FarmVille Freaks Welcome “Flasher” Sheep!

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FarmVille Freaks Welcome “Flasher” Sheep!

Posted on April 3, 2011 1:07 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

Sheep breeding has become the talk of every farmer, and almost all of us have that one sheep that we are extremely proud of, and can make neighbors jealous with.

Another sheep has wandered into sheep breeder’s hands and is making its way around farms fast!

No one can be certain where sheep with stars, splotch patter or that flash are coming from but they are now be passed to farmers through lamb adoption like wildfire. These sheep are becoming more and more widespread with each new day.

Flasher Lambs are different colors than the lambs we have been growing of white, blue and grey hues. Lambs that will grow into Flasher Sheep are bolder and brighter colors like yellow and red.

Remember you can only adopt one lamb per day from a neighbor, so make your adoptions worthwhile!

Sheep patterns that are seen in this video:

  • Star Ewe/Ram
  • Stripe or Belted Ewe/Ram
  • Polka Dot Ewe/Ram
  • Camo or Splotch Ewe/Ram
  • Flasher Star Ewe
  • Flasher Camo or Splotch Ewe/Ram
  • Flasher Polka Dot Ewe
  • Red Lamb (A Flasher Lamb)

FarmVille Flasher Ram

FarmVille Flasher Sheep

FarmVille Solid Flasher Ram

The newest breedable sheep is the color changing sheep! It grows up to be camouflaged, but once it is placed on our farms, will constantly change/flash colors!

Have you come across such a sheep yet?

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159 Responses to “FarmVille Freaks Welcome “Flasher” Sheep!” »

  1. Beatrice Mitchell Says:


  2. JUNE DICKEN Says:


  3. Laura Says:

    Haven’t seen this one, yet.

  4. Gale Says:

    I’ve seen it and I want one!!!!!!!!!!!
    But nobody will give me one. How do we get it?

  5. Pareja Cr Says:

    it sucks, tired of those sheeps and rams, Zynga do something better than that

  6. Caroline Says:

    I so want one of these please let us into the secret

  7. Jerry Says:

    I have not come accross one of the changing sheep…. but would LOVE to!!! Sounds AWESOME!!!

  8. alison Says:

    I’ve spotted one on my friends farm, would love to know how to breed one!

  9. Marc Says:

    got a few :)

  10. Pamela Lamb Says:

    I have 3 different sheep that change color….very cool :))

  11. geo Says:

    We also call them Blinkies

  12. Laveda Tucker Says:

    I want one.

  13. PhillyPeach Says:

    Yes i have gotten 2 Flashing Sheep, and i thought at that time it was my Computer doing some Krazy Tricks, So i went to clean out my cache and cookies and came back to my farm and that Sheep was Gone~~Hmmm~~

  14. Gloria McCown Says:

    No i have not seen this sheep as yet – but sure like to have one – looks real neat …..♥

  15. Revenge Says:

    I got mine through very generous neighbors :)

  16. Alana Says:

    I have seen others with these sheep there not buyable or at least not as of YET and I do want one. Someone told me you had to “hack” or cheat in order to get these, is this true? or are they legitimately obtainable> and if so could I find one too somehow? I have been quite confused by this post and others like it around facebook.If anyone can clear this up for me, and if anyone can help me to know the actual legitimate ways to get one please do? thank you all. Alana

  17. DJ Says:

    WOW, when I first read this I thought some dirty RAM was showing his privates wearing a trenchcoat!!! lol

  18. Laurie Says:

    Cool !

  19. Caroline Says:

    I keep asking certain farmers who has all the tips but they never respond getting a little fed up of ignorance so if anyone can help with the flashing ones or the splodgy ones id be soooooooooo happy and grateful

  20. Echo Says:

    don’t have a fancy one like that but did breed a blue with very faint light pink spots that i thought was rather super.

    would love to get a flasher sheep!

  21. dee Says:

    corny..but i guess it good for those that got tacky farms…lol

  22. tay Says:

    well geo and marc and pamela lamb can u share the wealth can u add me and let me adopt a sheep of some sort

  23. nick Says:

    my friends are selfish, ive never seen a lamb shared

  24. kshufe01 Says:

    I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’d love one! I’m getting mostly the same colors, blues, greens and purples mostly. All I can say to those getting the same colors is keep trying to mix it up. If your ram and ewe are very close in color I find in most cases with will make a lamb of very similar color. If we all started sharing more we could get a lot more variety in our herds.

  25. Anita Says:

    I would love to have some of these. Why does all the good stuff have to cost FV money, not the coins you have worked to earn!

  26. Kyle Says:

    How do you get the Sheep that “FLASH”…. just random luck? Anyone wanna share or know how?

  27. Nicole Says:

    I have a couple of those, but when I put them in my pen it causes an error

  28. JoAnn Marshall Says:

    Have not received any of these when I breed…. would sure love one. Seen them posted on the feed, but not lucky enough to have someone share with me….:(

  29. Nicole Says:

    EVERYBODY – the way you get the colors changing is to trade/share with neighbors. I have all kinds of colors, because of that.

    I got my two “flasher” sheep due to a zynga error. I think they are a gltich, and not by design.

  30. bonb Says:

    these sheep are a total ripoff of the frog breeding game for android- its literally the exact same thing, except the frog breeding for android is free and has better graphics…. amirite?

  31. Anne Says:

    i haven’t. I wish I knew someone who was working for Zynga. For sure, the origin of these flasher sheep, etc is not unknown. It came from Zynga of course to create a hype, similar to the “unreleased stuff.” Well, it’s working. Another job well done.

  32. Kyle Says:

    So to get the sheep that “FLASH” we have to share the baby lambs we get when breeding? Also when you get one or breed one does it have a different name? to distinguish if its a “FLASHER” or do we have to just place it and wait?

  33. Carol Says:

    I have the star flasher ram . Ive only seen lambs born from him, in a deep brow red. Not any other color so farm. That is how I know they are flashers. Ive kept all his ewes and rams and each one is the same brown color as a lamb

  34. Debi Says:

    I don’t think mine is working right. I sent a support ticket but have yet to get a response. I purchased the Purple Polka Dot Ram and the Pink Ewe, bred them and ended up with a PLAIN WHITE SHEEP. I really felt ripped off after seeing all the posts and hype about breeding unique sheep and the nice ones my neighbors have gotten from breeding. So far I’ve bred half a dozen sheep one not one has any markings of the ram, just half and half colors.

  35. Revenge Says:

    If you get a flasher lamb that is pink, blue, green, purple when it’s a lamb it will grow to be a flasher but it won’t breed flashers. The only flasher lambs that will be able to breed other flashers are either yellow, orange, red brown WHEN THEY ARE LAMBS. When they grow up the colors will be different and will flash.

  36. shannon Says:

    Add me, I’d love more sheep breeding friends!

  37. Kyle Says:

    How do you get “FLASHER” Ewes or Rams….? By Sharing lambs?

  38. katy Says:

    I have really great coloured ones like bright orange and yellow but i have yet to get one with stars or blotches but i really want one.

  39. Revenge Says:

    @ Kyle…you have to adopt a flasher from someone who is breeding them. Where they originated……I don’t know.

  40. Aninha Says:

    Here are mine


  41. Kyle Says:

    @ Revenge… Thanks for answering my question :)

    Also anyone that breeds “FLASHER” Ewes or Rams want to help me out and breed me a “FLASHER” Ram? …..just asking lol :)

  42. Jaanika Says:

    Hey dear breeders, please add me, i love those lambs. please share that new flashy one with me. i have camo, dots, and stars…

  43. StarrDreamer Says:

    I have a flashing spotted ram and ewe. And I share like crazy of ALL my sheep. I leave most of them out of the pen so all my neighbors can come by and pick colors and patterns that they see and then tell me if there is a couple that they want. I’ve been waiting patiently for a star, striped and cammo sheep, and I have neighbors who will be sharing those soon. *Shrug* Generosity breeds generosity (and sheep) Frankly if I kept all the sheep I have bred, I would have already met the limit and them some. In fact I’ve already sold duplicates.

    Hey 33 Carol, would you like to share a star flashing ram for a spotted flasher?

  44. Laurie Says:

    I keep getting the same boring sheep and no lambs available to adopt. About ready to stop the sheep breeding. Not willing to invest real $$ for fake sheep and apparently not too much fun unless you do :(

  45. lisa Says:

    i havent seen but want one desperatly

  46. Danielle Says:

    How do you breed a color changing sheep?

  47. Mysti Says:

    I have one that is invisible. Is this normal? Its a ewe, it has a shadow, but its not there. I will try clearing the cache and stuff but iunno. i hope its not a real sheep, thats …dumb.

  48. StarrDreamer Says:

    Jaanika, I’ll happily share one or two with you if you will share some star and cammo sheep with me. I can easily breed you a ewe and ram both.

  49. Kyle Says:

    @ StarrDreamer… Would you be willing to breed me a Ram that can breed and “Flashes”?

  50. Jean Says:

    This is a great idea, but no one wants to put lambs up for adoption because it’s too darned hard to get enough love potion!

  51. KEI KITA Says:


  52. susu Says:

    someone…PLEASE befriend me and send me some Flasher sheep and come color changing sheep…the only thing I’m interested in doing in the new English farm is breeding the sheep…I haven’t seen any of these yet, but if someone has one, please send me one…thank you soooo much!!!

  53. StarrDreamer Says:

    Kyle, I can and will. Do you have anything to trade? Stripes? Cammo? Stars? That’s what I lack right now.

  54. Kyle Says:

    @ StarrDreamer If I had some I would I don’t have anyone Sheep or Rams that have Stripes, Camo, or Stars,,,,, I wish I did and if I did I would, sorry if you don’t want to help me still it’s totally cool.

  55. KEI KITA Says:


  56. StarrDreamer Says:

    I’m not that heartless, Kyle. Just hopeful. Give me a way to get in touch with you and I’ll let you look around my farm so you can pick out some sheeps you like and I’ll make you some. I play because I enjoy it. I give most my stuff away because I have no real use for it crowding me out. :) Ask any of my neighbors. I buy and give away stuff by the handfuls simply because I can and enjoy it. Add a hyphen between the words of my user name and email me @ I’ll tell you my FB name.

  57. Lisa Young Says:

    None of my neighbors that are using the cheat system are sharing yet. But, assume over time as people hit the 100 limit I might get one of those sheep. I found the site where to cheat, but you can also lock your sheep barn doing it wrong.

  58. Joel Says:

    I have found that breeding “brutus” with the clover sheep, you get a neon green color sheep, sorta like the one in the second video. I have two of the said sheep.

  59. jo Says:

    i saw one on a friends farm love it love it i want one

  60. Kyle Says:

    @ StarrDreamer did you get my email? I don’t know if I got your email right lol O_o

  61. Lisa Says:

    I have some camo and dotted sheep. If any one wants to add me and trade i would love to get some star sheep or even the flashing ones. Just let me know and i’d be more than happy to trade :)

  62. gpaxton Says:

    @ StarrDreamer, I would love to add you as a friend and get a flasher sheep from you. I have star sheep (ram/ewe both) but they don’t flash, be happy to make a trade. I really would appreciate it :D

  63. your mammma Says:

    Im soo jealous!!!!

  64. Vicki Says:

    @StarrDreamer, I have no flashers, but do have camo ram and ewe, and star ram and ewe, which were initially given to me by friends, I also share alot, probably on the average of at least 1 out of five that i breed, its all about sharing. I would love to be able to share flashers also. Hoping to hear from you :) <3

  65. StarrDreamer Says:

    Got it and replied Kyle :)

  66. aaron Says:

    ok ive seem this mentioned in the zynga forums and people are saying the flashers are from 3rd party apps if farmville freak could please look into this a little and see what you can find out and does anybody have an acurate breeding guide because mine all seem to be very random having nothing to do with what i use to breed this is very frustrating and thanks

  67. montra Says:

    I need some more neighbors!! and does anyone know how i can get a turtle? if anybody can send me one please do! add me. i havent got my sheep pen done yet but i cant wait to breed some sheep LOL

  68. dawn Says:

    hopefully farmville will come out with these officially tonight. I don’t want to lock up my farm.

  69. BrendaInBC Says:

    Star…I have camos to share, and really want a couple of flashers…will you add me as a friend please?

