FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts Updated!

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FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts Updated!

Posted on May 18, 2010 9:38 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

The FarmVille free mystery gift has been updated again!

Some of the new prizes include:

  • Pink Pin Wheel
  • Green Pin Wheel
  • Walnut Tree
  • No Fox Sign
  • Flower Bike
  • Chinchilla

FarmVille Freak Ali's Chinchilla

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116 Responses to “FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts Updated!” »

  1. GotEggs Says:

    Got A Chinchilla!!!

  2. Rubennn Says:

    I wanna see the chinchilla

  3. Jack Says:

    awww no! i’ve been trying for weeks without sucsess to get a weather vane from one of these – opened about 50 of the damned things, to no avail! now they’ve gone and changed it, i’ll never get one :(

  4. HollyKim Says:

    I got a chincilla, too!

  5. hcorea65 Says:

    My niece Jade got everything ,Nice stuff… (*O*)

  6. speedy Says:

    the pin wheel spins lol

  7. marnee wines Says:

    i just an adobe shop and 400xp’s not even on the list!

  8. Anna Says:

    oh my the chilla chilla is so cute so happy i got one cause well i really have 2 chilla babies THEY ARE SO CUTE LOVE THIS!!

  9. dawn Says:

    cool, I love Chinchillas

    @Jack This doesn’t mean they still don’t have the weather vane. Same with the last update, they still had a lot of the older gifts, but added new ones. I’m getting dozens of chinchillas.

  10. Paisley Says:

    I hope I can still get the yellow wagon, cause I didnt get it before they changed it

  11. ooocarniegirlooo Says:

    It took them months before they updated the free mystery gift prizes and they finally did it last week so I have been collecting mine in hopes to have some time and find some of the new goodies thinking I had MONTHS b4 they changed them again!!!!! UGH

  12. Meeelis Says:


  13. Maria Says:

    I got a beaver, somehow, which I was a little disappointed because it looks exactly like the groundhog that comes out of the log that I got on Groundhog Day.

  14. jerms Says:

    @ Paisley. I just got the “lil yellow wagon” It’s still here!!

  15. LT Says:

    Jack, the weathervanes are still there… I just opened 2 boxes a sec ago and got two weathervanes and a chinchilla :)

  16. Eva Salcedo Says:

    I got an Adobe Shop :)

  17. Nesha25 Says:

    I got green pinwheel, I’m glad they are changing things for us farmers!!

  18. Jack Says:

    @Jerms – does that mean all the other stuff will still be there, do you suppose? I might still be able to try (again and again!) for a weather vane?

  19. Eva Salcedo Says:

    And I just got a wood chuck!

  20. Ryan Says:

    Got a Chinchilla. Off topic, but I got a Scotts Grey Chicken from a golden egg. Is this new? my first one.

  21. Eva Salcedo Says:

    And now a big horn LOL

  22. Margo Says:

    The chinchilla is so cute and awesome. my niece has 2 in real life.

  23. The Freak! Says:

    what does the chinchilla look like?

    and @ maria, a beaver? like an animal beaver?

  24. moi Says:

    I opened 6 boxes, got an olive tree, brown cow, saneens goat, black pig, no fox sign, garden sundial. Only thing new is the fox sign, wahhhhh

  25. Alia Says:

    Jack – you can still get a weather vane from the boxes, I got one while on hunt for the Chinchilla.

    The chinchillas are super cute and the pinwheels are entertaining to watch.

  26. Jas Says:

    Also got a chinchilla.
    Pretty small but cute.

  27. jerms Says:

    @ Jack. Most of the old gifts are probably still there, I got another black pig and a saneens goat and a small tank of gas….so I would guess that they are still there. Atleast the newest ones.
    Took me about 15 last week to get a Weather Vane

  28. Di Says:

    hey FVfreaks,

    does anyone know if the jackfruit tree still exists in the mystery box? for those of you wondering why: the jackfruit tree is the MOST PROFITABLE tree that can be obtained without paying FVcash (aside from those ornament trees). was hoping to swap all the olive trees on my farm for them…

    so anyone know if the jackfruit trees still exist?

