. mann Says:

    yes the hacker hacked both FaceBook nd Farmville
    that simply means that he can hack our FARMS too…Zynga what are you doing….?????

  68. Regius Says:

    @ Krystal (post no. 15). Don’t ever use the Chat feature on Facebook. It’s not at all secure, and is the easiest doorway through which people hack into your account. Disable the chat function and talk to people via MSN or Yahoo (also not foolproof I know, but more secure than the third party IM software used by Facebook).

  69. Weedhopper Says:

    I had both messages. There were two with that ID – I blocked one, but the other message said “please wait a few minutes and try again”. I tried again this morning. Now there are **4** people with that name and it’s still too busy to accept my blocks.
    Something isn’t right.

  70. Linda Says:

    I have noticed that last night. I was puzzled. But this morning, it’s gone now. Thank god, the hacker is gone. I know this hacker isn’t on my neighbor.

  71. Jeff Tobey Says:

    He has hacked Zynga itself, I think! I got a post this morning from him originating from Zynga Poker!!

  72. Turk Says:

    i’m from turkey but haven’t seen this post yet..

    by the way, ‘ekşın’ meaningless in Turkish.. it’s just pronounce of ‘action’ in turkish, so his name is ‘action man’ :)

  73. dalton Says:

    that guy is a f***** idiot stay the f off fv

  74. jennifer Says:

    i had both of his post on my page. it was after one of my friends asked him if he hacked in fv when he sent the last post. none of us were able to block him and all of our comments and post to him and each other magically disappeared with in a few minutes after this. i know several people including myself that had a lot of weird things happening to there info. on fb late last night after this.

  75. Murat Says:

    Ekşın Man = Action Man

    “Ekşın” is pronunciation of “Action” in Turkish.

  76. z man Says:

    that guy hacked me!!!!!!!!! he got on my farmville and deleted all my things!!!!!!!!!

  77. Tyler Says:

    I Saw That And Was About To Tell THem If There Was A Gitch
    Lucky I Didn’t

  78. Ekşın Says:

    Hey guys, don’t worry.

    Your accounts are safe, we didn’t do anythink for harm anybody.

    We mailed zyna and sad ” your game is not safe ” and the didn’t care.

    And this is the way to show Zyna, ” Make safer games “

  79. joekool Says:

    zynga sucks is name every sheep i make…good job Sour,,,the facebbok security guy looks more threatening to me,,,he friend you without your knowing and then sends chat messages to your friends..
    (vulgarities deleted in english LOL)

    linux=no viruses but hacks are prevented with strong passwords different than your email and always log in as a https: especially your bookmark, also get text if logged in from different location/computer !!! however you all can not control what zynga/facebook does, 3 new friends is all it takes to get your account your facebook account, so to be safest know your adds!

    zynga adı i her koyun … iyi iş Ekşi berbat, facebbok güvenlik adam bana daha tehdit edici görünüyor, o bilmeden, dost ve arkadaşlarınıza mesaj sohbet gönderir ..
    eşek kadar siz ve anne lanet
    Linux = hiçbir virüs ama kesmek için e-posta daha farklı ve her zaman bir https:especially Yer imi olarak oturum güçlü şifreler ile önlenebilir, ancak zynga / facebook ne kontrol edemez, 3 yeni arkadaşlar hesabı almak için gereken tüm facebook hesabı, bu nedenle sizin ekler biliyorum güvenli olması için!

  80. KYLEE HERD Says: