FarmVille Freak Rispoli/Feather Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Rispoli/Feather Quest Master Guide

Posted on January 12, 2012 12:45 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 1

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 2

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 3

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 4

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 5

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 6

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 7

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 8

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 9

(Please note, since the release of these quests earlier today, some changes have been made by FarmVille. We have updated this guide to reflect these changes.)

The FarmVille Rispoli/Feather Quests debuted today, January 12th 2012 and FarmVille Freak has you covered!

Make your questing easy by following this guide and by using the Gifting Link (found below) to request each of the Task Items from this set of quests.

If you need information for other current FarmVille Quests, be sure to click on the FVF Quests tab located at the top left of our menu bar on the home page.

Good luck with your questing and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 1: The Future’s So Bright
Requirements: Get 3 Pairs of Cool Shades (Click to Request), Get 3 Pairs of Board Shorts & Harvest 150 Fruit
Rewards: 100 XP, Shivering Duck, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 2: Totally Tantastic
Requirements: Get 4 Bottles of Tanning Lotion (Click to Request), Harvest the Shivering Duck & Harvest 200 Corn
Rewards: 100 XP, Summer Polar Bear, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 3: Hang Ten?!
Requirements: Get 5 Surfboards (Click to Request), Harvest Summer Polar Bear & Harvest 250 Sunflowers
Rewards: 100 XP, Shivering Pig, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 4: On the Mend
Requirements: Get 6 Heat Packs (Click to Request), Harvest the Aviary & Harvest 400 Aloe Vera
Rewards: 100 XP, White Doe Nurse, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 5: From Swells to Flurries
Requirements: Get 7 Snowboarding Outfits (Click to Request), Harvest the White Doe Nurse Twice & Harvest 700 Strawberries
Rewards: 100 XP, Yeti, Boarding Gear & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 6: Time to Shred!
Requirements: Get 8 Snowboards (Click to Request), Master Shivering Duck to Level 1 & Harvest 800 Blueberries
Rewards: 100 XP, Snowboarding Kangaroo, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 7: Let it Snow!
Requirements: Get 9 Pairs of Snow Shoes (Click to Request), Harvest 1 Snowboarder Kangaroo & Harvest 850 Grain
Rewards: 100 XP, Arborist, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 8: Put a Lid On It!
Requirements: Get 10 Beanies (Click to Request), Harvest Summer Polar Bear twice (x2) & Harvest 900 Veggies
Rewards: 100 XP, Rail Spike, 1 Farmhands, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quest 9: Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Requirements: Get 12 Firewood Bundles (Click to Request), Master Snowboard Kangaroo Level 1 & Harvest 950 Fruit
Rewards: 100 XP, XP Book, & 10,000 Farm Coins

Gifting Request Links:

What do you think about the FarmVille Our Own Little Summer Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort? 

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101 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Rispoli/Feather Quest Master Guide” »

  1. Saddam Says:

    I got a nurse doe from my mystery baby :)

  2. Kerrinda Says:

    corn is a 3 day crop so you better plant now!! lol unless butter corn will count…you know , like red spinach counted for spinach…

  3. Ron Says:

    duck takes 18 clicks to master! fits in zoo, aviary, winter pen and hopefully duck pond. be prepared to move him around.

  4. gloria Says:

    They have got to be kidding!! An arborist and a rail tie for a reward? What a slap for all of us who accomplish these idiotic quests…

  5. carla Says:

    thank u for the new stuff coming up.

  6. mike Says:

    Now all we need is a way to remove the quest icon from our screen because i cant stand it and really is the only reason i do the quests just to remove the icon i have everything i need . and its an insult that after planting and harvesting 4,200 crops that the reward is 1 rail spike this is a joke !! wondering since there are 1,200 4 hour crops in there how many un-withers they will be selling my guess is alot!
    Interest in the game has fallin to an alltime low for me

  7. Don Says:

    all these tasks are getting idiotic, to many quests which can’t possibly be finished without cheating for little reward, same as the raffle ticket fiasco. I just go along with it for nowuntil I can find a better site offering better games andf then I’m gone, not that facebook cares according to an article I read that quoted a forbes magazine interview in which it was stated that they could care less about pleasing exisating members, all they care about is attracting new ones, so don’t expect much relief in the future!

  8. Liam Whelan Says:

    I am surprised we need to grow corn in a task. It takes so long.

  9. valerie Says:

    I dont know if they will publish this: The rewards in this quest really suck.!!!!!! I am tired of Zynga dictating, coaxing or what ever their motive may be in continous ,multiple quests. I am not doing them . I have had a gut full

  10. MoMo Says:

    what is a XP book ?

  11. Farrah Says:

    What the heck? What happened to the other quest winter wonderland 5? I don’t even understand what is going on. The yeti is a gift on both and the other quest had so much cooler rewards. If this is replacing it I think I might just finally be done

  12. noe99664 Says:

    at least it gives a level up book

  13. Marcia Says:

    OK. This one is the straw. 900 veggies??? For 1 rail spike for my long-ago finished train station? Think I’ll pass on this and finally plant what I want for a little while :)

  14. Marcia Says:

    BTW, thanks for letting us know in advance what we’re in for.

  15. lynvan6 Says:

    enough of the freaking quests…once in awhile is fun, all the time takes it from a game to a job. NO…it is not worth it!!!

  16. D Says:

    What is an XP book?
    and rail tie for a reward??? Sucks unless they’re going to give me like 100

  17. rosemary plato Says:

    sry alot of us can’t play because we can’t complete the quest

  18. Bill Says:

    When someone has tried and can verify if the sugar buttered corn on the Lighthouse Cove counts please post. This is what I have pre planted because it had more XP and was faster. I hadn’t thought about the pacole corn, it is also only 12 hours.

  19. Britnor Longhair Says:

    Prizes seem to get worse rather than better as you progress through these quests.

  20. Guy Says:

    last prize book of xp move a level

  21. Peggy Pace Says:

    the links for requests are not working Zynga makes the quests too hard to complete….when you got 3 goin at once you really work

  22. adem Says:

    very poor Rewards..

  23. Laurie Says:

    I’ll work as far as the snowboard kangaroo. Too much “Work”!!

  24. Tracey Rortman Says:

    Oh; here we go again … We would like you to give us a brake … Ya sun is fun but lets grow something we all use … Can you fix whats broke …. How about giving us our F bucks , and stop being so sneaky about taking them like the free unwither that cost me 5 F bucks .. Others are not getting them at all come on we work hard for them … Oh and it is about time our home farm was bigger then our English farm… Winter wonder land it is time you let us expand and get read of the ice don’t you think … Respectably yours
    Tracey Roetman

  25. Summer Says:

    ok, honestly can you guys complain any more?!?! Farmville is a game it’s not a job. No one says you HAVE to do the quests! If you don’t think it’s worth it than don’t do them. Plain and simple. This quest is indeed a lot more requirements than we are used to but so what. Do the best you can and if you don’t finish you don’t finish. Also, if you have 3 or all 4 farms 900 veggies is nothing. I have 1200 plots to plant whatever I need to between my 4 farms and the only drag is the corn which takes 3 days. I don’t have to insta-grow the corn to finish this quest so cheating isn’t an excuse. These quests CAN be done. So quit complaining and start planting.

  26. einin Says:

    Master Shivering Duck to Level 1 took 18 times….it will be real hard…i accidentally put my shivering duck into ww farm and i only have 2 winter pen there…darn it…:(

  27. sue Says:

    Did anybody try the link provided on the Farmville freak quest page? I did and now i’m $10.00 farm cash lower than when I did it. Did they say there would be a charge to use the link & I missed it? What gives? They need rewards that are worth doing the quest for.

  28. noe99664 Says:

    stupid i thought they were giving a yeti but at least were getting farmhands instead
    of a rail spike .and if you dont want to do the quest dont do it its just for fun not a competition

    comment plz

  29. leslie Says:

    i just sent a complaint about the 300 corn crop to a chat person and she gave me a couple of instant grow things so i suggest u all send complaints and best if u can get a chat person. they tend to be more helpful than the email support people. also fyi, super crops count on quests so if u ever see u have to plant strawberries or cotton or whatever, u can plant super versions. they do count.