  29. farmergirl Says:

    i just a rhode island from a gold egg…my first…so happy…had to share :)

  30. Ryan Says:

    and a Rhode Island Red from a Golden egg. Nice!

  31. ooocarniegirlooo Says:

    thats my worry too the jackfruit tree for the exact same reason ….. knowing Zynga and fv I imagine we’re stuck with these new prizes =(

  32. Lindsey Says:

    I got the lil yellow wagon and a green pinwheel

  33. jerms Says:

    Everything I got from Mystery Gifts TONIGHT!

    http ://i72.photobucket. com/albums/i200/Jeremywist/Screenshot2010-05-18at111941PM.png

  34. Rodolfo Chinchilla Says:

    Chinchilla is my actual last name

  35. Goldie Says:

    theres also cashew trees now

  36. Goldie Says:

    Jack, weather vane is still here too

  37. Di Says:

    does anyone know if the jackfruit tree still exists in the mystery gifts? opened 30 up and didn’t get a single one :[

  38. dawn Says:

    I got a Scotts grey from a gold egg too!

  39. ksp Says:

    i got the weathervane, chinchilla, like 5 blk pigs, walnut tree and the no fox sign

  40. DaisyDee Says:

    Wow, I got a free Farm Cash! :o) I’ve never gotten one in a mystery gift before!

  41. Kayley Says:

    Does anyone have a pic of the Chinchilla?!

  42. Franklin Says:


  43. Franklin Says:

    I tried to post one here. Here’s a link:

  44. stephanie Says:

    it got a crappy olive tree *rolls eyes*

  45. Cary Says:

    I got the bike and the pink pin wheel. I also got an olive tree which made me mad, i hate the older mystery gift items. I’m trying to get the chinchilla. Last week i got the lil yellow wagon its adorable! I’m excited that they are making change cant wait till the buildings are rotatable!

  46. Jennifer Says:

    don’t worry-when they update new boxes all of the old prizes are still available-opened 20 tonite and got all the new items-still got a weathervane and still got a lil yellow wagon-

  47. cipto Says:

    what is chincilla?

  48. mdccxxvii Says:

    I still never got the sundial from the last one… not a biggie, but I still wanted one.

    The Chinchilla is kinda lame, and they should definitely take out all the giftable trees which are annoying.

  49. Cary Says:

    I just got the weather vane so yes it is still available.

  50. tab Says:

    I got a lil’ yellow wagon – so yeah, some of the old gifts still about.

  51. Kayley Says:

    Jerms – Your link isn’t working.

  52. emily Says:

    the weather vane is still in there. i just got one. all i ever seem to get. ugh.

  53. Kei Says:

    I just got a weather vane, a yellow wagon and another sundial, as well as pinwheels and a chinchilla, so those are all still there for those worrying. =)

  54. mdccxxvii Says:

    The Chinchilla is kind of lame, and Zynga should really take out the giftable trees which we get too many of anyways…

    I still didn’t get the sundial, so I hope that it’s still in this one.

  55. WeirdJedi Says:

    I got a weather vane, chinchilla, cashew tree, yellow wagon, green pin wheel, and black pig.

  56. SeeBreeze Says:

    @Jack I’m very surprised you haven’t got one, they so common that I already had to sell a few…Anyway don’t worry they still there, I just got another one!

    It’s a shame we can’t send the things we don’t want…

    OMG; Chinchilla! I got one and I still haven’t opened all my mystery gifts! And a no Fox sign too! This really made my day after what happened to me…:(

    Earlier when I logged on my farm I got a message saying that if I downloaded their toolbar I could get the 25FV Cash that we all heard about, and so I did! After downloading it I went back to my farm and the 25 FV Cash bill show up and said that I got them, that they were on my gift box….Guess what…? Nothing there. :( :(

  57. alex Says:

    I too got a road island red from a gold egg!!! knew they would start showing up! glad i didnt dish out the cash for it.

  58. Gail Palmer Says:

    I got Cactus Inn (ugly), Oasis (nice), Rock Hot Tub (too big to use anywhere!), Bighorn Sheep and a Groundhog (?confusion between the beaver and groundhog?mine is labeled groundhog, but I guess it could be either).

  59. MooMooMoo Says:

    All I’ve been getting this evening are no gophers & black pigs. None of the new items.

