FarmVille Freak Lunar New Year/Fire Cracker Quest Guide

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FarmVille Freak Lunar New Year/Fire Cracker Quest Guide

Posted on January 26, 2012 2:05 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 1

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 2

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 3

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 4

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 5

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 6

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 7

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 8

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 9


The FarmVille Lunar New Year/Firecracker Quests are now live and are ready for you to start questing. This set of quests is not exclusive to Winter Wonderland and may be completed on Home Farm (and others).

Make your questing easy by following this guide and by using the Gifting Link (found below) to request each of the Task Items from this set of quests. If it doesn’t work the first time, try clicking again.

If you need information for other current FarmVille Quests, be sure to click on the FVF Quests tab located at the top left of our menu bar on the home page.

Good luck with your questing and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends!

Disclaimer: The quest guide is as accurate as time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. We will update this guide as soon as we are aware of changes. See an error? Let us know! Send an email to .

FarmVille Firecracker Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 1: A Clean Sweep
Requirements: Get 4 Brooms (Click to Request), Harvest 2 Chicken Coops 2x & Harvest 50 Lilac
Rewards: 100 XP, Lunar New Year Cow & 1,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 2: Paint the Town Red
Requirements: Get 6 Paint Brushes (Click to Request), Harvest Lunar New Year Cow & Harvest 75 Strawberries
Rewards: 150 XP, Lunar New Year Chicken, & 2,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 3: A New Year’s Feast
Requirements: Get 8 Woks (Click to Request), Harvest Lunar New Year Chicken x2 & Harvest 100 Soybeans
Rewards: 300 XP, Lunar New Year Tree, & 1,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 4: A New Year’s Cake
Requirements: Get 8 Cake Decorations (Click to Request), Harvest Lunar New Year Cow x2 & Harvest 125 Wheat
Rewards: 500 XP, 20 Shovels, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 5: Share the Wealth
Requirements: Get 8 Lunar Red Envelopes (Click to Request), Master Lunar New Year Cow to Level 1 & Harvest 150 Rice
Rewards: 750 XP, Lunar New Year Pig, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 6: Celebrate!
Requirements: Get 8 Lunar Firecrackers (Click to Request), Master Lunar New Year Chicken to Level 1 & Harvest 150 Flowers
Rewards: 1,000 XP, Turbo Charger 3 Pack, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 7: Loud Noises
Requirements: Get 9 Snug Sweaters (Click to Request),  Harvest Lunar New Year Pig, & Harvest 150 Rhubarb
Rewards: 1,250 XP,  Lunar New Year Sheep, & 5,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 8: Light Show
Requirements: Get 10 Large Flashlights (Click to Request), Harvest Lunar New Year Sheep, Harvest 150 Morning Glory flowers
Rewards: 1,500 XP, 1 free Mystery Dart, 7,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Firecracker Quest 9: Apples to Horses
Requirements: Get 12 Large Water Bottles (Click to Request), Master Lunar Sheep to (Star Level 1 Mastery), & Harvest 200 Carrots
Rewards: 2,000 XP, Lunar New Year Horse, & 10,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Quest Request Links (Click Item to Request):

FarmVille Broom (Quest 1)

FarmVille Paint Brushes (Quest 2)

FarmVille Wok (Quest 3)

FarmVille Cake Decoration (Quest 4)

FarmVille Red Envelope (Quest 5)

FarmVille Firecracker (Quest 6)

FarmVille Snug Sweater (Quest 7)

FarmVille Large Flashlight (Quest 8)

FarmVille Large Water Bottle (Quest 9)

What do you think about the FarmVille Firecracker Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort?

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54 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Lunar New Year/Fire Cracker Quest Guide” »

  1. Susan McCann Says:

    did you make this up because you show harvesting more on quest 2 than quest 3 and we have never had to harvest the same animal in two different parts of the same quest not only do you show that but mastering it as well. and also all the quests lately have been 9 parts or more and this is only 5. Are you pulling our leg with this one. COME ON TELL THE TRUTH

  2. Rina Says:

    These quests are still in the making and are prone to more changes till release.

  3. Rina Says:

    No hurry to post the half-done up quests. We are not short of quests to do anyway. :)

  4. Archit Says:

    No need of this quest for me, already mastered new lunar year horse and cow :P :D

  5. Winter Says:

    Good, I’ll only need to do up to #3 for the tree reward. It’s my only reason to do quest.

  6. Serena Says:

    This one looks fun, if its true. It’s probably short because its for the lunar New Year !

  7. Shannon Southard Says:

    I do like the rewards on these quests, so will definitely play!

  8. elle Says:

    cant wait til this one comes out!! i love the quest rewards!

  9. nathaniel Says:

    are you sure this is real

  10. Lynn Says:

    Ok, I’ll admit it, at first I hated them but now the quests have kind of grown on me and I like that we can do them more than once. What I hate now is miscounting my plots and being one or two short :P

  11. jonathan Says:

    the rewards needs to get better… it’s the Dragon year and no dragon reward?