  30. Joan Says:

    This WHOLE quest is VERY LAME. I will not be doing it and I have done all the past quests,

  31. kathy munoz Says:

    the amount of work that this quest requires(150,,,200,,,400,,,700,,,800,,,850,,,900,,,and last but not least 950 crops are not worth stressing over it,,,850 grain for a arborist,,,,,,,,900 veggies for a farmhand,,,please and what the heck is an xp book for the final prize!!!!!! whatever

  32. tink Says:

    The bread and butter corn on the Cove farm does count for the quest, I already had some planted and it registered. The problem there is I only have 195 plots and the quest calls for 200.

  33. Bev Says:

    I stopped doing these quests. My farms are now full of super crops that take more than one day to harvest, so I could not do a quest even if I wanted to. I just wish there was a way to get rid of those quest icons on my farms.

  34. Charlie Says:

    i got the shivering pig and duck a few days ago from mystery babies

  35. shiloh Says:

    I agree these suck. I’m not going to be working hard on these- if I finish a level, fine, but otheriwse…. as someone said, the prizes get worse as the tasks get harder, and there’s no explanation as to what an “XP Book” is. .

    Re the Corn: word on Farmville forums is that butter & sugar corn counts. Don’t know about Posole Corn- I planted that to find out.

    These prizes suck and they are not worth the effort. I wonder if a large number of players stopped working on the quests if they’d get the message?

  36. milly mccoy Says:

    Yes, you can use the other corns. I just got credit for the butter sugar corn.

  37. KC Says:

    Posole Corn works

  38. Dorothy McClave Says:

    I really enjoy the quests and the different animals that are offered as a reward. But having three of them going on at the same time is a bit overwhelming and is more like work having to coordinate what to plant next. It is also frustrating when they dictate the precise crop to plant, rather than the generic fruit, flower, grain or veggie because nine times out of ten I have already mastered the crop and 75% of my neighbors are offering it for sale. Having to plant the specific crop to complete the quests has also made it difficult to master the limited edition and fundraising crops as well. It also makes it impossible to craft most items because neighbors are all offering the same crops that are needed for the quests and not a wide variety to use for crafting.

  39. Sheila Says:

    I was going to “instagrow” the corn in order to speed through the corn quest faster, and when I clicked on it, it said $40 farmcash to do so, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!!!! The most I’d ever seen on any one of my farms was $11 farmcash {which I would never pay, btw} I am getting sick and tired of all the quests one right after the other…. I do enjoy the game, but COME ON!!! Zygna, you are losin’ it!! And to me, it appears that Zynga is losing many players….keep it up…they are digging their own grave as we speak, and they will soon fall right into it….WATCH!! :D

  40. Donna Walton Says:

    Everybody is sick and tired of constant quests.
    We can’t craft anything because everybody is having to grow the same crops so there are no others available.
    Give us a break please and a longer break between quests.

  41. Catzilla Says:

    Stupid quest ,stupid rewards stupid game I Am so tired of the whole sh……. here .I must have a coldturkey so I can leave this stupidity!

  42. Ma35tro Says:

    Additional info:
    Posole Corn (12h) also counts for the second quest.

    P.S. The rewards for the last few quests really suck !

  43. Cordimoni Says:

    Posole corn works

  44. farmie Says:

    posole corn counted as corn for quest 2 12hrs as opposed to 3 days

  45. Martin Says:

    I CAN confirm that Posole Corn DOES count…well it counted when I tried it.

    Also, re: shivering duck and getting 18 harvests to level up in order to complete quest 6. My advice would be to have a duck pond and an aviary on both your Home Farm and on your English farm. You can then use Transferable Storage to get 4 harvests per day, not just one. This could drastically cut the time taken to complete this particular aspect of the quest. This is important, because the reward for completing Quest 6 is a Snowboarding Kangaroo, which must be harvested 3 times to complete Quest 9. So again, if you are short on time, having a Zoo or Wildlife Habitat (not sure where it will go at the moment) on both Home and English farms would help buy some valuable time.

    Finally, plant strasberries for your 950 fruit on Quest 9. and once you get XP book, for goodness sake, dont use it until you have just levelled up lol. You can get exactly 100,000XP worth if youre diligent.

    It only takes a bit of good planning :)

  46. jen Says:

    the 12 hour corn does work for the quest

  47. Gamad Says:

    Any Corn will do

    I used Postle Corn (12H)

  48. Kirsten Says:

    @ #18, I just harvested my Posole Corn and that worked, so I assume Butter & Sugarn Corn will count too for this quest :)

  49. Anke-Thea Says:

    I can confirm that Butter & Sugar Corn counts for Corn. I’ve just tested it.

  50. Golden Gnome Says:

    100XP for each as a reward? Arbortists, Farmhands, XP book for a level up? LAME!

    And master a duck to level 1 what needs 18 harvest to master to level 1? I think Zynga’s game improvers totally lost their minds…

  51. Diana Says:

    Yes, sugar buttered corn in the Lighthouse Cove COUNTS. Only make sure you have 200 planted; I had only 195 plots so I have to wait another 12 hours for the last 5 to grow. Lol. Also, other types of corn might count too, like posole corn, which is also 12 hours, but this is just a guess, someone please confirm if this is correct.
    I would also like to know what is the XP book? Someone who knows, please share.

  52. Chuck Says:

    Just so everyone knows, Posole Corn DOES count towards the Corn on Part 2.

  53. Cougarah Says:

    Has anyone verified if the Butter Corn or Possole Corn are accepted on the second leg of this quest for the “200 corn”?


  54. Audrey Says:

    Butter and Sugar Corns do work for the second quest!

  55. deb Says:

    12 hr. corn works just fine, I just harvested butter and sugar corn to complete the task

  56. mohit singh Says:

    completed :) as soon as they releqased

  57. AJ Says:

    sugar buttered corn counts for the quest

  58. Bev Says:

    I stopped doing the quests last month. I am now into mastery of the super crops that take more than a day to harvest. The crop requirement of these quests get in the way.

  59. elaine Says:

    well I just passed level 5 and did NOT recieve the yeti reward!

  60. PurpleGreenPerson Says:

    I harvested posole corn and it counted for the 2nd quest! Much quicker than waiting for regular corn to grow.

  61. [kby] Says:

    posole corn also counts (12 hours)

  62. [kby] Says:

    @Don: on the raffle ticket fiasco: I agree it’s mostly been pretty lame recently. I learned a while ago you could save up the extra tickets you get (when people request a ticket from you); you don’t have to use them right away so at the moment I have 95 saved for if they ever have worthwhile prizes again. Only one or two of which I got previously.

  63. judy Says:

    NOTICE: They changed the Yeti to snowboard gear. Bet it will be kind of like the ski rack??? b.o.r.i.n.g. And what is an XP book . . . could it be a book full of coupons for FV$ after doing all those crops, etc. to earn it??? LOL LOL Time for FV to get a new twist.

  64. deb Says:

    Loved the book of xp.

  65. leslie Says:

    Breaking News: I just harvested the blue posole corn that grows in 12 hours. It counts towards #2 with harvesting 200 corn. And I bet the butter and sugar corn counts too. u dont have to plant the 3 day corn. Repeating… U can plant 12 hour posole corn for #2!!

  66. Cougarah Says:

    ShivDuck lvl 1 reduced ….

  67. carol Says:

    I know the posole(blue corn) does in fact count and it is only a 12 hour crop

  68. Tom W Says:

    PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST on Quest 2 don’t do the 3 day Corn do the Butter and Sugar Corn or Posole Corn these both take TWELVE HOURS instead of SEVENTY TWO HOURS

  69. Raindrops Says:

    @ Martin: Post 45

    The shivering duck goes into the Winter Wildlife Pen. It takes 3 harvests to go up to level 1 mastery.

    I usually take the animal out of the giftbox and check which pens light up, in addition to an educated guess :) Of course, I always make sure that I have one space first and unharvested to minimize the wait.

  70. wls Says:

    Now The shivering duck will ONLY take 2 harvest to compete the first mastery level!!!!

  71. Vango Says:

    Yes, posale corn does count, worked for me. I’ll stick with this one long enough to get the kangaroo, the other steps are so not worth it. Offering a farmhands and an arborist for planting that many of anything is just plain insulting. The XP Book doesn’t do anything for me either, leveling up became pretty meaningless once I hit 100. Also I just don’t have the patience for any quest that says “harvest something twice” or “master something to another level” even if the prize was worth playing for.

  72. Mary Jayne Says:

    my shivering duck prize in the winter pen is saying 1/3 harvests for 1 star mastery… perhaps it got fixed?

  73. KC Says:

    Since FB isn’t letting any Farmville posting work right now I wish there was a link here to request the final three items that need to be collected to finish the quest (snow shoes, beanies & firewood bundles). It would sure help a lot!

  74. Liam Whelan Says:

    If some of you are complaining about tasks can I join in?

    I hate that the “X days left” take up half my screen!

    I hate that we have to craft as part of tasks. I hate crafting. Can there not be four things for each leg of each task and we are asked to do three out of four perhaps?

  75. Vikki Says:

    Ok really? Please fire your creative director. Doesn’t farmville think we have enough frickin’ ducks with different color shorts on, or pigs of various shades of pink? I mean, let’s see something creative! I’m tired of these quests delivering boring repetitiveand attractive prizes. If farmville tried a little harder, maybe people would actually want to do these quests!

  76. Jackie Says:

    Hi guys,

    Any chance of the last three gifting links for this quest? With farmville posts not coming up because of the glitch I’ve no way of moving forward now beyond quest 6. :(

  77. Michelle Says:

    Hi will you be posting the rest of the link for these quests. I can ask for them on FV and rely on your links.

  78. Michelle Says:

    My post should read I can’t ask for them on FV and rely on your links

  79. Anke-Thea Says:

    Will there be links to the items needed for the last 3 quests: snow shoes, beanies and firewood bundles? Thanks!

  80. Golden Gnome Says:

    Dear Zynga,

    Thank You for totally riuning one of my best gaming experiecne for years. When a started to play Farmville, there are only a few featues, animals, and trees (for coins), and there was a much of fun in your game.

    Then you started to relesase a number of new “real” money costing items, then new buidings, quest to a second farm, a third farm with a number of new biuldings and amterials, then a glithy f*cking Santa-village (as farm no. 4.), and two or three parralal missions. I’m fed up.

    You sell re-coloured or a bit re-designed but boring trees and animals as “new” for higher and higher amount of FV cash. A number a players said that he/she have millions of FV coins not to do anything with, so you released some “products” for millions of coins. 1.000.000 for a cat, 2.000.000 for a cow, 5.000.000 for a horse, etc. Then never stopping quests come, ask for this, collect that, harvest hundreds of specified crops, marstar lo level, craft X pieces of something, and new buildings build up from tons of new materials. This is not fun.

    We have no time for play, we have to work, because most of us don’t want or can’t pay real money for a game, and you offer a number of high priced products as reward in these quests.

    I breed my sheeps and pigs through level 30, a pop-up said: “congratulations, you breed-up your animals up to level 30, from now you can storage 50 more animals on your farm”, but there are no plus 50 capacity. You release to much of stuff, forget about the older ones, and the players have no time to master, and have no chance to master, because of the dozens of new trees, and animals, you relesase in every week. This week you announced more than 30 new masterable items. More than 30 (most of them for FV Cash as it usual).

    Why you make this game only for that paying 1 percent? If the prices would be 10% of the today’s prices, I bet 30% of the players would pay for products. But no. A tree is 8/15 FV Cash, an animal is up to 30-40, all of the materials is 1/piece, and the decorations, services, skipping, etc. is so much.

    Now I have more than 250 neighbors, but in 2 and a half days (8 askings) I can’t collect SIX pieces of shit you ask for in a quest. Only one neighbor of me do the quests, two others buy him/herself trough this questing period (this two person is you – Zynga – only make the game for), and thats all – with 263 neighbors.

    This GAME wolud be a game, with FUN, not a JOB with neverending and higher REQUIREMENTS. In two days I master the super Pineapple, and then leave Farmville, and never (for you greedy dumb bastards: NEVER) play any of Zynga’s games.

    Best regards,
    Golden Gnome
    (former FV player)

  81. Liam Whelan Says:

    I am really up of the feeds not working. I am way behind on tasks and I have crops ready in advance and even though I have the unwither ring they just sit there waiting to be harvested wasting space…

  82. Liam Whelan Says:

    I have a question about Book of XP.

    Say I am 50XP away from the next level. Does Book of XP just take me to the next level or does it take me to the next level and 50XP away from the next? The New Year ball (was in 2010?) took us up one level and brought us as far as we were before in that level.

  83. chrisinta Says:

    Thank you FV freak I am actually ahead of my quests and it’s because of this site!!! woo-hoo I may actually finish a quest! :)

  84. trudy Says:

    omg ya’ll killin us…lol

  85. John Says:

    What happened to the final 3 Quest Links: Snowshoes, Beanies, and Firewood? Does it have anything to do with the difficulties in posting?

  86. Rene Madsen Says:

    Your ask for it link to the 12 Firewood Bundles is not there. My link on my farm is not working – I have emailed farmville but so far no fix – they did send FV $ to pay for it but I hate to pay for things. Please and thank you

  87. Maureen Hayes-Smith Says:

    Come on with the idiotic crops required to harvest! If FV is going to ask for 900 veggies, then we should have the option to expand our farms for coins! This requests are about to make me quit altogether.
    Is anyone not having fun yet?

  88. Jackie W Says:

    Just finished this quest for the second time to get another XP book and guess what…..never showed up in my gift box. :(
    They didn’t say there was a limit of one when they asked if I wanted to repeat the quest. Not sure if this was a mistake or f.v. being tight with the gifts. Now searching to find someway of contacting them. They don’t make it easy do they???

  89. anonimous Says:

    I really don’t understand what’s going on with these Lame quests and rewards…. Myself, I’ll just get to stage 6 and ignore the rest, is just not worthy :P

  90. Liam Whelan Says:

    Jackie W:

    1. Wow you have done it twice already? I am almost finished a second time but wow you were fast!

    2. I will let you know if I get a Book of XP on my second go but tell me this. Did you use the first one? If you look in the market it says you can only have one Book of XP in your giftbox at any one time.

  91. Liam Whelan Says:

    And to answer my own question Book of XP will level us up in the same way as the New Year Ball did years ago. I was 50XP away from Level 115. The Book of XP put me 50XP away from Level 116.

  92. Crystal Says:

    I have 13 flippin SNOWBOARDS in my giftbox, but it won’t let me use them!!! gerrr, this is the WORST quest I’ve seen as far as crops (3 days…really?). I just want the flipping KANGAROO, let me have my kangaroo so I can quit this quest! :)

  93. alli Says:

    dammit, i put the shivering duck in the winter wonderland. The only buildings i have iin that farm that will take him in are the winter pen and the aviary :( this is going to take awhile

  94. Keitha Harris Says:

    How does Zynga propose that we finish this quest when, no matter how many times you click on all of the aviaries on all the farms, none of them register to complete this step of the quest????

  95. Wolverine Girl Says:

    I would have loved to get the snowboarding kangaroo, but unfortunately my white nurse doe has completely disappeared and I can’t progress. Grrrrr.

  96. Anke-Thea Says:

    @Liam: my book of XP did not do this. I was 73000 XP away from my next level. I used the Book of XP and it got me to the next level with the full 100000 XP away from the level after that.
    It means the book of XP gave me 73000 XP.

    So I conclude that if you use the book of XP, then use it when you are at the VERY beginning of your level so that you get the most out of it.

  97. Tammy S. Says:

    If you plan these quests out accordingly, you won’t have to use Farm Cash, Instant Grows or anything else to finish them. Just use the quest guides here to plan according to what the next chapter/step in the quests are. I just finished one with 6 days to spare. And the one that needed the corn (a 3 day crop), I went ahead and planted so that by the time I got to that chapter in the quest, they were ready for harvest. You can plan ahead and make it to the end of each quest with days to spare. Don’t harvest animals, pens, or orchards until you’ve finished a chapter. Also, never have the max # of animals in the pens (in case you have to harvest a quest animal, you can go ahead and stick him in there, wait a few minutes, then harvest). Same with one of the orchards. Always leave an open spot in one orchard so that you can place a tree in it that needs to be harvested for a quest. This way, you don’t have as much wait time. If you have to master to the 1st level of an animal, put him in the pen, harvest it, take him out, then move him to your English Countryside, stick him in a pen there and harvest again. I always keep animals that are part of the quests on my main farm so that I can move it between the Home Farm and the English Countryside.

    See? Plan ahead and you can finish the quests. And ALWAYS use these guides to see what needs to be done next so that you can plan ahead!

  98. shan Says:

    Oh good, Im not missing much so Im good with not finishing the rest of this! poor prizes

  99. linda stone Says:

    900 veggies??? are you nutz!!!!!

  100. marie Says:

    i started a new quest last night need 200 corn today is last day to complete corn takes3 days

  101. Soe Says:

    hi, let me know is this quest end? i wanna replay.. thks..