  70. alice Says:

    StarrDreamer, My name is Alice I also loved having a different lamb, I have lots of fun and enjoyed by other exchange that I have

  71. Janet Says:

    StarrDreamer I have star and camo but they are not color changers. I would love a color changer :) How can I get in touch with you?

  72. nick Says:

    who gives a f### about sheep breading and who cares f### farmville and most of all ec

  73. DONA Says:

    me please

  74. BrendaInBC Says:

    Star…I can breed stars and camo…would you be willing to trade?

  75. Gulfhills Says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve shared dozens of sheep. Have all the colors, but have yet to see a star or any other patterend sheep besides the dotted ones. Where are they getting these?????

  76. Michael Says:

    Hey StarrDreamer I sent you an email hopefully you can help me out as I will be more than willing to help you out. I have several stars and camos. Some with amazing color. Hope we can discuss this :)

  77. Anna Says:

    StarrDreamer, I also have starred that don’t flash. I would love adopt one of your flashers. I always share my lambs. I also have neighbors who won’t share theirs…I don’t understand why not. How can I get in touch with you?

  78. Susan Says:

    I think the flasher sheep started out as a glitch. The first lamb I bred, when it turned into a sheep, there was nothing there. I complained to Zynga and later on in my giftbox there was a ewe with a question mark. I placed it on my farm, and since then it has been changing color. For a while it was flashing but now it’s just a different color whenever I reload my farm. It will not go into the pen, but if I try the pen fills up with different colored sheep. If I breed them, however, they show up as just shadows.

    So I have one ewe that changes color but I can’t breed her.

  79. BrendaInBC Says:

    never mind Star…I have 2 rams and a ewe now that flash…and have bred for a couple more friends that got flashers as well…

  80. Lisa Carter Says:

    I am so sick of this sheep breeding crap! I have seen so many star sheep and black sheep. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game over the years. I don’t mind because I have the money and I can buy what I like, but I have spent 70 dollars in hopes of breeding a star sheep and I have not bred a single star sheep. I can’t even breed a black sheep! I’m done Zanga! You will not get a single penny from me again. What a waste!

  81. kataget Says:

    Yep I have seen them… thought it was the result of some hacks. They are really cool looking, I wouldn’t mind getting a few. Sme ole colors turning out for me…
    not much fun !
    They should offer the love potion as a gift item, it’s too few and far in between to come by… and I’m sure not buying it !

  82. Mimi Says:

    I would sure love a flasher to spice up my life!!!

  83. Samaya Says:

    All I have are different varieties of hoods, polka dots & solids. Can’t get any of the other patterns. Can somebody tell me what I need to do in order to breed these kinds of patterns.

  84. shari Says:

    one of my friends said the flashers originated from the asian lantern sheep, but i don’t know for sure…… lantern sheep are on my OLD farm. i have star and camo sheep, but no flashers……….hope to get one soon!!!

  85. Kim Pestana Says:

    I can’t WAIT for a flasher sheep!!
    I have updated my sheep breeding guide tonight:

  86. trekmario Says:

    i cant get nobody in my group to share so please add me i will share

  87. Hayley Says:

    I have a few of these now, I joined a sheep breeding group on FB and we are working to trade back and forth these different types. I got my first flasher from a neighbor and can breed my own. I have heard that you get a flasher by breeding with a disco ball sheep, not sure if that is true.

  88. Lisa Says:

    I have some camo Sheep and polka dot sheep, if anyone is willing to do a trade for some of the star pattern sheep i would really appreciate it, the flash ones are really cool too would also like one of those lol anyways if you wanna trade let me know :)

  89. Coyote Shadow Pons Says:

    I have seen them on a couple of my FB neighbors and would like to be included. Please help me know what to do. Thank you.

  90. shari Says:

    ok..was wrong about the lantern sheep making flashers…it’s the disco. now who would buy a disco sheep and keep it in their giftbox for Months? mine’s on my od farm with the lantern sheep! dangit

  91. Mimi0726 Says:

    They come from hackers

  92. Mon-chan Says:

    Yep, they do.

    I’m one of them… and I have all the patterns!

