FarmVille Freak Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Master Quest Guide

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FarmVille Freak Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Master Quest Guide

Posted on November 28, 2011 1:59 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 1

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 2

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 3

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 1

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 2

FarmVille Lighthouse Bonus Challenge 3

(Please note, these quests are available to those farmers who purchased early access to Winter Wonderland. )

Winter Wonderland is coming and so are its quests! No fear, FarmVille Freak has you covered. Read below for a quick recap of these quests so that you know what objectives you’ll have to complete and what rewards are available. In Winter Wonderland North Pole Quests you will find three regular quests and three Bonus Challenges. This is the first set of Winter Wonderland quests available to farmers who purchased special early access VIP Tickets to Winter Wonderland. The links to the required Task Items for these quests can be found below. Simply click the picture to request the item.

Good luck with your questing and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends!
Task Items Gifting Links:

FarmVille Jingle Bells (Quest 1)

FarmVille Egg Nog (Quest 2)

FarmVille Beach Balls (Quest 3)

FarmVille Snow Shoe (Quest 4)

FarmVille Holiday Tune (Quest 5)

FarmVille Perfect Snowflake (Quest 6)


FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 1: A Winter Wonderland
Requirements: Get 6 Jingle Bells, Harvest 60 Gingerbread & Harvest 1 Polar Train Station
Rewards: 100 XP, Borealis Tree, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 2: Snowy Trails
Requirements: Get 6 Egg Nogs, Harvest 60 Iced Rice & Complete 1 Orchard
Rewards: 200 XP, Holiday Ermine, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Quest 3: Snow Blanket Bingo
Requirements: Get 6 Arctic Beach Balls, Make 2 Ginger Smores & Harvest 1 Borealis Tree
Rewards: 300 XP, Ice Geyser, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Bonus Quest 1: Something Blue
Requirements: Get 6 Snow Shoes, Harvest 45 Candied Yams & Harvest 1 Holiday Ermine
Rewards: 500 XP, Icy Horse, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Bonus Quest 2: Dances With Elves
Requirements: Get 6 Holiday Tunes, Make 2 Candied Yam Pies & Discover 1 Small Snow Treasure
Rewards: 500 XP, Ice Fishing Gnome, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Winter Wonderland North Pole Bonus Quest 3: Snow Day
Requirements: Get 6 Perfect Snowflakes, Make 2 Candied Apples & Harvest 1 Polar Train Station
Rewards: 500 XP, Holiday St. Bernard, & 5,000 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 9 Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort? 

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83 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Master Quest Guide” »

  1. Sunny Says:

    Worth my time and effort?

    Probably not past 1. I love the tree, but I’ve stopped participating in the quests unless they work into my normal routine. Trying to get back to basics of farming, and skip a majority of this structured nonsense.

    Happier to farm my way and not what Zynga demands.

  2. G Martin Says:

    Quests are the same as Mafia Wars quests. That’s not why I played Farmville. Notice: past tense.

  3. Lisa Says:

    This farm doesn’t even come out for another 10 days (?) and we already have a 6 part and a TWELVE PART quest ahead? Not sure I’ll even bother with the new farm. Keeping up with two or three sets of quests running at a time is hard enough. I don’t think I’ll be able to do any more. I used to love this game. A lot. Now, not so much. :-(

  4. Farmer Thorn Says:

    Well, the animals are cute. Looks like a lot of work though and likely couldn’t do it all in time to get the St. Bernard.

  5. Jody L.Jones Says:

    I liked the Lighthouse cove quest how ever I am still working on mine though but enjoy them very much, I think its a challenge that I like the most trying to get to each one of my Quest before the deadline, but I also want to enjoy my farm as well and everything on it, I also want to say thank you I enjoy playing farmville.