    I could have made a huge fence with all the gopher signs I’ve sold since they became available.

    Should save the pigs for a Hawaiian theme so we can have a luau.

  60. jerms Says:

    @ Kayley…

    You have to take out the space between the “http” and the “:” and also between the “.” and the “com”.

    Then hit enter

  61. QueenGSA1 Says:

    I got a fricken Olive Ttree and a Cashew Tree. They need to take the old crap out. Grrr

  62. A. Says:

    I think it;s sooooooo fun that they updated the giifts! And the old ones are still there too but they have new ones too! I LOVE the Chinchillas! I hope I get some other REALLY COOL things =))))))))))))

  63. Tio Alexander Says:


  64. FlaviusJulius Says:

    Weather vane is still available Jack.

  65. SuzieO Says:

    Couldn’t get a chinchilla, got weather vane, two whatever wheels, a really cool bike w/flowers in the basket, no gopher, and numerous goats and trees.

  66. sameer khalaf Says:

    that nice and good

  67. NangTienUt Says:

    I got a flower bike yeahhhhhhhhh love it love itttt

  68. cipto Says:

    chinchilla is havestable animal or just a decoration?

  69. Jack Says:

    hey, thanks alot guys, thats good to know :D mystery gifts here i come! (again)

  70. Nebu Says:

    The Jackfruit is gone. Super lame. I did manage to get about 31 of them before that. The new mystery box rewards totally suck. The Chincilla is ok but I doubt they harvest for much.

  71. Missy Says:

    I got a red rock hot tub. Very Nice

  72. viviana Says:

    when post photos that can you see the gifts in the new mystery box?

  73. viviana Says:

    other gift to the mystry toscana- adobe (ufff!!!) :(

  74. viviana Says:

    other gift to the mystry toscana- adobe (ufff!!!) :(

  75. briteyes Says:

    I got a weather vane this morning; would much rather have gotten a chinchilla or the old jackfruit tree.

  76. Kateisme Says:

    Hopefully this is a sign that they’re going to start rotating the mystery box prizes at long last. I want me that chinchilla, but in a couple of months, I’m sure I’ll have dozens of the damn things.

  77. Callum Says:

    I had never seen the flower bike or lil yellow wagon before,
    but just got both from some gifts I opened.
    I really want the chinchilla though

  78. Crys7y Says:

    Chinchilla is soooo sweet :D !
    Thanks FV Freak for the good news !

  79. John Says:

    The chinchilla looks like a fat grey mouse or rat. Real ones look nice and soft and cuddly.

  80. David Says:

    Hi, Just opened up about 25 mystery boxes, all the old items are still there, black pig, white goat, yellow wagon, weather vane, sundial, jackfruit, olive, cashew, walnut trees, no gopher, crow signs, small can fuel, 1fvc. etc. The new items I got were the chinchilla, green pinwheel, no fox sign, flower bike. PS: the chinchilla are a tiny bit smaller than the rabbits and look like a cross between a rat and a squirell. lol. They are cute.

  81. Tracey Says:

    Got the pink pin wheel. WANT the Walnut Tree and Chinchilla

  82. Melania Covey Says:

    I got a chinchilla this morning. It is harvestable because it said “0% Ready” after I placed it on my farm. I just don’t know how much such a little creature will yield. I also got the flower bike (super cute) and the two pinwheels. I could care less about the sign, but would like some walnut trees. I sent out a bunch of mystery boxes this morning so we’ll see how many I get back by this evening.

  83. Tarrah Says:

    2. I’m SOO sick of those white goat things! I have like, 20 of em!

  84. woof Says:

    mean :( ill try again 2morrow :P

  85. Ash Says:

    In order as I opened them:
    Green pin wheel (new)
    No Gophers sign
    Cashew Tree
    Saaens Goat
    Walnut tree (new, but available before)
    Chinchilla (new)
    20 XP
    Walnut tree
    Green pin wheel
    Olive tree
    Pink pin wheel (new)
    Green pin wheel
    Green pin wheel
    Pink pin wheel
    No Gophers sign
    Black Pig
    Yellow Wagon
    Pink pin wheel
    Green pin wheel

    No bike or no-fox sign :(

  86. mariah Says:

    Just opened 4…got a pink pin wheel,black pig and 2 brown cows <—so tired of those!

