FarmVille Free Farm Cash Notice

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FarmVille Free Farm Cash Notice

Posted on March 3, 2011 10:10 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Farm Cash

Several FarmVille Freaks have reported seeing the following pop up on their farms.

Have you seen this pop-up on your farm? What have you gotten as a prize?

FarmVille Freak MidgetMan's 5 Free Farm Cash Notice

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75 Responses to “FarmVille Free Farm Cash Notice” »

  1. stacy Says:

    i bet it will only be for people who dont play anymore :(

  2. surya Says:

    no!!!!!!!!!! :( no luck so far

  3. kayla Says:

    Hope I get this pop up! :)

  4. Tammy Says:

    Well, they can keep their stupid “token”. Not like it will do you any good when you can’t play the game because you can’t collect anything off the feed because of the throttle

  5. Debbie Says:

    I wish!!! ;) Zynga won’t even answer as to why I lost FV cash-why would they give me any !!!!!

  6. Jane Says:

    I think that is probably the case, farmers that don’t play will get the free cash! I would like to get the Farm Cash that they owe me, I turned in a game card and didn’t get the cash, it’s been 3 weeks! They need to take care of the regular players not the ones that never play!

  7. barbara holford Says:


  8. tonev Says:

    I relieved one for 50 FV

  9. christen Says:

    this is so cool.

  10. farmerb81 Says:

    Probably only for people who don’t play much. Typical Zynga BS. Can’t give 1 lousy Farm Cash for 100,000 xp after level 100, but can give free Farm Cash to people who don’t play.

  11. claddagh49 Says:

    I’d rather get a 40% off pop-up

  12. LUIFE66 Says:

    they are giving cash but i had 69 dollars and farmville took them left me some crappy presents and left me with only 32 dollars .. that is not fair…

  13. MJ Says:

    Ha ha. This is one of these actions to make you change your e-mail settings to receive Zynga spam. They can keep their 5 cash and I keep my e-mail account clean from their spams and “alerts” and “feed”.

  14. DANIELLE Says:

    hmmm is all i say

  15. Natalie Says:

    I lost farm cash too. I lost $40 farm cash, I have emailed them, they emailed me back twice but still no cash has been restored to my farm. : (

  16. Bill Bursey Says:

    zynga needs to worry more about CURRENT players and quit worrying about people that don’t play anymore…….

  17. aprl Says:

    tried clicking on 5 free fv cash. nothing happened. didnt change sites or anything. if they are going to to this website, they need to do it right. get some help cause somebody doesnt know what theyre doing!

  18. aprl Says:

    tried clicking on 5 free cash but didnt work. site never changed to claim it. if they are serious about this website, they need to get it right or get some help.

  19. Freddy Rimes Says:

    i will wait and see. i play everyday and get their emails.

  20. judy Mcardle Says:

    You know been playing a year… Finally got computer that help me get feeds faster… I get 10 gold pieces and 5 seeds and get a message you have collected to fast and now you have to wait an hous…. okay how the same hill do some of these people have a 1000 pieces of gold… hmmm pick and choose I guess… I am a faithful player and it is just so frustrating

  21. anderson Says:


  22. joe Says:

    four people on my list got it, these are the ones that are inactive basically. they go in every now and then to send things out such as gold recently. this wont be for all active players.

  23. John Says:

    I got it

  24. Linda Says:

    Wow! That would be so cool!! No I didn’t get like that. I can’t wait to get this FV!! Thanks!

  25. Jules Says:

    I haven’t gotten the pop-up, but to say I did lose some FV lately and so did my son, and within 24 hours of reporting it to Zynga on their support page they replaced it and added a few extra as well on my farm, but it took an extra email to get it back on my sons, but they did replace it.

  26. Pat Says:

    No, and usually when these things pop up, they go to people who don’t play! Which doesn’t make sense, cause if they are inactive, they won’t see the pop up either!! And this could be a scam too!

  27. osH Says:


  28. chantal Says:

    Even when the pop up comes up it’s only for people in the US.. europe isn’t getting anything for so far I know of.. I never got any of those promotions.. it really SUCKS!!! ( I’m from The Netherlands by the way)

  29. Alik Says:

    Yessssssssss!!!! I will dream with that pop up!!!! I’m level 101… No more cash from Zynga!!!

