FarmVille Freaks Spot Giant Rainbow Tree!

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FarmVille Freaks Spot Giant Rainbow Tree!

Posted on March 11, 2011 6:32 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Giant Rainbow Tree Mastery Sign

Several FarmVille Freaks have spotted a new tree that is growing up from their Mystery Seedlings – the Giant Rainbow Tree! However, once this tree is grown, it is not yet visible on player’s farms!

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's Giant Rainbow Tree FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's Giant Rainbow Tree Collection Notice

With the currently ongoing St. Patricks’s Day Theme, many new items have been added to the FarmVille Market. And where there are Leprechauns, there are bound to be rainbows!

That being said, we can all patiently await the release of this new tree! When it is released, we can always count on their being tree mastery. FarmVille Freak, being ahead of its game, already knows the requirements & wants to share them with you:

FarmVille Giant Rainbow Tree Mastery Requirements & Rewards

  • Mastery Level 1: 75 harvests / Rewards: 25 XP and 500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 2: 150 harvests / Rewards: 75 XP and 1,500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 3: 225 harvests / Rewards: 250 XP and 5,000 Farm Coins

Have you grown this new tree from any Mystery Seedlings yet?

FarmVille Freak Joanna's Giant Rainbow Tree

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81 Responses to “FarmVille Freaks Spot Giant Rainbow Tree!” »

  1. Lori Says:

    I got one and it doesn’t show up. I hope they fix it soon.

  2. Scott Says:

    I got 2 of them and they don’t show up.

  3. Missy Says:

    Mine doesn’t show up either. :(

  4. Niki Says:

    I got one, it was invisible. I placed it in my orchard, looked inside still there (still no picture) went back to my farm an hr later, POOF. gone. :(

  5. Moo Says:

    Got one a few minutes ago, also doesn’t show up when being placed on the farm. Just a shadow! Oh well.. Just reminds me of the Cinnamon Heart trees that I bought that I still haven’t got back.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    Got one – doesn’t show up!!!

  7. Susan Says:

    I got one and you can’t see it. There is a spot for it. Hope it get fixed soon. I love rainbows!

  8. Darleen Says:


  9. robynn Says:

    Same here. It is imbisibo. But so were the giant gugglebum trees when they first made an appearance.

  10. Darlene Says:

    mine dosen’t show up either

  11. dawn Says:

    I got one

  12. xShuttBug Says:


    Looking forward to getting the rainbrow trees if farmville ever release them! :D
    They look pretty!

  13. Barb Says:

    Yes…..sad to say mine, and the one a neighbor got from me, is invisible…………isn’t the first glitch…won’t be the last lol

  14. andrea mann Says:

    i got a giant rainbow tree and it dont show up on my farm!!!please fix ix it thank u!!!!!!!

  15. Charity Says:

    I just got one and it doesnt show up. I cant wait to see what it looks like!

  16. coco Says:

    I can’t see my rainbow tree. When can I see it?

  17. sharon Says:

    i never get any on these things,what am i doing wrong?

  18. Farmer's Daughter Says:

    I got one from a friend and it is invisible on my farm all you can see is a shadow :(

  19. Sharon Glasscock Says:

    I have’nt got one yet,but i’m waiting.

  20. Marissa Says:

    mines been there for more than an hour, still not showing up :/

  21. lorna tisdall Says:

    maybe they need to be rained on in order to see them lol sorry

  22. Shan Says:

    where do you get one i would like one

  23. Andrea Clifton Says:

    I have not got one yet…… hummmm a new tree an invisible one!!! That is funny! I cant wait to have a rainbow tree!!!

  24. tookie Says:

    omg i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care if it got a glitch! i still want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ollie Says:

    I’m making them for friends right now! yay.. they are awesome even if they dont show up yet :(

  26. yujiyo Says:

    Are these from your own seedlings or from friend’s seedlings?

  27. Heidi Says:

    #12 Ollie…wanna be my neighbor! LOL Gotta have an orchard of these!
    I don’t care if you can see them or not either!

  28. Tammy Says:

    i got one and mine dont show up either i cant wait for them to fix it its looks really cute

  29. Barb Says:

    I put my invisible tree in an orchard and it says Giant Rainbow Tree but it looks like a Star Ruby Grapefruit tree

  30. marie Says:

    I just got one but I can’t see it…Why?

  31. Cate Says:

    maybe it has to be positioned so that the pot o gold is at the end of it, with the little leprechaun gnome to water it, lol

  32. Dawn Says:

    It’s invisible because it has not “officially” been released yet. This happens everytime there is a new tree, you would think someone would figure that out. It will be released tonight, and then “Farmville has been enhanced” will show up on your farm, and wa la! You will be able to see your Giant Rainbow Tree!

  33. toni Says:

    how are you guys getting these so early?

  34. Gonçalo Says:

    Me and my girlfriend just simultaneously grew one each. Literally. I know it doesn’t have to do with anything, just funny.
    We’ve got 2 each now, can’t wait till we can see them, they’re probably going to look awesome!

  35. kortni Says:

    I love these trees!!

  36. Krystle Says:

    The New Rainbow Tree is invisible right now…but they will show up so no worries!! Have fun!!…Happy farming…<3

  37. Tamsin Says:

    The invisibility IS NOT a glitch :) The Rainbow Trees have not been officially released yet which is why they cannot be seen. I had the same invisibility issues with a few of my calves and trees. They become visible once the official release has taken place. Just be patient :)

  38. rose w Says:

    cant wait to see it

  39. Orbilin Says:

    For those into seedling screening (not _another_ ruby guava, please!), this seedling has code “un”.