  6. Rani Says:

    Sick of the quests , likely wont even play the new farm, I got a life :) Plant N play my way nowadays, not as demanded by Zynga

  7. Pooh Says:

    I can’t wait to get my Winter wonderland farm… It looks so cool with all the snow… With all the snow, it really looks like a wonderland to me. I think it would be gr8 to have this farm as I haven’t seen snow in my life and would love farming and questing in this new farm. I might leave lighthouse cove questing though.
    However, as per the quest requirements here, I think the WWL farm would also have plot restrictions like lighthouse cove. I remember the same quest requirements in lighthouse cove quests of harvesting 45 something crops. So, I guess they would only give 30 plots to us intially in WWL farm too… Well, nothing we can do to help that. Still, I am looking forward to this farm. I also like the rewards- the icy horse, especially. Happy farming, everybody! Enjoy!

  8. Kara S Says:

    Most of the quest requirements I see here are things I’d do anyway, plant crops, craft recipies, harvest animals and features. I’d want an orchard on my new farm. And collecting 6 of each of those items isn’t hard, just make 1 post and my friends give me more than I require.

    All of these things are easy. Why complain? And the rewards are all nice. I’ll bet the ice gyser is very pretty. The animals and the tree are attractive. And another gnome is always welcome.

  9. Cecilia Says:

    Just seeing the multitude of quests after quests with no stops in between and tight deadlines and time consuming requirements. This avalanche of quest launches is driving me nuts! I better quit FarmVille before I get totally BURNED OUT!

    Zynga, you have turned a once enjoyable game into a FULL-TIME JOB for the active players. This is no longer a fun game, it’s becoming an unpaid job for many.

  10. my Says:

    What quests are coming after the Bonfire quest and the Harvest Hoedown quest?

  11. Blake Says:

    gift links still don’t work

  12. Annette Says:

    I enjoy doing the Quest… I just Hate when you have to wait for thing that may take 2-3 day before you can move on with the quest… & not everyone can afford to go buy the cards to put money on just to get farmville cast… So i think that needs to change, Dont make them so long & so much to do that you cant do anything else… Oh yea maybe give away more farmville cash would be nice, you could make some of thses Quest that are so long worth farmville cash…mmm just an idea…. THANK YOU !!!!

  13. donna boyd Says:

    all these quests are just to much .

  14. Steve Vegas Says:


  15. Pooh Says:

    I got the borealis tree yesterday from growing a mystery seedling!!!
    The tree looks beautiful… I have put it in my orchard so that I can get some mystery seedlings growing up to that tree…
    I truly hope that they give us options to expand WWL with coins initially. I am saving up coins for that so that these quests would be at least doable to get that Holdiay St. Bernard – he is sooo cute :D

  16. Ashlynn Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining! most of the people that play farmville play other games that Zynga makes, and all those other games have quests just like farmville does. and they are not mandatory, you do them if you want. I know that farmville didn’t always have quests but i think they keep us from getting bored with the game and they give us rewards that would other wise cost Farm Cash. I also think its totally awesome that they give us the quests list in advance so we can prepare for them and get ahead. just saying … Ashlynn

  17. Bernadine Barringer Says:

    I think they were stupid…we didn’t really get anything worth having from them…all the animals, what few there were are common…and it was expensive to get the farm big enough so you could complete the harvest of the crops required in 1 planting…and the resturant is stupid…and ugly…as a matter of fact for something that was suppose to be decorated instead of farmed it lacked all decor….the only thing positive about the cove is that I have some orchards there and it’s cheap to get them ready for harvest…the Quests were just not fun and boring.

  18. Juls Says:

    I think this is quite simple. If you would like to have the items for the quest, DO THEM, if you are not happy with the Quests, simply dont. I dont know why people is always cricizing Zyngas way, as the normal farming way is still available, but believe me, there are A LOT of players who really enjoy the changes and are not cry babies over something really simple, so just DO IT if you like and DONT if you are cry baby.

  19. Snesgamer Says:

    I am not going to pay 55-something farmcash for early entrance into the Winter Wonderland. I just hope Zynga isn’t stupid and isn’t using the lure of a masterable tree and a crop to get people to waste money on what is most likely going to be another Lighthouse Cove catastrophe.