  87. jamie Says:

    i keep gettin gthe stupid weather vanes.=) i still want a yellow toy wagon. ug. i have not gotten and son got two in the 3 boxes he opened this morn. ug

  88. jamie Says:

    im tired of getting goats and trees. ug

  89. Natalie Says:

    got a cashew tree,a green pin wheel, a walnut tree, chinchila :) and a no-fox sign

  90. Natalie Says:

    TAKE OUT THE WHITE GOATS AND TREES PLEASE! i have like a million of each :(

  91. Mary Anne Says:

    Hi I just got a red bike with a basket of flowers in it ,this was in the new mystery boxes.

  92. mariah Says:

    Just got a weather vane, no fox sign, and a small can of fuel

  93. tina Says:

    tried forever to get the yellow wagon :)

  94. Lis Says:

    @jack – the weather vanes weren’t in the Limited edition boxes – I got mine form a gold egg, and my husband got his from a regular mystery box.

  95. Lis Says:

    @ Tina – the yellow wagons again I got mine from a normal mystery box.

  96. CMK Says:

    Sorry if its a dumb question but does anyone know if the mystery gift contents are determined at the time of send or at the time of open? I have a ton of old mystery gifts sitting around that I haven’t opened. could they have the new gifts in them or would they all have the old gifts?

  97. jam Says:

    there are brown cows that are mixed in the mystery gift

  98. mystery box answerer Says:

    old gifts and new gifts they wile have i think cmk.

  99. Milka Says:

    @ CMK
    you can get new items from “old” gifts.
    i tried that this morning (opened about 30 saved gifts).

  100. BZP Says:

    i got a pinwheel cool it moves :)

  101. Deb Says:

    I have 8 of the cutest chinchillas ever, free fuel, 100xp, adobe shop, the adobe hot tub.

  102. allie Says:

    also sannens goat!!!

  103. clyde Says:

    is the adobe shop and adobe hot tub and the dollar farm cash in the free purple mstery gift got 10 chin chillas no fox sign green pinwheel pink pinwheel got red flower bike and wal nut trees and cashew trees also several weather vanes and li yellow wagons

  104. koko Says:

    can’t get chinchila anymore, opened like 50 gifts, half of them were stupid pinwheels and the rest brown cows, goats… 0 chinchillas, are they already gone? :(

  105. clyde Says:

    koko i just got chinchila there still there

  106. Alpaca Says:

    weathervain, dog food, cat, chinchilla! 28-5-10

  107. aries Says:

    did anyone got a grey tabby with this mystery gift?

  108. axel Says:

    i got a chinchilla and add me 2!

  109. PatC Says:

    The Mystery Box also has 1 FV Cash now for those of you who want FV Cash but don’t want to spend real money.

  110. Maureen Says:

    I want a Jackfruit tree…the only things that I keep getting is the Saanens goat, black pig, breadfruit tree and walnut tree, so sick of those!

    @ Aries: I got a grey tabby in a mystery gift this week, but that was the first time ive ever seen one, in months!

    I want more Chinchillas (got 4) and the Jackfruit! Ive never seen FV cash or the Adobe Shop:-(

  111. amberjo Says:

    Please can’t we have some new items in the mystery gifts? I really have enough pinwheels, saanens goats, pigs, whether vanes etc. Maybe some of the discontinued free gifts would be nice.

  112. amberjo Says:

    Me again. I’m still getting the same old stuff that was released on the 18/05/2010. It is almost 2 months that nothing has changed. Pleeaasse
    give us something new!

  113. Amanda Says:

    Is the Chinchilla is available in the giftable mystery box? I have opened like about 100 of them in the last couple weeks and I haven’t got anymore chinchillas. I really do want more chinchillas.

  114. nikita zandvliet Says:

    komt er nog steeds chinchilla uit de mystery box?

  115. nikita zandvliet Says:

    are there still chinchilla’s in the mystery box?

  116. Jennifer hayes Says:

    I have 3 chinchillas of my own, so of course I’ve been trying to get one in Farmeville, I have them in treasure isle, but hundreds of mystery boxes later, still nothing in Farmville, really disappointed. :(