FarmVille Freak Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest Master Guide

Posted on November 15, 2011 1:48 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 1

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 2

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 3

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 4

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 5

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 6

The Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests are upon us and FarmVille Freak has you covered! Read below for a quick re-cap on everything you need to know for a speedy finish to your Thanksgiving Bonfire questing.

Good luck questing, FarmVille Freaks and be sure to share this guide with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 1: Like a Sheep to the Flame
Requirements: Harvest 5 Cows, Harvest 150 Wheat, & Get 6 Lanterns
Rewards: 100 XP, Shaggy Fall Sheep, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 2: We Did Start the Fire
Requirements: Get 6 Fire Pit Stones, Harvest Shaggy Fall Sheep 1 Time, & Harvest 150 Corn
Rewards: 200 XP, Founder Duck, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 3: Time For a Good Sit
Requirements: Get 6 Tree Stumps, Harvest Founder Duck 1 Time, & Harvest 150 Potatoes
Rewards: 300 XP, Lantern, & Speaker Tree, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 4: Now We’re Cooking
Requirements: Get 6 Baked Potatoes, Harvest 5 Horses, & Harvest 150 Aloe Vera
Rewards: 500 XP, Merriam Turkey, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 5: The Best Part of a Bonfire
Requirements: Get 6 Marshmallow Sticks, Harvest Marriam Turkey 1? Times, & Harvest 150 Strawberries
Rewards: 750 XP, Night Under the Stars, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest 6: Tending the Embers
Requirements: Get 6 Fire Spades, Harvest Founder Duck 2 Times, & Harvest 150 Pumpkins
Rewards: 1000 XP, Fall Lantern Horse, & 2,500 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests?  Will you be participating in the Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests and do you think their rewards are worth your time and effort?

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169 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Thanksgiving Bonfire Quest Master Guide” »

  1. unni Says:

    Nooo! MORE GOALS!! I dont want anymore goals. i cant even sleep properly… All though i like the rewards (^-^) Farmville is having too much goal 1st one after other now not even completed tha fairy one then came another now another.

  2. Pat Says:

    I like the rewards and it doesn’t seem to hard to do, except the harvesting the turkey 10 times.

  3. Debbie Says:

    You have got to be kidding ?? More quests ?? How about you fix the posting issues and give us extra time before throwing a new quest at us….this is getting kinda sad that we can’t finish what we started because of issues and time on your part.

  4. Harley Says:

    wow i love the turkey

  5. Abi Says:

    How long will it take to harvest that turkey 10 times?? Seems pretty strung out, especially paired with harvest of strawberries which only takes 4 hrs! I don’t like that.

  6. Celia Says:

    When does it start though?

  7. anianka Says:

    Well I understand that for some person is too much, but for others its just enough , if you have no time to doing it , don’t do it… we are talking about pixtel , and its not like farmville will stop to give some free gift from quest any soon. Even if you skip some , you will still be able to get some other prices later. But this is the thing , you want everything , but you don’t want to work for it. I have no problem with quest and I am able to sleep , I just organise my farm correcly and normaly I have no problem to done them , and I don’t have to wake up in a middle of the night to work on it. The thing is people you want to have the game to suit you’re life , but farmville is for everyone and for a lot more people quest is fun and is a good opportunity to get free stuff.

    I understand and approuve that Zynga should work to fix some bugs , who make the game for some player harder , but for the rest I have no problem with the game at this moment.

  8. Carol A. Miller Says:

    The programmers need to re-think quest #5. Having to harvest the turkey 10 times is way too much!! That means that we have to wait for 10 days to do the last quest! This is totally outrageous!!

  9. pat Says:

    After over 2 years of play, most of us have lost 75+ % of our neighbors and participation so it’s to hard to finish any quests. I want to reach 100 and will also stop adding anything else but Basic farm stuff.. Iam a beat pup!!!!

  10. Jena Long Says:

    I haven’t been able to complete all the quests :( went on vacation and now I am way behind and can’t catch back up. I’ve pretty much given up on working on the “Cove Farm”. I am NOT going to pay money to upgrade the farm and then be limited to how much I can plant. I really don’t like that farm and if they add others I HOPE it’s not like that one.

  11. TexasGirl Says:

    10 harvests on the turkey? That has to be a typo… I hope.

    Unless you can score them from neighbor feeds as well…

  12. Linda Says:

    I like the rewards but am so tired of all the goals. Not planning to do any of these Not enough time allowed for those already in play

  13. Jan Taylor Says:

    I’m sick, sick, sick, of these quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Elsa Says:

    I don’t think the harvest turkey 10 times is correct, I have another quest guide that just says harvest Merriam Turkey (which you get as a reward for part 4). What will take time however is both quest 2 and 3 have 3 day crops, so I am going to plant them tonight even though I don’t have the quest yet to get a jump start.

  15. Tiffany Says:

    To ALL the people complaining about all the quest if u don’t like them don’t do them. It is that simple Zynga Isn’t saying u have to do them. It is your choose to or not. Also u can expand your cove to a 22X22 for coins just be patience and I am sure they will let us expand even bigger for coins just like the other two farms. If you are really unhappy about something go to Zynga themselves and complain. This site is just here to help make all of the quest easier for us. I will not do you any good to complain here. I agree there are some issues with the game at times but they usually fix it in a timely manor, other then the whole posting issue that started when we were able to add these new neighbors. Happy Farming!!!! :)

  16. julie Says:

    calm down with the goals. I personally don’t mind them, but not when they’re back to back with each other.

  17. mary garrett Says:

    Farmville needs to fix the posts issues before adding new quests. It’s kind of hard to play and finish quests when your posts don’t show up and you can’t see your neighbors posts. I’ve been having this problem for some time now.

  18. mary garrett Says:

    Oh yes, I remember. The posts started acting up when the Halloween quest came out.

  19. Sue Says:

    Is this quest for the regular farm or for Lighthouse Cove?

  20. Kara S Says:

    Nice rewards on this quest.

    I enjoy the quests and really like the free animals and decorations we can get but I don’t stress out about them. If I don’t finish a quest, so what? I don’t get the reward but there is no other penalty.

