FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quests Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quests Master Guide

Posted on April 16, 2012 6:02 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

The FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 quests rolled out today on April 16th 2012.This series of quests is Chapter 5 of Hawaiian Paradise and includes a total of 12 Quests.

Be sure to use our FarmVille Freak Guide to speed through your questing and share it with your farmin’ friends!

(Please note, quest requirements are accurate at time of publishing, but are subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. This is out of our control, but we will update this guide to reflect any changes. See an error? Kindly report any changes to or leave a comment on this post. )

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 1: All Aboard!
Requirements: Get 4 Life Preservers, Harvest 25 Mussels & Harvest 60 Hilo Pineapples
Rewards: 125 XP, S.S. Guppy & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 2: Reef Madness
Requirements: Get 6 Reef Maps, Harvest 30 Kelp & Make Pineapple Hash Recipe 4 Times (Level 4 Tiki Bar required)
Rewards: 150 XP, Shark Cage & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 3: A Bit Crabby
Requirements: Get 8 Shark Suits, Harvest 45 Rock Crab & Harvest 45 Oyster Beds
Rewards: 175 XP, Scuba Diver, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 4: Swimming With Sharks
Requirements: Get 8 Chum Buckets, Harvest 50 Shrimp & Make Seaweed Soup 4 Times
Rewards: 200 XP, Leopard Shark, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 5: Showoff Sharks
Requirements: Get 8 Aqua Cameras, Harvest 10 Yellowfin Tuna & Harvest 1 Leopard Shark
Rewards: 225 XP, Whitetip Shark, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 6: Fish Spotting
Requirements: Get 8 Telephoto Lenses, Harvest 65 Ono & Improve Volcano Reef to Level 6
Rewards: 250 XP, Blue Marlin, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 7: I wanna be a Paniolo
Requirements: Get 8 Paniolo Boots, Harvest 140 Taro & Complete 1 Island Paddock
Rewards: 275 XP, Mini Apaloosa, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 8: Dressing Ranch
Requirements: Get 8 Paniolo Hats, Harvest 1 Mini Apaloosa & Make the Hawaiian Kabob Recipe 4 Times
Rewards: 300 XP, Hawaii Paniolo, & 1,275 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 9: A Working Ranch
Requirements: Get 8 Tropical Paints, Harvest 130 Yams & Harvest 1 Mini Apaloosa
Rewards: 325 XP, Ranch Sign, & 1,700 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 10: Roundup!
Requirements: Get 9 Paniolo Lassos, Complete 1 Island Pasture & Make Yam Fries Recipe 4 Times
Rewards: 350 XP, Ranch Bunk House, & 2,125 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 11: Ride the Ranch
Requirements: Get 10 Riding Helmets, Harvest 145 Kona Coffee & Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Mini Apaloosa
Rewards: 375 XP, ATV Pigs, & 4,250 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 12: Horse Around
Requirements: Get 12 Sugarcubes, Harvest 195 Golden Sugar Cane & Make 4 Coffees and Creams
Rewards: 500 XP, Friesian Horse, & 8,500 Coconuts

What do you think about the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quests? Will you be skipping them or questing to their completion?

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48 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quests Master Guide” »

  1. robert swanson Says:

    Will be skipping them cause it is so hard to keep up with them and all the other farms at the same time. Stop rolling out quest and give people a chance to catch up. thanks

  2. Linda Mantz Says:


  3. Susan Says:

    I am enjoying the Hawaii farm. Can you bring back the mystery game again.
    I want to try to get the church.

  4. Rob G. Says:

    No gnome…pass!!!

  5. Salsa Says:

    Excellent prizes, Leopard & Whitetip sharks are the best and easy to get…

  6. Koko Says:

    Thanks for guide!

    P.S. Strawberry Fairy Chicken produces new egg.
    Its now Strawberry Fall Fairy Egg, not Golden Egg anymore!

    Regards, Freak Koko

  7. Andrea Says:

    Not far I want to appaloosa so bad but i can’t afford to upgrade so tiki bar to make the pineapple hash.):

  8. JEANIE Says:

    Koko Says:
    Posted on April 11th, 2012 at 4:55 pm
    Thanks for guide!

    P.S. Strawberry Fairy Chicken produces new egg.
    Its now Strawberry Fall Fairy Egg, not Golden Egg anymore!

    Regards, Freak Koko


  9. Kels Says:

    Wow! Lame Prizes. I was all set to do it until I noticed the prizes. I end up selling all the decorations I get and this quest has way to many decorations to make it worthwhile.

    Thanks for posting so we can see if we want to do the quests or not.

  10. vickie Says:

    i would love to do this one and have a bunch of boats on my farm, but since there is only room for 2 after my crops and aquariums, there is no reason to do it.