  12. Tiffany Says:

    Hello This quest is live now and the info that u have posted is incorrect I really enjoy the info u have posted but this one is way off this time. There are 9 steps to this quest and the amount of crops that need to be harvest and much less then u have posted.

  13. kathy munoz Says:

    really,,, 20 shovels????? really,,,why not a lunar, mmmmm dragon,,,,or maybe something that we have to pay cash for ,,as a reward,,,,,oh i forgot,,,,they dont really give good things but maybe,,,one day i can hope for something cool…meanwhile, i still do the quests!!!!so whos the fool,,,,{not me!!!} hahahahahaha

  14. Joanne R Says:

    Quest has changed since your posting. Crop requirements are lower. 50 Lilacs, 75 Strawberry, 100 Soybeans, 125 Wheat, 150 Rice and 150 Flowers.

  15. Mary Ann David Says:

    This quest will be a lot easier to master and will go quickly for quite a few farmers compared to the last two where most of the quest can be done on just one farm. Thank you farmville for listening to us.

  16. debbie99 Says:

    The last 3 parts of the quest are missing from your guide :(

  17. TFTMom Says:

    I agree with Kathy Munoz….. Shovels are a LAME gift for all that work… a DRAGON would also be better than another stikin horse…… ):o/
    Okay guys…. do Your UPDATE!! You’ve HAD TIME…!

  18. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Hey Susan, there was 5 now there are 9, you were right. And there arent any Gnomes being given out on this quest so i dont care if i finish it or not. I did finish the last one 3 days early and a pop up asked me if i wanted to play again because i finished early. Are you kidding me? Hell no i dont want to do it all over again.

  19. gardeningfrog1 Says:

    i love farmville i have only been doing it for a few months but the only thing i can say bad about it is i never get my mystery eggs nor my 5000 coins for mastering and the animal harvesting is so slow but other than that i am so happy with all the quest and i am so glad i found your site.

  20. randy stiles Says:

    What about the people who sold their chicken coups to make room for the aviaries? Is there any work around?

  21. PDX Bodyworks Says:

    Shovels as a reward; how cute!
    If anyone is in need of some, I highly recommend accidentally opening 761 special delivery boxes at once, you get a couple, sigh.
    Please tell me this has happened to someone else?? :)

  22. Ron Says:

    Shovel gift is incorrect. You get 400 shovels not 20. It is 20×20 shovels for a total of 400. Would like a dragon too but I do need shovels. I have a few dragons but always take more.

  23. Linda S Says:

    I am on the last part of the Firecracker quest..The Lunar tree reward was a very big disappointment..Its a decoration and only about 1/2 inch tall if that..I contacted Zygna about my disappointment..I love the trees and really thought it was going to be one to put in an orchard..NOT

  24. Jim Baron Says:

    there should be a buildable and harvestable transfer station or dump pile that you could put items that you don’t want.

  25. Cross Czech Says:

    @ Ron:

    I’m pretty sure that was a glitch. I’m hoping they didn’t notice. Going to try to run this quest again and see if I can get another 400 too.

  26. TeeAnn Says:

    On Quest 6 this guide says master the Lunar Chicken to level 1 but in game it says Master the Lunar Chicken. Has anyone reached this level and found out if it is to Level 1 or completely mastered? Surely it isn’t master it.

  27. patrick midnite Says:

    Had I known the new year tree was a decoration I would not have stsrted the quest.

  28. TeeAnn Says:

    FYI…It’s not master it even though it says that. It is master to level 1.

  29. Matthias Item Says:

    HILFE warum kann ich keine Quest machen ??? hat einer Tips ??? Immer schick ich Anfragen raus es würd geklickt aber bei mir passiert nix ???

    AID is why I make no quest? has a tips? I always send out requests it’d clicked with me but nothing happened?

  30. Chardona Says:

    Some of you sound a bit insane, lame, and very, very ungrateful. However, there are some of you who are appreciative and enjoy the quest, like me. For the others, stop complaining and either do the quest or don’t. No one has to post anything to give anyone a heads up on the quest tasks. I do EVERY quest just for something to do and for the challenge. Grow the heck up and have a nice day :)

  31. Richard Says:

    I think the quests are cool but this double harvesting is crazy, it takes too long. The prizes are exactly worth it either. The new year tree doesn’t even harvest, what’s up with that? I’m always down to get a new animal, troll, or tree but mastering an animal to proceed is tough. I don’t think i’ll finish the inspector missions and i really wanted that Yeti!

  32. Raindrops Says:

    @ Linda (23):

    The Lunar tree is the size of a weed.

  33. Chris Says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Lunar Cow? I’ve harvested it 3 times but in the quest it only shows up once so I’ll never be able to finish. (This is also happening to me with the Cocoa Tree on a different quest, so I can’t finish that one either). These quests are starting to be a bit much at one time.