    I really wanted that black and silver winged unicorn but there was a big blizard and we lost power for 4 days and by the time we got power back the quest was over. I had done everything but finish growing the 500 black tulips (I had 50 left to harvest which were dead in my fields when I got back on line).

    But life goes on. I don’t have the winged unicorn, but I got all the other rewards from that quest and the new quests are fun to do and have good rewards.

    My only wish is that I didn’t have to spend so much time planting crops I’ve already mastered. When they say *plant 200 flowers* and I can plant whatever flower I want it’s fine. But when I have to plant 200 morning glories I feel like I’m wasting my time. If I could plant the super morning glories that would be great, but I don’t think that would work.

    Other than that I enjoy the quests, though doing 3 at once is changelling. I suppose that’s the point. One quest for each farm though only the cove quests are limited to a specific farm.

  21. Reg Wells Says:

    The turkey is turning up in common avairy eggs, so you may be able to pick up a few extras. I assume that as well as the avairy you can harvest the turkey in the turkey pen. For me this means I can harvest it 5 times a day across the home and EU farms, so 10 harvests would onl take 2 days

  22. Former breeder Says:

    I for one love the quests. I’m having a lot of fun and I get some ok, some good and some great free stuff. Don’t do them if you don’t like them, it’s that simple.

  23. Raindrops Says:

    I don’t mind the quests. They do require some planning ahead with the master guides here (^_^). At least we can get some nice items for free as part of our ‘sweat equity’.

  24. Debbie Says:

    I will be participating in this quest, and although I don’t care for all of the rewards, the Fall Lantern horse will be worth doing the whole thing to me.

  25. MPieterse Says:

    Too many Quests, some of them NOT enough time to do it/not enough squares on Cove to finish quests, expansion’s are too much FV Coins.

    To top it all out of Sync problems, or receiving and giving gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before you add anything, please sort out all the problems many of us have with Game Play itself!

    We need longer time periods to finish Quests/Mission’s etc. (We do have Job’s).

    Other than that, I keep on having problems with neighbours … then they are and then they not!!! Might be an idea to make it easier to add neighbours!

    Thanks xox

  26. Kerrinda Says:

    I’m excited about the Horse as a reward! These are totally doable, lol ,,,Just plant those 3 day crops now! That ” harvest turkey X 10″ has just got to be a typo… I hope. lol

  27. FVluvr Says:

    more free items – people stop complaining OMG! i love the quests thank you zygna!

  28. Robyn Says:

    why does everyone complain about the quests? this game would be boring without them…it keeps the game challenging

  29. Ava Says:

    The turkey can probably be harvested in both the aviary and the turkey pen (for those that have them). Have your pens ready to be harvested minus one turkey. After you harvest it from everywhere you can, all the times will start over – keep him outside of the pen so you can harvest him by himself next time first, and then in any pens that you have on either of the home or english farms.

    Remember if you have pens on both your home and english farm – you can store the animal and pull it out and place in the pen to harvest on the other farm.

    I have noticed when putting an animal in a pen – FV is now adjusting the percentage done – they are not staying at 100% ready. They drop down a few percentage when you place a new animal in. Just in case it is done based on the number of animals you have in the pen – you may want to have max minus 1 if you can.

    Hope this helps.;)

  30. Vickie Says:

    This one does not excite me. I will be skipping this one, but look forward to the next.

  31. Angela Says:

    Harvesting that turkey 10 times will take forever!!

  32. emily Says:

    hmm is it worth doing ….. im not sure as im having probs with posting my feeds ill have to see how i go ive alredy giving up on the other quests so may not do it but i do like that lantern

  33. analyn h.punay Says:

    Are you sure for Quest 5?

    Harvest Marriam Turkey 10 times, how many days will a turkey be ready for harvest?

    Kindly review this quest. ty

  34. Texas Girl Says:

    I will be doing the quests for the horse, even if I have to build a few more aviaries and float the turkey between them. I’ve already got my corn planted, and will be planting the potatoes later today. I’m sort of expecting these quests to start up as soon as the Fairy quests time out, but I might be wrong on that.

    As for the issue with things not posting, google chrome seems to be more consistent (albeit not perfect) about posting, and Firefox is terrible (tried it the other day and had only one of 18 feeds actually post during the 24 hour period). Also, try using instead of, that’s supposed to help if you’re still having trouble with the feeds not posting. You still have to use facebook to collect stuff from neighbor feeds, but at least your posts will be making it out there…

  35. Norma Says:

    I dont know about anyone else but harvesting 10 turkeys should be easy if you still have the turkey pen which I do still on my home farm from last year

  36. belutsalt Says:

    I wonder why everyone is looking at quest no 5 as the only problem for this whole quest. Look carefully, quest no 2 and no 3 need you to harvest a 150 of 3 days planted crops. By assuming there will be time limit for this quest also, I don’t think everyone can ever finish this quest on time

  37. Terra Says:

    The prizes are SO LAME. We get another Speaker Tree, a seemingly okay-looking Lantern and maybe I want that Lantern Horse…but ONLY Maybe.

    Why can’t hey put up pretty stuff :[

  38. Patricia Says:

    I don’t think the rewards are worth all of the effort. The only one that I would be interested in would be the final reward, the horse. Right now I am already overwhelmed with all of the projects and quest on this game. Happy Farming

  39. Becky Phillips Says:

    Harvest the Marriam Turkey 10 times??? Does this mean 10 days to complete Quest #5…Think I will sit this one out… !!

  40. Renee Says:

    I don’t mind the quests – some of the prizes are worth it BUT I do wish they would only run one quest at a time, it gets too confusing about what needs to be planted, collected, harvested etc. When is Zynga going to allow us to share with the Lighthouse Cove? Nothing we do on the other farms counts on the Cove!

  41. Villemar Says:

    I don’t do quests anymore. It’s better being able to choose your own crops again! I’m getting tired of “costumed” generic animals too so skipping those is no big loss.

  42. Joy Says:

    Too many without enough time to complete. Some of us do work and have limited access. I’m tempted to stop. Especially since cove restaurant freezes and i can not make anything. This use to be fun. Not anymore.

  43. terri restad Says:

    Need some farm cash as rewards. too many quests for junky prizes

    we don’t have 6-8 hours a day to devote ourselves to getting quests done
    this is taking the fun out of playing no time to arrange and decorate our farms. cove should be able to enlarge for coins

  44. Harmen Wiersma Says:






  45. Scott Says:

    I have a question some of the tasks ask us to harvest crops that also have a Super level of it like potatoes and the strawberries. I was wondering for example if we harvest 150 Super Strawberries, will it give us the credit for harvesting 150 Strawberries??? I am curious to know if farmville is being very specific to what one we harvest???

  46. Donna Says:

    I totally agree with Anianka and Tiffany, if you don’t like Quest don’t do them. And having FarmVille Freaks giving us help on what we are going to need to do is great!! I like the Quests and enjoy working with my Great neighbors doing them. You might enjoy them more if all of your neighbors helped you out. I have at least 170 neighbors that play every day so I never have problems getting things I need. Love FarmVille Freaks and FarmVille. Also looking forward to another Farm. The more the merrier!!

  47. Scott Says:

    Also when it wants us to harvest 150 Corn does it have to be the one that takes 3 days to grow or can it be 150 Postole corn or 150 Butter and Sugar Corn that only takes 12 hours to grow? 150 Potatoes take 3 days to grow can it be Kennebec Potatoes that only takes 1 day to grow?? I am just curious if they are being very specific to which ones we harvest????

  48. Chris Lam Says:

    I’m wondering if LHC corn & potato will count for this quest. Crossing fingers…

  49. Tara Says:

    Honestly compared to Halloween, the rewards for this quest seem so uninteresting to me, I mean really considering it is a Thanksgiving Holiday quest you would think it would be a lot more to offer. A horse in the end as the final reward for all that work? So not worth the effort. Think I may wait until the Winter Holiday quests begin and take a much needed quest break until then and just enjoy my farming for a while.

  50. Sarah Says:

    Yay:) More fun items for my farm:) I don’t think farmville has enough goals…lol. Bring it on!!!

  51. PurpleGreenPerson Says:

    I don’t mind quests but I think there are too many and they are too close together. If you don’t plan ahead, this one will be very time consuming (I wonder how long we will have to complete it?) Two crops that each take 3 days plus harvesting the turkey 10 times will take a while. Hopefully, the turkey will go into the aviary and turkey pens to speed up harvesting.

  52. cathie Barbour Says:

    i will probably be out of town,visiting my sick brother.Will do the quests when i get back if there is enough time for me to do so.,i am sick of quests and building thing that need 100 million thing to complete.why dont you give us a break till xmas.and fix the problems you already have.i have been askinf for my duck pond on my home farm back now for over a month no one has addressed this issue???????

  53. Dar Says:

    If it works I haven’t had a quest that requires harvesting an animal work yet and by the time ZZZZ fixes it the quest is over. So NO not liking another glitchy Quest

  54. Pooh Says:

    I don’t like the rewards much. The horse in the final quest might make it worth though. Also, just noticed the bulky amount of XP rewards wooo hooo…. So, I just might do this quest as well. I like doing quests, actually they make me look forward to playing Farmville after I get off my work. Rewards good or not so good, but it adds excitement to the game somehow. However, when I find that the quest targets are really unrealistic, I don’t bother doing them. For example- Lighthouse bonus quests. Otherwise I love the quests. Happy farming!

  55. julie turner Says:

    I hope after looking at the Thanksgiving bonfire quest…I hope it is not going to take several days each to harvest the shaggy fall sheep,the founder duck, and especially the marrian turkey 10 times! Hope the turkey doesn’t take a whole day each time.
    I have done all the quest and I have to say the most frustrating was waiting on the fairy zebra and now the posseum to get ready to harvest. Hope u take this in to your consideration when posting these quest. Thank you!

  56. jusatplay Says:

    harvest marriam turkey 10 times ?????? REALLY ?

  57. LCM Says:

    I guess the quests will have to be done in the English and Home farms and not in the Lighthouse Cove…

  58. Neil Says:

    Too many quests.
    Too much space taken up in the upper left hand corner displaying quests.

    Free our display screen.

  59. kathryn thorn Says:

    I would like to do the quests but most of the time I can not post to my friends to get the things I need and I dont’ have the money to keep buying them.
    Are you ever going to work the glitches out of the system. I know I am not the only person with this problem. It is very frustrating. I like to do the quests but when it is impossible to complete them why do them?


  60. clay Says:

    Too much is enough. e all need a break from these incessant and insipid quests.

  61. Teresa Hardy Says:

    Other people are half finished with their’s before mine even posts so I can start on it. It happens every time. I think we need more time to finish the quest also. Some of us don’t have the big farms and have to plant the crops twice in order to meet the required amount. I think you should make it available to buy the farm for coins. Everybody don’t have money to buy fv cash but we enjoy playing your game as well. At least let us have time to raise the crops we have to have if we have to plant them twice.

  62. dms Says:

    quests as a concept are fine. The problem I have is that there are almost always multiple quests happening at the same time. I think, as a rule, zynga should have one quest, let it run its course, give us a few days off, then introduce another quest.

    The bigger problem for me is that I don’t have any more active neighbors. Whatever they did in October discouraged the last three I had.

    For those saying, “if you don’t like them, don’t do them.” You’re missing the point. Everyone wants to do their fv tasks. They’re making it impossible. The goal shouldn’t be to exasperate their fans. The problem is, the quests are designed for people with lots of active friends.

    Here’s their problem. The dramatic upsurge in interest is waning and they’re about to go public. They are trying to encourage people to coax friends to hop on the farmville wagon by making things too difficult to do alone. They desperately need to build momentum once they go public or their initial offering may be the stock’s zenith.