  40. Sheetal Gupta Says:

    Even i got one today…bt it doesnt show up!!!! :|

  41. Sweety123 Says:

    Hi, could you please share one :) I will share back too :) thank youuuuuu

  42. Cake Says:

    How I can get one?

  43. Belle Says:

    I just got one too from a seedling :)

  44. melissa Says:

    im hoping that that pic is not what they really look like, coz they can do so much better, like a pretty green tree with a rainbow over it….

  45. Loony Says:

    As usual. All my neighbours already got One or Even two or These from 5 seedlings, i opened 25, And got none. Its always the Same… :(

  46. Celeste Says:

    Where did you ge it from? Just any random seedling?

  47. FarmerAllnight Says:

    If you have an IPad,these trees will show on your farm.I have several and can see them on the IPad but not on my farm on the desktop.

  48. Luciana Says:

    I have the tree! Greetings from Romania.

  49. sophie farmer na Says:

    me i got 2 and i can’t see it, that rainbow ghost tree for this moment :D, but i’m really sad for the mac and cheese because it’s just on US why we can’t had that, why they are stuff just US only ?

  50. Kimberly Says:

    *GASP!* I LOVE IT! I want, I want, I WANT. Must…have…rainbow…tree…

    Not appearing on the farm? Wow, that’s unfortunate, but typical. In all fairness, I was lucky and my Cinnamon Heart trees were actually replaced. I’m going to have faith that Zynga will quickly resolve this issue. Someone mentioned that it may be due to the fact that they haven’t been officially released but I’m not sure about that. I grew several Golden Apple trees before they were released and they appeared just fine.

    Did I mention that I want this tree? :)

    Happy Farming

  51. Tabatha Says:

    It will show up when it starts growing in percentage! Its clouds and a rainbow. Any of you guys have it over a day

  52. Servant of Christ Says:

    Seriously… A rainbow tree?…

  53. rozana Says:

    #49…you can buy mac n cheese tree in the market for only 1500 coin

  54. Terry Says:

    Just got mine. Can’t wait to see it!!

  55. saz ezat Says:

    I just got one through a friends seed but not showing up yet. It should be fixed and if it disappears then contact farmville team and they should fix your problems for you. they have always been helpful when i’ve had issues :)

  56. frmrg Says:

    @orbilin, #39: can you explain what that means?

  57. james Says:

    i got one it dont appear to be see it..

  58. james Says:

    tnx i have many mac and cheese

  59. Johnny Says:

    I got one this morning from a seedling off the feed. All that shows is a shadow, but it is maturing. I’m hoping by the time it reaches maturity, it’ll show up. I haven’t moved it from the spot that I watered it. I’m afraid that if I try to put it in an orchard, I’ll lose it.

  60. Revenge Says:

    I just got a giant rainbow tree……..sooooo happy :)

  61. Yvonne McLeod Says:

    I’ve just got one and it does not show up, please sort it out soon

  62. Bridgett Says:

    Ummm .. Yes I have 2 of them now, I have had one for over 24 hours .. still a shadow or eclipse which ever u prefer … And to whom ask unless u have them in your own orchards you must pull them off of others “mystery” seeds … I can’t wait until I can see them after all the seeds and hard work that I went thru!! I have one In it’s original spot a shadow and the other in an orchard it looks empty but it reads 78% … it’s on it way!!!!!

  63. Mohammad Says:

    Skittles!! :P Can’t wait to get some! :D

  64. JUDY Says:


  65. Michele Says:

    @orbilin, #39: can you explain how to check the code for “un”?

  66. Sarah Says:

    I can’t see my giant rainbow tree… hope they fix it soon…

  67. JosephDowns Says:

    I have 2 of them a regular one a giant one. Both are at 100%, but they don’t show up. I launched farmville on my IPhone and they bothed showed up. I do have a picture of it on my wall. If anybody would like to take a look at it.

  68. Paula Says:

    I have 2, and if I look inside the orchards the rainbow tree it shows is like a berry tree or something, not rainbow. Think they’re still designing the look and at least on my last claim got a pic of it in the dialogue box. Looks quite beautiful…

  69. taeke Says:

    i have 1 to but i dont can si it : O

  70. Oscar Says:

    They’re loading with the iPhone app

  71. Gail Garrison Says:

    The same thing happened with the Giant Gumball tree if you remember. Once it was released in the market, it showed.

  72. mary rose Says:

    love to have you guys as neighbors if you like i play farmville add me if you like……

  73. Amanda Says:

    I have a picture of it. I saw it on my ipod touch. Looks so cool and i snapped a picture. Just dont know how to get it to them.

  74. shan Says:

    what the heck i want one… cheap ass farmville

  75. lashay Says:

    Ive gotten 3 of these and contacted Zynga is a panic b/c they weren’t showing up. I put one in my orchard and its gone the other two are just on the farm and a shadow is where it should be. Wish Id checked here first.

  76. Dora Jean Grace Says:

    I think it shows up when you harvest it… when its ready to harvest!

  77. Anita Says:

    My seedling grew up to be a giant rainbow tree too and all I see is a shadow…bummer.

  78. saz ezat Says:

    Please add me on farmville.

    add me as ‘saz eza’

    The commas included :)
    i have a rainbow tree i can’t wait to see it :)

  79. daveG Says:

    I got one and it doesn’t show up (add me, im level 97)

  80. gaurav Says:

    you have to wait a day or two and it will be visible ………..i have two rainbow trees now!

  81. marites Says:

    Since to weeks all my orchard showed like a shadow? how to get back in normal looks? please…..this is annoying!!!!!!! I canT do anything..please help…..thank you….:)