  11. Laura Says:

    Awesome prizes in my opinion; will definitely be doing this one and the requirements aren’t all that bad. Those horses are a must have. Costumes are cool too. Can easily take your time with this one if you don’t plan on doing it more than once.

  12. funny Says:

    Pineapple Hash Recipe 4 Times again????? upgrading TIKI BAR is 4.000.000 wtf farmville????

  13. Christy Says:

    Thx for the advance notice on what the nxt quest holds. I love the quests as to me a game=quests and objectives. Would be rather boring to do nothing but harvest plant and craft..IE the reason I along w/ many others quit playing when there were hardly ever quests. Its simple..if you don’t like them..don’t do them..but it’s nice that they keep them steady and coming for the rest of us. No reason we should have to sit around and be bored and with sites such as this that lets us know what’s up and coming it’s not like the quests are that hard anyways..and to me the game along with the prizes are FREE..why complain about em? Thx again :)

  14. Regius Says:

    LOVE the prizes in this quest! Two horses and three aquatic animals! The scuba diving costume looks fun too. :)

  15. Rachel Payne Says:

    I sure hope there’s a Coconut Expansion in this one!!!

  16. Rick Shearman Says:

    Sounds good….when do we get it????????? Been waiting a long time….LOL

  17. KAL Says:

    Excited for the two horses! =) I will play! :) when does it start?! lol

  18. Melvina Montalvo Says:

    I am looking forward to the new quests but we need a coconut expansion , love playing farmVille but I cant afford to keep spending money to get to farm cash to expand .Looking forward to the new horses.

  19. Nicole Pettingill Says:

    What is the EXACT time & date this new quest line is coming out?? It’s now almost 11am in Utah & it hasnt started yet!?!?

  20. Dawson Says:

    i what this for my farm ville i like all the stuff they looks cool and u guys make for a lot of moneys

  21. c boonstra Says:

    i like the challenge

  22. Monica Says:

    I’ll play until quest 7 (not building a paddock!)

  23. Pooh Says:

    I agree with Christy (comment 13). I like doing quests and they are fun to do. I would not have anything particular to do if not for the goals set on these quests. I have been completing all the quests ahead of time with proper planning with the help of these quest guides.
    However, my only complaint is that this guide was updated a bit late this time as it started on my farm yesterday night and this was still not on the website. Due to this, I had to plant hilo pineapples (14hrs) only when I saw the quest 1 goals on my farm. Otherwise, I would have planted them on Sunday and then harvested on Monday night so that would have completed quest 1 target. Anyways, thanks.
    BTW, the Hawaiian quest start mostly on Mondays following the last date of the current running Hawaiian quests. If not, then definitely come up on Tuesdays. I love the prizes here. The two sharks and horses are worth completing these quests. Cheers!

  24. Karen Says:

    FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 5: Showoff Sharks is not right.
    I’m doing it now and it asks you to harvest 60 Yellowfin Tuna. But when the quest comes up it say’s this but at the right side where it shows you have done this it say’s 0/10 so do we need to only harvest 10 of these ? We shall see in the morning when i come to harvest them. Another glitch by Zynga oh dear. :(

  25. Janice Bergeron Says:

    Farmville Freak Master Guide Page no longer works with Google Chrome! It’s been a week so for ha ha’s I tried with Explorer and it works fine. But Explorer gives me way too many cookie warnings that it interrupts game play. Are you all away of this problem?

  26. Janice Bergeron Says:

    Farmville Freak Master Guide page is no longer accessible from Google Chrome. I tried it with Explorer and no problem except I hate Explorer, to many cookie warnings that interrupt game play. Are you aware of this problem? It’s been a week or so!

  27. Ash Says:

    Not too bad this time. I like the aquatic animal prizes and at least it’s not full of multi-day crops. It gives me something to do while trying to raise enough coconuts for the 24×24 expansion. I should have held off a little longer on buying the expensive Blue Whale.

  28. deb Says:

    On Hawaii chapter 5, quest #5, on the “requirements” It reads, “60 yellow fin tuna”…but where it keeps track of how many you harvested, it says ” 0/10 “…what is the “10″ all about??

  29. Tala Says:

    Wow! Our Tiki Bar has to be fully upgraded by Quest 8?

    I’ve pretty much been making only what I have been required to for the quests. With 23 recipe level-ups to go, I don’t see that happening for me!

  30. peter Says:

    the info is wrong on the 5th quest…. it is harvest 10 tuna; not 60…. (believe me, i found out the hard way) lol…. :).