    My feeling is, by targeting only super users (with lots of friends) they are actually encouraging the average user to drop out altogether. I suspect their actions may have the opposite impact from what they had hoped. But since they keep repeating the trend and in fact doubling down (the halloween castle was really the last straw for a lot of people and now the ho-down thing is just as bad) I really don’t have any more active friends. And since I can’t accomplish all the tasks at hand alone and I refuse to pester my friends to play a game they have no time or interest in, And stay tuned, a mega xmas winter themed land is about to descend upon us that is going to be really, really hard to “finish”. If you’re frustrated now, get ready for a whole new level of aggravation.

    It’s just hard to believe this is the right direction to go for a game that is for me, supposed to be a fun diversion a few minutes a day. Not something that takes hours and hours to deal with.

    It won’t be long before they go public and then we’ll be given much a more candid picture of user trends.

  63. madaleine Says:

    Harvest the turkey 10 times thats 10 days no one will be able to do the quest. It will be over before you can finish.

  64. Sheri Says:

    Love the quests!!! Love the Winter theme coming. Just wish I could get things and know they would go over to the Winter themed farm. Love Lighthouse Cove!!! Can’t get everything done, but still fun!!!

  65. jamie Says:

    when are they coming im ready to harvest my fields and id also like to say why is every one complaining about the quests if you dont want to do them them then don’t for me i like them i get rewards i cant afford with fv cash. its a game if all your goning to do is complaine about it then play something else. if we didnt have the quests then you all would be complaining about not being able to get rewards. so just have fun with it.

  66. Myra Says:

    Yes I will play but I wish you guys would give us a little more time to finish the quests. I enjoy playing the quests. They are fun.

  67. na1 Says:

    Hmmm, Im not so excited about the rewards for the quest as I have already grown my Lantern foal for 2 farm cash…im more in love with the Bonfire Itself! That will take a crap load of building pieces to finesh I bet, but it’ll be worth it in the end because the Bonfire itself looks super cool!

  68. Jo Says:

    Questing like a champ!

  69. Kelly Says:

    Any idea when this quest will go live? Thanksgiving is getting close!!

  70. Pooh Says:

    I still haven’t got the pop-up for this quest yet…! Don’t know what’s going on. I have now planted Wheat twice looking forward to the 1st quest goals and still no trace of the quests… I have also put in corn and potato for the fact that they will take 3 days to grow. Sigh! I hope the quests populate by that time. Its disheartening that when we prepare well for them, they won’t come up soon!

  71. flmdrpeena Says:

    To all the people who don’t have problems completing quests, who tell others to go elsewhere if they don’t like the game, Stop being so sanctimonious! Just because you don’t have trouble posting doesn’t mean other don’t. It’s good to get a head’s up often about what can & usually does happens to an ever-increasing number of friends/neighbors including me. I HAD too many friends (1 is too many) like you. Just because you can get & give gifts, doesn’t mean others can. It is good to come here to discover that others who’ve played this game for a long time & some of whom (not me but) have spent a LOT of real hard-earned money (I’ve spent some) to play a game that they have enjoyed changed so much. It most of us with recurring problems off & on have taken it to zynga customer support already & get nothing done to help. I repeat what I’ve seen too often posted. ZYNGA NEEDS TO FIX PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY ROLL OUT LOT OF NEW STUFF. Instead, they just roll it out faster & faster. I noticed that they were heading in direction of more & more crops & other requirement s for quest that take longer & longer. So, they also have to give farmers more & more to keep them involved so Zynga can run around doing just what they want in screwing up a good game many of us enjoyed. Their standard Customer Service response is back. Last year it just got rude or didn’t answer at all – at least until threatened about real money transactions. I just had a friend that zynga double billed at the bank.

  72. Judy Says:

    I received a free dart tonight! I think I am on server 1- I hit the middle blue balloon and got the Maple Wreath Cow! My friend hit the red balloon forth row, fourth column and got the Autumn Fountain (not certain of her server). I hope that helps someone!

  73. Judy Says:

    Oops-posted on wrong topic. Sorry. I did find all of the information and comments on upcoming quests quite informative. Thanks!

  74. florentina Says:

    imi place ! dar eu nu-l am ca misiune ! CE SA FAC !? CE SA FAC?
    I like! but I do not have that mission! What to do!? What should I do?

  75. cathy Says:

    when is this bone fire coming out?

  76. A Says:

    Only really want the horse but not sure I’m going to do these quests. There are getting too many now. Usually I love the quests but now there is 2-3 constantly.

  77. flmdrpeena Says:

    Anybody gotten this yet I haven’t. If I go to use wood, get message that need to place bonfire. If click ok. Nothing happens. No bonfire in gift box.
    If not, when is the roll-out?
    But then FV still working on know issues of gifting/posting with me. Latest problem from non-responsive zynga is they lowered accumulated coins by 10,000,000. That’s right 10 ff. by 6 zero, i.e. 10 mill. Was going to do something when I got back to 24,000,000 & close to it but no more. Haven’t gotten back to zynga yet. Anticipation probable same response… patience, working on it, from time to time.

  78. lagirl Says:

    just placed my bonfire on my farm. another thing to collect for, scrap wood, blankets, smores, weiners. the more stuff you get sent the more items you can trade them in for

  79. Elisa Says:

    There are too many quests at a time. And they are lousy planned, the schedules don’t make sense even if you play 24-7, like a zynga slave. How much is the quest time now – no info!? With several crops that grow many days filling the whole farm, and that turkey harvesting 10 times, it just does not work. There are also a lot of unlogical quests with colliding tasks (I leave them outside here).
    Also zynga does not even publish all quest guides!!! So we can not plan ahead even if we want to! They obviously live on another planet with another clock running, and have no realistic sense for what is possible – they don’t know even the basic math. They have changed the conditions on several quests afterwards, when players pointed out that they take longer than the given time. Why can’t they figure out such simple things already when designing the quests!!?? If the zynga people were working in a real company they would get fired in two days!
    All quests should be designed for normal people (full time job or school), normal farm sizes with basic buildings, no requirements for expanding areas and no need to plan a week ahead. It must work doing the tasks step by step, a few hours a day. And we should not be forced to get new neighbors – that violates the players integrity, they can’t decide themselves if and when they want neighbors.
    And to those of you (a few) who bragging “i have no problems”. Okay, be happy, but don’t look down on players who have many technical issues all the time, and they are probably more than the “lucky ones”. Also the quests are not released to all players at the same time, so the last ones to get it have lost at least a day already at start. Etc…
    As many frustrated farmers say: it’s not fun anymore, and that’s why they leave the game. Zynga will soon be out of business, farmville is not the only game that players abandone!