  20. Barbara Says:

    I think it is ridiculous that only people who are willing to pay for it can have early access to the Winter Wonderland. What about us who play everyday but are on limited budgets???? You are totally UNFAIR!

  21. Tyler Gates Says:

    On the first quest you have to harvest 60 gingerbread. The new farm has 100 spaces for farming.

  22. TylerGates Says:

    The new farm has 100 spaces for farming which is really nice except the farm is relatively small. The gingerbread in the first quest require 60 but adequate space makes this easy.

  23. Ireen Says:

    Are these quests also available for the ones that don’t buy the winterwonderland farm? I love some of the rewards and wouldn’t want to miss them. Who knows?

  24. Julie S Says:

    I have the Wonderland now. They allow 100 plots to begin. Which is great (though little room if you want to decorate) The first quest is requiring 65 gingerbread to harvest. I didnt use all 100 plots but was very glad I was allowed to achieve in only one harvest.

    You can expand the land. HOWEVER, you either have to collect 45 items (such as hair dryers) or pay farm cash. That part, not so great. But you do start with an orchard half built, a pen for winter animals to build, an igloo storage, a winter cabin (so dont buy for coins unless you want 2) rabbits (2 one winter one holiday after harvesting train) a reindeer and holiday winter fox. Candy cane fencing and the start of a sweet shoppe.

    Quests have been overwhelming lately and not quite user friendly with time amounts etc. I like Winter Wonderland so far. Its really cute :) Have fun!

  25. jaanika Says:

    it would be so nice if life support would work like old times… i lost sooo many times prices and no way to ask… sad…at least this one has reasonable ones to get. i like the dog…

  26. Carolyn Says:

    half the posts for the cove quests and the penguin quests didn’t post when asking for help from neighbors. Seemed every time i started one i had to have it done in 24 hours which is impossible when the crops you have to plant take forever as well as the animals you have to harvest taking 3 and 4 days. Frustrating to say the least.

  27. Lisa Says:

    The quests require 60 of each crop, not 45.

  28. Jody Says:

    The task items gifting links do not work.

  29. FarmVille news Says:

    man what they are thinking they are releasing so much items i can’t afford more anf now new farm is coming

  30. Lizz Says:

    Links do NOT work…..PLEASE fix as the gifting requests aren’t working in ZYNGA as usual…..

  31. Morgan Says:

    I just went to the WWF and found out you can have 100 plots on your farm with no expansions. These quests should, therefore, be doable.

  32. Nicole Says:

    i wish someome knew whether these quests will be available to those of us who don’t pay the 55 cash to get there early?! i really want these rewards – i’m contemplating paying the cash to get there early just to get these items but i’m gonna be really upset if i find out i couldve just waited 5 days and gotten them all for free!
    also, to everyone who complains that these quests take too much time… i just wanted to say that i am a full time student, which consists of class time as well as 30 hours a week of clinic, have a boyfriend who has a 5 year old who we have 3 days a week, and a home to be kept up, and i have successfully completed all of these quests without paying extra fv cash. just saying that it CAN be done even if your life is busy, it’s all about planning :) happy holidays!

  33. Abby Williams Says:

    How do u purchase VIP early access to winter wonderland n other quests??? I would like to be able to do that , and why can I not see the quests on my iPad ? Please lmk Ty Abby

  34. Debbie Says:

    Use to love FV, but now it seems like a job. To many quest and things to build and collect. I think I am going to close my farm. Just getting to be to much to handle.

  35. Laura Says:

    The Jinglebells link doesn’t work, it just sits there…

  36. Kimberly Says:

    I really don’t mind the quests, honestly. They even offer some purpose to the game as opposed to puttering aimlessly around the farm. But why the deadlines? I’m aware that it’s an attempt on Zynga’s part to compel me to purchase what I need to finish the quest promptly, but they’ve failed. They’re not going to sucker me into that racket. I spend real money playing Farmville but the bulk of it goes to purchase trees, which I really enjoy, or, perhaps, a new cottage or animal when I’m feelin’ it. However, I refuse to be strong-armed.

    I’ll admit, I was slightly mortified the first time I neglected to complete a quest before the deadline but you know what?…I lived to tell about it. And I have no recollection of whatever the reward item was that I didn’t receive. It couldn’t have been all that, whatever it was, because I don’t even miss it. The whole experience was actually quite liberating. :)

    I refuse to purchase early access, expansions, etc… I may buy a cool new tree if I so desire but Zynga will not break me with their shameless campaigns to part me from my money.

    Remember, Fellow Farmers, you can still play Farmville on your own terms.

  37. libby Says:

    when is this christmas quest availale to the ones who dont want to pay farm cash to get it faster???? any ideas

  38. Erica Says:


  39. leo Says:

    Nicole, No these quests are only available to the people who purchased the vip ticket for early admittance. Just like the cove that is part of what everyone is paying for – the “exclusive” prizes. However, when the cove was released we were able to purchase most of the items , ( the trees and most animals) in the market for fv cash. Hope this helps.

  40. Lizz Says:

    links still don’t work…I’m stuck with only three jingle bells and the farmville ASK BUTTON never does, just greys out…this one just sits there….

  41. T Says:

    60 crops are needed for the quest, not 45

  42. Laura Says:

    Contemplating purchasing the new WW but was curious how long they are giving us to finish these crops? Is it a generous 12 days like normal or the short 6 days like in Lighthouse Cove? Anyone who can give any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

  43. lizz Says:

    switched to CHROME…”.ask for” links still don’t work.

  44. AD Says:

    about 2 years ago..everyone was bitching Zynga does nothing for no one and how boring is the FV….well guys…i work 12 hrs shift…i do my business..i play the game…morning the same thing…this is my routine…..if i am able to keep 4 farms…u can all do….NO ONE forcing u to play the game….everyone spends more time complain then enjoying the game…is everyone happy with their lives????

  45. AD Says:

    guys ..its just a game…about 2 years back…everyone was bitching why Zynga dosen’t come up with anything…and now its all good……and yes!….i work 12 hrs shift daily and i play 2sh a day…if i can keep up with 4 farm…i am sure u all to….if NOT..then u r all un-campombles on everything in u r lives….u all have time ONLY to yuck and yuck and blame Zynga??….it’s a business/ a product/ a sale/ and we are the costumers/ game and relaxation…

  46. reading lady Says:

    I have played FV faithfully everyday for almost two years, but the quests are too many and too fast. With four farms now, we don’t have time to arrange things nicely, keep track of production, planting, and mastering the crops. Zynga needs to ease up dramatically!!

  47. LoomTheElf Says:

    Part 2 required 60 Iced rice

  48. Connie Says:

    For those of you seeking a little insight from someone who has spent the 55 FC……

    WW begins with an allowed 100 plots initially…… HOWEVER there’s not enough room to place all 100 plots without storing buildings or obtaining that 1st expansion (30 FC). Not to mention all those cool Christmas items in the market that there is no room to place…

    Not all bad though, while we may not be able to place all 100 plots, there is enough room to place at least 60 which will get you through the first set of quests easily.

    Even having to craft recipes with early access hasn’t been a problem so by next week when it’s released free, you shouldn’t have any problems obtaining those bushels either.

    I will say come to WW prepared to collect though as the Train Station needs to be “dug out”, it begins completely covered in snow!! You will need a total of 255 Rail Spikes, 255 Lumps of Coal, and 255 Train Track Pieces to fully uncover and upgrade the Train Station…. Start your collections!! (This is excruciatingly similar to expanding the Lighthouse Cove, Duckula’s Castle, or any other constructible building that requires countless hours of clicking and collecting).

    There is also a need for many a hair dryer and pickaxe, so as you’re gaming keep these items in mind so you will have a start on the madness when you reach WW.


    As with the Lighthouse Cove’s early release, you will need to be prepared to re-complete the quests when they are released to the general public next week… so If you’ve collected your 6 Jingle Bells, 6 Egg Nogs, 6 Beach Balls, 6 Snow Shoes, 6 Holiday Tunes, and 6 Perfect Snowflakes….. DON’T SELL YOUR LEFT OVERS!!!!

    Other than the tedious collections and limited start up space….. I’ve managed to decorate partially and have enough crop space to play my way through the first set of quests in about a day, I’ll finish the last bonus quest in a few hours (waiting on sweet shoppe) and am enjoying the new farm.

    I also believe the the Cove Quests have come to a grinding halt to make way for WW Quests, so those that may have an issue with too many quests… you can cross one set off your list and will be able to use home/english/cove farms for the Quests that start on Wednesday/Thursday and your WW farm for the quests that begin on Tuesday nights and are specifically for the WW farm.

  49. Connie Says:

    Those of you needing help with obtaining the items for the 1st WW quest…. Here are links to ask for the items:


    EGG NOG –




    and finally…


    REMEMBER those that HAVE purchased early release… You WILL have to complete this quest again as it becomes available with the FREE release (Prizes should be different with the free release, or will give you duplicates which will aid in faster mastery)

  50. Stephanie Says:

    hi, i love your page and refer to it often
    i am not able to get the request links to there a problem?

  51. stephanie bloom Says:

    quest 2 asks for 60 iced rice not 45

  52. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for posting the quests. Very easy to finish in time. I also am super sick of all the quests but this one had good prizes and was so easy! I did by my Winter Wonderland early buy only because it was on sale and i wanted the Holiday Mammoth :)

  53. Kris Says:

    Why do they links not work to request the gifts from your friends?

  54. Scott Says:

    Just when I said Farmville made things more sensible on these quests and I run into that Ermine. That thing’s going to take 2-3 days to harvest….they are definitely setting you up for impatience and getting money out of you. I don’ think anything should take more than a day to harvest in these quests….and the quests should be reasonable enough to complete in the alotted time given….without having to spend any FarmCash. Seems like they always short change you on time on one or two items……knowing you’ll be digging deep.

  55. Laura Says:

    I like the new farm but this fv cash is out of hand i enjoy playing but to pay to do everything is alittle over the top and my money would be better spent on bill

  56. Lidi Kleijn Says:

    I still didn’t get the Winter Wonder Land; quest will probably be over by the time it arrives…

  57. dawn Says:

    when does the WWL start if you don’t purchase the ticket with FV$?

  58. Teresa Says:

    like the quest but they are not working right I cant get the eggnog or the balls this sucks please fix this problem!

  59. ewa matusiak Says:

    super, but posts on my winter farm doesnt publish, I never make any quest ::(((!

  60. Telb Says:

    Would have been nice to be able to place my sleigh on my Winter Wonderland. Not gonna pay 55 cash for it. Thought this game was called Farmville, it’s everything but life on the farm. Too many things going on. I”m an every day player, but some of us do have to work too. Will probably use the 55 farm cash to go buy my stocking stuffers. Sorry guys, not luring me in.

  61. katelin Says:

    okay people… you are acting like little kids here. Just suck it up and play the game! No one said that you HAD to do these quests, right? SO instead of complaining, just do it. Zynga is being very grateful and is giving us players cool items! There are ways to earn farm cash, and if you actually save it up you can buy something you really want. Nobody told you that you “have” to play farmville, just be happy that this game exists! Come on, give Zynga a little credit.

  62. Maggie Says:

    Ermine is a problem. I put it in a pen and when I harvested did not get credit. Moved it out and harvested it and did not get credit. Finally paid the 15 to bypass it . But this was a bug. I also have a problem with the yams, they sometimes generate no bushels. And the number of dryers and pickaxes required is just unreasonable. But the farm is fun and pretty to look at.

  63. Sally Bourliaks Says:

    GGGGRRRRRRR Ok so.. when I put the stupid Borealis tree in an orchard and waited two days to harvest it for the third quest for the winter wonderland it was dissapointing when it didn’t count ….but after a further two days with it out of the orchard when it doesn’t count in the quest when I harvest it and I only have 19 hours left to complete then that’s really made me cross grrrrrrr!!!!

  64. debbie Says:

    I just found out about winter wonderland farm… how do you buy it. I have 3 farms now but i can’t find where to buy this one

  65. Laura Says:

    FREE Winter Wonderland is out now…Do you have the new guide?? Quests are different than early release.
    Please help ;) Your site helps me plan with my limited schedule.

  66. Aidaly Bonett Says:

    I paid for the farm in winter. Missions 1 and 2, I turned without any problem the time they gave me. In Mission 3 I only had a 2 Ginger Make Smore, as I do not enough time I paid to farm FV currence, immediately went 4 for the mission in an hour, as I had FV currency also got paid and the mission 5, to perform it well in an hour. It’s not fair that one taken away the money that I bought with dollars, which I am not American and the change here is high and I have taken the longest time for me to fulfill the missions that I lacked. I am a pensioner who spent time on this game and many others because I really like. Now Qty give free farm to comply with long missions. So please ask me back the money spent.

    Mi english is no good, I used the traductor.


    Aidaly Bonett

  67. LOLO Says:

    You can plow 100 plots.

  68. Debra Brand Says:

    I only got through Chapter 1 of Quest 1 of the Winter Wonderland. Got put into Quest 1 of Chapter 1 right away.

  69. Maria Says:

    You know I LOVE Farmville but sometimes it gets annoying!
    First of all it frequently hangs my system which if occurs more than once irritates me!
    Second, It has the ==BIGGEST PROBLEM== that it goes out of sync!
    And Now.,.,., They are continuously adding Quests on Quests! Not even waiting for a month or at least a week before giving out another quest! I want to play my farm according to my requirements also! I dont want to be a puppet in Zynga’s hands!
    Though I still love FArmville I want a break from these quests so I can renew my farm master some crop or just decorate my farm without taking tensins of these Quests!!
    I’m not saying stop giving these quests! I’m SAYING PLEASE GIVE US A SHORT BREAK FROM THESE QUESTS!! PLEASE ZYNGA PLEASE!! =__=

  70. wendy Says:

    i love this game this quest cold not be completted in the time given and i have the time they said all quest are possible to complete NOT THIS ONE i dont think the new can be completed without fv cash so stupid do you want this game to be popular your just hurting yourself when you give unatainable goals

  71. Jay Says:

    Why can’t I see my winter wonderland farm on my iPhone like all the other farms

  72. Lori Peleja Says:

    Love the new farm!!!! Unfortunately, I did not receive my Borealis Tree when I completed the first quest in Winter Wonderland! I have been waiting so long to get this farm and how can I continue with the quests if I don’t have the tree? Help!!!!!

  73. connie Says:

    this information is incorrect

  74. Tanja Says:

    With me is not the 2 quest? : (And this has FarmVille Holiday Gifting new Quest

  75. mary Throop Says:

    I have been doing the quest and am up to #4, then all of a sudden the button for the quest (to see what you have done or the next quest) has DISSAPEARED. I cannot do any more… Please HELP.
    Anyone else have this problem. I have 4 farms and they are all the button

  76. Dolly Says:

    I don’t know what happened but I never saw winter wonderland chapter 1.

  77. Karen Says:

    What are the snowy tracks for, anything special? Getting them in my gift box and I don’t know what to do with them.

  78. LOLSSSSS Says:


  79. LOLSSSSS Says:

    why are you sooooo SERIOUS of this game. LOLLLLLL =))))))))

  80. ULOL Says:


  81. ULOL Says:

    THIS GAME IS SO FUN !!!! =)

  82. Harley Says:

    is this quest still available to those who did not purchase the early winter wonderland?

  83. bridget shade Says:

    i didnt get my winter wonderland
    i would like one please