    Even the new half face. Mwahahahaha!

  93. Tabitha Says:

    if anyone is willing to share any star, camo, splotched, stripes sheep with me please let me know….i make all the rare foals if that is a good trade….i even make all the good trees….even started my own game with it “TABBY’S TREE GAME”…i have my friends hooked on playing that when i can get my orchards ready to play….you can email me with a brief message so we can become farmville neighbors..->…only email if you have good things to share/trade…i need good helping neighbors :o)

  94. jessica Says:

    hey guys! I only have a few other sheep that are mostly white and ones a darker pink. I would love it if you guys could add me as a neighbor, so we could trade! I am on ALL the time, and am very active- so i will send you lots of stuff! :) Please and thank you :) Jessica Durand

  95. AmyJoTab Says:

    I have a question on these sheep…there are the ones that change color…and ones that flash..I”ve noticed that there’s some where only the base color changes and not the pattern and I”ve seen where both change color..Do you have to have a certain lamb/sheep to make those? For example..let’s say you have a sheep that just the base color changes/flashes and the stars do not…what do you need to breed a sheep where both the base and pattern change colors/flash? do you need to search forever to get a lamb where both base color and pattern change/flash? there’s just so much to these and I can’t find any information on them and the breeding requirements. I have a set of color changing sheep..ram/ewe plain that change color(non flashing style) and a set ram/ewe w/dots base color changes (doesn’t flash) but the dots do not change color. (for the record, I cannot get these to breed at all, tried all day) If there is anybody that understands what I’m asking please get in touch w/me :0) Thanks!! Happy breeding!!!

  96. Hustle Says:

    Looking for breeders to trade with….

    I have

    Plains, hooded, dots, stars, stripes, solid black, solid whites all to trade.

    My sheep stay out of pen so they can be viewed.

    Looking for any sheep patterns I don’t have. I share potions every 4 hours and I also breed horses. Have the equest1on and nightmare Foals to trade as well as about 39 other horses…

  97. eveuh Says:

    If you use, CHARLES and cheat like 90% of farmville players, then you can get all these cool sheep! Come on people, how do you think it started?!
    Sure wasn’t from Zynga!

  98. Bethany Says:

    Hi :) These flasher sheep are beautiful…would anyone be able to breed me one, please? I only seem to get spots at the moment, but working on figuring out others…Thanks x

  99. Zanas Says:

    add me please

  100. Zanas Says:

    i need rare lambs,,please…

  101. Cindy Huxley Says:

    I would be happy to see any of the sheep that originate from Zynga appearing when I breed them – but I would not want any that come as the result of hacking.

    I think that is a foolish thing to do – Zynga will not want it to continue and will soon find ways to block it.

    I am already hearing about people who now cannot get sheep to breed in their pen, or whose pen is locked, after getting and trying to use one of these sheep.

    People who use these sheep and have problems will I am sure expect Zynga to put right those problems, and will complain if it isn’t done quickly, although they will have brought the problem on themselves by manipulating the game.

  102. Lisa Kuhn Says:

    Please add me as a neighbor if you are willing to share sheep that are polka dot or anything. None of my neighbors will and they have such nice ones too. Thank you anyone who will help. Lisa

  103. Marge Says:

    Can someone please help me I keep getting the same sheep over and over. I would love to find someone who would be willing to trade their rams & ewe’s for some of mine.

  104. Felicia Says:

    I’ve gotten the star sheep, and dots and hooded. I have friends that are generous, and I have a red-brown lamb waiting for me tonight(stupid limit) that is supposed to be a flasher. I don’t understand why some people won’t make lambs for friends, the second I got a star sheep, I made myself one, and then friends some, I haven’t really made that many sheep for me in the past couple of days. I’ve got friends that have stripes, and camo too, so I will have them all, I’ll check back in a couple days and add a few of you and give you some.

  105. Leslie Says:

    Tired of my farms running separately Zynga!

  106. Harriet Says:

    Why do I have to scroll down 100 pages (it seems like) to get to anything you put on here? The entire left side through to the middle is all blank gray. And, whenever I click on ANYTHING (except this comment section), I get the same darn screen. I’ve clicked on sheep, contacts, etc. etc. and it all comes right back to the same page. Thank you.