  80. Danielle Says:

    Do you know when that quest will be out??? Bonfire quest I mean?

  81. lina Says:

    i want these quests. crops are ready NOW! :)

  82. Grace Says:

    Like these quests but dang how long will it take to harvest the turkey 10 times ? Surely not 10 DAYS….

  83. Frank Says:

    Frankly speaking if FarmVille players complained of being Zynga game SLAVES, what about FarmVille Freak’s content publishers who appear to be online 24/7 to post these FarmVille content for free?

    I’m sure they must be complaining a hell lot more. Do they? I wonder…

    I must say they deserve our compliments for the hardwork and effort.

    Thank you FarmVille Freak!

  84. Eileen Klein Says:

    How long does it take to harvest the Marriam Turkey seeing as we have to harvest it 10 (ten) times in Quest 5 ???

  85. Kelly F. Says:

    I like all the quests. Sometimes I do not finish them, but most the time I do. The rewards are great, but I would do them for the sake of the quest. I have given up playing other games because there are to many quests or they rely too heavily on neighbors to get them done. Overall I think that Farmville is the most fun to play. There is some frustration with loading problems, but it is a game and I try not to let it stress me out. Now that I learned to use this sight that lists the quests ahead of time, it is much easier to complete them. I already had the first 3 quest crops planted!

  86. Trish Says:

    14 days to complete this quest. Colassal Fail.

    6 different levels to this quest. Unfortunately, with 14 days to complete, I do not see how that will be possible

    #1 prize Shaggy Fall Sheep
    #2 harvest shaggy fall sheep, harvest 150 corn (regular corn is 3 day harvest)
    #3 harvest founder duck, harvest 150 potatoes (again…another 3 day crop)
    #4 prize Merriam Turkey
    #5 Harvest Merriam Turkey 10 (yes TEN) TIMES
    at the least…if this is a 1 day harvest…with 6 days already in the hole, and only 8 days left….
    #6 Harvest the Founder Duck TWICE

    So…..IF what FarmVilleFreak posted as the Requirements for each of the stages of this quest are correct…..another colossal FAIL.

    Hopefully…the Harvesting of the Merriam Turkey TEN TIMES was incorrect.

  87. fran webb Says:


  88. Catherine Says:

    For those asking, you can plant a super crop (ex strawberries) and it counts for the quest. Except I remember a few quests ago we had to plant cranberries and it specified on the goals that they had to be regular cranberries. But since then I usually plant the super crop instead of the regular one unless its one I’ve already mastered and I don’t need those type of bushels. As far as being able to plant different types of corn or potatoes, that I am not sure about, but I am planting butter & sugar corn now for the cove quest, so I will find out if it counts and post back later.

  89. redvellvet Says:

    this also wont let me post requests for the i have to wait 5 more hours to try it again and then again and then again…getting tired of this game and it is my fav.

  90. mark Says:


  91. Debbie Says:

    I will be doing the quest, but like everyone else I want to know how long it will take to harvest the turkey. hopefully not long because 10 times is a lot. How long is the quest here for? If it’s like the cove quests it won’t be fair to most of us who play. I have a hard time expanding the cove and so most of the quests were impossible for me to do.

  92. HECTOR Says:

    now when they ssay corn. dose it matter which corn u harvest

  93. Will Says:

    For Grace, use aviaries…. if you put the turkey in an aviary that was at 100% it will drop to 96%, it will only take an hour to harvest. I have harvested 5 already.

  94. Prinzzess FelicityJade Says:

    I think turkey can be harvested 3x’s a day with right pens and done right, if you still have last years turkey pen like I do it can be put there first when you get it and harvest that, then put in the aviary and harvest, then remove to put outside the pens, in a day the pens will be ready again as well as the lonely turkey, harvest turkey then put in each pen before you harvest the pen. havent gotten that far yet but hoping that works.

  95. Susan Says:

    Does anyone know if Zynga still will require the animals to be in their pens for a full 24 hour cycle before the harvest counts? If so, 10 times on that turkey is going to make it very close and probably make it impossible for a lot of people to complete. Any loading issues at all will throw the quest off.

    Also, does anyone know if cara potatoes will count instead of the 3 day regular potatoes? I know super crops count in place of the same regular crop. What about the new multi colored corn? Appreciate any ideas on how to deal with this long quest. Thanks.

  96. Lori Says:

    Ok, to answer a few of the questions…the big one, 10 turkey harvest IS an error according to Zynga’s website. It should be 1 time. They are working on a fix and I’ll know within 12 hours if harvesting it once will work. As for those 3 day crops, plant them at the same time….don’t forget you can pause one farm if you need to but, it will take 3 days to grow them and 3 days for them to whither so you can save time and should have no trouble with the time delay between these 2 parts of the quest. The sheep works in the sheep pen, the duck works in the pond, a horse barn or paddock works for the horses. The new corn does not count, I don’t know about the purple corn. Super potatoes, aloe and strawberries DO work. I am assuming super pumpkins will also work but have not yet harvested them. I’m waiting on that turkey and hopefully harvesting it once will advance me to quest 6. Even though it is a known issue and they are working on it, I don’t know if THAT mean one harvest will advance me or I’ll be hung up because of what the quest “says”……I’ll know in about 12 hours. Happy farming!!!!

  97. Sheri Says:

    I dont mind doing these tasks and the gifts at the end are great Zynga :) but come on corn 3 days potatoes 2 or 3 days then harvest animals 10 times and 2 times and you are only giving us 13 days to complete DOES NOT add up it is not even possiable without farm cash it kinda ruins the game for people who do try and keep up but sooner or later people are going to quit because it costs a fortune to play :( just sayin not very fair

  98. Vaughn Says:

    Getting so tired of trying to complete all the tasks…it’s too much at one time to do a task for each farm…I am level 105, but will quit playing soon if this keeps going on…it’s nuts!!

  99. Vaughn Says:

    I like this site for the help they give, but I mean really, how can you complete all the quest in the matter of time they give. I think Zynga is preying on all of us to buy farm cash…that is all that is going on!!

  100. Patrick FV Says:

    Corn.. 150.. harvest in 3 days :/.. already to be planted otherwise you’ll loose some time!

    And that Meriam Turkey i already have on my farm.. (came from the eggs..) .. So 10 times is not difficult :)

  101. Pam Says:

    You are giving us to much to do….At first the quest were fun but now I feel they are NOT. I don’t have time to do anything else. I am not having fun Two many quest all at once. Sometimes I have 3 going at the same time. Slow down on the quest.

  102. Angel Says:

    Corn and potato? That takes 3 days.
    Forget about it, I’m not doing this quest.
    Crappy rewards and the goals are way too high.

  103. Elemjay Says:

    I’m happy to report that I harvested Butter and sugar corn on LHC (for that quest chain), and it DID count against the Bonfire quests. Don’t have to wait three days for regular corn – yey! :D
    Since this was the case, I’m willing to bet that Kennebec potatoes will suffice for the potatoes needed. Maybe even Cara potatoes from English farm.
    Saving time! :)

    I will not be able to complete the whole chain since I can’t possibly get the parts needed to upgrade my cove in that time. :( Been working like crazy on this, but since most of my actual FRIENDS don’t play FV anymore and you can’t ask your neighbours for stuff (yet, hopefully that will change soon so you may send them requests in game…) AND you can’t get the parts you need for the cove upgrades through SPDs, I’m just doomed.

  104. k johnson Says:

    guys come on there is an easy fix to this quest. Go on castleville get to level 5 (and lets face it it isnt hard to get to level 5 on a game ) and you will get 5 instant grows free. Now if you have the space plant the corn and the potatoes together use one instant grow and there you go all the crops you will need :) and some instant grows left over too :) maybe they can help with the turkeys but not sure about that one hope this helps somebody at least :)

  105. JoMama Says:

    For quest 3 in Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests, can i plant super potatoes ?

  106. JUDY PETZO Says:

    opppppppp sorry not yelling

  107. shaggy Says:

    ….i dont want anymore quest and i refuse to help anyone with quest request because i cant share….yall can say what u want about liking these quest but u r not the ones that cant share help request….im not trying to be mean but i think its very funny that they r making these quest require farmcash…please ty u zynga if u wont stop with the quest until u fix the share issue and make it fair to everyone make everyone pay farmcash to get them done…yall can say we dont have to do these quest but im a huge horse fan and i have every horse farmville has ever releashed so other words i dont have a choice but to do these crap animal issue quest..also yall better stop and think about enjoying all these quest because they running away millions of look u have to delete neighbors or u dont have many left because of them..dont get me wrong it would be ok if they didnt 1 a month but 2 or 3 a week is a job not a game..and sooner or later they want be many neighbors left or farmville will lose enough money that they will stop..i was a 400.00 a month supporter but since all they quest i have retired spending money..i also go to support and i demand all quest stop until they fix the issues and stop creating new ones…i cant share and havent been able for 3 months now so i demand darts and farmcash everytime a quest comes on my game..screw yall enjoy them while they last so sooner or later they will stop them because they losing more than they gaining with them….people if u really want them to stop join me and demand farmcash and free darts every time they bring one out..if this happens they will have no choice but to shut them down and we can go back to farm what we want to farm, do co-ops again,master what crops we want to crop,etc..people please hit them where they trying to hit u(pockets) they will stop

  108. lindsay Says:

    Can I use the Super Potatoes instead of regular potatoes for the third quest?

  109. Ava Says:

    Yes the turkey required 10 harvest.

  110. Anejo Man Says:

    Selecting a crop that requires 3 days to harvest makes the quest too drawn out. sit and wait, sit and wait, sit and wait. lol. I think that is a little excessive. Can it be changed to harvest in one day for this quest only…even tho it is planted? hmmm :-)

  111. Vikki Says:

    Although I actually enjoy doing the quests since it gives me something to on my farm, at the same time I wish they didn’t overlap, because it doubles the amount of time needed to perform each quest.

  112. A Says:

    The 3 day crops aren’t fair on these quests. It’s far too long, given the entire quest list needs to be completed in 14 days. Thankfully the crops for the other quests are shorter. Come on Zynga, crops should be a maximum of 1 day for the quests, I’m not paying 30FV for instant grow

  113. Outre Says:

    Anyone telling people “If you don’t like … don’t play” and “This site is to make it easy, so shut up” well,. you need to learn how to read.

    Right under the article is the question; “What do you think about the FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests? Will you be participating in the Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests and do you think their rewards are worth your time and effort?”

    It DOES NOT say “Tell us ONLY the nice things you think”. It DOES NOT say “Don’t you agree these quests are just peachy keen and not too much trouble?”

    It asks “What do you think …”

    People are telling what they think. They have correctly read the question.

    Anyone complaining about people asking the question need to find a different site where only cheerleaders and those with rose colored glasses hang out.

    Me, I think it’s too much. That’s why they gave us the free instant grows.

    I think maybe the fact that they are so greedy they are taking much loved holidays and turning them into crap, I think maybe finally they are getting the picture that we – the players – are starting to hate them for it.

  114. Ava Says:

    I just got on fv and it automatically completed me from 5 to 6 – they must have revised the number of harvests needed from the turkey to one.

  115. Will Says:

    Did they change the requirement for quest 5. I only harvested the turkey 7 times. Now it said I completed that portion.

  116. T3 Says:

    I only needed to harvest the turkey 1 time in an aviary to get the job done :)

  117. JP Says:

    Did the Merriam Turkey change to 1? I harvested it once and walked away for a bit. I came back and my quest was finished.