  34. Hans Says:

    I had my Lunar New Year Chicken placed in an aviary and i clumsily sold the aviary so i lost all the animals in the aviary including the Lunar New Year Chicken i thought you couldn’t sell an item of a quest in progress

  35. Carol Says:

    i placed the lunar cow in the pasture and it harvested there. Placing the cocoa tree an orchard that is ready for harvesting will immediately harvest it too

  36. Anna Says:


    I’m happy this quest only requires so few crops as 150 rice or 150 flowers but…
    …personally I find the awards a bit disappointing:

    first of all, the Lunar tree is not a harvestable tree but a TINY weed decoration the size of a floral planter :( feels like a ripoff..

    second of all, there is no dragon whatsoever :( it would be soooo awesome if the prize in the end was a red or golden Lunar Dragon – very fitting for the Lunar New year… and last fall there was a Fall Fairy mission that gave a purple dragon as an award.. why not now? Eeeh Zynga..

    then, the farm animals – they are the most plain and regular cow, sheep, chicken and pig, just dressed up in red suits. I was really hoping the animals would be more special and Asian looking – or maybe all red-coloured or golden..
    Luckily, at least the horse is quite nice, I’m happy it’s not a plain old brown horse in a red suit :)

    Then, the free mystery dart – I really hope it’s not going to interfer with the free mystery darts we sometimes get whenever there is a new Mystery Game.

  37. Anna Says:

    WHOAAA – did you guys notice that when we get an animal as an award, it’s now possible to buy more of them in the market (for FVcash of course) ? It shows on the reward screen now..

    Oh and I really wish we would get that pretty calf from the mission as an award (the calf that tells us what to harvest and collectt) — it’s so cute shaped, it has a brown heart on the forehead and wears a pretty silk shirt :)

  38. Amber Says:

    I’m so frustrated! My requests don’t post on my wall and now the requests through this page won’t work either!! :(

  39. Griselda Says:

    I’m having trouble sending the requests from this website. It was easier and faster for me to do it from here since farmville on facebook sometimes does not publish everything and I always ended up having to wait.
    If I asked for help and the request was not posted I had to wait 6 hours. Sometimes I tried up to 3 times to post my requests,,,that was a try every 6 hours.
    Can someone help me please???

  40. terrie Says:

    nothing seem to be working when you go on qo collect things for the quests getting sick and tired of it its not just me its alot of people it’s so annoying when you can’t finish the quest i think they should just give us from the quests anyway…..

  41. Bawa Says:

    I am also having trouble making requests to neighbors from this website. Instead of bring up the neighbor request page it is taking me directly into Farmville Play. I have tried it 5x and still not working right.

  42. melissa Says:

    Can’t get the links for gift requests to work. Normally, they take me to a gift request form, although sometime I have to click several time. Now all I get is a link straight to my farm.


  43. Veronika Says:

    Ok, what are the links above good for? I asked for a Snug Sweater on FV and the farm god stuck and nothing appeared on my wall (but I could not request the sweaters…!). So I found these links but they do not work either (I expected I could ask for sweaters again OR having a request on my wall). But all happened was that I got on my farm. Come on, I know how to run my farm, I want to get those bloody sweater… what can I do?

  44. Anneliese Schmist Says:

    Did you stop the links for this quest????????????????????? :(((((( I <3 it- 6 darts for me till now!

  45. Monica Says:

    I am trying to request the firecrackers because none of the quests will post for me and now i come on here for help and when i click on what i need to ask it goes to my farm…I cant catch a break…why wont they post? I cant finish any quests this way!

  46. cindy Says:

    please send farmville cake decoration it wont post ty

  47. mandy Says:

    Anyone know why these links have stopped working? They were a godsend but something happened yesterday and now they just take you to your farm without the request page showing up first. Thanks

  48. Griselda Says:

    Is this a help-yourself web site???
    Can someone tell us what’s going on please????

  49. Darleen Brecht Says:

    I’m going to miss out on the last two quests, cause no one will click on them, some neighbors

  50. Karen Says:

    It’s not just this website (which is great, thanks), other farmville help pages are doing the same thing – going straight to the farm and it only just happened in the last couple of days. It’s very frustrating as the normal way to request via wall feed never works for me and using these sites are the only way I can do the quests (not many of my neighbors do the quests). I hope zynga fix it soon as I need the water bottles to finish this quest:(

  51. Pooh Says:

    I finished these quests the day before yesterday. I am really happy that Zynga has started to give away the mystery darts as quest rewards now. If we all realize, this is equivalent to giving out 16 or 20 FV cash!!!
    Also, the ‘book of XP’ equals to earning 1 FV cash as it instantly takes us to the next level and we earn 1 FV cash by levelling up.
    I have always completed the quests for the rewards and sometimes, for earning extra XP. For me, the idea of these revised rewards is one big step towards FV players’s satisfaction. Also, giving us a better reason to finish these quests. Way to go, Zynga!

  52. Monica Says:

    These links are not working either..They take me right back to my farm…..None of my quests are posting and i am loosing all the hard work i already put into them..I dont think this is fair!!! I cant even get any of my valentines done either because of nothing posting…wth!!

  53. Clon Says:

    I am at level 7 and I need to harvest my Lunar New Year Pig, How could I do this faster? It looks that I can not place it in any pig pen.

  54. cindylu0514 Says:

    my firecracker request did not post please help need 2 more before the end of the day.