  30. vivi Says:

    yes , 2 accounts 100 fv cash, 1 40 fv cash, 1 20 fv cash, 1 10 fv cash, 1 5 fv cash

  31. Angela Says:

    For those of you who are saying you received this pop-up, are you regular players or do you play infrequently?

  32. marcia Says:

    I received nothing

  33. ambino Says:

    I checked my mail yesterday and had one for 10 fv cash. I clicked it, it took me to my farm. The notification looked the same as yours only mine said 10 instead of 5. It was on an account that I had not logged into for 2 days. I use 4 other accounts daily that belong to my friends. None of those had it, but the one I had not checked in a few days had the mail.

  34. Kimberly Says:

    Why would they send me Farm Cash? They know I purchase my own. They’re targeting someone, believe that, but it’s not me.

    Congrats to the lucky ones!

  35. Rita Says:

    I don’t understand why they put these or any other adds up if they are not goin to give it out STOP WASTING MY TIME FV……………….I PLAY FAITHLY DAY IN AND DAY OUT FOR WHAT TO GET CHEATED…………I’M TIRED…….

  36. lisa lew Says:

    what do i need to do to get this pop up

  37. vivi Says:

    I do not play with these accounts regularly

  38. JenniferD Says:

    It would be nice to get the pop-up, but I haven’t as of yet. If they want to give it free of charge, I’ll take it. I refuse to buy the cards for Farm Cash though, it kinda defeats the purpose of a “free” game don’t ya think?????

  39. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Aprl 17 – ‘get some help cause somebody doesnt know what theyre doing!’ – yes you.

    The free cash is not available from this site, or any other for that matter. It says on the pop-up that you will receive it via email. Read your email from Zynga.

    Good to see negativity is alive and well here.

  40. Paul Says:

    god i hope i get it on mine. i mean 5 farm cash. i think ill buy errmm. f**k all cos its all 35fv or more

  41. betty Says:

    i got the e-mail but when i clicked to go to the farm the cash never showed up

  42. Mary L Montovio Says:

    Received email but didn’t receive the Farm Cash……Typical of Zynga…

  43. phnix Says:

    i was told by a friend to check my farm today and got that pop up but for 40 fc and not 5… says i will be recieve it in an email.

    the popup opened when i was on my farm so it must be real?

    i dont play anymore so that 40 fc is no use for me….. lol.

  44. Larry Says:

    Also got email, but no FC. -_-

  45. Kirsten Says:

    Ofcourse I didn’t get it. Only non-active players get offers like that. I got an email once (when I was on holiday for a week) to get 10 farmcash. I clicked on it several times but never got it.

  46. callijayden Says:

    I wish I was able to send my neighbors things that are in the market place for coins. Like the Belted Cow. I would love to send the belted cow to some of my neighbors. Or even the pheasant.

    Also, why are my dogs just sitting there now and don’t want treats anymore???

    Also, how come some of the post, post and some of my post still go below the screen and I cannot click on send?

    And another thing….When I’m breeding and it comes back and says “the stallion thanks you, here’s some coins,” I don’t get that money unless I hit the play button and when it comes back, I have more coins. Not sure if I’m getting the amount I’m supposed to.

    I wouldn’t mind buying FV Cash so much, if some of these problems, which have been happening for a long time now, were fixed or even addressed as a problem. I have complained/put in a trouble ticket, but I’m still experiencing these problems.

  47. rob Says:

    i got rid of zynga in my privacy removed them from apps i think they use my account while my pc is off

  48. belinda Says:

    I haven’t seen it BUT I WANT IT!

  49. lauren Says:

    My fiance (whose account I play on) got an email for like 20 free farmcash if he came back and played. (Note: the email was from a Zynga email and contained all of the Farmville copyrights, the corn picture, etc.) I clicked on the link and it took me straight to his farm but no cash… I emailed Zynga, forwarded the copy of the email with the complaint and they insist it’s a fake. Oh really! That’s why it’s an email from ZYNGA and takes me directly to the farm.. Why would a scam take me to the farm and how would he get an email if Farmville is they are the only ones that have his address (I am very careful not to “like” things since he is your typical 24 year old guy that doesn’t want people to know that he has a FV ;) )
    That is why these stupid email posts are a load of crap! They suck people in that stopped playing and then don’t give them what they should have. At least I myself don’t have to worry about it since I’m too addicted to get one of these emails anyways lol

  50. Rishi Says:

    Scam! Scam! Scam!