  118. Will Says:


  119. Allen Says:

    for the “corn” in the Quest 2, you can use the Autumn multicolor corn, its like a 12 hour crop, for the #3 you can plant LC potatoes which are a 12 hour crop, the only issue there is the bumping against goals for LC cove Chp 9 quests.

  120. Brenda H Says:

    Yay! Seems like they changed the requirements for the Turkey! I was on the farm and then got a notice that FV was enhanced, and when I refreshed, all of a sudden, the requirement was 1 harvest!

  121. Sarah Says:

    I have no problem with the quests i have a problem with not being able to post or having to rely on neighbors for things it shouldnt take 2 days to get 6 clicks from people at least Farmville allows you to get one by giving one and the only other thing I dont like is every thing they are asking me to plant are things i have already mastered and they make you plant them multiple times

  122. vango Says:

    Completed the requirements for Quest 1 but did NOT get my Fall Sheep. I’m not the only one, several threads on the FV Forum about it. Worse, I can’t figure out how to contact technical support, can’t find an email link, on the Zynga site there’s just canned document on the FV support page; clicking Contact just goes to a page where clicking Technical Support just goes back around in an endless loop to the useless support page. HUGE FAIL! :-(

    What really corks me is that the sheep is the most desireable prize of the bunch for me. I want the turkey but am hoping to get it from an egg. The horse would be nice, but darn it, I just want my sheep!

  123. Rachel Says:

    To Vango

    When you go to the customer support page, type in a question and hit enter. It’ll take you to a page with possible answers, and the email link will show up to the right of the question box.

    If you don’t want to bother with that, the email is

    I’ve dealt with zynga customer support enough times that I just keep their email in my contacts list.

    Hope they can help you get your sheep.

  124. Luicee Says:

    Wow… uh.. I was coming to farmville to get a break from the insanity @ Cafe World and it looks like the mania has infected the Farmville Team too… 2 back to back goals with 150 3-day crops? + a 3 day harvest animal? (dunno how long to harvest the duck yet- i dont have one :P )
    This is a bit much, I was just starting to enjoy the pace too….

    Now all three (Pioneer Trail, Cafe & Farmville) Are making me feel like the hamster on the wheel again, which i hope they reverse and course correct, cause i love these games ;)

  125. Luicee Says:

    People (most of them) are NOT complaiing here b/c they think this is Zynga- they are …shocking… ANSWERING the question posed by the beloved Farmville Freak scroll up- look- there see? ^

    “What do you think about the FarmVille Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests? Will you be participating in the Thanksgiving Bonfire Quests and do you think their rewards are worth your time and effort?”


  126. Amazing. Says:

    its interesting. And just apply tricks and collect rewards within a very short time.

  127. utpal Says:

    interesting. Get within short time. Just apply tricks.

  128. Piers Says:

    need a link to manually post requests for marshmallow forks, greedy FV posts everything but that for me yesterday and today

  129. JazzBelle Says:

    I really enjoy the quests as a general thing but making the ridiculously complex especially when you can’t even post to the feeds or complete it without being coerced into using FV cash just infuriates. I am close to quitting FV although and because I have said this before I don’t know if I can follow through with it because I LOVE my neighbors. Thinking it could be my New Year’s resolution to walk away from it… You are pushing me towards the exit door FV

  130. Mary Ann Crumpton Says:

    i don’t mind the quests to much but this one is not letting me post the things i need and i really am getting angry which takes a lot there should be a link to ask just in case your stuff doesn’t post because then you have to wait 5 hours to ask again

  131. megan Says:

    i love the quests it keeps me playing. if it wasnt for a goal i would have stopped playing. people stop complaining if dont want to do them then dont some of us enjoy doing them.

  132. Patti Says:

    I think it would be nice if given a goal of planting 150 corn bushels they would tell you that the limited time multi corn which takes 10 hours will count. I planted “regular” corn that takes 3 days! Found out that the multi corn counted because I harvested some that had already been planted. Will potatos work the same way?

    Also, has it been determined that the turkey needs to be harvested 1 time instead of 10 times?

  133. Cheryl Says:

    Really want to do all the quests, but my requests for help don’t post,,,sigh

  134. jackie Says:

    for those only on 2 do NOT PLANT regular corn for 3 days.. plant the decoritive corn (dont know name) for 10 hours… dont make the same mistake as me… now i have corn on my plot for 3 days and then have to plant potatos for 3 days unless there is one for shorter time????

  135. A Says:

    If you plant the Butter and Corn crop from Lighthouse Cove, it works for the “We Did Start the Fire” Quest. This crop only takes 12 hours so it’s a day and a half faster

  136. Kevin Says:

    On quest #2 use Posole corn, it worked for me.

  137. Olletha Says:

    Corn and Potatoes will accept any of them not just the three day crops
    I used the new multi colored corn crop and the Cove potatoes

  138. Mary Says:

    I’ve been playing fv since the very beginning. I’m just about ready to give it up.
    Farmville use to be fun. You had some kind of control over what was going on. Now farmville controls all the moves.

    If I wanted all these quests, I’d be playing treasure island, pioneer village or even the new on castleville. I’ve tried them all and didn’t like them. Farmville was fun, but not so much anymore.

    A few quest would be fine, I just want control over my farm again. Same goes for Cafeworld.

  139. Cheryl Says:

    I think there are too many quests! And in the process of completing quests we have to build building and other structures. It just seems to be getting a bit out of control. Keep in mind that playing this game is supposed to be fun. Sometimes there are cool prizes. And there’s ANOTHER farm coming??? I can’t keep up with the 3 I have! I will keep playing because I like the game but I wouldn’t mind if they cut back on the quests. :o)

  140. erin Says:

    To Tiffany, just to let you know, Zynga is not fixing the problems in a timely manner. I have not been able to post requests from the FV quests for almost 2 weeks. It is very hard to finish a quest if you can’t ask for the things you need. I enjoy doing the quests, but I can’t complete anything if I can’t post requests. I try to get them from friends posts, but I don’t have the time to keep checking if they posted anything. also, some of my friends are having the same problem, not being able to post to their walls. In talking to Zynga, they keep saying it is a problem with the server, but I am using Mozilla, and emptying my browser history, just like they say to do, but that doesn’t work. I say fix some of these problems first, then do the quests, I really do enjoy them.