  31. Sandra Henderson Says:

    I haven’t even upgraded my tiki bar to a 3 yet… Most of the time I can only play with my I-phone and I can’t do the cafe, bars or restaurant with my phone… Can’t do the quest either.. I wish I could do all of it cause I really like the prizes you get for completeing them…

  32. Anna P Says:

    Woohooo! Shark week! I was hoping there would be some sharks on Hawaii <3

    I love the sharks & fish we get for free (and with a bit of coconuts on the side, too!) The shark cage looks awesome to me, it totally fits the theme :)
    The horsies are nice…

    but the rancho decorations are just meh, I have no space on my Hawaii land for cute junk anymore, I will sell them so fast the pigs will fly

  33. Anna P Says:

    Also, the final expansion of the Tiki bar costs 1.000.000 coins – I just spent millions of coins on the Malayan tapir and the spring boks, so I have to work a bit to get that damn bar..

    But I also want the 2 million coin Warthog so my cows will have to earn money QUICK before the mission ends and the hog disappears.

  34. allison Says:

    darn, i actually wanted some of these prizes but i’m not going to make it past the 2nd one. I dont have enough coconuts to level up my Tiki Bar

  35. allison Says:

    oops nevermind on the last comment i made. I thought for some reason the Tiki Bar needed Coconuts to expand LOL

  36. CK Says:

    The tuna on Q5 changed sometime today from 60 down to 10. I miscounted when I planted my tuna (short by 5) and used a Grow today to catch up. Should have waited a few hours.

  37. Dene rivera Says:

    I don’t understand why you never change the quest guide once you realize you made a mistake. You need 10 tuna for 5/5, not 60.
    At 110 plots, planting 60 tuna gives 50 for the ono, a 2 day crop, essentially giving you not enough to plant them all.

    I like the guides and all, but I really don’t get why someone can’t just edit the number so it’s accurate. When you are screwing people up with misinformation, you cease to be helpful.

  38. Thom Says:

    FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 5 Quest 5: Showoff Sharks
    Requirements: Get 8 Aqua Cameras, Harvest 60 Yellowfin Tuna & Harvest 1 Leopard Shark


    Should read 10 Yellowfin Tuna not 60

  39. TeeAnn Says:

    Does anyone know if the appaloosa horse MUST go on the Hawaiian farm? We should be able to put it on the others and count the harvests, right?

  40. Romel ~ Says:

    I hate it when it was trying me to plant a crop or a sea crop if i don’t have a time and unwither ring to wait to harvest it, like the oyster beds, it was 4 hours and i can’t wait to finish it ! :(

  41. andree larose Says:

    Excellent prizes – would like to restart since I have completed it already but I never got my scuba diver reward – fun quest to do

  42. lee Says:

    I also never recieved my suba diver either after I completed the quest.

  43. brittany Says:

    on # 8 what i shawaiian kabob??

  44. Lauren Hogan Says:

    These are way too hard for those of us that don’t want to constantly buy Farm Cash. It took me forever to level up recipes enough to get the coin upgrade for the Tiki Bar and make Pineapple Hash 4 times. I also had to plant crops repeatedly because none of my friends were selling the crops I needed. I am on number 4 now. I may get to 5 or 6 before I run out of time. There are only a few days left. As for the prizes, the animals and costumes are cool, but the decorations clutter up the farm and force me to either sell them or expand the farm to keep them. I would like more gnomes as prizes too.

  45. Peggy Says:

    I really can’t see what you guys are complaining about. By following these guides and upgradeing as I go I have completed all the Hawiian quests at least twice each. Yes some of the prizes are kinda lame but those you don’t like can always be sold right out of the gift box. On this last quest I put 1 set of horses on my Hawiian farm and the second set on my home farm. And the best part is I haven’t spent any FC only coins and coconuts………..wish my life was always that easy.

  46. Elemjay Says:

    I’m going to fall short at part 11. I will not be able to one-star the minihorse since I was an idiot and put it in my Hawaii horse paddock. :(
    But I probably wouldn’t have made part 12 anyway. 195 Golden sugar canes (a 1 day crop) is impossible to plant in one round even if you get all the upgrades available for coconuts… I’m currently at 22×22, and the 24×24 upgrade is 750 000 coconuts – and even then you just get 175 land plots. :(

    All the other current quests are going reaaaaally slow for me since it seems none of my neighbours do them anymore. Sucks, because there are some really good prizes in there.

  47. Jean Says:

    NOT happy about the 7th step in Hawaiian Paradisce Chapter 5….Refuse to pay to upgrade but you need to have craft shack up to level 5 to complete this portion (make Hawaiian Kabobs 4 times). Have tried to keep up by making items to update but NOT possible at this time and time will be up before I complete task….you should keep everything at a more abtainable (sp?) level!

  48. Jean Says:

    I never received my Scuba Diver either….did go back to double check on shark cage and THAT was there….