  107. Rhonda Says:


  108. Trish Heayn-Fraser Says:

    I am looking for someone who would like to share a flashing, camo, splotch, striped or color changing sheep or ram with me. I am willing to share when i breed but i cant get anyone to share with me so i am only limited to the spotted and two tone ones right now. Thanks in advance. Just add me on facebook and put sheep sharing in the message box so i know who you are.

  109. angelia Says:

    some one please add me and send me a flashing ram or ewe i dont care which one i just want one they are so cute lol i cant even get a splotcy one :(

  110. Ann Says:

    @StarrDreamer and Felicia please add me. I have nothing to share in termsf cute rare sheep but promise to post love poions alot and share good lambs once my sheep are breeding better ones.

  111. Jaanika Says:

    Hehee, i just got my flashy sheep, with stars and camo ;) I need lots of ram viagra ( love potions) , or if some one wants those lambs, quick breeding is 10 fvc, send me and i will help ;) i love those color changing lambs…

  112. Mandi Says:

    I want some cool sheep! Please someone help me!

  113. Hustle Says:

    I am also looking for sheep.
    I would love a color change sheep.
    I have plains,hooded,dots,stars,stripes, solid black and solid whites all for trade for those looking.
    I really want a color change sheep.

    Is anyone willing to friend me and give me a RAM and EWe that change color?

  114. Cassie Osborne Says:

    I am looking for the flasher sheep….if anyone has them and is willing to trade for sheeps and ewes please befriend me cause i am really into breeding and helping people out and the flasher sheep caught my eye on someones farm but they don’t ever share bottles sheeps or potions and i saw this website and was very interested….thank you =)

  115. Anita Says:

    Hallo i want so long a flasher i like this sheeps but i have only starsheep,can me send one peaple on the word a flasher.please,i hopefull FB:Name Anita Shah thanks

  116. Midori Says:

    I want one.Add me.

  117. Jennifer Says:

    If anyone is interested in trading sheep add me! I am willing to share. So far I only have different colours and dots but one of my good neighbours is going to breed me a star sheep today that I would be willing to breed and share!!/profile.php?id=673395557

  118. melissaH Says:

    hi could anyone with flashers please add me to facebook…i could really use the help…and would really appreciate it…

  119. Patricia Graham Says:

    So after all that. the stars had to come somewhere…. Where??? Also the flashers had to start someplace.. Is this forum saying the only way to get them is to share. I don’t mind sharing but none of my neighbors share.. Help





  122. luvs_ya2 Says:

    Can anyone help me and send me some of these sheep? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  123. yash Says:

    just got a few color changers not much….i have 2 splotch changer and 1 plain color changers

  124. Wendy Says:

    Hello, if you can share a striped, star, camo, or flashing sheep please add me on FB. I can’t get any of those! I would be willing to send a FV giftcard through FV so you get it instantly. E-mail me your name so I can add you on FB. My e-mail is

  125. Rbk_prz Says:

    Why nobody wants to share????? :( add me if you’re willing to share and i promise to share and be good neighbor! :)

  126. eileen woods Says:

    i have the star one the pokie dots one and the one with splotches ill trade one of them for a flasher sheep to go with my collection

  127. marcia Says:

    I’m angry at Zynga. Despise Brazil. Here only sheeph simple. Never anything nice for us, I’ll make the move to boycott the game.
    Here no one sheep has beautiful, cryptic and flashing lights. Also friends from other countries not to, because all limited potion.
    Zyna, start looking at Brazil, many players here. Open your eyes.

  128. crystal Says:

    i have all the flashers….solid, camo, stars, stripes… willing to share :) find me on facebook via
    i also have the masked sheep

  129. abdullahsaurus Says:

    add me as neighbor if you want me to send you lambs then you should share lambs go to this place to add me my name is abdullah saurus write this and you will see 2 of the same name add both

  130. Casey Says:

    I would love a striped ram, if anybody is able to breed me one. I’m willing to do a trade… I know I can breed camo flashers and stars, but spotted flashers are still iffy for me. Look me up on Facebook… my email is caseyleach at :) Please put Farmville in the comment box

  131. Henny Soetevent Says:


    I’ve seen a couple off these sheep and was wandering how to get those.
    They are not in the market. who wants to trade with me?
    I got the usual sheep, black ones and star sheep.
    Let me know first iff you want to trade, that way we know what we can expect. Find me on facebook and add me.

    Henny Soetevent Brongers

  132. jmike Says:

    438 friends/neighbors that i have been breeding foals for the past 3.5 months and not one of them have offered me one of these sheep. I should replace them

  133. Krista C Says:

    Would somebody be willing to share a star sheep, or some other ‘special’ sheep? All I seem to be able to do is breed sheep with purple dots :(

    My profile is:!/DidaD9

    Just put Farmville in the friend request so I know, ok?


  134. jahzmin12423 Says:

    None of my neighbors share much at all. Starr Dreamer, if you are willing to share a starter I would love one please.


  135. Paul Says:



  136. jbrown6769 Says:

    StarrDreamer…. i have a flasher star ewe but i have tried a number of times breeding her with all different rams and i get reg. not flashing rams and ewes. interested in flasher ram and will trade offsprings….….contact me thru email and we can add eachother on facebook

  137. Belisama Says:


    I have lots of stat sheep, including a beautiful pair of white on white. I would love to trade one for a flasher.

  138. Belisama Says:

    oops, I meant star sheep…

  139. Belisama Says:

    A link to a photo of my white star sheep is here:

  140. Elizabeth Says:

    I have 2 flashers. A ewe with stars that was given to me as a lamb then I have made a solid colored flashing ram wityh that ewe. Trying to figure out how to make the camo ones now….

  141. famerfran Says:

    Charles code created these sheep…. I have 5 lanterns and absolutely no cc …no stars from disco’s & noting outside of what it available. CS sent me a message that the only way to get these is to already have one, but they also point out that they are not available in the market either.

  142. barb Says:

    just a question ..i have the flashing ram and 2 ewe but every time i breed them nothing happens they dont flash or any thing ..what am i doing wrong ..other have no trouble doing it helllp

  143. poobird Says:

    just got one! :)

  144. Judy Chonak Says:

    I have seen a chorus line of sheep of all patterns and colors, but I can’t afford to buy, and I surely can’t figure out the flashers! I’ve been playing so long, you’d think I’d be less of a dunce !
    Keep having fun! Anyone care to share/ advise, I would love it!

    Judy, from New Hampshire

  145. Stephanie Says:

    Is there a new updated list ,describing all the different types of sheep?

    TYVM :)

  146. Ann Says:

    I am extremely tired of the sheep breeding. Wish they would come up with something else.

  147. Dawn Says:

    You get a flasher by breeding a disco sheep with Brutus. It doesn’t always work either.

  148. eileen woods Says:

    i have a few flasher sheep i give one up for adoption every day

  149. Stephanie Says:

    my flasher was a brown lamb

  150. Jenny Says:

    I have flashers… I can do flashing spotted or striped ones. I would like to trade for a camo or starred sheep. Email me, please.

    Thanks! :)

  151. Brittani Says:

    Hey I have a “striped” flasher, but have yet to get any flashy babies from her. If anyone is willing to do some trades, I did get a purple dot ram like the market one today. I am very new at this, so give me a sec to get used to it, but I am looking for new neighbors :)

  152. jean Says:

    i badLy need a flasher lamb…anyone who can send mE onE?!!!! pretty pLeasE?!

  153. Nichole Says:

    I have a flasher in every pattern (star, hooded, solid etc). My friend gave me a flashing ewe that I bred with a regular ram and I got a flashing ram and then another ram from breeding the 2 flashers and now I have like 30 of them lol.

  154. Abii Says:

    It’s a cache hack. Not legitimate. If you ever obtain one (no matter how you do it), don’t clear out your cache, you’ll lose it.

  155. michellem Says:

    will someone share a flasher sheep with me i have all kinds of solid color changing ones please add me

  156. Zachary Says:

    Nichole, I was wondering if you could send me one please. My friend has asked me about them bcuz he thinks I’m the bomb-diggity at farmville. If I have one of those ‘flashers,’ he and my other friend will be soo jealous.


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