  141. Desiree Says:

    Harvest Marriam Turkey 10 Times??? zynga must be outside their minds!!!

  142. Britnor Longhair Says:

    On Quest 5, you ONLY need to harvest the turkey ONCE. It was a typo when it said you needed to harvest the turkey ten times.

  143. FarmerK Says:

    I just want to know if you can put the fall sheep in a pen to harvest in one day instead of waiting the 3 days it takes to be ready to harvest it?? It’s already at about 60% so I’d hate to move it and reset it if it won’t work. Also, for those of you who need the links for asking for help when the box never pops up and you can’t ask again for hours…try This site has the links.

  144. FarmerK Says:

    ALSO…I have read the harvest of the turkey 10x is an error. It is supposed to be only once.

  145. Sherry Says:

    Quest are a little much lately but I could deal with that if I could publish my needs !!

  146. Carla Says:

    This is a time consuming waste of time and I won’t finish it. The prizes are not worth the time it takes to do the quest. They need to decrease the harvest times.

  147. ankethea Says:

    You only need to harvest the Merriam Turkey 1x.

  148. Rhonda Says:

    I am at Level 5 now, and you only have to harvest the Turkey 1 time, not 10!

  149. Jamie Says:

    The fall sheep will go into a pen to harvest….I did mine like that…..any corn and any potatoes will work, I used cara potatoes…couldn’t use the LHC ones, since I was working on those quests as well….I’m after the horse at the end!!

  150. Showkath Says:

    we don’t want to harvest turkey 10 times…its just a typo error, we have to harvest only once…

  151. Lily-Ann Levy Says:

    Hi everyone. I do think the posting & re-loading issues need to be FIXED. I also finished this in a breeze & really think you guys need to plan ahead. If you are lucky enough to find this site you have the upper hand to start. I didn’t know when it was coming out. As soon as it did I planted Corn & potatoes. On the day it would be harvested I did the Aloe & Pumpkins. I finished every quest (after the 3 day crops) in 1 day. Not so hard if the post works & the re-loading issues are fixed. Cearing the cache is NOT THE ANSWER. IT IS ZYNGA’s TIME TO FIX. I like the rewards , but think some are silly. If u get 300 friends(max) & play in the am & pm for awhile you can do this!! I only have about 60 friends & did it.

  152. Jane Says:

    I still need one set of Fire Pit Stones…….
    Can anyone help me?

  153. Paul Says:

    I’ve requested the baked potatoes 5 times over the last two days and it has still not posted to my wall. I’ve completed the rest but am stuck. Sure wish that we could ask for these “Get” quests above but they were not included. Can anyone help?

  154. Paul Says:

    through a little trial and error, I found that any corn crop counted toward the 150 corn crops. I also took the Founder Duck and put him in my duck pond and harvested him (#1). Then I transferred him in my aviary and harvested him again (#2). I don’t harvest any buildings umtil I need them for a quest. With getting these guides, I can estimate a lotbetter of what I can harvest and when so as not to slow down my progress.

  155. Annie Berry Says:

    Thank you FarmerK #143. The link for asking for quest stuff did work and now I am on course for finishing this quest (unusual for me). Can’t understand why FV can’t fix the qlitches if somebody else can come up with help like these links.

  156. manoj kumar gupta Says:

    there is 8 horses on my horse paddock,but when i harvest it,why only counted 4 horses,,,???it’s make me upset :(

  157. jesus Says:

    man people here love to whine a lot I have to say

    1. Farmville Freaks dont have anything to do with the quest they just do us the favor of posting upcoming stuff (from which I’m really great full that has help me manage how I do my quest) for Farmville. so people stop asking them to stop making more quest cause they dont have any control over it.

    2. Zynga is a company that has many employee and they need money to pay those employee but one thing is true they don’t point a gun to your head to buy FarmCash be great full that the game is free.

    3. Don’t whine about there being to many quest and not having to many neighbors for one reason they made it so that you could add people that you dont have as friends as neighbor for the sole reason that people started complaining about not wanting to add more people. so far just a handful of my friends and family play the game and I’m still able to finish my quest without having to spend cash on them and if you need people to click just make some extra account that wont hurt you nor them not even Facebook.

    4. Overall stop complaining so much cause is just ridiculous just have fun and do what you do on your farm if you dont want to do quest then just plant and harvest, plant and harvest, plant and harvest ’till your hearts content

  158. jesus Says:

    @manoj kumar gupta that must be cause you just have 4 horses on your paddock that you have master to level 3 already

  159. Kelly C Says:

    I never got the duck so I can’t finish :(

  160. enun Says:

    if u have 10 turkey outside your aviary, and ready to be harvested when the strawberry is harvested… then u don’t have to wait that long…!

  161. PInk Says:

    How long does it take to harvest the founders duck?

  162. jesus Says:

    Kelly if you didn’t get the duck why dont you send a report to Zinga they are always helpful at least to me they always help me out with any problem I might have

  163. Katrina Says:

    I can’t get the post to show up to request the tree stumps. What do I do?

  164. Ellen Says:

    I am having trouble with actions posting to my news feed. The main problem at this time is that I am on Bonfire Quest 5 and have not been able to complete it because I cannot get the marshmallows needed. Each time I click to ask my friends to send me some, I get no posting for my news feed. I have completed all the other sections quite a while ago, but, with 4 days left, I only have 2 of 6 marshmallows. Can you help me.

  165. Carol Says:

    I can’t harvest the founder duck. It stops between 94 to 99 percent. I’ve been trying for several days. I can’t get past the level 3 Thanksgiving bonfire quest due to this problem. I haven’t had trouble harvesting anything else. Any suggestions?

  166. gonca aslan Says:

    Do you get the rewards could be extended to

  167. Sherrill Watkins Says:

    Just completed Quest #2. When Quest #3 popped up, it said “2 days left”. Harvest 150 potatoes in 2 days? They take 3 days:(

  168. Hamza Says:

    WOW Thanks For This :D


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