  51. I am awesome :) Says:

    i got 100 farm cash :)

  52. Fredrik Says:

    Funny that each time i’m starting to lean on buying cash again they fuck me over with something like this or any of their other types of scams. They never learn. I hav’nt purchased any cash for about half a year now and i’m damn proud of it! :) Step into the light children and let the non-playing farmers with the free cash become the sole contributers to Zyngas wealth. Dont buy “limited” cash items, receive them for coins or collections when they’re soon given away instead. :)

  53. mairead Says:

    Im so Happy I gave up Farm Ville at level 86 as I was nearly off my head with the game It was slow /stuff disappeared from my farm/ I have my Life Back Thanks God

  54. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Rob – why if you ‘got rid of Zynga’ are you still commenting on this site?

  55. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Jennifer – the game can be free – all main aspects of it can be played without any outlay of real money.
    But do you really think that could happen unless there were asepcts of it for real money and people willing to spend that? A game like this needs a staff of developers, administrators, etc, etc. Do you expect all these people to work for free so you can play a free game.

    Lets have some reality here. You don’t want to spend money, fine don’t spend it. But bear in mind that its of those of us who do spend it that keep the game available for everyone else.

  56. Chase Says:

    I lost fv cash and fv cash items to a glitch of THEIRS! I sent them an email and they dont even care because one single player out of 50 million is nothing! They need to fix somethings before others like having a LE items is less important than not being able to buy the stuff because they took all of your money!

  57. abondz Says:

    i got it on my dummy account…
    50 FV, 20 FV, 20 FV and 5 FV :D

  58. ruSh.Me Says:

    #55, Cindy, I think you are highly mistaken.. I have noticed a lot of times the *pride* of a lot of cash-spending farmers, that it is *because of them* that others get to play it.. Incorrect!

    There are like a million ads that Zynga has on their sites, so even if *not a single person* bought FVC, Zynga can still offer us the game to play, free of cost.

    All that money spent on FVC, is going into Zynga’s pockets, far beyond spent on tiny little salaries. Zynga estimated a *PROFIT* of $ 240M in 2010. That is AFTER paying everything called salaries, rent etc..

    Quote from TechCrunch:
    Zynga, the social gamesmaker behind Farmville, has a revenue run-rate around $600 million, a source close to the company tells us. Another source confirms that Zynga is doing well over $1 million in revenue a day.

    Businessweek says: More than 120 million people play Zynga’s online games. Employee headcount has almost quadrupled in the past year, to 775. Revenue for the three-year-old company should surpass $450 million in 2010, according to two people who have been briefed on its financials.

    Really, a profit of $ 240 M, and cash-buying farmers think that others should be grateful to them? Yes, they make Zynga’s and their employee’s day, nothing for the game!

  59. Corbin Says:

    It said I got 100.

  60. Panos Says:

    i got 50 fv cash and spent it on the sour apple and carnival tree ad two darts where i got the stupid hummingbirds that ofernothing and a small deer

  61. pat. Says:

    It’s funny because I GOT 10 dollars for not being on for two weeks I suppose. thanks farmville.

  62. Kyle Says:

    I just unblocked farmville after not playing for 5 months and got the popup… and it says I’ve been chosen to get 100 :O

  63. Candii Says:

    I recieved mine. and I play every day.
    I got 20 FV$

    thanks zynga!

  64. Akshay Says:

    I got a pop up in the game saying that I have won 100 cash and even received the email which looked 100% original but when I click on the link that says “claim” I am taken to my farm and there is no cash :(

  65. ryan Says:

    this is cool!

  66. wendy chagnon Says:

    love my farm

  67. mke Says:

    i want farm ville cash now now now now now now now now now now

  68. andre Says:

    Only for accounts that dont play fake account got 20 fvcash!

  69. Marcos Says:


  70. james Says:


  71. dillan Says:

    i want to see what i can do so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee give me some (that means 100)

  72. Syafiq Rodzi Says:

    i need cash free

  73. ita Says:

    i wont farm cash 5…..

  74. ricardo Says:

    coméq é isto

  75. omid Says: